White Marine Brutally Beaten by Black Mob, In Apparent ‘Revenge’ Attack for Ferguson


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

A White former Marine suffered a severe brain injury after a group of Black men beat him at a Mississippi restaurant in an apparent ‘revenge’ attack for the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Ralph Weems and his friend David Knighten were at a West Point Waffle House Saturday morning around 1am. Weems was already inside the resturant when Knighten was approached by another patron who said the men should leave since a group of Black diners were “upset by the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and it wasn’t a safe place for whites,” Knighten told the Associated Press.

When Knighten went in to check on his friend, he found Weems already involved in an nasty argument with the Black men over the Brown incident.

Racial slurs were shouted at both men and police were called to the scene, but no physical contact had yet been made. After police had seemingly restored order, Weems and Knighten left the Waffle House and went to eat at a second restaurant, Huddle House, which had few patrons inside at that late hour, according to the AP.

However, a group of Black men had followed Weems and Knighten to Huddle House where they resumed shouting racial slurs at the White men, pushed Weems to the ground and began kicking him in the head repeatedly, said Knighten.

Police did not arrive until at about 2am after the crowd who beat Weems fled on foot.

Weems was taken to North Mississippi Medical Center, where his injuries were so severe that he had to be put in a medically induced coma following brain surgery from injuries sustained during the beating by the enraged mob.

Police were investigating who attacked Weems, and whether they were the same crowd who confronted him at the Waffle House.

To make this horrible story even worse, the police are not even investigating the incident as a “hate crime” but just an “assault,” according to the police’s press release posted by local news station WCBI.

Police spokesperson said: the attack “does not appear to be a hate crime.”

Um, what?

To imagine how insane that statement is, just reverse “Black” and “White” in the story above, and imagine how quickly Al Sharpton and Eric Holder would be on a plane to Mississippi. This is just despicable.

We are praying for the recovery of this brave Marine.

  • OhOhSayCanYouSee

    Plain and simple? It was a hate crime by a group of Racist Thugs. Any questions?

  • Crazed Monk

    I love how if I got in a fight with a black man no matter what its instantly a hate crime, but a black mob can beat a white man nearly to death and its not a hate crime. Thank you liberals

    • Peter

      Only if you won the fight, if he won then its just assault

      • Ronnie Turner

        “Isolated incidence”

        • markvacc1

          Incident or incidents, not incidence.

          • Ronnie Turner

            noun: incidence; plural noun: incidences
            the occurrence, rate, or frequency of a disease, crime, or something else undesirable.

          • Ronnie Turner

            Didn’t realize the internet was Grammar class now, but I stand corrected. This one is often confused. You get an apple next class.

          • Ronnie Turner
          • Michael O’Brien

            Great Link Ronnie 😛

          • Ronnie Turner

            Nice, relaxing screensaver!

          • Richard Verrall Shorthouse

            “dnftt” DO NOT FEED THE TROLL

          • Ronnie Turner

            I knew I should have majored in grammar all those years back. I would not be in this mess now if I had. The grammar police have me where they want me. How will I ever live this down?

          • Will Phoenix

            Honestly? I always give more weight to posts that are well-written. Sorry. I used to work as an English teacher so I guess you’ll have this sometimes lol Do you know how hard it is to not mention the guy below who typed “their” when he meant “they’re”? LOL

          • Roadchaser

            You failed to write IMO.

          • Will Phoenix

            You’ve mistaken me for someone who indulges in all that text shorthand. I will give you “LOL” but beyond that– no thank you. It should be a given that it was my opinion.

          • Ronnie Turner

            May I caution you on your sentence structure while we’re at it? I noticed you omitted a period after “lol”. Please be cognizant of spacing between sentences as well. Won’t we all be happy when the world is perfect? LOL

          • Will Phoenix

            Very good. You don’t know me but at times I intentionally include one mistake to make sure people are paying attention. Any perceived error in spacing I blame on this software. I am not sure the “textspeak” deserves a period or anything else but that is my personal bias.
            Sadly, i am not sure any of it even has a set of official rules. if you (I personally believe anyone who reads anything I write regarding English deserves to catch a “typo” simply for paying attention. It is not an exciting subject.)

            I don’t expect perfect. I just want people to write in such a way that it keeps me focused on the topic–much as my reference to grammar kept you focused to the point where you even looked for my missing period. Thanks for playing along with me! (There is one mistake in this post too if you wish to play again.)

          • Michael O’Brien

            Go play with yerself like all the other days 😛

          • John Grey

            Why did you leave the comma out between the words me and but?

