You’re Rich, ‘Stop The ‘Hood Stuff’! Deion Sanders Embarrasses Son by Reminding Him How Blessed He Is

by Scott Aberdeen | Top Right Sports

NFL legend Deion Sanders, recently took to Twitter to publicly — but lovingly — embarrass his son, Deion Sanders Jr., to remind him just how fortunate he is.

The elder Deion stepped in after this tweet from Junior:

Deion Sr. very pointedly mentioned the size of Junior’s trust fund. And he didn’t do it privately, over Easter dinner, but right back on Twitter, to send a clear message:

BOOM. Message sent, not just to Jr., but to hundreds of big headed NCAA stars, many of whom will end up running themselves off the rails by hanging out with the wrong people in that “hood.”

Deion Sr. got away from all that, and has enjoyed an envious career and persona free from the crime and bad influences of his poor past. Deion Jr. (Bucky) has followed in his father’s footsteps and plays football for SMU, though he remains very close to his family. Bucky has enjoyed financial advantages that his father never had, Deion’s single mom, Connie Knight, worked two jobs to make ends meet.

After a legendary NFL career, which included 2 Super Bowl rings, 8 Pro Bowls, and standout plays on offense and defense, Deion is now star of Deion’s Family Playbook on OWN.

Despite his public calling out of his son, Deion made it clear it was all out of love and good fun. And Jr. played along:

Hilarious. And damn good fathering.

As Jennifer Van Laar of IJR noted, Geraldo Rivera delved into this big issue on “Fox and Friends” this morning, saying many middle and upper middle class families deal with with this cultural problem: kids who are well-off but still want to be ‘hood:

Both my sons went to the best prep schools in the country… Harvard Westlake and the one in [inaudible] — so they went to these prep schools. Fine prep schools. I mean they’re all kids headed for Ivy League colleges and they wore hoodies and had attitude and walking around. And I’m like, “Look at you. Take that off your head. I know where you went to school.”

Deion is clearly well aware of this problem, and it is great see to that he takes seriously the importance of keeping his children grounded. And it is a message which hopefully will also resonate with millions of young men who admire him.



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