Liberal Reporter Calls Trump ‘Offensive’ on Illegal Aliens, INSTANTLY Regrets It


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

A reporter just tried to call Donald Trump’s language on illegal aliens “offensive.” But the GOP frontrunner shut him right down on live TV — and showed the “No P.C.” attitude that has won him so many fans.

In a press conference in New Hampshire, Trump talked up his immigration plan — especially regarding the issue of birthright citizenship — the aptly-named “anchor babies.”

Trump wants to end it, and his proposal has wide support. He talked about it today:

When a Latino reporter challenged Trump, saying the term “anchor babies” was “offensive” — Trump would have none of it:

Trump was asked, “You said that you have a big heart, and that you’re not mean-spirited. Are you aware that the term ‘anchor baby,’ that’s an offensive term? People find that hurtful.”

Trump responded, “You mean it’s not politically correct, and yet everybody uses it?” He then suggested the reporter give him a different term to use, to which the reporter suggested “The American-born [children] of undocumented immigrants.” Trump said in response, “I’ll use the word ‘anchor baby.’”


  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    Undocumented? no.they are ILLEGAL ALIENS you liberal dumbass there is nothing immigrant about them. if they were immigrants, they would come to the United States of America LEGALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • formercanuck

      Yup. call it what it truly is.
      Undocumented immigrant is not a term that should be used in this day and age.
      If there is no documentation to prove that you’re in this country legally – then you’re not an undocumented immigrant (or even an immigrant), a tourist or a foreign worker, then you’re an ILLEGAL ALIEN. Birthright should not apply to those that cannot prove their legal status in this country.

      They have come into the country ILLEGALLY (over the wall, smuggled in by boat/etc.) for the SOLE purpose to give birth to a US Citizen, which the parent(s) will use as an anchor to keep themselves in the country as well as benefit from:
      a) SSI
      b) WIC
      c) Section 8
      d) Welfare / General Relief
      e) Medical (MediCal/Medicare/Medicaid)

      f) Public schooling
      g) Laws (wait a minute….)

      In addition… being a not legal citizen allows them to avoid paying taxes, allows for driving w/o drivers license/insurance/etc.

      Its a double standard that has to stop.

      • ssn708

        Right. We have all sorts of precedent in this country that you can not benefit from an intentional criminal act. That is all this is. An intentional crime, and benefiting directly from it.

        • je9mecheuz0b

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    • ???

    • Madame_deFarge

      If they claim to want American citizenship for the kids why then are they waving the Mexican flag?
      In truth citizenship is determined according to where your loyalty lies. They are Mexicans who want to suck off of America. They bring down standards of living and overwhelm the system ala Cloward-Piven. Go home.

      • Cedric Ian Anthony

        Loyalty is a priority, but it is not the whole story. Documents that PROVE you are a citizen of the United States of America are also required.

    • Arizona Willie

      Calling them ‘ illegal ‘ hurts their widdle feelings?
      I don’t give a crap if it hurts their feelings.
      But, if they don’t like that I can think up some other CORRECT terms for them, such as:
      invading aliens
      Criminal aliens
      both of those are legally correct.
      Nobody cares about MY feelings when I discover an invading criminal alien has stolen my Identity or my Social Security or Medicare number.
      Nobody cares about MY feelings when the criminal aliens call me ” gringo ” or ” pendejo “.
      Phuck ’em and send ’em back where they came from.
      I have asked this question of illegal supporters many times and they never answer.
      What is so special about people south of our border that they should be allowed to ignore our laws and come here ahead of the people who have filed the forms and paid the fees and are waiting their turn to come here LEGALLY?

      • usachris68

        I was called a cracker by a Hispanic kid and I bet he’ll NEVER call me that ever again! I shamed him and told his parents-still nothing. He nows respects me, apologized and likes me. He did it on his own. Is he legal? I think so but, how will we actually know? If their illegal they all should be sent home no matter what nationality they are. Is Obama legal? I doubt that!

      • Cedric Ian Anthony

        I concur. and I concur with your concurrance.

