What These Two Seattle Seahawks Did May Make Some Conservatives Stop Rooting for Them


by Scott Aberdeen | Top Right Sports

They’re the reigning NFL Super Bowl champions and may well be on their way to a second championship this year.

But the two most famous Seattle Seahawks players took time off the field to help Obama promote his very controversial health plan.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and cornerback Richard Sherman are appearing in an ad this week pushing ObamaCare, encouraging people to “make the right call” by signing up.

“When your health or game is on the line, nothing is more important than quality coverage,” Sherman states in the ad. “Visit healthcare.gov and get covered,” Wilson adds.

Why are these top NFL players telling you to do something they haven’t done and never will do: sign up for the train wreck of ObamaCare? I mean if it’s such “quality coverage,” why not sign up for it, fellas?

Because, of course, this is all about politics. If we took a look at the number of players who have enrolled in ObamaCare, it would be a very short list.

And what Wilson and Sherman also don’t tell you is how many Americans can’t sign up because healthcare.gov hiked premiums way up. So the ACA is actually too expensive for many, especially for young people, who don’t generally need expensive health plans, but who must subsidize the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions, or the entire system will collapse.More from CNS News (via YoungCons):

Not mentioned are the very real costs Obamacare foists on millions of Americans:

– The millions of insurance cancellations.

– The numerous known falsehoods repeated to the American people.

– The tax increases.

– The “crippling cost” to the middle class.

– The disproportionate cost on young Americans.

– And of course, the tens of millions of illegal aliens — nearly all of whom are already used to free (stolen) healthcare — who will soon also be subsidized by ObamaCare.

Not exactly a winning play, boys.


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  • mike

    Useful Idiots.

  • Jerry Prock

    A 49er fan that has a lot of respect for the ‘hawks as a team. But they should not blindly support something they know nothing about. I see them as rich spoiled children trying to please a Idol. NOW.

    • charle helbot

      durka durka durk

      • Michelle Yett-Saucedo

        The most perfect response I’ve read so far ^_^

    • Heather Vance-Nelson

      They’re no IDOLS here, that’s for sure! Just a couple of ignorant guys that have no idea what they’re pitching to unsuspecting people. .. and for a hefty paycheck, no doubt!

      • Carl Tim

        Did you read the entire post?

      • Brandi Nelson

        If people let two football players sway them into buying something.. then it is the persons fault for being so brainless. Let me tell you this two about these two guys. One started a charity for at risk kids. A charity to help get them into after school activities and out of gangs.
        The other visits a childrens hospital on a weekly basis.
        What have you done lately?
        oh and these two guys probably donate more money to worthy causes then you and I and most people who comment on this post.

        • Debbie

          They also have the money to give to these charities where as most people today are just trying to make ends meet, hell if I was making millions I could afford to give some of that money to charities too and if I had time on my hands like they do I’d be visiting hospitals on a weekly basis as well but I’m sorry but I’m actually busy trying to just live and support my family and I do give to charities as a lot of good Americans do, even though they may not be able to afford it. The whole thing about this ad is them as football players trying to tell people to sign up for a health care plan when they themselves are not signed up for it, kind of hypocritical if you ask me.

        • Bob Edwards

          “probably donate” thats a pretty blind statement and how do you know anything about what people donate or do for charity just because theyre football players doesnt mean they know anything about obamacare

        • Heather Vance-Nelson

          Well isn’t that sweet! Good for them. I still think they didn’t think this through without all the evidence!

      • Herb McCloud

        No doubt! I agree H V-Nelson!

    • Sam

      my half-sister mak.s $64 an hour on the computer . She has been fired from work for nine months but last month her check was $20936 just working on the computer for a few hours. check;.They’re

    • Mark Bannister

      It’s all about the endorsement money. You now they didn’t do it for free.

  • No smart

    Not a good career move they known nothing about Obama care even the people who wrote it don’t understand itstay out of politics

  • Lorrie McCarty

    their as useful as obama even on the field GO PACKERSSSSSSSSSS

  • JonTB

    I personally cannot stand organized sports. As a highschool student i see this all the time. My fellow classmates doing whatever their “idols” tell them to do. If my generation continues to blindly follow them we are gonna be living in ascary generation. The black community which tends to be focused on anything that is sports or racism related lately (as it seems with ferguson and whats been on the stupid media) Its highly annoying. We Should not be idolizing people as so. The united states was a country founded on the idea that we are not to have kings. Yet we Idolize these fools who know nothing of what is going on and make them feel as if they are kings and above the law, Just like many actors and singers believe.

    • bdub

      Upon reading your post I realize that there is hope for the future.

