White Protester Assaulted by Illegal Alien – Then Asked by Latina Reporter If HE is a ‘Racist’


A self-described “Latina” reporter from Univision was left speechless (and looking ridiculous) after asking a White man if he is racist, right after HE was attacked and left bloody by a group of Latino protesters at an anti-illegal immigration rally in L.A.

The man, Martin Francis, had been hit in the head by a frozen Coke can by an unidentified pro-illegal alien protester, while demonstrating against illegal immigration with the Black minister Rev. Jesse Peterson. The Univision reporter inexplicably asks if Francis is a racist, at which time Rev. Peterson calls her out on her own views.

The good Reverend left her rightfully SPEECHLESS.


  • James Neel

    i knock the julio on her ass then drag to the border

  • CaoSong

    Why is she a reporter, she can barely speak English.

    • JoJoJams

      Because she’s not a “reporter” for Americans….

      • Unkie Numbnuts

        Push number 2 for English.

        • THE AMERICAN

          Get the # 2 for being English.

      • ShamanBlair

        So? Were I a reporter, I’d make darned certain I spoke the language fluently if I had to cover a story in a non-English speaking country, say, for instance, Japan or France. When she opened her mouth to ask that dumb question, I totally understood why he was at first confused; she had just asked him if he were a “rassist.” NOT RACIST–rassist!

        She is clearly unqualified for her position. Not just because of her poor command of the English language, but her racist BIAS.

        • JoJoJams

          I agree with you, Shaman – but the far left doesn’t. It’s “racist” for you to even expect her to speak English, and she is to have pride only in her hispanic heritage and native tongue. She is a reporter for Mexican/hispanic consumption, and a “minority”, so, for the loony left, we can’t have the same (higher) expectations of service and behavior that is demanded of us “white Americans” – which is in itself a racist and condescending belief – but that’s the loony left for you….


          Ummm, she was covering the story to be heard in MEXICO… Not everyone can speak English without an accent, in fact most people who learn a foreign language and speak it in the corresponding foreign country are thought by those residents as having an accent or hard to understand… If being a racist and having bias is a job qualification that would mean a LOT of Americans losing their jobs…

          • Taketwothey’resmall

            Univision isn’t Mexican. It’s a US American company, with the main office in NYC. It’s audience is over 95% in US America. It is broadcast less in Mexico than worldwide. It’s no more available in Mexico than HBO or CNN. Just another US broadcast entertainment and news network with a target audience. Buenos tardes.


            Excuse me… Let me correct myself here… Univision is a MEXICAN LANGUAGE channel in the United States for people who SPEAK SPANISH… IT IS AVAILABLE in MEXICO and OTHER countries via satellite…

            Now please tell me HOW my error changes the fact that it is a SPANISH speaking channel with a SPANISH speaking reporter???


      She works for a Latino channel

    • Rob



      Yes, my question would be the same. LoL, her looks / plus hmmm probably got her the job. Wonder who’s job she took? Now she has a Blow job.

  • Nelson Phillip

    WHO or why would anyone be shocked or surprised by this sort of action sand it is all pushed and supported by the current administration and the DEMO-RATS because it will keep thin in the House and Senate. We are dying and Ovomit is HAPPY.

    • Jason A

      Are you a stupid republican that doesnt listen to Rick Perry.

      Complete oxymoron statement! But…..true. weird

  • Kandeep

    This is an old clip. 1996. I have no problem with “news” and trying to understand the culture, but this is outdated and truly just click bait.

    • icemilitia .

      true, but the same discontentment from the same group is happening today, it hasn’t change

  • Judy Selich

    I loved that short clip! Why do people assume that opposition to illegal aliens is based on race? For most of us, it has absolutely nothing to do with race; it is only whether they entered America with legal permission as lawful immigrants or whether they entered illegally by sneaking across the border. That’s it. It has absolutely zero to do with race. Most of the people I know feel exactly as I do. Except for the 100% Native Americans, all of us descended from immigrants! What has race got to do with it?

    • DixieAngel_76

      True, and many scientists think even Native Americans walked across an ancient land bridge that used to join America and Asia. No matter what, race is only a miniscule part of who we are, it’s IDEAS, thoughts, and life styles that count. I would welcome anyone here who is hard working, self sufficient, and wants to add to this nation in a positive way. Unfortunately, most of the current immigrants don’t seem to want to. Most do not even make an effort to assimilate.

      • Thellis Ann Brown

        I know Native Americans walked across the Bering Straight. Our family had our DNA done. We were classified as North American Native American, and also Mayan Indian before we had this done. We are Chinese, being ancestors of Genghis Khan. These ancestors were responsible for some of the Lakota Sioux tribe members. So we none of us are what we think we are.

        • Judy Selich

          That is fascinating!

        • John Inciarrano

          Now YOU are a real American compared to the rest of us. It’s amazing how they can trace your ancestry back to Khan. That is too cool

      • Judy Selich

        I’ve read your post a couple of times. You raise some intriguing points, especially “. . .race is only a miniscule part of who we are . . .” However, when you talk about “current immigrants” I am not sure whether you are referring to illegal aliens or true immigrants. Nonetheless, it is my perception also that many do not want to assimilate. In part, I think this would be related to our “worship” of celebrity, as well as a growing disregard for true achievement based on hard work as opposed to “quick bucks”.

        • DixieAngel_76

          I meant most immigrants, legal and illegal. However, I’ve been noticing that it’s a growing trend in our society among many groups besides immigrants, where people seem to want to balkanize themselves, and I don’t have a reasonable answer why. To an extent it’s probably human nature, but when it gets out of hand it’s not good for our future as a nation, nor is it good for us each individually. I try to remind myself all the time I have more in common with most people than different from them.


        My feelings, exactly. Perfect way to put it into words. I welcome this type of banter. Thanks for the input.

    • Sherry Taylor-Jackson

      Excuse me…..Even the Indians (Native Americans) immigrated here from Europe. They were just here first.
      As far as the illegal aliens invading our country, it’s got to stop. We are over-burdened and having enough problems taking care of our own citizens. This isn’t just people immigrating here, they are “invading” our country. You better believe, that the enemies of the U.S. are coming in through out southern border (terrorists, ISIS, etc). It’s got to stop!!!!!!!!!

      • Jason A

        Lol. Really. You must listen to Rick Perry. The former democrat. Terrorism terrorism terrorism terrorism……oh god. Lets keep warring it up. BRILLIANT!

        • ray

          I never have listened much to political persons especially in the last 6 yrs. if you dont believe that terrorist are coming through our southern boarder you are just plain ignorant. I have seen it with my own eyes i have found the papers left behind by walking terrorist that have papers from Iran, Iraq, Egypt,and several other countries. The U.S. government would not be going down south and throwing these from air planes just for ranchers to find. these are from people wanting to lighten their load they try to bury alot of it but the wind down here just brings it up to the top this has been going on for a couple of yrs now its nothing new. Gov. Perry is at least trying to keep the illegals out which is more than I can say for anyone else.

        • John Best

          When your head is about to be separated from your body, you might rethink this idiotic of yours.

        • ILPatriot

          I wish I could live in your world, Jason. I’ve heard that ignorance is bliss.

          • Bryant Hill

            Well, thank YOU ILPatriot….WE were all waiting so patiently to know what was on your mind….

