MUST SEE: Morgan Freeman Dismisses ‘White Privilege’ in Just 7 Words to a Shocked CNN Anchor



On Wednesday, CNN Host Don Lemon posed the question to Oscar winner Morgan Freeman: “Do you think race plays a part in wealth distribution or either a mindset that you can’t?”

Without hesitation, and to Lemon’s surprise, Freeman replied:

“Today? No. You and I…we’re proof.”


CNN has been obsessing over the  so-called “White Privilege” movement which asserts that Whites have an innate advantage — despite how poor an upbringing they might have had — over Blacks and Hispanics. As TRN has shown the folks behind WP are hard-core Marxists determined to bring down patriotism, capitalism and religion, by indoctrinating children as young as 4.

Freeman has an estimated net worth of roughly $150 million dollars. I’d call that a solid piece of evidence against the narrative that race necessarily holds people back from achieving the American Dream.

You can see the entire exchange between Lemon and Freeman on race here.

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