WATCH: Awful ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Guess Will Make Your Brain Hurt (Video)



In the words of Pat Sajak, “Uh, no.”

During tonight’s Wheel of Fortune, a contestant named Stephen made game show history with one of the most absent-minded guesses of all time.


After the contestants had uncovered all but four of the letters in the puzzle, spelling out “S_RF C_ _Y _ERE WE COME,” Stephen rang in with his guess — a confident, “Surf clay, were we go.”

Poor Stephen. Fortunately, another contestant rang in with the correct answer, “Surf city here we come,” a reference to The Beach Boys’ song, “Surf City.”

But the real question remains: What is surf clay?

CORRECTION: As numerous readers have informed us, “Surf City” was actually sung by Jan & Dean — but it was indeed written by Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. Thank you everyone for your feedback!

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