WATCH: Arizona GOP Overwhelmingly Passes Resolution in Support of Sheriff Joe Arpaio


by Susan Frommer | Top Right News

As we reported earlier this week, the Maricopa County Republican Party — which represents more than 60% of all Republicans in Arizona —  voted to condemn Sen. John McCain for his constant treachery against his own citizens and party.

McCain betrayed his constituents by promising to secure the border, complete the fence, and oppose amnesty — and then stabbed Arizona in the back by doing just the opposite. So Arizona Republicans censured him in an unprecedented, landslide vote.

But at the very same meeting, a man who will never betray his constituents, America’s citizens and his oath of office — Sheriff Joe Arpaio — received an overwhelming vote of confidence. Republicans supported Arpaio against the endless witch hunts by everyone from Obama’s Justice Department, to the ACLU to the biased judge now trying to shut Joe down. All have failed, and Arpaio continues to fight for the rule of law on immigration — which has made him many enemies among the ruling elite.

The Resolution Supporting Sheriff Joe Arpaio passed with a vote of:  YES  1,249  NO  247 — a nearly 6-to-1 margin.

Way to go Sheriff Joe!

WATCH THE VIDEO of some citizens’ comments before the vote…


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  • pat

    I am a democrat and have supported democrats for years. Now, i feel like we are being sold out by our government and i am more than furious. Living in Illinois is becoming a nightmare with Illegal Aliens and an Illinois Congressman Luis Guiterrez finds it his only job is to help Illegal Aliens and turned his back on the citizens, along with our Governor and many other democrats. I ONLY WISH WE HAD A SHERIFF ARPAIO here to help us. When our country is short on jobs and Illegals undercutting wages in construction and many other jobs that was the backbone of the American Middle Class, the idea of legalizing millions of Illegals is outrageous. I SUPPORT SHERIFF JOE, I WILL COME ELECTION TIME PLACE MY VOTE AGAINST ANY WHO SUPPORT LEGALIZING THESE LAWBREAKERS INCLUDING THE POLITICIANS WHO ARE BREAKING THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY.

    • Guest

      So, are you going to start voting GOP or continue voting against yourself?

      • pat

        I am going to look very carefully at candidates next election, I actually voted for Hillary in the primaries but i know that she is for the legalization of Illegals. This is going to be tough because I don’t want someone Extreme right either. Most likely a Rep. Governor in this state i will vote for. 2016 is going to be a tough decision will have to see who runs. Christie was someone i was looking at but he just signed a bill allowing Illegals to get college grants when he said he wouldn’t. It’s all about the vote for them and i am just disgusted. Who knows by 2016 we all may need to learn spanish and that’s no joke.

  • Freedomrequiresresponsibility

    Pat, voting democrat is why you don’t have a Joe Arpaio. The party you vote for is constantly working AGAINST The United States Constitution, you get what you voted for…..just like Detroit….

  • Reiki-ology Master Healing

    I agree with him on immigration and to put McCain out to pasture, but thats as far as it goes. This man has been tyrannical in Arizona and his “Constituents” fear him. He has something on everyone, period! But Id like to see Joe close the border, refuse to play the disarming of citizens game, deport who isnt legally here, and stop the drug inflow. $$$ has been the driving force and thats why none of this was done. Where was the deportations from 2001-2006 when they were here taking all our building jobs?/Where was the deportation bus? Instead, the rental community was told we would get int trouble (lose our jobs) if we ever asked for a green card again. Where was Mr Tough guy? Turning a blind eye and getting his palm skinned, thats where.

  • Sonia Garcia

    Interesting to see so many like minds gathered here. Never did any of these brilliant genius speakers ever mention the genocidal bloody foundation in which this country was founded upon. These people being slaughtered here on this GOP circus are part of the Indigenous Natives, the European invaders viciously mass massacred. Moreover, they themselves ( the psychopathic speakers) continue this racial hatred legacy of white supremacy and continue to persecute their ancestor’s victims of the biggest holocaust in the world- the one perpetrated by the Europeans that invaded our territory almost exterminating our entire population. Such hypocrites, never mentioned their own crimes only persecuting natives, whom according to their CURRENT laws are considered illegal aliens. Never did they mention that it was their own ancestors the biggest terrorists, criminals, rapists, thieves and mass murderers in the entire history of our continent. The bloodbaths of Indigenous blood is still fresh in their hands and breath as they speak in support of that psychopathic megalomaniac of Jose Sampayo, oops, it’s joe arpaio, no caps for this disciple of hitler (no caps for this genocidal monster either). That clown’s DNA came from some ghetto in Italy on ships and continue to contaminate our land with such venomous mentality. It’s simple, since you, joe arpia (means vicious animal, a vulture to be more precise) or arpaio or whatever, don’t like the way things are here on OUR HOMELAND- you can deport yourself back to your motherland which is Europe! Also any of his kiss *sses can do the same. Things were fine here in OUR Anahuac before any European terrorists ever came to invade and contaminate our land. The people these psychopaths are continuing to victimize are part of the 5% survivors of the Native Indigenous tribes their European terrorist ancestors brutally slaughtered! In a court of law any criminal who shows no remorse for their past crimes and who continue to victimize the victims are immediately placed in high security prisons, awaiting either execution or life in prison terms. Moreover, professionals conduct case studies of these anti-social psychopaths. In our modern times, these psychopaths, gather in GOP roundups circuses.

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