Woman Complains on Video to a Neighbor Flying the Mexican Flag – And Pays a Big Price For It


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

A California woman has paid a big price for confronting her neighbor about flying a Mexican flag in their front yard.

Local activist Tressy Capps was upset after seeing the foreign flag in her neighbor’s yard and recorded the exchange she had with them, later posting it to YouTube, according to KCAL9.

In the video, Capps can be heard asking the homeowner, who doesn’t speak English, if it’s a Mexican flag in their front yard.


“You know we live in America right? This is the United States. So, why are you flying a Mexican flag in your front yard?” she is heard asking the woman.

Capps confronts the woman a third time after not getting a reply, saying, “This is America. Maybe you can move to Mexico if you want to fly your Mexican flag. Does that make sense?”

Capps said that the Mexican flag offends her, which is why she said something.

Well for “saying something” she has paid a big price: she lost her job. Capps was fired from an independent contract she had with a real estate company, Coldwell Banker.

“We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind,” David Siroty of Coldwell Banker Real Estate said in a statement. If you disagree, you can contact Mr. Siroty via email here.

And she has also received multiple death threats, according to a police complaint Capps filed.  Capps also said her son is now being bullied at his school over the incident.

Silly lady, doesn’t she realize she now lives in Mexifornia?

Of course this wasn’t the first time the Mexican flag has featured prominently in controversy in the Golden State.

At Montibello High School in 2007, in a “protest against enforcement of illegal immigration laws,” Mexican students forced down the U.S. flag and hung it upside down under a Mexican flag…

And of course the 9th Circuit Court last week outrageously upheld a prior ruling that Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill could ban students from wearing American flag shirts at school to “prevent violence” from Mexican gang member students at the school.

The local affiliate KCAL had a more detailed report on the matter.

Another neighbor, Bill Simmons, said that he drives by every day and has not once seen an American flag flown there…until of course a news reporter showed up.

What do you think? Was Capps out of line? Or was she expressing frustration that many Californians feel — that millions of Mexicans, mostly illegal, are invading their state and do not think of themselves as Americans, but Mexicans?

Let me know in the comments below.


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