WATCH: Marines Confront a Man Impersonating An Army Sergeant Major (Video)


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

At a military funeral this weekend in Florida, a couple of Marines confronted a man dressed in a U.S. Army dress uniform.

The back-and-forth, in West Palm Beach on Sunday, started off well enough, with polite questions about his medals and ribbons.  Then the Marines started to get very suspicious of the self-proclaimed “sergeant major.” They later posted the video on Facebook.


The two Marines catch him in one too many lies about everything from violating uniform code to wearing the wrong ribbons and medals. The man variously called himself a sergeant major, a military policeman, and a special forces operator.

He also claims to have won a Bronze Star with a “V” for valor for saving one of his men from “killing himself” – first on a military base, then changing the supposed locale to Iraq. That’s when things got heated:

You know that’s called false valor? It is a federal crime for you to be wearing that uniform,” one of the Marines asks the fraudster, to which he only unleashed a series of expletives and moved towards his car (which caught him in yet another lie since he said he was from North Carolina).

One hopes these Marines follow-up on this faker, who unbelievably had the gall to turn up at a funeral for a fallen hero. If you have any information that can help them, please email us at

  • uther9

    Isn’t this illegal? What exactly does he get from this?

    • Verne Leeper

      Stolen valor is a crime and its immoral.. I hope he gets his ass kicked for this.

      • Jon

        the law was overturned sadly. but good on these marines calling this guy out. it might be legal, its still not moral.

        • matwood17

          It’s illegal in Georgia to misrepresent yourself or your actual service record for any reason. If it had been there the police could have and would have thrown is sorry butt in jail and he’d be in a state prison for it.

          • Jon

            that is great news. it really should be against the law to impersonate. its not just a free speech issue, its taking credit for actions on behalf of the government. its actually taking on the role of an official of the government.

  • David Pendleton

    you have the license plate what else do you need? lol

  • Stolen Valor was overturned by the courts, unfortunately. What a dumb azz that fool is. He ought to be glad I wasn’t there.

    • Jerry Verdugo

      Overturned by the courts? I’ll bet that court had Justices that never served in the armed services! What a bunch of wimps!

    • Freedomrequiresresponsibility

      wikipedia says Junior Samples died in 1983……

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    • VividVick

      Why? He’s wearing what he wants as a free man in a free country should be able to. If you don’t agree then you should have never served. You are either on the side of freedom or oppression.

      • SpellChck

        You take your medication today Vick? I saw you running down the street naked again… You little rain man you…

        • Bill Wood

          Now that there was funny!!! In don’t care who you are!! Good job! 😀

      • You apparently have no moral values. Legal or not, impersonating one who risked life and limb, and possibly lost both, for the sake of making himself look impressive is an issue of immorality and lack of moral ethics. You are obviously one who either identifies with that perp’s race, or you are the same kind of worship-grabber as the cheap liar in uniform, and like the president who now fakes being an American! I am fed up with you people and your insatiable need for payback from your country when in fact the only thing you’ve ever done for country is simply exist as a burden to others. Anyone who can justify that man’s behavior is no better than he is.

        • VividVick

          I am a burden to you. You pay my military salary and there is no way in hell I will die to protect you. Then again I didn’t sign up for marines or infantry or any of those crazy death sentences. You do know that a good majority of military folks are not the courageous self sacrificing types portrayed in the movies, right?

          • Bill Wood

            LMFAO! 😀

      • Linesman

        There is no total freedom as you imagine it.

        Eventually one’s freedom impinges upon that of another.

        When one’s need for freedom is a mockery and disrespect to those who paid for liberty with their blood, the call goes to the side of respect and dignity.

        Do you understand?

        • Crog

          There is no total freedom. I agree. Being offended by someone practicing his freedom is your right. It’s not your right to harrass and command people to fall in line with your values. Sorry.

          • Timeless

            Wasn’t that you protesting in front of city hall in S.F. the “right” if people to walk around naked and also fornicate in public ?

    • SpellChck

      I’m an Air Force vet who just did one enlistment, my father on other hand was a 23 Army vet, an old school Army guy, and I thought of what he would’ve done, forget me, lmao!

      • I did two enlistments and got out on disability from the Army but dad was a 20 year (WWII, Korea & early Vietnam) Marine.

  • John Fallon

    glad these young men are on the ball,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this inflated idiot is twisted

    • Erin

      Only balls they are on are in their pockets that they play with.

      • Bill Wood

        LMFAO!! 😀

  • Jerome J Manne

    Good job, fellow Marines!!!

    • CarlMM

      Now if all of you could do the same for the fake Commander-in-Chief and American imposter. We could also add all those religious fakes, Sharpton, Jackson, and thousands more, who bought their collars at Wal-Mart.

      • Jim

        HEY, Obammy really loves Navy Corpse-men. And he’s really good at killing people. AND that Admiral didn’t mind being called “general”.
        WHY do we ever elect these people?

        • We did it with the help of voter fraud-how else?!

        • Jack Gist

          I missed the Admiral being called General, please elaborate -too funny

      • VividVick

        You call this guy a fraud but then call Obama fake commander in cheif? You Sir, are the fraud and irrelevant to any discussion. We won, you lost. Cry some more ball baby

        • We’re still talking morality, vick.

      • al

        you mean the commander in chief that passed a stolen valor act? Now why would he pass a law if he thought he’d be guilty of it? doesn’t make sense does it. And how come Bush or Reagan never passed it?

    • dockilldare

      yes it was, well done Marines.

  • Greg Simmons

    Beat his Butt!

  • Michael Johnson

    Good Job Marines! All they had to do was ask for his CAC card and that would have been the end of it. He caught himself in so many lies its pathetic. Even though I am NAVY, it doesn’t take long to realize that this fool, with his GOLD tooth, is nothing but a faking, stealing IDIOT!

  • badgergizmo

    Sad – don’t get mad at this poor SOB. Obviously he was in the service at some point and didn’t fare too well. He needs counseling because he has deep seated psychoses.

    • Stephen Mayo

      Why is it obvious?

    • Jerry Verdugo

      Illusions of Grandeur has never been a part of the military.

      • badgergizmo

        Listen to the guy – he’s got the patter down. You don’t get that unless you’ve been in . . . or are a really good actor.

        • Jerry Verdugo

          I was never unsure of myself when asked about my being a Viet Nam Vet, or a graduate of the other schools, like Jump School, while in the Service. If this guy wants to advertise as being a Hero, then he should have earned it. Otherwise, I would have said, “I don’t believe a word you said. You’re a disgrace to our country.”

          • badgergizmo

            100% agree with you, My only point being is that, because of the language he used, this guy was either in the service at some point or spent a lot of time learning the lingo.

          • Jerry Verdugo

            Being in the service doesn’t make you a Hero. You have to earn it while in the service. I wasn’t at the funeral, so I don’t exactly know what happened. My dad was in the Navy during WWII, and had many service men visit him afterwards. Does anyone know this guy?

          • DITTO

          • Erin

            Your lack of confidence or self worth is not an issue here. Stick to the subject!

          • Jerry Verdugo

            A “…lack of confidence…” is just the opposite of “…I was never unsure….” I minored in English, and have a college Degree. I do believe that you are mistaken, young lady.

          • Bill Wood

            LMFAO! 😀

        • eric

          Had he been in the military, he would have known that Sergeants Major are enlisted, not officers
          And my Girlfriend never served, but after growing up an Army brat, and four years with me, she speaks pretty fluent military

          • Erin

            Sorry he is an officer a Non Commissioned Officer and at his rank of Sgt. Major it’s common to call him an officer.

          • Bill Wood

            STILL LMFAO! 😀

          • eric

            big difference between officer and nco, and in 14 years in the military I never once referred to Sergeants Major as officers

        • You can easily get it watching military movies-pa-lease.

  • ferdberful

    He is black so he has SOME “agenda” working…

    • Jerry Verdugo

      Oh yeah! Like what?

    • HowRude_sortA

      funny you should say that cause they were two previous videos of White guys doing the same thing and one of a Hispanic guy … so please … enlighten us on the agenda based on race…

      • You are an idiot if you think the same wouldn’t have been said of other races perpetrating this scam! The fact is that the moment DOJ, Eric Holder said he would not prosecute Black Panthers because “they’ve already suffered too much” (paraphrase) regarding voter intimidation, black thugs have increased the gimme-you-owe-me, attitude and have a hand out to grab whatever is available. Don’t start with me on the race card either. I know the difference between a slacker and a respectable human being regardless of color, and there are people of all color sucking this country dry. We are talking about a black man, so we are talking about his race-not to include everyone in it, but to show a timeline of misdeads all the way up to and including the White House. Next time, we can discuss white dirt bags and then Hispanic dirt bags. Try and stay focused, and if you’re going to get offended everytime you misinterpret something, you should stay indoors and off the internet.

        • HowRude_sortA

          Think you have the wrong person.. my comment actually is saying the same as yours as far as it doesn’t matter the color of the perp. My comment was sarcasm to his post about some sort of black agenda …so I think u have the wrong person

  • George Wilcoxon

    In 2012 The Supreme ruled that the Stolen Valor Act was unconstitutional based on it being a violation of the 1st Amendments protection of freedom of speech. However, the court wrote that if the act were to include a clause about using false military service for monetary gain the ruling would have been constitutional. Congress passed a bill shortly after the ruling adding the monetary gain clause. President Obama signed it into law in June of 2013. Yes, it is against the law to pass yourself off as a military hero.

    • Charles Batchelor

      Not true, it’s only against the law to attempt to gain monetarily from impersonating a military member i.e. seek and/ or receive benefits based on false service claims like going to Home Depot and getting a military discount by wearing a uniform or filing for benefits when not a service member by claiming to be.

