You Won’t Believe Who Obama is Meeting at the White House Today — And the Press is BANNED from the Event


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Obama plans to meet with “American Muslim leaders” at the White House today — just one day after a video of a Jordanian pilot being burned alive was released by Islamic State terrorists:

The meeting will take place later this afternoon, according to the White House, but it will be closed to the press according to the schedule. Photographers will also be blocked from the event.

Why? Why can’t Americans know which Muslim “leaders” he is welcoming into the People’s House, and what they discuss? Is it CAIR, which was named as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the Holy Land terrorism trial? Or the Muslim American Society (MAS), which was named a terrorist organization (along with CAIR) by the United Arab Emirates last year?

Obama has met both of those radical groups dozens of times in the past 6 years. The FBI even cut ties with CAIR over its terror links — but Obama has employed radical CAIR officials on his own staff.

The barbaric ISIS video (which can be seen, uncensored, here) outraged the entire world, and led to calls for the leader of the free world to forcefully respond.

But Obama did the opposite, playing down the ISIS move, and blending his response with a discussion about ObamaCare:

“Whatever ideology they are operating off of, it’s bankrupt. We’re here to talk about (ObamaCare) and how to make people healthier and make their lives better. And this organization appears only interested in death and destruction.”

Obama’s tepid response — and absolute refusal to admit that ISIS are “Islamic extremists,” shocked members of Congress in both parties.


Obama is going out of his way to whitewash Islam, even promoting Islamic immigration into America, and touting “assimilation” among them that has not proven to be the case, compared with prior waves of U.S. immigration.

During a meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron, the president openly praised American Muslims for assimilating into the population.

“Our biggest advantage, Major, is that our Muslim populations, they feel themselves to be Americans,” Obama explained to reporter Major Garrett during a press conference at the time. “And there is this incredible process of immigration and assimilation that is part of our tradition that is probably our greatest strength.”

In reality, Muslim immigrants have shown a disturbing propensity to engage in acts of terror. Hundreds of Somalis Muslim immigrants have left (mainly) Minnesota and Maine to join ISIS in the past 18 months. The Muslim immigrant Tsarnaev brothers committed horrific mayhem in the Boston Marathan bombings and murder of a police officer.

Muslim immigrants have also demanded “Sharia Law” accommodations in America. Muslim cab drivers in Minneapolis and several airports have kicked out blind passengers with guide dogs (dogs are “unclean” in Islam), or customers transporting alcohol. And even Muslims on welfare have demanded that their free food be prepared according to strict Islamic requirements.

President Obama told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, without any evidence, that “99.9 percent of Muslims” reject radical Islam. He made the comments in response to a question about the White House avoiding using the phrase “Islamic terrorists.”

Why is Obama going to any and all lengths to whitewash Islam and Muslim terrorism?


  • Erin Thiel

    Arrest him!! What is going on?! Why is he being aloud to commit treason? Why is he allowed to strip us of our rights?! Get out of our White House! That belongs to the AMERICANS!!!!

    • Wedge

      and people wonder why he is firing all the TOP generals, admirals high ranking people in position of authority? Stupid is as stupid does with the American public I guess?

      • Michael Ruda

        The media isn’t reporting that so the sheeple don’t know. …….

        • Cody Raugh Ferguson

          He isn’t supporting the Muslims though, he’s supporting the Red – Green alliance so as to destroy Western influence in the world so that the extremist ideals of those two groups can spread. He isn’t defending Islam he’s trying to make America more susceptible to Fasicm and Socialism.

          • Enough

            Trying to make us? We’re there! 4T budget, 2T in new taxes. I have company health care but the plan I normally choose is no longer available. Instead we have a 1500 deductible which essentially means no healthcare cause we have to pay it all…AWESOME

          • John Q Public

            A deductible is literally ALL that you pay…

          • duuuuh

            Duh, he’s saying his $900 costs HIM $900, instead of his original $500 deductible (or whatever it is). 900 or 900 is ALL…

          • Amanda Hunt

            And it still makes him a communist!!! And to think if they won’t impeach out the stupidity then how much more worse could it get in the next two years till next presidential election!! The next one will have a political disaster to clean up!!!

