THAT’S RACIST! Liberals Are Saying These 6 Terms Are The “New N-Words”


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Race-hustlers are forever trying to convince Americans that racism is everywhere, despite all evidence to the contrary.

But now it has gone from the divisive to the ridiculous.

In a piece published in the Atlanta Blackstar, the so-called “Black BuzzFeed,” the article states that there are six words that no white person should ever use because they are “synonymous” with the “N” word.

The author had to do some pretty ridiculous stretching to turn these into “racist” terms — but we found out that they are not alone. Apparently this list comes right out of “Black Studies” and “Critical Race Theory” classes at “Ivy League” schools.

Let’s take a look:


 As Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman pointed out after receiving criticism about his post Super Bowl interview, “It seems like [thug] is the acceptable way of calling someone the n word nowadays. Substituting the word thug doesn’t disguise the negative association with Black people.”

Um, no. When most people talk about “thug,” it has nothing to do with skin color, but everything to do with those who break the law, White or Black.

Urban/Inner City

The Black community is often referred to as urban or inner city when people are uncomfortable talking about Black people or where they live.

No. Once again, this has nothing to do with skin color. “Inner City” is just a politically correct attempt (invented by liberals, by the way) to not say “ghetto” or “sh*tty area”. People of all races live in the crappy parts of major cities, often the newest immigrants, who try like hell to work their way out of them.

State’s Rights

During the Civil Rights Movement, politicians used racially coded appeals and words such as “state’s rights” to try and capitalize on the racial anxiety during that time.

This one is completely ridiculous. They are trying to make you think “George Wallace.” But the average Republican governor citing “states rights” is usually ranting about an overreaching EPA or the Feds shutting down oil drilling on behalf of some “endangered” water rat. It has absolutely nothing to do with racism.


Welfare and Food Stamps

When Newt Gingrich called Obama “the food stamp” president, everyone knew what word he really was using.

Nice try, race-baiters, but not even close. What Gingrich actually meant was that the total number of people on welfare and food stamps increased massively under Obama — both as a result of his lousy economic policies that hurt the middle class at the expense of illegal aliens; and by his gutting of the bipartisan welfare reform law that Clinton signed in the 1990s.

And how on Earth is this “racist” anyway, when the majority of people on food stamps are White?

Law and Order

During the Civil Rights Movement, the opposition said that “Law and Order” was needed to handle the racial tension and civil rights protests. In other words, we need to control the Blacks.

So police shouldn’t use force to stop violent criminals, rioters and looters? Without law and order, there is anarchy and chaos. Ask those mostly Black business owners in Ferguson what happens without law and order. You get 26 businesses burned to the ground.


Cut Taxes

Making the poor and people of color sound more threatening, cutting taxes has long been racial code for not using tax payer money to help Black and brown people.

This one is beyond stupid. How is keeping the government from taking someone’s hard earned money “racist”?

Cutting taxes provides greater wealth for all families in the country, making it easier to pay the bills. The whole idea that cutting taxes essentially shrinks the welfare state and that makes it racist is nonsense.

Does the author know what “synonym” even means? It certainly seems like some remedial English lessons are in order. OOPS — was I being racist?

The good news is that there is so little actual racism in America these days, that liberal nutjobs like these need to go to ridiculous lengths to invent it.

How little they have learned from the holiday that just passed. Liberal race-baiters are still focused on the color of one’s skin, instead of the content of one’s character. Pot meet kettle.

  • constitutionalist

    Seriously people need to STFU

  • JPM

    You have got to be kidding me, tax cut, law and order, thug and the others are considered racist? When will this madness end? I can’t take it any more.

    • Harley

      As is easily seen, the sole intent, is drum up coverage of anything and everything that is said and done by Al and those like. Sympathy and adherence that came with the social opposition to people using terms that do directly degrade specific ethnicities, is never enough. Until the majority of society turns attention away from sharpton and those similar in personality, it will never end

      • JPM

        I know I enjoyed seeing the Milwaukee Sheriff rip Sharpton apart the other day. If only more would wake up and do the same we might be able to put some of this race talk to bed.

        • Haig Tegnazian

          true but thing is if it was a white sherrif it could of been looked at as racist by sharpfails supporters

          • Billy Beacham

            you know what , fuc Al sharpfails and his supports

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          • Vivian S.

            It sickens me that the word “racist” is being thrown around so carelessly. These accusations, in this PC world, can ruin peoples’ lives! I wish we would stop worrying about, and thinking all day about racism. I know some (like the media) use it to make money and gain fame, but most Americans are STRUGGLING. We need to take care of bills, chores, OUR CHILDREN…. we need to put food on the god-damn table!

            Most of us have lives. I have to worry about my rent ($1000/month), my health insurance ($295/month), my internet ($75/month from Comcast), my phone, my car insurance ($24/month from InsurancePanda), my electricity/heat/water, etc… all on a $45k/year salary!!! And I shouldn’t complain… because many people have it MUCH WORSE than I do.

            What I’m trying to say is we can’t spend all day attacking other peoples’ characters and saying they are racist. Stop giving those that seek attention or publicity a platform. Learn to love your neighbor, get along with strangers, and help your fellow brothers and sisters. Do not engage with those who are indeed racist, filled with hate, and generally unhappy. THOSE PEOPLE ONLY WANT TO DIVIDE US!

          • GatorDog

            I think it’s about time we forget about what these losers think about us and say f*ck them. They don’t like it come and get it.

          • YoungNatTurner

            Right on. That’s how I feel about people of European descent. Malcolm was right on so many levels.

          • notbuttkissinlib

            YoungNatTurner. You’ve got to be kidding right? I just know that you did not post a hateful racist remark about white people on a thread that is trying to get rid of racist problems in this country.

            Did you even GO to school? Were it not for Europeans in the last half of this century just ended, you would STILL be drinking from segregated water fountains.

          • Karma

            Exactly – it took WHITE people to end slavery. It took WHITE people to end segregation. It took WHITE people to give blacks better schools and more opportunities, and even to give them preferential treatment to get a leg up. MLK and Malcom were the squeaky wheels of the civil rights movement, but they didn’t DO anything except protest. White people had to fight other whites on black’s behalf.

            So blacks need to STFU about whites holding them down. Stop biting the hand that has fed them for 50+ years, hike up their pants and do something with their lives. And stop blaming the people who have tried to help them.

          • Republicans Are-idiots

            Seriously, it took white people to end slavery. God bless them for 200 years of rape, torture, disfigurement, pedophilia , murder, kidnapping and then some right slick>? You need to STFU and admit GOP are racist inbred basterds and their idiocy has very real oppressive repercussions

          • Karma

            I call “strawman”! That doesn’t change my point, and you know it 🙂 I will say it again slowly, so even YOU can understand:

            black people could not, and DID not change the circumstances of segregated America. White people did. Lots of white people were unhappy about the 200 years of all those dreadful things, and that’s why THEY made the changes happen. Now do you understand, or do you need to repeat 3rd grade AGAIN?

            By the way, I am not GOP. Have a nice day 🙂

          • Republicans Are-idiots

            You arent GOP, just racist like one. God bless white people for only taking 200 years to take the chains off ay?

          • Karma

            Thinking isn’t really your strong point, is it?

          • azsdft

            you are so damn funny …. it’s the DNC that wants segregation, the DNC that started and continues the KKK, it’s the DNC that pushes welfare, it’s the DNC that has race baiters like Jessica Jackson,, oops I meant Jessie, sorry bitch! It’s the DNC that has the other race baiter Alice Sharpton! Thank GOD the Black community is finally seeing what those two and that Race baiter President and his wife are doing to this Country!

          • Ken Chapman

            I agree ! God bless white people. But I guess if you are truly unhappy some other country might take you in , give you a helping hand up with education so that you can provide for your family and still be your personal blame for not making it after stopping slavery invented by Africans. Oh wait… dumbass race baiter

          • Go back to African Continent and see slavery still exists. And it is Blacks enslaving blacks. So blame American whites for that too you racist ass.

          • Greg Phillips

            Can you give us a time period after which blacks can no longer point to slavery as the root of all their ills?

          • doornazi


          • TheSpasticAvenger .

            The moron is a 12 year old troll, just block him, he will find a way to call you a racist no matter what you do.

          • Ken Chapman

            Or his dimwitted parents will for him. As he obviously cannot think for himself.

          • coppermouse

            You forgot to mention it was black Africans who sold them to the whites in the first place

          • Darrell Huffman

            Have you listen to yourself you are doing exactly what you say others are doing. If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. You are a real problem if you believe all that dribble coming out of your mouth.

          • Rob unlisted

            You are the Idiot the Democrat party were the founders off the KKK and supported Jim Crow Laws, The Republicans are the ones that set slaves free and ended Jim crow laws while the Democrats fought them hand tooth and nail. Educate yourself before acting like an idiot.

          • Zackary Mcgee

            relay blacks done a hell alot more the there own b4 white came around. watch the 10 commandments did not the blacks have slaves to

          • Ken Chapman

            What are you high ? Blacks have been their own number one enemy for centuries ! Selling your own kind since almost the beginning of time. Read a history book. And if you don’t believe, It’s still going on today. Either way quit bitching or go to africa and complain to them. Self defense in concealed carry is about to even things up. Lots more thugs in the dirt and its about time. America is done with asswipes like YOU !

          • Elwood1

            You misspelled bastard, you dumb clod.

