Watch This Brave Woman Absolutely SHRED ‘Black Lives Matter’ Hypocrites


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

After a year of them successfully causing unrest and grabbing headlines, have people in the “Black communinity” finally had enough of the hypocrisy of the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) movement?

BLM is a destructive movement that focuses only on incidents that fit their narrative — White-on-Black, violence, particularly  by police — while purposely ignoring the rising tide of Black-on-Black violence?

We’ve written repeatedly about this on this site, but now a fresh — and compelling — voice is adding hers to the chorus.

Ms. Peggy Hubbard, who lives just across the river from St. Louis, Miss., speaks forcefully and authentically in a video calling out BLM protesters who focus on police brutality to the exclusion of black-on-black brutality.

“Police brutality? How about black brutality?” she asks. It’s a cry many of us have rallied around, and yet the mainstream media headlines continue to focus myopically on white-on-black tragedies, leaving the huge swath of black-on-black crime in the public consciousness’ blind spot.

Via LiveLeak:

Peggy Hubbard, who lives just across the river from St. Louis in Belleville, Illinois, slams BLM for tearing up communities in response to a thug being shot dead by police while ignoring the issue of black on black violence that led to the death of a 9-year-old girl in Ferguson.

Watch for yourself. The term is used so often, but is spot-on here: this video is truly EPIC.

Warning: the language is explicit, but perhaps Ms. Hubbard speaks a language that will get through to more of the folks who need to hear it.

Hubbard began by talking about the aftermath of the police shooting of 18-year-old Mansur Ball-Bey, who pointed a handgun at officers while he was fleeing a crack house in north St. Louis on Wednesday and was shot in self-defence as a result.

Local ‘youths’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists responded by torching buildings and cars. The unrest continued for a second night,with protesters chanting “we’re ready for war” as they blocked traffic,bashed out car lights, and jumped one young white couple, with a man being severely beaten in a racist attack that the liberal media of course refuse to acknowledge.

“They went to execute a warrant for an arrest for a very very bad guy, when they came to get him, instead of going peacefully, having his day in court, he decides to pull out another stolen gun, shoot at the police, police shot back, and he was killed,” explains Hubbard.Hubbard then references the case of a 9-year-old girl who was killed in Ferguson during a drive-by shooting, news of which emerged at around the same time.

“Last night, who do you think they protested for?” asks Hubbard.“The thug, the criminal, because they’re hollering police brutality, are you f**king kidding me? Police brutality? How about black brutality?”

“You black people, my black people, you are the f**king most violent motherf**kers I have ever seen in my life!” she continues.

Hubbard went on to castigate protesters for “tearing up the neighborhood I grew up in” for a criminal while ignoring the innocent 9-year-old girl.“There is police brutality out there. I’ll give you that. But, night after night after night, on Channel 4, Channel 2, Channel 5, Channel 30, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, murder, murder, murder, black on black murder. But yet you assholes are out there tearing up your own sh*t. It’s not your sh*t.

It’s other people’s sh*t. For a criminal. For a thug,” Hubbard told the rioters.She goes on to explain how her own children are in prison and that she refuses to visit them because they need to learn their lesson and do their time.

“Black people – you’re a f**king joke, you’re tearing up communities over thugs and criminals,” asserts Hubbard.

Although the response to news of 9-year-old Jamyla Bolden’s death was initially muted, some protesters did subsequently hold a candlelight march in her honor. However, the march ended at the point where Michael Brown died. Like Ball-Bey, Brown attacked a cop before he was shot dead.

Hubbard’s central point about black-on-black violence is routinely ignored by the Black Lives Matter movement. Figures show that 93% of blacks are killed by other blacks. The Black Lives Matter and related anti-white racist agitation operations are primarily funded by sinister global ‘philanthropist’ George Soros.

As Weasel Zippers noted:

But what should be said is that this is the opinion of many of the local folk who are fed up with the outside agitators and fed up with the destruction of their neighborhoods.

  • Jazz

    Spot on!

  • Nancy

    Omg finally a black woman has the courage to speak up and speak the true!! I have great respect for her and her bravery!!

  • Golfer1113

    TRUTH. What a concept. She will be considered a turncoat by the thugs and criminals and people like sharpton. She will be considered REAL PERSON by anyone with a brain.

    • kjhkh

      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ->https://-> —>START here


    • Raykel White

      So that means you didn’t consider her a REAL PERSON before? I wonder why?

      • Golfer1113

        Did I say she was not a real person before? No I did not you pathetic race baiter. You are part of the problem, not the solution. It’s people like you that do all they can to make something out of nothing that is ruining this country.

        • Raykel White

          It was just a weird way of wording it. I wasn’t even thinking about race, you were. A real person….people are real people, lol. Even if they don’t have the same beliefs or principles as you, it doesn’t make them any less of a person. Just means they don’t believe in the same things as you. A thug is real person, a criminal is a real person, Al Sharpton is a real person. lol. I guess I’m not so high and mighty to think that just because someone doesn’t agree with me, that they aren’t a real person.

