When a Conservative Biker Rescues a Little Girl, He Never Expected THIS To Happen




[h/t FederalistPapers]

  • Otter58701

    Pretty much sums it up alright.

  • Carl_S

    100% accurate…

    The media is the main problem in this nation, they lie cheat and steal to push their leftist agenda!

    • Guest

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    • Dale Sullens

      you are absolutely correct, the media is the main source of our issues in this nation, now how do we fix it?

      • Mike White

        The media conglomerates are all owned by a small group of people, they will never change their ways. You can boycott them, and try to get everyone else to boycott them. It still won’t work because these people have taken a hold of our lifeline, the 15-25 demographic that is our future. The majority of these kids and young adults will believe most of what the media tells them, and their teachers in school will praise them for it while also telling them nonsense.

        • Heylottylotty

          And for this we all can thank AGENDA 21. If this was a mini series, all of the stars would be the socialists, communists, and world dominance leaders of the past 30 years. But, it is not a movie. It is real, and it is part of the media take over.

      • EARLYDAWN55

        Don’t buy thier magazine or paper and don’t watch liberal

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          • rosemarienoa

            TROLL !!!!!

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          • Warren Gacsi

            Take your spam, JACKASS and shove it @!!@!@!@!@

      • Louis Dicapua

        don’t buy their newspaper loaded with lies or watch news on tv !! because i did it and am so damn glad i had no watch any of their sickening lies and bullshits over a year

    • rosemarienoa

      Just like the Dems lie & are proud of it !!! Reid needs to be reminded about bearing “false witness ” !!! He will find out soon I am sure !!!

  • James Smith

    Reporter forgot to mention that he fled the scene before the police arrived.

  • Dave

    I call BS on this story. Was he riding his motorcycle INSIDE the zoo? If not, how did he manage to find the time to buy admission to the zoo and get into position to help the child all at the same time??

    • Henry Byler

      Dave; I have one word for you, SATIRE.
      Anyone who reads this knows it did not actually happen, but I believe it is an accurate description of what we get in most of the media we hear/see.

    • greg

      You don’t have an imagination do you.

      • azsdft

        I doubt he even knows what the word “Imagination” means.

      • Felix

        Poor Dave is one of those that believe if the media reports it it must be true.

    • Midnight Ride

      You’re right. I smell a rat. I bet they made the whole thing up.

      • azsdft

        If you smell a rat, you must be at the zoo too!!!

    • libssukkalot

      Satire and jokes go right past you, eh?

    • no1unohere

      What an idiot. What a maroon. Dave, it’s because of people like you that we can never have nice things.

    • greg

      You never watched Mr Rogers neighborhood did you

  • John McMickle

    Unfortunately that is exactly waht would happen, of course the next time he could feed the reporter to the lion.

  • fanciladi

    I can never understand why the media continues to support the Liberal agenda. Don’t they realize that they are going down the toilet too with the rest of us??? Apparently they don’t!

    • sheshell801

      Soros is paying them.

    • USN Veteran

      Even when the government got caught bugging reporters phone lines & reading their
      emails, the media still continues to kiss democrat a$$. It’s pathetic

    • no1unohere

      The people in the media ARE liberal/Progressives. They’re being true to their nature…which is destructive for the rest of us.

    • Heylottylotty

      Do some research. Obama made it very clear in the early stages of his domination that the media would not have access to any government “news” unless it was reported according to what the government wanted. He even tried to “boycott” Fox News, and still his office and clones try their best jabs it them. Fortunately the American people (unfortunately the silent majority) have shown Fox is the only best source for truth in journalism. Just as the medical industry, the attorney bar, and the politicians have lost ethical, professional, and honesty, so have the media. It is about Federal government control that we, the people, have not only allowed, but promoted in the ballot box. Again, the “Me and Not me” attitude. If it is good for me, so what for the rest, they are not me.

    • isquic

      because the media is the leader of the PAC, fanciladi

    • fanciladi

      I agree! I guess I mostly asked the ‘stupid question’ because it overwhelms me that they don’t seem to care about our Country and our Country means them, too! Mind-boggling to say the least. I guess they are more interested in the almighty dollar then their own lives/well-being.

      Thanks for the replies… (⊙‿⊙)

    • jim

      Wow listening to your morons go on about liberal media and saying in the same sentence how truthful Fox News is just makes me want to puke.

      This story is representful of all the lieing that Republicans have done to try and convince Americans that they are the only truth tellers when we know from history that isn’t the case.
      Why don’t you trollls go back to your trailers and continue raping your children.