          • Ronnie Turner

            Of course that’s how this discussion started. I intentionally misspelled or rather misused the word “incidence” just to see if you was paying attention. If you don’t buy that, of course I can always say that the smart software program made the mistake. What? No comma before “but”?

          • Michael O’Brien

            Give more Weight ? Because CNN is watching what you give Weight to ? Perfect writing is the result of demented, perfectionist thinking. It also has no relation to intelligence . http://goo.gl/QguZN3

          • Will Phoenix

            Thanks for the link to the hilarious editorial. I loved it. I was sucked in until the mention of rap music and of course the disclaimer cinched it.

          • OlMichaelJ

            Grammar is extremely important no matter where you are. It’s the difference between feeling your nuts and feeling you’re nuts. It can save lives. For example: Let’s eat Grandma vs Let’s eat, Grandma. 🙂

          • Ronnie Turner

            Shouldn’t an abbreviation such as vs. for versus be followed by a period? Just Saying.

          • Michael O’Brien

            No, Grandma was beating off the indians !
            & pleeze stop feeling my nuts

          • LlarryLLama

            she probably beat off a few blacks too.

          • Will Phoenix

            To be fair, at my age I can get away with both “Grandma” statements. lol

          • Cid Campeador


          • law-abiding citizen

            You got to be a pos liberal.

        • bluenoser

          Isolated… yeah for that hour, but there’s a story or video daily on black on white crime/beatings and it’s getting tiresome… but whites are the racists , yeah sure !

        • Wendy Lee

          It is not an isolated incident

        • Jose-0311-usms


      • Keith Alan West

        isn’t this Ferguson isolated? I live in small town Nebraska and we have a few black families and Ive NEVER seen anyone make racist remarks towards them nor do they towards whites…its all how U are as a person, not the neighborhood, the cop, or your neighbor, stop feeling sorry for yourselves..>I did grow up in LA where I was a minority and picked on…U don’t see me crying about it now

      • Jose-0311-usms

        5 TO 10 AGAINST ONE ?? COWARDS.

      • Jose-0311-usms


    • John W. Kerr

      They will never do that to a marxist liberal as the cowards would agree and cower then assist in beating the whiteman!

    • Bobby Yagla

      This. Seriously. It’s never a hate crime even if they are screaming at the top of their lungs that they hate us while beating us into a coma. This is one of the many reasons we should all be coming together don’t you know?

    • GCG8688

      Isn’t it amazing how tough they are when their in a group. Reminds me of a friend who was beaten by a group of blacks when he was in the service. He made note of all the faces when going down and introduced himself one on one, after recovery, and payed them back.

      • Jose-0311-usms


    • Tom M.

      Thank yourself. You’re the one who puts up with it.

      • Realist

        What do you suggest he do about it?

        • get real

          conceal and carry : it is the best thing in the world this day.. I always have a .380 or my 9 with me no matter where I go. I wish some group of hopped up monkies would jump me.

          • Realist

            I agree… But I think you missed the original post. Crazy Monk thanked the liberals for the hate crime double standard and Tom said “thank yourself because you’re the one who puts up with it.” Call me crazy but I doubt you’re concealed carry is going to alter an idea.

          • get real

            no, not at first.. but when more and more people start defending themselves properly and stop being victims depending on an over used, undermanned police force, I would be willing to bet my life that the animals will stop attacking randomly when they hear every time one decides to act up he got blown away.

        • Tom M.

          What do you think he’d like to do about it?

          • Realist

            It’d be a safe bet to assume there’s a whole bunch of things he’d like to do about it… Along with the rest of us patriots who have been nearly pushed past a breaking point. But what do YOU suggest he do about the liberals hate crime double standard as opposed to “putting up with it”.

  • DonM

    This is getting to be disturbingly more and more prevalent.

    • copywriter111


  • Ted

    Damn, Marines, next time have your legal firearm and permit with you and send them all 6 feet under. This was a HATE CRIME and Sharpton, Jackson and Leftwing whites don’t care about you.

    • copywriter111

      Sharp ton and Jackson are instigating ass holes.

      • Rhgates

        They should be held accountable for inciting violence.

        • copywriter111

          Without question and if true held to the maximum penalty the law allows.

      • Richard Verrall Shorthouse


        • bruno64

          looks like an inverted nipple

    • Reil Parker

      Actually, in Mississippi, it is now legal to openly carry, so no permit necessary. Which is why I am kind of stunned that this happened here of all places

    • Braveheart

      In Ole Miss they don’t need a permit so long as the firearm is exposed. Where I live, in AZ, you don’t need a permit to carry concealed, so long as you are of age, a U.S. Citizen, not a convicted felon and not a druggie or alkie.



