Voter Posts Video Showing Machine Switching from GOP to Democrats, As Fraud Reports Mount Nationwide

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by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Even if the national media is avoiding reporting on the midterm elections like the plague, most Americans seem prepared to punish Barack Obama and Democrats at the polls one week from today.

But Democrats may have a magic bullet to prevent disaster and save the Senate for Obama and Harry Reid: outright fraud.

That Democrats engage in massive fraud at the polls is nothing new. Back in 2011, in his epic piece “Stealing the Election of 2012,” Roger Hedgecock detailed how Democrats engaged in massive fraudulent registrations of illegal aliens, felons and the dead in California and elsewhere, while fighting Voter ID laws tooth and nail.

Last week, the Washington Post released a shocking study showing that the illegal votes of non-citizens handed North Carolina to Barack Obama in 2012, and perhaps other states, and gave him the 60 votes to push through ObamaCare through the fraudulent election of Sen, Al Franken in 2008.

Last week GOP Illinois State Rep. Jim Moynihan said he tried to vote for himself and other Republicans and the electronic voting machine switched his votes to Democrats. Officials blamed a “very rare calibration error,” and some Democrats actually accused him or lying or exaggerating his claims.

With those doubts in mind, another voter in Moline, Illinois early-voted yesterday in the Moline Public Library, and remarkably found the same, “very rare” error when he too tried to vote for Republicans. But this time, he had his camera phone rolling, and sent us his video.


He posted it to YouTube, where it is not yet viral but we expect it may be quite soon.

Also breaking today comes news of similar, oh-so-“rare” “errors” in machines in Maryland. By remarkable coincidence once again, this “error” once again seems to be only changing Republican votes to Democrats:

“When I first selected my candidate on the electronic machine, it would not put the ‘x’ on the candidate I chose — a Republican — but it would put the ‘x’ on the Democrat candidate above it,” reported Donna Hamilton.

“This happened multiple times with multiple selections. Every time my choice flipped from Republican to Democrat. Sometimes it required four or five tries to get the ‘x’ to stay on my real selection,” the Frederick, Md., resident said Thursday.

Queen Anne County Sheriff Gary Hofmann said he encountered the problem, too.

The Democrats will pull out all the stops to keep the Senate in Reid and Obama’s hands. If you suspect fraud, report it. If you don’t trust your machines, ask for a paper ballot. And by all means, PLEASE VOTE next Tuesday, and send a clear message to Obama, Reid and the Corruptocrats.



  • William Stearns

    it is no surprise that electronic voting machines do not mark correctly. If you can program it you cam tell it to do anything you want. I’m surprised that it changes that quickly I would suspect that the most efficient way to commit voter fraud is to let it mark the picks and then switch them all to your rigged outcome when the voter hits the submit button so that it wouldn’t be caught so fast.

  • dhakalia

    Did you know that George Soros owns controlling interest in the Diebold Voting Machine Company? Which is all the voting machines for all US elections. Does anyone else think this might be a conflict of interest?

    Kind of like the fox guarding the chicken coop.

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    • lisa
      • powertool79

        Where politics is concerned, take the lefties at snopes with a grain or maybe a shaker of salt.

        • Keli Grantham Steadham

          I never believe snopes. They’re not neutral at all and I’ve seen many instances where its been proven they outright lied.

          • Jason Tuttle

            Name one instance where Snopes outright lied. I’ll wait.

          • Keli Grantham Steadham

            Lol……keep on waiting. I’ve seen the instances but didn’t bother to keep track of them and I’m not going to go searching for them to satisfy your curiosity. Believe me or not, I don’t care. IF I run across one, I’ll post it. But if you’re going to hold your breath waiting for me to search for something YOU can search for, you’re going to suffocate. Lol. Honestly, I don’t care if you believe me or not.

          • Jason Tuttle

            You made the claim, you provide the evidence. And of course I don’t believe you. Do you really think any sane person in the world should believe something on the basis of ‘I’ve seen it, but can’t show it to you’? This is the logic of an 8 year old. Unless of course you are actually 8 years old, in which case my answer is, awww, that’s adorable sweetie, now run along and play with the other children.

          • Meekrob

            They said Algore never claimed to invent the internet, then linked to the interview where he made that claim. You’re welcome.

          • Jason Tuttle

            The Snopes article is pretty clear. What part of it confuses you? You can watch the interview or read the transcript of the interview. Al Gore never made any claim that he invented anything. “To claim that Gore was seriously trying to take credit for the ‘invention’ of the internet is, frankly, just silly political posturing that arose out of a close presidential campaign.”

      • Brad Short

        I’ll let you decide if it matters, but Snopes is owned and operated by two Major contributors to President Obola.

        • Keli Grantham Steadham

          They are a husband and wife team who do their research just like the rest of us…….via the internet. And if they can’t find something, they make it up or go with their opinion. Which has been proven liberal.

