When Woman Claims Disney is Racist for Having All White Princesses – This Man Has an EPIC Response

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

If you’ve ever watched a Disney movie, you’ve probably noticed something about the main princess characters. They’re all white.

One woman on Tumblr claimed that this is the case because a racist Disney is trying to “whitewash” their movies by making sure all the princesses remain white. But one man with a brilliant rebuttal that showed just how wrong she was.

The woman posted an image of 4 Disney characters representative of the four seasons with the following comment:

“Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter represented by the princesses (and a Queen).”

One woman that felt this was a racist representation and wrote, “Are you sure they don’t all represent winter because everything looks pretty White.”

What the man does next is worthy of applause. Not only does he point out in epic fashion the origins of the fairy tales for each of the Disney films, but also racial demographics of the countries the authors hailed from. And then he went on from there, in brilliant fashion.

Some people just have to see every issue in terms of race.

Check it out:


P.S.: One correction to his otherwise brilliant response comes from my daughter, who pointed out that Brave was set in Scotland, not Ireland.

[h/t MetaPicture]

Gina is a proud Texas Mom of 4, avid hunter and gun owner, and vigilant defender of our Constitutional rights.



  • Gordon Harvey

    Someone call Sharpton and Jackson to muddy up the waters…There has to be racism if they are all white!

    • Howard Wright

      Even when they’re not.

    • jerseydevil

      Just call Sharpton… Jesse is tied up in Dallas, trying to get the “love” he didn’t get in Ferguson… He’s making sure that if the Ebola patient dies he can tie it to “racial” issues and he will lead the riots and looting… ( 😛 to you Al…Jesse beat you to the punch!)

      • F. De Moraes

        Any chance we can talk Jesse to hug and kiss the patient to display that he like the POTUS, is not afraid of an Ebola outbreak?

        • jerseydevil

          Opps…Mr. Duncan has passed away… Time for Jesse to organize the memorial rioting and looting….5…4…3…2….

          • Zachary Lovett

            Someone that traveled to Africa and died from ebola in Texas is black? I’m gonna rob my neighbors for that!

          • Dana Lind

            Why would you lower your self to their standards?

          • ThomasER916

            Why would you only every attack Whites?

    • ThomasER916

      Whites need to learn real quick that “racism” is nothing more than a social, political, and economic tool to justify disenfranchisement, redistribution of wealth, demeaning, and genocide of Whites.

      Whites are the only race that’s not allowed to have a group, a church, a religion, a city, or a country. Neither Right nor Left, Democrat nor Republication, nor any political pundit or ideologue will allow it.

      The Tea Party has been pushing non-Whites of any stripe to prove they’re “not racist.” We’re told we need to have an Allen West or Herman Cain lording over us. Only Whites must accept non-Whites as their leaders. It worked out really well for South Africa and Zimbabwe.

  • HowardDeanJohnson

    LMAO when people don’t know what the F they’re talking about. This guy totally nailed it!

    • Nope

      Wasn’t a guy, it was a woman.

    • why

      He did not know what he was talking about, people of color are from live in all of those places and lived there during the Times this was written. Having like five ethnic princesses in not enough. Disney is supposed to make people feel connected and like family, but how can it when it’s leaving out people of color, who once again live everywhere.

      • why

        Oops, didn’t mean to write are from 🙂

      • Chirstopher Bergsten

        Lol. Focus on real issues. Don’t focus on a company making movies out of stories that have been created by others. I am sure that if they do make a movie about some tribe in Africa, its not going to be with white princesses everywhere. Other than that, Disney is a company focused in profit, if they make more cash creating movies out of books from europe, the people in them will probably be european. Sure, there are minorities and they have always been minorities, but making an effort to change a story just to make the characters black/white is way more racist than what you’re talking about. #Hypocrite

  • HowardDeanJohnson

    You gotta censor it better than you did because I can still see what’s being said much of the time.

  • Maggie

    some people just make comments to get their name on the computer or to show that there really are unintelligent lifeforms that have mutated into human form. Ughhh.. I am so sick of this race crap

    • Zachary Lovett

      I like chicken.

    • Amaris


      • Brian Hill

        Dude, all caps? Please explain social change so the rest of us can be on the same page. I expect no less than a 20 page report on the subject. You HAVE to use big words too.

      • Maggie

        LOL.. you are one of those nutbags that thin the race card can be tossed because someone has a differing opinion than you. This article is about Disney princesses and someone got their britches up their crack… grow up

        • ThomasER916

          You’re one of those morons who believes that only Whites should ignore race, which is precisely why Whites are the only race to have no countries, no cities, and no legal or moral rights to act in their explicit self-interest.

          • Maggie

            Thanks for just proving my point. You are just as ridiculous as the original poster.

          • ThomasER916

            Thanks for being stupid and indoctrinated while posturing enlightenment.

      • Tracia Smithson

        Angry typer here!!! All caps means BUSINESS!!!

    • Ruth

      You think people of colors aren’t sick of this “race crap” too? They’re probably pretty sick of being harassed by cops, being stereotyped as thugs, having non-white areas gerrymandered, the list goes on and on…

      • ThomasER916

        There you are being a dip sh!t again.

      • Maggie

        And where did I say they weren’t? Again, people who think they know what others think making stupid remarks and proving my point. I spoke about MY own feelings. I am tired of the race card being played because someone disagrees with something. As are many other folks, White, Black, Oriental, Latino, Native Americans etc. My whole family is bi-racial. So yes, I can and will speak up. I hear it all the time. If people don’t quit with this crap of calling each other names, we will sink back into the 1950’s. and those who perpetuate it are as much to blame for the increase in violence as anyone else who thinks childish behavior is ok. NO ONE has the right to treat any other person with disrespect. Period.

  • crgregg

    Well until just now I hadn’t even thought about what race the Disney characters are, give me a freaking break their cartoon characters for heavens sake. Somebody needs to get a life she’s got WAY to much free time

    • Howard Wright

      What color was the princess in The Princess and the Pea? Oh yea, BLACK! Why, because it’s based in New Orleans. What color are the people in New Orleans. Yes, over 3/4 of them are black. But I guess it was racist to mention that, right?

      • MandaLynne

        Actually, it was based on The Frog Prince. 🙂

        • Kristina

          Based IN New Orleans, based ON The Frog Prince. Lmfao.

      • Grendelwolf1013

        Princes and the pea is also a story written by Hans Christian Anderson. So the fact that the Princes and the Pea had a Black main character would be considered Whitewashing ( In the sense of this story) to appease the Politically Correct crowed.

        New Orleans was originally settled by French Colonists. So technically the time frame that the Disney’s version of the Princes and the Pea took place everyone should have been French and White including the main actor.

      • taurian72

        See u can’t even get the 1 black story right how many time did u see it again??? What color was the pea??? Oh yeah there wasn’t one!!!

    • Ruth

      The fact that you never thought about that before is a privilege.

      • Marcia

        That does not make it a privilege. Does every minority go around looking around for excuses as to why their minority isn’t represented and how crappy life is for them? Well some people do, I’m sure of it. But not every single person. Just because one person doesn’t make some out of this world, asinine assumption about Disney and their “racial agenda” doesn’t mean they are “privileged”. It means that they don’t see why this world has to be about this race and that race. There should be no “race” involved. There shouldn’t be any hate. Almost every person on this planet can look back in their family tree and see some form of evil enacted on their ancestors, does that give each of us “rights” to hate those whose ancestors wronged us? Does it?! No, I didn’t think so. Get over yourself.