      • Puuuhhleeze_09

        If he is trying to ‘honor’ real soldiers then he is going about it in a
        very wrong way. And then telling stories, and changing said stories
        when asked about his so-called service is also not a way to honor our

        When I was in USMC Boot in 1985, we were told that one may indeed wear a
        uniform for things like a play, movie or TV show, but to not wear a
        complete uniform and we were told that no one is to wear an Military
        uniform fraudulently.

        If he thought to honor the fallen, then he went about it in totally the
        wrong way, especially if he couldn’t even keep his story straight when
        asked about certain things. As it stands, if he was NOT in the service
        and is wearing the uniform then he is indeed in the wrong and should be
        taken to task for it especially if he is using that as a way to get
        military benefits

      • 4ekeller .

        Or standing in front of a store with a bout begging for charity!!!! But, the monetary gain is subjected to the Stolen Valor Act of 2013, and impersonating military personnel and prohibition laws regarding wearing military uniforms have been in law since 1916. Under U.S. code 10 chapter 45. The new act does not override the existing law, it adds additional punishment for wearing particular medals and ribbons that our military holds in highest regard. Also, Title 36 under the Patriot Act of 2003 makes it unlawful to wear military uniform in which you have no actual service connection to, to a ceremony. Like the funeral for the deceased military member this guy was filmed leaving. These are federal laws by the way. Which means all U.S. citizens in violation are punishable. These laws also state how theaters and films can and cannot use military uniforms.

    • Omater

      Sadly, some scumbag ran for office in New Mexico (?) claiming to be a decorated veteran when he was not and the court said that was okay. But we have a right to know who we are electing and I think he was violating people’s voting rights.

      • Jerry Verdugo

        Claiming to be something else in order to win an election can easily be remedied by RECALL!!!

    • Jerry Verdugo

      Maybe we should all pose as the Justices and write the law as we see fit! Freedom of Speech can work both ways.

    • 4ekeller .

      What people don’t seem to get. Impersonating military personnel and uniform prohibition was written into law on June 3rd, 1916. Under U.S. code 10 chapter 45. Yes, civilians fall under this law as it is not part of the UCMJ. The Stolen Valor Act doesn’t replace it. It adds additional penalties to said crime, particularly to wearing certain medals and ribbons. Like the Bronze star of Valor, the Silver star and the Afghanistan combat action ribbon and medal the Marines pointed out. I’m sure there were more pinned to him that are also noted in the 2013 act. We’d have to break it down piece by piece to find out what the actual count is. He would be subject to the minimum for each piece, being a fine and up to 1 year of confinement. This could add up. There isn’t a maximum for U.S. code 10 so, the court would determine years in jail for that, they would most likely base it on the rank he was trying to pass off. Then each medal and ribbon would tack additional charges. Then there is also Title 36 in which he is in violation for wearing the uniform to a ceremony of a former military member.

  • Bethany Spielman

    I can’t stand scumbags like him. They have no right to wear that (or any military) uniform. You EARN that right. He’s only dishonoring himself by impersonating REAL heroes.

    He makes me sick.

    • Letrell Cuff

      The Stolen Valor Act is indeed law. Research it. That guy can go to prison! It was passed into law… signed by President Obama on June 3, 2013. No amendments have even been submitted. It IS law. The following information was taken from the 113th Congressional Website.


      Summary: H.R.258 — 113th Congress (2013-2014)

      Shown Here:
      Public Law (06/03/2013)

      (This measure has not been amended since it was introduced. The summary of that version is repeated here.)

      Stolen Valor Act of 2013 – Amends the federal criminal code to rewrite provisions relating to fraudulent claims about military service to subject to a fine, imprisonment for not more than one year, or both an individual who, with intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit, fraudulently holds himself or herself out to be a recipient of:

      a Congressional Medal of Honor,

      a distinguished-service cross,

      a Navy cross,

      an Air Force cross,

      a silver star,

      a Purple Heart,

      a Combat Infantryman’s Badge,

      a Combat Action Badge,

      a Combat Medical Badge,

      a Combat Action Ribbon,

      a Combat Action Medal, or

      any replacement or duplicate medal for such medal as authorized by law.

      • Brian Close

        Take note of the part that says ‘with intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit’. Just wearing the uniform is NOT a crime.

        • 4ekeller .

          Let me school you real quick. Impersonating military personnel is a crime. The Stolen Valor Act signed in 2013 only applies to being caught wearing certain medals and ribbons one has not earned. The penalties are in addition to…. Wearing the uniform, impersonating military personnel, are crimes he committed. The marines pointed out that he had on a combat action medal and ribbon, silver star, and a bronze star of valor. Those are four additional charges tact by the signing of the Stolen Valor Act of 2013. There is probably more we would have to break down his uniform and too see which ribbons and medals are specified in the act. Each piece holds a fine and or minimum 1 year sentence. It adds up quick! He could easily get 20 years. For anyone reading. This recent act signed in 2013 doesn’t over ride already established civilian law U.S. code Title 10 ch. 45 regarding the prohibition of wearing military uniforms among other things. Here is a link. Tells you everything that falls under that code and the date each particular action was added to the code. U.S. Article 10 was established on June 3, 1916 by the way.

          The guy in the video is also in violation of Title 36, for wearing the uniform to a ceremony.

          He could get more than than the 26 years of service time he claims to have served in the video behind bars. Leavenworth, most likely.

          • Diana Gilbert Nelson

            Thanks for clearing that up. I was a bit confused about the law. Thanks!

        • David Egg Philbeck

          Oh yes it is. you obviously have never been in service other than the Pretendables.. who are you and why are you making such a ignorant statement f Its OK to wear the uniform.. are you Obtuse or just plain stupid.. Duh try walking up to any army or Marine base with a pretend uniform and see what happens within a minute after going inside the gates.. duh, off to jail you go no excuse no get out of jail .. you are busted..

      • Stan Bryars

        Also take note to this part

        “_Amends_ the federal criminal code to rewrite provisions relating to fraudulent claims about military service”

        The provision WAS amended and it only pertains to seeking monetary gain.

        • dockilldare

          any tangible gain, is not limited to and does not mean only money. learn the English language then comment.

          “with intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit”

          • Stan Bryars

            So please explain what Tangible gain he is seeking

          • dockilldare

            respect, sympathy, attention. who knows hell he might only want to pick up a woman, doesn’t matter what other tangible gain he is seeking, what he did was wrong and illegal.

          • Stan Bryars

            Nothing you have claimed is a Tangible Gain,maybe it is you that should try an learn the English language
            So again what TANGIBLE GAIN did he attempt obtain.
            You read the law and ever quoted part of it.
            If you can not point to something he was intent on obtaining you cannot prove any violation of the law

          • dockilldare

            a tangable gains is anything that this wanna be gets as an advantage over others. it could be a job posting, it could be picking up a woman, it could be favors from the church. i dont know what is so hard to figure out about what a tangible gain is, what did this joker get out of it that any other former/current REAL soldier should or could have gotten? who knows but putting himself in that position is the crime.

            I’m sorry you can’t figure that out for your self. maybe you should enlist and participate in some of the claims he makes with this uniform. like say SFQC, if you make it then you might begin to understand. Somehow i doubt you even have the guts to try let alone succeed in that endevour.

          • Stan Bryars

            It’s not so hard to figure out, you don’t know the answer so you try to buffalo your way through and hope that I am as ignorant as you.
            And by the way genius, I already did make it and made it through, as did every single male and many of the females in my family for as far back as we can trace.
            Which may explain why I am familiar with the law and you obviously are not.

            Tangible Gains do not include favors, or attention from women.
            Maybe if you picked up a dictionary once in your life you might begin to understand, but I doubt you have the mental prowess to make it.

            Tangible means it has physical form can be held in your hand
            You are thinking of INtangible.

            Bottom line, he broke no laws

          • dockilldare

            here you go, right from the mouth of Mr. Webster himself. so now who is the genius and who is the idiot?

            Full Definition of TANGIBLE

            1a : capable of being perceived especially by the sense of touch : palpable b : substantially real : material

            2: capable of being precisely identified or realized by the mind

            3: capable of being appraised at an actual or approximate value

            so you were saying something about buffuloing your way through a conversation? consider yourself debunked and put in your place.

            oh yea and as of yet there has not been a woman to make it through sfqc, so i dont know what family history you are talking about. in other words i am calling you out for your claim just as these marines called out this liar.

          • Stan Bryars

            Nothing in that definition contradicts what I said.
            1 Is precisely and exactly what I said
            2 Is extremely subjective and impossible to prove or even explain in a legal setting
            3 Please appraise the actual value of “attention from the ladies”

            Now a smart man, not you, but a smart man, would have looked up the definition that is being discussed in a law dictionary and not just the definition of a single word in a legal phrase
            He would have come up with this
            Benefits that are quantifiable, especially with regard to money.

            Law Dictionary: What is TANGIBLE BENEFITS? definition of TANGIBLE BENEFITS (Black’s Law Dictionary)
            Black’s is the authority on legal definitions by the way

          • dockilldare

            Benefits that are quantifiable, especially with regard to money. you put all your faith in monetary gains, what if those are not his intentions? what if his intentions was to gain a foot hold in a select society by false means? is that not tangible gains? in today’s america veterans are rightly looked on as a special class, and there are gains to be made by being one. job consideration, is one.

            so in closing i am sorry that your little mind can not wrap around something other than money being a tangible gain, but as your Black’s Law Dictionary quantifiable, especially with regard to money, is not limited to monetary gain alone. maybe you could one day grow up enough to understand what it is you are reading.

          • Stan Bryars

            I assumed that you would look up the definition of “quantifiable” if you didn’t understand it. Stupid mistake on my part.

            No genius, attempting to “gain a foothold in a select society” is not a tangible benefit.
            And “what if”and “could be’s” do not work in a legal setting, even a third grade drop out should know that
            Again look up the definition of “quantifiable”. That seems to be where your lack of education is most failing you.

