Woman Complains on Video to a Neighbor Flying the Mexican Flag – And Pays a Big Price For It


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

A California woman has paid a big price for confronting her neighbor about flying a Mexican flag in their front yard.

Local activist Tressy Capps was upset after seeing the foreign flag in her neighbor’s yard and recorded the exchange she had with them, later posting it to YouTube, according to KCAL9.

In the video, Capps can be heard asking the homeowner, who doesn’t speak English, if it’s a Mexican flag in their front yard.


“You know we live in America right? This is the United States. So, why are you flying a Mexican flag in your front yard?” she is heard asking the woman.

Capps confronts the woman a third time after not getting a reply, saying, “This is America. Maybe you can move to Mexico if you want to fly your Mexican flag. Does that make sense?”

Capps said that the Mexican flag offends her, which is why she said something.

Well for “saying something” she has paid a big price: she lost her job. Capps was fired from an independent contract she had with a real estate company, Coldwell Banker.

“We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind,” David Siroty of Coldwell Banker Real Estate said in a statement. If you disagree, you can contact Mr. Siroty via email here.

And she has also received multiple death threats, according to a police complaint Capps filed.  Capps also said her son is now being bullied at his school over the incident.

Silly lady, doesn’t she realize she now lives in Mexifornia?

Of course this wasn’t the first time the Mexican flag has featured prominently in controversy in the Golden State.

At Montibello High School in 2007, in a “protest against enforcement of illegal immigration laws,” Mexican students forced down the U.S. flag and hung it upside down under a Mexican flag…

And of course the 9th Circuit Court last week outrageously upheld a prior ruling that Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill could ban students from wearing American flag shirts at school to “prevent violence” from Mexican gang member students at the school.

The local affiliate KCAL had a more detailed report on the matter.

Another neighbor, Bill Simmons, said that he drives by every day and has not once seen an American flag flown there…until of course a news reporter showed up.

What do you think? Was Capps out of line? Or was she expressing frustration that many Californians feel — that millions of Mexicans, mostly illegal, are invading their state and do not think of themselves as Americans, but Mexicans?

Let me know in the comments below.

  • william C

    If you love Mexico so much, stay there or go back there. This is not the United States of Mexico. If you want to fly a Mexican flag, fine, but be sure it is lower than or underneath the US flag.

    • Mary Jensen

      Why is it that the Mexican flag and isil flag are always allowed to fly freely but American flags are being asked to be removed because they offend Muslims and Mexicans. For crying out loud this is America our country, they want to live here yet offended by our flag? And we Americans are to cower to foreigners flying their flags but not ours. Have we become such pushovers to these people? Patriotism has value…we need to exercise it. This is totally wrong in my opinion. They can all leave if our flag offend them.

      • Michael John

        Thank you Mary!

      • william C

        I will never take my flag down and will stand up to anyone who flies a foreign flag without an American flag as well. We cower because the libs think anything is okay and anything goes and that everyone has a right not to be offended. So they decide to offend real patriotic Americans with their unconstitutional rules and “executive orders”.

        • Bobby Austin

          Or pass regulations that are not laws but they act like they are.since when? Regulations don’t apply to people they apply to process.wake up.liberal ideology is destroying us from the inside out.

          • pupdaddy

            You are exactly right Bobby! Liberalism has taken over this country by storm!

        • Karen Cadenhead

          Call me racist, call me close minded, call me whatever you will, but personally I don’t even like the idea of a foreign flag being flown under the U.S. flag on U.S. soil. I have no problem with a person “celebrating their heritage.” I am proud of my ancestry as well, but I do not fly its foreign flag on our soil, nor, as patriotic and loyal to the United States as I am, (and I am very much so) would I dream of flying our flag outside my house were I to be living in, say,… Germany, for example, or (oh my goodness) even Mexico. I can guarantee you that I would have it displayed somewhere INSIDE MY HOUSE (i.e. my personal space) but I wouldn’t be crass enough to insensitively offend my neighbors’ HOSPITALITY by displaying it, large & loud in front of my house. That’s just an “in your face” declaration that would only be tolerated here in the United States where we are willingly sitting by allowing foreigners to overrun our country. There is no need for any country today to try to violently overthrow the United States. We are peacefully giving it away.

          • Frank

            I’m with you on that

          • Lawrence Proctor

            I call you a CONCERNED North American!

          • Karen Cadenhead

            Thank you for that!

          • Citygirl

            I kind of have to agree with you. If we want the Mexicans Americans to take their flags down then we should ask that of all ancestral flags, like italian , Irish, Polish, etc….

          • Mary Curry

            If you notice, Citygirl, the Irish and Italians fly the American flag highest and if you drive through those areas in large cities you will see them honoring our flag first. Two days a year, they proudly display their home country’s flag, St. Paddy’s Day and Columbus Day. TWO DAYS not the entire year. But even then, the American flag flies highest.

          • Greg Moser

            and that would violate the freedom of expression that we all hold dear. It is far better to allow all flags and celebrate our ability to come together from around the world and live together in peace.

          • pupdaddy

            Yes Karen, you are completely right, we are handing it over to the liberal movement each day ore and more, until they will be no more America left. Just another third world country. History repeats itself. Look at Rome, and Greece, and Babylon, and Russia (Soviet Union) and Cuba, and all the other at one time in history “Great empires of the world” that are now just this world countries and nothing more. I, like you, consider myself as a patriot too, and I am pro-immigration, as long as it is in the legal process. But once you pledge to become an American, you should show respect for your country that welcomed you to it with open arms and freedom in life!

          • Karen Cadenhead


          • brenda chafin

            Well said, I believe anyone who comes from another country go through the immigration process, and like you I would not offend anyone in another country by flying my flag outside, it is disrespectful I have seen many mexican flags flying in southern california and Texas, and it just isn’t right. For all the immigrants that came here, learned the customs WELCOME to America, you are what we need to stay strong.

          • Greg Moser

            You correctly identified yourself in your first six words.

          • Karen Cadenhead

            Really? So you think that because I believe in respecting my neighbors and showing pride in the country in which I live, that makes me racist & close? (You did say the first SIX words.) That does say something about you, and I have to say that I’m glad you’re not MY neighbor. However, I did set forth the invitation for you to form whatever opinion you would. I have absolutely no problem with that because no matter what you decide in your small minded judgment, it affects me in absolutely no way except perhaps to cause me to pity you as someone who carries so much obvious animosity for others.
            I’m afraid, however, that you misunderstood said invitation. Clearly I did not say that I was describing how I felt about myself, only that others have the right to form their own opinions, which would not concern me since I stand strong in my beliefs in patriotism, loyalty to my country, and paying proper respect to others with whom I share common space – accepting the fact that they have a right to their own opinions, whether they agree with mine or not, for instance.

        • pupdaddy

          You said the “word” William, Liberal or Lib, which is the underlying problem in this nation today. They have ripped the heart of our Judeo- Christian foundation that America was founded upon in the beginning out from society totally, Therefore we, the silent majority, will never make a come back unless WE ALL stand up for what we know is right in this country and make some changes now! If we continue on this path, America is doomed to become another third world country by the year 2020, max!

      • jana

        That is absolutely right. We are not to offend any foreigner. Well, I guess I should fly the German flag. See how far that goes. My ancestry on my late fathers side was German.

      • Corrie Nance

        We Americans have become prisoners in our own country. Our own government is supporting illegals and other foreigners instead of standing up for Americans. Such a shame that all these liberal view points are destroying our country. God help us.

      • wwj745

        The issuses lie with the policy makers. Who the PEOPLE keep electing. Why? Because they refuse to change their BAD voting habit of the “lesser of 2 evils”. There is and never was any such thing. It is a myth. Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama have all said the same thing, one world government/new world order. When will people get that through their thick skulls? Typing outrage here is one thing. To keep supporting these unAmerican clowns is another. There is an old saying, everyone is born equally ignorant, but it takes work to remain that way. These people in BOTH so called parties are out to destroy this Country. Anyone voting for them, helps them.

        • pupdaddy

          That is why we need a man such as Dr. Ben Carson to run for president. He believes in no party! He wants to give government back to the people as it was intended to be from the beginning when our forefathers wrote the Constitution! Check him out next chance you get!

      • Greg Moser

        So the offended person should just leave? I agree. It is none of the neighbor’s business how other people decorate their property. As you said, “this is America”

  • John McMickle

    Time to seal that border. If we have to militarize the border then move two or three US Army divisions down to guard the border.

    • Fred Young

      John, If the government truly wanted to stop ALL cross border crime; drug smuggling, arms smuggling, cartel money movement, contraband of all kinds, illegal immigration, human trafficking for sexploitation, to name a few, all they would have to do is build a working canal along our border with Mexico, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific. This would also create thousands upon thousands of jobs, create a low cost, pollution reducing method of transporting goods from coast to coast by using electric “mules” to pull the ships through powered by solar panel farms along the way. It would be difficult and cost a great deal, yes, but it is not beyond our capability, we have the technology. When is our government going to stop doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result each time. It’s not working and won’t, this will. We CAN do this !

      • Clay Burruss

        It would probably be cheaper than supporting all the illegals on the US welfare system

        • Fred Young

          We could stop fighting other’s wars and giving so much foreign aid to ungrateful countries and use those trillions and trillions of dollars to make our country truly safe and impenetrable.

          • bigsurprise

            AMEN !!!!!!! !

      • whatever1959

        the government will never seriously protect our borders…it is our government’s mission to destroy us from the inside out!

        • pupdaddy

          you have a good point there whatever!

      • Mickey

        The government can’t even get a fence built and the funding is already there for that. You think they are going to build a moat? Not that I think your idea is bad, it’s just that the government, especially of late, doesn’t have this country’s best interest as a priority.

        • bigsurprise

          It is incumbant to EVERYONE OF US…to GET and STAY on the phones to the capital and white house until they UNDERSTAND WE WILL NOT TAKE THIS…WE WANT ALL ILLEGAL MEXICANS AND THEIR ANCHOR BABIES …which our country allowed.. OUT OF HERE !!!! AND the MUSLIMS ALSO…YOu see in Dearborn Michican the same and worse… insisting on NO DEMOCRACY ..only ISLAM…and trying to instill their Sharia Law AND ONE OF OUR FEMALE senitors , whose name I have just forgotten, but you can google….SUPPORTS SHARIA LAW and BEING IN ACREEMENT WITH OUR CONSTITUTION>…SHE needs to be tried for TREASON and imprisoned.. PEOPLE THIS IS ARMEGEDDON….WHOSE side will you stand for and Fight for….SPEAK UP TO YOUR GOVERNMENT FOR…..THE GOD OF LOVE…NEVER intended us to be invaded by others who want to take our country over !! MAKE THE CALLS…..OR you do not have a right to complain….IF the switchboards were overloaded EVERY DAY with these messages…The government would realize they are on the brink on overthrow, if they do not START WORKING FOR WE THE PEOPLE again, like they should have all along…Instead they take out money, and give away and spend in on what they like….that WE are against !!!

        • Fred Young

          WE are the government. Maybe we all should get together and demand our elected officials change their priorities.

      • pupdaddy

        That is not a bad idea Fred, not at all in fact! But a fence would accomplish the same purpose, at least when it comes to defending our border, and it would not cost nearly as much. But the canal is very ecology wise!

      • John McMickle

        You need to look at that ground. any canal would require locks of some extremely deep cuts it would cross the continental divide. There are elevations approaching 5700 feet near the Arizona New Mexico state line on the border. Where are you going to get the water to fill this canal? Every time you operate those locks the water flows to the lower level. the highest level is in the middle of a desert. there is also another peak at a little over 4000 feet just west of San Diego. That border is 1933 miles long. In order to float a vessel of any size you would have to have trillions of cubic feet o water from some place.

        • Fred Young

          I didn’t say it would be easy. I did say, however, it is not beyond our capabilities.

          Yes along the border the elevation rises to above 5,000 feet between El Paso and Tucson from the Gulf of Mexico, back down to sea level at the Colorado River then rises in the coastal range again to about 2,000. I agree, these rises in altitude would require canal locks to traverse, and again, not beyond our capabilities. This solution would require time, effort and expense of gigantic proportions but is far superior to the failed attempts to control our southern border, or anything else currently being proposed to seal our totally porous southern border. This is the only solution out there that would do exactly that. It can be done.

          • John McMickle

            They are crossing the Rio Grande on jet skis. a canal would not be a barrier. But where would you get the trillions of cubic feet of water to fill that canal? to use electric tugs the canal would probably have to be lined with a paved area and tracks on both sides. the canal would have to be at least 100 feet wide and 30 feet deep. Standard fiver barges used on the Mississippi River are 200 feet long, 35 feet wide, and have a draft of 10 feet. If you are going to take ocean going vessels through this canal if would have to be much deeper. Based on the 100 fee wide and 30 feet deep dimensions that would require over 31 trillion cubic feet of water to fill the canal the first time. It takes the Mississippi River over 14 hours to move that much water past New Orleans. That is at an average flow. If it is at minimum flow it takes increases to over 53 hours.

            The Mississippi River drains 1,245,000 Square miles of the US. From the southwest corner of New York state to Montana. That 1,245,000 is roughly 40% of the Continental United States. Where are you going to get the water? How are you going to get it to the ingher elevations? That is a lot of energy expended in pumping water.

          • Fred Young

            Good question. Let’s see . . . . Where to get those trillions and trillions of gallons of water? . . . . hmmmmmmmmmm . . . .
            even though there are engineers, geologists and hydrologists more intelligent than I on this subject that would be assigned the task of developing a solution to this problem, here’s an idea from off the top of my head. The canal would be designed to be built section by section, ideally simultaneously from each coast and upon completion each section would be filled with water from solar powered desalination plants on each coast. A desalination plant could easily fill a completed section before the next section is completed. With this method the requirement of an immediate massive amount of water would not be necessary and would cause little or no environmental impact. Along with the pipelines for the locks a pipeline from these plants would be laid alongside and when the canal is completed would supply the individual sections with water that will be lost due to attrition from absorption, evaporation etc. To reiterate, this solution is not beyond our capabilities, especially if one approaches the concept with a positive attitude instead of making insignificant mindless negative potshots trying to tear down someone else’s idea.
            Oh yeh, about the jet skiers, they are an insignificant infinitesimally small percentage of what is illegally crossing our border. They are the least of our problems. One significant method used by traffickers are tunnels which would be completely impossible to build under a canal or would be so costly that building one would be out of the reach of even the wealthiest cartel. We can do this, and we must!

          • John McMickle

            Actually I am a registered Professional engineer, what I am pointing out to you are the absolute falaise of your plan, it sounds great but any energy usage saved would be used in just getting this canal filled with water. The energy requirements for pumping to lift that a volume capable of filling the canal and keeping it full would be huge. Just obtaining that much water would be a huge problem. The current cost of desalinated water is about $2000 per acre foot or about $0.0459 per cubic foot.

            The capability is there but the money is not. At $1.4 trillion just for the water the cost is far to prohibitive.

          • Fred Young

            I’ll bet it
            just tears you apart not to be able to go back in time to just before these
            guys began building the pyramids and tell them all the reasons you
            think it would be an impossibility, and if you could, I’m sure they would surely
            listen! Think about it, base stone blocks from a distant quarry weighing over
            500 tons without the equipment we have today. Impossible? I think not, and just as “not impossible” is
            building a canal from coast to coast. You have no faith in human ingenuity.

          • John McMickle

            No what I am saying is that every so often someone comes along with a perpetual motion machine, they claim it is 100% efficient that no energy is dissipated. Upon close examination theses machines all turn out to be less efficient than advertised.

            You advertise no impact on the environment, but you are going to introduce huge amounts of moisture into a n arid environment that will have an impact. Digging a trench to hold that water will impact the environment. The cost of pumping water from sea level to 5000 feet would be enormous. Coming up with that much fresh water would be enormous. All these costs add up and make the operation cost very prohibitive.

            The pyramids were built with slave labor. There were no environmental impact studies required. A few years ago a speaker from Vulcan Materials spoke at a conference I attended, Vulcan is a major supplier of aggregate for the construction industry, the topic was the cost of aggregates. The speaker told us that they were attempting to open a new quarry. The environmental impact studies and paperwork alone had cost over $1,000,000 and was still not complete. How much do you think it would cost to get an environmental impact study done on a route 1933 miles long, billions. Under today’s regulatory environment the pyramids could not be built.

          • John McMickle

            It would create environmental harm during the construction. It would los introduce huge amounts of humidity and moisture into an otherwise arid environment and that would make changes.

          • Fred Young

            Check this out:

            New! Explore the pyramids of Giza in Google Maps

            I’ll bet it just tears you apart not to be able to go back in time to just before these guys began building their pyramids and tell them all the reasons YOU think it would be an impossibility, and if you could, I’m sure they would surely listen! Think about it, base stone blocks from a distant quarry weighing over 500 tons without the equipment we have today. Impossible? I think not, and just as “not impossible” is
            building a canal from coast to coast. You have no faith in human ingenuity.

          • John McMickle

            The Egyptians also did not have to get environmental impact statements and clearances, they did not have to worry with union contracts they used slave labor. The Egyptians did not have to worry about being fined soil washed or blew off the site and landed in water.

            Next while the Egyptians did not have a modern crane they did have blocks and tackle to to move those blocks, an long with plenty of labor,

            The problem is not with the technology it is with the COST. This project could easily cost $100 trillion dollars before the first load of anything went through. Next the environmentalists are already complaining about a solar power plant that just went online because of the footprint and the fact that birds that fly over the mirror array can be vaporized.

            Grow up where are you going to get the water and how are you going to pay for that water?

    • Pam Smith Rudd

      There are probably enough US military members that got the pink slip (to make room for illegals in our US military) that would be willing to go guard our border! After all, their jobs have been taken away, will be given away to illegal immigrants, and jobs are scarce in the US due to the ruined economy, leaving time on their hands.

      • John McMickle

        We already have active duty divisions patrolling the border would be a good method of training people. Besides establishing all new command and control structures would take too much time. Those are already in place in a military unit.

    • pupdaddy

      That is what the Texas governor did but our good president pressed charges against him for it!! Just another liberal move by Obama!!!

      • John McMickle

        Only the Texas border. I am talking about from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. Give them the option to turn around and go back when they are caught or a detention camp until the legal process is over.

  • Joyce Kohmann

    It highly offends me. If you feel the need to sneak across our borders for ” a better life” then stop celebrating the country you ran from. First thing you did is break our laws by coming here like you did then insult us by speaking spanish and expecting us to and then flying your damned flags. If you want to be proud of Mexico then stay there.

    • Cathie Maisonet

      I totally agree with u. If we they were offended by our flag we would be force 2 remove it. The same should go 4 them. She shouldn’t ha e lost her job Cruz of that. Wat she does on her own time is none of her employers business & doesn’t concern them. She didn’t break any law. Them illegals broke our laws everyday & nothing is done. They should all be deported.

      • archer

        There should be a huge backlash against her former employer, that is how you put an end to this madness.

      • differentlydriven

        She’s got a huge case! She has every right to speak her mind she did nothing wrong. Oh I hope she sues the hell out of them.

        • Greg Moser

          I hope so too! I’ll bet the flag-waving neighbor could use the money when she sues for damages and emotional distress for having been dragged through the media for peacefully using her own property in a legal manner.

          • anonymous

            Nobody “dragged anybody through” anything. Quit with the school girl drama. Perhaps you’re going though puberty.

        • Silent Approval

          No, she doesn’t have a case, cracker jack box lawyer. You’re just as stupid as she is. Oh the hilarity.

          • chickief

            So let me get this straight… It’s OK for a foreigner to come here illegally and display the flag of their homeland and if a legal US citizen displays their US flag and it offends someone then it’s not OK? We can’t wear flags on t-shirts, or fly them in our yards but everybody else can?! What is wrong with this picture? We still have the 1st Amendment don’t we? But it only applies to the other guy?

          • Silent Approval

            The hilarity continues.

            The 1st Amendment has nothing to do with what happened here. No one is telling this person what she did was legal. I use the word person with some trepidation.

            So, clearly you’re either really stupid, willfully ignorant or just terribly un-informed. Either of which will not allow me to waste a moment more on you and your red-herring, vapid attempt at a valid argument.

            I’ll be open to further discussion if you reply with something on topic. Because his origin of birth, or legal status doesn’t preclude him from doing what he was doing.

          • chickief

            Your attempt to belittle a fellow commenter is unfair and unflattering. A bigger person would have taken the opportunity to educate and said yes but … Have a nice day.

      • Robert L Floyd Jr

        I concur

      • Greg Moser

        “Them illegals?” First, we say “those illegals” in the USA. Secondly, did I miss the part of the article that said the flag-waving neighbor was here illegally?

        • James Ogozaly

          if their flying a mexican flag their not Americans that makes them illegals

    • Vibora Volando

      Bravo. Illegals don’t get the logic

      • Howard Wright

        Neither does the state of CA nor will I ever patronize Coldwell Banker for their support of the invasion of our beloved (or perhaps not so beloved) republic.

    • Jose Diaz

      100% agreed with you, I’m from Cuba, but USA is my Country now, my Flag, my Constitution, I will fight and die for this Conuntry.

      • EQ4ALL

        Fantastic !!! 🙂

      • LlarryLLama

        Cubanos appreciate what America has done for them. They are some of the most loyal of immiigrants and actually help this country, unlike the mexican trash that sneaks across the border, flies their flag on our soil and expects(and gets) all kinds of benefits. They hold Americans in contempt, because what they get here, they haven’t earned. The have the same “entitlement” mentality that the blacks in the inner cities have.

        • Bobby Austin

          Of course you are correct. YOU.. can get away with saying that as you are not white.i am white just imagine i I said that. Liberals would attack in droves.you get a pass because liberals love Marxist driven cuba.. they forget everyone whom died under the Castro brothers . Marxism is pure evil. Wake up.

          • nihonjin2005

            some people give these idot to much attention. Socialist parasite should go back where they came from. I am sick and tire of this morons protesting for anything that is not their ideals. But like I sai in my previous posting, these iligals , communist parasite will never do this in Spain, Argentina, they will get their asses deported immidiately..We can do that here in ,America..

          • Intellectuallywise

            Look, you need to learn how to communicate. Your English isn’t up to par to have a credible opinion.

          • jlpittman

            At least he’s speaking and writing in English. My grandparents came here from Italy. They immigrated legally. They went to night school to learn to read, write and speak English. They also learned Our Constitution and the history of the United States. My grandmother knew more about America and the U.S. Constitution than most natural born American Citizens. That’s a sad fact that needs to change.

          • Loren Ironman

            that almost put me on my knees, true patriot.god bless your Italian family and the bad spelling child

          • Braveheart

            Easy on the English bit…he was probably educated in some liberal public school district.

          • tammy

            STHU, stupidly unwise.

          • Johnn Yuma

            Even though his spelling and grammer are not perfect, I got the message as most others did. And I agree with him 100%…

          • Jim Monk

            Sorry.Not while we have the assholes currently in charge.They re the cause of a lot of it.

        • Sgt. EZ

          Don’t forget the the Muslims now they are in this group of free loaders as well except they expect you to make it Hallebl grade just for them. I say feed them pork !!!!

          • Lori

            I agree Sgt. EZ, we need to send their ass home on a friggin rocket! Many people have fought and died for America for us to give it away to people that just want the freebies and to take over America! What the hell does our government think they want!? They want to take over! We are no longer free! Take a good look around folks! Muslims and Mexicas want to take over, they do not want to help us, just themselves! Time to make room for our people! Get them out of here before we start looking like Iraq and Mexico!

          • Jadeina

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          • jlpittman

            On that note, the Illegal aliens from Mexico and the Muslims now have more rights than the American citizens. Our children cannot pray in schools or even say “God Bless You” when someone sneezes without being suspended or even expelled yet, Muslims are allowed time to pray at school and in our workplaces with areas provided for them free of charge and while on the clock. Tell me how that is fair and equitable.

            We need to rally together and take back America. We can start by throwing out the fools that are elected to represent us. Vote out every incumbent and let’s start over with a whole new batch that will be keenly aware that their jobs are in danger.

          • Marilyn Stern

            The next time Muslims protest, as they’ve done in many parts of the United States, and throw eggs, rocks, and bottles of urine at people, I suggest we retaliate by purchasing bags of pig ears, available as dog treats, and throw them at the Muslims. Maybe fill some bottles with pig blood and hurl them, too. I’d suggest bacon but it is too expensive to waste on them.

            And have you heard about this novel idea?


            In Seville Spain local people found a way to stop the construction of another mosque in their town. They buried a pig on the site, and made sure the local press was notified. Islamic rules forbid the erecting of a Mosque on “pig soiled ground.” The Muslims had to cancel the project. No protests were needed because this, alone, worked!

          • Johnn Yuma

            Marilyn Stein:: If anyone wanted to stifle the damn radical muslims during theier demostrations, just buy a bunch of bacon bits and throw them into the radical bastardsa and watch them run!