        • Ruth

          You don’t see it as a privilege to have your race overrepresented in our government, on tv, in ads, and literally everywhere? You don’t think its a privilege to have your race represented as what’s good, as what’s the norm instead of as thugs or immigrants? What do you think it’s like growing up and seeing that all but one Disney princess isn’t your race? Not having to consider race is a privilege because people of color don’t get to forget about their race. They’re reminded of it all the time when a cop pulls them over and harasses them, when a storeowner follows them around a store because they think they’re going to shoplift, or when they get asked if their hair is a weave. You want things not to be about race? Well then educate yourself on racial issues and help end racism and then we can stop thinking about race all the time. “Everyone’s ancestors have had something horrible enacted against them,” as if racism was a thing of the past. As if people of color weren’t discriminated against every day. Making people aware of the privileges their skin color gives them isn’t hate, it’s educating them on the issues so maybe they’ll be compelled to actually help end racism. Do I think everyone at Disney is racist? No, but there are reasons there have been mostly white princesses, and I can go into them if you’d like.

          • Sept12

            what percentage is black: 18%? Are you saying we should see more than 18% of people of color on TV in the media? So when I turn on Black Network, should I be seeing the 64% white? Should we be seeing more reverse discrimination lawsuits due to the militancy of those who have chips on their shoulders because they were not born as a majority race in a particular geographical location, or should they simply move to a location where they are a majority?

          • Ruth

            You’ve completely missed the point.

          • The_Heretic70

            Stupidity is pointless.

          • Gabby

            Are you serious so just because black people are a minority they don’t deserve to be represented in media and government. So then I guess it’s fair to say that since men are a minority (percentage wise) there should be more women in government and media. News flash the percentage of all minorities to Caucasians is significant enough for us to be represented equally. White people are privileged in media because you guys don’t have to think about things like this. Even as a young kid I saw that my race was barely represented and so did my friends of other races. So get a clue.

          • Brian

            So when a person, like me, who only sees one race, the human race, doesn’t notice the mutations of skin pigment due to geographical location (which “white” is one such mutation), it’s racist?

          • farah

            Yes. According to Sociologists, Color-Blind racism is claiming to not seeing the race/color of others which then further exacerbates the situation as a result of the failure to see the inequalities. However, while color is still there it just makes us all different and unique, not more or less competant etc as is the typical idea of ‘racism’ is commonly thought to only be. Anyways, that lady is stupid for claiming Disney is white. My ethnic group is very rarely represented in a positive light so I am sure glad at least I have Princess Jasmine in the media. Furthermore, representation in the media is not always a good thing because it increases the likelihood of being affected via reflected appraisals since the media will always find a way to exploit people. What many minorities fail to realize is that white people are affected by the media negatively all the time, for example, more white girls feel negative about their bodies because of the skinny models who oftentimes are white and shown as super skinny, compared to black girls. Very interesting study done by Milkie thats worth checking out. White people don’t have it easy in the media either. And no I’m not white before i start getting attacked and called racist by some others.

        • taurian72

          considering natives were “found” and “blacks” sold wouldn’t have anything to do with it right? I’m so sick of the lack of common curtesy it’s ridiculous I’m indigenous Canada yet ya’ll act like u r

      • The_Heretic70

        The reason that we didn’t think about it before is because it wasn’t worth thinking about. It is something that morons think about.

  • DMan

    The Princess and the Frog… The Princess was ohhh right…. BLACK!

    • Howard Wright

      Based in New Orleans no less.

  • Jodi

    Do people have to inject race into EVERYTHING these days?? Geez. This is freaking stupid.

    • Howard Wright

      I would have to add thought, yea, but it works

    • ThomasER916

      You say “people” but you mean non-Whites.

      Only Whites are indoctrinated to believe their race doesn’t matter, which is why they’re the only race that doesn’t have a city, country, or continent. Believing race doesn’t matter means you won’t matter.

      • Jodi

        On the contrary. I am very proud of my race. I don’t have to be racist to say that either, but I would be called one if I touted how proud I am on a regular basis.

        • annafeehly

          I am mostly just proud to be myself. race doesn’t matter.

          • Jodi

            You’re right….it shouldn’t. But we are forever reminded of it daily.

          • Ruth

            Race doesn’t matter to you because you aren’t discriminated against because of it.

          • Sept12

            Ruth things being in a minority, or having a minority opinion, is discrimination. Therefore, Ruth needs to move where she is a majority: problem solved. But giving the majority grief because of their existence, is indeed racism. Claiming all acts are out of discrimination ignores the multitude of leaders showing the way from each and every race (both majority and minority) who didn’t let “race” interfere with their quest for success and happiness.

          • Ruth

            You don’t understand the issues so don’t pretend like you do. Also it’s funny that you assumed I’m black.

          • Jacinda

            Actually, he/she said you need to move to where you are a majority… since nobody here does know your race, that could be anywhere… and nothing was said about being black or not… it’s true that ‘white’ people don’t fully understand the issues that black people deal with daily… but we ARE told daily how racist we are & how entitled & privileged we are, even when we have zero ill intent toward ANYONE of ANY race… I don’t pretend to know what the answer is… all I feel that I can do at this point is continue to try & be as non-judgmental & accepting of all people as possible… and while I LOOK as white as milk, I am Irish, Cherokee, Choctaw, Welsh & a who knows what else blend… not that it matters one bit…

          • Tracia Smithson

            You must truly live in a wonderful place! I wish i could say the same, but I’m not going to cry about how “the white man is bringing me down” because I don’t have time to be depressed about others ignorance.

          • ThomasER916

            You say that because you’re stupid and indoctrinated.

        • Dana Lind

          I am a mutt. I have at least two and possibly 3 different “races” running through my blood. So what would that make me? I know who I am and I don’t particularly care “what” I am. I like me the way I am, thank you.

        • Greggrey Moore

          Why should anyone be proud of a race? You have nothing to do with it, it is not an accomplishment. You could be proud of someone’s accomplishments or how they deal with something. Plus there is only one “race”, the human race. Everything else is more analogous to breeds of dogs, we can interbreed but the differences are usually superficial, and the mutts are usually the best overall.

      • annafeehly


        • Zachary Lovett

          Please tell me you didn’t just say Australia is where whites come from…

          • aztectrumpet

            She didn’t.

          • reesewithoutherspoon

            she did.

          • ThomasER916

            You have to realize she’s stupid and indoctrinated. She’s a typical White that is anti-White.

          • Me

            The appropriate term is “guilty white liberal”.

      • annafeehly

        Europe? Isn’t that where whites originated from?

      • SuzieB

        Now how RACIST is your statement?

        • ThomasER916

          So how stupid are you?

          • SuzieB

            This coming from a guy who told someone to punch their mom in the face….

          • ThomasER916

            So how stupid are you?

      • closetatheist

        Yes, whites *never* got anything for themselves did they? Not Europe, or India, or the land rights to Africa, or the decimated lands of North and South America, we didn’t even stand a chance in DC, seeing as white males were originally considered to be the only voting (mattering)citizens, or were were allowed to segregate non-whites in bad schools and poor communities for generations and deprive them of the rights to life, liberty, and happiness afforded to others… Poor us.

        • ThomasER916

          Thanks for illustrating that Atheists are anti-White ethno-masochists. Go punch your mom in the face. It’s her fault you exist.

          • Ruth

            By that logic you’ve just shown that Christians are ignorant racists who don’t understand the difference between understanding racial issues and hating your own race.