  • Jack

    Whites, arm yourselves, it is your right to protect yourself from these ignorant, worthless savages.I carry anytime I leave my home, and if blackie wants to jump me, bring it on..I got something for you.

    • copywriter111

      Two thumbs up. And some defensive training!

    • ccw1911

      I am forced to agree with your statement Jack. What a sad statement that is about the state of affairs in our country. And I carry every time I walk out the door.

      • Rhgates

        Even sadder thought, can you imagine the MSM headlines?

        “White veteran shoots multiple black men at Huddle House”.

        It would make the Ferguson officer look like he’s got it easy. Sad time for our country.

        • Vonstaad

          The real headlines would read:

          “Warmongering WHITE racist marine shoots a group of young unarmed African-Americans who were simply enjoying some tasty waffles while discussing possible solutions to the nation’s racial inequalities.”

          MSN reached out to Rev. Al Sharpton for comment, but was told the Reverend was allergic to white people and would not be involved.

    • Thomas Kane

      I guess this so called knockout game where black thugs attack white people isn’t a hate crime either! I carry anytime I leave my house also!

    • danl

      As more and more of these incident come up, more and more whites that are normally on the sidelines on these issues will start to carry weapons because they fear this will happen to them and maybe even when they are with there family. The race baiters Will have plenty more incidents to work with.

    • Brenda C Plourde

      you are a racsist….it takes both sides to remain in control calling them names only opens your true colors grow up an stop being a racsist, if your not helping the problem your making it worse

      • Bill-D

        You are an id!ot. Married to a Black or have a Black “baby daddy”? Foolish tool.

    • Gavin Smith


    • Richard Verrall Shorthouse

      Pass Nationwide “Open Carry” that’ll throw a wrench in the works

    • Bill-D

      12 gauge Mossberg pump with 22 in barrel. Bad medicine for mad dog animals.

  • Gary Atwood

    Why is it that if 12 white man hits an ‘African american’ he’s a racist, and commited a ‘race’ crime. But a gang of blacks can beat a white man nearly to death and it’s ‘just’ a simple assault. Just where is the racism here?

    • copywriter111

      I am for lynching the perpetrators. America has become something it was never intended to be. Steps back are required. The black must be held accountable.

      I respect the black population but these thugs need to pay the price. Luck

      • Barbara

        You respect the black population but you condone lynching? You are not fooling anyone but maybe yourself.

        • Paul Kmf Tubbs

          Maybe you’d rather lynch the white guy instead?
          In case you haven’t noticed white folks are just about fed up with this one sided crap. Even the regular one’s who are not racist.

          • Brenda C Plourde

            white folks are just as racsist as blacks so ….there both guilty

          • Gavin Smith

            Nutcase Brenda. Are you white? Do you live in a black neighborhood, Brenda?

          • Thomas Meadows

            She might be married to a black

          • markvacc1

            They’re or they are, not there.

          • Brenda Dick

            nice… want to pour salt in his wounds with that stupid statement…. It is so bad now that any statement that does not kiss a black man’s ass is racist…. a rush to judgement as seen in ferguson proved it as they LOOTED the damn city…..the cops were damned either way….. if standing up for yourself as a white person is wrong then them using the slave card is wrong too… no opportunities blah blah blah. I respect people based on how they act and live- not on color but let 1 white person go against a black and they are immediately racist…. WRONG……THEY ARE JUST AS RACIST AS ANYONE ELSE… AS FOR MIiCHAEL HAD HE NOT ROBBED THE CIGAR STORE AND WENT ON TO GRAMMY’S HOUSE AND SPOKE POLITELY HE WOULD STILL BE ALIVE SO HE IS VERY CULPABLE FOR THIS INCDENT AND WE DON’T EVEN HAVE ALL THE INFO YET…. THIS HERE WAS DISGUSTING…….I WONDER IF CAUGHT WILL THE COPS BE CALLED RACIST FOR PROFILING THEM???? PROBABLY….. dIDN’T THEY PROFILE THESE 2???? YES

          • Paul Kmf Tubbs

            Tell another one. I don’t see mobs of white people ganging up one one or two black people. Yet.

          • get real

            exactly .. why are black areas in city death zones and whites areas you can walk down the street without being beat or robbed or hassled? The proof is right there in everyone’s face .. but people are so afraid to say what they actually see..

          • Paul Kmf Tubbs
        • Nathan Roberts

          There are blacks which can be respected then there are gang banger wannabes that did this crap it’s total bs and they deserve the beat down they will receive you dumb ass. I wish he had a gun on him and had got a couple shots off then they couldn’t have got away so fast

        • Howard Wright

          The only one doing the lynching now are blacks, so what’s your point since the answer to your stupid question is no. You’re the one fooling yourself.