          • Shadrach

            We ought to drop dead pigs on areas controlled by ISIS>

          • bee

            Bacon chem-trails .

          • FedUpWithTheDisrespect


          • Jim Monk

            Shadrach.UR a genius.

          • bubba2001

            How’s about poison gas and biological weapons???

          • Marilyn Stern

            What a novel idea. How about spraying pig blood or bacon grease?

          • cbliz

            Oh MAN! The smell of bacon…. heck, not only will we stop them, but we may even get them to convert. Who can resist the smell of BACON!

          • Loren Ironman

            wow. on the nose. mountain man responding

          • Theresa Kehoe Bond Quinn

            is this true

          • bee

            Hopefully it was 1 that died of old age so it was real rank .

          • Jim Monk

            This needs to be spread to everyone.What a great tactic!!!!!

          • Braveheart

            It took the Spanish kingdoms over 700 years to drive out the muslims by the time they unified and were able to complete the “Reconquista.” They learned a lesson long ago – I hope they don’t blow it.

          • bubba2001

            What’s wrong with pulling out our guns and start shooting them?
            A rock is a “deadly weapon.”

          • Marilyn Stern

            Muslims often put kids in the front of their group and have them swearing and throwing rocks, eggs, and various projectiles. The police are reluctant to confront kids, and they know it. Muslims hide behind children, combat included. Whatever you throw at rioting Muslims, make sure it hits the men hiding behind the children.

          • Loren Ironman

            nice but a waste of ammo torture them with bacon grease

          • catfood

            Might be the only way to fix the problem

          • docwill

            So how do we stop a christian church from being built?

          • Loren Ironman

            you must be gay waiting to be married

          • Loren Ironman

            that rocks girl thanks dead pigs everywhere

          • Marilyn Stern

            Good God. What a ridiculous, unrelated, convoluted response. Hope you enjoyed your moment on the soap box.

          • average white grandchildren

            So Spanish speaking people from Spain = good but Spanish speaking people from Mexico = bad? That makes sense! Also after perusing this comment section here I have to say that I am just delighted with all these antiquated notions and ignorant ideas. Unless ALL of you commenting about how the Mexicans and Muslims need to get out of America and quit “collecting welfare” are in fact full blooded Native Americans you need to clam up because you are ALL immigrants or invaders. Even if you were born here, your ancestors stole the land from its original owners. The Iroquois, the Cherokee, the Sioux, the Apache, Navajo et al are the ONLY true owners of this land we all call home. If the Mexicans and Muslims have to leave then so do the Irish and the Christians. Also, fyi, as far as California goes, people were speaking Spanish there way before they were speaking English. Anyway, like I said before these stale old belief systems and ridiculous points of view are all hilarious. It’s akin to going to a museum and looking at all the old timey doodads and geegaws of yesteryear. I truly thank you for the hearty chuckles I got from reading all these responses to this article (most of which have nothing to do with it, hah!). You all are the last of an endangered species of americans. Unlike the Mountain Gorilla though, you won’t be missed and absolutely no one wants to save you. Have fun being on the wrong side of history (like the confederate states, the nazis, segregationists and every other racist, xenophobic ignoramus throughout history) because in a much shorter period of time than you probably realize your beliefs will be 100% obsolete.

          • fedup

            why don’t you shut up you maggit.you talk tuff why don’t you make your self known.all this crap about who took this land from who. Is all BS.we fought for most of it and won and yes the white man built this country with the black s so take your jellous ass bak to the border

          • Kim Dudley

            I say they can eat pork or STARVE to death. So sick and tired of this nonsense. Illegal means against the law! Why aren’t we sending these people back where they came from regardless of nationality. We the American people deserve better. If you send your children across our borders illegally guess what WE ARE sending them BACK. If you want to come here come legally, learn our language, respect our laws and earn your keep. Otherwise, don’t come here.

          • This Is BS

            Why not just gas the lot and save the bus fare? The fema camps will be open and active soon. It’s easier to pick them up in American, rather than going to mexico to hunt them down.

          • Jon Weiss

            They are not sent back because Obama sees them as the future of the Democrat party, they are people looking for a free, tax payer supported ride and as long as he give that to them they are going to be loyal Democrat voters.

          • MRS. LOUISE ADAMS

            Oh shut up you lowlife unemployed welfare collecting right winged liberal teabag IDIOT.

          • Jenni

            Mrs Louise Adams. You make me lol! “right wing liberal teabag”? I assume you mean right wing CONSERVATIVE teabag IDIOT. BTW, you might want to research the political belief systems. It is usually the right wing that pays for the unemployed welfare collecting liberals.

          • Loren Ironman

            rock on dude nice

          • lisa c

            Actually Louise, it’s the red states that collect on more of these benefits than the blue states. Try some actual research rather than watching fox news or reading memes.

          • NukeWaste

            “Right winged liberal”?? Sorry, Louise, you lost this one. Drink your koolade and shut up. Walk in front of a bus.

          • Loren Ironman

            nice thanks back at her

          • Guest

            You may seriously be in need of some geography lessons and agricultural lessons they would do u good as to learn which culture and heritage this land truly belongs to and who are the real immigrants to this land and to the whole of the united states

          • JustRewards

            Last I checked it belongs to Americans NOT Mexicans, Iranians, or anyone one else. Regardless of how, or why we got it. It’s ours. And you can either be proud of this country or kindly get out. It’s our land, our country, and that’s about all there is to say about it.

          • Loren Ironman

            nice thanks

          • TrueGrit

            And pour pigs blood on their food ! We sure don’t want these animal s in our country and I’m sure many other country s don’t either. They have ruined every country they have been allowed in and have spawned more vermin.

          • bubba2001

            I ***HAVE*** fed them pork!

          • FedUpWithTheDisrespect


          • AmandaMMutter

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        • Alex Bell

          i dont know how the cubans are in cali or wereever u are from but they are the most ARROGANT species on this planet. they think they run miami, im not being racist because i have met many cubans that are like u describe them. my mom is an interpreter and she met this cuban, he says that non of the cubans in cuba are like the one in miami. talking about other races is a touchy subject, any race, mexican cuban or whatever can be idiotic and halfway around the world very nice and helpfull. although i shouldnt say that about mexicans because mostly all of them abuse the system. their ignorant and pests

          • Patricia Molinar

            Like big cucarachas.

          • Rich Raulerson

            I have lots and LOTS of Mexican FRIENDS and not one of them abuse the SYSTEM, as you so ignorantly put it, if you would care to spend $5 for one tomato, send some uppity Americans out to pick them, interpret that…

          • Jon Weiss

            I find your assertion quite comical since prices have not exploded, nor contracted in my lifetime as suggested by advocates for illegals. Yet, when I was a kid in Oregon, I used to do the jobs that Illegals now allegedly do. The reason I stopped was, the laws instituted by liberals to “protect the kids” put me out of work. Picking fruit is rarely hazardous and was a prime source of income for kids during the summer. But after the west coast liberals put their foot in the door, kids were prohibited from doing these jobs, necessitating the employment of others, which gave us the migrant farm workers, followed by illegal aliens. But now the liberals have taken it a step further, and opened the door to more illegal aliens than there are farm jobs. So they now have to be “humanitarian” and let non citizens who have never contributed anything to the country, draw from the social welfare programs, and just skip the work as well. Seriously… why work, when the state hands you a better paycheck for sitting at home watching the boob toob?

          • Loren Ironman

            stuck it up her ass wow lol thanks im a white farmer too as a child

          • Eagle View

            I interpret that as you don’t know that the farmers don’t decide the price of tomatoes or any agricultural food they may be growing and selling. I also interpret that as you don’t know that they have proved only 3% of illegals in America are actually doing agricultural jobs. And last but not least just because none of your Mexican FRIENDS aren’t abusing the system doesn’t mean other Mexicans aren’t. I am a Man and have lots of male friends and none of them are thieves, but th

          • Sharon Kidwell

            The other 97% are living on the hard working man’s tax dollar. Get them out of here – they are leeches and low lives and rape, murder and cause horrific crimes against Americans!

          • Mrs. Louise Adams

            Your a leech to. I saw that EBT card you were using at Giant in Eagle View the other day.

          • Sharon Kidwell

            You idiot, I don’t even live in Eagle View and I don’t have an EBT card – I wish I did and then I could buy a brand new car or truck and be like the freaking illegals who steal our tax dollars!

          • Sharon Kidwell

            The mexicans here get paid for their work just like anyone else so cut the bull! We don’t owe you anything and you are in America – learn the language, get a job and stop our hard earned tax dollars!

          • Angel Alvarez

            What language? I mean I could speak 3 of them if u like… Idk where ur gettin the idea of what language we should speak…

          • Bobby Austin

            Try English. If you come upon a traffic accident or a fire and emergency personnel are giving you instructions .what will they be speaking? English. A Mexico airliner is landing In the United States he contacts the tower for landing instructions what language will be spoken? English. A terrorist alert goes out over the emergency broadcast system. What is the first and primary language used? English. Of you want to be successful in America. Speak English .period. Mexico and most of south America speak Spanish because SPAIN ruled them for decades so they don’t ever speak their own native language. Or do you also speak AZTEC in one of those other languages .. No? Then speak English and shut the hell up or move back to that third world cesspool they call Latin America or Mexico. Too speak Spanish please exit the United States. Thank you have a nice day.idiots.

          • Intellectuallywise

            Not in cali we speak English and Spanish out here so either get with it or get out!!

          • timsolady

            In SoCal we speak ENGLISH! At least the American Citizens do.

          • Intellectuallywise

            You must be one of those non working leaches around here.

          • timsolady

            What a joke…. I get off my as* to pay for all you that choose to sit on yours.

          • madeupreality

            Where in the constitution does it say learn English or go back to Mexico. Idiot

          • jlpittman

            In order to become a citizen, you must learn to read, write and speak English. At least that’s the way it used to be. Now a days, the citizenship test is given in multiple languages and our voting materials are printed in multiple languages. This is just wrong. Since you’re supposed to be a citizen to vote, a fact that is questionable now, then the materials should only be printed in one language, English. Stop wasting the taxpayer’s dollar.

          • nihonjin2005

            It should be the First language , Always English.Wouldn’t you agree…?

          • Toni Welnhofer

            If yourin the USA, you better know english, its a requiremnet to become a USA citizen. So its LAW!! And if you refuse to learn english as part of your citizenship, then you need to go back, and should be deported.

          • Intellectuallywise

            Yourin???? Where in the English dictionary can you find that word? Learn proper grammar or stop talking.

          • Jon Weiss

            Well good for you, I only speak two languages, and neither of them is Spanish. So….

            Meine zweite Sprache ist deutsch. Wenn Sie Spanisch sprechen wollen, das fein ist, aber nicht annehmen, mit mir zu sprechen, so tuend.

          • jlpittman

            When in America, living off the fat of the land and so many illegal aliens are doing, English is our official language and the least they can do is to learn it and speak it. If they want to speak their language in their home that’s great and they should. They have stunted their children’s futures because they only speak Spanish in their homes and their children start in our schools not knowing a word of English. Thus the need for ESL classes and now, our children are being taught in classes where the teacher teaches half the time in English and the other half in Spanish. Our children are being robbed of a proper education because the illegal aliens refuse to learn and speak English. How is is fair?

          • Dolores Wieland

            I have a problem with what you said. We spoke German at home and learned English in school. It did not stunt my or my brother’s future. In fact I got A’s in grade school and was spelling champ after 4 years in the USA. I am happy to be fluent in two languages and had a rewarding career.

          • ssn708

            That is an asinine and ignorant statement. The whole “They do jobs Americans wouldn’t” is baloney.

          • PHILLIP ODELL

            It is true that Americans won’t do many of the jobs that illegals aliens do. Who wants to work under threat of violence? Mexican workers act as a gang and tell outsiders “this work is for our people, not your people”.

          • John Michael Hutton

            Who wants to work for slave wages? OR should I say Wal Mart wages.

          • Bobby Austin

            Walmart actually payed about average wages stop listening to liberal lies the hate Walmart because they can’t unionize it.thus no kickback money for liberal Democrats from the union come election time. Liberals lie.its what they do

          • Bonnie Shaw

            Divide and conquer is a fun game for you. Did you make all your buddies in the service switch to bigoted Repubs or were you happy for the Lib who stood by your side and probably saved your life. We are all americans. Stop mixing Politics with Honesty and integrity. It’s difficult at times to say which side is right because they have all played the games depending on their honesty and integrity. The Bible and the golden rule are not confusing. It applies to all sides, so remember that.

          • jlpittman

            Bonnie, I’m singling you out for something that has been irking me on this thread. America, Americans etc. MUST be capitalized. To not do so is showing disrespect and contempt for our country.

          • Dave Evans

            Illegals get paid more than walmart workers and pay no tax, so who winds up ahead. Not the Americans.

          • Intellectuallywise

            What does that even mean? Retail is the worst field to be in if you want to be financially independent.

          • Jon Weiss

            Indeed retail pay is low, but the point is that retail, like fast food is NOT a life’s calling. If you work retail coming out of High School and are still there 10 years later, you need to reexamine your life plan.

            Flipping burgers is not now, and never was, a job intended to support a family of four. Its a job to earn a little money (very little) while learning the life lessons of… How to show up on time. How to deal with the public. & How to hold on to a job, so you can move on, and move up.

            If you are working at Mickey D’s and trying to support a wife and kids, that was a poor choice on your part. It is not the responsibility of the tax payer or the company you work for, to save you from your own stupidity and laziness.

          • jlpittman

            Additionally, they live on food stamps and welfare here and send the bulk of their money home to Mexico so they are no help to our economy, they are leaches on our economy.

          • farah

            Its not like they get anywhere anyways. They work and work and work for the rest of their lives but i can guarantee that they will not be in a very high tax bracket anyways from doing field work.

          • Jon Weiss

            Your comment is an outright lie.

            Walmart has to pay at least “minimum wage” (hourly).

            Farm work pays less, it is often paid by the bushel, pound or by the crate picked, not by time spent in the field.

            As I said earlier, I used to do that work when I was a kid. I picked Strawberries, that paid $1.20 a crate, picking up Filbert nuts (hazel nuts) paid $0.10/lb, Cherries paid $0.12/lb.

            Not really quantifiable as “minimum wage”, but for kids wanting to pick up some extra cash for school clothes, it filled the need.

          • NukeWaste

            If you don’t like Walmart, then don’t work or shop there. The rest of us won’t care. If you left permanently, we would like that even better. Whiners are useless. Start your own company and pay your workers $100/hr. You won’t have any shoppers but lots of employees.

          • tammy

            Many of the illegals who work the fields make 15 to 35 dollars an hour. depending on what they are harvesting. That is darn good wages. I about fell over when I found that out.

          • NukeWaste

            No, they do the only job that libturds want them to do. Vote demoRat!

          • Jbo Philippe

            White guilt much? Those that pick our crops are mostly illegal, that is why they can get away with using them as quasi slave labor. I would pay $5 a tomato, because welfare for these undocumented drives the real cost of everything beyond that. At the very least the cost is upfront, and I can choose not to buy that tomato. This is unlike taxes, which are demanded at the point of a gun.

          • John Michael Hutton

            BULLSHIT. Most of them are or were illegals at one time or another. It’s a shame that Reagan was such a coward and instead of enforcing our laws, punted and gave citizenship to FOUR MILLION ILLEGAL MEXICAN ALIENS. He set the precedence and now we are inundated with another 11 to 22 MILLION ILLEGAL MEXICAN ALIENS. Show them the door, all of them and that includes all of your mexican friends, pal.

          • Christopher Voorhis

            I grow and can my own.

          • 100% American girl

            By the way, the US decided to HELP these mexicans and let them earn money by letting them pick our fruit and vegetables, it’s not the law, and not becsuse we are lazy, we are SMARTER , understand the difference? And what are you talking about, I see it all day long, the abuse of MY TAX paying money here. They lie steal and cheat! My husband is Hispanic, I’m not racist just honest..

          • Theresa Kehoe Bond Quinn

            the ill legals did not agree to do these jobs, the farmers back in the 1700’s
            would of been paying better. They ruined it for the Americans. and
            the uneducated people that come here and can only get these kind of jobs should
            not complain, they do not pay taxes and get lots of free stuff from the
            government or all the bleeding hearts.

          • jlpittman

            Your friends, if they exist, are an exception to the rule. As far as food prices go you are way off base. My family on my father’s side were migrant pickers much like you see in the movie “Grapes of Wrath”. Trying hard to support their families, moving from farm to farm, picking from sunup to sundown. It was the only way they could support their families during the depression and they were glad for the work. Even the children picked as soon as they were old enough so please don’t tell me about the poor illegal immigrant farmworkers. They took paying jobs away from Americans because they undercut the prices.

          • tammy

            Idiot, who do you think works right besides the Mexicans in the fields. BTW most do not work the fields. I have known many Mexicans, most I like, but many are on the dole, using what they have not earned. It is bad enough to have to support lazy Americans, but who’s stupid idea is it to make us support the rest of the world

          • Intellectuallywise

            Look…. if English is the only language you speak and write. Your grammar and spelling are terrible. It appears that you didn’t take advantage of the free education here and therefore you are a burden on the system. Your apparent disregard to even attempting to write like you went to school for 12 years, free of charge mind you. How still write like a 4th grader is beyond me.

          • Craig Bass

            Liberal much? You have nerve to say a damned thing if YOU are so ignorant to imply that public education is free. Where is this magical tree growing money from the ground? And here I have been paying property taxes, etc.. that they told me was to fund our public education. AND there is supposed to be a space between intellectually and wise genius.

          • Intellectuallywise

            Good one, however it didn’t cost him anything other than to get to class and do well. You’re not even on same page as me. I’m talking about what it costs a child and their parents to send them to school. You’re talking about what it costs you and I. That is totally different from what I was trying to prove. My point is most Americans don’t grasp the English language enough to criticize anyone in their lack of English skills.

          • jlpittman

            Wrong. Many parents are property owners and thus pay property taxes which go to fund our public schools. Our public education system is by no means free of charge.

          • Bob Clarkson

            I guess it’s been a while since you signed up. If one uses their name, as you and I do, there can be spaces. Those too fearful to use their own names use “User Names”. The rule for user names is no spaces can be used. If one was actually intellectually wise, they’d probably be smart enough to use one of the computer sustitutes, such as a dash, underscore or period. Maybe intellectuallywise isn’t Intellectually_quick, you think?

          • jlpittman

            Intellectuallywise, who the hell appointed you grammar and spelling monitor?

          • Bob Clarkson

            I think your brain is moving fasrer than your fingers. In a post taking someone to task about THEIR spelling and grammar, I didn’t expext to see a sentence like, “How still write like a fourth grader is beyond me.”

            “Free education”? Not unless you’ve paid no taxes.

          • jeremyjanson

            No sir you are only a burden on the system if you take excessive advantage of the system. It wasn’t even his choice to go to school. Also, if you had known how awful some of our schools in this country are, especially in the ghettos and some rural areas, you would not be surprised, and would realize that the real burden on the system are the “teachers” who have credentials but no ability or motivation and are frequently all that those poor schools can afford.

          • Alex Bell

            i speak four languages, my first language was german, i was born in minnesota and had to go to school to learn english, i know fluently know italian, german,spanish, and english. employers would hire me instead of you even if we had the same school education, degree and all that, just because im an american that knows 4 languages. tell me how my literature is like a 4th grader.

          • Intellectuallywise

            Look…. if English is the only language you speak and write. Your grammar and spelling are terrible. It appears that you didn’t take advantage of the free education here and therefore you are a burden on the system. Your apparent disregard to even attempting to write like you went to school for 12 years, free of charge mind you. How still write like a 4th grader is beyond me.

          • AwakenedAngryAmerican

            Isn’t there only one human race?

          • tammy

            Alex Bell, most Mexicans are shown how to take advantage of the system by our government. They have pamphlets that tell them exactly what they can get, how to get it and what is available. Our government encourages them to come. Read Obama’s Bible, Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinski. It explains how to take down a country. So far BO is following it almost line by line

          • Alex Bell

            ill look into it. thanks

        • manny rey

          Llama do you remember the 80s in maimi all Cubans drug Lords come on lets get real

          • Toni Welnhofer

            Theres still Cuban drug lords in miami.

        • ElGuapo

          Lol…Cubanos got a pass because they were “fighting/running” from this thing called Communism…very scary thing back in the 50’d/60’s. If it weren’t for that they wouldn’t have made it off their island and those that did would be relegated to the “wetback/Spic/filthy Greaser” jobs. That’s why they still congregate around Miami, come out West and they’d be just another brown “illegal” to most people.

          • Jbo Philippe

            No. There is the Wet Foot, Dry, Foot policies. If they are still in the water, we send them back. If they reach American soil, they can stay legally.

        • Joaquín Ávila

          Let us not mention the Cubano trash that washes up on the Florida coast ILLEGALLY on homemade boats or inner tubes. I’m sure no Cubano has a Cuban flag flying on US soil somewhere in Florida. Hipócrita. You appreciate what America has done for the Cubano? What? The embargo? I also don’t recall Mexico pointing Soviet missiles at the US. Keep on the hate, loyal comrade!

      • Jason Ashby

        If that is the case then I respect you.

      • Rita Valencia

        first you need to learn how to spell COUNTRY!!

        • OhBooHoo

          Yeah, that’s showing some appreciation for those who are proud to be here! Guess you are perfect!

        • Linda

          You know something, most of us make mistakes in spelling when posting. We are not all perfect like you Rita. Cubans, like Jose Diaz, do come here to make a better life. Unlike most Mexicans that come across the border to steel from taxpayers whatever they can.

          • Rita Valencia

            Steel or steal?? So what have they stolen from you?

          • Diana Lynn Braddock

            When you come here and use US benefits and you are here illegally that is stealing for the American people!

          • Greg Moser

            Lets invite more of them if they are going to steal for us!

          • Rita Valencia

            So its OK for people who are on welfare when really they can work thats not stealing? Come on alot of things are going on around us not just with the Mexican ethnicity’s, open your eye’s and see the big picture!

          • anonymous

            This discussion is about illegal immigrants.If you want a different discussion then go elsewhere. Idiot.

          • Exactly go elsewhere. Thanks anonymous.

          • Greg Ringelstetter

            Yup I concur

          • Guest

            Idiots tatswhat is trying to say they are better then other’s…get a life and stay alive! Don’t worry about anyone else but our self.

          • Katherine Harms

            Did anyone here say that people who steal welfare are good? A thief is a thief is a thief.

          • Claude Heck

            the bjg picture is the dam illegals are coming here and they want somebody to keep their sorry ass up. ever thing is free they think even the mexico govt complained when az. sent a lot of illegals back to mexico and the govt there came to az and complained about how we were running their schools because we sent to many back and the could not afford them so we should keep them. now do you get the big picture.

          • Rita Valencia

            Thank you Claude

          • Toni Welnhofer

            You can Thank Obama for he opened the borders to let these ppl in and overwhelm our border patrols, now overwhelming our country in free aide. They now are so irrogant that they fly their country flag and not the one that prepresents the country their in..America. Obama is laughing at us folks. These illegals shouldnt be getting any free benefits until they become citizens, and flying their flag in America over the American flag should be reminded & fined for their ignorrance. Its the law here, and if our govmt doesnt inforce the laws, then we need a new govmt..2016 cant come soon enough!!s far as these muslims demanding their food needs to be met can go to hell, you know that country in the middle east!!

          • CA mom

            Rita, I am tired of the cost of illegal immigrants and legal immigrants that come to our country and do not learn our language. How much do you think it costs for school for kids who do not speak English or who have parents that do not speak English? Translators are not free nor is it free when you have to print everything in Spanish. California is broke and we keep putting out money on people that don’t speak English. When I grew up we had immigrants from Iceland in my school and that had to learn the language, now we make it to easy for Mexicans and they never have to learn the language. At our expense!

          • manny rey

            Ca mom they are learning just give them time how about the Chinese we better learn that language cause they own most of the country lol

          • Toni Welnhofer

            No, the chinese need to learn english to be buisness ppl in America, so your example means nothing. Dont use examples that you really dont know nothing about!!

          • manny rey

            Wtf is wroug with you go to China town in ny and speak to them and tell them that enough with you and your closed minded American values

          • Stan Bryars

            Just a few corrections
            My wife is a legal immigrant
            She barely speaks English, but works 6 days a week 12 hours a day, proudly pays her taxes, and expects nothing for free

            Her nieces and nephews attended public school and entered speaking little to no English. There were no special programs for them they just learned like everyone else in the class. They have all now graduated with honors and went on to lead successful productive American lives.
            The parents did not teach English at home simply because they wanted the kids to have American accents so they would not be judged

            They all had to provide their own translators for drivers license testing and for civil court matters. The only time a translator was provided by taxpayers was when my wife was mugged and had to testify against the American criminal, to protect his rights.
            The translator was someone who worked in other capacities at the courthouse and was asked to assist in translation

            And they all, including my home, proudly fly their native flag on flagpoles outside their homes.