            Dumbass did nothing illegal, period.
            You don’t have to like it, but pitchin a bitch about it does not make it so.

          • dockilldare

            ah the collectivist mentality shining out once again. who the hell are you to tell me what a quantifiable benefit is to me or anyone else? what is quantifiable to me may not be to you. see that is called individualism, and it means that the individual is responsible for their actions, and what each believes is in his/her best interest. a quantifiable benefit can only be decided by the individual. that sir is the basis of all law in this country. maybe that is why the state has to prove criminal intent as well? just saying.

            yes if brought before a jury that benefit would be as on trial as the defendant, but the state has to prove the intent as well. that sir is why your lack of legal knowledge is painfully evident in your ramblings.

            again you put stock only on the printed law and only on one aspect of said law, ignoring all other aspects and intents of the perpetrator. may i suggest you keep flipping burgers at McDonalds and leave the legal studies to those that are more informed and intelligent than yourself.

          • Stan Bryars

            Who am I? The guy that knows the definition of quantifiable

            If brought before a jury that definition will be what is used, in fact that definition is exactly what keeps it from being brought before a jury.
            Your what ifs and maybe coulda, might have beens are all we need to see the shallow depths of your legal knowledge

            Your comment and inane blather is as ridiculous as asking who am I to tell you what the color blue should look like to you.

            The only thing more ridiculous is you , the person that introduced Webster’s into the conversation, now whining like a itch about definitions being used in the conversation.

            It’s not illegal what he did, period
            Just because you are offended does not make a thing illegal, it simply makes it offensive. SCOTUS backs me on that.

          • dockilldare

            state scotus case and file number.

            you contradict yourself again, just because you are offended does not make it illegal? really guess what your hero obama dosen’t agree with you and that is why he signed that law into effect.

            hate to clue you but to prove a case, especially a case of criminal law the state has to prove there was intent to commit a criminal act by the accused.

        • Erin

          This is not a bible study group, stop tryinng to make the law fit what you interpret it to be.

          • Stan Bryars

            Actually genius I simply quoted the law verbatim. You are the one wanting to amend it to your likes

      • Jerry Verdugo

        Place him under arrest for the violation of this law! Then we’ll see how far this issue will go, even if we have to use physical force to keep him there until the police arrive.

        • rosemarienoa

          He’ll get off because he’s a negro !!!! The marines will be called racist !!!!

          • VividVick

            He should because there are too many racists like you born to racist parents and it’s a slow progress to eradicate you people.

          • Bill Wood

            ….And people like you perpetuate that attitude. Look in the mirror. Personally, as a Marine, I would have detained him for the law by whatever force was necessary. He should be turned over to the Army for punishment. They don’t tolerate scumbag fakers any more than the Corps does. Semper Fi!!

          • VividVick

            Now that you have broken your oath to the constitution to serve and protect, you should remove yourself immediately from the USMC. Semper Fi!!

          • dockilldare

            exactly how did he do that?

          • David Egg Philbeck

            It is impossible to remove yourself from the Marine Corp because anybody that has served in the Marine Corp Knows that Once a Marine, Always a Marine. Or didn’t you know this.. you cant undo what has already been done.. when you graduate from Parris island or San Diego as a marine, you are a marine for Life. Nothing or nobody can undo that.. I was in the Marine Corp back in the early 70s and still am. i will always be a proud marine Corp Jarhead Ji-rene Leather Neck or whatever you wanna call us.. nothing can ever take that away from me.. Nothing..THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE MARINES….

          • David Egg Philbeck

            It is impossible to remove yourself from the Marine Corp because anybody that has served in the Marine Corp Knows that Once a Marine, Always a Marine. Or didn’t you know this.. you cant undo what has already been done.. when you graduate from Parris island or San Diego as a marine, you are a marine for Life. Nothing or nobody can undo that.. I was in the Marine Corp back in the early 70s and still am. i will always be a proud marine Corp Jarhead Ji-rene Leather Neck or whatever you wanna call us.. nothing can ever take that away from me.. Nothing..THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE MARINES….

          • VividVick

            Thanks for your service

          • Bill Wood

            … middle finger “UP”.

          • Erin

            The Marine IQ?

          • eric

            Support and defend the constitution of the United States. NOT serve and protect

          • dockilldare

            ok so tell me if my oath is to support and defend the constitution, does that not mean pointing out those who break the law? whether that person is a murderer, professional politician, or just wearing a uniform and impersonating a soldier or cop?

          • dockilldare

            All the Way! cant turn him over to the army as he is not a member but the civilian authorities can prosecute him and should. however if he just showed up and was not trying to solicit money there is no crime. so the ass beating part takes effect, but then you would have been charged with assault and battery. its a no win situation for the good guys unless he was trying to get money from that stunt.

          • Michelle Lea Calhoun

            It is illegal to wear the badges. As he does this fairly frequently, I am sure he will get the stupids again.

          • Erin

            You don’t have that right jar head.

          • Bill Wood

            And people like you throw out that kind of B.S. excuse because you are one of those that are afraid to do something. You sit back on your ass and wait for someone else to do your dirty work. Your kind makes me want to puke. The meek may inherit the earth, but only by the protection of the bold and strong. Semper Fi!

          • Erin

            Wrong Mr. Wood. I prefer to let people go about their business as promised by the constitution. There is no proof that any fraud was committed, except in the small minds people like you.

          • Bill Wood

            Gee…. where do I start. I’ll use small words so I know that you understand….. I hope so, anyway. I may be giving you too much credit. First of all…. You will NEVER find a bigger supporter of our beloved Constitution than me. This a$$hole in uniform wasn’t on his fricken way to a costume party, he was at a funeral trying to pass himself off as an Army SgtMaj. Of this there is no question. Why? Who the hell knows. He is probably an insignificant nothing, like you, who was trying to be a big man. Probably trying to get laid, for all I know. I’ve witnessed this kind of thing before in bus stations and air ports. I’ve seen one dumba$$ that had on Sgt E-5 stripes on his shoulders, and Major’s oak leaves on his collar, at the same time, telling everyone that he was a “SgtMajor”. (check with ANY military personnel for an explanation of why this was a bad thing). He got escorted away by airport security (one was former U.S. Air Force, the other a Marine). Don’t know what they did to him, but I hope it wasn’t pretty.

            Second of all….. You aren’t really normal, are you? You sit back behind the single name of “Erin”, and you snipe at people, trying to pass your B.S. opinions off as sage wisdom. You “hide” behind that single name and get your sadistic little jollies off without any worries, never putting yourself out there for your “supposed” beliefs. You are a sadistic little coward of the worst kind. If you really believe the B.S. you are trying to spread, put yourself out there like a man and stop hiding, you pathetic turd. With liberty comes responsibility. You CAN run around doing whatever you want, but, at some pont, someone in authority, someone who gives a rat’s a$$, will reel your dumba$$ in. There…. were those words small enough? This is the end of any and all conversations that I will devote to your worthless a$$. Again….. SEMPER FI!!

          • Erin

            You chose an awful lot of words to make a point , but you didnt. However I am impressed that you are such a childish imbecille. Semper this!

          • Michelle Lea Calhoun

            Trolls will be trolls. Screw em, Marine. Hoo-ah.

          • Bill Wood

            Thank you, Michelle. Old Erin is probably worse than a troll. I’d call him a worthless pretender at best. Semper Fi!!

          • Jonathan Rudd

            Amen Brother!!!

          • Crog

            You would have detained him for wearing a coat? You are worse than the taliban. Get out of this country terrorist!

          • rosemarienoa

            You have no idea what you are talking about !!! He committed fraud & a crime….are you OK with that ???? I’m not !!!

          • VividVick

            Who says it’s a crime to impersonate soldiers? All he has to say is that it’s for theatrical purposes. Is he getting VA benefits? The real fraud is killing on command just because someone tells you too.

          • Jonathan Rudd

            Stolen Valor Act of 2013 – Amends the federal criminal code to rewrite provisions relating to fraudulent claims about military service to subject to a fine, imprisonment for not more than one year, or both an individual who, with intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit, fraudulently holds himself or herself out to be a recipient of:

            a Congressional Medal of Honor,

            a distinguished-service cross,

            a Navy cross,

            an Air Force cross,

            a silver star,

            a Purple Heart,

            a Combat Infantryman’s Badge,

            a Combat Action Badge,

            a Combat Medical Badge,

            a Combat Action Ribbon,

            a Combat Action Medal, or

            any replacement or duplicate medal for such medal as authorized by law.

          • 4ekeller .

            All right dumb Vick. Say it’s for “theatrical purposes,” they don’t wear all the insignias on stage. When shooting a movie and authentic dress uniforms are used, special permits are granted for filming and if the actors stay in costume, leave set and tell people they are in the military, they too are breaking our laws. Even on Halloween, if you are to dress in such manner and pretend to be in the military, you can be fined or jailed for breaking this law. There is no, just saying you’re in costume, nor for a play or not a movie, nor halloween. It’s not allowed by anyone, anytime, anywhere on any U.S. territory. Capeesh?

          • VividVick

            Stop being a pussy, and do your job. You, the cops, any other fascist a-holes can take your rules, your stupid anti-constitutional laws and shove them where the sun don’t shine. Honest, hard working people don’t need your intrusions into their freedoms. You cry when peole harrass you lawfully or unlawfully, so stop making exceptions and cherry picking every little minute thing just so you can be right. The only thing that’s right is to do your job and leave peole alone. No harm, no foul.