          • ThomasER916

            You’re so stupid and indoctrinated you believe that for no other reason than I disagree I MUST be a Christian. And since you’re stupid and indoctrinated I must also be “racist” because total fking idiots like you hate Whites so much that anyone who dares to defend Whites at any time is automatically “racist.” Your “anti-Racism” is just a mask for begin anti-White. You hate White people. That’s ethno-masochism. That’s exactly what I had said the first time, but you’re just too stupid and indoctrinated to get it.

      • The_Heretic70

        Huh? That made literally NO SENSE.

        • ThomasER916

          Actually it made literal sense. Since you’re really stupid I have to direct you to a dictionary so you can look up the term “literally.” However, you are really stupid so I’m betting it won’t make a difference.

          • The_Heretic70

            Not only do you not make any sense, but all you can do is throw out vile insults at people. You are obviously a Democrat and not worth anyone’s time.

          • ThomasER916

            So now you’re changing your position? You went from “literally” to “not any”. I was right about you. A dictionary wouldn’t make a difference.

            I’m not a Democrat. Why would I vote for a bunch of anti-White lunatics? Oh wait! That sounds like Republicans too! Sorry dummy but there’s no political party that’s good for White Americans. Then again, neither is the Church. Catholics are shipping in Somali Muslims and pushing Amnesty.

            Take a good look at the demographics of Lewiston Maine. Oh that’s right! You’re stupid and indoctrinated. You can’t use a dictionary so there’s no way you’ll be able to understand the demographics of Lewiston Maine.

          • The_Heretic70

            Is there some particular thing that I said that requires such bile from you? All you do is throw insults. Your response was vague and circuitous. You sound like a Democrat. If you do not wish to be labeled as such, then quit being so damned nasty, write clearly, and quit throwing around insults. I don’t really care how highly you think of yourself; and, I daresay, the people who are reading your words are not in agreement. Quit being such an ass.

          • ThomasER916

            The problem is you’re LITERALLY stupid.

          • The_Heretic70

            You are entitled to your opinion. As I am entitled to mine. You are a raging jacka$$.

      • Louis Richards

        I’m a member of the Human Race.
        What race are YOU from?

        • ThomasER916

          Since you’re stupid and indoctrinated you say that to feel self-righteous.

          I’m White. My parents are White. My family going back to the beginning of history, which Whites are responsible for cataloging, are White.

          You are an indoctrinated Useful Idiot for Cultural Marxism. You’re the problem. You belong to the collective of dopes who turned America into Zimbabwe.

          • Louis Richards

            And you, my friend, spend too much of your energy on hating anything that you perceive as different.
            And congratulations on being descended from the original White Primordial Ooze.

          • ThomasER916

            I’m not your friend, idiot.

          • Louis Richards

            You sound like a friendly idiot.

        • Tracia Smithson

          I’m a homo sapiens!!

      • Michelle

        Before you say things like that, get some facts. Try this on for size:


        “On average, the scientists found, people who identified as African-American had genes that were only 73.2 percent African. Most Americans with less than 28 percent African-American ancestry say they are white, the researchers found.”

        “Latinos, on the other hand, had genes that were on average 65.1 percent European, 18 percent Native American, and 6.2 percent African.”

        “Based on their sample, the resarchers estimated that over six million European-Americans have some African ancestry. As many as five million have genomes that are at least 1 percent Native American in origin.”

        So, based on this, who exactly are you? African, European, or a mixture? Do you know? I know who I am, I’ve traced my family back several generations and no matter what my “race” I am American. Don’t point fingers and generalize, that in and of itself is racist. Race shouldn’t matter, generalizations of an entire group of people based on actions, behavior, or attitudes of a few is what makes racism thrive. Those of us who try to live our lives irrespective of the race or color of a person’s skin matter, we just aren’t belligerent toward others who don’t behave that way.

    • Ruth

      Race didn’t have to be injected, it’s always been there. Do you think MLK erased racism? Lol.

      • ThomasER916

        You mean the MLK that plagiarized real authors and banged hookers?


  • Kat

    Why is it that cuss words are blurred out bt not gd? In YouTube videos, even television when cuss words are taken out somehow God**** always remains. Imo it’s even worse than just a cuss word. Even if someone doesn’t agree with that why not take it out just bc it has a cuss word? Why take out d*** from a video or movie and ten seconds later have someone say God****.

    • John McMickle

      Political correctness.

    • John Urban

      You’re right, Kat…I fixed it -John

  • John McMickle

    This was a great response although it would have been better with out the profanity.

  • Sick and tired

    Let’s loot and burn buildings down, everything has to be black. They remade Annie with a black girl, they remade about last night where everybody is black. Just remake all movies so someone black is important, Obama sucks!

    • Menma

      did anywhere in the article mentioned that the person was black? i’m just curious?

      • Ultros667

        I would bet my house that it was a black woman. Go on Twitter the people shouting “racist” 24/7 seem to be extremely obese black women (atleast in their profile picture).

        • Menma

          there are people who are prejudice from all walks of life be it black, white, hispanic, asian whatever. So don’t take “twitter” as a prerequisite as the woman is automatically black. don’t be ignorant to think black women are the only one throwing around racial ignorance on the internet. i go on MANY websites and see people throw obscenities towards black people but i don’t go around and say “that white man/woman”.

          • ThomasER916

            You’re an idiot who’s so stupid and indoctrinated you can’t look at simple statistics and trend data to make a conclusion.

          • Menma

            and you’re an idiot to take “statistics” and automatically make ASSUMPTIONS. have several seats boo

          • ThomasER916

            My GAWD you’re fking stupid!

  • Sept12

    actually, this is more evidence the growing discord in our country. Race-bating has gotten worse. Our leaders don;t get along and our populations are defining themselves by religion, race, gender, sexual preference, and economic status. These are the symptoms of over-population..too many rats in the rat cage and bickering will start.

    • Ruth

      That’s because those who are honest with themselves understand that those things greatly affect how you are treated in this country. It’s not about defining yourself by those qualities, it’s about realizing that that affects your successes in life. It’s funny that you’re so confident about your worldview that you can call everyone else rats.

      • Sept12

        Rats: it is a scientific term. Your need to find scapegoats (again, it is a just a term, not about “goats”) for lack of motivation or ability to excel, is what is holding the success down. Separation and boxing in is not “honesty”, it is over-analyzing and not celebrating diversity. get over it! Grass is not always greener! (again, not talking about “grass”……)

        • Ruth

          Tell that to the next black person who is beaten or harassed by a cop, or who is followed around in a store because the manager assumed they are going to shoplift, or whose resume is rejected because their name is Tyrone. Racism isn’t an excuse, it’s a reality. The reason you don’t see it is because it isnt happening to you and so it’s easier not to acknowledge it than to fight a system that benefits you. Do you not see how attributing the lack of success Of people of color to “lack of morivation or ability” is racist? You’re assuming and entire races suffer from character flaws!