          • suzie-q

            If Hillary is elected, we will have 8 more years of Obama. This country can’t survive that!.

          • Frank

            Brilliantly written.

          • shakins

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          • william baumgartner

            Red Green? What do you have against Red Green? Do you hate the Possum Lodge too?

      • USN Veteran

        The general in charge of the Army’s tanks is a woman that’s never driven a tank. The Admiral in charge of Naval Aviation is a woman that has never flown a Navy plane. Dozens of Admirals, Generals, & Colonels have been purged from the military & most people don’t have any idea. & if they did, they wouldn’t care anyway.

        • GoVols2011

          the person now in charge of training Army Drill Sargeants, you know the people who shape and mold amorphis clay into a Solider, is a woman who is a career Army musician. Yes, you read that correctly.

          • USN Veteran

            I believe it. In this administration, a woman is always more qualified than a man, & a minority is always more qualified than a white person.

          • James Sowards

            What world u been living in! I am we weren’t in same navy! And I say u r a racist!

          • USN Veteran

            oh, you called me a racist. bless your heart. Thanks for continuing to contribute to
            making that word more & more meaningless.

        • Kypat

          I care but I did not know this was happening.

        • Robin Rose

          Excuse me Mr. “USN Veteran” (by the way Thank you for your service) no disrespect, but speak for yourself, PEOPLE DO CARE…

          • USN Veteran

            let’s say a popular website had just 2 stories on their main page. One story was about how Kim Kardashian & Kanye West watched the super bowl & the other story was about how many admirals & generals were being purged from the military, the first story
            would get more views by 100 to 1 if not even more. Most people don’t care about real issues.

          • LInda Rowlett

            I get real concerned,my granddaughter is enlistd in the naye as soon as she graduates, high school.

      • Fred Hedrick

        He is getting rid of those who will not obey the order to open fire on US civilians. Read that 2 years ago.

        • gijane

          He’s delusional if he believes that….. He has almost NO approval #s with the military–they’re smarter than he is AND zero with vets etc.

    • Lion Heart

      Americans from which Trible ? Navaho ?

      • Byron Shutt

        Oh look , Dingleberry came up for air.

      • Deezh

        It’s spelled Navajo…..

    • John Q Public

      What rights have been stripped, pray tell?

    • Because most Americans have NO CLUE!

      They only thing that will fix this is a revolution. This is WHY our Founding Fathers gave us the 2nd amendment. Government no longer respects most of the people they are working for.

  • K Edwards

    we need him out of office God knows what he’s planning to do to our country , this is an abomination as is he

  • Rainbows or Reality


  • DNavyBrat

    What’s he going to tell them…”it’s not working!”, “it’s taking longer than planned!”, “the imbacils are harder to tame than originally thought!”, “ISIS is not helping and making us look bad!”…etc.!?

  • lebaron one

    I cant believe our leaders allow him to have these “PRIVATE” meetings. Why is everything such a secret? Why does Obama treat BiBi like a mistress, who does Obama hide BiBi from?

    • Wayne Neva

      So much for his campaign promise of transparency.


        from the time he put in for the presidency i knew he was no good –it was just a gut feeling -i told everybody that but they still voted for him because he was a black man -they thought he would do good but he fooled them -then i couldn’t understand why the second time when and after he showed his true colors-i hope the ones that put him in the 2nd time and 1st time are really happy

        • Rick Leiner

          americans tend to vote for the incumbent because it is easier than studying the facts. Sad to say but when there is no incumbent Americans tend to vote for the candidate they find more visually appealing.