          • GOPIDIOCY

            no I didnt . It references the movie and avoids censorship spelling blocks, idiot

          • Elwood1

            You also have not spelled “didn’t”, you extra ordinary clod.


            Get to know your history it was the democrats that voted against abolishing slavery and the democrats that voted against giving them voting right and equal rights. I can provide you with the voting statistics from then if you would like. It was the republicans that voted in favor of the blacks. It is better to be silent and thought of as an idiot than open your mouth and remove all doubt. Facts are facts if you were as smart as you think you would check your facts the way politicians vote is public any can find out how a politician votes on subjects.
            AND FOR YOUR INFORMATION:The very first slave owner in this country was a black man up north and numerous blacks owned slaves some as many as 18 at a time. And it was blacks that sold them into slavery in the first place.

          • GOPIDIOCY

            Your history is twisted warp bulsht. Progressives freed the slaves, todays GOp are not progressive and is the new home to the old confederacy. Blacks on occasion sold out (see Ben carson and Allen West today ) you as a right wing nut job think it gives you your ticket to white forgiveness. Forgive even as today racism is inherent to the GOP you side with. You can spin and babble all you like, YOU are racist, the GOP is racist and they have kept the most important element that led to slavery, money over lives as their chief ideal

          • JSebastian

            You do understand that blacks on average are nearly a full standard deviation below the norm in intelligence? You’re expecting an awful lot from people that used to be called “slow”. In the future if more blacks can hold some type of job (no matter what it is) and stop committing disproportionate amounts of crimes, I think that will be a smashing success.

            Expecting them to do exactly as well as everyone else (ie, equal outcomes) given their relative disadvantages (which are no fault of their own, of course) is irrational and only going to lead to more stupid policies that futilely try to fix something that isn’t a problem and can’t be fixed in the first place. So not everyone is the same…big deal!

          • kat747

            Maybe it is time for Farrakin, the NBPP and the islams/muslins to take young Nat Turner and all those who think as he thinks, back to “slavery”. In the near future, Nat, you might find out what people like you are trying to destroy was “as good as it gets”. Do NOT EVER make the statement, “WHAT DID WE DO ?” WhiteBread will not want to save you or support you in the future. Every think of it “THAT WAY” ???

          • kat747

            ….and Martin Luther King was so “wrong” on others ???

          • Greg

            You are so wrong in so many ways.

          • Oldswitcheroo

            That’s cool…..except without people of European descent, you and Malcolm would still be living in a straw hut on a mound of dirt in Africa using a stick to avoid being eaten by lions. You should be grateful to your ancestors for paving the way for you to live in a civilized society, instead of trying to re-segregate your race while crying about whitey.

          • GatorDog

            or youngnat might find himself being sold as a slave by his own race. A practice still going on in Africa. Nat, go home!

        • George Patrick Shiflett

          I know another way we can put some of this race crap to bed also , when cops start killing as many whites as they do blacks , or how about cops killing white supremest or Oath keepers or sovereign citizens or say the LOS or the 3% , ( oh thats right the cops probably belong to those terrorists organizations , oh and i forgot the KKK ) yes when the cops start killing as many whites as they do blacks then the racism crap will stop

          • Crypt

            Police killed more whites last year than blacks by a healthy margin, and they killed more whites the year before and the year before that. Do a little reading and research before you spout off shlt that isn’t true.

          • George Patrick Shiflett

            prove it , where is your stats

          • Crypt

            There are plenty of stats to look at, go and find them yourself, its not my job to teach you shlt.

          • George Patrick Shiflett

            Hey you put the answer out there now put up or shut up , and no right wing sites , independent proof

      • Art69z

        Can someone who knows how to start signature petitions start one on Al Sharpton. Basically asking the White House why Al Sharpton is not being taken to court for back taxes and having his monetary assets frozen?

        • Byron Shutt

          Love your Icon Statement. Keep up the good fight.

        • Republicans Are-idiots

          Becasue he is taking care of them, but thanks for worrying about AL and voting for a dumbaz like Grimm

        • Ken Chapman

          Or how about inciting riots and hate crimes ? If you or I said half of what that asshat says wed be serving time.

      • Jerry

        We have to many Sharptons in this country and in the government for this to go away. They keep us divided as US citizens and detract from the real problems like making everyones lives better, the security of our country, and our economic problems that keep low income families down, jobs lost to other countries. This country is in caos due to bad representation by our elected officials both Democrat and Republican.

    • Dano

      It will not end. this is one of the objectives of the establishment to further the continuous divisive plots in our society.

      • Steve Wetzel

        Divide and Conquer has always been the agenda of every tyrannical government. The best way to subdue the people is to divide them at every level…. Race, Ethnicity, Heritage, Class… the list goes on

        • Steve Wetzel

          And let’s not forget the division over religion.

    • Anti_Femastasis

      When will this madness end?

      Haha, this is just the beginning. That’s what you get for giving women equal rights. Women love taxes (they are the beneficiaries), women love political correctness, women love blaming.

      Anyone who upholds women’s rights loses all credibility to criticize things like political correctness, Islamization and liberalization.

      What you experience now (i.e. “das racis” being applied to anything and everything) is going on since decades already against men. This is basically female behaviour applied to race relations. Daily reminder: Black men have a lower testosterone level, they are somewhat like women with more muscles.

      As long as women have equal rights it will get worse and worse. It’s only because women’s rights that Obama is president, that Bill Clinton was president and that the country gets more and more liberal. The next liberal president will probably also be elected because of women’s suffrage.

      • Miraclewhip515

        Are you really that stupid? No, wait. Don’t answer that. You already did by posting this.

        • Anti_Femastasis

          Are you really that stupid? No, wait. Don’t answer that. You already did by posting this.

          On the contrary, you confirmed what I wrote, because you have no counterargument.

          • msamericanpatriot

            They got that right. Miraclewhip more like incredibly stupid.

      • Lolly

        I’m presuming you’re joking and not operating under some serious misapprehension of reality. That being the case–Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha. funny!

        • Anti_Femastasis


          Got triggered, eh? Are you a woman?

          • msamericanpatriot

            Anti has her brain right Lolly. You are apparently a feminazi. Except for their comment about black testosterone levels, they are spot on.

          • Anti_Femastasis

            Except for their comment about black testosterone levels

            Oh yeah, sorry, I meant they have _relatively_ lower testosterone levels, compared to estradiol.

            “Non-Hispanic blacks (40.80 pg/ml) had a higher estradiol concentration
            than non-Hispanic whites (35.46 pg/ml; P < 0.01) and
            Mexican-Americans (34.11 pg/ml; P < 0.01)."

          • msamericanpatriot

            Yeah black male/white female rape happens more than say white male/black female rape. Remember how the Duke Lacrosse rape was blown out of proportion and at the end of the day was found to be a lie. It was white male perp/black female victim. If these stats came out then it is game over.

          • JSebastian

            I think you’re very confused. Stop looking at estradiol. That doesn’t measure serum testosterone.

          • maybritton

            must not be very low cause more blacks are having kids and can’t find out who the father is

          • Lolly

            Your conclusion that I am a femi-nazi is entirely INcorrect. I’m nowhere near one. In fact, I am very old-fashioned in regard to the different roles of men and women. However, I also believe –though men and women are created differently and that the man is supposed to be the leader of the husband and wife relationship–that God also gave us women brains and that we can function on a level of intellectual equality and can give something to the world with our talents. We are equal because ALL people stand on level ground at the foot of the cross AND all genders do, too.

          • msamericanpatriot

            Little late with the redaction there. You already had painted yourself as a feminazi. You made the bed. Now lie in it

          • Lolly

            Oh, Puhlease! You are coming across as the kind of human being who does not wish to interact or to communicate with others in a decent and respectful manner. You’ve painted yourself as person who CHOSES to act in an ugly manner when there is a high road available to you. You made the bed. Now lie in it. I’m done. Have a nice life

          • msamericanpatriot

            Nope you are. You forgot respect is earned. What a “lovely” self picture you painted of yourself, Lolly. Ugly? Not moi. Apparently the dictionary says see you when it comes to ugly. You made the bed now lie in it, feminazi.

      • Janice Nunley Erickson

        your racist 🙂

        • msamericanpatriot

          Oh you are using a non existent word there, Janice. It was made about 1927 to be used to shut the other party up when they are telling the truth. Apparently you cant handle the truth.

          • Janice Nunley Erickson


          • msamericanpatriot

            Sarcasm an art that should not exist as long as non existent words like racism and homophobia do. Same with xenophobia.

      • James Loos

        I am against man-bashing as much as the next guy, but this is pretty friggen idiotic. This discredits you and your stance, by making everything you are trying to say sound misogynistic and racist at the same time. I believe in EQUAL rights (that is to say no exception, or supremacy of any race or gender) but at the same time, I recognize natural genetic roles and abilities – this is regarding gender only. Men are good at some things, women are good at others.
        Please formulate a better argument, and try not to sound like a bigot.

        • msamericanpatriot

          Feminism IS a hate group. They hate men like Chris Kyle. Third wave feminism which is what we are in now does NOT believe in equality. They believe in gyno supremacy. They think that the world would be better off if men were 10% of the population. They say men are the more violent sex when they refuse to answer about most domestic violence happening in LESBIAN households. They say the world would be better off ruled by women but refuse to saying anything about Bloody Mary and Catherine the Great. Now you formulate a better argument.