        • copywriter111

          Answer is easy. This is a lawless group. I am seeing it everywhere. Hate to say how many stories I saw like this tonight. If it were reversed white on black I would say the same. This is not America. This is animals in a jungle. This is some of the worst of mankind. Treat them as the animals that they are. When respect returns maybe the laws will work. For now, hang’em high.

          • copywriter111

            This is much worse since Obama took office. If this Marine is on active duty the penalty should be quite great.

          • Freddy Quinones Sr.

            They are trying to avoid a race war.

          • kirkmcloren

            just the opposite

          • copywriter111

            Don’t avoid it let it come on. Only an ass whipping is going to bring respect for each other back. There is no Emily Post around to rewrite the book on etiquette. Not even sure if these guys know how to read. A good ass whipping is required.

          • copywriter111

            Here is a truth for everyone. The black population is not special.

        • kirkmcloren

          Lynch ALL mad dogs

      • Gavin Smith

        I don’t respect the black population.

        And this is WHY there were lynchings.

        • get real

          yep no more then 60 years ago these fuckers where well behaved shining shoes on street corners saying “yes sir” and ” no sir”… liberals fucked America up big time.

      • Richard Verrall Shorthouse


        • copywriter111

          Don’t see it that way. I see a future free for all where every hate group convenes in various locations and has it out. Cops to be used as pawns.

        • get real

          nothing wrong with white power..

        • Wut Defock

          White POWER, Lynch all the thugs!!!

        • Bill-D

          Do you support Black Power? The Blacks sure have risen under the pandering liberal progressives. This will stop when we vote the liberals out of office and stop the unbridled welfare to the “Demrat” voting base (Blacks). So sh!thead, the Southern principles of states rights will rise again. White America is tired of your liberal BS. Lie to yourself and hide, weak white guilt tool.

    • ki-lee

      we allow it to be this way

    • Ronnie Turner

      Just as in the Ferguson case no crime of murder has ever been proven in the Deryl Dedmon case. Yes there was a fight and a runover – whether intentional or accident – we will never know. Point is the whites got the full fury of the Justice Department and the black mobs demanded their idea of “justice” and people went to prison who weren’t even at the scene. Now the exact opposite has happened and we can clearly see the agenda of the administration at work. Clearly racism is both ways, but the law only goes one way.

    • Marklin Foster

      the process in Mississippi is that the police investigate the incident, turn it over to the District Attorney at which point the DA makes the decision to charge with a hate crime. The process is at the same exact point it would be for anyone else at the moment

    • Gavin Smith

      Because all whites do is whine. We’re losing the war bigtime.

      • Bill-D

        It doesn’t have to be that way. Realize that you are not of their tribe. Help your own people and vote as a bloc. Root out the liberal progressives.

    • Richard Verrall Shorthouse


      • Gary Atwood

        1) All white folk are not stupid.
        2) Spoken like a true bigot.
        3) Turn off your caps lock and stop screaming at people.

  • violater1

    The friend of weems should be able to ID these porch! monkeys then maybe Justice can be served!

    • ken clute

      don’t be dissin’ on the monkeys, they had nothing to do with this, it was the spawn of satan that did this, you know the “toasty” ones.

    • Brenda C Plourde

      racsist porch monkeys come on whattime do we live in ……….so sad

  • Fred Searcy

    Im still wondering just what it takes to get a black charged with a hate crime one white guy retaliated with that knockout game because his wife was attacked in that way and he got arrested with a hate crime? REALLY….

  • Linda K. Dietzel

    A human was nearly beat to death, because of something someone else did…WHAT!

    • Brenda C Plourde

      right its a human being should not be about color

      • Mike Smith

        Oh STFU. You know damn well if it were a black guy who got nearly beaten to death by whites you damn well would say it is about color. You only are not now because it was the blacks doing the crime. Your dishonesty is fooling nobody.

      • Bill-D

        The White marine he is talking about, not the Black animals that attacked him. Keep up with the adults, tool.

  • Hao Ngo

    I pray for this soldier and thank him for his service and sacrifice.

  • Dan Snow

    You have to remember, holder has stated that only crimes against minorities or “traditionally discriminated against peoples” can be hate crimes. Crimes against “whites” are just business as usual.

  • Richard


  • Anne Widener Redd

    Africans in America are tribal creations made for satans work. NONE OF THEM will ever enter the Gates Of Heaven.

  • JonDillinger2016

    Were the cops black?

  • CaneRVa

    Black attacker, white prey – and the beat goes on with almost perfect regularity.

  • john brothers

    Does anyone else feel the blacks are cowtowed to?