        • Maricela Rodriguez

          Really? What world do you live in? I live in the Rio Grande Valley
          where we have been under constant illegal alien invasions. Yes it is an
          invasion. There are LEGAL ways of becoming US citizens, but obviously
          these people don’t want to be troubled with that. They are not poor,
          they pay a coyote anywhere between 5,000 to 10,000 dollars a head to be
          brought over here. No they should not get to stay here. They are
          breaking the law,,,,,,they are ILLEGAL….not migrants, not
          immigrants…..ILLEGALS! They don’t come to work, they come to steal,
          deal drugs for the cartels and to live off of govt benefits. This is
          the real world down here in South Texas….maybe you should come visit


          • Melissa Gomez

            how can a human being be called illegal?

          • underthepalms

            Let’s see if we can help you here, Melissa. There are laws against crossing the US border without permission. There are good reasons for those laws. Here is the definition of illegal. It is an adjective, hence can be used to describe a human being.


            contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law.
            “illegal drugs”
            synonyms:unlawful, illicit, illegitimate, criminal, felonious;

          • Maricela Rodriguez

            OMG, really? Its a term used to describe them. You know like a slang word….you do know what that is right?

        • horsefly2

          We have all sorts pouring over that border. My Aunt had to move from her house in Arizona in the middle of one of these high traffic areas. She herd something moving underneath her house and when my Uncle investigated things he found over 20 CHINESE illegals taking refuge under their house. So if a terrorist, regardless of nationality, wanted to come across. He damn well could.

          • Joe Mama

            Sorry about the inconvenience to your aunt, but the 20 Chinese folk layin’ up underneath the house is very funny… What were they thinking?

          • DixieAngel_76

            It’s not as far fetched as you may think. A while back I read a news story about an old widow who lived in a mobile home. She couldn’t understand why when she kept turning up her thermostat she couldn’t warm up her house and so she called a repair man out. It turns out that there was a homeless guy living under there and he’d cut a hole in one of the heating ducts and diverted the heat to the little area he was sleeping in. He’d made himself quite a cozy little nest under there.

        • Don Skizenta

          Jason, LOL? Really? No worries, nope. No terrorism going on in the world. Nope. America being the “great satan”…hmm…Nope, America isn’t in the crosshairs of the terrorists…No way. It’s all a conservative rue to get people to go to war…..Yep, you bet. Why don’t you take a little vacation to Syria or Iraq and have a little face to face chat to see? Oh, and if you have a problem with calling illegal immigration what it is, illegal, why don’t you go ahead and head over into Mexico. Go ahead, cross the border illegally. See what Mexico will do to you. I’m certain they won’t welcome you with open arms. In fact, I’m certain they will throw you into a Mexican jail.

          • Melissa Gomez

            Have you ever been to
            Mexico? then don’t talk about countries if you have no clue what you are talking
            about. You can go to Mexico without a passport ( papers) but if you decide you
            want to come back you have to have a passport aka papers so the United stolen
            states will let you back in.

          • Lolly811

            If that were true than the American Soldier who ACCIDENTALLY crossed over into Mexico would NOT BE IN JAIL RIGHT NOW. Mexicans have made the same mistake as he did, but America let them go within hours. So your argument is worthless.

          • Michael

            Actually.. He wasn’t arrested for crossing the border. He was arrested for crossing the borded with three loaded firearms in the truck and about 300 rounds of ammunition. Also.. it was accidental, he had crossed the border in that same spot multiple times.

          • Melissa Gomez

            Exactly! read the news. People just hear what they want.

          • Melissa Gomez

            Wrong if a Mexican gets caught doing something illegal and I’m not talking about getting a speeding ticket or something small, They do get deported. They are never let go within hours.

          • Kevin Koshuta

            Really? Then how does an illegal who hit and kills two children(hit and run) get released from jail and not get deported?http://conservativetribune.com/getting-away-with-murder/

          • THE AMERICAN

            Melissa, did you get your education in AMERICA? Need to go back to class & learn how to compose proper text, Paragraphing-( terrible). Paragraph’s do not look like yours!

          • Melissa Gomez

            Duh! I read over my comment after I posted it and there isn’t an option to edit so who cares. You obviously can read English so you understand every word.

          • anonymous

            Stolen. Please, dumbass.

          • Melissa Gomez

            Please explain how the word stolen isn’t the proper word to use?

          • Don Skizenta

            yes indeed Melissa, I have been to Mexico. Couple times. In fact they threatened me with a Mexican jail just for following a city bus.(they claimed I was speeding) I didn’t say go into Mexico legally. I said enter illegally. Go ahead, swim across the river INTO Mexico. See what happens….They certainly won’t let you into their schools.(not that it would be a good place to go to school) Do you think they will offer “free” emergency visits at the hospitals? Or allow you to collect any kind of gov’t subsidies(you know like welfare,WIC ect.) So what your saying is it is illegal to to enter the U.S. without a passport. Right? Key word being ILLEGAL. Nice try though.

          • Jimbo Her

            Yes have you ever been to the US… so did the illegals, they come here illegally and ask for rights, bunch of dreamers who thinks US laws don’t apply to them…Stolen please, whats really stolen is the illegals coming here stealing SSI and welfare from the American people, something they never put in to receive…

          • DixieAngel_76

            If that’s the case then why is Andrew Tamhoreesi still sitting in jail down there?

          • Melissa Gomez

            What kind of idiot brings guns into another country? Of course he is in jail right now and when he is done doing his time in their country he will be deported.

          • DixieAngel_76

            Maybe someone who is moving across the country and has all of his posessions in his car? Besides, he declared the guns to the Mexican authorities, so it’s not like he was attempting to smuggle them in.

          • Kevin Koshuta

            Every time I entered Mexico I had to show a picture ID and birth certificate. Their labor laws are very tough, try getting a job down there. The keep their unemployment low because they protect jobs for their citizens.Yes I lived there, it’s completely unfair and unbalanced.http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2012/04/illegal_immigration_unfair_mexican_laws_that_keep_out_americans_who_want_to_immigrate_there_.html

          • Bryant Hill

            Thank You for bringing a little reality into this forum…

        • Luke Abers


          • Melissa Gomez

            No the morons are the people thinking that Obama is going to do something about Andrew Tamhoreesi. Who cares if he is a marine? that is the only thing the news is highlighting. Do you see Mexicans writing to their government crying that they screwed up? Nope.

      • John Inciarrano

        Where did you get your education? Native americans immigrated from Europe? Seriously I want to know where you grew up and got educated so I know to stay as far away from the stupidity that is your upbringing. Please go on the internet for something other than Faux bullshit and educate yourself on the facts of the universe and the history of this planet. If not, please for the love of all don’t breed.

        • Barbara Richardson

          Talk about stupidity… “native” Americans came from Europe (Russia) across a land bridge (ice) thousands of years ago into what is now Alaska. Get yourself educated before being so hateful to others!!

          • Richard

            Ms. Richardson. Please open and read a geography book or look at a globe. By convention, the big land mass that includes Europe is divided at the Ural Mountains east of Moscow. West of the Urals is called Europe and east of the Urals is called Asia. About 11,000 years ago the ancestors of current-day native Americans crossed a land bridge between far East Asia and Alaska. Within a few hundred years, they had walked all the way to Terra Del Fuego. Asia and Europe are not the same. The modern-day Bering Strait is the site of that land bridge. Genetically speaking native americans are related to Mongols and not to Russians. When you are ignorant, it is better to be civil.

