While Everyone’s Focused on Michael Flynn… Trump Just Dropped a NUKE on ObamaCare

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

All of Washington is in a frenzy after Barack Obama’s holdovers in the intelligence services conducted a political assassination of Michael Flynn, President Trump’s National Security Adviser — likely committing serious felonies by leaking classified info to the press.

But while liberals are celebrating their hit on Trump, he just dropped a nuclear bomb on Obama’s legacy that will leave millions of Americans cheering.

With a single order to the Internal Revenue Service, Trump basically just KILLED ObamaCare.

From Washington Times:

The IRS will no longer enforce the individual mandate under ObamaCare.

The Service will no longer require that tax returns indicate that a person has health insurance under Obamacare, nor will they be fined for failing to do so — a move that Reason magazine called a “crippling” blow to the law’s individual mandate.

In a statement to Reason, which first reported the change in policy Tuesday night, the IRS said it was responding to an order from President Trump to reduce the Affordable Care Act’s burdens on the American taxpayer.

Without that mandate, ObamaCare simply cannot be funded.

As weak knees in Congress hem and haw about repealing or replacing the left’s biggest move towards socialized medicine in U.S. history — Trump basically just rang its death knell.

And he is forcing the House GOP to stop whining, and do their jobs for the American people.

Another campaign promise kept. But don’t expect the Fake News Media to celebrate it anytime soon.


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