          • Gerald Vick

            I thought you were the vocabulary police! ETHNICITIES

          • Rita Valencia

            Thank you Gerald Vick

          • Bumbug

            Rita.. it’s not “alot” not such word! It’s “a lot”! First you need to learn what is correct before you start correcting people!

          • Brian Powers

            “not such word”?…lol

          • Rita Valencia

            Thank you Bumbug,

          • cat3555

            A LOT IS TWO WORDS. Rita maybe you need to look at your own grammar and spelling before you criticize others.

          • Stella Collis Georgious

            Now the American citizen students have to playing 2nd fiddle to illegal students. The teachers can’t teach the elements of English since they must cater to the illegal students. The common core curriculum is dumbing down all the students now.

          • Rita Valencia

            Thank you cat3555

          • Rita Valencia

            this is what I’ve been trying to show you a person needs to look in the back yard before they run off at the mouth about other people, you eat right, you have a home, stop worrying about anyone one. Focus on those who are killing our kids, who are stilling from our 401’s,think about those who are hacking your computer and useing your credit cards to make purchases for free and leave you the bill.
            Stop feeling sorry for yourselves!! Gezz get on with YOUR life,make it better!!

          • Bumbug

            RITA! It’s “stealing” not “stilling” Where you ever taught “homophones”? I suggest you take a community college course…”English 101″.

          • jeremyjanson

            Get a life.

          • Dolores Wieland

            CORRECTIONS Ms. Perfect….”using” your credit cards, “This is what”, “show you a person” etc. needs to read “before he/she runs off”,

          • Charles Batchelor

            It’s stealing too just not the subject at hand.

          • Zachary Reed

            It’s not right, but they are also not here illegally to take American money and then abuse our system and not face any consequences. At least if an American citizen is on welfare, they are an American citizen and worthy of help, to a point.

          • Rita Valencia

            I think you need to go to a Welfare Office and rethink your thought’s not everyone their is an American Citizen,boy maybe you better not you will probley have a stroke!! :>)

          • Toni Welnhofer

            I have to agree Rita, your spelling is terrible. I make mistakes and some is I type faster than I think. And I hate those who always are correcting ppl. But your spelling IS really bad.

          • Zachary Reed

            I have no reason to go to a welfare office. I also didn’t freak out about it, just said they shouldn’t get it unless they are American Citizens. Why should we waste our tax money on people who are not our citizens? Especially illegal immigrants, whose first act in this country was breaking a law. Maybe you will have a stroke someday in your fervor to advocate for lawbreakers. Better calm down there.

            American citizens should only get it if they make an attempt to get themselves out of the situation where they need welfare. My family has been on food assistance programs and actually worked ourselves out of the need for those programs. We bettered our lives, something a lot of people should be trying a lot harder to do. I believe in handouts, to people who will use those handouts to make sure they don’t need said handouts, as long as they are a citizen of the country giving those handouts.

            Plus, I’d hate to run into you waiting in line for your welfare check.

          • Dolores Wieland

            Well..Ms. Perfect just made some more mistakes…Hypocritical!

          • jeremyjanson

            They are also not causing more people to end up on welfare by flooding the labor markets and collapsing wage rates. It is rather idiotic how Americans assume things will necessarily be paid the minimum wage – in 2004, the minimum wage was $2/hour lower than it is today, but the pay of fast food workers was $1/hour higher than it is today, meaning that fast food workers were paid $3/hour above the minimum wage in 2004. Wages are decided by the market, not how much of a special little snowflake you are.

          • Zachary Reed

            Who said anything about that? I never said they were causing more Americans to be on welfare. In fact, no one in this conversation has. I am just totally against giving people money, our money, to break our laws and face no consequences, you special little snowflake. Maybe you should learn to read before posting.

          • jeremyjanson

            “Maybe you should learn to read before posting.”

            Actually you should, because:

            “Who said anything about that?”

            I DID, and I showed why. I apologize that my pronoun may have been unclear, the first “they” refers to Americans on welfare, but yes, I SAID IT AND IT’S TRUE, and further, the logic should have made that clear eventually. It’s supply and demand – flood the market with labor, labor prices collapse and unemployment skyrockets. Illegal immigration causes more people to be on welfare.

            As for you libertarians, bunch of over-ideological idiots. You don’t determine your destiny in life and a society that destroys most of its people will eventually be destroyed by all of its people.

          • Zachary Reed

            Well, I read the first they as “illegal Immigrants”, which would make your post say the exact opposite of what you were actually saying, so I didn’t see what it had to do with the conversation so far. Also, not a libertarian, I’m not a politician, I belong to no “party”. What I am is human, unlike most politicians, and I make mistakes from time to time.

          • manny rey

            Rita you hit the nail on the head I know of illegal from canada from argintine Mexico and Brazil there all hard workers so its not all that live off the taxs there just blind closed minded people who only see what they were raised to see

          • Rita Valencia

            Thank you Manny rey for stepping forward, some people are set in one mode,hatred! they don’t see beyond their nose if you don’t think like they do your an idiot! Thanks again!

          • NotOneOfThem

            There you go again Rita – falling into the perpetual line of Leftist lies – equating THE DESIRE FOR PEOPLE TO FOLLOW OUR LAWS with hatred. This is not about hatred, you ignorant fool, it is about DISRESPECTFUL FOREIGNERS BREAKING OUR LAWS AND STEALING OUR TAX MONEY.

          • Kyle Highstreet

            Thank you I really enjoyed reading and agree with both of your post. Well said!!

          • Rita Valencia

            Stealing our tax money…you want to start with maybe some of the people who you have voted in to represent you! you are so blind all you have is hate towards someone who will not think like you do…Thanks be to God!!

          • me not you

            No Manny it is because the majority of the illegal people are leeches.

          • NotOneOfThem

            You are a moron, Rita, if you think “Mexican” is an ethnicity – it is a nationality. And you quickly fall into the last refuge of the leftist – the straw man argument. You create a fallacy, a lie, then argue against the lie as if it were the position the other side stated. You do this when you say “people who are on welfare when they can really work”, when you first have no idea of whether or not they can work, and second, if they could, you are comparing that to FOREIGN NATIONALS who have ENTERED OUR COUNTRY counter to our LAWS to STEAL benefits paid for by the TAX DOLLARS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS. You are everything that is wrong with the Left. Stupidity and disinformation all on one package.

          • Rita Valencia

            WOW thank you NotOneOfThem

          • jeremyjanson

            It is a nationality, however it is also a very unique ethnic melting pot of Spanish, German (ever noticed the similarities between Mexican music and Polka?), Aztec, Aymara, P’urrpecha, Mayan and countless other ethnicities and ethnic histories combined together and forming a kind of new ethnicity all their own. Mexico City is still very much an Aztec city in many respects, and the Aztecs actually referred to themselves as the Mexica.

            Also, the Tejanos of Texas are people of Mexican ancestry who have lived in Texas as long as Texas has existed and are very much part of its society and still have much of their ethnic character.

          • Denise Z. Hess

            Our first priority should be to get rid of the fraud perpetrated on American citizens by illegals. Then we can deal with the rest of the fraud. Imagine how much $$ we’d have for enforcement in other areas if we weren’t paying it out to illegals.

          • Dolores Wieland

            You’re off the intended subject……, illegal immigrants

          • Toni Welnhofer

            Your right Diana, and its all illegals, not just mexico. The potus brought this on. He’s the one saying they can have free food, free houseing, free medical. And all the illegals who came here and became legal citizens are just that legal citizens, they can work, or if poor, will qualify for assitance. But in my opinion, they shouldnt get free benifits until they become legal citizens, and thats where the American ppl disagree with the potus. In fact theres lots of issues we dont agree with the potus. He;s our enemy, he’s proven it over and over again. he needs to be arrested, and I wouldnt count on amnesty for those who are here illegally. He made promises that I dont think the ppl of this nation are gonna let him get away with.

          • James Ogozaly

            well for starters they take tax monies meant for honest hard working Americans. they didn’t earn nothing here so their not entitled to anything if you think any different then your not an American and should be deported with their sorry asses

          • Greg Moser

            Providing assistance to the less fortunate immigrant sounds pretty American to me. Maybe you’re (not your) not an American. I wasn’t aware that one’s attitude toward any topic defined his citizenship.

            Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,

            With conquering limbs astride from land to land;

            Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand

            A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame

            Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name

            Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand

            Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command

            The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

            “Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she

            With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,

            Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

            The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

            Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

            I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

          • Katherine Harms

            The United States has always welcomed law-abiding visitors and immigrants. We must never welcome law-breakers. If they break immigration laws, they will break other laws as well.

          • NukeWaste

            So stay on Ellis Island. And the immigrants back then got no social safety net except what was provided for by their own families and communities. We need to return to that mentality.

          • manny rey

            Democrats need votes lol

          • Toni Welnhofer

            Mr. Rey, you are so right, that its not funny..and here again, you cant vote unless your an American citizen. And so I totally support voter ID, more so now than ever before in my life time.

          • jeremyjanson

            The natural safety net of the 1800’s was destroyed by the Temperance Movement, necessitating the import of the modern welfare state from Germany. We had something that worked back then, back when the Tavern was the center of the community where everything from the militia to public assistance was organized voluntarily, although in New England they also sometimes used poor farms for a more concerted effort and Out West ranchers were pretty much willing to take anyone who came to them (which is probably where the phrase “cowboy up” originates from.) The idea that we had to destroy the world to fight drunkenness and go to any cost to destroy alcoholism, combined with a few natural economic changes, is how we got here. We could not have done anything about the natural economic changes, but the temperance movement really was our fault, and sadly, I don’t think the toothpaste is going back in the tube.

          • marian1877

            You can help the poor in their own country. We don’t need them to come here and live free like to many do. I’d rather they stay in their own country and help them out there but not with our taxpayers dollars. I think this kind of help should come from our churches and not the government.

          • Master255

            Sadly you talk so much about this idea of being American when it comes to providing help to poor unfortunate immigrants but what many of you don’t understand is the economic repercussions what happens when you over-stretch the amount resources which in this case means money to do these kinds of things. Being American should be a priviledge and not simply something for a maybe. If you give those who choose not to become citizens the same benefits as an American citizen then you have begun to make American citizenship worthless and in fact a detriment to growing in our society. In Roman times, to be a citizen was to be respected and allowed into better circles for financial opportunity. Countries pushed for it so that could have better benefits within Rome’s legal system as well as representation. In this country we have turned American citizenship into a farce and almost completely useless. I will continue to be a defender of this nation for the many who still choose to respect it’s laws as well for the many who waste our resources without regards to the welfare of those who pay for it. In the end though I feel we will fall if we don’t stop trying to be citizens of the world and start building ourselves up as a people. How about for a change actually enforce laws such as those for illegal immigration and actually make American citizenship something to be sought after and not simply a chain on our own. I am co-sponsoring a Vietnamese who wants citizenship simply because he wants to be an American. He’s paying for it and paying taxes every year on his own to make sure when it comes he shall have no problems. He took the time with our great access to information and law to figure these things out and determine what was necessary for this to happen. That is what being American means to me. We help those who help themselves. I have very little respect for those as Rita Valencia says work hard, but at the same time do not pay into the system like many of us are forced to as citizens, but get to take out from our system as well so a few Liberal Democrats get some votes. Voting should belong to citizens only and our felons have more right to it than they. This has to stop.

          • Kyle Highstreet

            Yes I enjoyed and appreciate what you took the time to write. I really hope everyone takes the time to read it.

          • jeremyjanson

            The destruction of a nation is never patriotic.

          • Right on James. If Americans think differently then leave. Warfare was for people who needed a hand up after the great depression of 1929. They should have abalished welfare after the depression was over.

          • Rita Valencia

            Thank you James Ogozaly

          • OhOhSayCanYouSee

            Tax dollars… in the form of benefits that they have never worked for… and don’t deserve .

          • Rita Valencia

            I don’t see where most of them have not worked for ther small amount of change, that lettuce you eat, that tomatoes you eat, some of the fruits you eat, who in the heck do you think picked them…americans heck that type of work is above them so they think, they would rather collect welfare then to work in the fields. Belive it or not there are many good hard workng mexicans, making your salads better for you…oh no now a boycott!!! LOL Some of you speak out of your, oh never mind I’m not going to stoop to your lack of smartnest. God bless America!!

          • Gerald Vick

            smartnest? What language is that? I’ve seen you criticize others on here for their grammar and vocabulary so I think you need to look in the mirror before you pass judgment!

          • Billie F Smith

            She is a damn illegal invader trying to make us think she is American! Send her ass packing!

          • manny rey

            Billie just want to know what makes a person an american???

          • Toni Welnhofer

            A real American is born and raised here, a legal American is one who went thru the immagration requirements to become an American. What we have now is a OBAMANATION of illegals that the potus made promises to that he’ll never keep and so the situation is just overwhelming the countrylike he planned it to be. We wouldnt be having these arguements if he didnt open up our borders and fly muslims into our country by the thousands. America doesnt have a problem when illegals come into the country legally. This isnt a race issue, its a rights issue.

          • Rita Valencia

            Thank you again Gerald vick

          • haha

            Believe or belive or did you mean beehive?

          • Rita Valencia

            Thank you haha

          • Dolores Wieland

            Hahahahaha! “beehive” Love it. Ms. Perfect makes many mistakes, doesn’t she?

          • Ed Pray

            As long as they are here legally it is fine. If not then they need to go back where they came from. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • marian1877

            You don’t know what you are talking about. Most younger Mexicans don’t work in the fields anymore. It to hard of work. They make more money selling drugs.

          • Eagle View

            Sorry but that argument is worthless since only 3% of illegals work in agriculture. And I agree many Mexican’s do work hard for there money but many do not. Plus many spend as little as possible in this country with the money they earn. Instead they send it home to Mexico where many of them plan on retiring someday. Many don’t even really want to be a citizen of our Country and those are the ones that are usually flying the Mexican flag. I know this because I know many illegals due to living in the biggest sanctuary state in the United States.

          • Will


          • NotOneOfThem

            There you go again Rita, pulling more out more of the standard Leftist lines – the straw man argument rears its ugly head yet again. “Americans heck that type of work is above them.” There are TENS OF MILLIONS of unemployed LEGAL United States Citizens. You have ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that they think that “that type of work is below them (below them is what you meant, not ‘above’ them). Did one tell you that? Is there a survey? Statistics? NO!!!! YOU ARE SIMPLY PURVEYING MORE LEFTIST LIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Zachary Reed

            “I don’t see where most of them have not worked for ther small amount of
            change, that lettuce you eat, that tomatoes you eat, some of the fruits
            you eat, who in the heck do you think picked them”

            Those were the few that put in an effort. Maybe if they were citizens and paying taxes I’d respect them. Also, I’ve done work like that when I needed to. Yes, an American. Granted, there are not many of those jobs in my area.

          • melancy

            I do agree only because I have been a spell checker since I was young.

          • mary witte

            get over it ,you aren’t in the position to criticize him you aren’t perfect rita no one is

          • Rita Valencia

            Thank you mary witte

          • Stop your sarcasm of Linda!! Rita. Let’s see some respect here. You must be for the other side.

          • Rita Valencia

            Thank you Steven James

          • dfballou

            Rita, are you the grammar Police, or just a dumb bi–h. Go back to Mexico,,You see I dont give two hoots in hell about Political Correctness.

          • Bumbug

            Rita should put her money where her mouth is! She wants to correct people on their spelling and grammar ( most likely because of low self-esteem, she needs to feel big and in charge ) and she can’t even decipher what is truly a word and not a word in the English language!

          • Rita Valencia

            Thank you Bumbug

          • jeremyjanson

            You need to get laid.

          • Rita Valencia

            emm seems you do!!

          • Will

            The grammar police seem to be in shorter supply here than the inept.

          • jeremyjanson

            Someone’s not getting any!

          • Greg Ringelstetter

            Your right it’s not stealing if it’s given, however there will be a day that handouts like welfare will dwindle. When those who take outweight those who pay somethings got to give and will you want to be here then?

          • Rita Valencia

            need to get all the welfare people back to work, even if its in the fields. The women need to stop having babies just so they can remain on welfare,those are the ones draining the funds. I’ve seen people drive up to the welfare dept. in high price cars with a back seat full of little kids! Thats where the moneys going. as it was said before welfare was suppose to be a temporary form of help!

          • Kyle Highstreet

            I thought it was a law?? That welfare was temporary, no exceptions!’

          • jeremyjanson

            It is, actually.

          • jeremyjanson

            A lot of the long-term welfare recipients are long-term welfare recipients because of what the EPA, the BLM, the NLRB and other regulatory agencies both state and federal have done to the American economy. The truth is you now need to spend 2-10 years fighting for a permit with a team of attorneys, paying legal fees all along the way with no guaranteed return, to build a factory or a mine in this country, and that is wrong. Not only is that a lot of wasted expense, but it prevents our manufacturing from being nimble enough to respond quickly to changes in the market. We built the Empire State Building in 8 months, and just like Seattle, San Fran and Chicago after their great fires, New Orleans would have been rebuilt in less than a year if our government had not been there to prevent people from building.

          • jeremyjanson

            Not likely going to happen, considering as the income of the top 1% is growing vastly faster than welfare expenditures.

          • me not you

            Hey Rita if you are too stupid to contribute any thing meaningful to the topic and instead can only criticize peoples mistakes then why don’t you read something else seriously. It doesn’t matter if it’s misspelled or not you get the point.

          • NotOneOfThem

            Our tax money. In-state tuition for illegal aliens – subsidized by the money we are forced to pay Uncle Sam for taxes, fees and registrations. Food stamps, subsidized by that same tax money we worked for. Welfare. Medical care when they show up on the steps of a hospital without insurance. Education in our public schools, paid for by the money Uncle Sam takes from our property taxes. Rita, you are an absolute moron.

          • Linda

            If they come here legally I have no problem with them. When they come here illegally they have already broken the the law and are criminals.

          • Dolores Wieland

            Be quiet if you can’t contribute to this post

          • Greg Moser

            …And you know most Mexicans how? Oh, and the word is steal, not steel!

          • Rita Valencia

            Thats what I said, and wow it was wrong to point it out,so becareful Greg Moser! They are hateful people in here.

          • NotOneOfThem

            More lies. Wanting CRIMINALS TO STOP BREAKING OUR LAWS AND STEALING SERVICES PAID FOR BY OUR MONEY is not “hateful”, it is “lawful”.

          • Linda

            You proved my point. Most of us do make mistakes in our spelling. I am home sir..

          • Donna

            I have 2 foreign sons in laws, one lives in his country with my wife and grand child children, the other ones lives here and is a citizen. He cam here legally, knows our language and is in a high security position and loves our country. When these people are give the same rights as Americans, this is a slap in the face to people who paid to come here legally and paid for their green cards and paid big time for their citizenship. Yes, if you don’t know, when you apply to become a citizen you pay fees out the butt. These other illegals have to pay nothing!!!

          • me not you

            I totally agree with you. My husband and I paid a great deal to immigration so that he could have his citizenship and do things the right way in the eyes of the law and other Americans. And they are not one time fees either. More fees come every time his permanent resident card gets close to expiring.

          • Dolores Wieland

            Used to be $10

          • Charles Batchelor

            Most of us are being auto-corrected by Android into spelling errors.

        • Mary Jane Gilley

          Country was spelled correctly the first time.

          • Rita Valencia

            yeah right, but not the second time or maybe to you it look like it was spelled right?

          • Laurie Netherlain Connors

            Was that look, looks, or looked? How about you look up the word HYPOCRITE, Rita!

          • OhOhSayCanYouSee

            Rita has no real arguments to present.. and so she must rely on bull s**t.

          • Rita Valencia

            Thank you OhOhSayCanYouSee

          • chickief

            You have NEVER made a typo? It must be hard being perfect.

          • Rita Valencia

            Thank you chickief

          • Will

            Is it too hard to proof-read a 19 word post?

          • ARTHUR H. NICANDER

            I have a problem that pops up every now and then, the letter “n” jumps into some of my words and it is not that I cannot spell. That looks to me like what happened to Jose Diaz…..

          • Rita Valencia

            Thank you ARTHUR H.NICANDER

          • haha

            you aint gots no speller check rita?

          • Rita Valencia

            Thank you haha

        • John

          Give it a rest, lady.

          • Rita Valencia

            Thank you John

        • OhOhSayCanYouSee

          An obvious typo as he correctly spells it in the first line. That aside… was there a point you wanted to make?

        • Kris Lowell-Furman

          If you cared to look you would see he spelled it correctly the first time. The second was just a typo. It happens to everyone at one time or another. I don’t know why people feel they need to proof read other’s posts for spelling and grammar.

          • Rita Valencia

            Thank you Kris Lowell-Furman

        • mary witte

          just plain rude, respect his commitment to this country. don’t criticize his spelling

          • Bobby Austin

            Bingo. Using rules for radicals.now we are thinking about a typo or spellchecker .rather than the real issue. Can you imagine if they tried to fly a Mexican flag like she did in the 1940 s or 50s. That flag would have been removed in minutes.why? It was before liberalism. Multiculturalism and political correctness. All Marxist tools.call that a clue.wake up American people. Oh and I don’t care about my typing or spelling as I made my point so save your breath.i don’t care what u think I think for myself thank you very much .no liberal lemming here .nope.

          • Kyle Highstreet

            Right on the point was lost a long time ago. I don’t get how she was fired for discrimination. Also the is a chat room, not a spelling class!!

          • Rita Valencia

            Thank you again mary witte

        • Bobby Austin

          He spelled is correct the first time. Probably a spellchecker error.i hate that thing.

        • Greg Ringelstetter

          I’m sure he knows….he spelled it right prior to his mistake.

        • Dolores Wieland

          Bull! We all have typos. I saw one in an earlier post of yours. give up the nonsense arguments

      • Manny Aguiar

        My family is from Cuba as well, but I was born here and I am an American first. I would go to war for this country if called upon and die if necessary. Some of these immigrants have no respect. What offends me the most is not that they fly their Mexican flag, but that there is no US flag above it.

        • Greg Ringelstetter

          Right on manny

        • Charles Batchelor

          At the least at same height.

        • manny rey

          Frist of all this was in toronto Canada why fly an american flag Canada doesn’t have a flag if you listen he did fly an amrican flag

          • kazoober

            wtf is wrong with you? This was in California you dolt.

          • ssn708

            1. This was in California, not Canada.
            2. Canada has a flag. It’s red and white. It has a big maple leaf on it.

          • Rita Valencia

            manny rey, give up on trying to educate some of these chatter’s in here its no use they know only one thing, hate towards anyone who will not think as they do, they are right and everyone one else is wrong. They call them selves American’s….so much for freedom of speech! 2 face most of them are 2 face. I bet if they only knew that some of their friends…if they have any, might have hispanic blood running through their hearts. The ones in here who show much hate, you acutally need to feel sorry for them. Their life is wasted on focusing as to what does the world owe’s them. Kind of like a child…MINE! MINE! MINE! Some day they will see, maybe when God show’s them the way! God bless those with such a negative attitude!!

          • Toni Welnhofer

            We’re not being negative, we’re correcting his statement, he said this was in Canada, No it wasnt, and he said Canada has no flag, ah, yes they do!! Are Americans more educated than illegals in this country, yes we are!! Theres nothing there that says mine mine mine, it says what the truth is!! where do you get off stereo typing Americans when we speak the truth!! urggg!!

          • Rita Valencia

            Ha Ha Ha all you fools just make me laugh, to read all your anger over stupid things that you can’t do anything about. Like the Muslims they are here to stay and there’s nothing that can be done, especially by an angery mob as everyone here. I was just having fun making everyone feel like fools,gezz’s some of you are really crazy. May God forgive a lot of you who feel they are better then others,we we’re all made out of the same love from God. Some of us just had parents who were able to cross the border if needed,or were born here in the States. Wow what a bunch of creepys. American’s…yea right!! :>(

          • Bob Clarkson

            Rita, from the tone of your posts, do you count yourself as a United States citizen?

            Anyone living in Canada, the United States, Mexico or anything north of the Panama canal is a Norte Americano.

            South of the canal zone would make them Sud Americanos.

            All are Americans.

            I am mostly Anglo with no Mexican forebears, but many of my cousins have both Mexican and Cuban ancestors, and they outnumber the Anglos. I also have more Cherokee cousins than Anglo cousins.

            All of us are Americans.

          • Bob Clarkson

            Stereo typing? Does that mean there is a recording microphone placed on the left side of an old typewriter and a second microphone on the right?

          • Manny Aguiar

            I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to say? Are you agreeing with the guy that thought Canada didn’t have a flag and that this took place there too?

          • Bob Clarkson

            Rita, please try to keep up. As Mr. Forrest Gump was fond of saying, “Stupid is as stupid does”.

            Reading the story and thinking it was about an incident in Toronto, Ontario, Canada when it was in Ontario, California, USA doesn’t speak well of what Mr. Manny Rey is able to understand. English is one of the two hardest languages in the world to learn – the other being Mandarin Chinese.

