Woman Catches Police Officer Doing Something on Side of Busy Road That Compels Her to Take a Picture


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

A woman was driving on a busy Kansas City road when she saw something that made her slow down and take notice.

On the side of the road Debbie Davis saw an police motorcycle. Then she saw the officer, who was sitting in the grass, with two dogs.

He was petting and playing with the canine companions.

It turns out the two young dogs had escaped from a family’s yard the night before and were cold and frightened by the many passing cars. The officer, who could have simply called animal control for two “stray” dogs, Davis told Fox4kc News, instead went above and beyond the call for his furry friends, staying with them for over an hour until the Humane Society arrived.

She was so touched by his willingness to go the extra mile for these dogs that she took a photo and posted it to Facebook where the image has since gone viral.

“It’s over and above for anyone. It’s cold. Most people wouldn’t look twice at some dogs running around.”


The post reads:

“Saw these two this morning on the off ramp to 75th street northbound 71highway. Both were laying with the Kc cop until someone could get out there to pick them up. Husky had red collar. Couldn’t see collar on fuzzy black dog. Hopefully someone recognizes them!”

The police officer, declined to go on record with his name.

We admire his humility, and salute his kindness.

Watch the full Fox 4 KC report here:


[h/t Fox4KC, IJR]

  • Keith

    We need some good stories about police these days

    • Sherry

      Keith – if you haven’t found the I Love Bloodhounds FB page, you might be interested! Just sayin’ (fellow BH owner)

      • Sherry

        BTW – that’s a nice looking dog!

      • Keith

        I will take a look, thanks. My avatar is Amos my five year old male.

  • Sana Maelhorn McGhee

    Just proves that the police do wonderful things! NOT ALL COPS ARE BAD, but good deeds aren’t very newsworthy.

    • MariasHTaylor

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      • John

        SPAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!! GO GET A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Batman

          Maybe thats their job lol

  • Herman Vogel

    More of this and LESS of the Youtube Haters…Please.

  • Kachina

    When so many Officers are shooting our family pets this Officer saved them. Bravo~!

  • Not Ray Cist

    this just in from al sharpton ” we are reviewing the issue. its apparent the police officer beat the black dog and snuggled with the white dog.” we are waiting for the black dogs side of the story.

    • JamesJMullens

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    • keepitreal

      LOL +1

  • Martin Ellacott

    I’m no lover of the Police, but one must give credit when it is due…..Well done, sir.

    • libsmakemelaugh

      Typically those who despise the police are the dregs of sciety.

      • illegalgarbagegohome

        No, not at all.

        • libsmakemelaugh

          Every time.

      • Batman

        Nay I say… I am a law abiding citizen and I do not enjoy the police. I believe they are a corrupted fraternity hell bent on power and control… But every now and then you get one that bends the stereotype such as this man and the officer in Wausau Wi who bought a homeless man a jacket boots and socks because he looked cold. Once in a while is hardly enough to change the opinion of the masses though. More of these guys and less of the ones who flash bang babies and punch subdued teens in the head.

        • libsmakemelaugh

          You need therapy or an education. Millions of arrests are made and tens of millions of people have contact with the police every year. I am confident to say that the amount of arrests requiring force and the negative daily interactions with police is probably less than .001%.

          Your theory is bs

  • June Smith

    You can tell the true heart of a man by the way he treats his dogs (or someone else’s)

  • Jacklyn Siegrist

    I don’t like how they keep saying the dogs were cold……….I have a pair of huskies and I guarantee that husky was not even close to being cold!

    • ijeffreyi

      Thank you. I had a Malamute as well. These dogs have 2 layers to them, can withstand 50 below temperatures. They love the cold.

      • Bryan Bell

        I think the point of mentioning how cold it was – was to stress how big of the officer it was to sit with the stray dogs until they could be retrieved….not so much about how cold the dogs were.

  • Mark Netti

    But that’s a black dog, somebody call Obama,Sharpton and Jackson. LOL 🙂 Thank you for stopping and taking care of mans best friend

  • Happy

    It’s nice to see the human side of one in uniform once in a while.

    • Susi

      It would also be nice to see regular citizens have a human side as well.

  • Alex

    So we’re praising people for basic human decency? Have we strayed that far off?

    • jabney8

      Yes we have.

    • common-sense-needed

      A shame isn’t it.. ?
      Nice to see someone recognized this act of kindness.
      Instead all we hear on MSM is bad stuff..
      Made my day.. .- dog lover / owner here..

  • Tim

    my .. browse this site.­.­­.­­Re­ad M­­o­re

  • george

    He’s on the clock, might as well play with dogs. Saved a few people from getting tickets.

  • Don Whitehead

    I agree, it is pretty awesome, but why is it so hard to believe that a police officer would pet a dog? My god people, you may not believe it but not all cops hate black people or use excessive force or take advantage of their authority! Believe it or not, they are just like everyone else….except they choose to protect others for a living…something it seems many have forgotten.

  • Beau Jarrell

    Very cool.. Wish evreyone saw our men in uniform the same way,, I thank god everyday for the protection we have had over the past 200+ years,,, MIGHT be coming to an end and BREAKS MY HEART to know my grandchildren will have to live in a ROTTEN WORLD if it does.

  • freedomseaker1 .

    AWESOME story, What a great officer!

  • rachelbrent

    You people who say they hate police are out of your cotton picking minds, oh excuse me, they might want to use that as a racial slur, people try to use everything else. All those people will be the first to call for help, if anything happens.

  • BaiterHater

    That’s in Missouri….is he abusing that black dog? Where are the race baiters….they will say the white dog got to lay around while the cop molested the black one…..lol! Seriosly, great for that cop, kudos for his soft heart and care for the poor doggies…

  • morg

    What is happening today is beyond my comprehension. Our police of both races react to how they are treated. They have a difficult job and should be treated with respect. They are the authority on the site. They have been vested with this authority for a reason. If you have a good attitude, it is amazing how they can and will help you. I am from Georgia but this extends to upper NY State. They are just people, doing their best to perform a public service…

  • Korban Dallas

    Al Sharpton is screaming racism because the officer petted the non black dog 57x’s whereas he only petted the black dog 50x’s. Before hearing the details Predident O’Vomit called the officer stupid. All the Ferguson Blacks are wearing t-shirts that read, “Paws Up, Don’t be a brute”.

  • Antigreen2008

    Not sure why so many people have a problem with the police, I’m 50 years old and have had very few problems with the Police. The times I did, I was doing something wrong but have always had the sense not to fight a State or City run paramilitary. What would society do without a police force, be happy we have the right to Sue them when it’s warranted.

  • Dey Jose

    deserves a blue ribbon

  • Chris

    I think they go above and beyond everyday they put on their Badge!

  • reunion1

    Good man! He did the right thing, but I think he’d know that if those pooches strayed on to the highway there could be carnage. I too had a Samoyed, she only ever ran off once, several inches of snow fell overnight, she was so excited that she just ran and ran for miles! A farmer reported to the police, we rang them and they told us where to collect her.

  • OMG ?media

    Challenge for all news media – Provide Weekly and monthly postings by state (city) of the number of drive by shootings, any killings in general, ages and race (race of killer and victim). Hmmmm. too big of a challenge or just don’t want to face the facts or post them!!

  • Brenda Brands

    Sharpton is a total SOB

  • bobby morgan

    this reminds me of rodney king the police were trying to swat the african killer bees off of him they really saved his life he did not even thank them


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