          • Mary Curry

            That only takes into account the ones on the west coast. Science has proved that the ones on the east coast were here first and migrated to NM and became known as the Clovis people. This was on both the History and Science Channels last year.

          • Richard

            Ms. Curry:

            I had heard of Clovis people but I had not read anything about them.

            From Wiki, “According to the standard accepted theory, the Clovis people crossed the Beringia land bridge over the Bering Strait from Siberia to Alaska
            during the period of lowered sea levels during the ice age, then made
            their way southward through an ice-free corridor east of the Rocky Mountains in present-day Western Canada as the glaciers retreated.”

            Lower water levels plus ice would allow someone to walk across the Bering Strait. Such is not the case for Norway to Iceland or Norway to Greenland.

            I am not aware of any reasonable arguments that Humans evolved in America independent of the original humans in Africa. If you cannot walk here from Europe then they walked here from Asia.

            (Possibly) Norsemen try to create a colony in America a few hundred years before Columbus but they abandoned their settlement. There are assertions that the natives gave them a bad time.

            Native Americans have Mongolian genes. They came to America from Asia ten thousand or more years ago. They did not come to America from Europe.

            This is a tempest in a teacup. The original issue was that Mexican woman reporter trying to make out that some white dude with blood on his face is a racist.

          • Mary Curry

            Many of the ancient people in Mesopotamia were excellent seamen. And when the DNA of the skeletons found in Florida were tested, were found to contain that of the ancient people from that region. These skeletons were 7-8000 years old. Learning Channel 8/2003 show

          • Benjamin King

            Mary, Mesopotamia…well, those seamen came to the Western Hemisphere long after it was populated by those wondering tribes from Siberia now call Native Americans…do some deeper digging.

          • Benjamin King

            I would not have an intelligent debate based solely on quoting something posted on Wikipedia because it comes from many unsubstantiated sources, ie anyone and everyone that has an opinion…just saying…however, I do agree with your summation on this topic.

          • Richard

            Nor would I. I think that we are in violent agreement 🙂

          • Duane Atkinson

            All I can say is if it was a white reporter asking that question to any person other than a Caucasian that person
            would be out of a job the news station would be sued. This is such a blatant reverse discrimination case. It is so out of control we must start standing up against these type of people and situations quick.

          • Carolina Johnny

            They didnt evolve independantly….period

          • Pamela Beamis

            dont blame fox, thats evan dummer then what sherry said…

        • Mary Curry

          You are wrong.

      • Sandra Collins


        • Bryant Hill

          Sandra….Turn your high beams, off!

          • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

            Shouting is fine, especially if it is for what is right…

        • Melissa Gomez

          What nationality are you? I guarantee your family immigrated here too lady. I didn’t come from anywhere so get your facts straight! I’m a U.S, citizen who was born here. The country America, the land of the free and home of the brave is fake and corrupt. America starts wars for no reasons and has to borrow money from other countries to fund them which is putting our country in more debt. Immigrants invading your country? don’t make me laugh. America doesn’t have a problem with invasion in fact they love to do it. The way I see it the numbers of immigrants are rising and it’s just them getting back what was theirs. Put down your knitting and pick up a history book because all of this was Mexico’s land.

          • Benjamin King

            Yes, Melissa, most of us have ancestors who were immigrants…the key thing to remember here is…the majority of these came into the United States LEGALLY! And if you are so bitter about this country, why don’t you exercise your right to give up your citizenship and move to Mexico or anywhere else that you believe is better or not “Fake and Corrupt”? I am sure you would find plenty of people who still believe in this country willing to help you pack your bags!

          • Damian Hallacy

            was the Trail of Tears legal?

          • Hector Lopez

            Please do not spew anti American rhetoric on behalf of latinos, The USA is not perfect but it’s far better than Mexico. If it were not for the USA stealing parts of Mexico “fair and square” I probably would be selling Chiclets on the side of the road. It doesn’t take a genius to see that the USA is a country founded on Christian principles and that is why we flourished. Both Mexico and USA were both colonized at about the second time with equal resources, why has the USA been so successful and Mexico still languishes behind. Most of Mexico is ripe with political chicanery, theft, extortion, kidnapping, drug trafficking and murder.Mexicans are risking their lives to taste the freedom , prosperity and the American dream. If you think objectively the solution might be to invade Mexico and have it joined to the Union. Hell it worked for the rest of what used to be Mexico ie., Texas, Arizona, California etc.

          • LarryECollins

            The operative word in your last sentence is “WAS.” Nothing that is AMERICAN belongs to Mexico. They either lost it in a war or sold it to the U.S.

          • DaveT

            Wow Melissa, it’s you that needs to pick up a history book. “this was all Mexico’s land?” It’s ignorance like yours that is one of the biggest problems in this country. I have less problem with borrowing money to pay for the wars than my country having to borrow money to pay for all the welfare programs the legal and illegal immigrants are sucking out of our government.

          • handgunnar

            “The way I see it the numbers of immigrants are rising and it’s just them getting back what was theirs.”
            Unless they’re a hundred and forty years old it was never theirs, and while you’re at it, why don’t you leave the continent and go back to Spain since you’re not a 200 year old Indian.

        • Damian Hallacy

          have a Happy Thanksgiving

      • Mary Curry

        Don’t listen to the idiots below. They have established that the East Coast had natives there that migrated to NM and became the Clovis people. The people denying this have not watched the Science Channel or the History Channel. I watched these shows last year.

      • Damian Hallacy

        the point is is that Native Americans were native here. the Europeans invaded here setting up death camps leading death marches. the American government and people starve the Hopi children
        they kidnap their children in order to civilize them in white schools.
        the natives generously shared this land. the white mans Thanksgiving eventually turn into a sense of entitlement. maybe it’s time you go home.

        • Kevin Koshuta

          Exactly if these liberals and Obama really cared about Natives why doesn’t he take that 3.7 Billion he wanted to spend on illegal amnesty and help the conditions on reservations? My grandfather was Menominee, how pray tell is granting amnesty to millions of illegals going to help my ancestors get their land back? The past is the past we need to leave it behind and move forward. Grating amnesty to millions of illegals is going to do nothing but hurt this country. What do Natives think about granting amnesty? NO!http://communities.washingtontimes.com/neighborhood/conscience-realist/2013/apr/2/asking-david-yeagley-what-do-american-indians-thin/

      • carol

        Dumbest Thing I Have Ever Heard! Native Americans are the True Americans! I agree with you on everything else however!

    • Dana Davis

      We would oppose them even if they had the appearance of European. Because they drain us economically and refuse to assimilate.

      • John Best

        True. If Mexicans and central/south Americans looked like Irish or Swedes, that fence would be 30 feet high and 20 feet buried. Minefields and trip wire for miles and miles next to it.

      • keniamariana

        That woman is European white hispanic. Follow her around for a day and see her attitude toward dark hispanics with no education from the poor hispanic countries. You’ll see all the racism you could ever see.

        • Kevin Mathews

          BINGO! I live in L.A. and I see this ALL THE TIME!

    • ShamanBlair

      If you go back far enough–which I think is silly, but race baiters DO that–you find that those who call themselves “native Americans” were “immigrants,” too; they came here from the far East, back before time wore away the bridge between us & them. The world’s an old place, & we’ve all been around & around & AROUND it numerous times. Time to stop playing that game!

