Woman Catches Police Officer Doing Something on Side of Busy Road That Compels Her to Take a Picture


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

A woman was driving on a busy Kansas City road when she saw something that made her slow down and take notice.

On the side of the road Debbie Davis saw an police motorcycle. Then she saw the officer, who was sitting in the grass, with two dogs.

He was petting and playing with the canine companions.

It turns out the two young dogs had escaped from a family’s yard the night before and were cold and frightened by the many passing cars. The officer, who could have simply called animal control for two “stray” dogs, Davis told Fox4kc News, instead went above and beyond the call for his furry friends, staying with them for over an hour until the Humane Society arrived.

She was so touched by his willingness to go the extra mile for these dogs that she took a photo and posted it to Facebook where the image has since gone viral.

“It’s over and above for anyone. It’s cold. Most people wouldn’t look twice at some dogs running around.”


The post reads:

“Saw these two this morning on the off ramp to 75th street northbound 71highway. Both were laying with the Kc cop until someone could get out there to pick them up. Husky had red collar. Couldn’t see collar on fuzzy black dog. Hopefully someone recognizes them!”

The police officer, declined to go on record with his name.

We admire his humility, and salute his kindness.

Watch the full Fox 4 KC report here:


[h/t Fox4KC, IJR]


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