    • oeb25

      the word is kowtow. Leave the bovines out of it.

      • john brothers

        you are so right! My predilection is chicken.

    • Melissa Owens Gressman

      I knew what you meant. And in some cases it does happen. Depends on where you live.

  • Bonione

    I too will pray for a complete and rapid recovery for Weems.

  • Wendy Lee

    This is why we should remain armed at all times. Every one of them sob’s should be dead.

    • Brenda C Plourde

      real mature…….not

      • puckerupamerica

        Actually, it is the only mature response. Childish delusions of rainbows protecting you don’t work in the real world.

        • Citizen

          Your so right. Brenda can act as a saint all she wants. The real situation is open your eyes and see what is truly going on. Brenda is delusional. You don’t have to be a racist to see what’s right in front of you. Oh a black person can call me a white boy or cracker on TV or radio and its just laughed at, but reverse that and let me say this black boy or nigg** and I am a racist. Not a double standard??? Some one lost their entire franchise for saying “black guys” WOW!!!!

      • Bill the Thrill

        Message sent from her gated, lily-white, liberal community. Piss off.

        • Citizen

          Damn right!!!

        • Bill-D

          Best response yet. No one can reason with a stupid, delusional, liberal nut job. Piss off is the very best response. I second you PISS OFF.

    • Pam Smith Rudd

      I agree Wendy Lee. Every one of those that beat this guy needs to be beaten to death. They do not deserve to waste the air they breathe.

  • Starcitygal

    THIS is when I have a problem with cops. Now they are afraid.

  • gark

    If this was not a hate crime what is, it goes both ways but not in this country come on please tell me the reason why Eric Holder and the feds are not there right now doing an investigation for a hate crime. This is what is making this country crazy and everybody pissed. Anybody no matter what god damm color or race you are should be charged with a hate crime for something like this incident period.And this is the reason everybody should get a permit to carry and carry, better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    • Melissa Owens Gressman

      I agree 100%. I got my concealed carry permit this year at the encouragement of my husband. Ladies, I recommend the Smith & Wesson M & P. Very accurate and never gets a jam. No matter what kind of ammo you run through it. Very reliable. Your life depends on it. And PRACTICE.

  • cigarfintan

    Welcome to the USSR.


    Just remember.They were set free.

  • DanaLanders

    This former Marine had better regain his health or a couple busloads of angry white veterans will head to Tennessee and find these savages. We are not going to take this carp anymore! No matter what the PC crowd thinks! WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!

    • James Smith

      Dana,they will be wasting their time in Tennessee.
      This happened in Mississippi. I get your anger though. Dont forget who is behind all of this and why. Obama is waiting for ANY opportunity to declare martial law. Why do you think he is baiting whites and blacks?

      • Ronnie Turner

        Beware of martial law. As we are all waiting for it to happen let’s stay sober and remember THEY WILL NEVER CALL IT MARTIAL LAW. It will be some kind of police / military “protection” and will creep in one event at a time.

    • Brenda C Plourde

      this started over a killing of a black by a white cop not the other way around there shouldn’t be any any of this on any side….

      • Vonstaad

        No, it started with the left media reporting that a WHITE police officer gunned down a cuddly boy in a man’s body who was unarmed and minding his own business with his hands in the air.

        If the headlines would have read, “Police officer shoots man”, things would have been drastically different. The liberal media started this. Wake up and smell the…well, just freakin’ WAKE UP!

  • scott

    and they wonder why we whites always refer to them as savages or animals

  • Stephen Tompkins

    Hey, Eric. Are you going to investigate this as a Civil Rights Violation? I think not! Hypocrite!

  • Braveheart

    Too bad the Marines weren’t packing heat.

  • Braveheart

    The current administration has turned the clock back at least 50 years when it comes to race relations.

  • David Worley

    PC Says it okay when Whites are the victim…

  • John W. Kerr

    Its time White Americans consider limiting Black aggressors to just outside the 21ft. zone only if they pose any threat to personal safety and life! Pity the fool that does not understand that!

  • Tinaw1969

    You have to be F***ing kidding me!! I bet those cops just didn’t want to make anymore trouble for themselves, and I’m sure they are not even looking for those animals! This is such Bull! I think it’s time white folk start having marches to be treated equally!

    • Rhgates

      Very sad when those sworn to uphold the law turn a blind eye for fear of retaliation.

  • KMO

    if you walk like a criminal, talk like a criminal and break the law like a criminal, then you are a criminal. plain and simple. your skin color has nothing to do with it. your decision making skills, choices, and free will that you exercise when you knowingly commit a crime makes you a criminal. playing the race card only when convenient for you is just another way to take the blame off of you and placed on someone else. the only people who can change the stereotype of young black men are young black men. don’t like the group as a whole to be label and profiled criminal? then 91% of them should stop breaking the law and be responsible adults.