            Dear lady, your bias is showing – and I’m not talking about your slip or dress. Ask me if that one got past you.

          • Dolores Wieland

            English is easy to learn….

          • Bob Clarkson

            If you start learning as a child. A friend married a nice German girl while stationed in Germany. She spoke fluent English and he spoke fluent German. From the time of their first childs birth, he only spoke English in the home and she only spoke German. When the little boy was three, it made for some hilarious syntax errors. He and his younger sister both “tested out” of German in college (speaking, grammar, reading and writing) for an impressive, but rather easy, double major.

          • Dolores Wieland

            Kudos to those children…and you’re right….children learn much quicker than adults. Children do not acquire an accent while an adult does.

          • jlpittman

            FYI – There is no such thing as a Hispanic person. Show me on the map where the country of Hispania is please. The term Hispanic was coined during the 80’s as a politically correct term so as not to offend Mexicans.

          • Toni Welnhofer

            Yea, when they were told media was coming, that they put our flag up. When media was gone, they took it down..if you read up on comments, another american passed that house everyday and he stated that there is no USA flag flying in their yard, just the mexico one. The husband speaks english, he needs to tell his wife the rules and do it right if they want their flag there.

          • Bob Clarkson

            If they are here and are American citizens, they are required by law to be able to speak English and understand it. If they are here on a Visa or Green card, they should be trying to learn English.

            I lived on the Arizona/Mexican border. My cousin-in-law is a full blooded American of Mexican descent. He has taught me that 80% of Mexicans or other ethnic descendants of Spanish descent understand and speak enough English to understand a conversation, but that they are a very proud ethnic group and are afraid their accent will make them appear estupido.

            I learned Spanish from a Mexican teacher in high school. When I went to Spain, I didn’t think I would have any trouble with the language, but I did.

            After the 2nd or 3rd attempt at communication, the gentleman looked at me and said, “You look like a Spaniard (blue eyes and blond hair), but you talk like a Mexican. I think you must be from los Estados Unidos. I can understand English. I think that would be easier. By the end of four weeks, I had learned the difference between a wife (mujer in Spain) and a wife (esposa) in Mexico – and other variations that initially blocked my attempt to honor the citizens of Spain.

            Then I was introduced to some Spaniards from the Castile region of Spain. ‘S’ is usually pronounced as ‘th’.

          • Toni Welnhofer

            Canada does so have a flag!! Its white with a red leaf on it..You should brush up on your knowledge of flags. And this incident was in California, not Toronto Canada. Can you read english?

          • Bob Clarkson

            If you read the entire story, another neighbor addressed the claim he had never seen a flag of the US flown until the day the reporter showed up.

            Plus, the incident occurred in Ontario, California – not Ontario, Canada. Have much of a problem with reading comprehension?

          • Dolores Wieland

            In California./././.By the way, Canada DOES have a flag

        • Eagle View

          Actually many don’t know it is illegal to fly another countries flag over the U.S. flag in America. But of course illegals that do know also know they won’t get in trouble after all they broke the law to get here and didn’t get in trouble.

        • jh671313

          well said!

        • Jbo Philippe

          Manny, You are what I call an American of Cuban decent. if you are born here, you are an American FIRST. A couple of my black friends like that idea so well, they are referring to themselves as “Americans of African decent”. We should all start referring ourselves as such.

        • Toni Welnhofer

          Our Canadain friends do it that way. Up on Lk. George NY, the canadians fly our flag 1st, and the canadian flag under. Nobody is offended, nor does anyone complain.

        • Theresa Kehoe Bond Quinn

          On St Patricks day I have a small Ireland flag I put in a flower pot outside my house under and off to the side of My American flag. I am an American with Irish roots. And proud of it.

        • jlpittman

          Actually the proper way to fly the flags of two countries is separately, on poles or staffs of equal height, during times of peace with the two countries. When at war, the conquering county’s flag is flown on the same staff or pole above the losing country’s flag.

        • jeremyjanson

          Honestly, some of those guys flying the Mexican flags would too.

          ” What offends me the most is not that they fly their Mexican flag, but that there is no US flag above it.”


      • Sgt. EZ

        Yes Jose that is great and you have my undieing support , but most Mexican invaders do not care they just want free stuff and most a morally bankrupt .

        • Jbo Philippe

          Sgt, I think we should get every native born American to call themselves “Americans of….. and then their families national decent”. Start with the military so it get’s into the civilian vernacular sooner. It’s more patriotic.

      • Thank you Mr. Diaz. Your welcome as my neighbor any day. I would not disrespect mexico if I moved there. And would not fly MY flag over there’s. And I would learn there language. Thanks again sir.

      • Greg Ringelstetter

        Thank you Jose. We welcome those who do it the right way. Like she said above, if you love Mexico so much why did you face death of thirst to get here? But now your proud of running away from a drug cartell, dead body finds and overall corrupt country. Makes sense to me.

      • manny rey

        Oue pendejo

        • Les K


      • Ed

        Amen Jose! We are all from somewhere else but being an American means this is the land of the free and our home of the brave.

      • JenniferD

        Thank you – please pass that one!

      • mike gola

        I have much respect for you sir !!! Thank you !!

      • Lori

        Thank you Jose Diaz! Glad to have you here! And damn glad you are an American!

      • William Frovik


      • bee

        Welcome to America Joe !

      • Braveheart

        And when Cubans become citizens, they vote about 80 percent Republican. For a long, long time that voting bloc has been called the “Anti-Castro” vote, as Cubans that become citizens see the democrats as the people constantly coddling the communist regime.

    • Epikuro57

      They’re not insulting you by speaking Spanish, they’re retaining the distinction between the US national identity estadounidense and the continental identity americano which they had all along. If you want them to speak English, then you’d be well advised to accept that same distinction in English. That is, accept that American is a continental identity because America is a continent, and start using the English counterpart of estadounidense (Usonian) for the US national identity. If the only way they can retain the distinction is by continuing to use Spanish, that’s exactly what they will do.

      • ukravit

        Seems to me they are just too lazy to learn English. Other immigrants manage to get it done without demanding everyone else learn their language. One of our presidents had the right idea.

        “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant
        who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates
        himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with
        everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any
        such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is
        predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an
        American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided
        allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but
        something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for
        but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one
        language here, and that is the English language… and we have
        room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the
        American people.”

        Theodore Roosevelt 1907

        • Greg Moser

          Seems to me they quickly learn both languages and don’t feel the need to impress you or to belittle your pitiful use of only one language. Just because someone speaks Spanish in front of you, does not mean that the speaker does not understand English. My immigrant grandmother spoke German with her friends and eventually learned English after years of living here.

      • EQ4ALL

        How late did you stay up dreaming up this BS

        • Epikuro57

          It’s not BS, it’s the truth. America, Amérique, América,
          Ameryka, Amirika, Amerėka, Amerike, Ameriko, Αμερική, Америка, Амерыка, Америке, etc. are all diverse linguistic forms of the German word Amerika which means the continent made known to Europeans by the voyages of Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci.

          For the English form of the word to mean a different place than all those other forms of it would be stupid. As the Wikipedia articles on “America” in those various languages show, they all mean the western hemisphere continent shared by 35 countries. Estadounidense is perfectly valid word in Spanish attested by the Real Academia Española, and it’s easy to find Spanish media articles online which describe Obama as “el presidente estadounidense” and not “el presidente americano”.

          Neither is Spanish the only language with a different word for the people, places, institutions, etc. of the United States. Portuguese has estadunidense, French has états-unien, Italian has statunitense, German US-Amerikaner and US-amerikanische, etc. English has a counterpart of those words too, Usonian.

          • differentlydriven

            So much cool aid. The America’s as in South America, North America, are a continent but the United States of America is a country. It is our country. And if you don’t like it please leave. And don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

          • Laureen Acton

            Exactly !!! His cool aid garbage is the new BS of the anti-American one worlders. I know, I have an x-sister-in-law who thinks this same way !!

          • Greg Moser

            Native Navajo are you? This is a country of immigrants. Chances are that your ancestors were just as poor, uneducated, and hated when they arrived as the attitude you are now displaying. Oh, I know, they came here legally. Right! They came when the only legal requirement was an eye exam to prevent the spread of eye disease. There was no requirement of employment, sponsorship, literacy, or financial ability. Only a three-year-old thinks “I was here first” is a valid argument.

          • Vicki Martz

            If you are an expert linguist then I am certain you understand: not relevant, quit nit-picking in order to veer off topic. In case you need refocused-we are talking about liars, cheaters, criminals from south of our US border that gloat everyday in every way about the level of theft they are committing in a country they refuse to acknowledge as their own or say “Thank You” to.

      • Jason Ashby

        You come to America you learn to speak English in all social situations. I am suspicious of anyone that carry’s on a conversation around me that I cannot understand on top of the fact that it is just flat ass rude and disrespectful. I identify with foreigners and if they want to retain their language they can do so at home. You seek equality yet self segregate. Get with the program.

        • Greg Moser

          So, because of your suspicions and your desire to overhear private conversations that do not concern you, freedom of speech is denied? I don’t think that is what the makers of the Constitution had in mind.

      • Den Hoag

        I hear all the time how there are too many here illegally to deport so we have to let
        them stay. Bullsh**. I say we make it a felony to be here illegally and
        give offenders a min of 2 years in detention without the possibility of parole for
        the first offense then straight to whatever country they came from. Then double their previous punishment each time we catch them. As soon as the
        new law is announced many would save us the time and money and make the trip back home in a hurry.
        Those that don’t would be sought and arrested and we should pay a bounty for employers turning
        them in. (Times are tough and small companies could use the extra money.) This plan would be cheaper than educating, feeding, medicating, housing, etc
        etc. And for crying out loud make every effort to seal the border. If your
        ship is sinking faster than you can bail, you better fix the leak before
        you sink and bail later. It’s common since. As for those who work in the produce fields, they are less than 3% of illegals and I highly doubt that we would all starve if we got rid of them and I know many legal citizens who would work in housekeeping and farming careers. I think the refusal to seal the border has to do with
        the NAU. One more thing, watch the wording in the up coming elections too. If they say
        America, that’s different than the United States of America. Epikuro57 is right. Make sure
        you get proper clarification on the candidates stance on issues. Sorry for the rant.

        • differentlydriven

          I say we throw them in jail and make their families back in Mexico pay for the cost of housing them. That will keep them from coming here illegally.

          • Greg Moser

            Actually, the data shows that requiring them to learn passable English before becoming citizens only prolongs or ends their desire to become citizens. If the language requirement did not exist, more would happily attain citizenship.

          • Den Hoag

            But we speak English here. They are the ones coming here. What’s not to understand? If they really want to be here, they really need to learn the language. We have no requirement for our citizens to learn any other language because we can do business and have conversations just fine in English. If I lived in Germany I would certainly learn to speak German regardless of how many Germans speak English. I need to be able to buy goods and services, get news, etc.

          • ARTHUR H. NICANDER

            My parental grandparents came here in 1902 &1907, they both understood English, but spoke it poorly and they were ashamed of their accent. In those days speaking, reading and writing English was a requirement to become an American Citizen. My Grandparents never became Citizens because they spoke English poorly, but they had their legal and valid green card which they renewed every January until the day they died, and Grandpa also paid taxes and social security. So he was eligible for SS., and paid taxes until he died. They were Americans in all but speech even though they never became Citizens of our Country. Their only son served in WW II. Almost all their Grandsons, greatgrandson served in the military, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. They all honored our Flag and Country above all else. This is how you become American, which is the word for the People who occupy the United States of America.!!…..

          • Dolores Wieland

            One correction, Nicander. Green card was not required to be renewed every January. It was lifetime but they had to report once a year their names, addresses, etc. It was not until sometime in the 70’s (I think) that the government starting charging huge amounts of money for the green card which had to be renewed every 10 years. My original card cost me $10 and in 2000 it was $500 or $600 (can’t remember exactly).

          • ARTHUR H. NICANDER

            Thank you Dolores, I was around 10 years old when they died. I didn’t know that. I just knew my Mom or my Dad took them to the P.O. in Alabaster, Michigan, in January every year to do something about their Green Card. I thought they had to renew it, glad you explained it for me, both of my parents are also deceased since 1991 & 1992, and my siblings thought the same as I…..

          • Dolores Wieland

            You’re welcome. Just wanted to correct your misinformation for future use.

          • John McMickle

            If they are not willing to learn English they should not be citizens. They came here we did not go to there country. It is called assimilating into the new culture.

      • differentlydriven

        Thats nothing more than a bunch of double speak. If you want to be an American citizen it is required to learn english. I am sure that this woman is not American and desires not to become one. With this in mind her aspirations should be that of getting back to her own country. Because frankly American’s are fed up and we don’t want anyone here who does not want to be American. You can speak your native tongue but you better be able to speak english if you want to stay.

      • W Dawes

        The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo does not allow them to retain their language or their culture. Oh by the way, Raza, it is a California Constitutional Amendment that ENGLISH is the official language of California.

      • brenda chafin

        America isn’t a continent, it is a Country, located on the North American continent which includes many countries.

        • Epikuro57

          Sorry, but America is the land made known to Europeans by the voyages of Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci. There wouldn’t even be any such word as America otherwise, so therefore America MUST include all the places those two men sailed to, because leaving them out would be stupid. Those places are in a dozen different countries and the US is not among them, therefore America MUST be a continent and not a country.

          America existed before the United States, and the rebellious 13 colonies didn’t even include all of British America let alone Spanish, French, Portuguese or Dutch America. So again, America MUST be a continent and not the United States. The claim that America means the US is a clear case of arrogation.

          North Africa is IN Africa and south Asia is IN Asia. Consistency therefore demands that North America, Central America, South America and Latin America are all IN America. America can no more be in the North part of itself than Africa could be in North Africa.

          • Nuala Shine

            Good man!

          • Nuala Shine

            I wrote a HUGE reply to Joyce Kohmann and they have not posted it……. it was well written, factual, compassionate and polite……. but extremely accurate and on point..yet it has not been posted! Such a shame, much along the thread of what you have touched upon.

    • EQ4ALL

      Well said!!!

    • ragoo65

      At what point did not only these criminals but legal immigrants not have to assimilate into OUR society but demand we assimilate to theirs! Wtf….bizarro world

      • Greg Moser

        At the same point that our ancestors who were here legally simply because there were few legal restrictions fully assimilated to our country. Usually within two or three generations.

    • Byron Shutt

      I am from Canada living in the US. I fly a Canadian flag and TWO Americans flag. I love my adopted country. I also have a cottage on Pelee Island, Ontario. I have American neighbors who fly ONLY the American flag. Goes both ways.

      • differentlydriven

        I’m sure they are not there living off of welfare and sucking your economy dry either.

        • Greg Moser

          What does their financial status have to do with the right to fly a flag? So now, only the wealthy have freedom of expression? Or is it ok because the flag is Canadian instead of Mexican?

        • Byron Shutt

          Like I said…I LIVE in the US and defend the Republic and the Constitution. Just pointing out that some Americans are as ignorant of other countries as they are of their own Civics and heritage. I am assuming they are Progressives but then they probably would not fly an American flag anyways.

    • Frank Dunn

      Well said Joyce, we took it from them many years ago, thus a certain amount of their population believe it is still theirs.

    • Greg Moser

      So lets do away with our local German Oktoberfests and our Greek Festivals. Shame on any of us for having the desire to celebrate our individual heritages. I guess I won’t be attending the annual Swiss Days in my faux-chalet covered town of Berne. What a shame to lose sight of our melting pot heritage.

    • Donna

      well go to Mexico and fly the American flag and see how far it gets you. These people have no respect for anything in America but making the money.

    • Yes mam your right. I am so mad I could spit. The level of disrespect I see from alot of mexican people

    • Johnathan Williams

      IF YOU DISAGREE WITH HER BEING FIRED, CONTACT DAVE SIROTY ( Coldwell Banker media relations VP) Phone #s: (908)337-5865 & (973) 407-7199 **REPOST THIS***

    • manny rey

      You are a joke they are showing there heritages you wont accept them as americans but you wont accept them for what they are. illegals lets talk about that his land was taken from the Indians ever heard the trail of tears as for spanish so what how about the French or the Italian thats anouther language your just a closed minded bigot

      • Les K

        Whaa whaa whaa. The indians, the mexicans. Hello, This is a world of Conquest. many countries around the world only have much of the territory they do because of the conquest of others. Yet none of those countries are required to capitulate to the whims of illegals in their country.

        These people want to come to America for a better life? More power to them, but do it LEGALLY. They want to celebrate or show their heritage? Fine, but do it in the privacy of your own home.

        American citizens are being told they cannot put up an American flag ON AMERICAN SOIL, and your going to defend someone who is likely here illegally keeping their Mexican flag up.

        Your priorities are sorely messed up.

        BTW, there is not a U in Another.

        • manny rey

          This is America I’ll fly what ever flag I want with respect to the American one of course and speak what ever language I can speak

      • Les K

        oh, should have looked, you have 8 comments. you’re a troll.

        • manny rey

          That’s it oh boy now I know what I am dealing with I am sorry

    • Haline Shelly Redden-Sullivan

      I agree, if you want to be mexican…go back where you came from. If you want to be American, speak English and fly the American flag. You clearly did it just to cause controversy. Go back to your self made hell hole biches.

    • mike gola

      Well, not all of them came here illegally, But I understand where your coming from. I think if they came here legally, they have more clout when it comes to whining, because they are americans now, but anyone that was’nt born here,but legally are americans, should always expect to be trumped by any american that was born here. (when it comes to all that whiny, crybaby stuff, such as the flag deal) just my opinion.

    • Christine Bodor

      There is nothing wrong with being proud of where you came from…this is how ignorance starts. Who cares what flag she flies on her own property ? I am an American born and raised and I have no problem with what you do on your own turf as long as its not criminal…If it offends you…dont look…Now if you fly a racist or terrorist flag in my state, and or neighborhood then we got problems. But there should not be anything wrong with this flag on her very own property =)

    • American


    • Mrs. Louise Adams

      Get a life loser!!!

    • no1unohere

      I say she should have set that damned Mexican flag on fire when they refused to remove it. And anytime we find one flying in this country, it should burn also.

    • jeremyjanson

      I fly a Norwegian flag, doesn’t really offend me, but what DOES offend me is Coldwell Banker thinking that having a little bit of money gives them the right to tell us all what to do! Frankly, hiring and firing for this sort of unprofessional reason should be considered misappropriation of funds (payroll) and considered a felony. Your investors and creditors didn’t give you the money so you could be the Political Correctness police, they gave you the money to make more money and that is the only acceptable use for it.

  • govissue

    Capps is correct in the flag should have been taken down because this is America and she should not have been fired from her job. I would not blame her if she filed lawsuit against her former employer for wrongful firing.

    • John McMickle

      Filing a lawsuit will do her no good she is not a member of a protected group. She is complaining about a person disrespect to his country. She would be up against no only her employer, but the ACLU and possibly the DOJ.

      • ronald simon

        john thats no reason to lay down and let them walk all over you, I rather fight on my feet then live on my knees. Don’t forget us patriots we have adjc wo is the opposite of the aclu…FIGHT, we can also find out what the real estate company fired her, get the patriots to stop listing at that company and don’t purchase any house that fired our patriot. thats power of the purse…

        • Pam Smith Rudd

          I will fight to support a ban on COLDWELL BANKERS. I would sue them if I were fired for this.

        • Evan E. Stone

          John, she was the one discriminated against. She was singled out for her beliefs, which is discrimination. Her neighbors were not in any way discriminated against. They had nothing denied them or taken away from them, which is not true for Ms. Capps.

          Her biggest problem in court would be getting a liberal judge who who adjudicates based on their feelings, rather than the logic of the law.

          • John McMickle

            The problem is her beliefs will not matter. I have been through this a lawyer, I went to see when I felt I had been mistreated, told me years ago you are white, male, under 50 the law offers you no protection. Why spend a ton of money on a case that you will lose.

        • John McMickle

          It has to be a decision made on economics and not emotions. Her chances of winning are not good so the attorney would only take it on a fee basis. How deep in debt do you go?

      • retired_geek

        John, I hear what you are saying, but the fact is women are one of the “protected groups” as designated by the EEOC. But it appears that the math works out like this: Woman + Hispanic > Woman.

        If this is the case then Capps should claim further protected status by declaring herself a member of the LGBT community.

        • John McMickle

          All that really makes no difference unless she can prove she was fired because of her sex. I understand your point but from personal experience unless you have a reason evidence that the termination was based on something to do with a protected class the government does not care.

  • James Ebinger

    these discussions are useless, can’t speak English when they don’t want confrontation

  • Tim

    Marshal law needs to be enforced…

    • James Berry

      Marshal Law is not necessary. What is necessary is the government upholding our constitution and protecting our borders from usurpers, illegals and terrorists.

      • guest

        What we need is a new government. Period. The one we have now is not working, and is corrupt. I can’t wait till election day in November!!

      • Stan Bryars

        Marshal Law??
        What is needed is educational reform.
        We can start with teaching you jackasses what the Constitution actually says, ad then move on to when and where Martial Law can be declared

        • James Berry

          How about you back the f*ck up and look in the mirror, jackass. Did i call for Marshal Law? No i didn’t. So take your line of bullshit elsewhere.

          • That Guy

            I’m fairly certain he meant to reply to Tim… Turn the dail down James, mistakes happen. If we start attacking each other over misunderstandings, then we’re never going to be able to stick together to win our country back.

          • James Berry

            Mistake or not, the guy is a douchebag. Try telling him to dial it down.

        • guest

          Stan, what the hell is your problem? Get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning???

    • John McMickle

      Are you kidding with Obama as President, the ones that would be arrested are the hard working taxpayers that protest against crap like this.

      • Mary Jensen

        The hard working tax payers supporting these illegals are being pushed around and disrespected in our own country. Enough is enough.

  • James Berry

    Illegal immigration will have a HUGE bearing on these mid-term elections. Especially in the border states. Not one single politician will get my vote that backs amnesty for these invaders. Not one single politician will get my vote that even utters a whisper of how the border is secure.

    Join me and the other millions voting for those that will see to it that our laws are enforced instead of shirked. No more open borders. No more amnesty. No more emigration under the guise of good will when in reality it is a flood of socialism to bring this country down. If you want to fly another country’s flag, feel free to go to that country and wave it proudly. Don’t like this country’s values set forth in the constitution, feel free to travel the world until you find one that suits you.

    • pupdaddy

      Amen James! Tell it like it is my man!! Next election will be the “harbinger” of America!

  • Guest

    It should be made illegal to fly a foreign flag except at an embassy or other government buildings like the UN. As for the Mexican gang members…put their asses in jail. I’m sure the last will get a better job and SHAME on the company that fired her.

    • Stan Bryars

      Yeah, who needs that pesky Constitution getting in the way of you be offended

  • Citizen

    Welcome to the Democratic/Progressive/Socialist Country, USSA! Where being a Citizens means nothing, where the Constitution means nothing! where being PROUD of being of your Country means NOTHING!

    • Mourning Warbler

      The children have been attending secular humanist church-state public schools for a couple generations now…. and force-fed the doctrines of same.

      • pupdaddy

        That is the result of Michelle Obama;s “Common Core” curriculum in our public schools for you!

        • Mourning Warbler

          It started way back around 1963 and before… as the Supreme Court decided prayer in public schools is “unconstitutional” even though the founders obviously disagreed. “Separation of church and state” is a misused metaphor believed by most Americans today.

  • Karen Diering Clark

    Need you ask?? This is America and no matter which flag you wave, it should ALWAY be beneath the American flag. As for the woman losing her job, I would look into filing a lawsuit against this company. After all… THIS IS AMERICA. This is what you get when you let those Mexicans into this country. No one else show as much hostility as the Mexicans.

    • Mary Jensen

      The woman should not have been fired.

      • guest

        Screw Caldwell Banker. I’ll think twice when seeing their advertising again.
        Time to “man up” Caldwell…

        • Louisa Caroline Gambone

          Not me. I will be doing business with this bank. Maybe this unemployed loser will mind her business.

    • pupdaddy

      You are wrong about one thing Karen, Maslims do show much more hostility towards Americans than Mexicans do. Look at what Islam is doing (ISIS) today! And 99% of Muslims are Islamatic! So where as I agree with you about Mexicans should show respect for this country while living here, they do not show the most hostility towards it by far!

  • Nomansfriend

    This country is done. It’s the fault of all the people who did nothing out of fear of being called a racist. You don’t deserve a country.

    • pupdaddy

      Normansfriend, may I ask, before you cast blame, what exactly did you do to prevent the liberal movement from taking over our country on your own? I agree with you in regards to your sentiment, but let’s not cast blame here. this is an open forum. We must all stand together in order to get something done to make some changes in America, and it is NOT too late! 2016 is the most important election of this century. If we, the people , turn out in great numbers to cast votes to get all the liberal deadheads out of government, then we can send a strong message that we have had enough of political correctness BS and will take no more of it! mark my words Norman, it is never too late for God to change things in this world if we believe in Him!

