White Marine Brutally Beaten by Black Mob, In Apparent ‘Revenge’ Attack for Ferguson


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

A White former Marine suffered a severe brain injury after a group of Black men beat him at a Mississippi restaurant in an apparent ‘revenge’ attack for the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Ralph Weems and his friend David Knighten were at a West Point Waffle House Saturday morning around 1am. Weems was already inside the resturant when Knighten was approached by another patron who said the men should leave since a group of Black diners were “upset by the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and it wasn’t a safe place for whites,” Knighten told the Associated Press.

When Knighten went in to check on his friend, he found Weems already involved in an nasty argument with the Black men over the Brown incident.

Racial slurs were shouted at both men and police were called to the scene, but no physical contact had yet been made. After police had seemingly restored order, Weems and Knighten left the Waffle House and went to eat at a second restaurant, Huddle House, which had few patrons inside at that late hour, according to the AP.

However, a group of Black men had followed Weems and Knighten to Huddle House where they resumed shouting racial slurs at the White men, pushed Weems to the ground and began kicking him in the head repeatedly, said Knighten.

Police did not arrive until at about 2am after the crowd who beat Weems fled on foot.

Weems was taken to North Mississippi Medical Center, where his injuries were so severe that he had to be put in a medically induced coma following brain surgery from injuries sustained during the beating by the enraged mob.

Police were investigating who attacked Weems, and whether they were the same crowd who confronted him at the Waffle House.

To make this horrible story even worse, the police are not even investigating the incident as a “hate crime” but just an “assault,” according to the police’s press release posted by local news station WCBI.

Police spokesperson said: the attack “does not appear to be a hate crime.”

Um, what?

To imagine how insane that statement is, just reverse “Black” and “White” in the story above, and imagine how quickly Al Sharpton and Eric Holder would be on a plane to Mississippi. This is just despicable.

We are praying for the recovery of this brave Marine.


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