This Devastating 90-Second Video Could Cost Hillary Clinton The Race


by Bill Callen | Top Right News

You might say that Hillary Clinton had a very bad week, except for the fact that bad weeks have become pretty much par for the course for the former first lady and 2016 presidential hopeful.

First and foremost, there’s the investigation into her private email server. The number of emails containing classified information is now up to a whopping 305, and the odds are it won’t stop there. There’s also the matter of her failing poll numbers. The latest surveys show self-described socialist and genial nutcase Bernie Sanders within striking distance of Hillary, whose numbers have dipped under 50 percent for the first time — all without a long-rumored Joe Biden run.

Now comes an ad from the conservative America Rising PAC which devastates the Hillary myth in a little over a minute and a half:

As you can see, the ad clearly contradicts everything that Clinton has been lying about.

For instance, take that subpoena, which she claimed she never received. And yet, there’s the subpoena, pictured in black and white.

Then there’s the matter of classified information being handled on Clinton’s personal email server.

First she claimed there were never any classified documents on there. Then investigators found some. That’s when she doubled down and said, yet again, there were no classified emails on the server. Then investigators found “Top Secret” emails.

To her sort-of credit, Clinton has just kept on persevering with her lies in the face of all reliable evidence. At this point, she’s essentially asking America, “Who’re you going to believe — me, or those lying emails?”

Unsurprisingly, America tends to believe the latter.

In a recent poll, only two percent of Americans believed that Hillary was telling the truth about handling classified information on her email server, compared with 58 percent who believed she was knowingly lying (H/TAllen West).

Think about that — Hillary Clinton’s honesty actually polls at a number lower than the margin of error.

The only entity with lower poll numbers than Hillary Clinton’s honesty is George Pataki. The only major difference is that we can prove George Pataki exists.


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