        • Anti_Femastasis

          I believe in EQUAL rights

          Then YOU are part of the problem.

          everything you are trying to say sound misogynistic and racist at the same time.

          Liberal logic detected.

          Men are good at some things, women are good at others.

          Please list 10 things women are better at without mentioning anything that has to do with cleaning, cooking and sex.

          • Rocky_Lady

            I’m a woman and did NOT vote for Obama or Clinton. On the other hand, I know several dumbass men who did, both times! Stop trying to pin this crap on women!

          • Anti_Femastasis

            >I’m a woman and did NOT vote for Obama or Clinton. Stop trying to pin this crap on women!


            >I’m a woman

            Yup. And your post is a reminder why women shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

          • Rocky_Lady

            It took a lot more than just women to put him in office. You’re post shows you to be a chauvinist. You must be one of the dinosaurs I’m always hearing about.

          • Anti_Femastasis

            It took a lot more than just women to put him in office.

            Whatever it took, without women he wouldn’t be president.

            You must be one of the dinosaurs I’m always hearing about.

            Facts are facts. No one cares what things you hear.

      • Tony Hunt

        Your view is way beyond the norm. That’s why most Americans (IQ 80-100) will not understand what you are saying. Women overwhelmingly vote for “Nanny State” laws and taxes. It’s in their nature, to nurture. That’s why we now have “Big Brother” government and a “PC” Society.

        • Anti_Femastasis

          Women overwhelmingly vote for “Nanny State” laws and taxes.

          Fact #1: “WOMEN PREFER LARGER GOVERNMENTS: GROWTH, STRUCTURAL TRANSFORMATION, AND GOVERNMENT SIZE. We also use a wide cross-section of data for developed and developing countries and show that higher market participation by women is positively and robustly associated with government size.”

          Fact #2:

          Fact #3: As I wrote above, big government and high taxes are not the only problem. Nearly everything that is wrong with society today can be traced back to the women’s voting preferences. Women for example hate to vote for anti-immigration parties. Without women’s suffrage we wouldn’t have the Islam problem.

      • susanjmaki

        The more I see how stupid some voters are, the more I think their should be tests before one can vote. Need to know how many branches of government there are, basic history, etc. Gruber wasn’t wrong. Voters know more about pop culture than how their country works.

      • JSebastian

        Black men have a lower testosterone level, they are somewhat like women with more muscles.

        LOL. I think you meant they have HIGHER testosterone levels.

        • Anti_Femastasis

          LOL. I think you meant they have HIGHER testosterone levels.

          No, they have same testosterone levels, but higher estrogen levels hence relative lower testosterone levels.

          • JSebastian

            No, they do not have the same testosterone levels. You are looking at the results of a normalized study which disregards the factors that contribute to testosterone levels (such as weight and percentage body fat). This is the study that demonstrates higher testosterone levels:

            If you remove all the characteristics that differentiate the black population from the white one, then you are negating the usefulness of making the measurement in the first place.

          • Anti_Femastasis

            Nice link, but I trust the newer study (2006) and not the older one (1985), especially since the newer one has a larger n and states “Higher testosterone in black compared with white men has been postulated
            to explain their higher prostate cancer incidence. Previous studies
            comparing hormone levels by race might have been limited by size,
            restricted age variation, or lack of representation of the general

          • JSebastian

            I already showed you why that study is flawed, but if you can’t appreciate it, then there is zero chance of you understanding either study. One study directly measured testosterone. The other threw out those findings and applied a “normalization” scheme to eliminate the differences between the black and white subjects in the study. Of course it can’t measure the differences when you ignore them!

          • Anti_Femastasis

            The other threw out those findings and applied a “normalization” scheme

            What makes you think so?

          • JSebastian

            Because they stated exactly that in their methodology review. Did you not even read the very link you posted yourself?

          • Anti_Femastasis

            Here’s the study:

            Yes, they adjust for weight. So that fat whites can be compared to fat blacks and fat hispanics. But equally fat blacks/whites/hispanics have the same testosterone levels. That’s my point.

    • thedukeofawesome

      It is called click baiting. 27 ads on this page. This goes viral on Facebook, once it goes viral the 27 ads are seen tens of thousands of times. Leading this site to make money. The more outrageous the claim, the more clicks, the more money.

      By the way. This isn’t madness it is a websites attempt to make money.

      • chopper

        I am 54 and like you it was around when I was young. As an adult it has disappeared. In fact, I have no doubt that no one saw color until it was brought up by Sharpton. My children do not see color at all, and we live in a city with all colors. My children are adults now and so we have an entire generation that SAW no color. Suddenly Sharpton must have been feeling useless because he had to bring it up again. Well, I hope that the “progressives” are happy now, because we are digressing at a rapid rate!

        Sorry, this was meant to go to chevyll, clicked down one.

        • Rocky_Lady

          I’m With you! My Family is totally color blind to race. My home looked like the UN when all the kids were there!

          If someone hates me because I’m white, that absolutely makes them racist and THEY need to change, not me.

      • jason

        32 have been blocked by adblock for me so far on this page. It’s absolutely noticeable when I surf the web without it. Freakin commercial after advertisement. I watched a video on comedy central the other day, and the blocked ad ticker at the top of my page just kept tallying. By the end, it was over 400 ads blocked! Adblock… it’s free.

      • Jib

        If you use “Ad Block” you will have zero ads. Yes, thats zero!

    • chevyll

      Jpm…Its never going to end. I am nearly 64 years old and it was around when i was a young man. Today with people like Sharpton and the likes of him, you can bet it’s going to get worse.

      • Brandi40

        I am 74 and I have not heard all this crazy racist stuff until the past 6 years or so.. There were areas where there were racial problems….but not anything like it is today. It’s people like Al Sharpton that fuel problems and create new ones.

        • Greg

          Only because of POTUS and the racist pigs he appointed has there been such an outcry of racismthese past 6+ years.

    • 950

      Guess I’m racist,yes Michael Brown was a Thug!More blacks are on Welfare,please cut taxes,State Rights,hmm yea that I need to think about,more blacks live in the inner city,and I love love law and order,yes It’s official I’m a racist,but saying all that I’m sick of this stupidity,and there really is a sleeping giant and its stirring…

      • JPM

        I have to agree that after reading your comment I too am a racist. The sad part is, that the term “racist” doesn’t have the same meaning it did just 7 years ago. The term is used so often and out of context, that I think people are starting to ignore it when it’s said.

    • wyrosjr

      It will end when the US looks like South Africa.

      • El Cid

        Pre-Apartheid or Post-Apartheid? Because some of the radicals like Sharpton seem to be advocating a system of total segregation.

    • bobfairlane

      The negroes have declared that “The whole English language is racist”, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are racist, etc. I’m waiting for them to declare school is racist so they will stop going, and work is racist, so they stop mucking up everything from McDonalds to Apple. hahaha

      When will it end? Never, without White Living Spaces.

    • Anne Faust

      they are narrow minded

    • DrMorbius

      It’s all about controlling the narrative…

    • Margaret Rudolf

      Anyone who thinks these words are racist, is someone who equates these words with black behavior. I think that makes “them” the racists.

    • NunyaBusiness

      How to beat liberalism.
      “Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.”
      Conan the Barbarian

    • Brett A. Wheeler

      The madness will end when we stop letting the Satanic left spout out their “white guilt” BS.


    Yes, we want to bury the NAACP ” Niggers Are Always Causing Problems” . Once this agenda is buried, no more problems

    • joe

      nice, I am shocked the filter let that through but I agree

    • Michael Parrish

      Oh I like that!

    • Lawrence P. Goodwin

      You are part of the problem EV.

      • The Choice Is Clear

        Sounds to me like you’re part of the problem Lawrence, and he’s part of the solution. Go EV! 🙂

      • jana


        • jana

          How? That’s what I meant..

    • Rizzan

      I wish you were smart enough to get your point across without the “n” word.

      • David

        Niggers are the point! and the problem..face reality you douche bag liberal!!!!

  • ozarksunshine

    Just shows that you can lead libtards to facts but they are too stupid to think.

  • Randall Benson

    seems that the only people that use the (N) word are just a bunch of (Ns).

  • Randall Benson


  • Tom Daggett

    sharpton is the most racist urban thug on welfare, I know. He cut taxes his way by no paying any!!!

    • The Choice Is Clear

      Sharpton is a thigger.

      • Rizzan

        Don’t slap the racist “thigger” word on Sharpton. It’s an insult to thiggers.

        • The Choice Is Clear

          He would make a shitty thigger. Hmm. I guess we’ll have to call him a shigger? Shyster and Shitty Thigger that he is. lol

  • James C Smith

    Than I just use the so called N word and save time.If they dont want the N word used than they need to stop using it first and for the word thug that is what most of the young blacks are. They act like animals and when they act like wild ones with rabies they need to be put down. I am not a racist I just call a spade a spade (oh that must be racist also ) i wish someone would take Al Sharpton and kick his ass all over the place he a racist pig stealing from everyone and the government and gets away with it. If he was white he would be in jail now that racist

  • Jerry Austin

    the only thing racists is the idiots who want to show up when the cameras start rolling and shout at the crowd and try to excite them into a frenzy and then leave after they do.

  • ParkHillsBill

    That’s racist… I’m calling Al..