          I don’t agree with Peggy Hubbard at all. I think she’s a person like many, who are all too content to criticize people trying to address a problem but will do nothing about the problem themselves. Does that make me a fake person cause I don’t agree with her mentality? Haha, it sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

          • TJ

            I don’t think that’s what they meant by “real Person”.
            I guess you are high and mighty enough to assume Peggy Hubbard is doing nothing about the problems herself. Maybe this video is just one part of her involvement in this matter. Maybe she is hoping that the color of her skin will help her message to be taken to heart in stead of quickly dismissed due to “lack of color”.
            Ask yourself, why are they protesting for people with criminal histories and not for this innocent child who will never reach her full potential?
            It says a lot about a person when their reasoning for not agreeing with someone speaking the truth is their own assumption that they are not taking any action. How ridiculous does that sound?

  • LaFlare1017

    She might receive hate from her so-called-friends for saying these things, but she was brave to speak the truth. She seems like an awesome women who doesn’t make any excuses.

    • a línk was found by me and í placed ít ín my profíle; ìt explaìns how people are making a few hundred every week wìthout leavìng theír job

  • Kim Schmitz

    Loved the message and the delivery. Milwaukee just hit 101 homicides this year. Most were black on black. When is the black community going to realize it won’t get better till THEY make it better. Stop protecting the criminals. Turn them in.

  • jm

    u go girl

  • Rick Manigault

    This women should move with those whites she loves so much because she is now a pariah.

    • Candy

      This woman is NOT AFRAID to speak the truth. Until more Black people join with her, nothing will change. The white community sees the accuracy of her statements and only get more disgusted with black people when they defend the thugs, lawbreakers and criminals who they have chosen to their “heroes.”

      • Rick Manigault

        This women raised a criminal and talks like one. Black’s didn’t kill 1.5 million Iraqis or 600 million people during ww2.

        • imakymama

          Spoken like a true liberal. Deflect from the message. What the hades does Iraq or WW2 have to do with blacks killing each other?

          • Rick Manigault

            She said “blacks are the most brutal”. I pointed to millions of deaths caused by violent whites.

          • Mark Jones

            Oh please!…this lady said exactly what needed to be said. Now you see how quickly people of color will dismiss her and try to associate her with everything from WWII and being an “Uncle Tom “…how can ANYONE defend people who are willing to burn down their own neighborhoods , destroy businesses that their relatives work at, and explain it by saying BLM? Are you kidding me? Defend thugs? Really?

          • Rick Manigault

            This women is a thug and I hope she gets to see the brutality she speaks of.

        • Jak Stone

          WWII for one matter had the draft, you damn imbecile.

  • Raykel White

    It’s a shame she stereotypes her own people. Why aren’t people talking about how high the crime rate is in the white community? White on white crime is at 84%, pretty damn high and black on black crime is at 94% also pretty damn high. She acts as if black people have never protested against crime in their communities but we have and we are. Instead of going on this asinine tirade why didn’t she do something more productive like organize protests in her community against violence? (Maybe…she wanted fame) She’s going to be used as an example by White Supremacists, she’ll get a little pat on the head by her masters and then discarded for the next Aunt Jemima or Uncle Tom because White Supremacists LOVE when black people stereotype their own damn selves. We stereotype ourselves as being athletic over academic, means more dumb black people. We stereotype ourselves as being defiant and strong, means more dead black people at the hands of police. Not only this, stereotyping ourselves as being violent like she has done takes everyone’s attention off of the fact that White people are killing each other at high rates but they’re completely quiet about it or ignorant about it. White Supremacists want that, they want to paint themselves as Saints and paint black people as violent animals. Thanks Peggy! I cannot stand when people complain about people who are actually trying to do something but don’t do nothing themselves.

    I feel just as much pain in my heart for Jamyla Bolden the 9 year old black girl killed by a rain of gunfire by a black male as I do for Aiyana Jones a 7 year old black girl girl killed by a police officer while sleeping during a botched raid. As I do for 19 year old unarmed Zachary Hammond ,a white male killed by police officers. The BLM calls attention to this, they’re not perfect but as least they’re TRYING!

    • TJ

      It would be great if BLM was was worried about all people being killed or mistreated by police officers. If this is the case, I believe they chose the wrong slogan for their movement. Please provide links to the proof where BLM is calling attention to all these other instances. The media sure isn’t reporting on them.

      The “real” division should be acknowledged, the wealthy people (and they aren’t all white) run things. They don’t want us to see its about division of the masses. They want us fighting each other instead of seeing they are hoarding everything while we (of all colors and nations) work our fingers to the bones to make ends meet.
      We prop them up in gluttonous wealth, while they give meaningless speeches to people with itching ears. If they really cared about us (the little people) they would stop hoarding all the profits and pay better wages, give free universal health care, and use their wealth to fund all levels of education for all people. They have the money to do that and still live comfortable lives. Alas, this is not their concern. They would rather us stay broke, mad, and uneducated, while they kick back and enjoy their luxurious food, clothes, living arrangements, and perks while they laugh at our ignorance.


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