When Woman Claims Disney is Racist for Having All White Princesses – This Man Has an EPIC Response

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

If you’ve ever watched a Disney movie, you’ve probably noticed something about the main princess characters. They’re all white.

One woman on Tumblr claimed that this is the case because a racist Disney is trying to “whitewash” their movies by making sure all the princesses remain white. But one man with a brilliant rebuttal that showed just how wrong she was.

The woman posted an image of 4 Disney characters representative of the four seasons with the following comment:

“Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter represented by the princesses (and a Queen).”

One woman that felt this was a racist representation and wrote, “Are you sure they don’t all represent winter because everything looks pretty White.”

What the man does next is worthy of applause. Not only does he point out in epic fashion the origins of the fairy tales for each of the Disney films, but also racial demographics of the countries the authors hailed from. And then he went on from there, in brilliant fashion.

Some people just have to see every issue in terms of race.

Check it out:


P.S.: One correction to his otherwise brilliant response comes from my daughter, who pointed out that Brave was set in Scotland, not Ireland.

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