      • Nomansfriend

        Political correctness existed long before Obama took office. No one did anything then. Why would electing a republican change anything? What do I do? I won’t tell you in a way that can be used against me. Trust me, I do more than most.

  • Tonya M. Torrey

    No way was that verboard I think that if people don’t start defending our country we won’t have America left Obama has clearly made it so easy for immigrants to come in and take over its just a matter of time before its completely overrun…what a nice mess for our new President to have to handle…Impeach Obama already!

    • pupdaddy

      It is too late for that Tonya! Impeachment would take 12 months for the process to be completed and by then we will be having the 2016 election almost so we will just have to come out in great numbers and vote out all the scumbags out of office that are feeding this liberal BS into our government these days period! Come 2016 if we the people don’t voice our opinion upon government and get those deadheads out of Congress and the Senate, then we have no one to blame but ourselves, and we will pay the price of freedom as you put it plainly!

  • gksnana

    It is frustration plus, especially when the judges and politicians serving in the American justice system continually over rides the constitution and serves the (illegal) immigrants over the American citizen.

  • Barbara Jones

    I think it’s beyond outrageous!!!!!!!!! They are so f’n disrespectful….how are you gonna fire someone from a job because they are offended by you flying your Mexican flag in the United States of America??? They seem to have all the rights and we have none!! This has gotten so out of control and….people are gonna get so fed up because our laws only defend the ones breaking them and they will start to taking the law into their own hands….I see it coming!

    • pupdaddy

      You are right Barbara, a revolution is on the verge as we speak!

  • Joel Rivera

    I’d say get a bigger flag and and plant it on your own property to counter the foreign flag.

  • sherimac56

    Get the trash out of our country

  • KennyD

    So; It is OK to fly the Mexican Flag ; BUT to Hell with the AMERICAN flag ? This is bull sh** as far as I am concerned.
    We live in AMERICA and OLD GLORY aka The AMERICAN FLAG should be allowed to fly ANYWHERE inside the USA, Her Possessions, and Territories and on any and all of it’s vehicles … within those boundaries .
    I don’t care who gets offended at the American flag . Don’t like it ; go back to wherever you came from and fly your own flag there .
    God bless America, Mom , and Old Glory ; long may she wave …. and if you don’t like that , you can kiss my American , veteran a** … plain and simple!!

  • tom

    first of all, never, never, go public, a jar of gasoline and a rag will solve the situation

  • Debby Morge

    i would just keep taking it,until they had to keep paying to put a new one up,thats whats wrong no one does any thing,i’d get it in court so people can votre out the politicians,that allow this.and as far as her job I’d get a civil lawyer like all the non americans do

  • dgstal

    Being an individual that lost my career in Mechanical Engineering that I worked 46 years to become proficient at to have it all taken away from me by an illegal alien hit and run driver who spent one day in jail to skip bail compaired to my coma and 23 days ICU with two years at TIRR learning to walk and talk again, deport these UnAmericans and follow America’s Laws not Obama’s Agenda!

    • Kimberly Morris

      So sorry about all you had to endure at the hands of a criminal illegal invader!!!! This what our so called “justice system” does with these illegals. Slaps their hand and let’s them disappear to some other area of the country to continue to live off tax paying citizens. This POS should be hunted down, booted back over the border and put on a watch list for criminals trying to return to this country. All politicians that are OK with kind of crap need to go. From Obama on down!!!! Americans do need to stand up and be heard even if it ends up needing to go to mass protests nationwide. Unfortunately to many of us have become too complacent and accepting of PC BS ridiculousness and worry too much about potential consequences of “complaining” about our basically criminal courts and politicians. I wish you the best in your recovery and sincerely hope you get at least close to what your life was back. The sad thing is there aren’t many out there wanting to help folks in your situation cause their too damned busy catering to the “dreamers” AKA criminal law breakers!!!!

      • pupdaddy

        You mean starting with Obama right?! he needs to go first and foremost!

    • pupdaddy

      dg, I feel for ya my friend! Those bastards and bitches have raped our country enough! it is past time that we true Americans take it back at the next election!

  • Danielle

    Okay, they can complain and force us to take down our American flags but if we complain about their flags we get fired and harassed? Did the US become Mexico? Hey Americans…Stand up at the polls in November! Get the people who are encouraging this out of office!!!

  • Redwolf47

    Since our government doens’t want to help Americans but everyone else….I think Americans should stick together and help each other. We should lookout for our own.

  • Mike Mac

    I would have taken the pole, flag, and house down.

  • Michael Smith

    They want to fly there flag send them back home if there flying the Mexican flag this is not there home and they don’t want to be here

  • Gary Effner

    Until we remove the left wing Progressives and Communists from all phases of government, this baloney will continue. As so often said, it’s time to take back OUR country.

  • ronald simon

    I think it is shamefull that it cost the woman patriot her job with that real estate company. I would like to know the name of that company and I will help that name to go viral by asking all americans to boycott that real estate company for being unamerican, maybe that company can move to mexico and make their money there..

    • That Guy

      The name of the company and a link to contact them is in the text of the story. Just read it and you’ll have your answers.

    • Puuuhhleeze_09

      real estate company, Coldwell Banker.

      “We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind,” David Siroty of Coldwell Banker Real Estate said in a statement.

      His email is; david.siroty@coldwellbanker.com

      Send him emails. I did and said that I will share with friends and family and on social media to boycott their business.

  • Shelley Campbell

    If you love Mexico so much, stay there or go back there! If you don’t adopt the country you live in, don’t expect anything from the country! Try going to any other place in the world and ask them to change their laws to promote your language, religious practices or ethnic considerations!

  • Todd Lathrop

    Just fly a bigger USA flsg

  • Stan Bryars

    Bunch of xenophobic assholes here

    There is nothing illegal or disrespectful about flying a foreign flag as long as it is not flown above the American flag.
    If anything this display is disrespectful to the Mexican flag, ad at least half of you jerks have no clue why

    And there is absolutely nothing to indicate that the Mexican woman was an illegal.

    • James Berry

      I’m surprised you can even see the keyboard to type with your liberal head shoved so far up Obama’s ass.

      • Stan Bryars

        I love it when sheep call me a liberal, Obamite, neo-con, or Bushie
        It shows that there is probably no limit to their ignorance and stupidity, especially when their inane comment does not even attempt to even address mine.

        • James Berry

          You mean like the ignorance you display by calling anyone that doesn’t follow your guidelines of thinking “sheep”.

          • Stan Bryars

            Perhaps you can show me where I have called people that don’t think like I do “sheep”

            I clearly called the people that assume that I must be whatever their political boogeyman is when I think differently than they do sheep

            But you did get it right on the not even remotely addressing the relevant comment thing

          • James Berry

            How about you just disappearing with your sheep attitude.

          • Stan Bryars

            And still nothing to address the actual comment, just some very very simplistic and juvenile quips

            Perhaps when you grow up a little you’ll be better at this

  • pantherhunter

    What did they expect? California has “Sanctuary Cities” where Illegals don’t have to worry about being deported! Even the Idiot Governor Brown welcomes them! The only way it will change is to vote in the RIGHT State & Federal representation! You get what you settle for, otherwise!

  • Angel Alvarez

    I’m Mexican, but born and raised here… If ur gonna fly any flag it better b under my red, white, and blue with them 50 stars!!! I will protect and defend my red, white, and blue til my last breathe!!! I am proud to b Mexican American, but we ain’t in United States of Mexico we r in in the United States of America get it right!!!

    • Bob Cannell

      If you were born and raised here, you are not Mexican. You are American of Mexican decent.

      • Angel Alvarez

        Thus me mentioning Mexican American… I did state that…

    • pupdaddy

      I only wish your fellow Mexican immigrants would follow your lead Angel! But I am afraid the “new generation” of immigrants have come to America for a different purpose than your generation had. Most of them now have come here to get a free living off Uncle Sam’s entitlement programs that we offer here today to all, legal or not, deserviing (needing) or not, lawful or not, tax paying or not, working or not… you understand what I am saying? Back when you came to this country, America had room for everyone, and the resources to accommondate all as well. But today, this is a different America, where we have no room for an “open border”. The world has changed and become much more dangerous now. Our economy is failing and our president is not a leader for us and reflects poorly to the world’s other countries. We HAVE to stop letting people come into this nation! Mexico has a stable economy these days, and the government is secure and has a good democracy as well. They have the drug cartels, sure, but look at us, we have gangs by the thousands! Tell me what’s the difference? Mexicans need to stay in Mexico for now to live in peace I truly feel. I live in California, and my God, where my son goes to school, the population of students is about 75% Hispanic (Mexican)! Whites have become a minority now here in southern California by far! So I am glad to hear you say that you feel that way about America, but that does not reflect how things are today with the general population among Mexicans here in our country today. That is a fact.

      • Angel Alvarez

        All they are doing is ruining something that Hispanics have worked hard to do. I can’t say why the government is acting this way, but I don’t like it one bit. I assure u that I would want those borders closed and stop everything going in and out. Cartels have messed a lot of this up for the ones that really wanna come here and better themselves, but nowadays it’s just criminals and too me that’s a disgrace!!!

  • jana

    Kick the illegals out and seal up the border. Keep sending them back and bill the Mexican Government for their flight home. Obama just lets anyone in, unless they come from a politically incorrect country.

  • Khaching

    meanwhile, USA flags are being removed to not offend Muslims …

  • Bobby Austin

    Any Mexican flags in America need to come down unless it’s got an American flag above it .or advertising for a Mexican made food or products. Period.this is not Mexico. If they want to fly another nations flag then MOVE to that nation.try flying an American flag in Mexico. Good luck with that.idiots.

  • 30+

    Real U.S. citizens should stop paying taxes until the lawmakers and politicians understand who pays for everything! Let the illegals pay for their own upkeep by paying hefty fines and severe taxes if they want to stay!

  • wrestler79

    Time to hire a good attorney, that is bullshit.

  • Bobby Austin

    I see Mexican flags or flags from ISIS or middle eastern nations I will take them down.period.they will be folded and discarded in the proper manner. They will be burned.wouldnt want to offend anyone now would we? Idiots.

  • Jim

    no flag should be flowen unless its under an american flag period

  • james

    He is the guy facebook that fired her…………https://www.facebook.com/dsiroty?fref=ts

  • LibertyDwells

    I do believe I’ll be finding a phone number for her former boss. Time for their phonesto ring 24/7

  • Daniel Virgillo

    We need a 20ft hi wall from the Pacific to the Gulf with one checkpoint in and an express lane out!

  • CaneRVa

    My grandfather came here from British ruled Palestine probably in 1910-18 and settled in PA. He died in 1936. He kept some parts of his native culture but he got with the American program. An American flag was put on the Christmas tree and English was spoken in the house. His 3 kids, one of whom was my Dad, spoke English and learned German in school as an elective. He embraced his new country and did nothing to offend it or its people.

  • SoCalCop

    If you want to fly a foreign flag, fine. Being of Scottish and Irish descent, I proudly display the Flag of Ireland, and the St. Andrews Cross (The Rampant Lion is for Royalty of which I’m not). But uppermost is the undeniable fact that I AM AN AMERICAN. When it comes to flags, the American flag is the banner which I pledge my loyalty to. It is the flag I salute, and the one that causes tears of pride to run down my cheeks. And it is the only flag that I will defend when someone, foreign or domestic, attempts to destroy her.
    If you are here to reap the benefits of the United States, the greatest country that has existed on this planet, EVER, but you show disrespect for the Stars and Stripes, GET OUT!!! WE THE PEOPLE don’t want you here. You are a thief, a sponge, a leach, and a parasite. You are an alien, not an American. To those of you who claim the right of American citizenship, if your alliegence to a foreign country is greater than your alliegence to the United States, do yourself a favor, stop being miserable, and go someplace where you’re happy. Some people can’t cope with so much freedom. Some actually need a government to tell them how to live, and what to do. FIND THAT PLACE AND GO THERE.

    And lastly, languages. I love to learn foreign languages, but English is the language of the United States, and has become the language of the world. You have the freedom to speak whatever language you want, BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE THE FREEDOM TO FORCE ANOTHER TOPERSON LEARN YOUR PREFERRED LANGUAGE. If you want to speak only the language you prefer, find a country that speaks your preferred language, AND GO THERE.
    America is great because those who made it great were strong and stout hearted people who wanted to experience freedom. Put another way, the United States is not for the faint of heart. With freedom comes great responsibility. If you can’t handle responsibility for yourself, and want someone else to be responsible for you, FIND THAT PLACE AND GO THERE.

  • Hakkapeliitta

    hehe California was Mexican until 1848 🙂 you are living on occupied land morons ! Why on Goods green earth did she interfere, now if the neighbour had the Confederate flag, so what ??? Let it go 🙂

    • SoCalCop

      WRONG!!! Mexico lost it in the war between the U.S. and Mexico. In fact, the U.S. could have taken ALL of Mexico. But the U.S. chose to give half of it back to the Mexicans, bought the half that the U.S. wanted through the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, and made ALL of the Mexicans, American citizens who were on that land. Nice try though.

      I might also add, that California was given to the Mexicans by Spain, and Mexico only owned it for about 20 years before the U.S. bought it from Mexico.

      • Hakkapeliitta

        Yes you occupied California from Mexico who got it from Spain, who stole it from the real NATIVE AMERICANS ! Time to claim it back , so you morons can go back where you came from, somewhere in Europe ?

        • SoCalCop

          Um, listen up. The “Native Americans” constantly stole it from each other, and if you go by what the “Native Americans” suggest, NO ONE owns the land. So take your anti-american leftist socialist misinformation, and carry it down to Mexico. I’m sure they’d be okay with listening to your nonsense.

  • Chris Dawson

    This is a very sad statement of what we have turned into. We now have to protect everyones rights except our own. I want the old United States of America back!!!

  • james

    Guy that fired her name is David Siroty……………………………Homepage for Coldwell banker…………….http://www.coldwellbanker.com/contact…….

    • james

      Budge Huskey
      President and Chief Executive Office at Coldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC
      Parsippany, New Jersey (Greater New York City Area) Real Estate

  • Robert Goodyear

    i would not have said a thing to them i would just taken the Mexican flag down and set it of fire

  • Gilbert Chavez

    I agree with Capps. I have never and will never fly a Mexican flag. It is disrespectful. Agreed no law is broken. But I am not a Mexican. I am an American of Mexican decent. I hold no ties to Mexico, its government, policies or ideals. I support, defend and honor the USA its Constitution and the flag of our great nation.

  • Robert Hough

    I would suggest that no business be conducted with ANY Coldwell Banker agency. Maybe the corporate HQ would get the message.

  • Guest

    The American flag looks brand new, while the Mexican one is tattered .

  • Pat Hollingsworth

    she should not have lost her job for standing up for the American flag. Caldwell Banker is wrong. the neighbor is being disrespectful of our country that she came to . American flag flown 1st –smaller other flag underneath. or not at all

  • james

    Coldwells Banker Facebook page….https://www.facebook.com/coldwellbanker?rf=358277254314277…… please put the guys name who fired her ( david Siroty ) on it and call local office to get main office numbers http://www.coldwellbanker.com/contact

  • Carol Niemi

    What was she thinking? How dare she stand up for her country and Americans! Especially when our flag is hung upside down and students can’t wear the flag on their clothing to school but others can wear headbags and whatever they want. They laugh at us because they get housing, medical care, education, bridge card when lots of Americans struggle on a daily basis. We better start working together to make changes to protect us and our children’s futures. Just talking about this won’t change anything. We need to meet and stsrt working with our government to make changes. It will only get worse.

  • james

    If we just complain on here and dont call NOTHING will happen.. Call and Email them.. Codwell Bankers NUmber and Facebook page i have put on here along with the name of the guy who fired her ( David Siroty ) please call or email them.. Also send David a message on facebook..

  • Hakkapeliitta

    Now understand this : There is no law against flying any flag you want ! This is a free country and the lady cant bother or trespass on the neighbours property complaning about at flag. She was nothing but a ignorant fool. Had she done the same thing in an embassy, she would have been arrested !

  • Dr. Obvious

    Lot of people fly pirate flags for Gasparilla in Tampa. It doesn’t mean we are not American. You want Kalifornia back? Stop voting democrats like Pelosi back in office for decades.

  • Hirsch

    WTF! How on earth is complaining about a Mexican flag in the U.S. discrimination? George Washington must be rolling in his grave!

  • common-sense-needed
  • Corrie Nance

    Why is it always Americans who suffer because of illegals in our country? The real estate people were wrong in firing her. What she did is not discrimination , it is patriotism ! This woman is being discriminated against because she was using her freedom of speech. What is wrong with people who are destroying our country by their political correct junk ! How about standing up for Americans?

  • whatever1959

    i’m not offended by this person flying the mexican flag…at least they have shown us clearly who they are…and they simply need to be deported if they are not proud to be here.

  • Vepr1776

    I think I read a story recently of someone removing a foreign flag and replacing it with an American flag in the wee hours of the night.

  • History

    Go fly it where it belongs or fly the United States flag with it but standing taller. Several people might have read you were kicked out once (Sam Houston)

  • Frank

    It’s really offensive, people have fought and bleed for old glory , but they don’t stay in their own country to fight and bleed for their flag or country but want to come over here and fly it, kiss my ass go back your own country and fly your flag. Jackasses

  • Joanie Selman-Prince

    Firing her definitely was “overkill”. If the broker was offended he should have spoken to her in private, and then dropped it! My god, it seems as if no one can have the right of free speech anymore!!!!!……I think the broker must have received a complaint, got on the news and god forbid he may lose a client over it, so he took it out on the Ms. Capps. These days, we all have to be guarded in speaking our minds in public…sad what this world is coming to….

  • Cindy Osmer-Eckles Banks

    Well I guess I won’t be doing business with Coldwell Banker. She has free speech, it was not discrimination. In this country if you want to fly a foreign flag you must fly the American Flag also with the foreign flag below it. This is America Coldwell Banker, learn the law.

    • Hakkapeliitta

      One never fly a flag upon the other, it is considered offensive or declaration of war.

  • Cindy Osmer-Eckles Banks

    Thank you Tressy for standing for country and the laws of this land. Even the city of Ontario demanded it be taken down. Coldwell Banker will lose lots of business.

  • Lawrence Proctor

    Mexico could be such a lovely place to live. You have the American’s Jobs. You speak your native Mexican which is a combination of Spanish, French, Aztec, and other Indian languages. But you would have to give up free Medical, Free Food, Free MONEY, and then there is the Housing. It is so much nicer here than in Mexico. But you want to fly the Mexican Flag, GET YOUR ILLEGAL BUTTS SOUTH TO MEXICO! You are criminals! But you are also criminals in Mexico for more serious crimes. Pick the country you want to stay and serve your prison sentence. Yes, I figured you would pick the USA!

  • Linda

    Mr. Siroty should be totally ashamed of himself and Coldwell Banket as well for terminating this employee!!! For GODS sake THIS IS AMERICA, not Mexico. I feel offended as well!!! Anyone who comes to the United States should only fly the AMERICAN FLAG!! If they don’t fly the AMERICAN FLAG then they shouldn’t present any at ALL!!! I totally agree with her and feel she was absolutely in the RIGHT! She was even polite to this woman! She does NOT  deserve to lose her job for this!!! She stood up for the AMERICAN WAY just as our Military do!!! Coming here to AMERICA illegally is wrong and so is disrespecting our country by flying any flag that is not the flag of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FLAG! I give kudos to this woman for defending the United States honor by speaking up!!! If every AMERICAN spoke up and laws were ENFORCED perhaps this country wouldn’t be over run by illegals who brake our laws, traffic drugs and take our jobs etc, etc, etc….Now do the right thing and give this woman her job back!!! She did the right thing by speaking up! Be PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN AND SHOW IT!!!

  • John JR Rowland

    As far as the realty company goes. I’d rather live in my car then see them make a dollar.

  • Bo Treat

    so we don’t support gangs unless they are mexican…remember what happened in ww2 to the japanese in america?!

  • hope4ever

    True ! This is bs and Caldwell Banker should be ashamed .Money means more to them anyway !!

  • If We The People do not wake up soon, there will no longer be a western United States. Everyone who is concerned with the future of this nation should read The Contract On The Government. It is the book the politicians and bureaucrats DO NOT want you to read. Find out more here: http://www.thecontract.us

  • jimnbubba

    Time for open season, but they would be real hard to clean !!

  • C Marcum

    I am guessing he didn’t like the responses to his email address so he removed it. You ,Mr. Siroty, are what is wrong with America today. Your, and your bleeding heart liberal friends, applying your political correctness to every situation you deem “offensive” is what has caused the fall of a once great nation. We AMERICANS, are growing tired of you and your kind feeling that you can apply your “justice” as you see fit. We have rights, granted to us under the American constitution. I certainly hope that Ms. Capps doesn’t allow you to get away with this injustice. I hope she pursues every legal avenue to ensure that you are no longer in the position you currently have. It’s obvious that you like to abuse the powers that you have.

  • Brian M Halstead

    deport them immediately send them back to their own country

  • You can’t improve a country by importing millions of Mexicans, can you?

  • Peter

    The funny part is. This country was invaded and taken over by immigrants started in 1492. Now those decendants is complaining over a flag that belongs to other immigrants. Interesting fact: California was a part of Mexico before it was taken over by force in what now is called USA.

    • How typical that the very people who deplore what happened to the American Indians – nay, even promote – similar things happening to indigenous whites wherever they may live. Bigot.

      • Peter

        What would this country look like without immigrants? It would be nothing. This countrys very existense is based on immigration.

  • Bob Cannell

    When Obama and Holder are gone we can fix some of this misguided politically correct dogma

  • joxertheboxer

    This has already been said, DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH COLDWELL BANKER. Until they stand for America and our symbol.

  • IdahoGirl

    This is out of control! THIS IS AMERICA! If you want to fly YOUR COUNTRY’S flag, then MOVE BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY!! If you are so proud of your country, then WHY are you not living there?? If AMERICA is providing you with such a great life (which I am pretty sure we are!!) then why are you not proud of OUR FLAG & fly it?? I am sick & tired of these free loaders who are changing our country for the WORSE!! Send them BACK!

    • Get Real

      Why shouldn’t someone be able to fly the flag of their home land? It doesn’t hurt you or anyone else, and doesn’t make them a freeloader.

      You really do flip out over stupid stuff. I doubt Jesus would do the same.

  • joxertheboxer

    Someone already said this. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH COLDWELL BANKERS” until they stand for Americans and our nation’s symbol

  • Sandra Valenzuela


  • Bonione

    Siroty is a disgrace to America!!! And if Coldwell agrees with Siroty, than they should be blacklisted, blackballed and boycotted because they too are unpatriotic and a disgrace to Americans also. Every American in that community should display an American Flag and if mex flag is higher than American, then turn him in for his flag is not displayed properly. Is mex an Illegal, than deport him!!

  • joxertheboxer

    Does anyone know if there is a defense fund or petition for Capps? we all need to support her. I know I will

  • Steve V

    If you come to the USA assimilate and become an American. If you’re not going to do that, you don’t belong here! There should only be one flag flying overhead the US flag. If coldwell banker has a problem with that, I am never going to need their services, ever. And somebody give that nice Capp lady a job!

  • Mike Goff

    I would burn the motherfucker down

  • Mike Goff

    the point of flying the American flag under their flag upside down means they are gonna take our country over.

  • Citygirl

    I’m not trying to be a Debbie downer. However, just because someone flies a flag, cause they are proud of where they come from, does not necessarily mean they hate America. It might be okay maybe if they flew it with an American flag. I live in south philly, flags of heritage are flown all the time (i.e. Irish, italian, Polish, German,) even from homes of military people. It is not wrong to be proud of where you come from. It is when you don’t allow your children to assimilate that it becomes wrong. It is when you start burning the American flag that it becomes wrong. It’s when you start forcing your beliefs on others it becomes wrong.

  • Anon Emus

    They can have their Aztlan. I hope to see 100 million Aztlantians one day DRINKING THEIR OWN PISS because there’s no water there. And they don’t need Gringos to help them solve their water problem, I’m sure they’re quite capable of doing it themselves.

  • 3VWdriver

    What Tressy Capps did wa concerning her personal area. She was not confronting a customer, a client, her boss, or a co-worker. Ithad nothing to do with her job and Coldwell Banker hasd no business sticking their nose into what she said. GOOD for her, that she spoke out. Americans are fed up with being treated like the minority in our own country. It is getting so Raunchally politically correct in the USA, it is sickening. We are fed up and are not being silent any longer.

  • Brenda Golden

    This is really stupid.

  • Thors Hammer

    I am very offended by this, if people from Mexico want to fly their flag go home and fly it there! But they probably would not have the money to fly a flag let alone dress themsleves.

  • Jim

    Time for everyone to boycott Caldwell Banker.