  • Bill Morgan

    Don’t you people get it yet? It’s OK for blacks to hate and attack whites. They’re just getting revenge for the slavery of a lot of people they never knew by a lot of people who are long dead. They’re ENTITLED to their hatred as part of their DemocRAT guaranteed happiness.

  • Eric Marley

    And the moral of the story, BUY A HANDGUN!!

  • Brenda Golden

    Just another case of stupid n3333rs wanting to hurt whitey and the police to cowardly to do anything about it. This was a premeditated act as they followed the guys and attacked him en mass. Cowardly bastards.

  • Ray

    This is enough. How long do we tolerate this one sided justice. Is it only considered a hate crime if it is white on black? If 2 whites attack 2 blacks then it is a hate crime. If a much great number of blacks attack 2 whites then it is an assult. Why did the law not get to the scene quicker. Were they afraid the blacks would hurt them too ? Believe me, if I’ve got my clothes on I’m carrying, if I’m in my house there is a weapon near regardless of where I am, at least 1 in every room and all ready to fire.

  • Bill Traub

    Sounds like a hate crime to me; more so than Michael Brown case.

  • Con10tious Adventurer

    Jail the whole lot!

  • Jake Thomas

    I can’t believe this is the country I was willing to die for. How much further are we gonna fall? Let’s just get through the next 2 yrs and pray we get someone who is gonna be fair and unbiased. I’m not holding my breath though.

  • Boss Mare

    So how do I change my opinion of a group of black thugs when they go around acting as a group of black thugs? I am not the one perpetuating that stereotype, they are! Prayers for the injured Marine.

  • munkeephun

    This is absolutely a hate crime and a good reason for concealed carry.

  • Dawn Capraro

    He should take them to court….prove the police dept handled it all wrong…get a few high profile white leaders, and take them to court proving racism. Because it wouldn’t have happened if he were black…plain and simple…..it’s time to level the playing field.

  • armoredsaint

    Elect liberals and you get liberal appointed judges and yes, police chiefs.

  • armoredsaint

    So the family and the victim if he recovers, gave the law a chance to serve justice and it has failed. Taking the law into their own hands and hunting these men down is what I would do for my brother.

  • Vicki Martz

    Don’t blame this on liberals. Very few law enforcement officers of any ilk are liberals.

  • Marklin Foster

    an ACTUAL news source explains it quite clearly. The POLICE investigate the FACTS of the case, turn that over to the District Attorney who, at THAT TIME, decides whether to add “hate crime” charges. It’s not a matter of police choosing not to investigate an avenue but rather the way the process works.

    more propaganda trying to incite hate by omitting information that is MORE than pertinent. Not to mention, the Waffle House employee that called police during the 1st fight apparently stated that Weems & Knighter were “creating a disturbance” and it was after police asked them to leave, the Waffle House employees asked the group of black people to leave. Doesn’t sound like these guys were quite as innocent as you make them out to be. Being a former Marine doesn’t automatically grant someone magic powers of being an upstanding citizen. A dick is a dick no matter what stripes they previously wore. I will give your article credit, though, in at least getting one fact right in that both sides hurled racial insults… but I guess that’s all part of your bait-and-switch, right?

    • Realist

      Pretty sure you’re derailing the conversation. Firstly, no racial slur justifies a life threatening beat down. Secondly, regardless of who instigated the initial confrontation, the group of thugs followed the victims to another establishment. Thirdly, I think most people are aware the DA is the deciding figure for the type of crime. The point in question is the chief of police stating that no evidence has surfaced that it’s a hate crime which is an obvious double standard. Fourthly, chances are the Waffle House employee sympathized with the thugs. My last statement is obviously speculation; however, if you were to walk into 10 Waffle Houses in Mississippi and take an employee record of race you’d understand my probable prediction. By the way, I’m from Mississippi… 15 minutes away from where this took place.

  • von_todwin

    Perhaps time for some perspective. (1) many of you are acting like it wasn’t even charged as a crime, when it clearly has been; (2) as a matter of definition, it has not been called a hate crime, *but* it’s still unconfirmed if this was the same group of people, so perhaps that will change with more evidence; (3) the facts of the case don’t seem to be 100% clear yet; (4) those of you saying, “Let’s take the law into our own hands!” are basically suggesting lynch mob and vigilante justice, actions that those who say that racism is a thing of the past (or solely about slavery) probably don’t want to be suggesting as a viable course of action.

  • I’m getting fed up with this crap.