          • Al Parsons

            MANY Blacks freely admit that they voted for Obozo solely on the color of his skin. Now, many of even they are sick and tired of all his BS. Somebody needs to remove this traitor from office–BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!

        • Amanda Hunt

          Lol, y’all wanna know the ironic part about the whole thing is? When he talked about making Changes… lol he’s wasn’t kidding around.. that horse’s ass told the truth for the only time in his life!!!

  • Fred Fredson

    We can talk, or we can pray. The best thing would be to pray him out of office.

    • Matt Mcgavin

      Praying? That’s your answer?! Good luck with that! I mean look at all the Christians in the past who were spared right before being beheaded by islam extremists because they prayed to be saved. You might as well be saying the best thing to do here is sit around and wait for change.

      • Stephanie Cusic

        Idk know that the Christians that were beheaded prayed to be saved. I am sure they said God if this is your will for me to die and be part of your plan then I give myself to you and ask that I not suffer. Because I give my life to you and will do your will Lord. Christians know that God has a plan for each of us and that we just have to have faith that when our faith is tested we pass with flying colors.

        • DS

          Good luck with your fantasy…

        • Julia

          Are you kidding me?! So your plan is to do nothing, because Christians “turn the other cheek”?! How asinine, and erroneous. Christians are supposed to be warriors, not wimps.

          • oclvroadbikerider

            Actually, turn the other cheek was in reference to an insult: a slap in the cheek. Most of the disciples wore swords and when the end neared, Jesus told the ones who did not have a sword to sell their cloak and get one. He realized self defense might soon be necessary. His fate was already written and didn’t need one.

          • Julia

            I knew that, but was responding to Stephanie Cusic’s comment. Her wording, like many others, confuses the issue about “turning the other cheek”. Many Christians are in error when they think about meekness, and the like. We are supposed to be warriors with ALL that it entails.

          • Al Parsons

            When a Christian “turns the other cheek” it just makes it easier for a mooselem to cut his throat!

          • Heylottylotty

            … not if that “turns the other cheek” is a part of a spin and sweep.

          • gestutes

            For sure.

          • Pag

            Exactly just look what Christian Warriors can accomplish! The Crusades, and Spanish Inquisition. The near eradication of the European Pagans. The extermination of many central American Natives. They even eat their own when the conditions are right. Salem Witch Trials just to start…

            RIGHT ON! GREAT GROUP!

        • Kip Melendy

          Oh please.

        • Monika Bove

          Go play on a highway, Stephanie!

          • Stephanie Cusic

            WOW!!! That is not very nice!!!!

    • Heylottylotty

      Did Jesus “pray” the money changers out of the temple???? I don’t think so. We have to learn that the “meek” referred to in the Bible do not mean like little mice.

      • alnga

        That was one event, however Jesus prayed in earnest daily. We must never forget that we learn to pray through the prayers of Jesus.

        • John Best

          Sell your cloak and buy a sword.

        • Heylottylotty

          Here’s another “event”. When Joseph was sold into slavery, he did pray. He prayed a lot. However it was his demeanor the leaders saw. His honesty and “walk as a man of faith” that turned them to his support. It is very important to pray. However we must not become sissy like. We are to put on that “whole armor” of God. Christian soldiers are protectors of the faith and those who believe in our cause. NEVER, never, fall into the enemy’s hands by turning the other cheek without being able to watch the enemy’s eyes and hands.

    • francesca9

      we need to prey him out of office allright….with an arrest warrant!

    • alnga

      Keep this as a continual prayer not just a bedtime prayer.

    • Kip Melendy

      Pray him out of office??? Are you being serious??

    • Thomas Donaway

      you f-ing people are morons

  • He wants know if the terrorists are still looking for a JV coach, why else would the meeting would be closed to the press. After all, he thinks that he can play basketball and wants to help out his team.

  • RangerMike

    What does it take for America to wake up and realize we have a Communist, jihadist sympathizer running our country?