  • Leo Almeida

    The only people I blame are in the White House, for letting this go on in the first place. BUT, you won’t get any American Patriotism from that building anymore or from the tenants who occupy the building. None of this is going to stop until you Vote #1 and #2 until we have an American Armed Forces Veteran in the Oval Office. This is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of people taking Freedom for Granted. Because you fools have elected a person who Never served ” ANY ” country, nor wore any uniform, nor seen Combat to know the Horrors, suffering, or loss caused by War. And it’s also a Shame to see Him protected by men and women who would sacrifice their own life because it’s their Duty as Americans, who still Honor their oath to serve and Protect even someone who’s as DISRESPECTFUL, as well as an ENEMY to our constitution. A document we REAL and Loyal Americans hold SO SACRED. I hope all TRUE and LOYAL Americans pray as I do, as well as have the common sense to get your asses to the polls this NOVEMBER and Vote these people out of Office and take back what’s TRULY OURS, and get this GREAT NATION back on track. GOD BLESS & SAVE the UNITED STATES of AMERICA & The AMERICAN PEOPLE !!!!!!!

  • LlarryLLama

    Good thing it wasn’t next door to my house. I’d rip that rag down, cut it up and use it to wash my car

  • The Gecko

    Sorry, but the woman was a b*tch.

  • Harriet

    Like I posted to the Muslims. You come, take advantage of the fact that most Americans like helping others. You take advantage by using our government as your own private bank making demands even most Americans don’t make. Mexicans and Muslims are not really necessary to run our country. The min wage is going up so Americans can now fill many jobs. You, Mexicans and Muslims should go back to your own countries and fix the reasons you left. You are turning our country into crappy countries you left behind. Please go. We really don’t want you here or hasn’t that idea penetrated your dumb brains?

  • Carle W Riley

    Can you imagine the result if Old Glory were to be flown over a Mexican home in Mexico?

  • marmit

    Being a free country I would think it would be her right to fly any flag she wanted. I had a neighbor who flew the flag of Ireland. We are being overly sensitive because we are being invaded from Mexico. I think she was wrong. I’m a proud American but I also believe in individual freedom and she should have minded her own business. It was on private property.

  • Kevin Gray

    Hey if you dont like the AMERICAN flag or our ways of like then get the hell out and stay out.

  • bigsurprise

    COLDWELL BANKERS …As far as I am concerned you are a sympathizer with those who have invaded our country …NOT to BECOME AMERICANS….but to Take our country and all of the freedom and wonderful benefits of OUR lifesty …over for themselves..THey Show NO respect and NEITHER HAVE YOU , in firing this woman…..We bought our house through Coldwell banker, and I OBJECT TO THIS POLICY….IF this is not reversed we will NEVER use you again, and I will make sure everyone I know and my family knows about this and do not either…As far as I am concerned you are as DISLOYAL as this non english speaking ….LIKELY ILLEGAL …MEXICAN !!!!

  • Eden Mitchell Green

    It is ILLEAGAL in this country by FEDERAL LAW to fly a flag of another nation, period. It is also ILLEAGAL in this country by FEDERAL LAW to fly another nations flag or any states flag ABOVE the United States flag. Flying the U. S. Flag upside down is a nation sign/code of distress. What I don’t understand is why won’t anyone enforce these FEDERAL LAWS that are already on the books. She should not have even had to confront her neighbor. She should have been able to call her local LE agency and someone should have been arrested. Period.

  • Lynn Parry

    There are people in the CA government whose goal is to take back the state of CA for Mexico, as well as other states in the southwest. And we are just letting them freely work towards that end. I am highly offended when I drive through parts of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex and see Mexican flags waving in the breeze, flying at the same height as the US flag. I am also offended that all election materials are in two languages and we now have to have 2 interpreters in some polling locations – Spanish and Vietnamese. And in the Houston area there are some locations that even have to have Chinese interpreters. It is getting out of had. Congress needs to amend the Constitution stating English as our official language!!!!!!! This is America! If you come here to be a part of our country then live by our laws, accept our freedoms and flag and stop trying to change everything. If you don’t like any of it then please leave and find your home elsewhere.

  • Lois Elmore

    Told you….they don’t want to be Americans…they just want the free stuff and make our country look like the one they left.

  • Jason Ashby

    It is not discrimination, you are on AMERICAN soil and you will respect my country or go the hell home. You come here looking for a better life and generally want everything for free because you have heard that us conservatives have a big heart and tend to help worthless scum instead of turning them away. The only place a foreign flag is permissible is in front of the United Nations building. Caldwell Banker just lost any business I or anyone I know may have ever sent them.

  • Marcus Wilbanks

    The thing I find the most shocking in this article is Coldwell Bankers claim they have some moral scruples. The truth be know they they could care less that someone found the flying of the Mexican flag in the USA offensive, they are just afraid they might miss the change to sell an illegal a house.

  • Deanna Wood Short

    It has nothing to do with discrimination, it’s the law of the land. It’s against the law to fly a foreign flag, here. That lady should sue her former boss and her HOA, if she has one!

    • Zachary Goldberg

      Not necessarily…no flag can fly higher than the American Flag…but I would go a step further and say that no foreign flag should fly on the same pole as the state flag and American Flag.

  • Jerry Erb

    I also do not tolerate discrimination of any

    so YOU need to APOLOGIZE and then QUIT your
    job or should be FIRED.

    I hope she SUES you and the company for big $.
    this is AMERICA dave not

    some COMMIE country were the likes of YOU can
    pick what a person can say on their

    own time.

  • bebe1979 .

    The complainer is a moron. Mexico is part of “America” also..she means USA. If you are gonna complain bout something, at least get your facts straight and don’t look like a complete ass.

  • William E. Mansfield

    Why would anyone choose to live in Klownafornia is beyond me… She can get a real estate job anywhere. Move out while you still can. We should give Klownafornia back to Mexico and be done with them.

  • Zachary Goldberg

    It is insulting the millions of men and women who fought and died for the Stars And Stripes for people to come here and tout loyalty to another country.

  • Mickey White

    I thought it was a LAW that if you like to fly you heritage flag you are more than welcome BUT the UNITED STATES of AMERICA FLAG “MUST” fly ABOVE that said flag???? Oh wait…This is AMERICA, AMERICANS aren’t allowed to stand up for their RIGHTS!!!!

  • Shannon Swart

    We proudly display the US flag outside our house 24/7. On the inside, we display the South African flag (in one room).

  • usachris68

    This all needs to STOP! This is America-we Americans need to take it back! If you don’t love America, then leave it!

  • Bill30097

    I will never deal with Coldwell Banker

  • Robert A. Lofendo Sr.

    The circuit court should tell the Mexican people not to fly their flag this is America and also tell them not to wear Mexican shirts or hats, and the American children wear shirts with flags on them this is America not Mexico. Our government has become weak and way to politically correct. Every branch of government should stand up for America and Americans.

    • bebe1979 .

      Mexico is part of “America”.

  • Richard Mikus

    All in all, it is OK to fly the Mexican Flag on US Soil. But, in accordance with US Code, it must fly BELOW, I repeat, BELOW the US Flag. The only Flag allowed to fly above the US flag on United States property is the flag of the Church, as we are One Nation under God.

  • McHale72

    So when fence jumpers and Muzzrats come to America, we have to remove OUR OWN FLAGS so we don’t offend them but if they come here and fly their crap, we get arrested or lose or jobs or are called racist if we are offended?


  • nancyetanner52@ yahoo.com

    If you can’t stand up for American tradition and assimilate into our country. GO HOME , where you can be proud, stop shaming a country that has given you so much.

  • Msgtdubb

    It seems Mr, Siroty is not tolerant of Ms. Capps views. Do you spell hypocrite, coldwell banker?

  • Charles Edward Akers

    Relax, it’s the latest trend. Give the US Southwest back to Mexico a piece at a time
    That does appear to be what is happening. Right?

  • atenista70

    you’re in the U.S….respect the laws…..respect the flag…..speak English or leave.

  • Tina Bautista-Limón

    First and for most, let me make this very clear, y’all are completely wrong, this land was owned by the only true Americans and that would be Native Americans. Two I see that y’all don’t understand why these wonderful people leave México. First of all, let me remind you that the US Marshals had gave the cartel guns and they never once got into trouble. Then they wonder why Mexicanos come here cause the cartel are very bad down there. Theses people don’t run from their country they run from the people down there that are always killing and taking things from the people that work ten times harder then an average person here in the US. I have a mexican flag and I will fly it here if I want, remember the is suppose to be the land of the free, let someone come tell me to take it down and that it is disrespectful. What’s disrespectful is this, people being hurtful, disrespectful, hateful, and mean towards anyone with a different color of skin other then Caucasian skin. Grow up people and start being respectful. I’m proud to me Married to an Hispanic and illegal one at that, at least he works two jobs to support his family. Not begging on the corner for money for drugs or alcohol.

    • John McMickle

      You are wrong it was not the US Marshal Service running the fast and Furious debacle. That was the ATF and Eric Holder. Next this has been going on since before the leaders of the very first drug cartel were even born.

      What people are upset about is the unwillingness of the people coming here to first learn English. stead they expect document in what ever written language they understand. Next they expect their holidays to be honored, wrong May 5th is not a holiday in the United States. Neither is Septem ber 16th. If you want to live here assimilate to our culture, and let yours fade a little.

      • bebe1979 .

        California was Mexican Territory. They were always there. English came much later.

        • John McMickle

          California has been US territory since February 1848. So it has been under US control for 166 years. the first Spanish settlements, missions were established in 1769 in California, Mexico gained independence in 1821. So from the first Spanish settlement to the United States gaining control of the terroritory was only 79 years. Seventy-nine years is less than half the time that California has been under US control.

          • bebe1979 .

            So you are saying that because the U.S has controlled California longer than “independent” Mexico, then the whole culture and language should have been bred out by now? Correct me if i’m wrong..

          • John McMickle

            What I am saying is the United States has been there longer than Mexico and Spain combined. which has been more than long enough that the descendants of anyone that was in California have no excuse for not being able to speak English. Most of those like the woman in this video came here very recently, in the majority of the cases illegally. It is tie to pull the plug on sanctuary cities and states that issue identification documents to people that are here illegally. Make them come through the regular system. This country went through this amnesty stuff in 1986. The border was supposed to be secured at that time. Secure the border first then we can talk about what to do with those already here. the most I would live is permanent alien resident approval, not citizenship. THat is reserved for those that come legally. As a foreign national any felony conviction should mena deportation. Multiple bad acts other than speeding should result in automatic deportation, if you want to drive drunk do it in your own country.

          • bebe1979 .

            You are making a huge assumption that this woman is illegal. There are some cities in the U.S where you don’t need to know any English. Miami for example has sections where only Spanish is spoken and that is from ppl who are here legally. You are talking about a border/immigration issue and that has absolutely nothing to do with this video. She never said that the woman was here illegally. Sounds like you are more on the political agenda than what the actual facts and lack of are on this video.

          • John McMickle

            No I said nothing about a particular individual. However if you look at the immigration laws there are only 161,000 slots available for family members, other than a spouse, minor children or parents of a citizen over 21. There are another 144,974 available for unemployment. Then there are 70,000 slots for refugees.

            Now yes she may not be here illegally, but if you look at the available slots if she did not have an adult child here the chances of her being legal are slim.

            Next she is probably a recent arrival. this country needs to force people to assimilate by requiring all immigrants to learn English to maintain permanent resident status. We need to demand they accept our culture and not expect us to adapt to there culture. The groups walking around trying to enforce Sharia law should be prosecuted and shut down not tolerated. They moved here if they want sharia law i am sure so country in the middle east could accommodate them.

          • bebe1979 .

            You are talking politics and immigration policy. If you shut down any group expressing their first amendment rights, where does that leave us a society? If that were the case, the gov’t could make laws that lead us back into tyranny. Also, English is not the national official language of the U.S, we actually don’t have one. How can a law that you are proposing be enforced when there aren’t even policies to support it?

          • John McMickle

            So if a group comes in that speaks Cantonese, everyone in the country has to have access to a person that can speak Cantonese so they can communicate with them. If you are not willing to learn engilsh which is the predominant language, if you cannot communicate you have no right to complain. The idea of producing every document in every written language is ridiculous. Grocery stores, doctors offices, hospitals, fire departments, police departments and other places should not need to be bilingual in order to accommodate a group that has come here. Go to Germany and you will be expected to be able to communicate in German, the same for France, Italy, Greece, and most other European countries.

            The first Amendment goes both ways if you find the Mexican flag offensive you have a right to express that opinion. If you want to live in this country honor the feelings of your neighbors when expressing your opinion. If you want to live in Mexico move back there.

          • bebe1979 .

            Noone said that they are demanding ppl to speak their language. What video are you watching? Also, immigrants have and always will live in areas where their cultures and language or present. History tells us that. Also, there was no complaining in this video other than the lady (who is clearly a bigot) who stopped to tell someone to not exercise their rights. That is the facts presented in this video. You are making a huge,incorrect assumption that immigrants don’t want to learn English. Have you tried to learn a language as an adult? Science tells us that it becomes increasingly difficult to do so as one ages. Also, if you go to Germany and most of Europe, most speak English as it is the “international business” language. Have you ever lived in a big city with immigrant communities? The way you are thinking is a very “right wing” way of thinking representable by the likes of J.E Hoover and Nazi Germany. It’s not open minded. Would you feel the need to tall someone flying a Rebel Flag to take it down?

          • John McMickle

            So if they are not going to speak the predominant language how are they going to communicate with medical personnel, police, or just in a store trying to buy groceries? Are they going to expect the police or hospital to have someone on call twenty-four hours a day everyday to interpret if they come in for care? the fact is if you cannot speak the local language you make your own life exponentially more difficult.

            “Also, if you go to Germany and most of Europe, most speak English as it is the “international business” language.”

            Not everyone works in a business where english is required. get out in the rural areas an that statement is not true, with the exception of Switzerland. In Switzerland everyone speaks english because that is the only language they will all learn. The Cantons (equivalent of states) speak one of three languages, German, French or Italian. So for all cantons to communicate they all learn English.

            You can have a community, but if you are going to interact outside that community you should learn English. Simply to be able to communicate.

          • bebe1979 .

            Ofcourse knowing more languages is more beneficial, but that is isn’t what this is about. The international business language as it’s the term is used mostly just means that most ppl speak it than not. Even if just slightly. Switzerland is great cause it’s schools are top notch, one has to know 5 or so languages fluently to even graduate high school if im not mistaken. Mongolians need to learn Russian just to graduate there cause of the commerce. What i’m saying is that in many communities one does not need English, California, Texas, Florida, NY, PA, Chicago, etc…all have communities that english is rarely spoken if at all. These ppl don’t expect nor want outsiders in their communities so to say that they expect ppl in jobs to speak their language just isn’t true. Also, one cannot deny the fact that many ppl do infact learn english and do get those jobs you mentioned so there is always someone that speaks those languages on staff. Infact, they get paid more because of it. Same goes for the military and their language programs. The more you know, the more incentives you get pay wise.

          • John McMickle

            “Mongolians need to learn Russian just to graduate there cause of the commerce.”

            You can be almost guaranteed that there are a lot of people in Mongolia that speak Russian. Service in the military was not optional in the days of the USSR. Only Russians could be oficers so most commands were given in Russian. If you want to communicate with someone in Moscow you speak Russian.

            “These ppl don’t expect nor want outsiders in their communities so to say that they expect ppl in jobs to speak their language just isn’t true.”

            So how do you operate a business if you cannot buy inventory because you do not speak the language which is used for business in this country. Next there are services that must come from the outside.why should taxpayers be obligates to provide interpreters. Last if you do not want to join the culture of the country why did you come here to start with?

            “Also, one cannot deny the fact that many ppl do infact learn english and do get those jobs you mentioned so there is always someone that speaks those languages on staff.”

            In the construction industry that does not always work. If something goes wrong and the one guy that speaks English is not there things come to a grinding halt. All plans and specifications are in English. one person can only adequately supervise about six people, if that person is also serving as an interpreter the number that can be supervised goes down. English should be mandatory, if for no other reason that safety.. Providing interpreters costs additional money.

          • bebe1979 .

            PPl are complaining because the woman used a lack of tact and was clearly a bigot in this instance. She was on private property telling someone what they can and can’t do. She was in the wrong. First amendment only protects one from the gov’t. These were private citizens (or not). There are always ppl in management positions that know English, especially in big companies. That is and never will be an issue. This country has no distinct culture as it is and always has been a “melting pot”.

          • John McMickle

            “She was on private property telling someone what they can and can’t do.”

            Liberals do the same thing everyday. Look at the IRS targeting scandal.

            “There are always ppl in management positions that know English, especially in big companies.”

            What is that supposed to mean are you talking about Spanish? As far as I am concerned I would not hire someone that could not speak English. And no one else should either.

            “This country has no distinct culture as it is and always has been a “melting pot”

            Then they need to get with the program and start blending in.

          • bebe1979 .

            What does political affiliation have to do with any of this? lol Why did you even bring any of that up? Rationalizing like that is the very reason that very few ppl take the republican party seriously anymore. They have become a joke for the masses and have no chance at winning the next elections.

            Wrong is wrong..she was wrong and she paid the price for it with her job. And rightfully so. No company wants to keep a bigoted person on it’s payroll, especially when that person is posting videos for the masses to show how “honorable” she was.

            If this country has no distinct culture, what exactly are they suppose to be blending into? Maybe some don’t know English, but we as a country aren’t exactly on ‘Par’ with how few of us know a second language compared to other countries. We are far behind.

          • John McMickle

            “What does political affiliation have to do with any of this? lol Why did you even bring any of that up?”

            First amendment rights are for everyone, the liberals in Washington, D. C. at the IRS infringed on a lot more peoples rights than this one woman did, yet there is no outrage from liberals about what went on, all I see is circling the wagons around Obama. Liberals are all for the first amendment rights, as long as it is someone saying what they agree with.

            “If this country has no distinct culture, what exactly are they suppose to be blending into? Maybe some don’t know English, but we as a country aren’t exactly on ‘Par’ with how few of us know a second language compared to other countries. We are far behind.”

            So in your opinion no one coming here should be be required to learn English the citizens of this country should adapt to the new comer. Is that correct? That is absurd the few should learn ot communicate with the many not the many with the few.

            As far as knowing a second language look at the size of this country compared to other countries. The land area of this country is much larger, in Europe in an hour or hour and a half of driving you can be in a different country in some cases two different countries.

            All government publications should be in English. All people should be able to speak english as either a first or second language in order to become citizens. Every illegal alien should be held when caught and deported once all the proceedings are over. Being in the country illegally should be a criminal offense, not a civil offense. then when caught hold a trial, send them to prison. Then work on deportation proceedings while they are in prison, and upon release deport them. Zero tolerance, undocumented aliens are a major drain on the economy.

          • bebe1979 .

            Again..WHY would you bring up the IRS on an ISSUE that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the matter at hand? lol
            It makes arguments like your laughable to say the least. Does it bother you not that the Republican party has absolutely noone to even challenge for the next Presidency?

            I never said that ppl coming here should not learn English..that is again another incorrect assumption. They should learn English but given that there are no parameters, laws, customs, etc..to make that a requirement then it’s a non-issue. This country wasn’t founded on FORCING ppl to do things, infact, that goes against everything it was founded for. What you are proposing is a country that looks more like 1940’s Germany than a truely free country. It’s this very type of thinking that will gain the “liberals” another 4 yrs at the big kid table.

          • John McMickle

            “Again..WHY would you bring up the IRS on an ISSUE that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the matter at hand?”

            It is a parallel issue you are complaining about the woman, who might not even be a citizen, having her First Amendment rights violated, but remain when silent the IRS infringes on the First Amendment rights of tens of thousands.

            “They should learn English but given that there are no parameters, laws, customs, etc..to make that a requirement then it’s a non-issue.”

            As long as they do not demand or expect an interpreter in they have a problem. As long as they cannot sue a doctor for a misdiagnosis because they cannot speak the language and thus cannot describe the problem.If they do not want to learn english fine but if there is a problem they are 100% responsible.

            “This country wasn’t founded on FORCING ppl to do things, infact, that goes against everything it was founded for.”

            No it was founded on if you don’t work you don’t eat. That may be the best thing to go back to if you cannot communicate and cannot get a job just starve. If you are not willing to at least make an effort to learn the language of the country where you are living why did you move there to start with.

            I think the border should be sealed and any and all illegals caught deported since they have no legal right to be here. I also think that any city lie San Francisco that declares itself a sanctuary city for illegals should forfeit all federal money because they are violating the law. You do realize that the number of representatives from each state is based on population, Unfortunately the Census Bureau only reports number and does not check to see how many are legal, that dilutes the votes of areas without a large number of Illegals.

          • bebe1979 .

            The issue is not in ANY way shape or form related to what you are mentioning. To suggest so is asinine. The Lady’s 1st amendment right was not violated, but what is discussing is the bigotry shown in the video. The gov’t is the only one who can threaten that right. The lady who complained, was fired for her bigotry, and rightfully so. She was on private property soliciting her views and bigotry.

            The suing of doctors for misdiagnosis is bogus. Every hospital has doctors who speak different languages. Infact, the best medical schools are not in the US.

            This country was founded on “you don’t work you don’t eat” huh? Strange, I’ve never seen that before. You must really believe that most immigrants pay absolutely no tax or contribute in any way. That could not be further from the truth.

            You think the border should be sealed eh? Have you ever been to the border? It is IMPOSSIBLE to seal. It’s just too big and cannot be manned completely. That isn’t realistic.

            You do realize that if the census asked if ppl were illegal or not that noone would say they are illegal don’t you? Also, the idea that places with a higher population of immigrants dilutes places without is asinine. Immigrants go to cities, with or without those immigrants, the cities would still have a higher population.

            I’m struggling to see a valid argument in anything you have said so far. To be frank it just sounds like uneducated bigotry. Sorry, but i just don’t see an academically sound argument on your behalf. The bringing up of the IRS and invalid arguments have all but destroyed your argument.

            Let me ask you a question, what part of the country are you from?

          • John McMickle

            Dodge the you are arguing that the real estate agent was infringing on the spanish speaking women’s right to free speech, which is legally impossible since the government is to consider a case where the government did infringe on people’s rights to free speech. This woman has every right to fly the flag, other have a right to object. that is the way thw world works. those that object have a right to voice the objection.

            “They should learn English but given that there are no parameters, laws, customs, etc..to make that a requirement then it’s a non-issue.”

            Fine show me in the law where it is required that they be supplied an interpreter at government expense. Next there are a lot of jobs where English is required, and the requirement has held up in court many times. So if they cannot get a job they should be allowed to come here, and be subsidised by the taxpayer, no way we breed enough deadbeats, we do not need anyone elses.

            Next I am neither democrat or republican but if the only consideration to policy is winning election that is a pretty damn poor way to run anything much less a country. Once Obamacare is fully implemented and the employer mandate has kicked in Obama will not be able to get elected dog catcher.

          • bebe1979 .

            I didn’t say she was infringing on it. I said she was trying to she has zero power to infringe on her rights. What she did was go on PRIVATE property and spew hate and bigotry; for which, she was rightfully fired. Other’s do have the right to object, but not on PRIVATE property. She could have got a permit to picket right on the sidewalk and been well within her rights, did she do that..NO.

            It’s not a law that an interpreter has to be supplied, Noone said it was. It’s tax payer supplied incentive or benefit for the community if and when a department head or city counsel demand it. Yes there are many jobs where English is required. Corporations as well as private citizens have every right to implement policy that deem fit if it does not side with bigotry or discrimination. English is necessary in many jobs.

            Again, how do you know that these ppl don’t pay taxes? The facts are against you.

            I’m surprised you are not Rep. actually. Your views are very right-wing to be frank. Obama is a lame duck president. he will not be running for office again. he has done a terrible job but that just goes to show how weak the “right-wing” are considering there is not even a viable candidate to represent them in the next Pres. Elections.

          • John McMickle

            So why is anyone complaining about Ms. capps exercising her First Amendment rights?

            “If you shut down any group expressing their first amendment rights, where does that leave us a society?”

            So if ISIS decides to have a march through the streets of a major city you are going to allow that to happen. Or you are going to allow a group like La Raza to advocate against this country. The fact is there are limits that exist.

            “Also, English is not the national official language of the U.S, we actually don’t have one. How can a law that you are proposing be enforced when there aren’t even policies to support it?”

            So every document should be produced in every written language that may be within this country? Just publish in all government documents in English and make it their problem to find an interpreter. This country is under no obligation to provide the same documents in every written language on the planet.

      • Tina Bautista-Limón

        Sorry to tell you but you’re wrong again, the US Marshels was apart of that. I do know because I follow things like that…May 5 is a holiday for México but “Americans” take it has another day to get drunk and stupid. September 16th is another holiday for México for independent day just like the 4th of July is for us. I speak Spanish and English. Btw in México they are learning English language there in the schools. So a lot you all know.

