White House Says That Paris Jihad Attacks Had ‘Nothing to Do’ with ‘Radical Islam’

Above: “Baghdad Bob” had nothing on this guy

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Last week the Obama White House refused to call the slaughter at Charlie Hebdo newspaper an act of terrorism. The Obama administration was “waiting for an investigation.”

Today White House Spokesman Josh Earnest said it was “inaccurate” to use the phrase “radical Islam.”

“I’m describing a reason why we have not chosen to use that label because it doesn’t seem to accurately describe what had happened.”

Via Jim Hoft:

Of course the problem for the White House is that new footage, released an hour after the statement above, showed the Paris terrorists shouting exactly why they had just murdered 12 people (and would soon murder another 4 Jews in a kosher grocery):

“We have avenged the Prophet Mohammed! We have avenged the Prophet Mohammed!”

Hmm…Mohammed. That sure sounds familiar. Now what religion is he associated with? Is it Buddhism? Jevovah’s Witnesses? Perhaps the Amish? I just can’t place it.

Unbelievable. You must call this one of two thing: treason, or insanity. There is no other choice. The Obama Regime is making all Americans at risk by going all out to defend Islam and its “prophet” against any criticism, no matter how obvious and factual.

And as Neil Munro reported, Obama’s cabal announced this week they would — unbelievably — “fight the media” to suppress “anti-jihad articles” from appearing in the press.

But this should come as no surprise. Obama told us — and the Muslim world — in his very first trip abroad as president, where he stood:

He is representing the Muslim world extremely well. Americans? Not so much.

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