          • Sept12

            For one rejected resume due to race, another is accepted due to the same reason. If statistics show that certain physical descriptions increase the odds of criminal suspects, should we ignore that statistic? Many are questioned who are innocent, they don’t throw out the race card….they work around their race and move on. Keeping our heads in a box only limits us. Homelessness and low socio-economics may increase a criminal profile, so do something about it!…and I speak from personal experience. Quit blaming society and the cards you were dealt with and start playing the game and go for the win. Or are you someone who needs to cheat, beg, borrow, steal due to some perceived lack of skill or lack of confidence in the hand you are dealt with? Be a believe in God’s Plan and find beauty in all: including the majority vote, majority opinion, majority flower, majority food, majority, race…majority everything. Meanwhile, appreciate the variety of us all as well. Simple. there is no “wrong hand” and “It’s All Good”

          • Ruth

            Statistics show that resumes with “black” names get calls for interviews half the time that the same resume with a white name does. Statistics show the black people are arrested much more than white people, but there are no statistics showing they actually commit crimes more. Most of the school shooters have been white men, yet cops don’t stop every white guy with a gun. This is me doing something about the low socioeconomic status of people of color, because your ignorant assumptions are helping keep them there. People can’t simply “go for the win” when society doesn’t view you as equal. Turn off Fox News and actually look at reality and think for yourself. You’re brainwashed.

          • Sept12

            You are suggesting that our juries are unjust. Are you saying the 78% black population in our prisons are due to their skin color.? You are suggesting anarchy and this is why you need to resort to personal attacks. Reality is, you are not helping any minority group with this thinking: you are bringing them down to your world of excuses for failure to rise to the top, like so many leaders of down in every minority group. You are not a leader at all– you are about destroying. All are not trying to unite, you are trying to disunite. If you want to be a member of the majority race, as this seems to be the sum of your discontent, then move to a nation where that is found. Here, it is “United We Stand”.

          • ThomasER916

            Ruth is anti-White. Go ahead and look at that moron’s account. You’ll find attack after attack on Whites and defense after defense for everyone else. To be anti-Racist you must be anti-White. They never troll explicit Black sites for anything while they’ll openly and endlessly attack Whites for everything.

            Make no mistake, anti-Racism is code for anti-White.

          • Gabby

            Open your eyes, read the books on this issue, the prison system is messed up. Our racial issues in America are ridiculous, people in other countries look and laugh at us. There’s racial profiling, corrupt police officers, the list goes on and on. I’m from NYC I’ve seen cops be paid off to turn a blind eye to things like this. I’ve seen people be arrested for crimes they didn’t commit. I’ve seen black guys get arrested for drugs when their white friend had drugs too but was let go. Not everyone can pull themselves up from their bootstraps and be successful when the odds are against you. Living in America as a minority is twice as hard as living as a Caucasian. This isn’t a dream of a perfect world where everyone has an equal chance to succeed, this is the United States of America wakie wakie .

          • ThomasER916

            You’re just really fking stupid and indoctrinated. That’s the problem.

          • Harm1919

            From reading some other comments, I found that you really like to use the phrases “stupid and indoctrinated” and “anti-Whites”. I just wanted to point that out. Also, yes, I realize that I’m pointing this out 3 months after you posted it. I am just reading this article and the comments.

          • ThomasER916

            You just quoted some things about a post. I just wanted to point that out.

            Also, yes, I realize you’re not saying anything because it’s impossible for you to think.

  • William Stearns

    Race is only an issue when we as humans can not look past the skin color of other humans. We make it an issue and unfortunately teach our children to make it an issue and on and on in perpetuity until no one can look past race to see actual people. I would be willing to bet money on the prospect that this particular women’s children if she has any didn’t even notice her observation until she brought it up. And on top of not worth noticing it’s utterly incorrect.

    • copywriter111

      Too much focus on race and insufficient focus on being your own person and taking ownership of your destiny. I can imagine how corporate America looks at its future here.

    • ThomasER916

      Only Whites are indoctrinated to recite that mantra.

  • Greg Miller

    It makes me sad that someone is trying to make an issue about something like this.

  • Stan Bryars

    Long ago Disney made a movie where Blacks were the central characters
    The main character was an old Black man that displayed compassion and wisdom that was lacking in the adult White characters as he took a little White boy under his wing and guided him through a tumultuous experience almost unheard of, and certainly not accepted in that era.
    He displayed the wisdom of a philosopher and the patience of a saint and was based on a real life person

    Y’all got pissed because he talked funny


      Ahhhh Song of the South?????

    • jerseydevil

      Good one Stan! Yup, and I think they had a sub-story in it about a rabbit and a “tar-baby” in it…how r a c i s t is that? Let’s just pretend those “times” didn’t exist.

    • simplejoys4

      Racism will continue as long as we have dividers (those who go out of their way to look for it) among us. Until the uniter in chief got elected things were much better but he and his racist troupe have don’t nothing but divide our country. Stop looking for problems!

      • Wendy

        AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!

      • whthfk1

        Racism will exist as long as those screaming it make money from it.

        • taurian72

          I scream it everyday yes I’m native and black and have yet to make a cent….stop talking out ur ass….I work everyday and receive nothing so do more research before u generalize

          • Denawc

            So what you’re saying is you walk around with a chip on your shoulder and expect people to feel sorry for you? Most whites are not racists but most blacks are…tell me again why whites should give a hoot about blacks who don’t even care enough for themselves to raise their kids instead of aborting them?

          • taurian72

            Feel sorry for me??? I have not one but two degrees and I own two businesses. Trust me I don’t anyone to feel sorry for me….nice try but try again

          • Dena E. Casey

            Yeah, sure you do.

          • taurian72

            And U know this how? Or U just troll for fun? Cause u don’t know me to have an opinion.

          • KaseyJones

            lol I know right, they said it on the internet so it has to be true.

          • taurian72

            U don’t have to believe it and I have nothing to prove to u why u would even comment is ridiculous

          • taurian72

            And Ur still an idiot Smdh since U don’t pay any of my bills I don’t have to prove anything but saying it….. Lie for what reason? A bunch of dummies

          • taurian72

            Oh and I have 3 sons 19,20 and 23 all university students so again….give it another try….lol

          • taurian72

            If thats what I meant that’s what I would’ve said. If I had one….. Ild feel a sense of entitlement…and I’ve worked for everything I have….2 degrees 2 businesses and 3 sons in university…..so no darling no chip 🙂 try again…boop

          • taurian72

            Ur sound retarded even saying that lol I have no chip but obviouly my having pride in my cultures bothers U or u would’ve kept scrolling past. Dunmy

      • have don’t nothing? Should be: have DONE nothing.

        Just saying.

        • Denawc

          Typical, nothing to say so the grammar Nazi’s come out and state the obvious.
          Typo’s happen, get over it!

        • simplejoys4

          If all you have to say is correction to a typo, you need to spend more time thinking and less time playing an English teacher.

    • Tracia Smithson

      The sad part is that he didn’t talk funny at all. My grandfather talked this and so does many others in southern Louisiana. Like the characters from Princess and the Frog, if a person that has never been to any southern state would think it is RACIST or STEREOTYPICAL with the way they spoke!!! But in reality, many of us speak in such a way. Another thing…. people just need to stop being over sensitive about nonsense. Ugh in my next life imma be a cat ’cause they don’t care about a dang thing! lol

    • D. Scarnati

      Uncle Remus…:) 🙂

    • Dusty Ayres

      Uncle Remus is nobody interesting, and Song Of The South is dated garbage.

  • Cathryn

    Don’t forget Mulan

    • Michael

      Also, Esmeralda should not necessarily have been used as an example of ethnicity. She was French. Quasi, on the other hand
      was in all likelyhood Romani.

  • Cathryn

    Plus Jungle Book is in India

  • copywriter111

    I don’t believe that anyone has to explain anything. I hear by authorize anyone to use any tone color for any character in any event. You are not required to change anything. If you want an all white cast then so be it. If you want an all black cast so be it. In USA you have choices. The Federal Government and the Supreme Court have no authority over the color of the characters. Diversity also includes everyone’s right to make their own decisions without fear.

