White House Furious After NFL Legend Used This ONE Word to Describe Obama


by Scott Aberdeen | Top Right Sports

An NFL Hall of Famer made a disturbing analogy for Barack Obama on ESPN, and the White House has let the network know it is not happy about it.

Former 49er and Super Bowl MVP Steve Young made a matter-of-fact comparison between Obama and a tyrant prior to this week’s “Monday Night Football” game between the Denver Broncos and Cincinnati Bengals that has the left quite upset.

Young said that Manning needed to send a message to his team that he was “the dictator,”  just as Obama would, in order to better deal with their opponents’ defense.

“Watch for Peyton to speak to the nation, as the president of the United States would speak to the nation tonight,” Young said on ESPN. “And tell them, ‘I am the dictator! I am the one that’s going to take care of everything.’”


Democrat activist Susan Selwich wrote on Twitter that “Young is parroting the same racist dog whistle of the Rush Limbuagh (sic) Republicans.”

Really? How is the term “dictator” racist?

SB Nation columnist Ben Seaford said that the White House complained about the remark to ESPN brass, although Top Right News could not confirm this with White House sources at the time of this article.

But the funny thing is that Young is not known to be political guy, rarely making comments about it, although he did speak at an Republican National Convention — way back in 2000.

Young is a boy scout, a straight-shooting guy, so for him to think of Obama as a dictator as a natural comparison says far more about Obama’s lawless actions than it does about Young’s motivations.

Also, it seems quite foolish for the White House to complain about this comment, thus drawing far more national attention to it that it would have gotten alone.

Why so sensitive, liberals? Does it hit a little too close to the mark?

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