Woman Confronts Muslim Extremists Who Invaded Her Hometown (Video)

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by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Muslim cab drivers and Subway franchise managers kicking out disabled customers with guide dogs. Muslim refugees on welfare demanding Sharia Law-compliant food banks. Towns surrendering to the complaint of a single Muslim to remove an ad for bacon. Man ordered to remove an American flag because it was ‘offensive to Muslims.’

The demands of Muslims in America are spreading more quickly than we can document it. Yet despite the record influx of immigrants and “refugees” from Muslim nations, the population in America is (for now) well below that of France — where terror attacks this past week in Paris have stunned the world — or even Britain, which suffered its own terror attacks on 7/7/2005 that claimed 52 lives.

And it is from Britain that a stunning warning video comes showing us what can happen when a large number of Muslims infiltrate a Western city.

Stacey Dooley is a native of the city of Luton, whose home town is now known as the “Extremist Capital” of Britain, with a massive Muslim population. In just 20 years, the young Dooley has seen her city radically transformed from a quiet, typical English city to a hotbed of Muslim fanaticism.

Dooley wanted to demonstrate how Muslims have infiltrated her town, since the liberal media refuses to do so.


Dooley documented the Muslim invasion of Luton in greater detail in the following video. She hopes her message about the rapid spread of Islamic radicalism in the U.K. will warn Americans of the threat, before it takes hold in U.S. cities.


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