    Regarding the black community they can do what they want. Regarding the Latin community they can do what they want.
    Regarding the Asian community they can do what they want.

    This is America and here we can do what we want.

    Get off your ass and do something constructive. I did and I am reaping a healthy and lucrative reward. Hey, I am white….go figure.

    • ThomasER916

      “Diversity also includes everyone’s right to make their own decisions without fear.”

      Whites in Rhodesia said the same thing. Now they live in Zimbabwe.

      Diversity is code for White Genocide.

      No one says Asian needs less Asians and must be “Diverse.”

      No one says Africa needs less Africans and must be “Diverse.”

      Diversity is code for White Genocide.

      • copywriter111

        I see it and agree 100%. America is being lost at an alarming rate. Whites are being attacked and diminished. This country is heading into stagnation. Soon our economy will work in reverse.

        • Fuzzypiglet

          you should see the state England is in 🙁

          • copywriter111

            I am 3 years from retirement and will take my gains and my retirement to Colombia. I have it all planned out. Life will be good again.
            I feel bad if England has become like this. Israel is seeing what is happening and they don’t like it.

    • tecolote1

      ” I hear by authorize …” should be ” I hereby authorize …”
      just a minor correction meant to help … not to criticize.
      friendly help from another copywriter!

      • copywriter111

        Thank you!

    • copywriter111

      Hereby … Please substitute for hear by. Decrees need to be correct. This isn’t Ferguson my friends.

  • Fr.Francis

    How about the latest remake of the sound of music with a black mother superior. The actress has a fine voice and I am not taking anything away from her dignity or skills, but Austria….taken over by Nazis??? Not very historical…

    • Gabby

      How about the new movie where Moses and the Egyptians are all white? Not very historical is it now? Get clue, there are MANY historical movies played by an all white cast that are supposed to represent people of color. One example is Cleopatra.

      • Ross Wilcox

        Cleopatra was a white Greek, dumb dumb. From wikipedia “Cleopatra was a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty, a family of Greek origin that ruled Egypt after Alexander the Great’s death during the Hellenistic period.”. Nubians were black; Egyptians, not so much…

  • White_Collar

    He has a point whitewashing would be like how the Catholics did Jesus.

  • Oddly, Brave has bears. There haven’t been bears in Scotland for 1000 years.

  • Allie Erickson Kurschner

    I’m SO FRICKIN’ tired of hearing ‘RACISM! RACISM!’ Get a new line – PLEASE!!

  • jerseydevil

    The guy’s response was epic in the fact that he used FACTS to answer this silly person’s over the top, dishonest indictment of honest entertainment for children that actually features GIRLS as the starring, heroic, characters! What is sad is…that the Liberals will only read HER claims of “unfair” treatment of other “races” and carry the standard racial animus before them as the “march” against Disney for issues that do not exist…and they will never read this gentleman’s rebuttal to the hysterical rant of this ideological rube!

    • Fred

      The liberal calling out is just as tired as the racism claims.

  • Beryl Autumnramble

    But… if they take princess from Aladdin story and made her Arabic instead of Chinese, what it would change if they made her white?

  • ThomasER916

    There’s no such thing as “Left” or “Right” in politics.

    There’s only White or anti-White.

    Diversity is code for White Genocide.

  • Mulan

  • Gregg Livingston

    ship her to the mid east such a douchebag to even come up with that why not call football basketball racist 90% of players are balack

  • tecolote1

    The opportunity to whine and cry “racism” is easier … convenient … and even effective … to those who do so (Rev Al and the Most Right Rev Jesse Jackson, et al) and to those who respond favorably to such exhortations (the intended audience, aka, welfare dependent low-information-voters and undocumented future democrats).

    It takes less effort to bemoan their “misery” than to make the effort to THINK their way to a positive solution. Too few are able to climb out of this institutionalized multi-generational dependence.

    And even far less effort to act on what they know will help the poor and underclassed.

    Keep’em dumb, keep’em dependent!

    It’s far easier to hate … you can cry racism; you can bluster and ballyhoo about imaginary slights, insults and/or injury … many of these race baiting “adults” resort to playground bullying to effect their agenda … and, sadly, it works because, imho, too many “white Americans” just take it to avoid confrontation and prefer to ascend to a higher moral ground by coddling such behavior in order to be viewed as being sensitive to the needs of the “under-privileged” … hogwash!

    To those who live for the opportunity to be insulted … be insulted!

    To those who struggle to break the cycle of dependence and generational poverty … be persistent! Your rewards will come … through your own work. Jesse ain’t gonna help and neither will Al … cos it is of no benefit to them if you are successful at achieving something good for you and your family.

    Food stamps and WIC cards are tickets to enslavement … hard work and taking pride in your own accomplishments will offer limitless possibilities!

    Then you don’t have to cry “racism” where none exists!

    Get off your butt and get busy living!

    • Dana Lind

      Rev Al and the Most Right Rev Jesse Jackson, I wonder what church they got their theology degree from? the church of the latter day divisionists?

    • Ruth

      It’s easier for you not to acknowledge the institutionalized racism that exists in this country because it benefits you. You think racism dissapeared in the 60s? Lol. Tell the next black person you see beaten up by a cop to “get busy living.” Educate yourself on racial issues before you start spouting this Fox News brainwashing crap again.

      • ThomasER916

        Since you’re really stupid and indoctrinated you think you’re making a point. You’re not. You’re just a fking idiot.

  • connie glynn

    Gotta love Raven Symone for her stand on Oprah! She says she is an American, she can trace her roots to Louisiana, not Africa, therefore, she is not an African-American! Love it.

  • yardoe

    I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy, I thought these were just cartoons, not real life! I’m surprised Jesse and Big Al hadn’t caught that!

  • Katrina Iacovacci

    So totally wrong! Y’all need to do more research. There are more princesses other than white. If you can do research that there is no baits for the article except to go of on another race rant. Dear Lord it’s children’s movies!

  • These ignorant ”racism” charges seem to be coming at regular intervals, and I wonder if maybe they are planned by obama’s Socialist regime, which brings a question,…what are the jobs for the 41 czars obama has??

  • gabeestory
  • J.W. Bowers Jr.

    The first to call racism is the racist.

    • ThomasER916

      Who gives a crap if it is “racist”?

      If Whites were “racist” then we all know what this would mean:

      No more Amnesty
      No more Anchor Babies
      No more Open Borders
      No more Welfare Queens
      No more Affirmative Action
      No more Fergusons
      No more Trayvon Martins
      No more Obama
      No more Democrat Party
      No more Muslims

      Sounds like “racism” is good for Whites.

      I’m 100% convinced that Whites should be “racist.” That just means we’ll be safe, prosperous, and guilt free.

  • rick hammond

    Hey Gina…..thank you. Plus….Do you know that years ago they removed a classic tale from circulation (censorship to be politically correct) Song of the South…the Zippity Do Dah, the Please don’t throw me in the briar patch Classic. I was able to find a VHS copy in england. dick hammond

  • Aleahna.Q

    honestly I can only think of 2 disney princesses of color- jasmin and the one from the frog prince…that they only made black to shut people up lol so yea disney is a little white washed. I don’t care because I dont care for disney movies anyhow

  • Tom Slick

    Wasn’t the “Tar Baby” in Song Of the South black?

  • Tom Spalsbury

    I just wonder why they have such big eyes like there on meth ?

