Yahoo TV Calls ‘Duck Dynasty’ Fans Racists


by Susan Frommer | Top Right News

Leslie Gornstein of Yahoo TV recently wondered if the Duck Dynasty controversy was over, but while reviewing recent events with GLAAD, advertisers and TV executives noted that Phil Robertson and his fans are racists who don’t care about black’s civil rights.

Gornstein’s article, titled, “Burning Question: Is the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Flap All Over Already?,” meant to ask several questions on the status of the controversy over Phil Robertson’s Bible-based comments about homosexuality. But in so doing accused the Robertsons and his fans of being racists.

The first question Gornstein asked is “wither the backlash.” She wondered what happened to all the condemnation that Robertson was receiving for listing the act of homosexuality among other sins as he paraphrased the Bible during an interview published early in december by GQ magazine.

Apparently Gornstein felt the attack on Robertson was over way too soon and was upset that the pressure from gay groups did not result in the end of the Duck Dynasty family’s show.

The Yahoo TV writer was also upset that advertisers quickly flooded back to the show. She blamed it all on greed, saying advertisers only cam back “Because: Money. Filthy lucre. Dolla dolla bills. Lotsa de casha.”

Check out the condescension and hatred in this paragraph from the Yahoo columnist:

In other words–according to ad agencies, celebrity branding experts and industry analysts–”Duck Dynasty” delivers so many eyeballs in such a desirable demographic that A&E and advertisers have weighed the pros versus possible cons and seen … too many pros to care. Shoot, what’s one li’l loudmouth when there are millions and millions of dollars to make? Let the advertising hoedown continue! Write up another o’ them there $180,000 advertisin’ checks!

Gornstein goes on to point out that advertisers and TV network executives at last came to realize that fans of Duck Dynasty are not members of the gay advocacy group GLAAD and, therefore, punishing the family is not a good idea.

That is when Gornstein called the shows fans racists.

“And that doesn’t particularly care about, say, civil rights issues, I am told,” Gornstein snarked.

So, all of Duck Dynasty’s fans are racists? Gornstein seems to think so.

The Yahooer ends her post expressing some hope that an upcoming meeting between GLAAD and executives from A&E may yet lead to some sort of punishment for the Duck Dynasty.

“Let’s see what happens with the GLAAD-A&E summit next week. Whether the group decides to take action after that is anyone’s guess,” Gornstein says to end her piece.

If A&E is crazy enough to shape its policies based upon a radical homosexual pressure group which represents perhaps 2% of the population, then they are nuts.

To COMPLAIN to Yahoo TV about Ms. Gornstein’s piece click HERE.

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