    • Jorge

      I am fed up with the KKK marches. As well as the skinheads beating up black kids for no reason on a daily basis.
      The constant throwing of racial slurs towards black folks simply minding their own business walking down the streets.
      The strong arm robberies of innocent store keepers.
      What about the random attacks by white teens on black folks?
      How can we heal as a nation when the whites are oppressing black folks?

  • Brenda C Plourde

    its not right on either side, not one should be doing hate crimes, they should be held countable, 2 wrongs don’t make a right….stop promoteing this stuff

    • Jorge

      Hey Brenda, wake up, where was the first wrong?. I know of 2 racist incidents made up by race baiters that were not even racist. Zimmerman & Ferguson. Zimmerman was Hspanic and in Ferguson there is no evidence this was racially motivated because we do not even know the facts.
      It seems the blacks continue this lie to perpetuate their excuse for their problems in life.

  • ste8875

    Times have changed, 50 years ago in Mississippi the roles would have been reversed. Maybe whites should be acting like it was the 40s again.

  • Jorge

    It is hilarious how the least racist race, white folks, are made out to be the most racist.
    Meanwhile black folks make up lies about racism that is not occurring so they have an excuse as to why they are unable to work.

  • Mike Smith

    https://www.facebook.com/pages/West-Point-Police-Dept/328707430476762 here is a link to the West Point police department’s facebook page. Let them know if you believe this is a hate crime

  • Jeffrey Lear

    Too bad this won’t even make the back page of the newspapers… Where’s Al Sharpton and “Got my hand out” Jackson? Total hypocrorcy !

  • whamo

    It is a hate crime, and the police are pussies.

  • Robert L. Rice

    of course,only whites can make hate crimes…

  • ace65

    Just change white Marine with black man and you get KKK.

  • blastah




  • Bill the Thrill

    You fellow whites understand that “fundamental change” in America is that we are now second class citizens with no protection under the law in our own country? Dark days are ahead of us. Prepare for them.

  • Red Lewis

    That’s why all whites need to acquire carry/concealed permits. It’s time to stop this crap in it’s tracks. If it’s a fair fight to have 3 to 6 on 1, then it’s time to go dirty harry on em.

  • This makes me so mad…………… If you are not a racist. All this crap sure makes you one.

  • REOCON smith

    Blacks need to be exterminated.

  • GreginDestin

    There is but one remedy for these thugs and it would not be pretty.

  • TheSkeptic

    Will Eric Holder send DOJ lawyers to Mississippi to assist with the investigation? I am still waiting for a response from Al Sharpton. I am sure the Huffington Post, CNN, and Newsweek are right on top of this story.

  • Jason Moffit

    I’ll tell you, I would have drawn and ready to start firing as soon as I was backed into a corner by these punks. The minute they came at me aggressively, swiss cheese. Punks like that only deserve one thing, stretched necks. Although drawn and quartered sounds nice too for these animals.

  • GmanIraq

    sounds like Marines need to go coon huntin

  • Charly Ann Canales

    They were both being racist so I don’t see this as a racists act but as a hate crime. Like it said they both were screaming racist slurs at each other. And there is racists people in ever race not just in blacks and whites

    • Lisa Linder

      Where in the article does it say they “both were screaming racist slurs at each other”? How do you know “they were both being racist”?

  • Ltl Paa

    One of many instances showing who the real racists are.

  • sarah

    really gald we’re all getting along as Americans. NOT

  • Guest

    I Think I will join the Klan, and fight back across this land. With all the crime i

  • Concerned American

    When you consider that African Americans make up 13% of the US population. And half of those are females, leaving 6.5 % who are males. then many of those are either too young or too old and do not commit violent crimes. And those who are of that age group still have many who are decent law abiding citizens. that leaves about 1-1.5 % of our population who commit some 80% of the violent crimes in America. Rape, murder, armed robbery and assault. Every time we turn on the TV we see this, and it cannot be denied. We as a nation need to demand change! Not from the police, but from the black race !

  • teddy1900

    For the police to not call a spade a spade and confirm this as a hate crime, is despicable. Any decent person reading this would agree this is a complete travesty of what is right and just.

  • tim

    If you carefully read the “hate crime” bill it was carefully crafted so that only minorities could claim the benefits of a hate crime committed against them. It is terribly unfair but contact the signers and co-authors of that bill. There have been several attempts to amend this but to no avail.

  • MrMega

    You can’t be too hard on the police officers; after all, they are ignorant piles of shiat without the intelligence required to wipe after a squirty dump (why they stink).
    At least we can be well assured if a nice, upstanding group of white people decide to beat the hell out of a few black men this weekend.. and next, and so on and so forth… there will no question as to it being a hate crime – already been settled as not one by these retarded cops.