        • Jason Tuttle

          Lol, no. The wife is Canadian citizen and cannot contribute to American political campaigns. The husband was a registered Republican as recently as 2000. Seriously, do you not bother to do even a little of your own research before repeating things you hear?

          • Brad Short

            swing and a miss Jason Tutle. Lol. I’m glad you show such a firm grasp of our system.

          • Jason Tuttle

            Oh, right. Sorry, I forgot, we’re trying to trick gullible Republicans into believing obvious lies. Yes, Barbara and David Mikkelson are like, evil Democrat billionaires who are secretly funding an entire web of Democrat mis-information. I bet they own too. In fact, let’s just start claiming that, it’s not like any Republicans ever bother to check anything, even though it would only take 2 seconds. After all, if the lie sounds good enough, they’ll just believe it because it confirms their bias and after all, Democrats are just communists. Probably fascists too. Doesn’t matter that those things are opposites and that fascism is inherently conservative in nature. We can just call them that and the echo squad will repeat it until it’s true. Oh, and all democrats are gay too. In fact, I bet Barbara is actually a man and the Mikkelsons’ are just gay-married bible burning homosexuals. Republicans will believe that, after all, they’ll believe anything.

          • Brad Short

            You’re so smart. We’re jealous. Lol.

          • Meekrob

            That’s good projection.

          • Brad Short

            Can’t contribute by law, and can’t contribute by Liberal standards are two entirely different things. Obama has been caught in literally hundreds of lies for political gain.

    • Jude

      I read about this after the 2012 elections posted by a man who said he worked on a program that could flip the votes from Republican to Democrat. He psted on line and said it was reported but no one did a thing about it, Eric Holder certain;y wasn’t going to do a thing about it, they kept saying it was a rare thing , I know in my heart Obama didn’t not win in 2012 , I come from a small town and know we have voter ID and no one, no Democrat or Republican voted for Obama it appears it was across the nation that he was not favored to win and yet miraculously he did,

      • Scott

        Yep you know in your heart…must be a fact then, just an example of sheer conservative denial, ignorance and continued living in a fantasy world.

        • Keli Grantham Steadham

          Must be a case of sheer liberal idiocy, bashing a person for simply stating their feelings.

        • Dale Burris

          Funny Ohio THE state that PUT obama back in office has no VOTER I D law and on election night the WHOLE state was RED EXCEPT TWO spots of BLUE are you telling me that MORE people live in TWO spots THAN ALL REST OF THE STATE???????????????????????????????????DENIAL I think not

          • Dgwp

            funny how that is Diebolds home state as well.

          • Jason Tuttle

            Um, Diebold doesn’t make any voting machines anymore. They sold that unit in 2009.

          • Dgwp

            actually in 2010 when the sale was approved. but then a decade of vote fixing doesn’t change with a sale.

            all the electronic voting systems are easily tricked, hacked, and votes can be diverted with zero paper trail.

        • Billie Standley

          SOME people Do have a heart and Guts to go with it. I don’t believe Obama won fairly.

      • Greg Anson,U.S.N.(Ret)

        I do not think Obama won fairly either. A majority of this country cannot be this stupid.

    • ed5466

      That would be headline news if he were a Republican!

    • Nannette McGowan

      Diebold sold off their susiduary making electronic voting machines in 2009 to Electronic Election Solutions. That decision was made after their CEO had a fundraiser for G.W.Bush in 2003 and Democrats claimed there was voter fraud. It took 6 years to find a buyer and finalize the sale.

      If Democrats thought that Hispanics were disgusted with their failed policies and would vote Republican, I bet they’d favor Voter ID laws and close the borders.

    • FingerBlisters

      More like MSNBC guarding the chicken coop.

    • Ladydonnalands

      Wag the tail is what it sounds like.

    • boys3rsk

      This EXPLAINS why Obama WON in 2008, and 2012. Everyone I know was voting for Romney, he was ahead in most polls. Obama STOLE the states of Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. These demorats have voter fraud down to a science, and the republicans do NOTHING about it.I believe this next election will have the most voter fraud in every state like no other election. Semper Fi

  • Dana Lind

    We still use paper votes, but during the 2012 Election we had bus loads of people from Chicago coming up here to vote.. and it was never reported or anything done about it. I’m sorry but Voter ID would put a stop to a lot of illegal votes being cast.

    • Ferrari fan

      you shouldn’t be sorry about voter ID laws. Anything that helps to reduce voter fraud is a good thing.

    • Buck Torre

      we all know that a-hole in office didnt win w e just let it go thats all done were gonna make sure of it this time

  • Craig Burns

    Maybe he should try actually clicking on the actual name instead of the line between the two names… His fingertip OBVIOUSLY touches the top of the line. Reading is another effective way to see if you clicked on the one you wanted… This is a pathetic video of “voter fraud”…

    • vicki8881

      Thank you Craig – I was just going to post the exact same thing. We have to be better than the Democraps.

