Willie and Korie Robertson Introduce New Adopted Daughter


Newest ‘duckling’: Rebecca Robertson, second from left next to new Mom Korie.

The January 15 season five premiere of A&E’s Duck Dynasty will introduce to the world a new Robertson. This year fans will get to know Willie and Korie Robertson’s adopted daughter Rebecca.

Of course, we all know that Phil Robertson is the head of the Duck Dynasty family. His sons, also major characters in the TV show, are Alan, Jason, Willie and Jeptha and we’ve gotten to know most of these folks and their own families.

But one member of the extended Robertson family has not been much in the spotlight: Willie and Korie’s adopted daughter Rebecca. But this year, that will change.

Rebecca is a 24-year-old girl who originally came to Willie and Korie’s household as an exchange student from Taiwan. But the couple fell in love with the girl and took her in as one of their own, according to the Christian Post.

Willie and Korie have a history of adoption. The couple’s other children, John, Sadie and Bella are Willie’s biological children. But son little Will was adopted at birth. All these children have been on the show at one point or another.

And now big sister Rebecca will join the cast.

To make her announcement, Rebecca added a post to her blog saying: “Welcome to the Duck & Dressing blog! It’s a new year and just wanted to start a new adventure so that maybe I can share some of the fun behind the scenes stuff that goes on around the store and also share some of the styles that we are featuring. We’ve been working around the clock getting the store running but we’ve been having some fun too!”

Korie describes herself as a “Mom to four awesome kids plus a sweet exchange student who became ours. Love my big family. Thankful. God is good.”

The new season is set to be the most popular yet, as the family has been in the spotlight a lot recently building up to the new season. Phil Robertson was “indefinitely suspended” by A&E recently after he stated in an interview that he believed homosexuality is sin. He referred to the Bible, and made some comments that the family later admitted were coarse, but which they also said they generally supported.

As soon as Phil made the comments, GLAAD and other gay activist groups rallied to call for A&E to drop the Duck Dynasty show from the network. The network gave in soon after and suspended Phil Robertson.

However, that suspension caused an even greater outcry from fans of the show, with hundreds of thousands signing online petitions calling for his reinstatement, many of whom said they would boycott A&E for its treatment of Phil.

Just nine days later, the A&E network caved in and reinstated Phil Robertson, and confirmed the entire family would be back together when filming restarted in spring 2015.

The 5th Season of Duck Dynasty of course has already been filmed and will be airing from January 15, 2014.

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