What Taya Kyle Carried at the Oscars Was More Important More Than Any Awards for ‘American Sniper’


by Smith Callen | Top Right News

While most conservatives expected ‘American Sniper’ to get stiffed at last night’s Academy Awards ceremony (nominated for 6 awards, including Best Picture, it won only Best Sound Editing), one sight they likely never expected to see was Chris Kyle’s wife Taya walking the red carpet beforehand.

Taya spoke wonderfully with Robin Roberts about what it was like to attend the Oscars, and how her husband Chris would have felt, if he had been able to make it there:

“He would be absolutely blown away, and he would be his usual humble self, laugh at himself, probably make fun of it in some ways, but deep down, he would be really, really happy that so much healing is happening for couples who are healing with this movie, and opening a dialogue.”

Roberts relayed to Taya about America’s respect for Kyle and his fellow soldiers, and asked about her feelings regarding Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of her hero husband in the film.  Taya said:

“He absolutely got it right.”

Many people on Twitter showed their support and admiration for Taya:

Taya wrote on Facebook that she wanted to attend the Oscars in order to represent all those who helped make the film that honored her late husband, as well as represent “real veteran families.”

“And so it is. I am here. To represent my husband, military families and the beautiful people who put more than they had to to make this movie happen.”

In Taya’s full Facebook post, she wrote the following heartfelt comment:

Throughout the night, Taya Kyle firmly clutched something far more valuable than any film award – her husband’s dog tags.



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