White Couple Attacked In Brutal Hate Crime That The Mainstream Media Won’t Report


Above: White couple beaten by Black mob in Missouri – national media silent

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Many of you have probably heard of the “Knockout Game“, wherein Black males assault innocent White or Asian passersby on the street, sometimes as a part of gang initiations. But it is rare that such assaults are caught in detail, and on high-quality video. But that has happened in a video released today.

Below is a video of a White couple getting attacked by a group of six Black men, who quietly come up behind them and then lash out in a violent assault – throwing around, punching, kicking, and stomping on the White male during the unprovoked attack.


Luckily, the male victim holds his own well against the six attackers, and puts a few of them on the ground before they eventually run away when police arrive and chase the thugs off camera. No arrests have yet been made, and Springfield, MO Police are asking the public for help in identifying suspects involved in an assault.

But it is worth analyzing the situation. This attack happened in Missouri, the same state as Ferguson, where Black teen Michael Brown’s death by a White police officer has been turned by the media and Obama Administration into a national racial conflict.

But don’t expect to hear the media report this racial attack. Even many local news outlets in Missouri avoided this story like the plague. And it has not been reported on any national news outlet.

But let’s do the “color test”: had this story been reversed, and the aggressors were white and attacking a black couple, this would be front page news everywhere.  But Black-on-White, in a clearly unprovoked attack with no attempt at robbery? Nothing to see here, says the national news media.

Nonsense. Hate crime is hate crime.


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