      I happen to be, among other things, part Cherokee & Iroquois, but I think of myself as a native American, since I was BORN HERE. I hate this whole dumb hyphenated PC crud, & I refuse to tolerate it! It is part of what’s killing this country! You want hyphenation? Fine! I am an American-American!

      • DeeLynn Ratliff

        Very well said. So tired of people doing this, I was here first, you stole this, blah, blah, blah. I can’t help what happened back in history but I can be an American and work toward a peaceful, loving nation with everyone that is living here. No mater the race, creed or culture of the people. My color is white, but my great grandfather was 100% Shoshone! From my understanding of who he was as a man, he would have not been pleased by all this anger and hate among the people. If you were born here or became a citizen, you are an AMERICAN! Simple!

        • Bryant Hill

          HOWEVER, IF you snuck into this country by climbing over a wall or came in by water or by air, then YOU are an ILLEGAL ALIEN…..not an illegal immigrant.

      • Bryant Hill

        FINE, I like your honesty, but one thing is on my mind when you say; American-American….Question: Do you receive or have you applied for Native American Entitlements as a reason for your citizenship in the US?

        Entitlements, not as in those certain rewards paid out by this country that you did not earn Vs Entitlements like Social Security that citizens who have put into for their whole working life and are entitled to draw off of those funds. That kind of American-American person?

        • Taketwothey’resmall

          I am Native American, and I have not applied for “entitlements”. I don’t deserve it. No one alive today deserves reparations. No one alive today is responsible for our history. We are only responsible for it if we allow it to repeat. The other half of my heritage is likely descendant of those responsible for Native American defeat and oppression. I am American-American. I am proud of who I am, not ashamed of who my ancestors were, on either side.

    • Don Walters

      Ah, the Indians (Native Americans) immigrated to the Americas from Asia across the Bearing Straight, a land brifge that existed from northern Asia to the Aluetian Islands in Alaska, some 10,000 years ago. But, were they really the first group to immigrate to the Americas first ? Also, some Polynisians also managed to make it to the South American Pacific Coast some time less than 10,000 years ago. Hmmm, . . .

      • Judy Selich

        As I read through the posts I am intrigued. For me, this has been one of the most informative and interesting discussions I have seen on Facebook. I had forgotten that “Native Americans” were from Asia. There are other things to numerous to mention but I enjoyed reading these posts. It also raised the issue of assimilation that is not something I’ve really considered. In any event, Thank You to the 99% of those who participated in this.

        • DixieAngel_76

          Yes, it has been a nice discussion, surprisingly mostly free of the usual snark and nastiness I find in any discussion of race.

    • Carolina Johnny

      I’m Mexican American and i’m not a racist…We need to seal the border period

  • Nelson Phillip

    Oh by the way AS**#LE Brown wants them all in his state Please give it to them and they can KEEP all the worthless Demo-RATS in the state. Especially Brown because that is the only way the fools from CA. would ever vote for him. I have my shack for sale in the WORST town I have ever lived in 29 PALMS CA> and as soon as it sells I will leave the state. I lived in San Diego county for 21 years before idiots like Swatznerer and Brown had or got to destroy the state.All they all can do is pray for the BIG ONE!!!

  • Carlos Valdés

    This is what I hate about this people, Are you a racist, go to hell I just want to protect USA, is she here legally, she can barely speak, where do this happened, who the hell is the bitch.

    • John Pound

      “Where do this happen…”

      Come on now. You can’t diss her for not being able to speak English, and then you yourself speak it incorrectly as well.

      • Robert Willis

        I believe he was directly quoting what she said! Not that he cannot speak English

        • John Pound

          I sure hope so haha.

      • Bonnie

        The female reporter kept asking him “Are you a rassist” and “Why you stay here”

  • ElmerJFudd

    I just want to know how much of this made her newscast.

    • Bonnie

      I wonder if any of it did because it only made her look like a reporter in training and not a professional.

      • ElmerJFudd

        It made her look like a total idiot, and i know I’m insulting idiots.

      • ElmerJFudd

        She had an agenda and the African American yelling at her just confused the living hell out of her.


      Yeah. I wonder, too. She should go back to where she came from. No offence, but she’s STUPID.


        Well, considering she is a Latina woman reporter who is reporting for a MEXICAN station I am thinking you may be the pot calling the kettle black…

  • islander7k


    • Thellis Ann Brown

      She isn’t from the U.S.

      • islander7k

        your point?

      • islander7k

        you ought to be ashamed of yourself, you should be on the side of the people wanting to protect America, such as the guy who was violently hurt by ILLEGAL ALIENS. What part of ILLEGAL do you not understand? These ILLEGALS are lucky they can use the very rights our forefathers have created for the LEGAL citizens of this country, and protest on our streets. BTW, it is very obvious she is not from the U.S. that’s a MEXICAN radio station, expressing our right to free speech. That’s why I called her Mexican…..duh…

        • Thellis Ann Brown

          Why call her a Mexican? She may be from another Latin country. Duh… lol


      Aaaaaand it is people like you that cause others to say words like bigot, racist and prejudice 🙁

      • islander7k

        RACIST, RACIST, RACIST, that’s all you morons from the left scream about while our country is going to hell in a hand basket. Based on your last name, I take it you are PROBABLY European, perhaps from the former East Block. I was part of the U.S. military that helped collapse the Cold War, it took a lot of effort on our part, and you, just like the current administration, are part of the problem by systematically destroying America from within and don’t give a rats azz the hard work put in to keep YOU FREE! Go back to Russian with all the Russian leader liars and live the life of fear and control. I am not a bigot idiot, I refer to certain types of people who just want to violate American laws for the sake of their own personal agenda. Most my employees are Hispanic and they themselves call each other worse names especially if they entered the country illegally and refuse to assimilate to OUR society. Get a life, go reqd real history and learn what America is about. BTW, I was not even born here, I, like yourself, came from a former dictatorship country, and I do not like it. So please, don’t get too emotional and accuse people of something you do not even know what the definition of the word RACIST mean. You are like that Mexican bithch reporter.


          1. First off I am a middle of the road conservative with some admittedly liberal leanings BUT for the most part conservative.

          2.The comment you made was the basis for my opinion and response. What you failed to take into consideration in the post you originally made was that the reporter is Mexican and reports for Mexican News with a press visa to be in the United States just as we have reporters from more countries than you can count here on the same visa’s and have our own reporters in their country. While her English was quite broken and difficult to understand she did make the effort to speak in English which is more than many do.
          2. Now when you go into my nationality and/or heritage is where you go way off into left field. I married into the last name Gonzagowski I was not born with it. Often a persons first name is a much better judge IF you are going to TRY and make a even semi-educated GUESS and since my FIRST name is CHOCTAW that should give you an idea of my nationality and/or heritage. I AM a registered member of the Choctaw Tribe of Oklahoma, we can trace OUR family ancestry back in THIS country for close to 1,700 years before things start becoming a little fuzzy.