          • Michelle Lea Calhoun

            People die to earn some of those awards. He didn’t serve. To serve is to understand the mentality. As a Soldier, we have to take that seriously. There is a specific document called AR 670-1 which applies to the Army and denotes where, how, and in which order you should place your medals on your uniform. It is very specific and any real Soldier (or other service-member) automatically notices when things aren’t quite right. This man’s “medals” were completely wrong. His story was wrong. A funeral is a sacred thing for the friends, family, and community of the fallen Soldier. A little respect on his part would have been appreciated. Would you put on a uniform, random medals, and crash a military funeral? Would you wear a Nazi uniform to a synagogue? Both of those things would upset the people involved as it did here. Please have respect for those who serve regardless of political affiliations.

          • VividVick

            No one dies to earn awards. When people die they lose their life. And to serve for awards is immoral. We’re talking about fabric and medals. The only thing one should take from service or contest is not the physical award, but the pride of having done something of value. But then pride is also a sin. Materials mean nothing. Grave stones mean nothing, but if you want to assign meaning to objects then go ahead, but don’t expect everyone else to. Besides Jesus wouldn’t have any worship of materials. It’s on par with idolatry.

          • Erin

            No one dies to earn an award. Most survive not to be awarded. AR 670-1 is merely a guide, it’s not hard and fast. A real soldier has a serial number, do you Missy? Stay on point will you. Your argument wanders all over the place. What is a real soldier, one who hassles other soldiers? I don’t think so. Each of us deserve respect but not for the clothes we wear, rather for our own personal valor to live and let live. So crawl back under your porch before animal control finds you .

          • eric

            AR 670-1 is just a guide? wish somebody would have told every NCO I ever met that…..they seemed to think it was pretty “hard and fast”

          • dockilldare

            have you ever earned anything your self? this dirtbag is wearing an
            award for a school on his chest that took me the better part of two
            enlistments to earn. (that would be the blue and gold tab on his chest) i
            had to finish my first enlistment just to be able to apply, then it
            takes just over two years to complete my initial training, so yea i have
            pride in one of those awards he claims to have earned.

            and that is the point, a soldier, sailor, airmen, or marine EARNS the right to wear that uniform and his awards. to just put them on and claim to have earned them, is an insult to the men and women that do. the point is that this guy is not a real soldier, and yes it is our job to point them out. if that means hassling the guy so be it. he brought that on himself when he decided to lie about his service.

            further AR 670 – 1 is not a guide it is regulation. hence the term AR which in this case stands for Army Regulation. in other words it is the law in the army that dictates how the uniform is to be worn.

          • David Egg Philbeck

            no way.. i agree with you..

          • Erin

            Yes, and I defended your right to disagree, with my service in Nam.

          • Bill Wood


          • Erin

            Not at all. Saigon Summer 1965.

          • Jonathan Rudd

            Wow. Because you say “Saigon Summer 1965”, that makes it all true. Yeah.

          • Jonathan Rudd

            Sure you were.

          • Bill Wood

            LMFAO!!! 😀

          • VividVick

            I’m OK with a guy peacefully wearing a uniform to a funeral. I’m not Ok with people harrassing, questioning him when they themselves are not perfect humans doing everything by the book.

          • Erin

            No fraud was proven. You advocate mob justice. What next a hanging?

          • Bill Wood

            You’re pissing in the wind, Rosemarie. These Trolls are only here to piss people off and get their pathetic jollies. They sit there safely behind their screens and poison pen names, playing with themselves because they can’t get anyone else to touch them. Ignore them and their poison. They rail away at us because they have no other control of their lives, and this is the only way they can feel any power. RAIL ON, PATHETIC LOSERS!! 🙂

          • Jeff Tegeder

            He should get away with this because there are racists? So…. does that apply to theft and murder? VividVick, get your head out of your ass.

          • VividVick

            No because labor instead of serving to protect, they are harrassing. And regardless of the laws, it’s still a uniform and people wear uniforms for halloween, movies, theater, reenactments, or just for the hell of it. Bums on the street wearing fatigues, and you think we should go around harassing people instead of doing our jobs? I hold the same regard to police pulling people over for speeding instead of catching real criminals. Leave the citizens alone!

          • Erin

            Stick to the subject.

          • Linesman

            You call him a racist for saying leave race out of a situation?


          • SpellChck

            If you had paid close attention, one of the other marines was black. Just sayin…

          • Erin

            Check your glasses Spellchck.

          • Thomas D. Wiggins

            leave race out of this and stick to the facts… Fellow Marines did their job, end of story… Killl

          • Erin

            Marines? I didn’t see any Marine uniform nor the true noble character of the Marines. They were street thugs.

        • Erin

          It’s merely a misdemeanor.

      • rosemarienoa

        He should get a year for every falsehood !!! One tear is nothing !!!

        • Erin

          Such a tough little girl you are! Meow cat fight?

      • VividVick

        Yeah, but it looks as though he’s walking from a Church. Is he benefiting from the uniform? And why are these thugs who claim to be in the military harassing him instead of protecting his freedom?

        • Jonathan Rudd

          Oh brother. You are so ignorant.

        • Stephen Mancini

          Your level of ignorance knows no bounds lady. The military protects his and your freedom. It doesnt give him the right no matter what race to impersonate a soldier, sailor, airman or a marine. SEMPER FI !! They should have not detained him. They should have stomped him and ripped the uniform off of him.

          • VividVick

            Police are too protect the public not beat the crap out of them as so many videos are now showing. The conservative fascists joining the armed forces, forcing their will upon American citizens is abuse of power and disregard for the constitution. The military also protects gay sex, gay marriage, legalized abortion, and they work directly for the commander in cheif, Barrack Obama. I always say if you dont like your boss then quit your job. And they don’t because.of the social benefits outweigh their values. Should they be allowed to harass anyone they don’t agree with? They don’t even agree with themselves, dumb ass hypocrites.

          • KUSH2LOUD

            People in the military can’t just quit their jobs it is illegal.

          • VividVick

            They can after an enlistment and many who hate Obama continue to work for him. Again values don’t mean anything

        • dockilldare

          its called honor. protecting your 1st amendment rights does not apply to fraud at any level. if so then why bother with the likes of Bernard Madoff?

          • VividVick

            Bernie Madoff was a thief who stole millions. This guy is wearing fabric with medals on it.

          • dockilldare

            that fabric with medals on it means more to the people who earned the right to wear it than any amount of money Madoff or anyone else could ever steel. i’m sorry you don’t understand that, but then that is the problem with being amoral. you have no empathy for anyone who is not exactly like yourself. you are a sad case in deed.

          • Linesman

            I agree with you here, but then why do you take issue with another’s use of the word “blowtard?”

          • pagostoy .

            For those who have fought for it, Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know. Be glad VividVick that these Marines are doing their job.

          • Erin

            These so called marines were out of uniform and had no authority to hassle a member of another military service, let alone any civilian.

          • pagostoy .

            So called Marines? Really Erin? Stay home and watch your soap operas. Stay off the boards and let the adults comment.

          • Average Joe

            Ever wonder why someone would go through all the trouble and expense to act, impersonate, and travel to places like this? Yes he may just have a few loose screws in his head but chances are he’s trying to gain a bit more than attention.

          • Michelle Lea Calhoun

            Heck, Vivid and Erin are probably this psycho trying to defend himself. No hope.

          • Erin

            Is that the best you can do Bitch!

          • Bill Wood

            LMFAO!! 😀

          • Linesman

            He wants the respect and honor he did not earn or deserve.

          • Linesman

            If protecting one’s first amendment rights is a good thing, why do you go after people on other threads who are debating those who would diminish that freedom?

      • dockilldare

        Hey the combat medic badge is a higher award than the combat action badge. thank you very much! sorry former army medic…lol
        either way thanks for posting this! this is one vet that very much appreciates your support!

        thank you again.

      • Buckshot67

        Yeah ,and its been found Unconstitutional, plus attending a funeral is hardly for fraudulent gain. Yes its stupid,disrespectful… but us real vets know the score-we know what real valor is, this guys a idiot, call him out and move on. Its “technically illegal” but would be overturned on appeal, it has been ruled on under the 1st A

    • rosemarienoa

      Me too !!!

    • William Keith Lopez

      While its bothering I also have pity for these wanna be, military impersonators. Most of them I believe are mentally ill and not doing it to be deceitful but rather just confused and deranged individuals. Same folks that dress in scrubs or other attire and lie about who they are. What normal sane person would want to pretend they were military?? Sad individuals, sad, sad individuals..

    • VividVick

      It makes you sick that someone chooses to wear what he wants? You must be a liberal whiny baby

      • Bethany Spielman

        You’re an idiot. He’s faking military service. You obviously have no respect for the REAL heroes in the military. And if so you’re another loser who should do the right thing and go dig a hole and die in it.

        And no, I’m not a libtard. I’m a conservative. Funny a libtard is calling me a liberal. LOL!!

      • Average Joe

        Soo… in your earlier comment you said. ” You call this guy a fraud but then call Obama fake commander in cheif?
        You Sir, are the fraud and irrelevant to any discussion. We won, you
        lost. Cry some more ball baby”
        who exactly were you referring to as “we”? Not that the blatant flaunting of your own stupidity wasn’t enough to know you were the average liberal/useful idiot. You have the audacity to dare call someone else a liberal. That in itself should qualify you for a beat down IMHO. Do try to keep your lies in order, just makes for better reading.

      • Bill Wood


  • MILAN68

    One hopes these Marines follow-up on this faker, who unbelievably had
    the gall to turn up at a funeral for a fallen hero. If you have any
    information that can help them, please email us at

    What good is that going to do??? Should have called 50 right then..

  • Letrell Cuff

    His uniform doesn’t even fit right…Grrrrr

  • Jonny Unite-Us

    Its disgusting what some people will do for a little attention.

  • Charles Batchelor

    The only thing that “looks” remotely right is the name plate.

  • Aaron Mounts

    It’s not actually a federal crime, because it is protected under the 1st Amendment, but good on these guys for getting that fuck-wagon on video.

    • Erin

      Do you kiss your mother with that filty mouth?

