Obama’s Amnesty: In Texas, Border Patrol Releasing Illegal Aliens En Masse


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Congress hasn’t responded to his demand to pass amnesty for illegals. So Barack Obama is conducting his own massive amnesty, by releasing illegal aliens into America.

And as word is getting out, they are coming across in huge numbers — to be purposely captured by Border Patrol, who are letting them go — under the guise of “relieving overcrowded detention centers.”

U.S. Border Patrol agents, in conjunction with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have claimed that the increasing practice of releasing so-called “low threat” illegal immigrant detainees to “address the over-crowding of immigration detention centers in south Texas”, according to official confirmation of local reports. But this is nothing new. The Obama DHS has been granting de-facto amnesty — immunity from deportation — to millions of illegal aliens, ever since the infamous Morton Memos back in 2010.

Word travels fast among illegals. It just got easier to cross over, and stay here, thanks to this lawless administration bent on amnesty.

One south Texas television station, KRGV, recently reported instances of “dozens” of women and minors recently released from immigration custody with “documents that allow [them] to travel anywhere in the United States.” They were told to show up to an immigration hearing months from now — but they almost never do. This is amnesty, plain and simple.

UPDATE: We are hearing from a source inside Border Patrol that these women are being released without being checked for either diseases or pregnancy. More details to come…



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