  • poetwarrior

    This is beyond stupid. If I were his editor I would have thrown it at him—- still in his laptop.

  • joe

    I love how there is a picture of the NAACP saying eliminate the N word. This racist organization calls blacks colored people, now that is racist!

    • The Choice Is Clear

      I prefer the term “porch monkeys” to colored people. They’re not really people, and they’re only different shades of the color of poo. Calling them porch monkeys make them sound funny rather than like the hostile ape beasts they really are.

  • Larry Notton

    If the name associated with the behavior fits, time to consider changing the actions that bring it about!

    • Rizzan

      Sure thing racist.

  • joe

    they forgot to say the other N word Non-taxpayer like most blacks including Sharpton!

    • The Choice Is Clear

      Here’s some other “n” words about blacks they wish they could bury: Nasty, Narcotics, Narcissists, Nauseating, Numbskulls, Non-Negotiable, Needy, Negative, and NAPPY!

  • Dianna Davis Jones

    OMG the only people who would think these words were the new N word would be people guilty of using the system for all of them..Guilty? I’m really surprised someone aint helped that crazy little race baiter start his jurney to hell.

    • The Choice Is Clear

      The “n” word has officially been replaced by the “t” word: Thiggers. The Letter People got approval from Sharpton ahead of time, so it’s “ok” for white people to say it, since you know, they need clearance from baboons to speak now.

  • LSKKMa

    When is someone going to arrest that RACIST race-baiter Sharpton for his tax evasion?.. Lock him up and by doing so Shut that jackass up.

    • chickief

      That would be racist. (sarc)

    • Haig Tegnazian

      they wont for he is best buddies with ofaila impeach him and imprison him and sharpton together with a spoon in 1 room

  • anymouse

    The only reason these words and phrases are the new Racist words is because well…If the shoe fits…

    • akansan

      President Obama just wants to control the conversation. Since our white ancestors, who we have no connection with and probably have no blood ties to, did such a vile and despicable thing by bringing black slaves into America, how about we end their suffering by buying each colored person in the USA who is not happy with US a one way plane ticket back to their ancestoral country? Do you think that might end their unhappiness and divisiness?

  • Harley

    I don’t care who I offend, I will not submit to viewing the above terms, as being anything similar to actually direct offensive terms. Blacks do not solely own the slang term “innercity”, nor “Law and order”, nor do they deserve, nor are they solely defined or represented by the other above examples. If someone, regardless whether black, or not, takes offense with the term “innercity” than that situation needs be privately and individually handled. I do not consider any of the above terms, to be subjective toward, let alone at all offensive or attacking any individual ethnicity.

    • akansan

      My son who is in grad school in Chicago sold his car and has become very urban. That’s somehow racist? Go back to school Al Sharpton! Better yet, how about jail for being a tax evader!

  • Barbara Whitley

    There are thugs of all races. The term is descriptive of behavior not ethnicity.

    • Lawrence P. Goodwin

      Of course. This is just another attempt by academia to limit OTHER PEOPLES’S free speech. By hook or by crook.

  • Tinaw1969

    I just laughed reading all that! They are idiots (is that racist too?)

    • The Choice Is Clear

      They are typical blacks. Of course they’re idiots. They’re lisp-nigga thugs. Thiggers!

    • Rizzan

      lol, look at who joined you.

  • Guest

    Yo Al and the Colorblind Clowns: We See Through You! Racist is Communist Agitprop. It is a Shaming Word designed to ensure US the Majority accept being Pillaged and Raped by the thugs AND Wall Street Suits ( the guys paying for Als Agitation) of the World! Both of them feeding off us like Maggots! Racist means: Stands up for YT first and does not care about the ‘world’. Racist simply means: Cares about your OWN and think about your own group interests above Multicult BS nonsense. So Al screw you Commie!

  • Robert Brumley

    I could care less what those stupid’s think. I’ll say whatever the hell I want to say. and screw you Al Sharpton. Just because your dumb ass thinks a word is racist doesn’t mean it is. Absolutely nonsense. If blacks want to end the N word they need to start with themselves. They say the N word more than anybody.

  • Curtius Simplus
  • Guest
  • Curtius Simplus United We can Stop these Race Hustlers and Have Our Nation Back from these Barbarians!

  • Don Erickson

    Go f@*& yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SausageAway

    Reps will believe ANYTHING.

  • Curtius Simplus

    Reject the Communist Concept of ‘racism’ as it is PURE mental Poison. What they call ‘hate’ is only care for ones OWN above others outside one’s natural circle of concern! Reject the Shaming Words and unite around your Families, People, Homeland, Laws, Way of Life, and Culture! Reject the ‘Rainbow’ Phoney 2.0 ‘America’ and Unit to keep our Unique Identity and Our Majority as is Our Right so that Our Children and NOT the ‘worlds’ Children shall have the Continent Our Ancestors conquered and built up into a First World Nation!

    The GOP traitors that sell out the ‘Nation’ IE US Majority YT folks you are the Scallywags of History! ‘Hint’, racism, klansmen and other insults are NOT going to Force us Majority Americans to give up our Lands. We are Shall keep our land. We shall be pushed back to the wall and then we will UNITE … Silly Liberals and Commies! And remember folks: Racism is a concept INVENTED by communist as a weapon against the Western Culture IE against YOU the Majority Person!

  • akansan

    Bahahahaha! I am a Christian and I truly love all people; black, brown, white, or anywhere inbetween. That being said, this list is ridiculous. Anyone, everyone, has the right to express their feelings when someone uses a certain word or phrase but NO ONE in the U.S.A. Has the right to define the meaning of words for the rest of the country. Al Sharpton, you should be in jail for tax evasion. Oops, you are a crony of President Obama’s so the same rules must not apply – RACISM!

    • The Choice Is Clear

      That jigaboo needs to be put in a cage and sent seaworthy back to his natural habitat in the congo.

      • akansan

        Now you, I find to be racist. Can you not see the difference? Please stop. You are as much a part of the problem as Al Sharpton and Oprah.

        • Rizzan

          Careful, they will stick pointy hat on you if you let them. I loved your post btw.

          • akansan

            Thank you.

        • The Choice Is Clear

          Is it “racist” to address the problem? I’m not getting paid 6 figures to burn down other people’s businesses, nor 50 million dollars to run a liberal TV show that preys upon white moms and liberals for funding. How could I be a part of the problem that they are? Simple. I can’t be. But thank you for the compliment of being racist. Coming from the majority of those who support violent thugs and black crime, I consider being called a racist a title of honor. 🙂 So thank you!!!

          • akansan

            If great minds talk about ideas and average minds talk about people what kind of mind do you suppose calls people names? Do you think it helps make your argument? Do you think it helps our country?

  • We need law and order to cut taxes and reassert states rights to reduce food stamps being given to inner city urban thugs.

    • Rizzan


  • Mark Jaworowski

    If anyone ever pulls that, simply tell them to Foxtrot Oscar.

  • josh

    next on the list is fried chicken, watermelon and grape soda…..

    • The Choice Is Clear

      dats delicious!…er, “racist”!

  • Tex

    Effing liberals and their knee-grow catering. PHUCK EM’ ALL.

  • david einsiedel , 53211

    i have one that they will not like well’s and there well lovers are poisoning this country , Al where is the 4.5 million you I O U the I R S , tax evader

  • Tony Hunt

    Them niggas are crazy…..

    • The Choice Is Clear

      kneegars always arrr.

  • Lawrence P. Goodwin

    This is of course from “academia” and is aimed not at private citizens, but the media, who will swallow it whole.

  • PeteyGLaFlare

    That “state’s right” one is flat out hilarious, I know they are serious but it sounds like satire. I bet they really believe it too, so single minded they can only see these issues from a single perspective and then generalize the entire issue(come to think of it, that sounds like the thought process of a racist, how ironic).

  • Matthew Arthurs


  • The Choice Is Clear

    We need to start calling them THIGGERS instead of “thugs” so that they can bury their little “n” word.

  • Randy Raschein

    sharpton needs a icepick in his ear !!

  • docwilly

    thud is well earned by the blacks. The rest is crap

    • Rizzan


  • Charlotte Lucier

    Omg so stupid! That’s the best they can do? Idiocracy at its finest!

  • ender098

    I ran into this same discussion talking with a bunch of college kid liberals. I said something to the effect “Live like a thug, die like a thug”, and they were like “Thug?, Do I detect a little racism there?” Funny, kids that age can wear “Thug Life” on their shirt, sing it in their lyrics and use it in their day-to-day conversations, but a conservative say it, and we’re “Racist”?? Really? Well, maybe these liberal geniuses should realize that “Thug” came from a band of Indian Criminals called “Thugees” Wonder if any of them are educated enough to know that? So am I racist against Blacks, or racist against Indians? So now we have language that one race can use,buy another can’t? Tell me how we are supposed to achieve “Equality”? Liberals want equality, but want everyone to have special privileges….that is the contradiction of liberal thought!

    • Rizzan

      I hate that you’re right.

  • Peter L Marzullo

    By these new liberal standards this whole article is racist. You should be ashamed of yourselves you nasty right wing,tea bagging,bigots! (excuse me as I wipe the excess sarcasm off my keyboard)

  • Patriots”Honor”

    Soon before you know it, the preamble “We The People” will be the new racist words to come out, because according to Sharpton and others alike, anything outside the black man is racist and anything that is unifying will be vilified as racism.
    I bet Obama and his cohorts will come together to do just that.