  • When are people going to realize that there is an all out war on anything white these days. You can’t even have a white Disney character without some idiot calling it racist. Funny, I never hear anyone calling for diversity when an all black or Hispanic show or movie comes on the air, and you never hear anyone calling for more white diversity in predominantly black or Hispanic towns or cities either. Why are race baiters and white apologists trying to rewrite history? Why are they going so far out of their way to teach young people that being white is a crime they should feel guilty for, when racism applies to so few individuals in society?

  • Braveheart

    Well, here’s a novel idea. Open up a production company and make your own animated movies using all princesses of another color. If it sells, you’ll make a lot of money.

  • Luke

    What about princess and the frog? Tiana is not white.

  • Cole Younger

    The Social Justice Warriors will not be happy until there are zero white princesses. White people merely existing in any form has become “racist” and offensive to the liberal anti-white mind. LOL

  • Your Friend

    I do believe this lady may have spoken out of ignorance. The depiction of white princesses is not “white-washing,” or racist. However the issue that should be emphasized is diversity. How can we as people create a more inclusive environment that incorporates the cultures and backgrounds of all races, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientation, etc. instead of depicting only one. People want to feel included and want to be represented in a positive way and we should do our best to provide that environment.

  • ndngirl

    I am an enrolled member of a tribe. I worked at Walt Disney World on the Pocahontas Stage Show. After the show closed, I tried out as a walkaround Pocahontas. I didn’t make it and realized why. I was tooo dark! Many of the Pocas also played Snow White!! They were hiring light skinned asians and caucasians. They wanted each Poca to “resemble” each other meaning skin tone.

  • Kelley MacKinnon

    Ummm Pocahontas was Native Indian, Princess Yasmin was Indian Mulan was Chinese and Tiana was black

  • Peter Castle

    This obsession with race is getting pretty old. Let’s stop with the identity politics already.

    See “Guilty of Being White” at http://wp.me/p4scHf-17.

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    Where are the Europeans in Mulan?

  • Jenae

    The point is that Disney must include stories of many cultures. You would feel hurt of your voice was never heard or if you rarely ever see movies which represent your culture. I guess one movie from each culture is enough to fill the quota? Think about that folks. It’s so easy to say that race is not important when your race/culture is the main one acknowledge.

    • Jenae

      ^^^^*if, acknowledged.

    • John Urban

      What absolute nonsense. So my blonde White daughter should feel “hurt” because there are no blonde White girls in “Prince of Egypt”? You liberals are truly demented.

    • Devin

      Why “must” Disney do anything to avoid hurting people’s feelings? Last I heard, they were a private corporation who can make whatever movies they want. If people have their poor little feelings hurt by that, they can watch other movies by other corporations and not give their money to Disney. But they don’t have the right to tell Disney they MUST do what they want them to do.

    • Mari

      Why MUST Disney include stories from many cultures? My culture has never been in a Disney movie, and I’m not crying about it. As a small child, I watched Disney movies and loved them. I never wondered why the princesses didn’t look like me, because…. why would I have? They all had two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two arms, two legs…. they’re human beings like me, what did I care if their skin didn’t match mine?

      This whole realm of everything has to be PC is getting old. If there comes a real demand for another PC princess, I’m sure Disney will come up with one, but it will end up shallow and insincere. The Princess and the Frog movie suffered because they took it out of its proper setting. I hate when they (any company) mess up fairy tales in order to make the PC crowd happy!

  • MimiMarquez


    4 of those 13 [Disney princesses] are women of color. All four of those women of color are different races than one another. At the moment, the number of white princesses is seven, but it’s about to go up to nine. All nine of those princesses are the same race as one another, despite a few of them being different nationalities, although most of them hail from Western Europe.

    And a lot of people are saying “but they’re just accurately portraying the parts of the world those stories are set in!” First of all, the presence of a person of color has never been implausible in any part of the world, in any period of human history. Hell, a bunch of these movies were set after Shakespeare had born, lived, and died, but he still managed to write a play set centuries earlier featuring a black male lead in Italy.

    Second, and most importantly, it’s not like they are being assigned a setting at random and have to accommodate it in their character designs. The people at Disney choose to set film after film after film in France and Germany and Denmark.

    It’s not that those areas produce more or better fairy tales and folk tales than any of the other continents, it’s that the stories that come from those areas are the ones Disney considers universal.

    In the eyes of Disney, there’s a Princess for Black little girls to look up to, a Princess for Native little girls to look up to, a Princess for Arab little girls to look up to, a Princess for Asian little girls to look up to, and nine princesses for all little girls to look up to. It’s no coincidence that in almost all promotional art featuring the “Princess Lineup,” Jasmine, Tiana, Mulan, and Pocahontas are all standing in the back, usually obscured by other white Princesses’ dresses, while the blonde lady brigade stands in the front.

    And that is whitewashing.

  • Gil

    To assume a country which was conquered (Scotland) or influenced (Denmark, Germany) by a massive empire that stretched from the Persian Gulf in the East to the Atlantic in the West and Egypt in the South and France and Germany in the North (Roman Empire) had no interaction with people who weren’t white is preposterous. Claiming there were ONLY white people in those places? Did white people invent traveling? Come on.

    • Mari

      Read it again, Friend…. nobody said there were ONLY white people in those countries. He said MOSTLY white, which implies there were other races present, but MOST were white.

      Reading comprehension is a beautiful thing….

  • Dawn

    Just to put in a different perspective. I am black and I do not think that every thing about about race. However, it does get annoying when people say “Some people just have to see every issue in terms of race.” I am black so yes I would like to see black. This isn’t being “anti-white”, it is just preference. No where in the post (at least from what we can see) did the person say white wash, so I do not know where that came from. Now I think the person does have a case to when he/she said that all they see is white. If you are white of course you would not notice; is that races? No. But can you really attack someone for asking for some diversity? Technically only one of those seasons are defiant, which is winter because the Queen can make ice, so that makes total sense. Every other season could be replaced very easy. I personally think Pocahontas would make a better spring than Rapunzel. Tangle has nothing to do with the season or nature anyways. Anyways, I do think the person was saying that these character should be of a different race because everyone knows that these tales setting were originally placed in Europe.
    Something that we all should think about is that many stories lines do not “have to be white”. Another thing that is annoying that is beyond Disney is that when a character is of another race many times they HAVE TO BE THAT RACE/there is a reason they are not white. Why can’t someone be of a different race without it being cultural/race related. So even though Rapunzel takes place in Europe, that fact doesn’t actually add anything to the story line. Rapunzel could have been black, asian, hispanic, middle eastern, indian, whatever. (Before anyone attacks me I am using this as an example, not saying that it should have been the case.) Its nice to have cultural pieces like The Princess and the Frog (haha I just realized this proves my previous case) to share and expose people (include myself as I am not from LA) to something different, but really can a character be not white just because?

    • Devin87

      But Rapunzel IS a cultural piece. European cultures are cultures too. A story set in Germany is different than a story set in Ireland is different than a story set in France. Different cultures with different stories. A white person is not a blank canvas with no culture or history. We’re Irish, German, Dutch, French, Russian, etc. Each with a rich, diverse cultural heritage of their own right. Taking a classical European story and making everyone “be not white just because” is no better than taking a story set in Asia or Africa and making everyone be white “just because” (something Disney has never done).