      • fanciladi

        Puke away……sorry you don’t appreciate the REAL news that FOX provides! Your loss, Jim!

  • SausageAway

    more whining dressed up as news. Why not report on the leaks from the TPP talks? Or are the audience here to dumb to have an opinion?

    • Midnight Ride

      I don’t see any indication that this was a news piece. Now the Ferguson coverage would have been a great place to insert this comment, but hey, that would almost be objective of you.

      • SausageAway

        What a self absorbed comment to make.

        • Midnight Ride

          lol. Yeah, that made no sense whatsoever, sorry.

    • HarryTheCat

      Wow!…this is humor, folks. I”ll bet this isn’t the first time that a joke just sailed right over your head, right?

  • greg

    Surprised he didn’t get attested for a a hate crime.

  • Bob Rtarp

    bullshit story.

  • Conrad Miller


  • disgustedvet


  • libssukkalot

    Love it…so damned true of the spineless media rags…er, propaganda machines.

  • knightowlz

    This story is a attempt at humor! lighten up everybody this was April Fools

  • Margaret Baker

    I’m glad to finally see in print, someone telling it like it is.

  • The media(Pravda West) will pay a heavy price some day…..right along with American patriots.

  • Wagz

    Animal cruelty!!!! By the way idiots…it was intended to be funny!!! OMG!!! How do you morons survive in this world? Natural selection has missed it’s targets way too many times!!

    • PorshaJo

      But it is not funny! Too close to the way it is to be humorous at all!

  • diesel driver

    Media has stopped being a watchdog for the people, and has become a guard dog for liberal stupidity.

  • beingstill

    Can’t breathe; laughing hysterically!

  • david of tampa

    I just got my free bumper sticker that proudly exclaims “I don’t believe the Liberal Media”!!!!

    • Gemini

      Me too put it on my car and some libtard keyed my car lol. So i put a NoBama sticker over the scratch.

  • Kirk Johnson

    Castro 101 to control the people you must first control the media

  • Bill Byrd

    Can’t think of any other way to say this, I believe liberals are created by overexposure to media ( tv, movies, music etc.). It’s in the programming to spend more and be more materialistic. Conservative citizens like myself tend to read between the lines and it is a shame because we are outnumbered. Welcome to the machine…

    • chopper

      Excellent! Most of us probably read much more than we watch tv so we are not in a trance as we take in little snippets of information, instead we read the facts, think about them, and make decisions based on our knowledge rather than the reporters slant.

      • Bill Byrd

        Yes chopper, the trance bit is most worrisome.

  • irish7_1sg

    Great analogy!

  • Carol

    I have never ever commented on this type of thing, but I feel like for the sake of my sanity I have to.
    And Before all of you blast me for being an idiot let me explain that I do realize this story is fake, however, I still think it’s stupid. You share this story as if “THIS SHOWS WHAT THE MEDIA IS LIKE” And the story is complete bull s***.
    I don’t believe the media would react like this, not at all. You know why? Because we have stories that are similar to this in the media, stories of everyday heroes and not one of them mentions which political part they are affiliated with.
    Seriously people get a grip. The democrats and the media are not the devil. the moment you all decide that their all of them idiots and want to destroy America is the moment you prove the liberals to be right about us. That we’re closed minded prejudice bigots.

    I couldn’t stand for there not to be a single voice of reason in all of this pile of bullshit.

    And blast me all you want for being an idiot, or what not. I really could care less what you think. But you might want to consider what you teach your kids about bullying before you try and cut me down with your ill thought out responses of gibberish.

    • Cletus LaBoe

      “I really could care less what you think” I read that to mean that you do care somewhat. If not you would have said I couldn’t care less what you think. Or did I miss something???

    • chopper

      This was sheer humor. I was married to a wonderful liberal man until he passed away nearly 3 years ago. I do not believe that liberals are the devil wanting to bring the devil himself into the world. Frankly, I think that most of us just live our lives the best that we can, and politics is one of many subjects that we are a part of.
      That being said: You cannot deny that there is a large bit of truth to this joke. The media has a lot of lazy people by the ummm…hair, and feeds them their version of the truth. Nine times out of ten there is a very liberal bias to that little bit of news, and people do not look up the facts, they accept it as gospel. Then, they tell their friends and family about the evil conservatives and tada, you have a voter that is uninformed and misinformed. After that we have riots in the streets and the worst president in history getting two terms. The motto of this story is not that liberals are the devil, it is that we all have to CHECK OUR FACTS BEFORE PASSING THEM ON!

