WATCH as This Guy Crashes An Anti-NRA Rally With Kids Being Used As Props To Score Political Points



On Tuesday, MomsRising – an anti-NRA group – rallied in D.C. to support Dr. Vivek Murthy, Obama’s Surgeon General nominee. Murthy’s nomination has been stalled in the Senate, for very good reason.

As TRN has reported, Murthy has called “guns a healthcare issue,” and actually advocated for doctors to spy on their own patients and report if they own guns to the ObamaCare “master database,” a terryfying violation of civil liberties. He has no place in any government position.

Our friend Dan Joseph of MRC-TV was present at the rally. What surprised him the most was not the anti-gun rhetoric used by MomsRising, but rather how they were promoting their message. They cynically dressed their children in scrubs in order to pressure senators to support Vivek’s nomination. But when Joseph interviewed one of the dressed-up kids, the child had no idea what he was supporting.


Using children to push a personal agenda is one of the lowest forms of politics. The least groups like MomsRising could do is to pick kids who actually understand what they are being asked to do.


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