    • Lindsey West Ashcraft

      Are you a Democrat? lol. Yes, it would appear that the top of his fingertip does touch the top of the line, but OBVIOUSLY his FINGERPRINT touched the box marked Republican! Did you notice how it disappeared? I personally would have tried to tap on the actual name but I think it’s obvious that you’re supposed to tap on the box. It should be that easy….click on the box that you actually select and then submit your vote! None of this wishy, washy crap!

    • Starcitygal

      Why does the box for the repub disappear if he isn’t pressing that spot? He certainly is NOT pressing anything for the democrap, so why does it mark it? I think it is a valid video of a voting problem with the machines. And we all know of the penchant dems have for improper voting tactics. This is not a stretch. I remember well the mind readers deciphering the pregnant and hanging chads.

      • Americansaregullible

        Show it to me with the entire screen visible and perhaps I’ll consider it to be in any way credible…

        • Earthgal

          Yeah it looks like this person hit a little high on the screen.

          • 3VWdriver

            Just because it Looks like the finger is ‘hitting high’ does not mean it Is. The pad of the finger hits Below where the top of the finger shows.

          • Gern

            Ah, that makes sense…in BIZARRO WORLD! So we should now assume the opposite of what we see. OK. I’ll see if I can warp my mind into that freakish state of disrepair and march on…in the absurd way of so many fubared Americans.

          • Buck Torre

            aww whats wrong, afraid you might have to work for your entitlement checks , hmmmm…. gotta be a big boy when the repubs do welfare reform….. huh gotta stop sucking the teet of the workers give up your food card hmmmm

          • Keli Grantham Steadham

            The finger isn’t hitting high. It is dead on the rep box, but the dem box is chosen.

          • Lisa B

            The vote actually registers right *before* the pad of his finger hits. The vote registers when his finger hovers over the bottom of the top box for a split second. Same thing happens on my iPad when my finger hovers just over the screen….it thinks I’ve clicked even though I haven’t.

          • Keli Grantham Steadham

            Not even a little bit

      • Stan Bryars

        The Republican box disappears for the same reason the Dem block changes color, because the Dem box was chosen

        It looked a little like camera angle manipulation to me. I also wondered why he would be pressing the line for the Republican but the box for the Dem, and why he would not have pressed the lne below the Republican choice in the second example where three choices were given

        • ed5466

          Did you even watch the video?

          • Keli Grantham Steadham

            Couldn’t have. His finger was dead on the rep box.

          • ed5466

            I agree! He pressed Rep selection.

          • Keli Grantham Steadham

            There is no way to say it other than that. I don’t understand where these people get that he didn’t hit right on the republican box. If anything, the top of his finger MIGHT have touched the line, but that wouldn’t have selected the democrat box unless it was calibrated to do just that.

          • Starcitygal


          • Stan Bryars

            Yes , that’s how I know what happened.
            Did you?

    • Carolb610

      That’s what I thought. I kept thinking that he was getting what he was clicking and couldn’t understand the problem. Then as I watched again I could see he was touching the line, not the check box. Looks like he was wanting an error. It should be easy to know you click on the box next to who you want to vote for, not the line above it.

      • Kenyan Mocker

        Why would touching the line produce any result? Touch in the box or no vote. If touching the line is a vote then it should have gone to the Republican since these should also be heat sensitive and his finger was below the line.

      • ed5466

        So if your finger touches the line shouldn’t it not register a vote? if anything his finger is clearly inside the lower box yet it registers for the upper box. Like a hanging chad right?

    • Pha

      Obvious my ass! Put aside your bias and look again. He did it the same way for a democrat. If this was a case of switching from democrat picks to Republican, you would be screaming for someones head instead of saying it is a pathetic video. Your response is a most pathetic one yourself.

    • Chaos

      Unlike the other fools, I agree. Touch screens are easy to show their “sensitive” side. Just by moving your finger and using a tip to press one area but make it look like the other area. And about the box disappearing. He did not even re-touch the screen to prove that he can change his vote before officially casting. IF THIS WAS REAL, he would ask for help, show that the computer is fraud, and demand a paper, but instead, he does it multiple times, angling his fingers perfectly to the democrats but looking republican. I do it all the time with my phone by accident. And if you are scared of this, why not use one of those pens that have the tips that interact with touch screens. They are better since they are not fat fingers and can press the button with more accuracy.

    • ed5466

      He was in the Republican box and it’s check box even disappears! Are you really that gullible? What if this were reversed in the Republicans favor? You would be throwing a fit right now!