    • hhneill

      The Congress is, no doubt, afraid of this worst President ever. Obama has committed acts of treasonous nature, get him out of office! He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.


        why is bozo still in office? why can’t the senate and congress over ride obama if theres more republicians than demorats?

        • Rick Leiner

          Because it takes a 3/4ths majority to override a veto and the republicans do not have that much of a majority….plus about half the republicans (if not more) are republican in name only. They tend to vote with democrats as often as republicans.

          • nmpher29

            2/3’s in the House and 2/3’s in the Senate to over-ride a presidential veto.

        • gijane

          2 words= Joe Biden.

      • william

        bohner is useless, allowing Obama the traitor to stay in the white house unprotested

    • Joyce Riebe

      It takes people to shut off their computers and go DO something.Email their senators, congress, who ever. But that won’t happen. Easier to sit her and bitch while waiting for somebody else to DO something.

      • Alex Tegnazian

        doesnt that meen u as well?


        I doubt if they’ll do anything either

      • G. Cole

        We have, e-mailed, called & written. I get a very nice form letter implying I’m not aware of all the circumstances involved and thanking me for contacting them. It will take a Revolution.

        • Al Parsons

          The Second American Revolution is a LOT closer than most sheeple realize. Want more info? Check in with your local and state militia!

          • Amanda Hunt

            Sign my butt up!!!

          • Vern Herrst

            Check out the 3% er’s Make sure you have stock piled even beyond some religious recommendations

        • Kypat

          I am in.

      • nmpher29

        I e-mailed Senator Hatch a while back about amnesty. He denied in his reply that Obama wanted to grant amnesty. He went on to explain how it would work: ten years before they could apply for citizenship, they’d have to pay fines and all back taxes, yada yada yada. It was all a bunch of BS. But I think Hatch actually believed Obama. I also e-mailed Senator Lee and Representative Bishop……several times. So we are doing something.

        • gijane

          Mark Levin was raisin’ hell about him tonight. Hatch.

          • nmpher29

            How so? I know as a Senator for Utah he hasn’t done crap and he’s had the job for over 30 years. The problem with Utah voters is that the majority is Republican and they vote a straight party ticket….no matter what. Hatch needed to go a very long time ago. I have hope for Senator Mike Lee….not so much for Rep. Rob Bishop. He was non-committal for a very long time about amnesty, literally…then he seemed to be for it…..last I heard, in a letter he sent me, he’s against amnesty. Evidently he is because he said that Speaker Boehner and the majority of the House voted against funding O’s amnesty.

          • gijane

            It wasn’t complimentary……..

          • nmpher29

            I’m sure it wasn’t.

      • gijane

        One does not need to shut down computers to annoy state reps etc. I do it all the time… BTW We need to give them hell about BN speaking in Congress. CALL TO SUPPORT IT. RADICAL LET IS CALLING FOR BOYCOTT OF THE SPEECH. Wouldn’t that be just swell? idiots.

      • Eric Wrentmore

        shut off our computers and email them lol duh

      • Vern Herrst

        My senators and representatives have my number blocked they are so tired of hearing from me

  • 1234567654322

    Did you ever think the story mightt be bullsjihit

    • Pat Hollingsworth

      no—-do you????

  • John Stewart

    The real enemy occupies the WH!

  • canucksam

    Going to work out a new strategy????

  • Pat Hollingsworth

    we can’t tolerate 2 more yrs of treasonist actions. get him prosecuted NOW!!!!!!!!

    • jok

      we the people voted him in why cant we the people vote him out come on now lets impeach before we become a communist nation+

  • Joel Rivera

    May the Tyrant meet the same fate as the victims of these psychotic camel breathed pig humpers.

  • donald robinson

    TREASON! What is the matter with Congress?

  • Guy Fleegman1

    Enemies in plain sight as American citizens stand by and do NOTHING…congrats

  • Amanda Demko Zellers

    this is his transparent government!!!!! lies, lies, and more lies!!!