          3. I do believe that this makes your “Go back to Russia” comment exceptionally ignorant also considering the fact that the name Gonzagowski is POLISH not Russian…

          4. If it talks like a racist bigot and walks like a racist bigot then it follows that it is likely a racist bigot and your original comment was nothing but racial denigration and superior attitude both are indicative of racism and bigotry…

          5. My family has a LONG history of serving this country INCLUDING having some of the invaluable “code talkers” among them. We have been serving this country longer than you have been alive and serving it with pride so stop being an assumptive ignoramus you are just making yourself look sillier and sillier…

          6. Alia, I can assure you that I know quite a bit about American History… In fact likely at least, if not more than you do… I am happy to hear that you were not born here, perhaps you might want to consider going back to the country you came here from if you believe you have the right to try and limit my speech and opinion or to tell me to “go back to Russia”

          7. Again, the statement you made where you make the assumption that I am foreign born IE: ” I was not even born here, I, like yourself, came from a former dictatorship country, and I do not like it.” is a bit nonsensical as I was born her, my parents were born here and their parents and their parent and and and… I think you get the idea…

          8. You obviously know NOTHING about me because I actually fully support deportation of ALL illegals from ALL countries…This include children born here to illegals because if the parent is illegal I do not see how they can have a child born legally as a United States citizen. The 14th Amendment was in no way meant to cover “anchor babies” and their families…

          8. I was not emotional in my comments to you alia, simply factual which you do not seem to handle very well. The definition of the word racist can be found by you looking into a mirror from the examples you have put forth so far due to your own statements and superior attitude towards those of Latin descent as evidenced by the comment you made “STUPID MEXICAN BITCH, JUST LIKE MANY FRIGGIN MEXICAN, ALL THEY WANT IS GIMME GIMME GIMME. YOU’re here now in america, learn english whore!” OH YES while we are at it you might want to learn proper English, proper punctuation and proper contextual writing before putting someone else down. Your original post should have read STUPID MEXICAN BITCH! JUST LIKE SO MANY OTHER FRIGGIN MEXICANS, ALL YOU WANT IS GIMME, GIMME, GIMME! YOU’re here now, in America. Learn English whore. IF you are going to speak in a specific context it is proper to stay within that contextual boundary. The issues you yourself have with the language are proof that you in no way have the true capability to judge anyone on their abilities with language.

          9. Just HOW am I like that “Mexican bithch reporter”??? She has difficulties with the English language? I do not… She asked a man if he was racist, I did not ask it, I stated it as fact based on the evidence you, yourself provided… If you cannot stand the heat alia then I would suggest staying out of the kitchen.

          10. Finally, you behave like a iskitini alia and you will be treated like a iskitini alia… Your disgusting view is not the same for all people and if you are going to spout off with your opinion then you need to be prepared for countering viewpoints… If you cannot accept that as fact then it is likely not a good idea for you to come out and “PLAY” with those who are better armed and better prepared than you have shown the ability to be…

          Walk in peace iskitini alia… Walk in peace…

          • islander7k

            You’re such a fake and wannabee part of some Indian tribe. Iskitini is spelled ISHKITINI.
            How ’bout doing some research before you comment, it’s making you look stupid, and by the way, there is no fixing STUPID. Another thing, there is no such thing as alia, unless of course, you spelled it wrong again. Quit oretending your Indian, because most likely, you are already diluted. I am still pure and original and very proud of my background.

            So yhe b word is a curse word, what about “puta” as stated by one of the commentators here? I think that is much more serious than the b word.


            Actually YOU are incorrect… “ISHKITINI” is OWL… Your ignorance is showing and your “research” is incomplete or just plain wrong… Here is some cut and paste’s from one of the Chahta Anumpa books “iskitini, iskitani, a. singular., small; little, It can also mean diminutive; paltry; petty; puny; scanty;” Get your BS together and don’t correct people who likely know their language better than you do… As for the word “alia” here you go: alia: son, alia; papoose, alia, child… Again you are wrong 🙂 Put the two together as “iskitini alia” and you have one of the following “Small child”, “little son”, “paltry child”, “petty child”, and others… Take you pick from the stated ones because they all apply to you and your attitude… you should really be “doing some research before you comment, it’s making you look stupid” and yes you are correct and PROVING it by your actions “there is no fixing STUPID”

            Your are still “pure” Yes, I would agree you are definitely “pure” IE: FULL of PURE and OBVIOUS ignorance… What is your CIB/CDIB, what is your tribe??? Do you even have one??? What is your creation story? Who is Chief? Where did your tribe originate? I can answer all of those questions because I know my history and I know my heritage and I know my ancestry…

            As for curse words, I have used none, I did not say “puta” it actually means whore or slut… And I have chosen to use neither of those terms. Do I curse, yes upon occasion or sometimes when provoked…

            Now since you have just been schooled in a language you made yourself an idiot over could you be a good iskitini alia and go away…

          • islander7k

            no sense continuing with you, you have completely deviated from the original topic….wuit smoking crack and you might getbyour brain cells back in place. auf weidersehen…


            I have just been following your lead alia… I made a simple personal observation originally and you are the one who went off the reservation so to say… I now KNOW that you are a liar and that is enough for me… Because of you were not you would have been able to answer the questions that were asked of you 🙂 But then again, I often find that the people that feel the need to hide behind a pseudonym are less than sincere and less than honest in their excursions into cyberspace.

      • islander7k

        “cause others to say…..” hmmm, I control their mouth, brain, thoughts? typical liberal response. Throw blame onto others and NOT ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY for anything they say, do or consequences of thier actions. FYI, I cannot control how people think. If they wish to say any bigoted dialogue, that is on them. I am exercising my 1st Amendment Right to free speech, expression and worship. It’s you liberal morons who want to contro evrything Americans do, such as your statement above. If you do not like our freedoms, then please go back to where you came from and exercise your repressive rights somewhere else.


          WOW! you truly are immature as well as ignorant. Ignorance can be cured with a little bit of education… No “islander7k” you do not control them thank goodness!!! However peoples actions say volumes about who they are and your actions here in this thread seem to show someone who is an immature, ignorant, prejudicial bigot and racist…

          Just where did you express anything that had to do with worship, with a mouth and attitude like yours any reasonable religion would be ashamed to have you call yourself a member of their congregation!

          How hilarious you are hahahaha OMG!!! When you say your foul mouthed BS you are “exercising my 1st Amendment Right to free speech, expression and worship” but when I exercise my 1st Amendment rights I am associated with “liberal morons who want to contro evrything Americans do” you are actually not only and idiot (which BTW is incurable) but a hypocrite… Again you show your lack of knowledge as I am not a “liberal” and most definitely not a “moron”.

          As for your “If you do not like our freedoms then please go back to where you came from” This makes you even more of an idiot since I can likely trace my ancestral lineage in this country back much farther than you can trace your own 🙂 There are just no boundaries to your inanity are there…

          • islander7k

            Really. I am all what you said; I did not know you’re a mind reader and an internet psychologist. Don’t quit your day job, because I don’t support welfare recipients who put themselves in such predicament like you. Sounds like you just like to argue and make stuff just so you can ssy you can write. Unfortunately, it does require some thinking, which you obviuosly have not done. And where do you get this foul mouth info you claim I am spewing? The closest I said was the b word. And you’re ranting something about religion and your ancestry, WTH? I think you should have your head checked before you give any advice, because it is clear, there’s nothing in between to retain all these complicated information you are trying to process. By the way, name calling does not get your message across either


            YOU were the one that brought up “worship” alia… with your ” I am exercising my 1st Amendment Right to free speech, expression and
            worship.” comment…

            Please tell me, just what did I “make up” anything??? I stated my opinion of you following what I believe in MY opinion under MY 1st Amendment rights to be an IGNORANT posting that you made.