    • Daddie Doodie

      I agree. This isn’t a clear depiction of fraud. Anyone who uses touch screen devices like a Smartphone should be able to see that he’s clicking in an odd location. I’d like to see someone clearly click the Republican candidate’s box and see what happens. I’m a Republican, but I can’t just jump on the bandwagon unless I feel it’s a true case of fraud.

      • 3VWdriver

        Maybe not “jump on the bandwagon”, but at least this might make people more aware and pay closer attention when voting.

    • Keli Grantham Steadham

      I just watched and he hit straight on the republican box, not above, not on the line. Straight on. And the dem box was chosen. There is no way you could think he was hitting the line unless uoi are in complete denial and still get a thrill IP your leg when Obama speaks. Smh.

  • 3VWdriver

    If the machine I vote on changes my vote, I am thinking my reaction just might make the newspapers…I am THAT INCENSED about voter Fraud. If a person or party is so despicable that they will CHEAT to get a vote, they do NOT deserve to be on a ballot… ANY ballot.

    • Sharon ODonnell

      Introducing VoteStand, America’s first online election fraud reporting app. VoteStand provides you the online tools and support you need to quickly report suspected election illegalities as they happen.

      Now you can join with citizens across the country to protect voters’ rights!

      Now availiable for iOS and Android.

      • 3VWdriver

        Thank You for that site. I WILL look into it.

      • Keli Grantham Steadham

        If my vote is changed, I wont NEED that site. Everyone will already know about it because I will, as they say here in Georgia, SHOW OUT.

    • MeeshaWoodstock

      Be sure to report it immediately if this happens…It happened to me personally…St. Louis County

      • 3VWdriver

        No Worries! I will be Loud and Angry WHERE I STAND at the first indication the machine is trying to manipulate/change my voting.

    • ann

      If the machine is broke, smash it with a hammer.

      • 3VWdriver
        • FingerBlisters

          Video tape, like this guy did, and then smash the machine. Complain that the machine is broken and try another. Repeat as necessary.

          • 3VWdriver

            LOL !! (“Mine’s ‘broke’, may I please have another?”)

          • 3VWdriver

            I like the “repeat as necessary” !!
            We NEED to return to paper ballots and NO CHADS , Or people checking to prevent those stupid ‘hanging’ chads. (What a crock).

    • alnga

      And they have been cheating for years even in cities where they had little opposition.

    • Greg Anson, U.S.N. (Ret)

      Your’e so right!

  • 3VWdriver

    Since George Soros is so ANTI-American and against freedoms, what the hell is he doing having ANY ‘interest’ in the voting machines we vote on? Crap on this…I had rather vote on paper or cards. He has NO BUSINESS having ANY thing to do with America’s voting..whatsoever.

    • Pro American

      it’s so hard for me to believe that ANY voting ballots would be electronic when it’s so easy to rig anything electronic. They should always be on paper and hand counted. There’s no question that the 2012 Presidential election was about fraud. Too many people that voted for the marxist pig in ’08 were not going to vote for the lying marxist pig in ’12. there should be Polling officers at every polling booth in the Country along with voter ID requirements. it’s too important for our future and security.

      • Keli Grantham Steadham

        They can change paper votes as well. Just count it as a dem vote. No one is the wiser unless a recount is called for. People can be bought.

      • Jason Tuttle

        Um, the 2012 election came out more or less exactly as every independent poll predicted. The only people who got it wrong were the people being paid by Romney. The idea that there was some sort of hidden massive fraud is insane. The Democratic party is run by a bunch of nitwits, they aren’t capable of perpetuating fraud on that kind of level.

        • Pro American

          Not even close to the Polls, but who cares about polls? they are only to mislead. Asking a 1,000 people their opinion when there are over 300 Million people in this country is irrelevant. There were reports of people voting multiple times, dead people voting, an entire County in Ohio voting 100% for Obama, same thing happened in Oregon. Fraud is exactly what the National Socialist party did. All you have to do is throw the swing states into your favor and count on the Blue states to win. Billions of dollars coming from the wealthy that have plenty to gain by helping the Furor, BHO.

          • Jason Tuttle

            First, I get the Nazi analogy, it’s cute, but I’m sure you knew the Nazis were hyper conservatives, right? So you’re saying the current Democratic administration is more conservative than the Republicans/Tea Party? There’s some confusion in the message there. Second, your information regarding voter fraud is factually deficient. No county in Ohio voted 100% for Obama. The county that is frequently alleged to have done so, Wood County, had a very normal voter turnout (64k ballots cast out of 108k registered voters) and of its 97 precincts, the precinct with the most Obama votes only went Democratic by 75%, also quite normal. As far as Oregon, a simple review of the election results shows that no county voted 100% for Obama. The closest to that was Multnomah County, which voted 75% for Obama. As this is the home of the liberal bastion of Portland, Oregon, this is completely normal. Considering your position is based primarily on false or incorrect information, do you want to re-evaluate your stance?

