WATCH: Concealed Carry Hero Nabs Five Fugitives Who Eluded Police (Video)


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

It’s not a good year for anti-gun nuts to make their case against concealed-carry handguns.

First of course we have the businesses who stupidly banned such guns from their establishments, from Jack In The Box to Target to local restaurants — and immediately were victimized by armed criminals who knew they would face no resistance.

Then we saw the bar owner who openly welcomed customers packing guns, and saw a huge boost in her business.

Now comes the incredible story of a concealed carry permit holder in Iowa who helped police nab five men who led officers on a wild police chase that ended with the suspects crashing into a yard in a residential neighborhood.

KFXA-TV carried the story:

The Linn County Sheriff’s office says the incident began when officers responded to reports of shots fired in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When police later tried to pull over a vehicle that matched the description of the car involved in the shooting incident, the suspects led police on a chase all the way to Solon, Iowa.

The suspects ended up crashing into a resident’s front yard, running over a child’s play house in the process. Police say five men then exited the vehicle and took off on foot.

Responding to the commotion were neighbors Tim Moore and Scott Eastwood. Moore says they witnessed the men tossing drugs and a firearm in his yard at one point.

Then they saw a deputy fall and severely injure his shoulder as he pursued the five suspects.

That’s when Moore and Eastwood — a concealed carry permit holder — bravely decided to jump in and help stop these dangerous thugs.


KFXA-TV identifies the suspects as:

20 yr. old Kaven Willie Parks of Cedar Rapids
23 yr. old Aaron Michael Scott of Cedar Rapids
18 yr. old Marcus Dejohn Wallace of Cedar Rapids
27 yr. old Marcus Lamont Long of Cedar Rapids
15 yr. old male juvenile.

The injured deputy’s condition is not known at this time but he was being treated at St. Luke’s Hospital.

Eastwood also left to go to the hospital, but not for any injuries resulting from the chase.

He was on his way to the hospital to visit his wife and newborn daughter, born just the day before.

Congratulations, Scott and wife!

Kudos to Tim Moore and Scott Eastwood. Their heroic actions potentially saved lives and made their community a whole lot safer tonight — and showed that, indeed, “a good guy with a gun” can make all the difference.


P.S. As Bearing Arms’ Bob Owens noted: MAKE MY DAY!…noting that the hero in this story was named “Eastwood”. Love it!

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  • Ted

    HEROS! Unfortunately the government under Obama is placing Citizens and Law Enforcement into chaotic situations.

    • bilupiwoli

      Start working at home with Google! It’s by-far the>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO AND HELP

  • Go Back to Mexico

    I would LMAO if Tim lived next door to a guy named Charles or Bronson! LoL! Great story!

    • durabo

      I bet Eastwood whispered, “Go ahead, punks: MAKE MY DAY!”

  • ki-lee


  • Jerome J Manne

    The current president names them ‘terrorists’.

  • Philip Marlowe

    This is a perfect example of the use of firearms by a Citizen Militia.

  • Kelly Murdock

    Enough with the thug gangsters it time to protect our own ! Had there been children in that playhouse things could have ended very tragically ! Hero’s to say the least !

  • tintruder

    I knew it was TNB before I watched the video.

  • TeaPartyPat949
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