      • Jack Savage

        Agreed, this man is very well in his writing,and shows a marked intelligence

    • Chuck Letson

      Thank you for that very lucid input. Well thought and well spoken. Get narried and ma je many babies. We need more intelligent citizens. Lol

    • Brandi Nelson

      Lmao.. have people really become that brainless that they would follow someone with out looking into it themselves..lol if they do, they deserve what ever they get. I loved heavy metal music.. but that didn’t mean I was going to go on drinking benders, and destroy hotel rooms and use many different drugs.. because they said it was cool..

      • TJ

        Sadly, this is no laughing matter. When these brainless people get what they deserve, WE end up getting it also. And even better, we are the ones that end up paying for it, while they go on their blissful, ignorant way.

  • terry

    I always knew Sherman was an idiot but Russell Wilson too…….they forget one thing!! blacks only make up 12% of the 300 million people in America so it wont work haha…..Go Patriots!!

    • gonzo

      not to mention Wilson is HALF WHITE!! PEOPLE SEEM TO FORGET THAT ABOUT OWEBAMMA!! By the way that’s the only reason Wilson is a good QB,because his white side rules him!!fact!! look at kaperdick!! lol

      • terry

        haha never thought of that good one! lol

  • Gregory Jordon

    these guys will do anything for another paycheck,they’re millionaires already

  • dan52d

    They went to college to play football, not because they’re smart.

    • Mark Tallman

      No, as much as I am mortified as a Stanford Alumnus, Sherman is a Stanford graduate and Stanford does not take athletes who are not as accomplished as the rest of the student body. I must say I am embarrassed for Sherman.

    • Brandi Nelson

      Actually that is where your wrong.. one of those guys probably test close to a genius level.. Research them before you make a comment about their intelligence.

      • dan52d

        So genius and dumb ass are pretty much one in the same. WOW!!!

  • Ross RoscoRulez Pool

    Have some more koolaid boys, hey you want a free phone too?

  • Every person with IQ over 100

    They signed up because Obama is black and they are too. That’s why voted for him too. He could say that Arsenic is a wonderful snack and they’d do a commercial promoting Arsenic as a healthy treat. Who cares what these athletes think? If you do, you’re just as dumb as they are.

  • Brandon Odonnell

    Dumb as saggin

  • Heather Vance-Nelson

    Disgusting guys! … I bet this. Advertisment came with a hefty paycheck and neither one of you cared or were concerned with the consequences! … Something tells me if you actually looked into this plan you wouldn’t touch it with a “FOOTBALL”!

  • Mark Tallman

    I hope Green Bay kicks their asses. I would like to see them each have career-ending injuries. Wilson may be that stupid. Sherman went to Stanford. As a Stanford Alumnus, I am utterly embarrassed!

    • mr pitt

      I’ll never figure that one out. I thought muslims aren’t into pigs.

  • Mark Tallman

    If Barack HUSSEIN Obama were 100% White, would they do this? I doubt it. The funny thing is, Barack HUSSEIN Obama is NOT Black. He is bi-racial with as much White DNA as Black DNA.

  • Mark Tallman

    The best thing to do is boycott anything they endorse and write the respective CEO’s. Social media is awesome and makes this quite easy.

    • Chuck Letson

      Got that right,

  • americanlatina11

    Was this required of them by the seahawks/NFL? If not, they just lost a chunk of fans.

    • Ernie Mann


  • Troy Marley

    I’m a Seahawks fan and this just bites to see this. If anyone knows backdoor politics like I’ve personally seen, I guarantee that these two not only got paid well but were VERY PRESSURED to do it or endure certain consequences. No matter what, this crap should stay out of the sports venue…period!

    • Chuck Letson


  • Sheila Ray

    idiots…they have all the insurance they could possibly ever need…i bet it aint OBAMACARE…when you know wtf you are talking about…come see me…we can talk then

  • Thatguy

    More black-hero worship. Im sick of if. Most of them act and are worthless. Lets call an apple an apple. Just because youre athletic and get paid to entertain does not mean you truly add any value to society, actually if youre an idiot and famous you detract from it.

  • Klaus Vlasov


  • David Dupper

    I hope that they have read the the bill because if they HAD read it they wouldn’t be supporting it!!!

    • 19thcenturybadhairday

      Hope they can read a 20,000 page book. Probably the biggest book in the history of the world.

    • mr pitt

      READ??? Just because they can be trained to retrieve a brightly colored ball doesn’t mean they can read or count or spell. Look at the photo, do you see a lot of wisdom in those eyes?

      • Vicky Enriquez

        People love to hide behind their computer screens and be cruel to other people. Why?

  • 19thcenturybadhairday

    Obama attempted to get Key and Peele to pitch an Obamacare “Skit” they declined even though they worship his every move. Maybe they have some self respect?

  • spent

    Just play football and stay out of politics. You are moot!!!!!!

  • Pamela Wilson

    totally agree with you Jerry Prock…i’m from the northwest and i love me some sea hawks, but these two have really disappointed me…

  • gonzo

    again more rich assholes trying to tell us what we have to do!! I hope your freaken’ plane crashes you pos MF’s!!