            The B word is a curse word and therefore fits the foul mouthed comment.

            As for my ancestry, it came into the conversation because you the comment YOU made “If you do not like our freedoms, then
            please go back to where you came from and exercise your repressive rights somewhere else.” I brought up my ancestry to show that I AM WHERE I CAME FROM!!!

            I would say that you have some serious comprehension issues and memory issues since you cannot even seem to recall what you yourself have said… If anyone needs their head checked that would be you.

            As for name calling… I did not say what I said to “name call” I stated my opinion of you based upon the evidence you yourself have provided via the posts you share/write.

            How sad that you believe that the 1st Amendment only applies to you…

    • Bonnie

      I think she was saying the words you used in your above statement make all of us look bad. Keep it professional and you can still get your point across without the name calling.

      • islander7k

        I fully understand your point and could have CHOSEN to tame down my short rhetoric, however if I CHOSE to do so would negate my message and the disgust I feel for the lawlessness brewing in this great AMERICA. I am exercising my RIGHT to free speech as well as expression, which does not stipulate nor dictate how such expression is communicated. Just like these ILLEGALS who are expressing OUR RIGHT to asembly, but it does NOT GIVE THEM THE RIGHT TO VIOLATE OUR LAWS and to PHYSICALLY ABUSE A CITIZEN OF OUR COUNTRY. So why should I be professional about this? And there is nothing in my short statement that tells any reader that I am speaking nor representing anyone as you imply that I am. And to point out, thee are so far 17 readers who LIKE my statement. I really wished that people like you stop implying nor trying to think for others. It is this behavior that causes stupidity in this great country.

        1st AMENDMENT STAES:
        Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  • Bette Gilbertson Zimmerman

    I think she is a racist. Someone should have smacked her a good one. Get these illegals and terrorists out of our country. We need to over run the White House and take the action into our own hands…


      Actually she was not here illegally… Ahhhh well…

  • JerryMonster

    Seems I have met this woman many times in many shapes and they abruptly do not understand your dialect unless you are answering correctly under her surmised response. (As long as she gets her Story swayed her way)

  • GrammaJo Irish


  • sneadster

    A racist is a person who believes that their race is more superior than other races. The word “racist” is used incorrectly 99.99999999% of the time. I am posting this because I do not want to be niggardly with information I know to be true!

    • JoJoJams

      Sort of like, La Raza….(The Race) – a Hispanic supremacist group. Imagine if “white” people created a group called The Race, with the same goals and ideology. Who’s the racists? La Raza. And the NAACP etc…

      • Taketwothey’resmall

        KKK. How’d that turn out?

        Also, the Congressional Black Caucus is nothing but a consortium intent on perpetual racism.

    • illegalgarbagegohome

      Omg I love it! Hahaha!

    • Dida McP

      Actually, racism is the view that any race is either superior or inferior to other races.

      • GlockG22shoots40s

        Very good, you just repeated what sneadster said. Congratulations.

        • Dida McP

          No, sneadster said that the definition was simply believing that your own race was superior.

          I said that the actual definition is believing that any race is superior or inferior. A white person who believes that Asians are superior to whites is a racist. If the combination of race and superiority or inferiority are mixed

          • Dida McP

            …together, then the statement is racist as per the definition of a word. It jas nothing to do with your own race unless you think your race is superior to others, whichis a form of racism.

      • ShamanBlair

        You are incorrect. To think one’s OWN race is superior to all other races IS the proper definition of “racism.” “Inferior” has zero to do with it, though slightly illiterate people =think= it does….

        • Paul Curtis Pickering

          So, it wouldn’t be a racist statement for me, a white man, to say Black people are superior to Hispanic people?

          Which I guess, technically, it actually would not be, because there is no such thing as a “hispanic” race.
          Because Hispanic roots are considered aligned with a European ancestry

          (Spain), Hispanic/Latino ancestry is defined solely as an ethnic
          designation (similar to being Norse or Germanic). Therefore, a person of
          Hispanic descent is typically defined using both race and ethnicity as
          an identifier—i.e., Black-Hispanic, White-Hispanic, Asian-Hispanic,
          Amerindian-Hispanic or “other race” Hispanic.

          But, for the purposes of our conversation, I guess we can let that technicality slide, and I will ask my question again. Is it a racist statement for me, as a White Man, to say Black people are better than Hispanic/Latino people? Not that I believe that, but if we go by your definition of racism, than that is a completely non racist statment.

        • Dida McP

          Definition by google: “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

          Definition by Oxford: “The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

          Definition by Merriam-Webster: “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority or inferiority of a particular race.”

          …where’s your definition from?

  • Carle W Riley

    Dumb question gets Smart Question that she can’t answer.

  • JerryMonster

    What is truly sad is… That if we Americans say “Screw This I’m Leaving” No one will take us because they uphold Immigration Laws. Live in Seattle? Try Immigrating to Canada!! They Have no interest in this Mess. and this is why one day there will be Wars on the Canadian US border.

    • illegalgarbagegohome

      That is exactly how I feel! I want out of here so bad! I am getting a good education and studying French and German. I am hoping for the best!

      • keniamariana

        That’s what I was thinking until the news the other day that the most popular baby name in Norway is Mohamed. The 1st world is gone

    • eggman2

      Canadians come here to steal jobs, too. Anyone around the world can and is doing that because of our present inadequate laws.

  • AsktheWhiteGuy

    Effing TONK BTCH!!!

  • DixieAngel_76

    Hmmm. Looks like the lights came on inside her dim little mind. Maybe. But by the time she gets back to the TV station, she’ll probably have talked the sense out of herself. Seriously, this is what is needed today, a lot more. We need to push back against these wrong headed ideas, and if we don’t, I predict a race war may be coming.

  • onesoldiersmom

    That was beautiful. She really had no words and no doubt realized the truth of the statements directed at her. Good for those guys. Stand up to stupidity.

  • Danny Sowers

    Lol…come on leave univision anchor lady alone…she was caught speechless hahahaha

  • aquafuji

    I think it’s great that someone put these effing reporters in they’re place. It’s bs That they always play the race card to make themselves look good in front of the camera and viewers especially after they edit the film to really make them look good. If anyone is a racist it’s always the one throwing it around. I never judge anyone by race, sex religious belief, sexual preference, or colour. I judge you by whether your an @sswhole to others!

  • Joel Rivera

    That puta got owned. I’d consider Univision and other foreign language stations in America benefitting from illegal alien viewership as being illegals themselves and worthy of the boot along with their stinking standard bear Jorge Ramos.

  • Teresa

    LOVE IT!!

  • Rhgates

    Don’t care about their skin color, as long as their card is green.

  • illegalgarbagegohome

    Hahaha! So sick of these self righteous hispanics! F tbem!

  • June Smith

    Illegal aliens are the basis of domestic terrorism – spurred on by Univision

    These are the people our Congress and President want to protect …. Vote in November … Vote SMART!