      • Dawn

        As I do understand what you are saying, I do not think you understand what I am saying. Many of these European cultures are not the focused or bring anything into in the actual story beyond superficial aspects like clothing. Just like there are different cultures in Africa, I know there are different cultures in Europe. Brave’s story lines is very intertwined with her Scottish culture so your argument works there. As I said in my previous comment I did not say that Disney should have made Rapunzel white. I said that, Rapunzel’s race and culture does not bring anything to her story line. Rapunzel is about a girl who is kidnapped and stuck in a tower. Her long hair is the only way to gain access to the tower. She meets a guy then blah blah blah Disney version. This story could have taken placed on mars with an alien species.
        There are 13 Disney Princess, only 4 of them are not white (Mulan is technically not a princess either). All of them have a reason that they are not white and their culture is apart of the story line. So my initial observation still stands. I am not attacking Disney and this applies to many other companies (like super heroes). I absolutely love Disney (no serious it is not healthy), but come on people you have to see what I saying.

        • ThomasER916

          People are sick of whiny Groids like you.

          Seriously fck off!

  • Couch Cat

    If anything it’s a lot of black-washing going on in this country. Look at Hollyweed remakes (because there is no creativity to come up with anything original anymore in liberal Hollyweed). Formerly male and white characters are now female or ethnic. Vast majority of commercials on TV now predominately ethnic or portray whites as idiots and blacks, hispanics, and gays as superior or more noble. But it will never be enough. They will keep on bitching. Gay’s won’t stop until heterosexuals are outlawed. Ethnics won’t stop until non-ethnics are wiped out. And Muslims won’t stop until we’re all wiped out comrades.

    • Nutbar Mcloony

      I agree with most of what you said, especially the part about militant Islam, but there’s really no such thing as a “non-ethnic”. Everybody has one or more ethnicities.

  • Mad HaTTer

    being both scottish and irish I can tell you theres not much difference between the 2 but dont tell them that 😉

  • simplejoys4

    I’m amazed she has managed to survive this long, she’s too stupid to have survived without government assistance!

  • SuzieB

    Funny how the ones who want EQUALITY of all aspects of life only seem to push themselves farther away from the ones they wish to be EQUAL to. Go figure.

  • Dana Lind

    Disney has had plenty of “colored” heroes and heroines. One of my favorite movies was classified as racist because the Lead character was a black man from the south. He explained his stories through Brer Rabbit and the cotton patch, I never thought of him as being a black man, he was just a man with a way cool voice and a neat story. I’m really getting sick and tired of every thing being viewed through the lens of race. If you didn’t bring it up most wouldn’t think about it at all.

  • Stfu race protagonist

    Maybe if someone could muster up a story that didn’t consists of ebonics and made sense you could see a dark tale.

  • Brandi Blackman Ward

    UHG, Yet another racist argument. Disney also does not have any fat princesses and I am sure that too will be brought up one day. Anyways if I were a director or script writer you better bet your ass I would stay away from the black community. ‘The Help’ was a very well written, heart-wrenching and at times funny movie. A large majority of the black community condemned it because it was written by a white author. Django, Foxy Brown, 12 Years a Slave, Ray, I know there are many more also condemned because of white writers and directors. I personally like very few “African American Movies” it seems that no matter whom directs them they cannot stay away from some kind of racist dialect. After watching so many of them I have now asked my husband to start calling me his “White Queen,” or “Welsh Queen” also no offence to the Queen of England I also wouldn’t mind being acknowledged as his “European Queen.” Just watched the remake of ‘Steel Magnolias,’ it was horrible and a very long boring movie that tried way to hard. Tyler Perry movies are at the top of my list, I mean who does not like Madea? Though the parts of the movies not featuring her goes right back to the same rhetoric mediocre story lines. ‘Holiday” was decent and made me laugh but was very predictable. Spike Lee, outside of being a huge Douche has also done some great films. I never watch any black movies at the theater anymore the reason’s are widely known and even acknowledged by the black communities. I like to actually hear the movie and not listen to screaming and boisterous laughter throughout. Disney is constantly attacked for all sorts of reasons, hidden satanic meaning, sexual undertones, racism, etc….

  • Katy

    Sorry but choosing primarily european based fairytales doesn’t mean you are allowed a get out of diversity free card. kids of all ethnicity’s need to see themselves represented on the screen no matter how many people claim otherwise.

    • Wisterwood

      And there are plenty. You’re focusing on one company, though, which is based in America, which is primarily white. You think Asian companies don’t make almost entirely Asian shows? Hell, America is already the beacon of diversity, there’s diversity EVERYWHERE, proportional to the population, but logic dictates that in a predominately white country, things and people will be proportionately white. It just wouldn’t make sense to give an unequal representation to whites in media — not only would it not make sense, but it would also be racist against whites. Stop whining.

  • Frozen is set in Norwegia btw.

  • Tired

    Blacks cried about the Song of The South, and now that piece of history has been removed from Disney. What a waste of history and wonderful story. I’m getting sick of blacks crying about racism. Time for them to cry about their own reverse racism.

  • disqus_NUeXN3tbmY

    what about the Princess and the Frog?

  • Kuro

    Why do you think it was a WOMAN that said it and a MAN that replied? I don’t really get why it’s “WOMAN says this BIG BAD MAN PUTS HER IN HER PLACE”

    A WOMAN REPLIED TO THAT. Her name is Beth and here is proof: http://steventylerladylips.tumblr.com/post/71672162211/bonnyanne-snowqueenelsa-spring-summer

  • Braveheart

    I remember when people thought it was racist when King Louie (Jungle Book) was an Orangutan singing jazz, citing the “monkey” image. But, Louie was based on and voiced by Louis Prima…an American of Italian ancestry (many thought it was Louis Armstrong).

  • Annie

    Tiana from Princess and the Frog is not white, but she turned into a princess after the fact of the Frog incident, so you know Disney isn’t racial in any way.

  • reesewithoutherspoon

    its worthy to note that although the stories have Nordic origins and that in itself isn’t ethnocentric, there are PLENTY of stories and folklore from other countries that Disney can choose from–and Disney has the money and resources to find said stories to produce–but they don’t.

  • Cheryl McMaken

    Here we go with the race thing again. Is anybody winning that race? Then grow up people.. We are all human beings. God made us in different colors due to the where we are from.

  • kate

    I’m not understanding why this needed to be an entire article explaining everything about to happen when you could have just posted the image.

  • david b cordick

    dont you just love being alive now, the people with brains that actually work and just want to live a peaceful life, are a minority. we now have people of every color and race on every side, wanting america to turn into the countries that they came here to escape from. when these people call for our deaths while enjoying the benefits of our country, and we bend over backwards to welcome them, something has gone very wrong. obama had a major part in promoting this disaster, but what is worse is the fact that we the people stood back and let it happen right in front of us. we all knew are politicians were corrupt and useless, we just didnt know that they would put money and winning re elections were more important than the safety and what was best for the country. the final straw will be coming very soon, and all the money in the bribe money and that which you have stolen from the people, will not save you when the people finally have had enough, and come for you

  • Ruth

    So out of how many Disney movies, I can think of 5 movies with non-white chatacters. And the others are all…oh yeah WHITE. Do I think this is because everyone at Disney is racist? No. But it is evidence of racism in our culture. Disney makes mostly white protagonists because that’s what makes money since most whites make more money in this country. Also, stories about non-whites are devalued, people seem to be not interested in them. That’s why despite there being tons of non-european or American fairy tales to choose from, Disney has done only two that I can think of.

    • URANid10t

      Or because they aren’t changing the stories to suit the needs of PC Police.

  • copywriter111

    I would love it if Disney would sue her for unsubstantiated defamatory remarks.

