You Won’t Believe What Microsoft Just Gave the Muslim ‘Clock’ Kid for ‘Inventing’ NOTHING

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

One of the biggest stories in the past week was that of Ahmed Mohamed, the Muslim student in Irving, TX, who was arrested for…as the media put it, “inventing while Muslim.”

Mohamed brought a “clock” which he said he said he invented, and which his family said the school called the police in an act of “Islamophobia.”

Obama invited Ahmed to the White House, and invitations and internship offers for the “boy genius inventor” soon came in from places such as Facebook, Twitter and MIT.

There was just one problem…it was all an apparent hoax.

As I reported last week, an engineer exposed how Ahmed did not invent anything. All he did was take apart a 1980s-era Radio Shack plug-in alarm clock one can get on eBay, and inexplicably reassembled it inside a large pencil case that resembled a briefcase.


The engineer also asked:” why in the world he would choose a pencil case as the housing for his clock, seeing as how it had to be closed up, making it super difficult to actually see the number display. Also, the open case poses a safety risk as there’s a transformer near the snooze button, which could produce a serious electric shock.”

Another engineer has since confirmed the hoax in a widely-shared video, and a hobbyist has demonstrated how he could duplicate what Ahmed did, with a slightly later-model Radio Shack clock from 1989….in just 20 seconds!

And of course, we have since learned that Ahmed’s father Mohamed ElHassan Mohamed, is a well-known Muslim activist and rabble-rouser. The elder Mohamed has worked with CAIR…a terror-linked pressure group that has been involved with numerous “hate crime” hoaxes in recent years, raising many suspicions that this was a planned setup hoax to create an “Islamophobic” incident.

Ahmed’s own evasive behavior when asked about the device by teachers and police also have raised suspicions — notably by SharkTank’s Mark Cuban…who said when he spoke to Ahmed, his family members were in the background telling him what to say.

Ahmed himself went off-script in a solo interview, revealing he knew his “clock” would be viewed as suspicious before he brought it in:

Stunning. Is there any doubt left that this entire episode was a shameful fraud designed to generate a fake controversy to advance Islamic goals?

Yet despite all this evidence of a hoax that has emerged since September 16, just two days later, Microsoft — working through the Dallas CAIR director  — delivered a ton of high-tech “goodies” to Ahmed:


Here’s what he scored:

  • a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ($1,400 value)
  • a Cube 3D printer with cartridges and filaments ($1,300 value)
  • a Microsoft Band fitness tracker ($180 value)
  • Miscellaneous software and accessories (worth at least $950)
    TOTAL: $3,830

He didn’t “create” anything! Microsoft has brought into the phony story of “Islamophobia” generated by Ahmed’s father and CAIR.

What a disgraceful insult to boys and girls across America who create real things, using LEGO Mindstorms, or Arduino or Rasberry Pi kits, or from scratch — true inventors who work their little tails off. But because they can’t create a fake “controversy” they will never get a Microsoft goodie delivery, or an invitation to the White House.



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