  • mariannebush

    Classy guys. Do not get insulting or worked up at any time in the conversation.

  • Wildcatter

    It’s the year 2014…the year of pretenders and wannabes. I personally have no hope for this nation as it stands, at this point moving forward. Hopefully after the disbandment of the U.S., which is going to happen in the near future (any fool who disagrees is off in la-la land), the smaller factions of grouped together states/new nations will be able to provide some semblance of a civilized society. That’s my hope.

  • Tommy Harlan

    oel Brigham IDENTIFIED!
    Robert (‘Bobbie’) Bowen
    20101 NW 62nd Ct
    Hialeah FL 33015-2199—Suppposedly.

    • Erin

      You are scary looking sir LOL

  • Jim Britt

    scumbag; why isn’t he in jail by now?

  • Billy Whitebread

    caught the lieing mother f—–r

  • Free2Ride

    Damn before even watching the video, I was already calling Bullshit on this impersonator,just from seeing the Officers brass on his collar!! and after watching the video I gotta ask what the Hell is that mess on his chest

    • Alyssa Bolda

      I never served but My dad did for 23 years.. I can’t remember.. but isn’t the medals supposed to be pinned in a certain way.. I was thinking the same thing.. Like there would be consequences for that mess!!

      • Free2Ride

        Great call Alyssa,yes there is a certain way for medals to be displayed,for one you either wear your medals or your ribbons not both together and whether you wear the medals or the ribbons you would display them from the highest honor to the lowest,right to left and top to bottom!!!

  • Jeff Brodhead

    He needs a Nobel Piece of Crap medal. Maybe BS-Barry would send him his.

  • Lisa Bennett

    Nothing in this video proved he wasn’t the real deal. The so-called legitimate guys honestly seemed like bullies. Nothing was proven here other than some random jockish guys harassing a guy in uniform at the funeral.

    • Bobo

      I was going to comment on you dumb comment until I noticed you’re a dumb liberal woman. Explains it all.

      • Erin

        You are a Nazi!

    • Jana Fedon

      Lisa, respectfully submitted, please understand that our uniformed servicemen KNOW their “code of conduct” and wear their uniforms and insignia with GREAT pride. This man was impersonating a high ranking Sergeant Major which IS an act of Stolen Valor. Men die to protect our freedoms, they see horrors beyond our imaginings to earn these medals of honor. They are given and worn with great pride. To step out in public dressed as a man of such honor, without that honor actually BEING his, AT a funeral to honor a fallen fellow serviceman is just a slap in the face. Don’t you see that?? The men confronting DID “prove” by way of their questions, that should have been met with quick answers by ANY fellow serviceman, that this man in dress was an impostor.

    • Shawn McDermott

      Lisa you are an idiot. Anyone in the military knows his uniform wasnt to code, he couldnt answer basic questions. FRAUD!

    • Puuuhhleeze_09

      If he is trying to ‘honor’ real soldiers then he is going about it in a
      very wrong way. And then telling stories, and changing said stories
      when asked about his so-called service is also not a way to honor our

      The medals displayed on the uniform are not properly displayed. He would NOT pass inspection. He was asked if he had his Sergeant Major card, he first replied with yes, then when they asked if they could have one so they could send him a mailing about functions he changed his story and said that he didn’t have it on him. He even got flustered when told that one wears either medals OR ribbons, but not both. He claims that he is an MP, yet he does not have MP on the uniform. He changes the story on how he got his medals, how long he served and would not/could not produce simple things that would vindicate his story, instead saying that they were back at his motel. A soldier is trained to be prepared and if he is really a soldier then he should have had his Sergeant Major card &/or his CAC on his person.

      I have family that DID serve and they served proudly. I went to USMC boot, but got sent home because of medical issues yet I am still in touch with some of my fellow recruits.

      Did you serve? I ask because I would like to know how you came to the conclusion that this person really is a soldier.

      And I believe that those two Marines were extremely patient with him and gave him multiple chances to either put up or shut up. He had multiple chances to provide proof, but instead he changed his story and got defensive.

      When I was in USMC Boot in 1985, we were told that one may indeed wear a
      uniform for things like a play, movie or TV show, but to not wear a
      complete uniform and we were told that no one is to wear an Military
      uniform fraudulently.

      If he thought to honor the fallen, then he went about it in totally the
      wrong way, especially if he couldn’t even keep his story straight when
      asked about certain things. As it stands, if he was NOT in the service
      and is wearing the uniform then he is indeed in the wrong and should be
      taken to task for it especially if he is using that as a way to get
      military benefits of ANY sort

      Semper Fi Marines, good job!

      • Mr_Bob_Colorado

        Well said, and it is also against regs to be in uniform and not have your military ID (cac card) on you. It is part of your uniform. Even when we are in PT gear I put in it my shoe inside my sock.

    • ragbjg

      You haven’t a clue what you are talking about.

    • Tom Clarence

      what a fool. Obviously you never served

    • Rob Winburn

      There is a saying that you should pay attention to” It’s better to
      look like a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt” You have proven
      yourself the latter

    • Mr_Bob_Colorado

      Lisa, these guys knew he was fake from the get-go and I thought were very respectful until he hung himself. It is a federal crime. I do not expect civilians to understand it fully but you have to earn the right to wear the uniform. He clearly took it from a relative and bought all his medals/ribbons (which are not worn at the same time) at the thrift store or online. This kind of thing has been going on since the 60’s and good on the Marines for noticing it.

    • mommeme

      Lisa, I don’t presume that you are dumb, but… you must have read all the posts explaining why this pathetic guy was an impostor, and deserving of ridicule/anger from others. So, based on your comment, I must then presume you are delusional yourself, and must be one of those libs who can’t deal with facts or the truth. Kum-bi-ya dear.

    • Melanie Ballesteros

      Are you serious right now??? I’m a Marine and I can even see from the video that there’s everything wrong with that uniform. Trust me, those young men were not bullying.

    • Omater

      Lisa. He could not have looked more wrong if he had his shoes on the wrong feet.

    • Erin

      Finally someone who makes sense . Are you listening boys?

  • Jack Deth

    We have a few future D.I.s in the making right here!

    Ooh Rah, Devil Dogs!

  • valgal10

    Love it !!! Disgusting piece of human flesh !!!

    • Matthew Jimmy

      If Senior Obama had a son…

      • valgal10

        Amen !!!

  • Cindy Conceicao

    I’m thoroughly disgusted at that poser for lying and I commend those Marines for calling him on it.. My fiancée died in Iraq during desert storm.. These men die to protect us. I would have beat his ass

    • Robin Clarke Bayley

      I’m sory for your loss, Cindy.

    • VividVick

      If you beat his ass, then you are dishonoring the men who fought for his freedom to wear whatever the hell he wants. Last I heard, this a free country and you don’t get to oppress people out of dislike or disagreement.

      • SpellChck

        174 comments and 54 upvotes… keep up the good work, we appreciate it..

      • I’m guessing you’re a Ronulan Paultard. Am I right?

      • Joseph Cruger

        ok so he can ware what he wants but what gives him the right to pretend he was a soldier I spent 4 years in the army one year of that was spent in Afghanistan and those that have served earned the right to ware that uniform and though we fight and die for the freedoms you take for granted those uniforms are a symbol of what we had to endure while serving. Also based on your argument you are saying that because he can ware what he wants then it would be okay for him to impersonate a law enforcement official as well or perhaps a secret service member. the fact is it is not only a matter of security as well as a matter of honor and being honest, if he was just warring it to dress up then he should have never worn it to a service members funeral and claimed to be in the service. that is nothing but an insult to the our fallen brother/ sister. That little boy needs to understand that it part of us we earned it he didn’t

        • Erin

          So you spent 4 years in the Army one year? LOL thats funny

      • Cindy Conceicao

        It’s a comment trust and believe there is a place in hell for ppl like that so all I need do is sit back and relax

      • Bill Wood

        LMFAO! 😀

      • Linesman

        Your attention to detail is reminiscent of a dog following a laser stick.

    • Praying for you, Cindy.

  • Marcus127

    The Two Marines should have kicked this guy’s ass! Lying SOB! Semper Fi Marines! Bravo Zulu!

  • timothy fear

    Semper Fi brothers, Get some, what a super turd…

  • Bob Renaldo

    make’s the men who served or are serving look bad …..i am and army man but nice job marines….

  • Michael Coppola

    The impersonator is just another example of the philosophy permeating the United States which is people “Wanting something for nothing”. In this particular case the impersonator’s goal is to receive the attention of the mourners during a military funeral. Dressed in the military regalia of a Sergeant Major he would garnish a lot of attention however he did nothing to earn those medals.
    It has nothing to do with the fallen hero everything to do with self indulgence!

    • VividVick

      People join the military for the benefits. No one would join and agree to be sent into harms way if there wasn’t a huge socialist payoff. The military is the largest socialist institution in the US. Most never see combat, and many have desk jobs where they do as little as possible. Shut up about “wanting something for nothing” I’m in the military and I see the entire scope, not the facade they fabricate for the public.

      • Jonathan Rudd

        And probably a pencil pusher.

      • 148Mons

        Yes, someone would join willingly and be sent into harms way without a huge payoff. Myself, the Drill Sergeants that trained me, and my family. I joined the Army a few years back, my MOS was 68W Combat Medic, I wanted Infantry. I didn’t care about the payoff in the end, I didn’t care about the benefits, I didn’t give a damn about the pay. I didn’t join the military to become rich or successful, I joined the military to do what every able red blooded American should do, serve his or her country. I wanted to earn the right to be called a United States Soldier. It infuriates me to no end to see someone dishonoring my Army’s uniform. It matters not if they were a male or female or if they were white, black, green, gray, blue, the honor to wear that uniform goes only to the men and women who have earned it. The honor to say you have served in the military should go only to the people who have taken the oath and served with honor.