  • D stropes

    I bet it didn’t even happen. A biker saw all this while riding his bike? Bullshit! You have to go into any zoo thru a front gate. So he just busted thru the front gate and found his way to the lion cage, really? You idiots believe all you want.

    • Dave the D.

      HELLOOOOO!! This is satire. Comedy. Lighten up. Jeeze.

      • Al Parsons

        Satire, yes, but with a STRONG sense of truth!

      • D stropes

        I will post any comment I choose. Are you the internet police? Didn’t think so. Asshole.
        Subject: Re: Comment on When a Conservative Biker Rescues a Little Girl, He Never Expected THIS To Happen

  • RayOne

    So there!!!

  • westriversd1

    Best laugh I’ve had this morning.

  • Heylottylotty

    The media is certainly the “instigator” and inciter of people through misrepresentation of the truth. However, they can do nothing unless humans, people, citizens, react in a way harmful to others. Therein is the problem, not the idiots poking at the gorilla, but the wild animal waiting for a reason to attack anyone who it thinks caused it to be a gorilla. Now, the gorilla displays how much it likes being a gorilla and insists on gorilla “rights”.. : However, given any opportunity, it shows the animal fierceness hoping to prove it is more civilized and intelligent than those who it torments.

  • Rodney Andregg

    Obama kissasses and corruption…

  • Louis Dicapua

    how true the liberal liars can be as they print whatever bullshits and lies in the paper !!!

  • Barb Trombley Rix

    If the media told the truth nothing would happen . They have to keep pumping us full of BAD and EVIL. (keeps the ratings up)

  • Urallbozos

    OMG – what a bunch of whiners! waah wah wah… oh, woe is me…

  • Sharon Kutz

    If there weren’t any liberals, we wouldn’t need fox news. Their consciences have been seared or purchased by leftists, and it is a simple thing, to recreate truth and inflame stories with lies upon lies.

  • Monte Mann

    Now that is funny. It is too true but still funny.

  • JLP

    “If YOU’RE a conservative…” Geez…

  • Allan Standfield

    Word games, word games, who wants to play word games? That all it is, it has been happening since the 60’s and no one has the gonads to stand up to these people.

  • rosemarienoa

    Exactly !!!! That says it all !!! DAMN LIBERALS !!!!

  • Big Conservative

    This story is funny and hilarious in so many ways.

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    and people wonder why I dont watch the “news”

  • Cromagnon82

    That would be impossible. There is no ‘lion cage’ at the Washington Zoo. The lions are in a large enclosure surrounded by a wide and deep moat… Don’t believe everything you read on the internet

  • HappyJohn9

    Unfortunately, very true. Thanks for sharing

  • Christine Cuneo

    Sums it up to me.

  • joe

    there is a reason Fox News beats all the liberal cronies combined!

  • Oregonpapa

    I stopped my subscription to our local paper when they came out in support of Obama during the election for his second term. First term okay, but I figured any editor that was so stupid to support Obama for a second term didn’t deserve my business.

  • Mark J.

    When you picket their houses and say something to them at the grocery store etc…they will become afraid and think twice…but it has to be the same onslaught that they do to us. Show them we will not take it anymore and confront them. It will soon stop!

  • Debbie Pulis-Tobiya


  • kenn

    Don’t forget . You just read this on an arm extended from the media . See the ads. I am all for the news being brought to us. But… make no mistake they have an agenda here too. If you only believe one way all you do is further that sides agenda. Both sides will tell you that. The left agenda. The right agenda. If you read the comments on either side you can tell who the followes are and you can tell who the researchers are.

  • SylviasDaddy

    In the 1980s (when I was about thirty), I worked for the
    Texas Prison System. I belonged to an employees’ support group. The guest
    speaker at one of our meetings was a little 20-something reporter from a
    Houston newspaper. During her talk, she said several times that the media were
    totally objective in their reporting.

    When the question & answer session started, I asked “When did this new
    custom of media objectivity begin?”

    “We have always been objective,” she replied.

    “Not so,” I said.

    “What do you mean?” she asked. (She looked genuinely surprised, as if she really
    believed that the media were objective.)

    “I remember reading or hearing many a news-story that began something like ‘Helmeted,
    club-swinging, tear-gas-throwing police dispersed demonstrators on a college
    campus’,” I began – “but I have never heard or read a news-story that began
    something like ‘Police dispersed screaming, cursing, rock-and-bottle-throwing
    hoodlums on a college campus’.”

    She had no response …

  • Sue Clayton

    What the hell is WRONG with the media in America? They want to write THEIR OWN words, NOT the truth. They’re also the main cause of terrorism in the country!


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