THAT’S RACIST! Liberals Are Saying These 6 Terms Are The “New N-Words”


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Race-hustlers are forever trying to convince Americans that racism is everywhere, despite all evidence to the contrary.

But now it has gone from the divisive to the ridiculous.

In a piece published in the Atlanta Blackstar, the so-called “Black BuzzFeed,” the article states that there are six words that no white person should ever use because they are “synonymous” with the “N” word.

The author had to do some pretty ridiculous stretching to turn these into “racist” terms — but we found out that they are not alone. Apparently this list comes right out of “Black Studies” and “Critical Race Theory” classes at “Ivy League” schools.

Let’s take a look:


 As Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman pointed out after receiving criticism about his post Super Bowl interview, “It seems like [thug] is the acceptable way of calling someone the n word nowadays. Substituting the word thug doesn’t disguise the negative association with Black people.”

Um, no. When most people talk about “thug,” it has nothing to do with skin color, but everything to do with those who break the law, White or Black.

Urban/Inner City

The Black community is often referred to as urban or inner city when people are uncomfortable talking about Black people or where they live.

No. Once again, this has nothing to do with skin color. “Inner City” is just a politically correct attempt (invented by liberals, by the way) to not say “ghetto” or “sh*tty area”. People of all races live in the crappy parts of major cities, often the newest immigrants, who try like hell to work their way out of them.

State’s Rights

During the Civil Rights Movement, politicians used racially coded appeals and words such as “state’s rights” to try and capitalize on the racial anxiety during that time.

This one is completely ridiculous. They are trying to make you think “George Wallace.” But the average Republican governor citing “states rights” is usually ranting about an overreaching EPA or the Feds shutting down oil drilling on behalf of some “endangered” water rat. It has absolutely nothing to do with racism.


Welfare and Food Stamps

When Newt Gingrich called Obama “the food stamp” president, everyone knew what word he really was using.

Nice try, race-baiters, but not even close. What Gingrich actually meant was that the total number of people on welfare and food stamps increased massively under Obama — both as a result of his lousy economic policies that hurt the middle class at the expense of illegal aliens; and by his gutting of the bipartisan welfare reform law that Clinton signed in the 1990s.

And how on Earth is this “racist” anyway, when the majority of people on food stamps are White?

Law and Order

During the Civil Rights Movement, the opposition said that “Law and Order” was needed to handle the racial tension and civil rights protests. In other words, we need to control the Blacks.

So police shouldn’t use force to stop violent criminals, rioters and looters? Without law and order, there is anarchy and chaos. Ask those mostly Black business owners in Ferguson what happens without law and order. You get 26 businesses burned to the ground.


Cut Taxes

Making the poor and people of color sound more threatening, cutting taxes has long been racial code for not using tax payer money to help Black and brown people.

This one is beyond stupid. How is keeping the government from taking someone’s hard earned money “racist”?

Cutting taxes provides greater wealth for all families in the country, making it easier to pay the bills. The whole idea that cutting taxes essentially shrinks the welfare state and that makes it racist is nonsense.

Does the author know what “synonym” even means? It certainly seems like some remedial English lessons are in order. OOPS — was I being racist?

The good news is that there is so little actual racism in America these days, that liberal nutjobs like these need to go to ridiculous lengths to invent it.

How little they have learned from the holiday that just passed. Liberal race-baiters are still focused on the color of one’s skin, instead of the content of one’s character. Pot meet kettle.


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