    • Veronica Madison

      they are not ILLEGAL ALIENS what they are are CRIMINALS end of story no other term for them

      • Arizona Willie

        Wrong —- they are here illegally which makes them ILLEGAL and they are Criminals.
        Both terms are technically and legally correct whether they like it or not.
        Don’t like being called illegal? Go home where you belong until you fill out the forms and pay the fees and wait your turn.

      • Cedric Ian Anthony

        yea. the ILLEGAL part of what I said = CRIMINAL.. k thx for commenting.

  • Frank Loftice

    Good job Donald. Why not call a spade a spade. If you’re undocumented, then you are illegal. DUH

  • Tina

    The American-born [children] of undocumented immigrants.”

    Really? The point is, that child should not be an American! It is a child born to illegal aliens who illegally crossed the border! I’m with trump……Anchor Baby!

    • formercanuck

      I’d almost consider – Children of Illegal Aliens or Illegal Alien Children

  • StevenE

    Anchor baby, anchor baby, anchor baby, so what. Illegal. Duh. Get over it.

  • wvobiwan

    I find violators of US immigration laws offensive, hurtful. But you can still call me gringo. Toughen up nancy.

    • formercanuck

      People have called me Canadian Gringo, Canadian Wetback… doesn’t bother me.
      I legally obtained my status over many years.

      • Klub Marcus

        I’m a legal immigrant and I’m voting for Trump! In my opinion, the process to get US citizenship takes too long because there are so many illegals clogging up the system.

  • overit

    Reporters can be so…silly. I wonder when they’ll realize they are no match for Trump. The name, anchor baby, is appropriate.

  • plongoria

    Way to respond!

  • Trapperpk

    If you build America, They will come. Quote from “Field of Dreams”. Trump wants a Wall, Carson Wants Air Power, and I want a moat big enough to float the US Navy. However, the theme is “stop the invasion right now”!

  • ssn708

    He is saying a lot of what needs to be said. I don’t think he will ever have a chance, and I think he is an asshat overall. But time to cut through the PCBS. The 14th Amendment does NOT confer citizenship to children of non-citizens simply by being born here. The authors of the 14th Amendment were very, very clear, on the record no less, that this was NOT the case.

    • Arizona Willie

      The 14th Amendment was intended to protect the children of African slaves NOT to protect the children of invading criminal aliens ( don’t like being called illegal? how about invading criminal aliens? ). They could not have even conceived of such a thing as millions of invading people swarming over our border like cockroaches.

      • John A

        “Screaming about illegal border crossings may be at an all-time high,
        but actual illegal border crossings are at historic lows. To all but the
        most determined smugglers, our border is effectively sealed.”

  • Libralee

    There is only one way stopping immigration is going to happen and that is to elect Donald Trump. I am with him!

    • Harriet

      It’s not immigration. It is illegal aliens invading our borders. Your ancestors and mine were immigrants.

    • independent_az

      Trump has zero chance of getting elected.

      • PJemmott

        And you have 0 chance of having much of a following

      • sammy

        People keep saying that!! I’m sure a few presidents have heard that before they were elected.

  • Johnathan Huntington

    Trump sure is great. He is not going to put up any non-sense from the media or anybody. You attack Donald Trump’s character and he’s responses truthfully and poignantly. Donald Trump for president!

  • xmrax

    Right on, donald


    How about we call them what they are spawn of an invading horde?

  • Golfer1113

    And illegally born in this country due to the parents breaking the law. No rewards should be given for breaking the law.

  • Harriet

    How did trump “Back away”??

  • independent_az

    Trump is not a serious candidate and he keeps proving that.

    • PJemmott

      This from top right news

    • aunt lynn

      He’s serious in my book and a lot of people I know. We’ve just gotten tired of all the PC bull and are tired of supporting people who have not contributed one bit. The only thing they have done is break the law. I, for one am tired of not saying anything when I know something is wrong.