  • Helen Decker

    Why does this crap get posted? Why do we read this stuff? Just to get our BP to rise? What the hell difference does it make who the president sees, goes, entertains in our white house? No one has the balls to do anything about it. So what is the fuss about? If you’re not going to fix the situation just shut the hey up.

    • John Best

      What difference does it make? You sound like hilary.

      • Helen Decker

        How astute of you to connect the dots. And tell me, what the hell did we do to her for sitting on her ass and doing nothing to protect our men? What was done? Not a damn thing, therefore, why have the conversation?

  • Robert Andrews

    Since when does America support terrorists?

    • manstrom

      Started about six years ago.

    • Thomas Donaway

      America has always supported terrorist where do you think they all get their start from we created most of these groups

  • OlMichaelJ

    The most transparent president….

  • Sam From Texas USA

    715 10 15
    DAYS HOURS MINUTES Till we get a real President and get rid of the neophyte that thinks and wises he was actually an Emperor.

  • william C

    Closed to the Press. I wonder what he is afraid of. Coward won’t even publicly stand up for his own beliefs. Bow, scrape and kiss-up is his motto with Mideast leaders – the people of the US be damned! Whatever happened to freedom of information act? Was it just a joke?

    • Barbara Benware

      He took away most of your constitutional rights already. He believes he can do whatever he wants. He has been getting away with it by waiting until congress is on recess and then using his pen. He is giving the right to vote to illegal immigrants. We are now the minority in our own country.

  • Pamela Wilson

    i feel the same as all of you do…he is stripping us of our rights, and that white house belongs to THE PEOPLE!! we absolutely have to get him out of office NOW!!

  • Heylottylotty

    Just think. If for every posting we do on line, we sent one to our Congressmen….. Just think about that. Now, would it be so hard to actually let our tax paid for representatives what we want done in Congress? They all each and every one have email addresses and phone numbers posted on the net. We can huddle here and tell each other what should be done but they are the ones who pull the strings. We just pay them.

  • Julia

    He refuses to call them terrorists BECAUSE HE’S ONE OF THEM!! Abusers refuse to admit they are abusers, and alcoholics refuse to admit they are alcoholics. Everyone else sees it before they do. That’s where we are now. EVERYONE else sees him for what he is now, but few have the nerve to call HIM what he really is because he goes after them. He is in the business of ruining lives, and business is good for him right now. He won’t go down without a fight of his own. And our government is nothing but a bunch of cowards who don’t want their own secrets out, so no one will stand against him in anything other than “pretending to go after him” for theatrics. He’s got something on all of them. Why do you think he’s gotten away with all the crimes he’s gotten away with? They want to save their own asses……

  • Tinaw1969

    Why is this being allowed?? He should not be welcoming Muslims into the white house and hiding them from the public! What the hell is he planning. Obama cannot be trusted!

  • francesca9

    arrest him for aiding and abetting the enemy!

  • Cindy Winks

    Hopefully he’s sending a firm message through the community, using his contacts to obtain valuable information, not only about what is happening abroad, but also- right here in our own backyard. Hopefully, he’s working to assure those in the states are OK provided they do not turn against us or commit acts on behalf of terrorist groups. He’ll probably throw something in there about a new Big Bertha as well.

  • Bo Treat


  • ross mcglockness

    ahhhh, dreaming of chris kyle right now……….

  • Pam

    The question at the end doesn’t need a response we all know why! How about…could it be….possibly…he isn’t American? There are none so blind as those who cannot see….

  • SmokeyBehr

    So much for the “Most transparent administration ever”.

  • Wayne Neva

    I can’t wait for his term to end. Hopefully America can last that long.

  • 44219
  • alnga

    How much more and how much longer folks?