  • Daniel Baker

    Prove these words mean what you say, or STFU.

  • Fen

    You know what’s really racist? That there is a race out there that doesn’t have to live up to the same standards of conduct expected from every other race, and is allowed to get away with having sub par life skills while everyone else is held to a higher bar. Interestingly, this is the same race that doesn’t want to be called out on the number of thugs, gangsters, and criminals infesting its ranks.

  • Chitcago

    This is getting a bit ridiculous. I have friends of all different races and we all get along. So when is Al going to pay his back taxes or is he exempt?

  • Al


  • Vanessa Bailey Mcconnell

    I think I will use everyone of them till I am blue in the face. Because if we stop using them what is the point of school anymore.

  • Rob

    You go Al, the Ferguson business has winded down. Time to drum up some more business for Al INC. The Rolls Royce needs new tires!

  • Bill

    Someone said that the inner city thugs were going to protest the welfare and food stamps system because it was the state’s right to regulate these to create real law and order…..and I didn’t say Ni&^%$ word one time…..although I wanted to….

  • Eric

    Mother phucker, cokk sucker, cuunt, cokk, shcitt, F-CK, and P_ssy…

  • Art69z

    I really don’t give a sh$t anymore. People can name call me anything they want. I will speak what’s on my mind. If the words thug, food stamps, inner city, law and order, or whatever….comes out of my mouth, then so be it.

  • Philip Papineau

    You know, if you cry “wolf” often enough, you will lose your credibility.

  • Kypat

    This is all totally ridiculous and I , for one, will use whatever term or word that I choose to use. I think freedom of speech is still the law of the land.

  • Meggan King

    If there weren’t so many “inner city” “thugs” living off of “welfare and food stamps” dropping out of school and never working. We might have better “states rights” which would lead to “law and order” and then possibly seeing some good “tax cuts”.

  • Fred

    I don’t need 6 new words,I am very happy with using the “N” word It fits al sharpton to a “T”…and when it comes to racist bigot,once again al sharpton,add jesse jackazz,pres obama and his wife moochelle…

  • bt1

    They are America’s Taliban trying to shut down speech and ideas they find threatening

  • Leory

    I got an idea, quit robbing, mugging and thug won’t be talking about blacks when they say thug. Get off your ass and go to work and move out of government housing and you don’t have to live in urban or inner city. All of theses words can be disassociated with black people. All they have to do is the right thing, then these words will be tied to the white people that’s too damn sorry to do the right thing.

  • jimnbubba

    Good one , just about sums up the inner city thug,law and order mentality

  • Thad79

    Claiming that one viewpoint on a black-owned website is reflective of all liberals is pretty stupid…but then, that sort of narrow-mindedness is typical of conservatives.

    It’s also incorrect for adulterer and wife-dumper Gingrich to call Obama “the food stamp president.” The number of welfare recipients increased 36% when the second Bush was in office.

    It’s a fact that states that have enacted laws restricting women’s access to birth control and abortion in recent years have seen the highest increases in welfare recipients. Those laws were imposed by conservatives, not President Obama.

    In some states, people can get more in welfare benefits than from working a minimum-wage job. Increasing the minimum wage would encourage more people on welfare to get jobs, but conservatives are opposed to that idea.

    There are millions of working people who also receive welfare benefits because their hours have been cut. This is the case with many Walmart and McDonald’s employees. A Forbes article last year noted that Walmart workers alone cost American taxpayers $6.2 billion in welfare benefits. Walmart’s refusal to raise its workers’ wages and increase benefits is the reason for the problem, not President Obama. Meanwhile, the greedy Walton family continues to get wealthier at taxpayers’ expense.

  • Anti_Femastasis
  • xprocowboy

    If it acts like a duck, walks like a duck
    , and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck, don’t care if you call it a chicken, it’s still a duck

  • MackIAm

    You guys are idiots. Simply put…, what ever happened to empathy or human understanding??? Cold world we live in today. Blind or naive to the truth.

    • F’N-AW

      Been knocked out lately?

  • Monika Bove

    I’ll have to memorize that list and use it as often as I can weave it into a conversation. Go ahead, see if I care if you call me “racist”.

  • RAW1292

    They forgot one, Al Sharpton.
    Now that a truly raciest word against anyone who is not black or Latino.

  • mrb

    Why not just make it easy–Throw out the Speaking.

  • RHaav

    I am so tired of these race hustlers blaming their problems on white Americans. Slavery has been over for 200 years, get over it. I have never heard a Japanese American blaming their problems on Franklin Roosevelt and the Democrats for interning over 120,000 of them in 1942. After they were released they went back to work and for the most part are among the most productive members of the American society. Pull your damn pants up and quit complaining and asking for handouts. All hard working blacks need to stand up against this BS as it is starting to paint the entire black population with the same brush.

  • PygmyJerboa

    Sorry. They get the N word and that’s it.

  • loren

    Is it me or do the Liberal Bullies not only sound Mentally Ill but fixated with racism?

  • F’N-AW

    How can those be N words? Not a one them begins with an N. Must be the Common Corpse-men English being force fed to the Thugs in the Inner City because State’s Rights is much harder to deal with than Welfare and Food Stamps. If the Law & Order crowd can succeed in Cutting Taxes we might have a chance.

  • Shannon Adams

    If those 6 words are “racist” …How do people bake with “brown sugar”? Omg that word just makes me so mad! The cookie companies should ban all “brown sugar” recipes. The cookies are “racist”… The so called “N” Word is in the dictionary and it states Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a contemptuous termused to refer to a person of ANY racial or ethnic origin regarded ascontemptible, inferior, IGNORANT, etc.,… ~… Yes the word is real, but that doesn’t mean it is to any certain race, its for ignorant people.. If your offended by it thats your problem, but dont “Pull the race Card”. You hear it on T.V all the time, along with other words, like “Dawg” omg is that racist to? Stop playing the race card, its getting old.

  • mtin

    The Words “Al” and “Sharpton” when used together is racist!

  • George Murrey

    Last night was not exactly a night to eavesdrop. But on my way into a local grocery store, I heard two women of color speak like “sailor” who just got off the ship. Here’s the bad news, they were older than the hills. Ever wonder how the young blacks, and other ethnic groups talk, don’t look any further than their parents. They can be the problem and will never be the solution.

  • mtin

    This is what happens when they gave in and made the “N” word racist to use. Now they made a list of other words that they want added to that first word made illegal to say. Instead of having that first word made illegal, how about having no word be illegal.

  • guamjeff

    I guess we need law and order to control the thugs in the urban centers and inner cities. We need to stand up for our States Rights to cut taxes so we aren’t supporting the welfare and food stamp queens and thugs that shake us down for our hard earned money.

  • Bill Johnson

    NAACP is the new ‘N’ word, because it’s racist.

  • gbp91

    wow? clearly no leadership here….

  • Tim Baker

    Wallace was a democrat

  • sward14

    My new word is “Hoogan” my brother in law used that so now I will.

  • Larenzo1

    Not racist just fed up with every time a black person is caught breaking the law or not getting a hand out they yell racist. It has lost it’s sting. I am an American I do not belong to a White Caucus Or a National advancement of White People!!! Let advance all people all Americans in this nation

  • Larenzo1

    Also those that come here legally and truly want to be Americans.

  • Marianne Ritchie

    The last two generations have: 1. obliterated the English language. 2. Racial comments are for “whites” only? 3. Yet, they call each other “N”. 4. I don’t know all the “white” racial comments made: “cracker, 8 mile, Abe Lincoln, AFR-Saxon, Bacon Bits, Beecher, Betty Crocker, Boogie Man.” The list is endless, yet we don’t “riot, sue, call NAACP, Al Sharpton (he wouldn’t come anyways). Wonder “WHY” you can’t get a job: 1. the way you dress (I really don’t know how you can run fast enough with your pants around your knees and your butt crack showing and no “ITS” not that “LONG or that BIG”). 2. gang tattoos are distasteful and ugly. 3. Either see a speech therapist or linquist to help you get rid of that urban slang. (Some people just cannot enunciate properly. All you hear is: blah, blah,blah! Did you ever see that “stupid” look people have when you speak to them? Well, they didn’t understand a word that came out of your mouth. No business that is worth $$$ will hire anyone unless they are smartly dressed, polite and can communicate properly.

  • bertasis


  • avengeflipper

    LOL I learned terms like urban / suburban in middle school geography class. These things just make them look stupid.

    I call a thug like I see them. Skin color doesn’t make the thug.

    No “word” should be against the law, nor is it on it’s own racist. It is racist to say black men can use the “n” word, but white men cannot. . In fact, racism shouldn’t be a against the law. Discrimination should be. Yea, it’s pretty dumb to be racist, but it isn’t the government’s job to be the thought police.

  • Arthur M.

    We all just have to pay this kind of nonsense no mind. Don’t let these race-baiters succeed in creating more chaos.

  • Gary Knapp

    These terms aren’t racist. The assertion that they are racist words is a blatant bullying and deceptive cover-up of the anti-social behavior of a group of people. If someone associates these words with black people only it is because the terms were associated with unacceptable behavior. For 50 years we’ve listened to blacks try to restrict the general public from hearing about the atrocious crimes being committed by blacks in the news. How about stop behaving like criminals. That would go a long way toward ending the stereotype images. Declaring common language racist is ridiculous.