        As for you being in the military, you might be, but I highly doubt you serve. You are probably an imposter like the man above. Because if you were in any kind of military, you’d know what kind of sacrifices the men and women give on a daily basis. You’d know how hard it is and how insulting it is to see imposters who didn’t give that check to their country that read “Everything up to including my life.” That’s what every Soldier, Marine, Airman, Sailor, and Coastguard give when they raise their right hand and take the oath.

        With that said, I will agree that there are some who join strictly for the benefits, citizenship, or payoff you speak of in the end. I saw people like myself who just wanted to be a Soldier and serve with honor and I saw people that I really didn’t care for because they didn’t take it seriously enough and honestly said, “I joined for school, benefits, etc. Regardless though, they did sign that check to give their lives for their country and they should be respected for it.

        • VividVick

          I joined for the benefits, and just admit most do for the pay and benefits. Regardless of your patriotism, you wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t paid with benefits. The real imposters are those who say they would do it for free as if it’s some kind of funhouse. I call b.s. If you really believe the words you just typed, then you are seriously deluded sir.

          • Erin

            I didn’t join. I was drafted during Nam. I served because it was my duty. I served with distinction and did 20 years in the reserve teaching younger troops. My friends who fled to Canada are still my friends. They did what their conscience told them. I respect them for that. They honor me on Veterans day as I march in a parade in full regalia. I can still get into my Army uniform. Seriously doubt any of you so called jar heads can say that.

          • Bill Wood


          • Bill Wood

            STILL LMFAO!!

      • 4ekeller .

        Let me guess, you’re the Commandant of the Marine Corp, right? Now it sounds like someone else is trying to impersonate military personnel. If you are in the service. And don’t respect or honor it. You need to go to your superior officer and salute him with your middle finger. I don’t believe for a second you are in any branch of our military. Or you’d know that is was illegal for a civilians to impersonate military personnel, just as it would be illegal for you to wear higher ranking insignias on your uniform than you have earned (E-1)

        • VividVick

          This notion that it’s all conservatives in the military is garbage. This is 2014. It’s about 50/50 among officers. And of course the more education, the more liberal you see. But there are those of us in the military who swore to protect and defend the constitution and the citizens of this country and it doesn’t matter what you think. Harassing a guy for wearing what he wants is not preserving freedom.

          • Bill Wood

            REALY LMFAO! 😀

      • Lorribell

        There is no way you are in the military. Military personnel are taught valor….for which you are sorely lacking.

        • VividVick

          Military personnel are taught how to act for a paycheck

          • Bill Wood

            LMFAO! 😀

        • Michelle Lea Calhoun

          Probably the guy in the video….LMAO

          • Lorribell


          • Erin

            People join the military to become bullies.

      • Bill Wood

        LMFAO…. Again! 😀

  • Bob Renaldo

    he wants free meal’s

  • Steve Allen

    What a POS this Guy is.

  • Herman Vogel

    This one needs to go to Prison

  • Michael Myers

    I was in the U S ARMY(82-86) my question is doesn’t the dress blues have the service stripes(1 for every 3 years of service) on the left side as well as the right side for every 6 months in hostile territory,if so I didnt see any stripes on either of his sleeves,I don’t want to trash talk because I’m not sure if they have the stripes on the dress blues

    • Mr_Bob_Colorado

      Watch again he did have the service stripes (5) which was my first indication he was fake because he was very young.

  • Herman Vogel

    This plate comes back to a Bobbie Dudly Bowen 2010 NW. 62nd Court, Miami Florida DOB 4/8/42. It is most likely a relative of his, Check him out please.

    • Omater

      This guy looks like he is about 32-years old.

      • Erin

        The Marines look to be 15. So what is your point?

  • Herman Vogel

    Plate comes back to a Bobbie Dudly Bowen, DOB 4/8/42. lives at 2010, nw62nd Court, Miami Florida. 4 door Gray Mazda. mostly his relatives car and uniform. Needs to be investigated.

  • Jay Grumpybeary

    HOORAHH, dont matter what branch your in, you do not impersonate a veteran or a service member. Great Job Marines for confronting this imposter. He has no right to wear any of the uniforms of any branch if he didnt serve.

  • Robert Daidone

    That man is not right emotionally.

  • report him and put him in jail!!! Loser people who want the recognition but are unwillingness to pay the price. But then again we give trophies to every kid that shows up, this is what we have to look forward to when they grow up!

  • peoplectr

    Hmmmmmmm. If he was in a police uniform and not a policeman he would face jail time. Best antidote for this would have been for the marines to have kicked his arse and removed the uniform

  • Michael Gress

    I’m not military and it was obvious the uniform was oversized, the rank bars were down too far, wearing the ribbons AND the bars… it looked more like a costume than a uniform. you’d think it he was going to wear that to a military funeral he’d have the common sense to read up on the uniform for proper display and regs. that’d be like wearing last years halloween cop uniform to a police funeral. I’m surprised only 2 guys were on him.

    • Jerry Verdugo

      I usually don’t trust strangers, because you never know who they really are.

    • Bill Wood

      Nobody said he was “smart”. 😀

    • Bill Wood

      Nobody said he was “smart”. 😀

    • VividVick

      I would have left him alone because I serve to protect his freedom, not to harass him and shame him.

      • Michael Gress

        Freedom doesn’t include breaking the law.

        • VividVick

          Then don’t speed… next time you speed let me know so I can shame you and call you an imposter

          • Michael Gress

            Right. because someone speeding is being an imposter like someone using a fake uniform to pass himself off as military. you’re a special kind of stupid.

          • Linesman

            inappropriate comparison

      • Jonathan Rudd

        Again, oh brother.

      • eric

        if you don’t mind my asking, what is your branch of service and your MOS?

        • Erin

          US Army 13B20

          • eric

            I read back through some of your posts Erin… you seem to have a lot of hate for Marines. I served as both a 2171 in the USMC and a 11C in the Army National Guard. I can testify that there’s little day to day difference between duties in either branch.

            I was questioning vicks MOS because he has made a couple of statements that were in error…minor really, but stuff that a Veteran would probably know. In particular referring to the oath of enlistment. He said that we swore “to serve and protect”… that’s police. The military oath says: “support and defend the constitution”

            You commented “how dare they challenge a senior NCO?” Did you honestly not spot that guy as a fake? especially when he claimed he was an officer? I wonder if you watched the video, or if you allowed your obvious hatred of your brothers cloud your judgement

          • Erin

            Don’t get me worng here. I certainly do not have any hate for Marines, no more than the distaste they have for me thinking they are superior to Army Soldiers. The so called Marines in question in the video have no validation. They claim to be Marines, but I see no uniform.

            Vick also made reference to “support and defend the constitution” in regards to the rights of the Sgt. Major to wear the uniform as an American Citizen, actor or not.

            When I saw the Sgt. Major I immediately gave him the repsect his uniform was due. I did not take time ti scrutinize his manner of dress.
            There was no need to denegrate him for a few misplaced medals. I wish I had as many.

            The Sgt. Major was the highest NCO rank for enlisted personel. It is common to refer to him as an officer albiet an NCO. He certainly was no PFC in comparison.

            My time in the service was brief as a draftee. However I served with valor and distinction. Those days have never left my mind along with the respect higher ranking members are due.

          • Bill Wood

            LMFAO, AGAIN! 😀

        • Linesman

          mm, in his case, don’t you mean POS?

          • eric

            I was giving him the benefit of the doubt that he might be telling the truth that he was military

          • Linesman

            Yes, thank you for reminding me not to be so quick to judge.

      • Bill Wood

        LMFAO! 😀

      • Linesman

        Yet you come here and harass and attempt to shame others over using their freedom of speech?



        • Crog

          Wrong. Hate speech doesn’t fall under free speech. Laugh at your own ignorance.

          • Linesman

            Do you actually think the ones who confronted him were using hate speech?

  • Mr_Bob_Colorado

    “I am an officer”.. if it weren’t so sad it would be funny.

    • Adam Bird

      I noticed that as well. Someone should have at least done some better homework if they wanted to pull this off.

      • Mr_Bob_Colorado

        Yep, LT is a Navy term and not the same rank. Criminals are generally pretty stupid luckily for us.

      • Richard.Gallagher

        not in my life time maybe col but never LT you would be ripped a new one if you tried

    • Linesman

      almost lmao 😛

  • Donald P Maynard

    This guy should be arrested. Right now.

  • Donald P Maynard

    Check the back of the medals if that’s was the case his name would be on the back of them. He is a poser. Because all my medals have my name on them. Good job Jar Heads ooh rah.

    • Richard.Gallagher

      not all metals earned were engraved I Have 3 rows of ribbons none of my metals have my name on them not even the good conduct metal or the KSA , unless the name engraving is a new thing since Desert Shield/Storm since I got out in 91

  • Omater

    He was not even smart enough to look at a photograph of a real soldier to copy his uniform from.

  • whittierblvd

    some people have no shame…

  • Rob Winburn

    I’m not sure on this one, but I bet that cap on his tooth is not regulation either.

  • Jerry Verdugo

    I remember a while back when a fake impersonator wearing what looked like every medal of heroism, finally admitted that he never served in the American Military. He appeared to “water down” the issue by saying that there is no law against impersonating a military soldier. This strikes me as a serious insult, that a man could/would impersonate an American soldier with decorations that we fought so hard for, and many have died for our cause. It makes me want to beat the c__p out of him so much that I would have to call a sewer tanker to clean up the mess!

  • SylviasDaddy

    I know little about Army uniforms, but I saw immediately that his ENLISTED MAN’S uniform had INFANTRY OFFICER’S brass on the lapels.

    I served six years in the US Navy and four years in the Texas Army National Guard, and this man’s actions are a personal insult to me.

    I wish the Marines had beaten him up.