  • willy

    He needs to be arrested and tried as a treasonous terrorist also. Then when found to be guilty exacuted as soon as possible, like right then! Marched from the court and beheaded!!!

  • Jim Gose

    Obama will do what he can to bring Islam to America. He will destroy this country to whatever extent we the people allow. Lord knows Congress won’t stop him and the liberals will continue to support him. This country won’t wake up until we look like France and then only after a huge attack by the religion of peace.

  • hhneill

    Obama should be (forcefully, if necessary )removed from office. He has violated his oath numerous times, acted many times w/o Congressional approval. Broken the law a handful of times. What is Congress afraid of?

  • Leland Whitehouse

    THE PRESS IS BANNED ! This guy a so called President must now have to answer for his outragious actions. He must be impeached at once because I’m seriouslly concerned of what he is up to. What in the hell is wrong with the Congressmen & Senators !

  • donnie

    obumma is a traitor hes committed treason dozens of times but congress will not do anything about it because they are afraid they will lose 2016 election

  • rich


  • Jim Lawson

    Aiding and abetting the enemy is treason aiding and abetting criminals is a crime of collution .Any crime that is made by an illegal alien including sneaking across the boarder is on those who helped them stay here and that includes the president. Arrest him and his henchmen throw them in jail. Any crime commited by terrorist who snuck into this country is collution to commit treason

  • Bob

    If American had a congress that believed in the government the founding fathers established Obam would have been history years ago.. Our congress cares only for their perks and personal wealth. Obama, with the help of congress and the media, have been destoying America for their own personal gains all along. Smile and have some more cool aid.

  • Bob

    Only Stevie Wonder cant see the problem there. Of course he wont speak out against his own.

  • Glenda

    Assimilation is to integrate into our society, not take over or try to change our laws or to spread hate and discontent. I have met many different nationalities, not all are trying to make this country the same as what they left, but for those that are – Go back to your own much-loved country where you can be happy and leave our country to true AMERICANS.

  • Julia

    If they were going to get him out of office they would have already. No one is going to prosecute this bastard, and no one is going to do anything at all to him. The reason…..he has something on every single one of them, and they want to protect their own asses. It’s that simple.

  • Selkiescot

    Those of you who think Obama is stupid are wrong. He know exactly what he is doing. He is getting away with stealing our country tightout from under us. IMPEACH HIM!

  • Randall Benson

    Just exactly what is going to take to get this dirty no good lowdown piece of sh!t out of our white house? Such a disgrace. A deplorable human being.
    Why do our lawmakers just stand around with their thumbs in their butts and do absolutely nothing?Is it any wonder that the rest of the world looks down their noses at the U.S.?

  • Jim Lawson

    Aiding and abetting the enemy is treason aiding and abetting criminals is a crime of collution .Any crime that is made by an illegal alien including sneaking across the boarder is on those who helped them stay here and that includes the president. Arrest him and his henchmen throw them in jail.

  • Gary Warren

    This is equivalent to George Bush having a secret meeting with the Klu Klux Klan. Can you imagine how the liberal press would complain? Instead, the liberal media won’t even report the event – they are literally co-conspirators.

  • James C Smith

    He a piece of SH_ _

  • Pag

    Top Right- Always good for a laugh…Then followed up by blast of shame for the people posting….

  • Dalgast

    This half breed negro is working from the inside to completely destroy this nation. Mark my word, stuff like this and much much more is n the works. Americans arm yourselves and prepare to defend your country

    • Pag

      Words marked…However I think you folks are confused about who the Nation needs saving from…The Neo-Fascist Tea Party nutters or the “terrorists”…From my vantage point I see more damage being done by the nutters.

      • Dalgast

        Well, at my age I may be dead, but I’m actually glad that you might be alive and have to face it. When things get their worst thats whe I want you to remember your words. A person that doesn’t listen to a warning, any warning is a fool.

  • Holland
  • Ron

    Like this was a shocker!!