        • John McMickle

          Well that sentence should be the US Marshals were part of that, not was. Now provide the US Marshal Service had anything to do with Operation Fast and Furious. The main responsibilities of the US Marshal Service are security of the Federal Courts, transporting prisoners, and the most important tracking down fugitives. So please provide proof that the US Marshals service had anything to do with Operation Fast and Furious.

          That was an operation conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), with possible involvement of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

          If Mexico is teaching English in school they are doing a poor job with the school system because most immigrants have no working knowledge of English.

    • Den Hoag

      Your comment about ” this land was owned by the only true Americans and that would be Native Americans ” is ancient history, we are talking about today’s world. We do not have open borders for anyone to just waltz in. As for the racist claim, I’m sure some complaints are based on race or color of skin, but what exactly is racist about wanting everyone to follow our laws? Is there a color or ethnicity that can’t? What color is illegal? We are also under threat of terrorist attacks and anyone crossing our borders or already here who didn’t follow the law in order to get thoroughly checked out could be a serious problem. Many people have filled out the paperwork and were allowed to come in legally as well as refugees who were in danger or under threat in their own country. The government works with those people in those situations and I for one welcome those individuals. If they sneak across, then I wonder why. Most just want what we have. Our jobs, money, and yes some just want welfare. This is all my opinion but how can you respect someone who breaks our laws by even being here. They aren’t respecting us. If they have a real reason to be here then they need to come here the legal way. Don’t like the laws? Then change the laws. But no one has the right to just ignore the laws they don’t like because they are inconvenient or too time consuming. Like I said this is just my point of view, and you expressed yours above. As far as flying a foreign flag only or above a US flag goes, that is just an in your face kind of gesture. They should expect some sort of retaliation when they do that. It’s disrespectful.

  • June Smith

    My neighbor is in the USA on a 3-year contract with a USA-Germany partner governments contract He flies the German Flag and American Flag on holders side by side – we aren’t allowed to put up a pole in our HOA.

    I don’t have a problem with him flying his German Flag — I really don’t have a problem with anyone flying a foreign flag as long as they do not fly it above Old Glory or flying Old Glory upside down …. my neighbors have the same respect for the USA flag as they do their Germany Flag – so I do not find it offensive

    This time I disagree with Top Right News – this is the first time that has happened.

  • Dana Sheese Craig

    Letter sent to David Siroty. He is racist. I realize realtors are not to be discriminating in any way. She wasn’t selling a house to or for the neighbor. She asked a question of someone who doesn’t even speak English and probably does not plan on learning, I too would be questioning the same. California should become it’s own nation, or the part that is all for illegal criminals living amongst them.

  • gun totin’ Texan

    So sad if this is truly why this person is being fired shame on Caldwell Banker and us as Americans. We “legals” need to make a stand and stop tolerating this garbage from people that are not legally in our country or don’t want to bother to even attempt to simulate.

  • Highwasp

    Welcome to your new world ladies. While you were focusing on divorce, abuse, abortion, your body – your choice, harassment, discrimination, equality, career, empowerment and “having it all” ~ your country was invaded and taken over by other cultures.

  • Jonah Bretagne

    fly a mexican flag who cares

  • Hezon Sergei

    They want to fly it, fine, in their country.

  • Laurie Netherlain Connors

    Don’t forget to email David Siroty at Coldwell. david.siroty@coldwellbanker.com
    I personally LOVE Mexicans and have been to Mexico. Just as I would never fly my US Flag obnoxiously while visiting or living there, I would expect the same consideration. If you love Mexico so much, JUST GO BACK! And take Rita with you.

  • John

    I wouldn’t have asked anyone about the flag. I would have just taken it down or burned it on the pole. As far as, the Coldwell-Banker manager firing the American citizen, He is a traitor and needs to be fired or hanged!! I would sue him and Coldwell-Banker!

  • Imtoooldforthis

    So where are the protestors to support Capp? Why aren’t we white people looting and burning down the neighborhood? Oops, I forgot for a second that we don’t do that. Someone needs to offer this woman a job. I’d personally send her some money if I knew her address. Maybe I could just send it to the local police department and they could deliver it to her.

  • Vicki Martz

    I think a better name is Mexifornication, because the US is getting screwed by illegal Mexicans.

  • Evony Master

    I fail to see the discrimination in that video. She is right, the women SHOULD know how to speak English if she lives here and she should have enough respect for the country she is living in not to ONLY fly another country’s flag.
    Capps should sue for wrongful termination.

  • Jonah Bretagne

    look right wing loons =flag companies make flags and people buy them -thats capitalism–i dont much like illegal aliens but youre full of BS and thats why we cant win elections

    • Evony Master

      Well companies make white sheets and crosses too, but that doesn’t excuse burning them or wearing the sheets and hoods now does it.
      As an aside, the GOP has won the majority of national elections since 2010, including gov races, senate and house.

  • Greg Moser

    Freedom of speech includes the right to display any flag you choose on your own property, or to utilize the property as you wish as long as it meets zoning and neighborhood association regulations.. I may not like the color of my neighbor’s house, my neighbor’s bird feeders, wind chimes, or trampoline, but they can do as they please on their property. That is the freedom we value and support. Capps was out of line. Period!

  • Peter Hoang

    Did she also go to every pub in town and confront everyone flying an Irish flag or Union Jack?

    • Greg Moser

      Exactly! Did she also confront everyone improperly flying faded, tattered flags day or night, rain or shine without proper lighting? How about the people who wear the flag as clothing?

  • Joanne Przybylowski

    She should take her Mexican flag back to Mexico with her. She Is in America get with our program or get OUT!

  • GerryGuay

    Sue Coldwell Banker.

  • Gary Vaughn

    She exercised her 1st Amendment rights. Nothing more. Screw you, Coldwell-Banker, you bunch of traitorous assholes.

    • Greg Moser

      No, the person flying the Mexican flag exercised her 1st Amendment rights. The offended neighbor tried to violate the first amendment. “Offended” has every right to be offended, but has no right to dictate the behavior of her neighbor. Unpopular expression is protected by the first Amendment.

  • Melissa Ratliff Howe

    Any flag other than the American flag offends me. The problem is that We the People needs to stand up for our rights and boycott any business that stands up for the illegals.

    • Greg Moser

      The First Amendment guarantees your neighbor’s right to free expression ESPECIALLY if it offends you. That is the reason that we have the amendment in the first place-so that you can’t impose your values on someone else and so that others can’t impose their values on you. Any judge in the land would side with the person who flew the Mexican flag because the law defends her right to do so.

  • Ronald Lee Heasley

    If they are going to fly there flag it should be below ours, flown right ,not above ours, lets do it right. And not just there’s unless there are real Mexican land by Mexican government or any other,.

    • Greg Moser

      I missed where it was stated that the Mexican flag in question was flown above the American flag.

  • Taz383

    Burn their Mexican flag in their yard!! They have no problem doing it to our AMERICAN FLAG!!

    • Greg Moser

      Nor does the KKK. Are you serious?

  • Maverick Maveth

    Death threats, eh? Wouldn’t go down well here in N. Az. Lots of deep, empty mineshafts, don’t ya know…

  • schr8er

    These PEOPLE need to realize that since they left THEIR country for a better life and they dont like the way WE respect OUR country that they can pack up their stuff and put the car or truck or shoes in reverse and go back to wherever they came from. This applies not only to Hispanics but Muslims or any other group that complains about OUR way of life…. Have a nice trip….

  • Always Right

    I’m getting ready to sell my house. Guess which company I won’t be calling?

  • ibcyn

    Okay, Americans, time to boycott Colwell Banker Real Estate and it’s time that the illegals are put in their place, like back to the country they came from where they can fly their flag; but in this country Ole’ Glory is what flies ABOVE all others. Foreign flags at their embassies ONLY!

    • Greg Moser

      Wait? Why exempt embassies from your attack on our Constitutional freedom of expression?

      • ibcyn

        Because and embassy is considered foreign land.

      • ibcyn

        Because an embassy is considered foreign land.

  • Eric Kilbreath

    She was expressing the frustration that many of is here in Mexifornia ( I’ve been calling it that for years BTW) feel. I would say that she handled it all wrong, but I don’t think there is a right way to handle that.

  • sharon

    They need to go back to were they came from. I don’t fry other flags. If you live here it your country because your bith country couldn’t. Provide you with a good life. So don’t. Come here wanting to change my country why would you want to change this country when it able to offer you more than your both country could.

  • mary witte

    see how it works you have to be from another country to be offended, you can bet when I start looking for my new home I wont be going to Coldwell banker. If you fire an American for supporting her flag in her country you need to take your business elsewhere

  • David Lake

    Get together as neighbors in a show of force & tear that flag down… As for her job, boycott coldwell banker… Have the cops check these peoples immigration status. Many ways to intimidate & get these peoples attention!!!

  • Robyn Mitchell

    Oh our flag can offend people and we are forced to take it down. But we find another countries flag flying in the US offensive and the government doesnt give us the same respect????? Proof Obama has screwed up the USA beyond recognition

  • Pissed off

    This is “America” and should be treated as the sovereign country it is. Patriotism should never go punished and this woman should never have lost her job. No one should ever fly another country’s flag here. If you want to fly that Mexican flag, go back where it is appreciated. Oh, that’s right its not! When you live in a different country you need to “fit in” don’t expect us to assimilate to your culture!! And no company should ever punish patriotism. Rise up America, take back our country and our pride. Close all borders and get rid of the millions of invaders.

  • Kim Langley Downs

    If you want fly another countries flag then move to that country. Why is patriotism becoming a crime in America? .

  • Learn American ways don’t bring your crap over here. You left your country behind because you were unhappy with your life there in Mexico. Now follow our rules not your own. And leave your flag there also. And learn English.

    • Rosalie

      Shut up and go look for a job you scumbag.

  • spent

    If ISIS has its way their flag will be waving rather than the Mexican Flag, senior, senora…

  • Alaric Viola

    My father is from Germany and my mother is from Vietnam. I understand very little about either culture because my parents raised me to be American 1st. They never instilled loyalty to any country but America to my brother and myself. I’m not against immigration, but I am against unfair treatment. It is unfair to cater to one group and not the rest. So how come all the literature and legal documentation I read comes in Spanish and English? Where’s the same information written in German or Vietnamese,….. or any other language for that matter? Why did my parents have to learn English and come over legally and learn to support themselves? Why do we view hispanics so poorly that we can’t expect them to do the same that we demand from every other race that comes over? Why can’t my cousin’s British husband get citizenship? I call discrimination or racism or whatever the liberals call it these days!

  • John Bell Hood56

    My parents came in the 30s and assimilated to the American way of life ,They brought there kids up the same way!! This is the better way !!!! Myself and my Brother served in the Armed Forces of this Great Nation and I believe everyone should!!!

  • stoptheworldandletmeoff

    Seems to me in the past people came here to become part of American society and to assimilate into American society. Now they come here to change America into whatever backward society and Country their fleeing from and want Americans to change to accommodate them. Being PC is destroying American Society.

  • Dan Ramirez

    she was absolutely right! Until we as Americans start standing up for our country (the Gov’t won’t) it will all continue to go down hill!

  • Joe

    I feel that this is their country once they “live” here!! They should only fly the USA flag….it really hurts to see controversy over this type of stuff…the courts should fine the person with that flag…there should be some sort of law!! unless it is for a sporting event!! what side are you on!!! obviously they are on the Mexican side…so move back!!

  • Mark Derscheid

    Fly your damn Mexican flag in a Mexico. What happened to this country?

  • Peter

    Flying a foreign flag in the US is protected by the US Constitution and the First Amendment. Freedom of speech gives anyone the right to express themselves in any possible way that does not directly break the law.

  • Johnathan Williams

    FIRED ??? Voice your opinion !! CONTACT DAVE SIROTY ( Coldwell Banker media
    relations VP) Phone #s: (908)337-5865 & (973) 407-7199
    david.siroty@coldwellbanker.com **REPOST THIS***

  • Wicked93

    Eff Komifornia. Give it back to mexico and send the rest of the illegals there.

  • Don Trumper

    It offends me very much…………

  • Tony Sanchez

    It isn’t discrimination, it’s Nationalism. We Americans are losing our country to immigrants who refuse to assimilate and and respect the country THEY chose to come to for a better life.

  • Dawn M. Clark

    The woman complaining was completely IN THE RIGHT!!!! The Mexican flag has NO PLACE in AMERICA!!! I wouldn’t have complained, I would have taken it down myself and burned it!!! As for her being fired, it is not discrimination this woman showed, it is PATRIOTISM which is apparently forbidden in America now. She had every RIGHT to want that flag taken down as should all REAL AMERICANS!!!! THIS IS NOT THE UNITED STATES OF MEXICO!!!! Only ONE FLAG flies over this country and it is the AMERICAN FLAG ONLY!!!!

  • Oingo Boingo

    Boycott Oldsmell Stanker

  • Al G

    I stand behind her comments, she was polite. It is about time we stop being so politically correct correct. Americans are allowing this takeover to happen because of our relaxed tolerance. She did nothing wrong and should not have lost her job!

  • Cindy Albanesi

    These are not IMMIGRANTS, These are UNDOCUMENTED ILLEGALS and FYI This was not Company time, It was her own Personal time and Neighborhood. Sue the Employer, its the 1st Amendment.

  • Cindy Albanesi

    Sue the Company and then Shove the Mexican Flag up there ASS!

  • Mireille Diltz

    I immigrated from Germany 2008. I am proud to be A America, I fly the US Flag, That my flag here offends any foreign who has not even learned English , that is unbelievable ..Where did this country came to with Obummer on the top
    A shame

  • Stoff09916170

    She has freedom of speech outside of her work I don’t understand why she was fired. She can say whatever she wants. It is not discrimination. Her boss is an idiot.

  • JoeBideyourtime

    No, they are coming here to screw this country up like Mexico.

  • wayne8734

    This is BS!!!! it offends me to see a Mexican flag flying in the US,it offends me to go into McD’s and all the employees are speaking Spanish,it offends me to be asked to push one for English,two for Spanish!!!!! For God’s sake America,wake up,we are silently being invaded and taken over!!!

  • wayne8734

    It looks like it’s boycott time for Coldwell Banker Real Estate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sherry Arnold

    I see that Rita thinks all Mexicans do is pick fruit and vegetables. No Rita- they are taking construction jobs- factory jobs- landscaping jobs- these are jobs Americans will do. I know several men who do not work because construction companies will take the cheap Mexican labor before they will take them. And my son used to cut grass for the golf course in high school- guess who is doing that now. I know one Mexican who says she is divorced from her husband and gets welfare for her kids as well as other assistance- but he lives there and they drive a $40,000 SUV. This has to stop. Americans are tired of it. And several times people have been told to take down their American flags because it offends the neighbors. If our flag offends you- then get out of America.

  • Rich Raulerson

    You know, you can’t get anymore American than I am but, it is HER front yard, and this is America where you can speak your mind. I really don’t think it was any of that woman’s business what she had in her front yard. If is had been a flag from Isreal, she probably would have thought anything of it, grow up!

    • Joe Thompson

      If someone flies a ISIS flag in their yard, it’s ok because they have that “right” . Of course it is….cause were American.

      • Rich Raulerson

        So now Mexico is Isis, we are at war with Isis, not Mexico and when you say we, you must mean white, I’m sure you do.

        • Joe Thompson

          No. I am really unsure how to answer that “white” question as my mother is Hispanic, my grandmother from Spain. My father is from Georgia, so actually I am an American.

          • Rich Raulerson

            My family has been here for 200+ yrs. My ancestry is Irish- German and if I want to fly an Irish or German flag in MY front yard, I will. GOD bless America and my right to express and not you or any one else is going to take that away from me. And I reserve the right to give any one else the same freedoms, cause, whata ya know, this is America….

          • Joe Thompson

            Geez calm down Rich. As a Vietnam Veteran I and many generations before me served for your right to celebrate God, religion, and your freedom of speech. I am not about to take ANY rights away from you or care to. I have my opinion as do others including yourself. However, if I see an Isis flag, or some one desecrating the American flag, I will be on it as it is MY right to protest.

          • Rich Raulerson

            Agreed, I also was the army, I was not during war time, I must say. Thank you for your service Joe and if you didn’t see the post about the white thing, I apologize, I misunderstood your first post you made, it’s all good.
            Have a wonderful evening!

          • Rich Raulerson

            Sorry about the white thing, I misread your first post.

  • Joe Thompson

    I would encourage people to voice their opinion to the Real Estate company. If we don’t speak up then we have no one to blame but ourselves for letting this mess continue and remaining the silent majority if indeed we still ARE the majority.

  • Rich Raulerson

    Not one time, in that video, was anything mentioned about the Mexican woman being illegal or otherwise but, typical Americans put their on busy body, nosy notions into it as if it were gospel. Where do you people get the notion that you are any more free in this country than she is without knowing the whole story. You mean you just make it up as you go, that’s just great………

  • Rich Raulerson

    Oh, by the way, when she went into the woman’s yard without being invited, she was trespassing, that’s illegal…

  • Be The Example

    I noticed several people talking about race. You mean nationality. Nationality (the country you are from such as Mexico, Cuba, or Honduras) and ethnicity (your race meaning the color of your skin such as white, black, brown, or yellow) or different concepts. Race has nothing to do with nationality. If immigrants from other nations come to the United States to make a life and stay here, then they should be respectful of our country. They would not tolerate an American national going to their country and flying the American Flag. They would view it as a slap in the face and I feel they should have a little respect for us and not bite the hand that feeds.

    • Les K

      Mexicans and any type of hispanic is not known for their Respect. More for their disrespect and violence.

  • Charles Batchelor

    Time for a federal ban on flying any national flag of another nation except at embassies and historical monuments like those depicting all the flags flown over say Texas.

  • Les K

    This pisses me off, but on the same token, California was asking for it. They elected a governor who has said “Hispanics are allowed to come here Illegal or not. California also elected in Obama, the president who is capitulating to Mexico’s and every other foreign country’s whims and not turning back any illegals that come here.

    So while I feel sorry for the people who have to live there and put up with this garbage, the state as a whole has been asking for it in their voting.

  • ZaphodEpicurus

    You know why it offend her? Because the Mexican flag is offensive. Mexico is offensive. The flag of Mexico represents one party dictatorship, murder, corruption, socialism, peasant poverty, kleptocracy, and the denial of human rights.

  • Thomas Evans

    I have said this before, and I will say this again! There is nothing wrong with having racial pride! At least they were not displaying their flag above our American flag! All of these comments that I am seeing people calling Mexican people trash are uncalled for! What are you people thinking? Try taking this issue to the people that started this mess! You know the ones, that’s right! The government! The issue is not so much about someone trying to provide for his/her family! Complain to our government, the government that will NOT enforce the law on immigration! The government that harbors and aids the immigrants that are here illegally! The government that by NOT acting and enforcing immigration laws, that is by default commiting a felony by harboring illegal immigrants! But do not take the fight to these immigrants! You will be doing more harm to yourself and the rest of us! Americans need to band together, in massive numbers, numbers that cannot be ignored!

  • marian1877

    We all need to write to the company and complain. Make them give her job back with a raise. The more emails they receive complaining the better. We all need to stick together and let them know we feel the same as she did.

  • Whoda

    If I live in Florida, and fly a Texas State flag will she come to my house and Bitch at me??? If so she’ll learn new words.
    At the UN in New York they fly flags of all member nations on our soil.

  • Jessica

    They may have come to the US to begin a better life but why should they leave behind their culture & memories? If you had no choice but to leave everything that you know & love behind, you would also try to hold on to your traditions & remain loyal to your country. You, as Americans, wouldn’t throw away your loyalty just
    because you live elsewhere.

  • Tinaw1969

    It’s so sad! Southern California has become a mexican trash bin. Unbelievable that someone can be fired in this country for defending their country. This is NOT mexico you piece of trash Coldwell Banker! I hope you lose so much business over this! If you are not a part of this country and have no respect for it, then get the hell out of here! We don’t want you here!

  • S. Jackson

    I am highly offended at the fact that these foreigners come to my country, getting free handouts, then thumbing their noses at we Americans. If our government doesn’t get this straightened out, and by straightened out, taking care of our own people first, there’s going to end up being a war right here in the US.

  • Darryl Reynolds

    If they want to be Mexicans they need to go back to Mexico.

  • BusyMomOf7

    There ARE laws about flying flags. It IS illegal to fly a foreign flag without an American accompanying it AND higher than the foreign flag. Check your state statutes about the penalties for not obeying the proper protocol

  • Jon Weiss

    Guess I won’t be doing business with Coldwell Banker any time soon.

  • Dan Williams

    For this, I WILL NOT patronize Caldwell Banker. They have lost any possibility of me EVER being their customer. Remember the Alamo!

  • Miller Family

    I would sue the job. Let her go for feeling offended. Yet it is OK with them . Double standards. Start to pay up job, for letting her go. Ignorant people that you are.

  • Dana Baker Stokes

    I’m highly offended, too! I sent an email to the Coldwell Banker guy. Not that it will do any good…

  • steve

    Try flying a American flag in Mexico and see what happens. If you want to fly a Mexican flag then take your A– back to your third world country and stay there. I am tired of all this politically correct crap. This is the United States, love it or leave it. Respect our constitution, laws, get a job ,learn English and quit sponging of the system.

  • Johnathan Williams

    Voice your opinion ! CONTACT DAVE SIROTY ( Coldwell Banker media relations VP) Phone numbers: : (908)337-5865 & (973) 407-7199 EMAIL: david.siroty@coldwellbanker.com

  • Just my few thoughts

    Stop pointing Fingers. Face it, once here, we are Americans. Being proud of your ancestry is one thing but being told you have the Right to offend others is their problem not theirs

  • David F. Podesta

    Our government, that is to say the administration, not only tolerates this crap, but actively condones it. When the illegals complain about the American flag being offensive to them, it is removed. If we had a real president – not this fool, Obama, they would be told in no uncertain terms to leave if they are offended. Funny how our flag offends them but not the freebies. My question is, if their home countries are so great, why did they leave???

  • Tammy Krause

    If you let someone tell you no in regards to the American Flag you have no right to complain. Stop letting people to you no in regards to our flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter W Rieck

    If you want to fly the Mexican Flag, go back to Mexico! You left Your Country, to come here illegally, which makes You A criminal, now respect our Laws, and customs. Your flag offends Me!

  • Ron

    This country is going down fast. No respect for Patriotism.

  • Randy Young III

    The damn flag would have come down even if I had to pull it down myself.

  • BetseeRoss

    What discrimination? This IS the USA. Our flag is red, white and blue. Flying a foreign flag in place of or above the US Flag in this country is NOT ok. It is a slap in the face and disrespectful for anyone in this country, enjoying the benefits of living, here to do such a thing.

  • Jorge Loredo

    Ok people are saying that is a slap to the face whe flying another flag. but it’s ok for the country that you are so proud of to that in other countries,you folks need to get some common sense before saying anything that will come back and bite what you call your precious country that your defending in the ass

  • Philip Marinakos

    Offensive or not, in this country, you can fly whatever flag you want. Civil rights has trumped the need to feel nationalistic and, to some people, being able to fly the colors of your choice IS being nationalistic.

  • defend our country

    This world is so backward….we punish the one who lives in this country, who is defending our rights, our flag just so that an illegal mexican can fly hers proudly when that flag doesn’t even belong in this country.. how does this even sound right to anyone…now english has become a second language…we cater to them..they sneak over here and we give them rights when really we should be sending them back to the hole they came from..we don’t want them here…if they love mexico so much then why are you here living under our rights and freedoms and benefiting off of our resources. They take our jobs, collect food stamps, benefit off of our other goverment programs…hell they even take up our prison space by selling drugs and bringing gangs together commiting crimes…but we still allow them to fly their flag here proudly….our government makes me sick….

  • Grog61856

    This is SO screwed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet, if that frigging Mexican complained about her neighbor flying the American flag, the flag would have been ordered down and the Mexican hailed as a hero! This is totally disgusting. Coldwell Bankers needs to be sued! How is being offended an act of discrimination? They got it wrong!!!

  • NotOneOfThem

    It does little to discuss this at the bottom of a thread for a site called Top Right News – the people we have to convince are on the other side of this argument. Email Mr. Siroty at the address provided above and give him a short, thoughtful and polite response to his actions – do not be rude, insulting or abusive, as that does not further our cause. Perhaps choose to remind him that true freedom of speech does not just mean agreeing with everyone and “tolerating” everything – true freedom means being able to love what you want to love and accept, but also to dislike, even hate, that which you do not agree with, and to not tolerate – yes, be intolerant, a cures word to the Left – that which you do not want to tolerate. Fight the battle of mind with these leftist socialists where the battlefield truly is – in their own minds.

  • Chris Sky

    you cant fly an American flag…. but you can fly a Mexican flag… nuf said.