    • Larry Smith

      they’d have been arrested and CNN would have made this guy into a victim… public humiliation is the best medicine for this guy. .. but I understand your point…

  • Larry Smith

    I’m ex Navy so I don’t know the Army regs but what really gives this guy away is his lack of any military bearing. Anyone who has ever served can probably spot this guy a mile away … I’ve been out for years but I can still tell you straight up every commander I served under, every command and every assignment I ever had. its all in the details. It’s like counterfeit money. If you’ve handled the real thing long enough you can spot a fake from a mile away. This guy is just a lousy crappy actor who needs to feel important. what a sad person really. I used to know a guy like this only he thought he was an EMT… and he’d actually go to accident scenes and try to help until the real EMT’s showed up… thats just the f’d up world we live in… someone should follow up with this guy because he could dress up and become dangerous,

  • Erin

    Punk ass Jar Heads! How dare they challenge a senior NCO! The man has served his country with Valor and not stolen it. Typical Marine bullshit looking for a fight. Go back to Iraq, ya want a real fight!

    • greatgrandmasue

      Please, do the world a favor and get fixed. No ignorant babies from YOU, please.

    • VividVick

      They are harassing this guy instead of serving to protect him. They need immediately stipped of their rank and court marshaled for breaking their oath to the constitution.

  • Mike_Papa_26

    I remember when I was still Navy and on Shore Patrol I saw mt first Army Command Sergeant Major in Dress Blues. My partner thought he was with a band and was going to ask him which one… I recognized the Airborne Wings with combat star and figured he been there and done that. I said go ahead and when he kicks your ass I’ll just laugh. At which point without turning his head the Sergeant Major said…. Thats the right answer! As we walked away I could hear him chuckling…

  • Gunner

    that was painful to watch, that pathetic piece of crap needs to be put in a hole somewhere and forgotten about. I can’t believe people who do this. Personally that Marine deserves a medal for not monkey stomping that wanna be into jelly.

  • Erin

    Punk ass Jar Heads! How dare they challenge a senior NCO! Who appointed them judge and jury. Typical two jarheads looking for a fight. Go back to Iraq ya wanna fight! Get your ass kicked again.

    • greatgrandmasue

      You are too stupid to breed up offspring.

      • Erin

        You mother doesn’t think so.

    • Omater

      Internet courage?

      • Erin

        Yeah make it something else omater

      • Erin

        No cabernet sauvignon

    • Alyssa Bolda

      I found a troll. You sir are asking for the ass kicking.. You should be ashamed and feel bad.. shame on you

      • VividVick

        Remove your fascist self from this counrty

        • Jonathan Rudd

          You are a troll also.

          • Erin

            You guys are reading too many children’s books. There are no trolls lol

      • Erin

        You can kick my ass any day lol

      • Erin

        Kick my ass any day honey!

  • Scott Pam

    Oh you guys missed it: he’s special FARCES. Company Three Stooges.

  • Steve Zero

    he’s an officer bat. sgt. maj., special forces, airborne, mp, serving an tlc, then lt, then lieutenant general, served combat in iraq, afganhistan, Philippines, and kentucky. sounds legit.

  • rocquedog

    Way to go Jarheads!!! That phony POS probably got the idea from Obama the imposter! Hell if O can get away with being POTUS, he thought he could get away with being a Sgt. Major.

  • Conserned

    Chump just a wanna be

  • Guest

    Army regulation 670-1 , Paragraph 30-3 gives a retired of former soldier the right to wear his uniform at public celebrations, weddings, funerals,memorial services and inaugurals

    • Jana Fedon

      But it does NOT give the right to “anyone who wants to make believe they are a Sergeant Major to take a true serviceman’s uniform and wear it public giving the false impression that they themselves ARE the one who earned the medals and awards on that same uniform!” Or….is there a part written that I am missing? It’s sad that people actually stand up for this behavior saying, “if it makes them feel good about themselves let them wear it.” Those medals he had on his chest are medals awarded to men who fought to save LIVES of innocent or fellow troops. And YOU don’t care if someone else wears it just to “feel good”?? Really??? You have NO idea what pride in our country means or what it means to have served with honor or you would NOT be saying this. sad sad sad

      • Erin

        Innocent before guilt aka the Constitution huh?

        • Jana Fedon

          He wore his OWN “guilt” and walked in his own “SHAME”…his inability to show his id card, when in FACT it is CODE part of the uniform, shows his OWN guilt. No one has to prove his guilt but he HIMSELF …and HE did a FIND JOB of it didn’t he?? ha…you should walk with him.

  • Erin

    Army regulations 670-3 , paragraph 30-1 states a former or retired US military serviceman has the right to wear his uniform as it were when he was in service at Weddings, Funerals, Inaugurals and Memorial services , Greatgrandmasue. Keep you comments civil if you know how, Hillbilly!

  • rosemarienoa

    Good job Marines !!! Now watch for the race mongers calling them out for being racist !!!!

  • Frankly Knot

    Here is another white guy doing the same thing. You guys turning this into a race issue are ridiculous.

  • Captain

    unless I saw it wrong he had his PURPLE HEARTS(2) as his LOWEST ranking ribbons-anyone else see that?

  • VividVick

    The true valor is in impersonating a murdering soldier and not actually being a real one, a murder, a baby killer.

    • VividVick

      Then again why would anyone even want to pretend to be a baby killer?

      • Jonathan Rudd

        If you are in the military, like I said, you’re a pencil pusher or a custodian, or some do nothing. Get out. You don’t deserve to wear a uniform.

        • Erin

          All work is honorable asshole!

          • Jonathan Rudd

            It is IF you are honorable, which, you are not.

      • Bill Wood

        LMFAO! 😀

  • Mike M.

    This may have been pointed out before, and/or the uniform has changed, but he seems to be wearing officers pants and an enlisted coat. But what do I know, I retired out of the army 12 years ago

  • Padre David Poedel

    Well done, Marines! We who have worn the uniform of our nation’s Armed Forces are repulsed when someone attempts to defraud fellow citizens by being present at, of all places, a church funeral. As a Pastor who served as a medic in the USAF and USNR, even I saw the major uniform violations in this poser. Had he shown up at my church in Phoenix, I would have dismissed him from my church for being an obvious imposter

    • VividVick

      You would turn a man away from God because he’s wearing a uniform he shouldn’t have on? Are you God?

      • Jonathan Rudd

        The guy was an imposter. If you’re serving like you say you are, you should be pissed. I served, and it ticks me off. Then you say the things you have said. You’re lost.

  • Alyssa Bolda

    Not only does this insult all servicemen/and women from our military, but for me to watch as my dad served in the A.F. for 23 years (of my 25 years of living), I’m blown away.. I can’t even form a thought process in my head of why in God’s name this POS would walk out in public like this, and form such BS.. Where in the right mind did he find this to be acceptable?? I didn’t even make it 3/4 way into the video and my blood is boiling.. Not only should he be Internet-Shamed so everyone can call him out on his BS, he should be beaten and the uniform should be taken.. strip him of this fake honor..

    • VividVick

      I love that people can wear what they want because I and every other service member have taken oath to serve and protect liberty, not to shame and degrade people as the thugs in this video are doing.

      • Jonathan Rudd

        You are not in the military. You’re a liar. Thugs?? They caught this guy impersonating a military member. He should be degraded and shame. You are an idiot.

        • Erin

          No proof of any of that Johnny boy

      • Bill Wood

        STILL LMFAO! 😀

  • VividVick

    Look at at these thugs harassing this black man for wearing what he
    likes in a free country. Thugs are pissed because anyone, yes anyone,
    can wear that damn uniform and feel good about themselves. Any idiot
    off the street can wear that uniform.

  • VividVick

    Look at at these thugs harassing this black man for wearing what he
    likes in a free country. Thugs are pissed because anyone, yes anyone,
    can wear that damn uniform and feel good about themselves. Any idiot
    off the street can wear that uniform.

    • Erin

      Evidently the Sgt. Major passed muster with all the other military personnel at the funeral except a few unemployed out of shape ex jug heads. Have we heard from them?

  • Kevin Meharry

    He wasn’t even wearing the Berea properly, let a lone no Seargent Major would be that ate up, he should be arrested for violating the law. Good job to the Marines

  • Scott Harrison

    I would have ripped the uniform from his body and had him walk home naked.

    • Erin

      Tough old man aren’t you

      • Scott Harrison

        Not really. I believe that actors can wear uniforms for their profession and usually do so with respect. This nut job did it for ego and not very well. He has no right to wear a military uniform, the medals, badges, etc. As our legal system has evolved on the issue of impersonating a soldier, my opinion on how to solve the problem has likewise evolved. Strip him to his t-shirt from the waist up. Let him attempt to press charges. The policeman’s first question will be, ‘Can I see your military ID card?’ At that point the POS will have to explain why he was attending a military funeral in a uniform he has no right to wear. Simple, swift justice for a scumbag.

        • Bill Wood

          Well said.

  • sohoyank

    He kept saying he was an officer. A true SGM would never call himself an officer. He’s enlisted. That’s a huge red flag. Also, you can’t have a grill in the military and his mustache is out of regs. More red flags. Good job, guys.

  • 4ekeller .

    Don’t forget Mr Dewitt, he also called himself an Officer twice before mentioning he was an MP. Seems like he didn’t understand the difference between enlisted and officers. My favorite part is when he said he just returned from Afghanistan where he had been for “6-12 months” Umm, you don’t know how long you were there??? What an idiot, I’m guessing he was in the Army about 20 years ago, didn’t make it honorably through a single term. And it would be nice to see this guy in Leavenworth for about 26 years….(his claimed service time.)

