Wikileaks Just CRUSHED Obama by Exposing the Truth About His Wiretapping…

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Just as the entire liberal media has gone to war against Trump’s accusations of Obama spying, WikiLeaks just joined the fight on his side…dropping a major bomb in a tweet.

The tweet stated that, “Obama has a history of tapping and hacking his friends and rivals” — and reminds lazy journalists exactly who were targets of Obama’s spying.

It lists various incidents of NSA spying on world leaders including UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former French President Nicholas Sarkozy.

This is why Obama wanted Hillary to win the election. It’s not because he likes Hillary. He knew all of his crimes would come to light. 

Read the Wikileaks report in full here.

The fact that Obama spied on NATO ally Angela Merkel has already been previously confirmed.

When it was disclosed it caused a huge rift with Germany.

Yet the Democrat Media is shocked — SHOCKED! — that Trump would dare even suggest Obama spied on him — even though his aggressive attempts to do so were well-documented by the New York Times, which is now backpeddling to try and deny their own report.

Thankfully, Trump doesn’t care what the media thinks, and will take his war on the Obama traitors right to the American people.

And now it looks like Wikileaks is getting in on the action….a very bad sign for Obama, Jarrett and the rest of the “shadow government” traitors.


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