  • john

    they wont do anything, because the sombitch is one of them

  • Timothy Krieger

    If Obama is not the anti-Christ , he sure does a good impression of him.

  • Rick Hill

    Haven’t Idiots realized yet that Obama is a Terrorrist enlisted by Al-Quaida a long time ago? He has to be dealt with!!!

  • scotwright

    Obama is one of the second group of Muslims. The primary group of Muslims are those who openly support terrorism. The secondary group, including the POTUS, are those who secretly support terrorism. There is NO third group!

  • Christopher

    Well !!!! FUCKEN NO-ONE WILL DO ANYTHING!!!. really wish who ever posted this act of treason andany thing else that your president doesto jeopardize the safety of all Americans. Just stop posting it because it’s pisses me off all we can look forward to is the end of his term nobody’s going to do nothing time

  • chickief

    He is just the puppet. Who is pulling his strings?

  • Thomas Viveiros

    Why ? Because your no good lazy smelly scumbag POS lying community organizing communist gayboy master who’s stinking up the once proud White oh I mean The Muzzie House . Yes he is a Muzzie would rather play with his muzzzie terrorist friends than with most of you good Americans . Deal With it .

  • Janette Miller

    0bummer is head terrorist.

  • Al Parsons

    He doesn’t want the free press involved because they would expose his REAL agenda–the total destruction of the USA and the Constitution!

  • william

    when the hell are you americans going to wake up?

  • Susan Doerscher Kain

    What happened to the Open Door Policy? I do know that if the meeting meets the Closed Door Policy, a reason for the meeting needs to be provided.

  • Chuck Abbinanti

    And this country still wants this man in office.

  • IamnotFooled

    He changed his name to Barack Husein Obama only Muslims changed their name after they have accepted Islam. It is also not against their religion to lie to non believers. Look it up in the Koran if you don’t believe me. Muhamed himself said so. Where as in the bible God tells us to not bare false witness. Which means if you lie it is a sin.

  • Carol Marie

    barry is a very dangerous person

  • Bee Cee

    This can’t be good that he holds meetings behind closed doors. I wonder what he is cooking up now. I dread seeing his face, and holding my breath for his next dirty deed to happen. Since he has just 2 years left, he will double up on destroying the US.

  • Kypat

    I think we should all call the WH repeatedly requesting that Obama resign. This is just unforgivable.

  • Pam

    AGAIN…………WHY IS THIS MAN STILL IN OFFICE. Impeach him today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott Wooldridge

    Answer to the question is: because he is one of them and that is also why he is trying to get our gun rights removed. A war is coming to America. This is not imigration. It’s an invasion.

  • Tim

    Rabid dogs need to be destroyed….

  • Coswoth Bogtrokle

    Vote wisely America come 2016 !

    • Syberlink

      Vote for who the media hates the most. Thats the one who can help America.

  • wvbh17

    Of course it is meeting with them and it will not call them radical muslims after all it is one of them, it seems even among evil barbarians there is honor (?) among thieves.

  • gijane

    99.9%???!!! We KNOW that’s a damn lie. They have stats that show otherwise.

  • When are we going to get rid of this rat?

  • Bartallica2006

    Arrest him for TREASON immediately!!!! What’s taking so long?!?!? We the people demand our voices be heard and acted upon! He has committed treason numerous times!

  • AniBelini

    Because he’s practicing takiya/taquiya or however you spell it…that’s why, plain and simple.

  • Malakie

    It is ILLEGAL to block anyone from the White House not to mention ILLEGAL for any government official to refuse access to meetings, conversations, documents etc… When is the media, when are people going to wake the hell up and realize this? Read your damn Constitution people.. The ONLY time LEGALLY that exclusions can be made are in situations where the threat against our national security WOULD be compromised in a manner that would harm the citizens and/or defense of the United States.

    People need to wake up. Just because someone wearing a uniform or badge or position of power tells you it is, does NOT make it right or even legal….

