Woman Pretends to Find $100 on the Ground — Then Another Woman Tries to Claim It!


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

A video posted on Facebook this morning shows what happened when a woman pretended to find $100 on the ground — and then another woman sprung right into action, with her full dishonesty on display:

It’s unclear whether or not the two women knew the woman was dishonest and wanted to bust her. But you can be sure she is seriously busted nonetheless, as the video is sure to erupt into a viral sensation over the weekend.

What do you think of this?

  • James Berry

    Could have warned me to turn down my headset due to loud cackling. lol

    • Not Anonymous

      come on, you knew it was going to get loud.

      • kimberly daniels

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      • kimberly daniels

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        • AR-10

          Thanks for the heads up kim.

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    • Don

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      • AR-10

        I like bacon.

        • Herman Vogel

          Meat Candy,,,count me IN AR-16.

    • Jimmy Paul Chanda

      Dude, really had no idea this was going to get loud.. do you live in Nebraska lol..

  • Alan

    This is how we expose dishonest people. I swear to God……

  • Mark Allen

    Not really that funny, scumbags

    • Brett Tucker

      your one of the people that would fight til they die to lie to get some money thats not even yours. Your a scumbag.

      • Mark Allen

        You don’t know anything about me. I bet your a liberal aren’t you?

        • Brett Tucker

          Lmao your trying to put me under a political party? well then you can put me on anarchy. Why are you attacking me when i clearly made a factual point? Don’t inflate your ego anymore than it already is. As for politics go, i dont have faith in any of the parties. Therefore I’m not a part of any of them. But my views stem from individual rights and the constitution. So I guess in your mind i would be considered a Tea Party

      • Lolly

        I wouldn’t claim what wasn’t mine and I don’t think it was very funny, either. She shouldn’t have lied, but they purposefully lied to get someone ‘caught.’ Neither did the right thing.

        • Brett Tucker


  • Maxwell Jump

    Okay, girls, that’s funny, but it wasn’t donkey braying funny.

  • BD BOY


    • imyourshadow

      That’s a good point. What happens when someone really gets pissed and shoots the jokester. At least it’ll be on video. (-:

  • Warlord1958

    gibs me dat…

  • Heather Vance-Nelson

    Typical disgusting behavior!

    • get real

      what do you expect?

      • Heather Vance-Nelson

        Apparently, not much.

    • Serpentine

      They could have had their abortions right there in the mall on the floor…

    • Lion Heart

      “Typical”… care to elaborate on what you mean by that ?

      • Herman Vogel

        Still living in a cave I see. sad, There is a REAL world out here and crap like this is happening.,,,sadly.

        • Carl Tim

          um, this is a part of said “real world”, no???

      • Frank McKenna

        I’ll reply for her. These tree ape beeches are so used to gimme, they instantly jump and react to the possibility of a new freebie. Her fat black azzz was hoping to gits sum munnies fo’ free so she could buy the next shiniest object or baskit o’ fried chikkins. Get your head outta your loose little hiney hole, cupcake.

      • Heather Vance-Nelson

        The fact that she did not go into her own purse to find her “supposed” money tells all.

        • Lion Heart

          I just thought you were cute, that’s y i was pickin on ya 🙂

          • Heather Vance-Nelson

            Funny Lionheart!… Thank you for the complement!

    • Herman Vogel

      Was this in Ferguson? Using God’s name to gain wealth,,and Promising to him as well. WOW, would make a Great politician.

  • bigsurprise

    sad that she promised to God ……. wonder what she thinks of herself when she sees this …

    • Marti

      I wonder that too. I know I couldn’t promise to God with a straight face if I knew I was lying.

    • imyourshadow

      Yea and she even thru in ‘Baby’ just in case God wasn’t enough. How funny is that?

  • Not Anonymous

    toss in some whites, and she would have started a riot in that store.

  • Bryan Bennett

    It was probably a stolen bill in the first place.

  • stinkywinkerbean

    That’s just scummy and mean. They couldn’t think of anything more entertaining to do with their evening?? Ugh.

  • Eagle View

    They should of had a fake security guard come up and after the woman sitting down kept claiming it was hers, tell her she is in trouble then because it is counterfeit. I bet she would break the world’s record for back pedaling.

    • Schr0dingersD0g

      No, they should have expected her to invoke Gods name and had a guy dressed up as Jesus hit her with a bat!

  • Schr0dingersD0g

    Why did I know she’d be black?

    • DrColostomy

      She probably thought it fell out of between her GARGANTUAN Moochele Obama buttcheeks,

  • Lion Heart

    Would this video have made it on this “news website” had this woman been Caucasian ? Be honest now 🙂

    • imyourshadow

      I would hope so. That’s funny!!

    • msjoeshmoe

      No because this prank never would have happened.

  • Herman Vogel

    This shows that some people have NO FAITH and that God has NO place in their lives if you use his name to gain wealth. This looks like an episode of “Hardcore Pawn”. Sad, huh.

  • DrColostomy

    Minorities! Whoda thunk.

  • Flyingbull

    Really not enough information. For all we know, she did have a 100 bucks that she just put into her wallet, might even be the reason she was targeted for the joke. Everyone presumes guilt, I would prefer to not judge *shrugs* my opinion. I did notice that quite a few people are already commenting stuff like “Minorities, of course” or “of course they are black” indicating that it couldn’t been the same for a white person, might want to start thinking instead of assuming here, just saying.

    • Rick DeFosse

      No matter what it is. If it were not posted all of you wouldn’t be arguing and name calling each other. This is just the news media taking anything they get their hands on to continue to grow the gap between races that Obama has created.

      • dc

        lol…obama created the gap between races? may I ask how? I thought that gap has always been there.

      • Flyingbull

        It is what it is, it is a part of the freedom thing that we take for granted. It has it’s pitfalls, but eventually things will work out, or they won’t. But to suggest that we silence the media, that means ALL media would have to be silenced, and only the “allowed” channels of information would be acceptable. Who would get to decide that? The government? A council of peers that would be easily corrupted? It is easy to point to the media, but frankly we need to look to ourselves, and ask ourselves do we trust this? If we don’t, then we need to delve in and discover the facts, not what we want it to be, or thinks it should be, only the facts. Does anyone really have the time to do that, no, so you have to take what you get, and read it carefully without the internal bias, and read between the lines and understand what is really going on.

  • Jeff Cummings

    Typical Baboon

  • joe

    not funny #fail

  • Just Me


  • Jeff Bush

    She promised to God……

  • Jimmy Paul Chanda

    That is racism!

  • joe

    like a black person ever had a hundred dollars

  • dc

    It’s crazy how some are you are saying “them”,”scumbags”, or whoever you are labeling. But I only see one individual in this video…lol…who are you guys labeling? and why?

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