    I can honestly say that I am likely one of the least racist people you will ever meet… THAT said I am a firm believer that ALL illegals from ALL countries should be sent back to their country of origin and as sad as it may sound their illegal babies as well… IF someone is in this country illegally I do not see how a child they have here can be considered legal. THAT said if one parent can be proven to be a citizen then that may cause a different situation HOWEVER this would mean that the citizen parent would either need to legally marry the illegal parent AND promptly start them on the road to citizenship or take custody of their child if they do not wish to marry the illegal parent… I know, a bit convoluted but it IS how *I* feel!!!!!

    • eggman2

      If the US citizen parent lived all the way until he/she was something like 16 ( I don’t remember the exact limit age, ) on American soil, then the children are American citizens automatically.

      But I believe that it should be better than that. It should be that, no matter how long an US citizen has lived in a foreign country, his her children should be American citizens. And it should be that no immigrant couple that never became US citizens , could ever give birth to a US citizen by giving birth in the US. That last one is important to put an end to birthing tourism. Amend the 14th Amendment.

      Through birthing tourism, a generation of American citizens that hate the US could be bred, for after being born here , they can go back to be raised in whatever country the parents came from, and learn to hate this country. That clearly can be a threat to national security.


        I believe it was fairly obvious that I was discussing current events. I do not believe in “amnesty” for the sake of amnesty… If someone is here illegally then they should be sent back to their own country.

        Your posting is a bit disjointed and difficult to understand… If the US citizen parent??? Do you not realize that a pregnant woman can cross the border at full term and if she manages to make it into the United States and gives birth to that child on the US side of the border then that child is legally a citizen of the US??? It should NOT be that way!!!

        The 14th Amendment was not meant to be the way people are currently using it, it was put into force to allow for the children of freed slaves and those freed slaves that were born in the states to have a roadway to legal citizenship it was not meant for people other than that particular purpose and that is what it should be used like…

        • eggman2

          1) I never said anything about amnesty here, but I think that people worry too much about it. The main thing is not to worry about it, but worry about this status quo of constant relentless immigration of unnecessary immigrants that I call PREDATORY-EMPLOYMENT AND OTHER-FOREIGNERS’-ECONOMIC-ADVANTAGES IMMIGRATION. If that isn’t abolished it will cause the demise of this country, for one can not keep replacing the natives endlessly without destroying the whole system like it is being done right now. People put to much faith in the Republicans, yet if they don’t embrace the idea that unnecessary immigration ( necessary immigration being only spouses and children of US citizens and people that can do a job that no American can do ) has to be abolished, they are not worth it either. By not being worth it either I mean that there is no hope in them either. If they would stop their push for more working visas, they would comprise a pretty good party. But they seem to base their elimination of illegal immigration on more working visas, and that is stupid. To bring more people to do the jobs that Americans can do is legalizing illegal immigration.
          2) Your second paragraph doesn’t make sense in comparison to what I said. You are not drunk, are you ? Because you are writing in the way that a drunk would speak.
          3) Your dissertation on the 14th amendment follows the same pattern as number 2 above.

  • Unkie Numbnuts

    Fired the dumb ass…She is an insult to all women kind.

  • Unkie Numbnuts

    If they can pay her a salary, they have enough money to help illegals become legal citizens in their adopted country…Notice I said their adopted country…And Momma and Poppa are still going to call the shots.

  • Tammy Hollifield

    Why should he leave, he is in his own country, and she is asking him, WHY was he staying, give me a break !!!

  • Imtoooldforthis

    I love this clip. It put her in her place.

  • H. Johnson

    Call me a racist or whatever you like. Illegal aliens crossing our borders are criminals and should be treated as criminals. They have no place in America.

    • eggman2

      If it would be classified as a felony, and a reward given to whistleblowers, the problem would be over.

  • John Best

    Well, it is the only English she knows.

  • fed up

    Bet they don’t air that vid on their channel

  • northern_sentinel

    Shame requires an iota of personal integrity

  • SueB

    was it a stupid question…YES… but to attack her personally is ignorance…many American people speak with accents and have different dialect from their culture and even regions of where they live..hell I’m a New Englander living in FL and they say I have an accent!!!! Illegal Immigration is WRONG…. but to stoop to name calling and assume she is not American is just ignorant and breading hate… America is diverse and made up of many cultures…unfortunately its’ Leadership has weakened and bent over backwards to accommodate the “petty..I’m offended” and let go of the fundamentals of immigration laws…. the pledges of allegiance to the American Flag and Country…learn and speak English …there use to be night classes for this… take and pass a test before being sworn in as an American Citizen….keep the focus on the Topic of Illegal Immigration and don’t get caught up chasing rabbits down other paths just because ignorance and stupid questions are put out there to test and trap you….

    • keniamariana

      She is kinda hot.. I would

    • Dewy

      They didn’t attack her personally, making that statement is just ignorance on your part.

  • James Bond

    Her silent pause was so beautifully much longer than a pause!!!!

  • Geoffrey Watson

    What a ‘dumb’ reporter !!!

    • eggman2

      More to it than just dumb. Those reporters are following the agenda of those networks that cater to their growing illegal alien audience. They are going after the money. The illegal aliens, and other unnecessary immigrants, are controlling more and more of the money in this country, and US CITIZENS less and less.

  • drewrob52

    That’s great…kudos to those guys!
    Hope those ppl are arrested for that assault…

  • Lily

    Way to show her up! Ridiculous ‘reporter’

  • Kodiak64

    Glad to see somebody stand up for their country! We need more people like this!

  • Terry O’shea


  • abaton7

    SLAM! good on you!

  • Big Conservative

    The only people who ask about Racism are all Racist themselves. The “educated” journalist has no idea what she is talking about. Journalists have become the epitome of ignorance, they should all be ashamed of themselves.

  • abaton7

    Illegal is NOT a race.

  • Robert Brumley

    I’m sure they did not air that on Univision.

  • Aimee

    Too bad they didn’t let it keep rolling for another few seconds, I would like to hear her answer to his question of her being here legally. My guess is no.

  • John Gagne

    Nothing will change until our government starts respecting the constitution and our laws!!

    • Thellis Ann Brown

      And the lawful will of America’s citizens.

  • John Gagne

    All our members of government took the OATH to honor the constitution and the laws of this country. THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW AND THE OATH they swore to uphold. I truly believe it is an impeachable offense and the judiciary branch is breaking the law by not enforcing it, and that’s why this country is a mess today. Politics has gone astray.

    • jsl55

      The politicians are committing treason by aiding the invaders of the United States.

  • rdytogo

    GOOD for those men! hahahahaha! LOVE it!!!!!

  • Joshua Burdo

    Any bets as to how soon that gets edited to show him admitting to being a racist?

  • Melissa Gomez

    Everyone is an immigrant, period. When did your family immigrate here?! Yeah just because there were less people doesn’t mean you have a right to be here either. What makes you so called Americans better huh? You lied, cheated, stole and took what didn’t belong to you. If you read your history you backwoods rednecks with guns you would know that this land was Mexico’s but you greedy bastards decided to start a war that Mexico didn’t want. They wanted to live in peace with the small bit of land that United stolen States had but no. You so called land of the free have screwed over every race and country on the planet and day this country falls I will happy to add the gasoline to the burning buildings. Your immigration system is a joke run bigoted arrogant assholes whose only agenda is to make money and to not grant residency to anyone.

    By the way, for example can anyone tell me what American food is lol? My point exactly. America doesn’t even have it’s own cuisine because they stole it from every other country.

    • battle

      Yep. America is horrible. So leave. climb the fence to Mexico and let us know how that process is better.