  • yossarion

    Don’t forget that certain members of congress would love for us to use the word “immigrant” instead of illegal alien. Most mainstream media has followed the order from the white house.

  • Matthew Jimmy

    Shouldn’t he include the words: monkey, ape, income taxes, tax avoidance, work, job too?

  • Chris

    I love the picture of the IDIOT holding the “Bury the N word” sign when its blacks that keep the word so alive when they call each other that!! but wait, that is ok!! If its such a bad term, why do you call each other that!! there is another word for that “IGNORANCE” well “STUPID” to those of you who call each other that because you are too STUPID to understand what “IGNORANCE” means!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    By the way, scum bags little sissy racists like Allie Un-Sharpton will keep that hatred going as long as he can because that’s where he makes his money!! Another “Reverend” who spews hate to make money,,, yeah, God’s got a place for you, you little Sissy Bitch,,, it’s called HELL!!

  • democRATsBlow

    Who cares what the retarded mongrels think.

  • democRATsBlow

    No Peace, No Welfare
    No Peace, No Food Stamps
    No Peace, No Housing Vouchers
    No Peace, No Free Healthcare
    No Peace, No Free Phones

  • democRATsBlow

    during all the rioting and stealing in Ferguson not one pair of work books or work gloves was stolen.

  • thewizardofaz

    Typical commie rewrite of language. When the bolsheviks took over in Russia, that’s one of the things they did. Words’ meanings changed almost overnight to suit the purpose of the government propaganda machine. Another commie tactic used by our fearless leader.

  • Molon Labe 52

    TO ALL BLACK PEOLE WHO FEEL PLAGUED BY RACISM, THIS IS NOT A RACIST RANT, IT’S A COMMON SENSE RANT – I live in a land whee free speech is protected, so here’s my opinion of you and your “N” word. The way to stop using the “N” word from offending you is to stop using the “N” word. If a black rapper can use the “N” word without offending blacks, but a white person using the same word 36 years ago has their career ruined and looses their TV show – then that is the very definition of “RACISM” which is what you apparently want to eliminate. If the “N” word is banned, it’s banned for all races and ethnic people…..

    But banning the “N” word would devistate the black community and drive up the unemployment in that sector tremendously. If the “N” word was banned, 85% of all so called “RAP” musicians would be unemployed overnight because the rap that I’ve heard is mostly “Fu*k! Fu*k! Fu*k! “N-ga! N-ga! N-ga! N-ga! N-ga!” promoting the “THUG” mentality. If you eliminate the so-called music from promoting the THUG way of life and glamorizing it, then kids won’t try to emulate it.

    I’m older than dirt and I grew up in the ’60’s and ’70’s. Black entertainers taught us to love and we wanted to be The Temptations and were in love with The Supremes and The Shirelles. Some of my greatest loves were because of these groups and even though that was the center of the Civil Rights Movement, we didn’t see Black entertainers, we saw people who knew how to love and taught us how. I wanted to be those people and I wanted to love and be loved like that…..

    The saying goes, “That if you don’t use it, you loose it!” So quit using the “N” word and it will get lost – like the phrase “Right-On!” was lost. Quit being “Thugs” and the word thug will go away – like “Pet Rocks” did. Fix up your neighborhoods and there will be no definitive line to designate “Inner City”. And finally, tell your kids that “YOU CARE” about them and their lives and their success. Failing your kids creates “THUGS” – if the only attention you give your child is to show up at the scene of the crime to identify the body, then you fail your children, your heritage and your community.

    In his famous speech, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said that we should “…judge people by their character and not the color of their skin.” Quit using “color” as an excuse for your problems and cultivate “CHARACTER”. If you quit excusing bad parenting because of so called “RACISM”, and start building CHARACTER and demanding standards, then in 10 years from now, all of these words will be gone – and you will have made Dr. Martin Luther King’s “Dream” come true.

  • Judy Kirkham-Beville

    I’ll be sure to use these terms just because no racist pig is going to dictate their evil bs to me.

  • JPA

    Liberalism is an infectious disease. All those infected should be rounded up and quarantined until a effective cure can be found.

  • Tim

    Sooooo it’s Ok to call a “Spade a Spade” but just don’t call them niggers, thugs,or refer to them with these terms: Urban/Inner City, State’s Rights, Welfare and Food Stamps, Law and Order, Cut Taxes….Kinda funny cause the majority of people in Tuolumne Co. are white on welfare, law breakers, and thugs and drawing food stamps… And isn’t everybody looking for a tax cut?..

  • Guest

    I will say whatever I want, whenever I want. I will make no apologies. Last I knew, there was this thing called freedom of speech. And if I say something that offends someone, they can kiss my lily white ass. Yes – I said WHITE.

  • Frank Worley

    OMG this is so funny. False racism is as bad as false rape allegations. It punishes real victims and makes criminals out of the innocent. It also perpetuates the division of races and sexes which is what all of the ‘rights’ groups seem to be about. End of rant.

  • Infidel

    Sounds like Totalitarian propaganda talking points given to him from the White House!

    Death to tyranny!

  • Mick

    Al, and anyone else that gets on this band wagon, I say to you, “Get the Hell over it’…

  • megookin

    Political Correctness is nothing more than a back door attempt at censorship and coercing people who think differently to back down. That’s all the time I will waste on this BS.

    • Gary R

      Well said.

  • JCDArizona

    If it looks like a thug and talks like a thug, odds are it is indeed a thug.

  • shh

    I can see it now. . .
    Person 1: what show are you watching?
    Person 2: Law and Order speci. .
    Person 1: Racist!!

  • Frisco1522

    Who gives a sh*t? I’m not kowtowing to these morons and neither should anyone else. Jam it right back down their throats.

  • maybritton

    Theres nothing about those that states its racist–if that is then BLACK HISTORY MONTH –MLK DAY –and a lot of other words are racist to –get a job and support your family day guess its racist to

  • Rick

    I am glad to have new words to say to piss of the niggers, Monkey Thug is what they are anyway.

  • Spaceman_Spiff

    As black people tend to be more criminal than whites (just statistics, not implying anything), it will soon be illegal to say criminal, unlawful, against the law and so on… You be happy, though… political correctness is not as intense in US as it is here in Europe.

  • crazybitch

    You can say anything and someone will pull the race card..It gets old.

  • Richard M

    Now the liberals have given me 6 terms I can use instead of Nigger….as in ‘Al Sharpton is an anti-Law & Order, anti-States Rights, Inner City occupant instigating, race baiting Thug’. I would love to the the a$$head hacking a cross-ways chicken bone in his throat. I would be cheering him on until he was dead.

  • Gary

    Al has nothing better to do but keep his racist anticks at all time high.

  • tired of it all

    words like cracker and hillbillie are alright but law and order is racist? the lunatics are running the asylum.

  • Drphloxx

    How insane

  • Madelym Shockey

    This is so ridiculous! No matter what anyone says…a race baitor will always turn it around to racism! Ridiculous!

  • Peace Love Bunny

    Personally, I am delighted! These will spice up my offensive speech nicely. I’m getting sick of using the same old racial slurs.

  • William Brant

    But yet the next generation including my own kids actually use the N word just spelled different but spoken and written in most social websites including the ever popular Facebook…Not only white people are using it but a vast majority of black kids are using it in everyday language…So how the hell is the words thug, urban, inner-Cit and any of the others mentioned in this article be considered racist….Please tell me the whole point because I really do not understand the concept….

  • mcd1948

    Thug, thug, thug. Urban, urban, urban. lol.

  • canucksam

    You know, if I were a Democrat I’d be ashamed to admit it. That party has totally lost it to insanity. They just keep thinking up moronic ways to keep their race baiting alive and look just plain stupid doing it.

  • Anna Pacheco

    The words that are being called Racist against black people are the words used for any race in America. Sharpton is a racist against whites and a paid race baiter. He is also a tax cheat who has gotten away with it so far. I am sick of this evilness of playing people against people. Ferguson is a good example of that. What makes me really disgusted is that Sharpton has the gall to put REV in front of his name. There is good and bad in all people but Al Sharpton wants racial turmoil in this Country because that is how he makes a living. Wake up to the truth people. The black people of in Chicago know that Obama didn’t keep the pomises of jobs and security for them. It has all been just words. When has Al Sharpton ever came to your towns to talk about Jobs. Matter of fact when has Obama came to your towns and talked about jobs other that when he is campaigning? Millions are going Hungry here in America while Obama sends billions of dollars to Iran (peace cannot be bought) and other enemies of America. America needs to reach across color lines and unite. Job permits are being given to all the illegals that Obama has welcomed here and that takes money out of your pockets and food off your table. Time to put color lines aside and see who is benefiting from the policies out of DC. The illegals are profiting and we are footing the bill. The enemy is not black or white. The enemy is those who would pit us agaist each other. God bless America.

  • Cat2727

    I don’t allow the opposition to control the language.

  • Maranatha2011

    I’ll be sure to double down on their usage. What other truths will they find objectionable? If the shoe fits…

  • Donald A. Hesselein

    NAACP is an N words !!!