  • George Norris

    In what universe was a princess ever black? They are white because they are Princesses and not black welfare ho’s. It’s people like Sharpton and Jackson who are defining the worst about their race. So now we have a failed experiment in the White House, let’s give up on this kind of crap for about 250 million years or until the black evolution catches up.

  • Gary29

    You have BET write your own

  • courtney

    Um PRINCESS AND THE FROG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • another_engineer

    Sounds like someone needs diversity training /sarc

  • obamathefailure

    blacks are violent ignorant and dangerous,,,,,mexicans are in 2nd place but working on it

  • obamathefailure

    niggers are whine experts …what else are they good for

  • MaryBeth Anderson

    i believe there is a African American princess in one and A Native American in anothr, who by the way was fazed out for some reason.

  • Harlouquin

    Brave is set in Scotland…the film is called Brave for god sake…

  • The_Heretic70

    Race baiters are mind numbingly stupid.

  • Devon D

    I think it can still be reasoned Disney is a little white wash. They don’t go very far to include stories anywhere but Europe and America with a few examples, which I could count on my fingers. Yes, Disney doesn’t change the story to involve other races which would be offensive no matter what story was being told, but it would be nice to see other cultural stories. I mean, story-telling, myths and legends and folktales/fairytales are a part of every culture, yet we do tend to see mostly white ones. And I know what you are thinking with Aladdin, Pocahontas, Princess and the Frog and Mulan, but that isn’t close to being representative of the world we live in.

    • buck wade

      When I watched princess and the frog years ago I never saw it as some sorta, “cultural” type of movie (with the exception of the voodoo thing that I had missed, that was cool). I mean yeah, why doesn’t disney make more movies that take place in non-european settings? Setting diversity anyone? Like a disney movie in Haiti back in some old era with voodoo stuff (they did that in princess and the frog, but one can hope, right?)

  • Sam

    I get the point this is trying to make but the comment never said Disney was racist for having all white princesses, it said all the characters shown were white (so technically it’s correct). It’s definitely a failed attempt to try and be controversial or call disney out or whatever, but the article put a lot of words into this woman’s mouth and that’s almost as bad as what the divisive comment was trying to do. The article even has “whitewash” in quotes like that was something the woman said when in fact it was the dude responding who brought it up really defensively. It’s also an assumption that it was a criticism on Disney because the comment never says “Disney”. Seems like a lot of conclusions were jumped to on both sides.

  • D A

    Good Article with Good and obvious points.

    Sounds like there is a definite Anti-White racists hate crowd out there

  • Eric ossai

    She didn’t ask if there were Black dysney characters.She said why are all the princesess white? Not a good enough exuse for such a huge company not to be able to produce Some with Back Princesess too..Or Blacks of high standing….All they have to do is get someone suitable to create the script..Dysney is for children,so yes it is incumbent upon the company to produce in a manner that celebrates and acknowledges diversity,even if its also for educational pusposes…..As though they gave some smart answer…..

    • URANid10t

      Yes, go back in time and prevent the authors of fairy tales from being white.

  • rtdsbg

    I think she was just saying disney needs to mix it up a little bit. If you are only picking stories that are made by white authors and not looking for diversity then ……. I stop watching disney movies a long time ago for that reason. All the villians are usually a different color but the heros are white. Its not a reason to call jesse jackson and al sharpton and start marching, but I understand.

  • buck wade

    I just wished there would be disney movies set in more areas that never occur to people’s minds, like, say, Africa, or South America

    • URANid10t

      If they never occur to prior, how would it occur to them to write about it.

      Also, most Disney stories are based in books written in 1800s Europe. What, exactly, do you expect?

      • buck wade

        based on 1800s european stories. That explains it. thanks. But still, when does any popular big story that pops up in america every set in, say, Finland? Morroco? Maybe make a disney movie based on a story from one of those countries?

  • Monica

    Why are the settings mostly in white culture areas?

    • URANid10t

      Are you serious? Please tell me you’re telling and not this ignorant (that is not a pejorative) to the identities of the writers.
      Let’s start with The Little Mermaid: Hans Christian Anderson. He lived in 1800s Denmark.

      Rapunzel: The Brothers Grimm. Loved in 1700 – 1800 Germany.

      Alice in Wonderland: Lewis Carroll, 1800s England.

      I could go on. People wrote about that which they’re familiar.

  • Ellie D

    Brave’s set in Scotland not Ireland, JS

  • Tracia Smithson

    I only see race as a description not how a person acts. People tell me I act and sound white. Do i get angry. Well yes, because not only that I’m not white, It makes me feel as though black people are no capable of intelligent conversation or correct speech. Sorry I am not speaking as if I have a 3rd grade education and say N***** after every sentence. Why would anyone want to be called something so offensive is beyond me.

  • April

    For the love of God!!! When people stop looking at the color of someone’s skin, and start looking at their hearts then we can move forward. LET IT GO!!!!

  • hard facts you cant handle ke

    nobody wants to look at sub human niggers!

  • pssmeoffillpssuoff

    Typical texas gun owner.
    “why does someone have to make it about race?”
    “why does someone have to make it about gender?”
    Same sort of person, and very destructive to the social world.
    Let me guess, you’re a stay-at-home wife with no qualifications because your ‘daddy’ told you to stay home and clean?
    Get a grip.

  • Franco

    Yeah… people that think race doesn’t matter also think that all breeds of dogs are the same. Race shouldn’t matter UNDER THE LAW because everyone should be treated equally. People of different races have different genetics and therefore different abilities. They are different due to generations of upbringing and selection for whatever environment in which they evolved. The NBA is more than 75% black. Racists! The NFL is less than 30% white. Racists! A majority of the higher paid quarterback positions are held by… hispanics! Racism!!!!! It must stop. No, it is because these people are the most outstanding athletes for the job. They are genetically superior, in general, to whites. We are different, folks, celebrate it. But don’t discriminate because of it.

  • Katarina Merissa Riggs-Curtrig

    Maid Marion was a fox…

  • RMM

    There are too many white princesses, my kids should have more ethnic princesses to relate to. They made one black Princess and four white ones right afterwards. And I’ve noticed alot of white people who didn’t like Princess and the frog, I wonder why? I think it had great music, funny characters, and a great storyline. If those settings only call for white girls chose a different setting duh! And when they sell all princess products the white ones are always center stage smh. White people will never understand growing up and only seeing people who look nothing like you. I’m tired of people thinking your beautiful if you have blonde hair and blue eyes because I’ve seen many with those qualities that are not.

  • why

    In rebuttal to the man’s argument, there are people of color all over Europe and they were all there while these stories were written. So the excuse of the countries is invalid.
    Another thing, Disney does white wash, literally all the time. Even in “Aladdin” and “The Princess and the Frog” where you would think racism would not appear.

  • Kaylah A Vargas

    *Europe was NOT and NEVER WAS a mystical white island.
    Even Medieval Europe had people of color.
    This “historical accuracy” excuse is one of the many white washed bullshit lies i’m tired of hearing. Because it is completely false.
    *ITS FANTASY! You can have dragons and fae and elves but omg lets add poc? Nah. Its not “historically accurate”.
    *Their interpretations of the very fairy tales that Disney choose are not even a 100% true retelling, so why is it the only thing they choose to be “accurate” is the color of the people?
    *These tales that are “European” can be found all over the world. So why are they claiming that these tales are European? When sometimes older versions of the same tales are found in other countries?

  • CatOfTheCanals

    Yeah.. Nailed it when he can’t even tell the difference between Ireland and Scotland….

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