    Same type of stupid pigs that think a service department putting approximately 850 MILES on a vehicle, staining the interior, scratching the interior and screwing up the climate control and 1 window is not a crime (was for the Chevy ignition service recall)… Yeah, you go on a car lot and take off in one of their cars for 850 miles and see if the police think it is not a crime.
    (Just FYI, it is called Joyriding and 1 times is ifish on what the crime is under, misdemeanor usually. Second time is ALWAYS a felony and car had to be used multiple times for that many miles to be put on it; can’t go that far on one tank of gas!)

  • BrownRice

    All I know is that ever since the whole Ferguson incident went down, both sides have grown ruder and more ignorant. As a young black college student working in the customer service industry, I have taken notice that my own people are more self entitled/stuck up, and white customers are more passive aggressive than ever. Final Verdict: Humanity continues to suck.

  • Dale Weatherford

    I hope we dont have a race war anywhere in the US..

  • JP3

    Not a legal expert nor a “liberal or conservative.” However, I am an African-American male and call it as I see it. I feel this was just an inhumane action which the perpetrators should be found and charged.

    Personally, I feel we all have what I term as “fool-a$#es” that can be and are embarrassments to us all. Unfortunately, this young man had to endure a physical confrontation which none of us ever should. I will pray for him and his family for his full recovery. We have got to do better…

  • Guest

    not isolated and nothing new. 16 years ago my daughter’s white boyfriend was jogging in the evening and 3 black men in a car did a U-turn, pulled in front of him, jumped out and beat him. he hobbled back to our house and we called the police who said it was not a hate crime because the victim was not a minority. period. end of story.

  • john

    Shit,us whites missed a change to loot and pillage, those A$$holes of color are cowards, have to attack in groups, to bad the marine didnt have a gun to defend himself, oh no then it would have been a hate crime, and excuse for other to loot again, damn cops afraid of retaliation if they do their dam job,

  • Sammy

    i guess we need a white al sharp ton

  • Tammie Black

    All because the white police are afraid of the riot it would cause is my guess. Time for these pussy white cops to stand up and the guy needs a REALLY GOOD LAWYER.

  • Keith Alan West

    Did someone show Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton this ??? Just like Treyvon Martin called Zimmerman a cracker…but in court He was made to be the racist not Treyvon..PITY party is over…get educated stop blaming whites for things WE NEVER DID TO YOU NOR OUR PARENTS….the pity party NEEDS TO LEAVE THE STATION

  • Dicky Blanchard

    OK, The first altercation. The police get there in time to stop any physical event. Why didn’t they take down the names of all involved? This way the men who followed the two white guys to the other restaurant would be on paper in their little note books. You know it was the same people, No way that in one night these two guys get involved in a fight at two different places. This was race motivated and should be handled as a hate crime.

  • sweet_sue_ohio1

    This is sounds like a hate crime to me.

  • Anubis

    They need to be charged. And it needs to be investigated as an Hate Crime simple as that. Black people always whine about their treatment; but yet some of them go out and do this behavior? Im sure there was some security cameras somewhere?

  • njemnu

    Justice will be done. As always, the perpetrators are known, since police were called the first time. It is up to a district attorney to charge them with a hate crime. Very sad a frenzy can’t be whipped up.

  • undine

    Welcome to Obama’s America!

  • 1776Mariner

    This is so terrible. That poor young man. And they will never charge the perpetrators of this brutal attack with a “hate” crime. I blame the press for riling everyone up in the way the Martin and Brown deaths were both covered. All the mayhem and violence would be non existent had they not reported these crimes the way they did. And they do not report black on white crimes at all so they have blood on their hands.

    Now we are learning that the dear gentle giant Michael Brown has a pretty significant vilent criminal record (involving murder?) which happened before age 18 so as a juvenile these records are not public. Let us hope they will be revealed and the lame press will report them as widely as they reported his death. But don’t hold your breath.

    This nonsense will never stop until all crimes against all citizens are reported accurately and truthfully. We never hear the crimes against whites, only blacks. I am fed up. And note, Obama sent three reps to the funeral of Brown and no one to James Foley’s memorial.

  • Reggie Hogan

    Why isn’t the St. Louis Zoo on-time providing cages for the prone-to-barbarism Ubangis after 8 pm?

  • Heywood Jablome

    Dear NIGGERS that beat this guy.. (youre not black youre not even human beings ) Ive seen the tapes had recognition software identify ALL of you.. you should pray you get ebola and die…

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  • Facebook User

    My guess is this marine is lying like they all do! And how many people have marines raped and abused!


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