      • Melissa Gomez

        I don’t need to climb, I can walk across. I can get a passport since I was born here and my family all immigrated here legally.

        • agranon

          You’re a racist

        • Thellis Ann Brown

          So did mine. The difference between you and me is that I love America. You should be ashamed.

    • Dave M

      Hi troll… You said, “Your immigration system is a joke run bigoted arrogant assholes whose only agenda is to make money and to not grant residency to anyone” which is simply not true and shows that you have no basis in reality and no desire to be an American. Why should anyone care what you think? Don’t come here or stay here.
      But to answer your question anyway: The folks who came here prior to the formation of the United States banded together to both conquer the Mexicans and the Indians and / or “purchase” the land that became the United States of America. That’s our history. They became the first Americans. Prior to the formation of ‘America’, there were only native people of various tribes. Being a descendant of any of those folks makes a person American. Being born here to American parents makes a person American. There are legal paths to citizenship. Following the immigration laws of the United States and being awarded citizenship makes you American. Don’t like the rules, then become a legal citizen and vote to change the laws. Unless you want to play cowboys and Mexicans again….

      • Melissa Gomez

        You must not have read my previous comment. I am a U.S. citizen idiot. I was born here.

        • Dave M

          That’s just sad. I have much respect for your parents doing it legally. I know how difficult the process is. I hope they are extremely offended by the people who want a free pass.
          You’re right, I stopped reading your dribbling cuntjuice after you insulted the very country your parents came to seeking a better life, while you use that same opportunity to display your ignorance and disgust for it. For the record, your family should have drowned you as a puppy.

      • Melissa Gomez

        Troll really? that is a really bad comeback by the way.

    • alwaysright21

      beaners suck

    • eggman2

      The same thing goes for Mexico. Mexico was built with stolen land. And they are stealing from their people. Their leaders should stop stealing from their own people and help their own people, instead of sending them somewhere else to be taken care of.

      The past is over. We have to look at the present and the future. We should be looking at our present and our future. And Mexico should be looking at their present and their future.

    • Dida McP

      I have a right to be here because I was born and raised here. My family immigrated legally and worked hard to contribute to this country. They didn’t lie, cheat, or steal. I find it quite surprising that you were born here because of this sentiment. Also, Mexico might have “owned” this land before the US fought them for it (actually, the area that I live in was bought from France, but that’s beside the point) however, how do you think they got it? That’s right, they “lied, cheated, stole and took what didn’t belong to” them. The Maya, Olmec and Aztec tribes lived where we typically determine Mexico and some of Central America to be currently. They were the original “Mexicans” and, no, they didn’t live in what we now traditionally consider the United States. So, technically Mexico stole the land from the Native Americans. However, that was long before either of us was born and to blame people for the transgressions of their ancestors is simply childish.

  • Brandi Blackman Ward

    Will this crap ever end? Phoenix, AZ is starting to look more like Mexico our school’s have gone down. You have to be bi-lingual to get most jobs here. I am resentful and disgusted by the whole matter. I don’t see a ending in site. Stupidity is contagious and illegals are like roaches… if you see one there are many more around. So many US citizens are now fighting for the rights of these illegals and border states are being swamped by them. I will personally pay for the Obama’s to come and live in South Phoenix (in anonymity of course) and see if they still hold the ideals, they can bring Biden along too.

  • rickbob

    This one won’t make it to the nightly news!!

    • Plantsmantx

      Considering that it happened in 1996, you’re probably right.

  • Sandra Collins


  • Linda Lee

    OH this was p erfect. Both black and white stood up for each other and our country. The reporter is the kind of skank that makes my blood boil. I wish they had said to her : “Since when is Hispanic or Latin a race? IT’S NOT.

  • Dave M

    What’s a rassis? Where’s the rest of the clip? I wish I could hear the answer to the his last question being asked, “Are you here illegally”?

  • Sarah Mahala

    Loved that both men put her in her place. If she has no more common sense and brains than to ask a man if he is racist after he has been hit on the head and left bleeding just because he is standing up for something he believes in, then she has should not be trying to be reporting on anything! I would have loved to have heard her response to the same question when the men asked her if she was racist. Unfortunately, the video ended just as her question was thrown right back into her face for an answer.

  • Enough

    I live next to a family of illegal aliens. The 3 older children were basically raised in the US and the 2 younger children were born here (automatically cititzens)…their parents never bothered to make the older 3 legal. They went through the public school system (and who knows how many other benefits). What irritates me the most is that the oldest got married and had a couple of children (still living with her parents). When her mail accidently was placed in my mailbox, I called her. She stated, that’s a bill from having my daughter that I will never pay…nice. Then she received her earned income tax credit and bought a new car. I am tired of the abuse of the system that they feel they are entitled to.

  • Pauline Bunch

    Great clip. I liked the way these 2 guys put her in her place.

  • Steve Wall

    She got her ass handed to her. Everyone is a racist if you stand for America and her laws, thanks Holder and Obama.

  • Good to see that Rev. Peterson put that Univision cvnt in her place!

  • Benjamin King

    Too bad the video cut off before she answered that last question: “Are you here legally?” I would have loved to hear her answer to that one!!

    • Ralph Midgetman

      Click on the youtube link for the whole video and yes indeed she got her racist AS. handed to her by both of them
      Of course that part will not be shown on the all Democrat all the time liberal news network.

  • Ralph Midgetman

    Click on the youtube link for the whole video and watch her get her racist AS. handed to her by both men.
    Of course that part will not be shown on the all Democrat all the time liberal news network.

  • Boomhauser

    This has nothing to do with the past, but current laws, borders and legalities.
    Send them all packing home.
    If they are all such good, hardworking people, perhaps their countries would be 1st world countries.

  • Karlec

    64,903 followers on Google+
    Univisión is an American Spanish language broadcast television network that is owned by Univision Communications. Wikipedia

    CEO: Randy Falco
    Founder: Jerry Perenchio
    Founded: September 30, 1962

  • Kim

    I am so tired of people playing the race card in order to justify themselves breaking the law! Why dont criminals just take the responsibility of paying their debt to society instead of expecting a victims advocate!

  • eggman2

    The same thing happened in ancient Rome. People that had no right to be in Rome, ended up there, claiming rights they didn’t have, and eventually killing the Romans.

    Beating an American citizen is just the start.

    History repeats itself, if people are stupid enough, not to learn from it.

  • handgunnar

    …and you sound like the neighborhood fool that no one would trust.

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  • Damian Hallacy

    Indians? /eyeroll

  • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

    Actually Sherry.. they came from mongolia and Asia.. LOL but you are right… We welcome LEGAL CITIZENS… Seem Univison supports t more viewer ($$$) more than legality or OUR COUNTRY…

  • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

    Not the Grammar Police.. A Grammar NAZI.. calling people idiots…. LOL

  • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

    Grammar Police in Force.. LOL

  • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

    LOOK.. it’s the Grammar Police!!! LOL

  • Fred J Morgan (Jeff)

    Hummm.. so you are an Native American Expert.. Why did Jackson attack the Indians? What country were they in? – The Trail of Tears is a very sad story but far more complicated that what you state. In fact you trying to use this type of history seems rather idiotic…. Hey, my ancestors were slaves in the past…. to the ROMANS. Down with modern Italy! Moronic, isn’t it?

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