  • Karen Griffee

    They ran out of REAL racial slurs and had to reach WAY out to find these things to be ‘offended’ by

  • passn8ldy

    The racist are the ones who are race baiting and trying to make everyone so afraid of offending another race that the chances of having any sort of comfortable relationship between the colors is made impossible. I, for one, am sick and tired of being afraid to say ANYTHING for fear it will be taken wrong. The reason there is division among the races is NOT the individuals who work together (without a problem), go to churches together (without a problem), eat in the same restaurants (without a problem), sleep in the same hotels/motels (without a problem), go to schools together (without a problem), live side by side (without a problem) – it all about those who DON’T want to do all this together – they just want to keep the differences that the rest of us choose to ignore in the forefront because if they don’t do this – they don’t feel SPECIAL. Well guess what – most of us ARE special because we do get along and we do love each other and we don’t try to demean the other. So – get over yourself and let’s start living together in peace and harmony (I feel a song coming on) …. isn’t that what we all really want?

  • Frank Loftice

    Yeah okay, don’t hold your breath till that happens

  • Hamcop

    They forgot the “N” word LIBTARD DUMBASS too.

  • Pat_riot_1

    I have never heard such unmitigated baloney! Next thing you know, hello will be code for knee grows. They are really desperate if the are stretching their imagination this far.

  • Carlos Nieto

    Food stamp use went up becuade of the economic collapse for the GOP agendas championed by Bush, the worst president ever.

  • Carlos Nieto

    As for tax cuts and law and order I just don’t see the racist connection.

  • toothii

    Won’t NBC, Sharpton’s employer and the most liberal and biased company, be surprised to know that one of their longest running shows, Law and Order and its derivatives are racist?

  • Sharon Oatman

    Oh please….I will continue to say whatever I please!

  • Les Blane

    HEY!! Black guys use the N-word all the time with each other. But ‘white’ people (more like pink people) can’t use the N-word. That’s black racism against pink people…

  • Every American should have political incorrectness insurance. One slip of the tongue and you could be damaged for life. So get your PIC insurance today!

  • dudley76

    Wake up in the morning = racist.

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    none of these are racist terms because racism is ONLY about skin tone.

  • momapatrn

    Well don’t call me Honky then. Can’t we all just get along?

  • Guest

    How come porch monkey ain’t on the list??

  • toobored54

    Man if this P.C. stuff keeps up, I’m gonna hafta bring my lawn jockey inside.

  • Patrick Parrish

    Well, if the State’s rights were expanded to deal more forcefully with the inner city thugs perhaps all of the “baby mammas,” with eight kids by eight different fathers, would use less welfare and food stamps, law and order would return and perhaps we would get some badly needed tax cuts. There, I think I got them all in one coherent sentence. In other words, these sub-human creatures need to be eradicated!

  • William Stearns

    Unfortunately Racism is Alive and well in America. What most don’t recognize is that the most racist people are the ones screaming Racism. None of the above mentioned terms are code for racism except in the minds of the racists who have claimed them racist terms. If the world could just listen to themselves instead of talking they could see their own stupidity for what it is. Skin color doesn’t make a thug, or a good stamp recipient, It has nothing to do with Law and Order, or lowering taxes, or States Rights.

  • Pablo U Hunni

    If they want to bury the “n” word maybe they should stop using it, in their music in their conversations etc. I’m sick of this racism.

  • diver_girl_64

    they are losing on the rhetoric so are co-opting location/entitlement generalities to be racist despite the truth. I would hope the other races swept into this wholesale sellout will object

  • Scott McIntosh

    Well then I think we should CUT TAXES, establish LAW AND ORDER in the URBAN AREAS by locking up all of the THUGS and each State should establish laws via STATES RIGHTS to drug test FOOD STAMP and WELFARE recipients. I hope that was offensive enough if not then F U THUGS!

  • Jill Kennard

    Oh, they have to be freking kidding me…I call 2 of my nephews thugs..both are white for the record, this just in welfare and food stamps are not a black thing it’s a being poor thing..My son’s papa lives in the inner city…I love the “Law and Order”,SVU…and every person in America needs a tax cut….What freaking insanity is this crap

  • Breckmin

    As usual…. political correctness is a form of immaturity. You have to walk on eggshells in the name of cultural sensitivity when in reality it is a failure to teach those who are unnecessarily somehow “offended” that they really need to mature and not be afraid of observable differences. There is one race, the “human race.” Everyone is the same as in “everyone is created in God’s conscious Image.”

    • Breckmin

      Mature people are NOT afraid to talk about observable differences. They also do not need to continuously rename themselves. Black is a more modern term than colored or negro. You could be just as proud to be colored or negro 50 years ago as you are to be “black” today. I know plenty of black people who make the point that they were never in Africa and therefore a Dutch white person from South Africa who comes to the U.S. is far more of an African American than they are. They just call themselves an “American” who happens to be black or a “black American.” It’s fully ok to call people what they want to be called…. the problem is when political correctness makes it out like you are wrong to use different terminology for the same concept in identifying people. That is walking on eggshells in the name of cultural sensitivity rather than teaching people to be proud of who they are and the multiple descriptions that could be used…. which is part of maturing into a secure human being.

  • Usunder

    The writer had to be pretty racist to come up with these words for each and every word comes from all walks of life it has nothing to do with color.
    Any word in the American dictionary can be considered racist depending on the term you use it again.
    For instance: Al Sharpton, Oprah Winfrey, Obama, Eric Holder. I could go on and on and on but I got to go to work. Working people don’t have time for crap like this.

  • Harry Brookes

    How do you bury the N word when its in every rap song played?

  • Karma

    The inability to judge people by anything other than race, gender or other external characteristics is the sign of a very small, underdeveloped mind. It’s what children do. And liberals.

  • Mumblepeg

    Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary “Thug: a brutal ruffian or assassin: GANGSTER, KILLER. Nothing about race or color, all about action. I say “if the shoe fits, WEAR it.”

  • Roger.G

    What about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

  • Lineman48

    Well we are getting a racist lesson from a tax cheat!

  • Carl Tim

    Anyone seen my pot???

  • Almost Senior Citizen

    Gee, I grew up a few miles southwest of Chicago’s old Union Stockyards. No lakeshore nearby, several miles away from the suburbs. If that isn’t “inner city” than what is? Does that make me a racist?

  • MBW

    People use the word racist when people are not talking about race. There are only a few races.SOMe blacks are more racist than whites. Cracker Honky and a few others. Don’t you dare say whitey either? That was my Husbands nickname! so there!

  • Concerned Citizen

    I guess we say the hey yous, because we can’t say anything else without being racist.


    I’ve adapted language to suit the minorities all my life. POLITICALLY CORRECT they call it. I AM DONE DOING THAT.

  • TJ

    Once again we see that the left will call anything racist.

  • kat747

    Let’s eliminate the complete “standard” so not to have a “double standard”.
    “Thug” goes away along with white cracker, honky and wmf.
    “Urban/inner city” goes away along with “where the white, rich people live” and “suburbs”.
    “State’s rights” ? Sorry, that one stays. States do have rights and the States will keep them. Deal with it.
    “Welfare” can go away in its entirely ! Get rid of the entire program and get a job.
    “Law and Order”? Another difficult one. You will have to find another country that does not have any law and order. We, unfortunately, have to keep it and we want to keep it.
    “Cut taxes” can go away tomorrow. Let’s not have ANY taxes, then we will not have to talk about
    cutting taxes.
    It is all about how you want to interpret what is said. But there are the “answers”.

  • Margaret Rudolf

    So call me a racist if you want to. I know I am not a racist, and what you think of me does not matter as I don’t think much of a lot of people. If I love someone I truly care what they think. Anyone else – I just don’t care if their feelings are hurt by some imaginary wrong.

  • westside_resident

    When I enjoy horses galloping around a track I am a racist.

  • Golfer1113

    What is really racist is those who have nothing better to do than to try to tear our nation apart by saying everything is racist. Especially those who are doing it just to line their wallets. The majority of the people in this country need to tell these racist to shut up.

  • RonaldElrod

    The African-American community will constantly come up with new words and terms that are racially charged. They are constantly claiming that white people are always racially biased. I say BULL!!!

  • nhbuckeye

    Anything that progressives don’t like = racist.

  • Dave Andre

    Here’s my take on tax cuts. I work hard for my money. So do most of the readers here. If the US would end foreign aid they could use that money to help underprivilaged, minorities etc and still cut taxes for working people. Minorities are citizens and deserve some help. All the money spent on foreign aid doesn’t help me in the least.

  • WatrGrrl

    Hey Al! Is it true Tawana was BRIBED? What was it, a little NOSE CANDY that you got busted over in Harlem in the 80’s and had to turn into a snitch? Was that the stash that was used? Oh, BTW – nobody CARES what you think is a racist word cuz YOU are a racial arsonist! Oh, and you and your ghetto bunnies use the dreaded “N-word” on each other and in your music and in the movies ALL the time and guess what? Double standards just don’t work. So if you hate that “N-word” stop acting like one. You hate it so much in this country? Go to Africa, you ape! Live near the Tootsies and try your schitt with them! LOL!

  • MadPunter1963

    Pretty soon, the words, “the,” “and,” “it,” and “but,” will be called racist. It behooves these idiots (is that racist?) to focus on cosmetic problems so that they can stay (marginally) relevant. If they truly eliminated racism, then they’d be out of a job. By keeping the focus on nonsense rather than on legitimate issues, no real progress can be made.