          • Pro American

            First Jason, your analogy or definition of the Nazi party is completely inaccurate. Liberal, no, but that is exactly what the Democrat party is. They have become so Fascist that the only definition that fits their agenda is parallel to the National Socialist party, aka Nazi’s. You may find it outrageous, but the more I watch the left winged pigs speak, the laws they write and shove down our throats, it’s clear how they’ve become complete fascists. My numbers are correct, you’re BS comes from indoctrination.

          • Jason Tuttle

            Provide the source of your claim that a county in Ohio and a county in Oregon both voted 100% for Obama. You should also look up what Fascism is. It does not mean what you seem to think it means.

          • Dudley

            According to Mussolini fascism should be called corporatism. It certainly seems as if we have a corporatist system going here.

            Too much bureaucracy from the war party.

          • Jason Tuttle

            The supposed quote from Mussolini (“Fascism should be more properly called corporatism, since it is the merger of state and corporate power.”) appears to have been invented around 2004, about 60 years after the death of Mussolini. There are no source references prior to 2004 that have been identified. Hilariously, it appears to have been made up by left-wing Democrats to criticize their characterization of the George W. Bush presidency as being pro-business, anti-American citizen.

          • Dudley

            It seems that I stand corrected on the quote, I can’t find anything definitive one way or the other.

            I do still feel that large corporations have too much political clout, which they use to regulate small businesses/competition into oblivion.


          • Jason Tuttle

            No disagreement here.

          • Pro American

            Fascism: a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism. Obama and the Democrats to a “T”

    • Jason Tuttle

      You’re right, George Soros doesn’t have any business being involved in voting machines. Fortunately for you, he isn’t. He has no interest in any company that makes or sells voting machines.

  • Mike Santino

    the only way dems can win

  • Wuz nt Me

    I honestly don’t get this… If this is, in fact, an intentional act of fraud then why do it like this…?
    The machines could be programed to show the correct vote yet count the wrong vote completely unseen by the voter. There are just so many ways to do it without being so obvious.
    OK, so let’s say this doesn’t go as deep as from-the-factory. If this is happening at the end of the line; like by the officials at a particular voting precinct then, is there a setup-menu option for “do the opposite”? Maybe a switch in the back for “Fraud on/off”..?
    To me it’s like the possibility that an ATM manufacturer would send out ATM machines with a free money setting…

    On the other hand, if it’s a calibration issue with the touchscreen then… wtf? Each of those machines probably cost as much as a late-model used car and the service contract cost could probably feed a small nation. Why such crap tech and how is there an excuse for letting even one of them go live without catching it?

    • Not Anonymous

      I think it was “supposed” to do that, in regards to showing the vote you want, yet giving it to someone else. I just think they programmer screwed up. Simple as that.

      • Wuz nt Me

        I considered that but, these machines don’t get programmed individually. If the problem were as deep as the programming then every machine would have the same issue.

  • IrishGuy7798

    This happened the other way in the last presidential election.

    The machine changed votes for Obama to votes for Romney…–taken-offline.html

    • Sharon ODonnell

      yeah ummm 2 different ones caught in IL. and now Maryland .voting booth changes – mkay another irregularity from flukeville.USA :/

      • IrishGuy7798

        So, you think it’s a conspiracy, and not just technical glitches?


        • Meekrob

          Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.

          • IrishGuy7798

            Enemy action? LOL

            At what point did you become a drama queen?

  • Lee Schmidt

    Chicago-style politics…available again nation-wide.

    • Meekrob

      The whole country is Chicago now.

  • cdo12

    Rock Island also has 110, 000 citizens (children included) but 125,000 registered voters.

  • Not Anonymous

    This is an example of the powers that be assuming people are stupid. How many people will not even notice that has happened.

    I think they were told by programmers it will vote for the democrat- but visually it will not show that you have. The coding was screwed up and it IS revealing that error.

    The real question is that when it happens to a person, what guarantee do we have that it is corrected.

  • Dan Coogan

    I watched the video, it looks like he is pressing just above the line, i.e. on the democrat space.

    • Carolb610


  • It looks like the touch area for the democrat has been widened and the republican narrowed.

  • Desdinova March

    While I would not at all be surprised if this was deliberate, after seeing this video, it makes me wonder… I know that when I use an iPad, I have to be very careful where my fingertip applies pressure to the screen, and I frequently select the wrong link accidentally. It seems that the fingers in this video may be touching just a tad high. This *may* be where the “calibration error” comes in. The machine may be designed to select the lower candidate if you touch (for example) the bottom half of the lower checkbox, and anything above that selects the top candidate. Or perhaps if you touch the space just above the lower check box, the upper one is selected, etc.etc. I’d really like to try one of those machines in question and see it matters WHERE the lower check box is touched.