    • John A

      Instead of letting these “Illegals” become productive citizens paying taxes. My tax dollars will spend Billions deporting these so called “illegals”. No Donald they did’nt fly in on a spaceship..

  • William Patterson

    I agree with Trump

  • Dave Perala

    Anchor baby, immediate visa, portable green card apparatus, drain on the system. Pick one please.
    Make them a deal. If they can produce the total of the hospital bill immediately upon the birth of the “anchor”, then the kidlett gets his papers. If not, then off to the border they go.
    No admittance to pregnant women should be allowed that have NOT gone through the proper system. It is a sure sign of their intentions.
    This mean Rosari, Ghing Li, Umbetta von Click Click, any middle easterner, hell, any foreign born women period. If you are pregnant and due within 30 days, stay home, drop the kid, then make a run for the border.

  • Stev We

    trump should have said, excuse me, but aren’t journalist supposed to report truth and facts? so why are you giving opinion? why does your network report opinion? why don’t you just stick to the facts in your reporting? now, that’s offensive!!!

  • LaFlare1017

    Regardless of a person’s political orientation, the term “anchor baby” does not seem offensive to me at all, it’s an accurate metaphor for a real thing that happens, it does not denote race or nationality, seems like a perfectly fine term to me. People often try to silence others simply because they are offended and honestly it’s childish.

    Personally, there are some things I don’t like about Trump, but one thing I love about him is he wont let people shut him up because they are offended by his choice of words. Get’em Trump

  • dasher

    The constant practice of calling perfectly accurate descriptions “offensive” are an insidious type of psychological warfare designed to brainwash, confound, fluster, distract, and above all, intimidate people to the point they feel neutered.

    I am so going to vote for this guy!

  • John A

    Trump wants to throw out people born in the USA. Break up families turning this into a police state against brown people costing Billions and shattering the economy in the process. By the way how did you get into the holy puritan country that Donald wants to create?

    • Aunt Lynn

      Exactly! He wants to send home people who illegally crossed our borders. The children of these illegals are not American citizens. They are children of criminal illegal aliens. BULLSHIT on shattering the US economy. If they were not here, someone would be doing those jobs, just like before. Someone was doing those jobs and those people are the very ones who have to rely on Government Assistance to get by. We are not breaking up families. All the children born illegally go home too.

      • John A

        Did’nt Nazi Germany do that to the Jews..This is the WRONG APPROACH.

  • John A

    BTW Reagan declared Amnesty on Illegals in the 80’s which actually stimulated the economy..

  • CraxyD

    Blockheaded reporter actually went so far as to tell Trump to look it up in the dictionary and he’ll find that it’s offensive. Check this out: – anchor baby definition not found – the word “offensive” is not listed in the definition; HOWEVER it does cite this term is also known as “jackpot baby”… – term not found

  • Som

    Trump should take step 1. Fire all illegal aliens from all his businesses. That shows he is serious. All other presidential candidates also should prove that they mean business. If they can do what is in their power now, we can trust that they will will do something in future.
    I tried to remodel my bath room. Almost every contractor who came forward brought illegals. I did not use them. I waited until I got one who got only legal workers. Everybody should stop hiring illegal maids, landscapers, construction workers for your small jobs they need at home. One person, even president, can not do this alone, when others just take the easy way. By the way, illegal construction workers are not cheaper; they learn on the job and you can not catch them if they blotch up the job. There have no accountability. There may be some 10% who can do the work, but others, learn on the job, at your expense.

  • Jerry

    This anchor baby issue needs to be addressed now. These people are trying to make or take a loop hole and use it to become a resident here by the kids birth and the benefits that go along with it. This should not be allowed to happen.

  • Jerry

    The anchor baby issue needs to be addressed now. The people that have these kids are using or trying to make a loop hole so they can become residents of this country and gain the benefits that these children give them under our system.

  • Raymond Parlin

    a lot of people are muddling the definition of immigrant….these people go through the proper channels to become citizens of the united states……illegals come through with the intention of breaking our laws from the start….most often being inducted into criminal endeavours by the very people that help them cross illegally….


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