WATCH: Video of Illegal Alien Rock Attacks on Border Patrol Agents


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

DHS last week ordered our Border Agents to DUCK and RUN from rock-throwing illegal aliens, and is restricting their right to shoot back, after the Mexican government and U.N. complained.

Open-borders activists that called for the new orders seem to think rock-throwing is a big joke. Watch the video below to see how serious it is for our agents, several of whom have suffered serious injuries such as blindness and paralysis as a result. See images below as well as a report on how a single rock once brought down a Border Patrol helicopter.

Agents have been attacked 6,000 times since 2007. They’ve been “assaulted by rocks” 1,713 times since 2010, and have responded with deadly force only 43 times, he said.

The agents killed only 10 drug-smugglers and other attackers during the same three-year period, Fisher said.

Sounds like Border Patrol is already acting with tremendous restraint — remember that Brian Terry himself was using bean bags the night he was gunned down with a Fast and Furious-provided AK-47.

Why would we want to put our agents in greater risk by tying their hands in response to violent attacks?


In 1979, a single rock thrown by an illegal alien trying to evade border agents brought down a Border Patrol helicopter (see photos below, along with injuries sustained in that and other attacks).




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