  • HarryTheCat

    I guess this proves, once again, that you don’t have to have more than a room temperature IQ to play football. Gruber would be proud of them.

  • nuff

    Why is it the people I see in support of this health care plan are people who have good insurance elsewhere and would never lower themselves to this plan but yet we should ???????

  • Rjav322

    You have no idea what these men do for the community. EVERY Tueday Wilson is at Seattle Children’s hospital visiting sick kids and other team mates accompany him. Sherman is frequently visiting local military installations supporting our service men and women and their families. I dont care why they made the commercial for health care, I care more about what they done for my community, on camera and off.

  • tax man

    Yep, if you are not on Obamacare you should not be promoting it!

  • G

    One should stick to throwing, the other to pass defense. These comments are pretty ripe coming from guys who make millions and probably aren’t on the plans they boast about.

  • David Michael

    They were paid to do it. They’re just like all the other “celebrities” and won’t do anything unless there’s something in it for them.

  • Mark Wade

    Makes no difference. Its the law. Obey or pay. What part of that don’t you tea bags understand.

  • Dennis

    Did Owebama give you a free phone to?

  • rex freeway

    Is the NFL exempt from having to sign up? If so they should not participate in this joke called Obamacare.

  • Brandi Nelson

    what they endores is their own business, it has nothing to do with the game. Plus these two guys do more for the people then the person who wrote this stupid article. Plus maybe what they have heard of Obama Care sounds good to them.. Hell look how many people blindly believed enough in it to reelect Obama. The only thing I can say is do what you think is best for your family.. If i let them endoresing Obama Care sway me away from being a fan… Then I was never a fan in the first place..and let me tell you this.. How can you not like two people who play such awesome football.. GO SEAHAWKS…. lol to tell you the truth.. yes I like them more then most teams.. but for me.. it isn’t just the players.. its the game.. I don’t like one sided games.. it has to be a close game, one that has you on the edge of your seat sweating… Now that is a good football game.

  • Steve Og

    One teammate gets fined for saying nothing.. and these guys are getting ostracized for speaking out…. Damed if you do, damned if you don’t..

  • Rick Gray

    Easy to say when you are rich and real healthcare is not an issue for you. Do they even know what ObamaCare is?

  • Bill De Blasio

    All that fortune
    All that fame
    Two stinking n166ers
    Just the same

  • Rastafarian

    Richard Sherman is one of the ugliest apes I have ever seen.

    • Vicky Enriquez

      He’s a human being just like you! You sound very ugly!

  • hwy505

    We already knew Sherman was a D-Bag.

  • Lawrence Lutz

    I love when millionaires tell me how to spend my money. I love when people who have no clue what it takes for me to live day to day push for some illegal mandate that is horrible. Lemmings.

  • boo

    It is easy for folks to support a policy that doesn’t really affect them. If you have as much money as these two does it really matter how much insurance costs? For the rest of us, just getting insurance in the first place can be impossible.

  • Kenneth Schoonover

    These two guys, Wilson and Sherman, make lots of money playing football. They don’t have to pay for their own insurance so they don’t really worry about how much it’ll cost them. For people who work and don’t have insurance coverage provided by their employer, just finding an insurance policy that covers them and is not too expensive can be a real pain in the butt.

  • Barry Young

    When do these f@$#ing idiots sign up for it…oh wait that’s right they make millions and don’t have too! Maybe they should shut the f@$# up!

  • Tex

    I hate the Seahawks. They have the worst, “all of a sudden fans” I have ever seen. I lived up there for several years, they were non-existent until around 2005.

    As for the team and this ad, just nypical tiggers supporting another nypical tigger. Is anyone actually shocked here?

  • Nancy Burian

    First of all, I want to see you guys all join o’bambacare! ha ha ha, that will be a long time waiting and also I am wondering about your feelings for amnesty? I suppose you kiss his butt on this too?
    What has o’bamba promised you guys? But, I think you speak too soon. Let’s see you guys all join up for o’bambacare first – then we’ll talk! (and by the way, who are you to tell us to join obambacare anyway? It’s like those stupid “movie stars” all kissing o’bamba’s butts and we cannot figure out why? I think you need to be dissected from his butt.

  • Doe Adeer

    What really sucks is there are people out there that don’t understand that this is just political BS, and they really BELIEVE these spokesmen!

  • Orion Games

    I’m going to opt out and take the fine. Penalty is 2% of my income you say ? LOL what income ? unemployed right now. good luck with that

  • howard patters

    Take off the blinders. You have two successful black Americans that see the first black American President struggling in a quagmire of his own making. Is it really that crazy for them to try and throw him a life line? I don’t judge Wilson and Sherman too harshly for this. I think they’re wrong, but I understand their desire to attempt to salvage the legacy of a failed president anyway they can.

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