What These Two Seattle Seahawks Did May Make Some Conservatives Stop Rooting for Them


by Scott Aberdeen | Top Right Sports

They’re the reigning NFL Super Bowl champions and may well be on their way to a second championship this year.

But the two most famous Seattle Seahawks players took time off the field to help Obama promote his very controversial health plan.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and cornerback Richard Sherman are appearing in an ad this week pushing ObamaCare, encouraging people to “make the right call” by signing up.

“When your health or game is on the line, nothing is more important than quality coverage,” Sherman states in the ad. “Visit healthcare.gov and get covered,” Wilson adds.

Why are these top NFL players telling you to do something they haven’t done and never will do: sign up for the train wreck of ObamaCare? I mean if it’s such “quality coverage,” why not sign up for it, fellas?

Because, of course, this is all about politics. If we took a look at the number of players who have enrolled in ObamaCare, it would be a very short list.

And what Wilson and Sherman also don’t tell you is how many Americans can’t sign up because healthcare.gov hiked premiums way up. So the ACA is actually too expensive for many, especially for young people, who don’t generally need expensive health plans, but who must subsidize the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions, or the entire system will collapse.More from CNS News (via YoungCons):

Not mentioned are the very real costs Obamacare foists on millions of Americans:

– The millions of insurance cancellations.

– The numerous known falsehoods repeated to the American people.

– The tax increases.

– The “crippling cost” to the middle class.

– The disproportionate cost on young Americans.

– And of course, the tens of millions of illegal aliens — nearly all of whom are already used to free (stolen) healthcare — who will soon also be subsidized by ObamaCare.

Not exactly a winning play, boys.


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