  • mtin

    This is just a calibration issue *wink*

  • AntiSoros

    WE THE PEOPLE must stop this as it is simply unacceptable. Since the MSM won’t step in and even report it, we must do it.
    We should demand that the FBI confiscate EVERY machine BEFORE any elections are held, perform an audit and indict those that are guilty of attempting to manipulate our electoral process.

  • Cat Carillo

    Like a third world country. Shameful

  • Bob

    The new Democratic montra…”If you can’t beat ’em, cheat ’em.”

    • boys3rsk

      Voter fraud is now an epidemic in America. The democrats have got it down to a science. Now they have th illegals voting, plus these electronic machine all over America. We HAVE to get voter I.D. in EVERY state or we will never have an HONEST election again. I believe these communists have THIS election rigged to keep the senate. That is HOW Obama won both times. Harry Reid used them to get reelected. Semper Fi

  • francesca9

    sounds like we need to start this election all over again. how many illegal votes have there been. it was shown after the last election how easy it is to calibrate these machines to do this. funny how there was never any report of it switching dems to republicans. voter fraud at its finest and we need to protest. each one of these areas needs to revote if there is no way of crosschecking each vote.

  • jackbone

    Calibration is real folks.

  • jackbone

    It doesn’t matter if it is electronic or paper. The dems have people come in and stuff the boxes with ballot cards. Voter fraud has been real for many years. This is the only way dems can get elected.

  • ExVaultDweller

    I believe that the whole government is corrupt beyond repair and in need of restructuring!

  • Wicked93

    The elections are supposed to be the voice of the people, when the people are silenced the country is in trouble. Our country is being destroyed from within… oh look, Dancing With the Stars is on!

  • ed5466

    Now we know why they were so confident in 2012 and seem to be this year as well even though polls( they could be incorrect but a lot of different polls for each race makes it more unlikely) show Republicans heavily favored. Liberals still won’t believe this even with video proof!

  • MeeshaWoodstock

    Pass this along,,,
    Everyone using the Voting Machines should be aware of this….
    It happened to Ken and myself on Oct 3 when we voted early because we are working on November 4 as Election Judges…

  • Kevin Hoyes

    I can’t even begin to describe how much this pisses me off, and i think every Democrat should be charged with voter fraud ! it is no accident and it is definately not a glitch. this was setup this way on purpose to get the evil democraps elected and i am tired of there bullshit tactics, sorry for the language but these idiots really make me mad !

  • powertool79

    Start dragging people into court NOW!

  • Bart Hawkins

    Anyone surprised?

    It gets better.

    Wait until you recognize that the data amalgamation algorithm is also flawed.

    I predict Democrats will GAIN in the House and hold the Senate.

    Anyone take the bet? Bueler? Anyone?

  • Chuck

    They’re hitting the wrong thing with the top of their finger. It doesn’t even look like they’re trying to vote correctly. Look at the vote for Cheri Bustos, it’s a lot more obvious. Another (badly) staged gotcha video.

  • Tim Aker

    Screw the machines, request a paper ballot. We The People can not afford for the Democraps to steal this election.

  • DrCrimwitt

    How is it that voter fraud is a “magic bullet” for the Dems. Does this mean that we are to just accept it as if voter fraud is a right for Democraps?

    If there is voter fraud, then all Democrapic votes should be discounted! No votes allowed for Democraps, Period! If they can’t engage in an honest election, then their votes shouldn’t count!

    The question is, what the hell is being done about those fraudulent votes and to stop further voter fraud on the side of the Democraps.

    I think that the Democraps should know that if they are going to engage in voter fraud, then Democraps should be on the watch for violence on them for perpetrating this fraud.

  • Cosmos99

  • Lou

    The idiot should learn how to push a button. He’s pressing on the line between the two and the machine has to “best guess” at this point. As an IT professional once again user error.

  • Fred Reames

    So why didn’t he tell the poll workers and take the machine out of service? This happened in California when the “touch screen” machines were first used., but it happened both ways. It was a machine fault and not a partisan issue. There was nothing wrong with the old ballot readers except some company lobbied to get the state to buy the “new” ones.

  • Keli Grantham Steadham

    Ok, I’ve watched this video many times, trying to figure out how people can think that any partbof this man’s finger went into the dem section. Are you blind, or just stupid? Or are you just simply THAT freaking Democratic that you will only allow yourself to believe that? If anything at all, his finger MIGHT have touched the line, bit the VAST majority of his finger was IN the Republican box. There is NO WAY Democrat should have highlighted. No way. Except for fraud. If he were trying to pick dem and it changed it to rep, same exact touch, y’all would be having cows.

    • Guest

      You do realize that you review your ballot before confirming your vote and that you can go back and change your vote at any time during the process? The machines are also set up so you can watch your ballot being printed to the paper. Your cry of fraud is misplaced.

