Woman Goes Nuts at McDonalds After Employee Makes a Simple Mistake on Her Order


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

A irate woman went nuts at a Michigan McDonalds after the staff made an apparently unforgivable mistake.

They accidentally added fries to her order of ice cream.

Yup. That’s all it took to unleash this woman’s full rage, as she verbally assaulted the cashier and then manager for over 3 minutes, letting loose a trail of obscenities that would make Chris Rock blush.

The McDonalds is located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, which was described by one commenter as “half college town half ghetto trash town.”

The college is Eastern Michigan University, where the video’s poster Janae Sims, attends. She posted the video on Facebook after witnessing the incident, writing: “Excuse the horrible language in this video but this is what I witnessed in McDonalds today smh.”

At one point, a father eating in the restaurant with his kids tried to offer the swear-screaming woman the money to cover the difference for the errant fries so he could spare his kids further ear-abuse — to no avail.

WATCH: (Explicit language warning)


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