  • Brenda Gail DeBerry

    Al makes me wanna vomit

  • Gayle Erickson Fasching

    I don’t care what the race baiters say. When I hear the name Al Sharpton I think “racist”. Maybe they should ban his name too. Hey maybe just ban him period.

  • Helen Czupkowski

    I am so tired of all of these accusations of “racism”. Frankly, I feel that the people who make these accusations are the true racists. The people I hear using the “n” word are almost always black! People need to stop using so called racism as an excuse!

  • carl arasi

    The American Negro is never happy!

  • myname

    Anyone trying to sanitize or control speech is out of their mind. People need to express themselves honestly. How else will we know where they stand?

    I think it is OK to tell people what some words mean to other people and have a conversation about it, but “banning” words is ridiculous and disingenuous.

  • howiej

    Isn’t writing “the ‘n’ word” using incorrect English? Shouldn’t the phrase be, “using the ‘N’ word”? Doesn’t the “n” word refer to a pronoun?

  • truthbroker

    Thug, Urban/Inner City, State’s Rights, Welfare/Food Stamps, Law and Order, Cut Taxes. All mean ni$$er. Gee; when you stop and think about it . . . Add Al Sharpton. Barack O,bummer. Eric Holder. Michael Brown’s parents.

    I’m building an AR-15, and would love to show it to you. Catch me if you can.

    I’m so sick of all this $hit I can’t stand it. Are we one country or are we two? Let’s decide, and either get it on or get together. One or the other. Let’s go, America.

  • Republicans Are-idiots

    Every republican is racist, homophobic, greedy intolerant and dangerous because of it

    • Truthsayer

      Huh? I am not sure you have actually met any Republicans

  • Elizabeth Moreci

    BREAKING NEWS…” Inner city”residents of any town, USA were going
    to hold a concert to benefit “Law and Order” in their community which is well
    within their “States Rights.” But due to a group of “thugs” which consisted of
    4 African Americans, 4 Caucasians, and 2 Hispanics armed with guns, which broke
    into the “Welfare and Food Stamp” office the concert is being cancelled. The group of “thugs” were said to be protesting the City’s
    plan to “Cut Taxes” that benefit prison inmates.

  • D’Rhonda Leigh Wallace

    They left out voter ID

  • yeah i said it


  • Apartheid World

    Every time a talk about a White person I say white that white man, the white lady,that white gentleman etc. etc. I do not give the other people that extra title or description as it will be found offensive to them. But now I’m told I’m racist for calling my white friends white friends.

  • Truthsayer

    The whole world is racist. If anyone ever read history you would know that people have been at each others throats over trivial things for millennia. Lots of this violence was between different ethnic groups. Some of it is brother on brother. All of it has brought us here and it is not over.

  • Peter L Marzullo

    What about “white cracker M*ther***ker”? Shouldn’t that be considered racist as well?

  • Deanna Wood Short

    I’m sick of whites always being in the wrong! Blacks can never be guilty of hate crimes, although that’s the case in most crimes!

  • Sm

    How About KISS MY ASS!!!!!!!!

  • Mark Wurz

    how about criminal, uneducated, and violent? there is some more code words

  • Harry_the_Horrible

    And why does anyone care what they think, er, “feel.”

  • disgusted57

    Al Sharpton, You are about the worst RACIST, THUG, RACE BAITER, TAX EVADING Jackass this ole gal has ever seen. I wish somebody would put you out of our misery. They need to throw your ass in jail.

  • Stoney Burt

    I still go with the N-word.

  • tom

    just a few more code words, jungle bunny, spook, porch monkey

  • RJD

    step right up – all you blacks who don’t like it here —-> this website allows you to find the cheapest flights to South Africa (from hundreds of airlines including South African Airways, Emirates, British Airways (BA)) without having to enter specific dates or even destinations, making it the best place to find cheap flights for your trip.

  • buz

    Seems to me “tax cut” are two words that apply mainly to billionaire corporatins

  • Davey Dunn

    Obama a quran pig its not racist its true

  • Gary29

    This is totally ridiculous. The most important one was not their All Sharpton as far as I am concerned he is the new n word.

  • Tim

    But you can still call a spade a spade….

  • schr8er

    EVERYTHING is racist to these fools… but CRACKER ( ala Travon Martin ) isnt ??? Come on fools… everything I say to you is racist because YOU are the racists… you dont like white people so anything we do or say is racist to you.

  • dick picker

    hell, they missed the obvious ones! affirmative action hire, hood rat, ghetto slut, plain brown rapper! there are literally thousands of more obvious racist terms then the ones being charged in this article.

  • Harriet

    Oh be quiet!!! Duh. Please begin using your brains for things that matter.

  • jc w

    i call’em like i see’em

  • Zackary Mcgee

    STOP USING THE WORD MADNESS we all know it is a racist term for whites

  • Keith Lacey

    I could really give a s**t what these racist AH’s think…. Just TIRED of all the BS…..

  • mkat33

    “Liberal” is the new R-word.

    • TheSpasticAvenger .

      Liberal is what they are NOT, Statists is what they are.

      • mkat33

        I know that and you know that, but . . . . . . . . . . .

  • TheSpasticAvenger .

    I will be constructing a logical sentence using every word.

    Urban/inner city Thug life with it’s Welfare and Food Stamp mentality, along with the breakdown of Law and Order, is the main reason that we need to reestablish State’s Rights and Cut Taxes.

  • nobodycan

    We need to plant more trees so the blacks can at least find sanctuary because at this rate of disgust towards this lazy race , all housing will be destroyed

  • Frank Loftice

    Holy crap, I didn’t think I was racist, just honest, but considering I use those words regularly I guess I am. So be it.

  • El Cid

    Sounds like a few words I need to be using more often. Anything Sharpton advises, has a dark cloud hanging over it.

  • Tony Filipeli

    You cannot bury a word when it is being used by the very people who are screaming that others should not use it. This is just more media hype in order to create conflict between people.

  • Mike Hunt

    Seriously? F*ck them!!!

  • des


  • des

    ship em all half way back to africa

  • Stoney Burt

    Hey NAACP, news flash, you don’t get to decide what words I can and can not use. You want a racist word? I’ll give you a racist word; “sharpton”. That’s one of the most racist words in America (right next to “obama”).


    I don’t pay attention to the NAACP and neither should anyone else .

    • Tejano___Chimbo

      ► Whoever you pay attention to, it’s rather novel

  • Elwood1

    Screw them

  • Mike Cazer

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  • nadinemccarthy

    H f’ing ridiculous can you get.

  • Fred Smith

    The confederate flag is all but gone, need to have something else to push the agenda forward

  • terfull

    Niggers are funny.

  • Carol Welch James

    The blacks and the NAACP sure does have the government by the strings. The boys in Washington are afraid they will offend and are afraid of the NAACP. We don’t have to be afraid of the muslims, we have home grown thugs right here……….

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    One of my dad’s friend in the 50s, who just Happened to be a black man, told me that just like with White people there is a BIG difference between White people and White Trash,,,And a Big Difference between Black Americans and Black Trash..Sharpton is Trash,,,and by any other color,,,he Smells the same.

  • Golfer1113

    I assume this list was made up by a racist. The biggest racist are those who just look for something, anything that they can MAKE racist. And by the way, if the N word offends you so much, then why do blacks use it ALL the time. If it is truly racist, NO ONE should use it PERIOD.

  • Connor J Mitkowski

    i dont think their is a middle finger big to tell these pansy’s to get bent

  • lo robison

    Saying “that’s racist” is racist

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    None of these are racist. never have, aren’t now, never will be.

  • fern

    im sayin what ever i want to! i dont care who it offends anymore

  • Bubba Bluffton

    I solved the problem of being called a racist by ignorant, clueless, plantation oriented members of society years ago. Whenever I am confronted with the insult of being a racist, I simply reply that the person is incorrect and respond by saying, “No, I am not a racist. I am a bigot. I hate everybody.” I then turn and walk away since I have no desire to explain my comment to anyone who does not have the intellectual capacity to understand what has been said.

  • Harriet

    Oh be quiet! Duh!

  • Bob

    Perhaps we have lowered our concepts too far accomidating liberals screw balls.

  • Stephen Semore

    One could make an argument for “Thug”, but not for the rest. “Thug” is what most black people want to be.

    Its all about the ascetics of “thug”. Of course then there’s the high probability that you will get killed by another thug or cop and or go to prison for some type of most likely violent crime; I.E. murder. That’s a very Black thing, murder and crime, so “Thug” could be racist on those grounds, but the rest aren’t.

  • Melissa Jasper

    It’s increadibly stupid. Anything to make themselves a victim.

  • peoplectr

    Lets see….Sharpton, Holder, Obama, Rice, Jackson, Moochelle……….these are 6 words that are racist to me

  • Mr. Patriot Conservative

    Patcnews May 27, 2015 Reports Sons of The American Confederate Army Civil War… via @YouTube

  • Matthew Trombley

    This comments section, like so many, makes me sad to be an American.

  • watcher

    When Newt Gingrich called Obama “the food stamp” president, he did have a hidden agenda retard…and “little actual racism in America these days” You must be a white guy…so scared of not being on top anymore…white people said racism didn’t exist back in 1940s…that shows who lacks insight. OP isn’t racist, just dumb as shit and apparently ignorant….

  • Guy

    Everyone knows blacks are more racist than whites but that don’t matter now does it

  • Unica

    Racism is real, you just have to exercise your lax 2nd amendment.


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