WATCH: Mexicans Laugh at Deportation: Tell Reporter They’ll Come Right Back In


Today’s TopClip demonstrates why even if Obama’s claim of “record deportations” was true (it’s not), it means absolutely nothing without a real border fence.

Fox News’s Griff Jenkins talks to Mexicans being deported from Laredo, TX to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. To a man, they just laugh and say they will come right back in. One even says he will go and get a bite to eat and then back across the border.


Americans know this is a farce after seeing rapists and murderers come back to the U.S. – some even after multiple deportations. These are MEANINGLESS until we seal the border with a wall, preferably an Israeli-style wall or fence, or at least extend the same double-layered fence that currently only covers 48 miles of our 1,951 border in the Yuma Sector, but where successful crossings dropped by nearly 80% after it was built.

As John McCain said in 2010 (before he betrayed his promise 2 years later): “Complete the dang fence!



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