  • Lauren

    She was NOT out of line … the Stars and Stripes is supposed to be hung above any other flag … to show prominence … Capps was right … you want to fly another flag, then go back to that country the flag originates from … simple

  • lissmth

    Just go home and fly your flag in Mexico.

  • Christine Bodor

    Whatever you do on your property is none of my business as long as you re not breaking the law or hurting someone. For real ? This lady cut off her nose to spite her face…she blew it…she had no right doing what she did. VERY disrespectful…Im not Hispanic and I dont support open borders and what the prez is allowing. I think the entire illegal immigrant thing is just a plot to raise more revenue for the government. Ticket and site and sue $$$ is the only thing it can be about ! But when it comes to respect if youre not doing anything criminal we all deserve it no matter where we come from =)

  • Kevin

    I live in Jacksonville Florida in my neighborhood you will see flags of Italy, Ireland and NFL teams….who cares? I thought the best part of the United States is freedom. My father was born and raised here but we are Irish. I have an Irish flag I fly on St Patrick’s day. We have to stop hating on stupid stuff. It’s now not okay to celebrate your heritage?

  • SgtMac

    I am offended. I’ve never been offended before but I am going to start playing the same games these other idiots play. I am an American, I live in America, and I am a legal citizen. I am tired of feeling threatened by outsiders who get more voice, more rights, and more entitlements than I do. I am tired of working hard so others can use my tax money to coast through life. I serve this country, and the only flag that should be flown is our country’s flag. Any other flag is symbolic of an invasion…and it offends me!

  • The title of this article should be “local bussy body takes time out from measuring neighbors grass to harass a mexican elderly”

  • Norm Ash

    I don’t see the big deal. I’m an American and a veteran. If the neighbor is from Mexico and is a Mexican citizen, she has the right to fly the Mexican flag on her property. I see British flags flying at houses where the owners are from Britain. Get a life, lady, and stay out of your neighbor’s business! There’s such a thing as taking patriotism to the nth degree. You are only showing your ignorance and intolerance, one of the reasons that Americans are viewed with disdain in other parts of the world. Such arrogance and intolerance only divides people.

  • ElGuapo

    My first question would be: do YOU know that in the US I can fly whatever flag I want to? My second question would be: Do you know that you are on MY property?

  • ersgeobu

    Coldwell bank you can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  • carol

    What you (firing her!) have done is ridiculous! Ms. Tressy Capps in California is
    100% ABSOLUTELY!

    She was absolutely correct this is America not Mexico not Russia (her bosses name is Russian is why say this) David Siroty of Caldwell bankers..
    .and not any other foreign country nation…

    This is the United States of America we are not Mexico we are not a foreign nation!

    And you sir are so wrong!
    Maybe the IRS needs to look a little closer into you practice (s) or the FBI etc….

    Need to find out where this Caldwell Bankers etc place their money what countries do they support of not Americans?!!!?
    Just thinking out loud here.

  • Woody Nelson

    Nope she is right and I will do the same thing if that means I end up in jail.

  • Patty Glass

    What? Americans can’t be offended by this crap?? I am offended and if I ever have a chance to do business with Coldwell – I WON’T – they offend me.

  • John Michael Hutton

    How can this be discrimination? She’s flying a flag of another country indicating she supports the invasion of the United States by ILLEGAL MEXICAN ALIENS. And the lady asked her why she was flying the flag of a foreign country. HOw in the hell is that considered discrimination. I would have burnt the damn thing.

  • Sgt Stops

    While it is NOT against federal law, 17 states have prohibitions against flying flags other than the US flag. Tressy Capps was within her rights to do what she did. When we begin to respect the wishes of people over our constitutional rights, we are likely to lose them. However, she forgot that cowards retaliate in every way possible, and now her son suffers… this is shameful.

  • Lisa

    She has a valid point, this is America. Only the American flag should be flown here. I would be interested to know if there is any laws protecting our flag.

  • James Schuck

    Send them all back, no matter the expense. Send anyone who wants to defend their “right” to be here right along with them. They can have the choice of taking their anchor babies back with them or leaving them here and putting them up for adoption. It wouldn’t make much difference to the strained social services net since we’re probably supporting them anyway.

  • James Schuck

    Meanwhile a student in California is made to take down his American flag by his landlord because it might offend somebody. Send them all back and anyone who thinks as that landlord does right along with them.

  • Nic Oliver

    Only the American Flag should be flown in America! No other flag is to be above it, that is LAW! Time for people to stand up for America or get the hell OUT!!!

  • Let them fly the Mexican Flag. Our country allows them that freedom. Then we all know which house to burn down. Oh…Did I mention… Freedom comes with a price.

  • Elizabeth

    Wow..can’t believe the nerve of the lady to stop and complain to the
    homeowner. In America we celebrate freedoms, freedom of speech, many
    freedoms that other countries unfortunately do not have. I am proud to
    be an American. That is the homeowners right here in America to fly
    whatever flag she wants to. That is her choice. If she wants to plant
    crab grass instead of Johnson grass? That is her right. She does not
    have to check with her neighbors for approval. I was born and raised in
    Texas and as white as anyone can get, but that does not give me the
    right to disrespect anyone, even if I wanted to. Common courtesy and
    respect has quickly vanished, so sad. If I choose to fly any flag for
    any reason or purpose that I want, that is my right. It is not obscene,
    no obstruction of justice, and no harm to life. I think the lady that
    stopped to complain seriously forgot what America is about. If I have a
    neighbor that wants to fly a Russian flag, Finland flag, or
    whatever….that is their unique right. I will stand by the homeowner
    with the flag from Mexico. If I want to fly a flag of Mexico and I am
    not from Mexico but that is my choice, does that make it wrong? No, it
    does not. We are an America of culturally diverse and culturally unique,
    and celebrating our heritage is important. Anyone who can stand here
    and tell the homeowner that is not their right to fly a flag of their
    choice is surely a hypocrite, because you know darn well you will turn
    around and do things in your own life that you say are your own right
    because you live in America. I agree we do need to protect our borders,
    and we have a government that is working on providing security. We have
    folks from all walks of life within our borders that should all be
    treated with respect, and because of what America stands for going back
    to the constitution and what our forefathers created….not because you
    don’t like the flag that your neighbor flies.

  • nihonjin2005

    They should stay in mexico. why been so proud of a country that offer them nothing. They will never do this in Spain or in Argentina, flying a mexican flag. I dont see a chinese immigrant or Russian, or Indian, flying their country flag. We can stop this people and if i see someone near my presence, I will tell them like it is. The company that fire this woman for expressing herself about being offended by this insident is WRONG, they shoud get suit.why is ok for this iligals to feel offended by American flag and is not ok for us American to feel the same way.This is America not Mexico, and will never be..Go back to mexico and stay there. and take your socialist parasite group with you…..

  • Jack

    Mrs Capps was perfectly within her rights to convey her displeasure that the woman was flying the Mexican flag. She spoke in a respectful tone, and made no threat. It is ludicrous to find out she had been sanctioned for what she did. Things in this nation are terribly screwed up. What would happen to Mrs Capps is she flew th Stars and Stripes in Mexico? Something violent I bet

  • Jerry Perkins
  • Daffy2009

    It’s way past time to start mowing down Mexicans.

  • Chad Byrd

    I’m unemployed i have been for the last 9mo i have put i app,s in everywhere including jobs that no one else will do. And I’m more than qualified for all these jobs the only reason i’m not getting these jobs are because of the illegals i know of this because i have went back to these employers and the positions have been taken By the illegals so everyone that is sticking up for these people don’t because one day you will be in my shoes and then you will see what these illegals are doing to our beautiful country i really don’t have a problem with the illegals if they come over and become an American the right way and be an American at heart

  • Tony Pilcher

    Even though I think the people with the Mexican flag has a right to place it in their yard, I do not agree the woman should lose her job because of voicing an opinion that she is offended by it. This shows the hypersensitivity of business and how scared they are of these small special interest groups. Anyone in the area needs to step forward and express their displeasure with Coldwell Banker and tell them you do not agree with their fear of special interests.

  • This Is BS

    I find it humorous how latinos from every other part of central or south america refer to mexicans as ‘trash’

  • Rhaenys

    It saddens me that we live in a country that is too ashamed to let its legal citizens fly its own flag. It also saddens me that we allow people from other countries to fly their flags with the knowledge that they have broken our laws, stolen from the wallets of legal citizens paying taxes, and forced changes to our school systems. We are Americans. If you do not like the fact you are living in America, leave.

  • Ginny Singleton

    Shame on Caldwell Banker . Don’t they know our flag bows to no one .

  • Ivan Salis

    as teddy Roosevelt famously said –there is no “———- American”(fill in the —- blank with any word –Irish ,Mexican , African , ect,ect.) –there are only Americans of foreign decent …nothing is to be placed in front of being a American –or your not a American at all –just a foreign person living here , leeching off America and never meaning to be a real American

  • James c

    White is right

  • James c

    why is it that they have months and days to celebrate every other race but the moment somebody would mention A Caucasian History Month or day the s*** Would hit the van

  • Kevin Spy

    I never could understand why these third world rodents show so much loyalty to a country they fled from because it was so awful there. Filthy stupid Mexicans!

  • 19mad74

    Don’t ever list your property with Coldwell Banker!

  • Joanne Fern

    This too offends me as an native born american. We white people in California are the minority anymore. I joke about where I live is Northern Mexico. Just too many foreigners come to our country and work & live here but stay true to their country and pay no respect for the country they now call home, that welcomed them with open arms and gave them a better life from the country’s that they came from. They are very rude and disrespectful. I am disjointed with Coldwell Banker who fired her because she spoke her mind.They are the ones who are discriminating because she was fired for her feelings. What happened to FREE SPEECH. Now are the days that you can’t even let your feelings be known, because some one is going to put into your place. I will never do business with any business that is affiliated with Coldwell Banker. GOD BLESS AMERICA if YOUR ASHAMED OF AMERICA THAN GO BACK YOUR YOUR SO CALLED BELOVED COUNTRY.

  • Barbara Kingston

    IF you are going to live in the US, then abide by our laws and customs. You are now a US citizen behave like one and respect our history. You must cut ties and allegiance to your former country. The US has now become your home. Behave like it.

  • Jeffrey Maves

    Hey this is America. We can fly whomever flag we want. I choose the Stars & stripes and I also fly a United Nations, Gadsden and Israel flag. And screw anyone who tells me I shouldn’t.

  • Intellectuallywise

    This is cali and people are proud of their heritage. If you go to the south you’ll see WHITE people waiving confederate flags Why don’t you complain about those disability ridden burden on the system leaches on welfare.

  • scarlettny

    Ms. Capps is a hero in my book. These Mexicans offend me!!!!!!!!!!
    If you want to come to this country THEN YOU MUST ASIMLATE!! If you feel you can’t go back to Mexico and CLEAN UP YOUR DAMN COUNTRY. How dare you think it is ok, to fly the Mexican flag. Your flag should be burned immediately. OUR Government should put a stop to this. If we flew an American flag in Mexico would we end up like our Marine in prison? Ms. Capps thank you for being a true American

  • scarlettny

    We all need to write a letter or email Coldwell Banker Real Estate. How stupid is stupid. They fired the good lady for showing she is a true American. People if we could change Cosco, then we should be able to make Goldwell understand they have made a very serious mistake. Letters People, let them know firing Ms Capps was the wrong thing to do.

  • Korban Dallas

    Put them all into Internment camps, give them striped outfits, feed them baloney sandwiches. and live in tents, and t will still be better than life than that country filled with corrupt law enforcement, Drug Lords. and crooked Politiciians. Oh wait, theyre all the same.

  • larry1355

    So this shows that not all of the terrorist here are from ISIS. We keep allowing these other in and we will have another civil war here soon. The drug transporters are here and dangerous to our country…..so let’s register them to vote now…amnesty first right? we need more liberals here to destroy our country!

  • Meri Coury

    Seems a lot of the conversation has pulled away from the actual topic at hand: Do we feel this woman was justified in her approach to someone flying a Mexican flag in their front yard? Well, I for one, am frustrated that anyone can do just about anything they want so long as it’s anti-American and anti-Christian, the two things this country is supposed to be about. I don’t object to people flying their flag of nationality. What I object to is that AMERICAN’S aren’t allowed to do that, and they aren’t allowed to show their patriotism in a way that makes them stand out. If my kid was expelled for wearing an American Flag on their t-shirt, you can pretty much believe there would be a lawsuit slapped on that AMERICAN SCHOOL! We live in a “free society” because of sacrifices made by our veterans, but what so they get? No Respect! If someone wants to fly their flag in their front yard, I don’t care. But, if those same people expect this country to give them a free ride, then I do care. I also care if they are flying their flag above this country’s flag..and if this country’s flag isn’t flown in the proper format, i.e. right side up! The idea that we as Americans don’t want to “offend anyone” is ludicrous. If you come here and expect not to be offended by something you see on an advertisement, or hear on the radio or because of something someone is wearing then you don’t belong here. Since the woman flying her national country’s flag did not speak English speaks volumes more than her flying her flag in her front yard. It says she doesn’t respect this country or its customs or that she’s likely here illegally. Personally, if it were me, I’d likely have done the same thing mostly because of what the woman did realize: Confronting the person responsible for flying the flag had no respect for the country they were living in. And the fact that she lost her job over it proves that America has lost its respectability. Any employer that fires someone for speaking their conscience in a respectable manner is out-of-line. And the fact that she did on her own time is even more nuts, because what she does on her own time should be just that–her own time. But, she wasn’t being “racist”. She was being patriotic. She never said anything disrespectful to the woman she confronted..she just said what most of us already have been saying–have some pride in this country, where you live or leave.

  • Jono

    Not being offended is not a Constitutional right.

  • George Rhoads

    Everyone should boycott Coldwell Banker and put them out of business.

  • jcalex

    David Siroty would be a homeless man if any Americans worked in his office.but not!

  • Bratberley

    Funny this came up I had a neighbor here in AZ that was flying a MX flag and several time when I saw them out I was tempted to say something but hadn’t but about a month went by and it was replaced with an American flag!! I guess either someone else said something or he finally realized where he was living.

  • nora barraza

    im mexican american born in texas truth be told everyone here in the usa are and were illigal immigrants even your parents grandparents and so on this is native americans land that white folk stole from the native indians so no this is no ones land to be offended because it does not even belong to you this is suppose to be land of the free but noone is look up history and you will find out tat you are also an illegal thats my opinion and yes im also part native indian

  • Jon Weiss

    This is why I say “Bullshit” to every advocate for illegals, they claim that these people come to the U.S. for “a chance at a better life” but they insist on dragging the old life here with them.

    If you want a better life in the U.S., then leave the trappings of your failures behind, don’t come here and drag your failures with you into the U.S.

    If I see a Mexican Flag on U.S. soil I will piss on it.

  • Harry

    Your in America you have the right to fly any flag you want. It doesn’t stop rednecks in the south from flying the confederate flag. Doesn’t stop people in Boston from flying Irish flags. I fly a American flag and I Uk flag to remember were I came from. It’s no disrespect towards America. People get upset over nothing and thats what you guys are getting upset about.

  • Mike Senn

    Apparently Coldwell Banker only discriminates against English speaking, patriotic US Citizens, because we are the only ones left with no rights, yet are held accountable for everything.

  • David Dunn

    if I see one it will come down

  • American

    Im behind capps it is a shame that athorities appease illegals and radical islam

  • Trig Trigger

    you tube = Aztlan Rising

  • Shadrach

    You ought to see the comments this woman is getting on her youtube! Especially users Fremen Warrior and David Ayula. Those two guys really take the cake! I have been fighting against them and they just won’t quit!

  • barbara Vogelman

    She should move to Texas. We RESPECT the AMERICAN FLAG! I will PERSONALLY RIP IT DOWN if you DARE to post that ISIS LOVING Mexican flag!!!

    • c

      You are a moron

  • Marilyn Stern

    A friend recently said, “Muslims and Hispanics, legal and illegal, along with blacks, have been popping out babies in record numbers. Can you imagine the impact this will have on our society in the very near future?”

  • Jackie Stefanowicz

    We live in a truly fucked up world!! FU CALDWELL BANKSTER!!

  • Richard Cosby

    If you can’t respect and honor this nation, then you should return from whence you came!! Our national language is English!-not Arabic-not Spanish!! Learn the national language for any and all transactions &/or dealings both public and private, or GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!!!!

  • Mrs. Louise Adams

    Capps was out of line. She is lucky it was not my home. I would have punched her in the face and thrown her off of my property. I am sick to death of people who always have to have their stupid opinions about what somebody else wants to do. This goes for you people who love to start the DOMESTIC ADOPTION CRAP when someone chooses to not adopt from here. Capps should also be thrown in jail for 5 years for trespassing.

  • Kelly Thomas

    Maybe now she’ll keep her mouth shut. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Who cares if she’s offended. She didn’t deserve a response in english or any other language. She’s not paying the price – her son is. Leave it to you people to turn a thread about the Mexican flag into a rant on ISIS….

  • bee

    muck the fexican flag !
    Try flying the Red White & Blue in mexico & see what happens .

  • mccrevasse

    I am offended by this rag flying in my country.I apologize to the “AMERICAN” who spoke up, and stood up for OUR COUNTRY!!!!

  • TrueGrit

    The Mexican flag sickens me and other American’s ,they’ve did absolutely nothing for America and they have to escape that third world place of there ‘s to make money and live better. How can they celebrate a failed socialist country like the dirty corrupt one that they are running away from. We don’t celebrate the failures of mexico here and we don’t want to ever see any foreign flags on our soil. It’s time to set fire to those Mexican flags where ever they are placed. If I was there I ‘d sure fire that one up!!

  • MsJan1955

    I wrote David Siroty of Coldwell Banker informing him that I would drop Coldwell Banker as the manager of my rental property if he doesn’t reinstate this woman. You all should do the same. I’m going to find out who the corporate CEO is and send them a letter too.

  • steve

    Totally out of line since it was in someone else’s yard. Just because a person speaks Spanish or is from Mexico does not mean they are automatically illegal. She needs to STFU and mind her own business…However, those assholes flipping old glory upside on that pole should be taken somewhere and shot….Protesting enforcement of illegal immigration law? Seriously? They should not even be in the United States.

  • tammy

    It is a wonder she got out alive. Ontario is a nice town but 99% illegal Mexicans. I visited the one white person who lives there LOL and met many nice people, but most spoke very little English. English is not the local language.

  • Jim Monk

    Take it down,or get the hell out of America!

  • c

    all of your racist remarks make me embarrassed to be an American. One of the things that makes this country great is the fact that anybody has the right to fly any flag they want. All of you better hope that one day they don’t decide to get rid of the stupid people.

  • c

    Shame on this site for promoting racism and hatred…you all should be ashamed….but you are too ignorant

  • Sparkitus_Maximus

    We have pigs in the wh.

  • Braveheart

    She needs to file a major lawsuit against the real estate company – take it all the way to the Supreme Court if she has to.

  • Byron Shutt

    Coldwell Banker….Coldwell Banker, Coldwell Banker…..Don’t forget when you are choosing a realtor.

  • Connie Lee

    Agreed, and I am offended by Coldwell Bankers also…

  • bubba2001

    No more “talking.”
    Time to go gun shopping.

  • Joseph Kiesznoski

    Burn it

  • mary witte

    Coldwell Banker,the discriminated against her for defending her country and flag, why are the businesses in this country so afraid to support American’s who stand up for their country. They should be ashamed of what they did

  • 1TSMommy

    “…millions of Mexicans, mostly illegal, are invading their state and do not think of themselves as Americans, but Mexicans?They ARE Mexicans! And this is NOT right! I hate that Obama is doing this to our country!

  • Bob Jakubowski


  • dasher

    If you want any chance to see things change, first you must go and vote in November, people. And for goodness sakes, mark November 2016 as the date when American puts a halt to this eight-year nightmare of Obola and his crew turning the country over to illegal aliens, welfare cheats, thugs, race baiters, and Middle Eastern terrorists and their sympathizers.

    The so-called VISION is truly a NIGHTMARE. We enabled this; now we must correct it.

    In the meantime, BESIEGE your representatives with angry correspondence. Remind them that they work for US!

    November 2016. We may not get another chance.

  • SickandTired

    Assimilate or GTFO!! Comprende?!!

  • jeremyjanson

    People need to learn their place. You’re her employer, not her priest, and if it doesn’t directly affect your company or her ability to do her job, it’s none of your business! Maybe we should boycott Coldwell Banker for thinking that having a little bit of money gives them and their friends the right to tell us what to do!

  • Take Back AMERICA

    Well thank you Coldwell for showing all America HOW MUCH you Care about your own Country. But that’s good because now I will never use you to sell my house or to bank with you . take your company and move to Iraq. All Americans should ban using these MORONS IN COLDWELL you should have more people working for you like that great American you FIRED !!! What a trash company ,

  • Pam Cromer

    I see nothing wrong in what she did it is her right to voice her opinion. I would not call this discrimination, she is right this is America.

  • Sally

    This is a great example ignorance which clearly leads to intolerance. I would bet that this lady has never explored another culture through travel. Seems like the Mexican neighbors have one upped her.

  • swimdad1

    I saw this on kcal9 and the woman that got upset is right. She should not have been fired and her son being bullied is a load of crap. Those people with the Mexican flag do not want to assimilate, they just want the free handouts.

  • NukeWaste

    I would have burned the Mexican flag. A good squirt of lighter fluid and a barbeque lighter. Problem solved.

  • Maynard

    When I need real estate help I’ll certainly avoid Coldwell Banker because of their racism against this American woman who is proud of her country and is offended by this wet back who flaunts the flag of Mexico. I am absolutely fed up with these ass kissing politically correct creeps.

  • Jeromy Foberg

    So let me get this straight. It is not okay for people from Mexico to fly the flag of their country in America? Are you willing to say that to the Irish, the Italians, and all other people who live in this country who fly the flag of their nationalities on their own properties? Go ahead. Come to Federal Hill in Providence, Rhode Island. Or The Fifth Ward of Newport, Rhode Island. Knock on the door of one these people flying their flag. Say what is being said here. I dare you.

  • Beth Serotte

    Rude ***** got what she deserved.

  • birdbrain2

    Just think they can fly the mexican flag and go to the DMV and get an illegal drivers licence. Maybe our stupid governor will sell california to mexico. What about Gov. is california for sale?

  • renegade

    So the final paragraph states the frustration many Californian feel about the invasion of many Mexicans. Maybe we should stop and ask the how the original Mexicans felt about the invasion of Americans to California. After all, I don’t think Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, etc etc are actually original English words from the English language.

  • kmh110

    Seriously? Who cares what kind of flag they fly in their front yard? Drive through my neighborhood and you see American flags, Confederate flags, rival Football team flags, flags with flowers or holiday decorations on them. It’s a flag. How is that offensive?

  • Rob Smith

    Yea, if you want to a Mexican then STAY DOWN THERE! If you want to be an American, learn our laws and language and then for pity sake, BE PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN! It’s that simple, your either one or the other.

    You can’t be a Mexican-American or an African-American nor Chinese-American or Whatever-American, no! Once you take the oath and become a LEGAL citizen then you are an American PERIOD! End of statement, no ifs, ands or buts about it, you are either Mexican, Chinese, African OR YOU ARE AN AMERICAN! Now then, if I’ve insulted anyone in the making if my point then I am truly sorry but it needed to be made.

    I love all nationalities because of the immense cultures that every one of them has. I believe that you should indeed have pride in who you are and in the good things that you bring over with you but just show some love to your new home too and fly the colors of your home country.

    If it’s in America, fly Ol’ Glory. 🙂 If living in Mexico, fly the Mexican flag… Don’t insult the inhabitants of a nation by flying a foreign flag.

  • Kathy Leary

    Well, Coldwell Banker just lost any business I might have had with a real estate company! The illegal alien (I feel sure that they are) should be sent back to hell to Mexico. I am just sick of this kind of crap! And shame on you Coldwell Banker!

  • Beverly Evans

    No they need to get the hell out of our Country. Take the rest of the illegal aliens with them

  • Misty Sue Roads

    Maybe she should fly a Mexico flag….. upside down, under the American flag.

  • pastrami

    I’m not much for boycotts, but doing any busness at all with Coldwell-Banker is completely off the table for me. Not gonna happen. Their employees have a right to their political actions and opinions, and their freedom of speech. Telling them what they can or cannot say in public is about as un-American as it gets.

  • Rboo

    They are not just invading California, thanks to Obama, they are invading our entire country. They are illegal, flying their mexican flags, a great number of them are criminals and gang members. The ones that are not on welfare, that do work, send their money back to Mexico. Money from illegals here in America is their biggest cash intake in Mexico, since obamas been in office 44 billion dollars.

  • Rboo

    I think you’re in the wrong place!

  • catfood

    civil war sooner or later , its the only way to get rid of the mexican filth.

  • catfood

    Diversity is great for all except legal Americans , We have to eat the crap from these stink hole invaders that don’t want to be American , They overload this country with their BS culture garbage.

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