  • Stephen Dalton

    Man, this guy is so ate the F–k up, it’s amazing. If you’re going to put that uniform on, which I really wish you wouldn’t, at least take a look at the regulation that governs the wear of that uniform. Oh yeah, you don’t know what regulation that is! The Marines knew, but this guy that claims to be a Battalion Sergeant Major, which btw is a Command Sergeants’ Major position and you are wearing Staff Sergeant Major rank insignia, which we don’t wear on our headgear. Only officers wear their rank on their headgear. Oh hell, I won’t even go into all the things that are wrong with your uniform, it would be pointless. Just go take it off, now.

  • Voir Dire

    The Stolen Valor Act as some her in the comments have mentioned, has NOT been overturned. It is a felony for this man to portray himself as a lowly private,much less a SGT. Major. However, I have to give him credit for being dumb enough to claim he is both a SGT. Major and an officer.

  • Eric Vazquez

    well done Marines.

  • Anne

    This is disgusting and it is being seen more and more these days. Imagine being at a funeral for a loved one, who sacrificed it ALL. Being with their proud family members in their time of grief, and pretending to have the same valor as the man or women who is being put to rest. It needs to stop, it is offensive in more ways than can be counted! I pray this man is stopped and punished for his crime. Ship him over seas and let him put boots on the ground and serve beside the men and women he is disrespecting!

  • dockilldare

    i cant even begin to say how glad i am not to have been there. i dont think i would have been so kind as these marines were. After all most of what he is wearing i earned during my career. (no silver star or purple heart on my chest however.)

    one would think if you are going to try an impersonate a soldier you would look up the proper wearing of the uniform before doing so.

    this guy needs a serious ass beating and charges filed. a pair of actions i would have been only to happy to assist in. ironically i was a medic and take great pride in the fact that i saved more lives in my career. but this is just over the top, and at a funeral of a real hero. yea my blood is boiling right now and that don’t happen often.

  • KarlJBob

    Bravo Zulu Jarheads.

  • dcm5150

    This guy has some serious mental issues and needs some help.

  • Lester S. Blaylock

    As a veteran of the USMC and the ANG I can tell you that this guy is fake by simply looking at his uniform. He is pretending to be a Sgt.Maj. while wearing the crossed rifles and US insignia of an officer in the Army. Enlisted personnel do not wear these insignia.

    • eric

      AND enlisted rank insignia on his beret, AND the Infantry Blue cord…

      • Bill Wood

        Hey!!! It was prettyyyyyyyy!!!!! 😀

  • Guest

    Kernel Sargent Major Idi Ameen Da Da

  • Don Ely

    Federal offense, plain and simple. Charge him.

  • joshzzz

    Does it really matter? It wasn’t like this guy was collecting a paycheck or anything. Who knows why he did it. Maybe his real life is a living hell as many in this country are experiencing with unemployment loss, lack of job opportunities and lack of healthcare.

    Think of him as simply an actor wanting to feel better about himself for but a few hours. Can he have that?

    BTW, I served in the military. Glad I did! I don’t condemn others for pretending.

  • Josh

    Every loser like this poser in improper disguse, should be treated like a deserter would, during WW2. No exception!
    This schmuck deserves to be charged and fully prosecuted for false representation and being a con. These 2 Marines, who confronted that trash deserve to be cheered.

  • They videotaped his license plate, how hard would it be for the authorities to run that plate and start their investigation there?

  • Mike Santino

    If obama had a son he’d be just like that asshole

  • Paul Nunya

    Gees! ! ! I severed almost 10 years in the Army with two combat deployments. Seeing this joker desecrate the uniform sickens me. What a P.X. raider. I’m so glad you guys called him out on it. Way to go Marines!

  • Tommy-Big Dadt Smith


  • Tommy-Big Dadt Smith

    know it was a funeral but they should have kicked a mudhole in his ass and then stomped it dry

  • Robert Wollenweber

    This scum bag needs to go to jail. This really pisses me off! He is pissing on all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Semper Fi

  • American

    There is no law binding on US citizens regarding what clothes to wear. As a US citizen I have a Constitutionally guaranteed right to wear whatever I want because I am not in your army so stuff it

  • bobby daugherty

    They should have requested to see his Active Duty Military ID by military LAW he must have it on his person 24-7. Look it up all you want I’m a VET & so is every member of my family he committed a crime period.

  • Bo Almond

    AAAAAAAIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! This is the crap that you have to deal with in our country! A faker like this would not have lasted 5 minutes walking down the street after WW2 or Korea! Now these pricks wanting a little attention are everywhere! Public Flogging would be too easy on this piece of S**T!

  • Lauren Dreeben Hayden

    I hate guys like him… but those marines confronted him in a completely unprofessional way… especially for a funeral!

    • What are you smoking? This “man” is beneath contempt.

  • ChitterChatter

    thanks to the supreme court this is okay 🙁

  • Erin

    Now that you have broken your oath to the constitution to serve and protect, you should remove yourself immediately from the USMC. Semper Fi!!

    • pmmarion

      Actually a new law was passed which address the courts objections to the original law.

      (3 Jun 2013)

      The Stolen Valor Act of 2013, introduced in January by Rep. Joe Heck (R-Nev.), “makes it a Federal crime for an individual to fraudulently hold oneself out to be a recipient of any of several specified military decorations or medals with the intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit,” the White House said today, announcing the signing.

  • Erin

    Army regulations 670-3 , paragraph 30-1 states a former or retired US military serviceman has the right to wear his uniform as it were when he was in service at Weddings, Funerals, Inaugurals and Memorial services , Greatgrandmasue. Keep you comments civil if you know how, Hillbilly!

    • Gmoney912

      Sooooo calling someone a hillbilly is civil? This guys uniform was completely out of regs. Why are you defending this dude?

  • Erin

    The Stolen Valor Act Law was turned over by the courts.

  • Erin

    Seems to me a couple of white cracker unemployed chubby
    Marine Bullies,

    • Virgil Hilts

      Well…then you have NO concept of the comportment known as DIGNITY!

  • Bobbie Ann Walker

    I hope they catch the idiot and let a few of our true heroes in uniform give out a punishment that fits this crime. How dare he disrespect a fallen hero like that

  • g121

    I remember when the movie Top Gun came out I was at a bar and a fight broke out because two enlisted guys were trying to act like Naval officers and fighter pilots. They were called out by real F14 pilots. The fight spilled out into the parking lot and the imposters ran to their car. Not the same as what this bozo is doing but it just brought back that memory.

  • Nick the Enforcer

    What is even worse is all the politicians who lie/embellish their service when they run…like we are not going to find out!?

    There are people like this and have been doing this since I was in during Desert Storm and all kinds of companies were giving discounts and stuff to vets. REAL vets need to call these dirt bags out more often!

  • David Egg Philbeck


    • Erin

      To bad you can’t type. I don’t pay any attention to all CAPS

      • David Egg Philbeck

        WHO ASKED YOU TOP PAY ATTENTION TO ALL CAPS..NO ONE HERE ON THIS BLOG DID AND I SURE DIDN’T..Erin.. You’re a dumb ass typical Dummy like most idiots on these blogs
        looking to complain about the most trivial things.why dont you crawl
        back under that rock you came out of and go back to sleep. You’re a
        complete imbecilic turd and a trouble maker and furthermore; I DONT PAY ATTENTION TO RETARDS WHO HAVE LITTLE OR NO EDUCATION AND WHO LIKE TO CRITICIZE OTHER PEOPLE.. CREEP..

  • Guest

    And just who do you think you are impersonating? A fake marine impersonating a bogus Marine LOL

  • Erin

    Some of you have doubt I am genuine. I am a former Vietnam War soldier.

    • Jonathan Rudd

      Sure. Sure you are.

  • Erin

    DOD Directive 1334.1 from Oct 26, 2005

    SUBJECT : Wearing of the Uniform

    3.2. Former members of the Armed Forces, unless under another provision of this Instruction or under the terms of Section 772 of title 10, United States Code (reference (d)), who served honorably during a declared or undeclared war and whose most recent service was terminated under honorable conditions may wear the uniform in the highest grade held during such war service only on the following occasions and in the course of travel incident thereto:
    3.2.1. Military funerals, memorial services, weddings, and inaugurals.

    3.2.2. Parades on National or State holidays; or other parades or ceremonies of a patriotic character in which any Active or Reserve United States military unit is taking part.

    3.2.3. Wearing of the uniform or any part thereof at any other time or for any other purposes is prohibited.
    3.3. Medal of Honor holders may wear the uniform at their pleasure except under the circumstances set forth in paragraph 3.1., above.

  • Erin

    Like the Marines have nothing else to do. No wonder they got their asses kicked in Falludja.

  • Jerry Verdugo

    Pretendinag to be a Sergeant Major is a joke. When I arrived ‘in-country,” I was so hyped up from training that I pretended to be a Sergeant Major just so I wouldn’t have to sleep with the rest of the ground troops. Funny thing is, everybody believed it! Ha, ha! It was funny up until I realized that you just can’t replace experience when under fire. Besides, I didn’t want to jeopardize anyone’s life with a practical joke. It was only for a few hours, then I went back to being a regular ground soldier, I was one of the soldiers that replaced the Marines in 1971.

  • DanDH

    What this POS did is truly despicable and unexcusable….however I need to point out, that while he’s a low life trying to make himself bigger than he can ever be, what he did is not, technically, against the law. The Stolen Valor Act of 2013 states that to be in violation, “…intent to obtain money, property, or other tangible benefit…” must be shown. This POS, from what I saw in the vid is just an idiot who knows absolutely nothing about the Army. He probably was either rejected for enlistment, or failed his drug test in reception.

    I do, however, applaud these two Marines for standing up to this fake.

    USA, Ret

  • blehbsksskk

    it’s not a federal crime anymore. In United States v. Alvarez the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on June 28, 2012, that the Stolen Valor Act was an unconstitutional abridgment of the freedom of speech under the First Amendment, striking down the law in a 6 to 3 decision.

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