      • Keli Grantham Steadham

        And that’s just what happened here…..he went back several times to try to change the vote and it kept doing it as democrat. What is your point? Also, in the last election there was no ballot being printed to paper that I saw. So your comment is invalid.

  • Robert Mauro

    Ugh, he pressed THE LINE. Fake ass lying idiots trying to stir up more hate in this country.

  • Murphy’s Mom

    Pay close attention. READ the screen before submitting your vote. Double check and Triple check. Purple ink and paper ballots. And liars and cheats in JAIL!

  • anonymous

    It actually just looks like the sensers are off I wonder if they tried to hit below the othet candidate to see if that was the case.

  • Conservative Lisa

    Chuck Hagel and his partner founded the Election machine company now known as ES&S which is the parent company/affiliated with the majority of all the machines installed around the country.
    You tell me if ES&S is corrupt. Chuck Hagel develops this Election system in Nebraska after spending the previous 20 years in D.C. He decides to test the system by running for US Senate as a Republican, well he could not very well run as the Democrat nominee since that nomination was going to the term limited out former Democrat Governor Ben Nelson. So without any name recognition Chuck Hagel defeats the former Governor Ben Nelson in a landslide using his newly developed Election machines. So you tell me, do you think his ES&S machines are easy to fix? Record your experience in the polling booths, so you can prove the machine is not reflecting your will.
    Elect the Conservative Crew to take back our country from these crooks.

  • Matt Hancock

    HAHAHA, He is hitting the top square first, with the tip of his finger. watch the video THEN pass judgement..

  • Concerned Citizen

    I noticed that the finger was always moved up to the line between the two candidates or even possibly above where the Democrat box was. I suspect that if the person had kept his finger between the lines where the Republican box was that would not have happened. I am NOT a Democrat, and I am as concerned about voter fraud as anyone, but I don’t think this is a good example of what has been reported.

  • Conservative Lisa

    Check out the sordid history of Election fraud by watching my documentary, which names Sec of Defense Chuck Hagel as the original developer of what is now the corrupt ES&S election machines company now installed in counties communities all over the country. As a political unknown Chuck obviously used his new Election system to defeat a popular ex-Governor to win his place in the US Senate. All conservatives should record their voting experience to prove any errors.

  • Rudy Horbol

    Those shine punks cheated in 2008, they can’t win until they do…plain truth…

  • chickief

    If they know there is a problem with the machines why are they using them? Request a paper ballot!

  • Rayanaldo Nikola Brkljacic

    Really? Doesn’t anyone else notice where his finger is when he touches the screen? Anyone who’s uses a touch screen even at kinko’s know that wen you press close enough to one character or letter. It will erroneously select the key CLOSEST to contact. This video is busted

  • Sophia Mefford

    Ok so the tip of his finger touched above the line before it touched anything else. Meaning he actually voted Democrat. Plus how many times did it happen and how many tries did it take to find the right way to touch it to make it appear it changed his vote? You probably should not record something that is so easily found to be misleading.

  • Just_me_and_God

    — Advertising Slogans used by ACORN —

    “Making the Democratic Voter’s vote really Count – Early & OFTEN each Election Day” — ACORN

    “Making sure Undocumented Aliens get their ‘Constitutional Right’ to Vote Democratic” — ACORN

    “Defending the voting rights of Dead People to vote Democratic, since 1970” – ACORN

    “Making the dead to rise for the occasion of voting.” — ACORN

    — MORE — Advertising Slogans used by ACORN —

    “No underage prostitute left behind” — ACORN

    “Foreign underage prostitutes doing tricks American prostitutes won’t do.” — ACORN

    “Community Whoreganizer” — ACORN

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    — “ACORN helps low-income Americans find affordable housing…” — Katie Couric

    (That is almost correct Katie, but what you failed to mention) …that it is housing they can’t afford to pay for.

    Prosecute under The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (commonly referred to as RICO Act or RICO) is a United States federal law.

  • Buck Torre

    you can best believe if voting doesnt go the way the american people already know how its gonna go (republican ,,i dont care what you say ) there s gonna be a fuvking revolution weve had it and w e want our country back so dont even think about voter fraud you priks we will be watching especially close

  • alnga

    If any family member gets this kind of machine error I will own the poll and all of the machines.

  • Ladydonnalands

    What lying cheating thieving jerks. No wonder we no longer have trust in the Democrats!! Everyone should ask for a paper ballot.