    • kringlebertfistyebuns

      It’s absolutely not illegal to block people from meetings in the White House. Where do you even get that from? Every President since….ever has held private meetings in the White House.

      I don’t recall you call getting all outraged when any previous Administration has held private meetings with *other* religious leaders…

  • Robin Rose

    I’ve said this before & I’ll say it again “Where’s a good assassin when you need one?”

  • James GtoXed

    Regardless of the shenanigans, please people, do understand that Obama was right about 1 thing. the VAST majority of muslims are not radical extremists… otherwise i might as well say all god fearing christians are religious extremists.. huh? not so fun now ey?

    • harriet

      Then why is the Muslims not out there protesting? Let’s be honest. Many aren’t even citizens.

      • Harriet


  • jm

    People, this moron that is wrecking our country, no matter what he told India, is a musslime infiltrator. There are those attached to our government that want our society to fall under the musslime policing to stop any one from having rights other than those imposed by a singular secularist system. a system where an openly societal police force will negate any one from forming groups from politicizing the call for rights. LGBT will be shut down, all other religious rights will be shut down, equal treatment for women will be shut down, anti as well as pro gun rights will be shut down, rights to raise your children they way you chose will be shut down, right now we are seeing our rights to free speech being condemned, political correctness is destroying our rights to free speech expression, the rights of businesses to refuse to do business that is not inline with the business owners beliefs is being eroded, and on and on till all are forced to the singular secularist ways or are removed. This will be how the governments of the world “get the people off of their backs” and stop having to spend money to solve rights issues. Our constitution will be amended to accept this system to make it the law of the land. The high and mighty high up government officials, the corporate wheels and muckety muck rich will be exempted for their money. The rest of us will be left to the judgment, with out a real trial, of the society police just like in the middle east. MUSSLIME rule is the new Nazi/Communism world government

  • Ann Elida Hodgkins

    why does this surprise anyone? if you’d researched him BEFORE you voted him into the highest office of the country, you would have known all this about him. but once again, ppl let their asses decide their vote. oh, the FIRST BLACK president, oh, HOPE AND CHANGE…wtf

  • WhatEverDude

    Truth be told…. I’m literally sick of hearing of all the bad things he’s doing!! If it’s that bad… then WTF is he still doing in office?? Do something or STFU!!

    • harriet

      I didn’t vote for the “neighborhood organizer”.

  • harriet

    Keep on hearing that cab drivers kick the blind out of their cabs. How can that be? Aren’t there rules and laws that the drivers have to accept when they are dealing with the public. There are consequences for drivers in chicago.

  • DixieAngel_76

    And that is why he is aka ‘the liar in chief’. Lying is what he does best, and most.

  • Maureen Pike

    one of hem outta stick a knife in his back

  • Xxandera

    it’s mind blowing that this is allowed to happen which shows you since you her no one protesting this that it’s all part of the norm. No politician will defy him. None, not a single one but we just keep voting them in…….. no one tells the truth until they get into their given role then the truth comes out

  • steve Forgacs

    you voted for him to do what is best for us it’s out of our hands now

  • steve Forgacs

    oh yeah ….ech

  • Erika Erickson

    It makes sense. Terrorists support other terrorists……. It’s sad to think the American people put him in the White House….

  • Brandon Zobisch ヅ

    where are the FACTS?? This is a bunch of rhetoric… You don’t have to like him, and you can find things he’s done wrong without making things up.

  • Dee Dunbar


  • Inkeyez

    Religion Should not be blamed as a whole , Individuals are to blame. Not all Muslims share in radical beliefs and same goes for christians

  • LInda Rowlett

    NOt assimilation but domination.

  • William Baumgartner

    If only we could harness the stupidity evident in this tread, we could light the entire Eastern seaboard.

  • John Vaughn

    They need to get his ass out of there and arrest him for treason!!


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