Wretched Liberal Hag Harasses Trump Supporter on Plane… Gets EXACTLY What’s Coming to Her

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

We’ve all seen the crowds in Washington D.C. this weekend…first for the Inauguration, and then for the liberal “Women’s March.”

So what would happen if the opposing forces met on the flight back home?

Well we just found out, thanks to a video posted by a Trump supporter coming home from cheering the new president — and getting a mouthful from a nasty old Hillary hag who — like the 2 million who threw a tantrum on Saturday — just can’t accept reality of the election.

Trump supporter Scott Koteskey was boarding a plane from Baltimore back to Seattle after the Trump Inauguration, and was unfortunately seated next to a truly “nasty woman” — who absolutely let loose on Trump…and on the man himself.

Fortunately, he recorded part of the exchange…

She let loose all the viciousness and bile we would expect from the bitter left…and paid the price for it.

When she wouldn’t shut her mouth, they kicked her off the plane.

Incredibly, passengers started chanting “USA! USA!” as she kicked off the flight.

Scott provided the backstory in a Facebook post here:

While we certainly feel bad that her husband’s mom died, she is old enough to know how not to behave in public. And I can only imagine how bad he felt that she put him through her insane, infantile performance.How utterly selfish and immature — typical of a liberal. Kudos to the flight attendants in remaining so calm and doing the right thing.

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