  • DDulcich

    So, I do believe that there is an error in the machine. I believe it is a sensitivity error on reading the selection. I am not a Democrat, and strongly believe that this is an issue. Having said that, it you open the video to its maximum setting and then watch the screen, not his finger. I should say, to be accurate, watch the screen surface. A finger print mark can be seen on the LCD style screen. It disappears quickly, so pay close attention. The fingerprint mark can be seen intersecting the line between both names. Given that though, most of the fingerprint is still in the box for the republican. Hence the thought that this might be a sensitivity issue for the screen. This still should be looked into. I also think that there should have been a pre-programmed error message given if your finger made contact with two or more selections within a given ‘computer timeframe’ – meaning nanoseconds. This would prompt the voter to be more careful in their selection. Another way to do this is to make the boxes bigger, so that they are larger than the average large finger diameter, meaning that you have more room to push inside the given selection box with potentially less room for error. Yes, his finger does intersect the line, but the majority is still within the republican square! So I still call foul!

  • Polar

    I will post here the exact same thing I posted on the source video:
    So, have none of you ever heard of calibrating a screen? It happens on touchscreens. I had one phone that would hit buttons a solid inch above where I clicked, and, when I worked as a waiter at a restaurant, the machine we used to punch in orders did exactly this.
    It’s not flipping orders. It’s just not calibrated perfectly. He shows the EXACT same clip over and over. If he uses COMMON SENSE and clicks half and inch lower, the proper box would be selected. Use common sense. Yes, the machine, which has been used and abused by hundreds of thousands of people has a slight calibration error. Let’s all scream about government corruption.
    Note: I am not a Democrat.

    • Keli Grantham Steadham

      The machine should be calibrated to hit exactly on the square. Period. he doesn’t show the same clip over and over, he shows where he went back and tried again and again and it did the same thing.

  • Minuteman

    I’ll be sure to watch MSNBC’s extensive coverage of this story tomorrow while that flock of pigs flies across the western sunrise.

  • Jason Tuttle

    Um, that video clearly shows the machine didn’t ‘change’ anything. Has this guy never used a touch screen before? Just touch the screen a quarter-inch lower and the candidate you want will be selected. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen anyone get outraged over.

  • Lorelle Hatcher
  • josaphat

    who ever manufactured that voting machine it is already programmed to vote democrat ,the way I see it,so watched out these voting machine and pay attention.

  • MrHinkyDink

    does this really surprise anyone?

  • David

    It looks like he’s pressing right on the line and has the camera angled so that it appears he is pressing in the lower box. If the machines were rigged, and I’m sure they are, the machine would just tally the votes incorrectly without showing the result to the voter. This is bogus.

  • tandee

    But Snopes is downplaying these occurrences as if there was only one instance, at least in Cook County. Can’t trust Snopes, can we?MIXTURE:TRUE: An improperly calibrated voting machine prevented a Republican candidate from voting for himself and votes were cast “opposite” from the candidates selected during early voting in Cook County, Illinois. FALSE: Voting machines were deliberately rigged to favor Democrats.

  • felicityva

    They better hope this doesn’t happen to me. I’ll be adding a few new letters to the alphabet while I’m screaming at them.

  • Hacking Democracy:

    Ballot re-design to eliminate computer vote fraud

    Having a carbon copy of your randomized numbered ballot to check

    that the number matches your vote when all results posted online!!

  • jaye

    Things like this happening make it so hard to believe in the good things that come of our government. And they make me slightly more relieved that i get hardcopy absentee ballots. Sure, there still can be errors, but that way no computer program is telling me who to vote for.

  • Sarah Dutko

    I’ve heard that there have been dozens of reports of this…although I wouldn’t be too quick to assume this one is real. It’s the internet and people troll….and to be honest, it looked to me like he was hitting the very edge of the Democrat button with his finger every time…so it could be user error…or he could have been doing it on purpose because, hello, people do those things to get a video to go viral. I do think it has been an issue…I just take this video with a grain of salt.

  • Guest

    it is ILLEAGAL to take photographs in a prescient during voting hours,,,,,,
    and by the video that finger IS hitting the dem button,,,,,,,,,,

  • eileen joyce

    Did anyone notice that the article says “the Washington Post released a shocking study showing that the illegal votes of non-citizens handed North Carolina to Barack Obama in 2012,” but then the link takes you to The Washington Times? There is a problem with the fact checking here.

  • PanthernNation

    Ummm…what happens if you actually touch the box???

  • joey

    He’s pressing the democrat section…. its touch sensitive which means each election has a range casted on them. he’s lifting his finger right at the end to touch the democrat section. stop it!

  • Martin Forde

    you see how hes touching then line… please by all means… show me all of these cases of voter fraud…

  • NYghtStar

    Just an observation. I noticed when you touch the screen, you are touching the line that separates the two candidates (though curiously it always goes democratic) but what happens when you touch inside the box of the person your voting for?

  • Dave

    Interesting how there haven’t been any reports about the machine switching the vote from Democrat to Republican.

  • Greg Anson, U.S.N. (Ret)

    I believe this. The “Obama, Reid and the Corruptocrats” know that this is theonly way they will win.

  • Joshua Woodby

    LOL all you idiots think voting still matters.

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