Arrogant Thug Curses at Judge About to Hand Down His Sentence – And Instantly Regrets It


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

A vicious thug cursed at a judge just before his sentencing – and he will regret it – for the rest of his life.

Tyler Grogan received his sentence after robbing a White couple and holding them hostage, then repeatedly raping the woman for hours while a SWAT team prepared to assault his position. The crime was reported also to have “racial overtones”, but Grogan was not charged with a hate crime.

Judge Alford Dempsey was reviewing Grogan’s horrific crimes prior to sentencing, going through the usual verbal weighing of the facts as judges typically do, prior to announcing prison time.

Interrupting the judge, Grogan remarked: “I don’t have to listen to this shit.”

That was a very bad move.

The judge then told Grogan, “Well, you’re gonna hear it, and I don’t give a rat’s behind if you like it or not.” 

Judge Dempsey then dropped the bomb on the arrogant animal — the judge’s own words for him — sentencing Grogan to seven consecutive life sentences with an additional 270 years in prison — the maximum punishment allowable for his crimes.

The judge reportedly made the sentence far more harsh after Grogan’s disrespectful remark.

Grogan’s attorney tried to reduce the punishment by telling the judge that the thug was “sorry” for his savage crimes and blamed the behavior on Grogan’s mother’s death prior to the incident — as if the death of a man’s mother justifies kidnapping, felony assault, shooting at police and repeated rapes.

It didn’t work, and the disgusted judge stuck by his ruling.

After the sentencing, Grogan’s friends and family showed what lowlifes they themselves were, screaming and cursing at the bailiffs, the attorneys and the news crew, and having to be restraining as they threw several punches.

Where were they to counsel Grogan to keep his mouth shut and respect the judge? Too late now, and we won ‘t shed a tear for the violent thug.

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  • Marcus127

    I reckon the Judge got the last Laugh!

  • JoeThePimpernel

    You can’t fix stupid. Seriously.

    • Herman Vogel

      Or in his case Pure Evil risen from a Cesspool of a house that raised him.

  • alaskanativ

    And so It should be ! A total lack of respect for anything or anybody, must be the new norm! And then think they can get away with any crimes that they have committed. So, so very sad America!
    Where are we headed with this contempt for the law?

    • Rich

      America isn’t heading anywhere but forward to better days. This lowlife, and the others like him, will get what’s coming to them. Karma’s a bitch.

      • Herman Vogel

        So WHEN will it do something about Washington and the Low Lifes it THAT Cesspool?

      • IRemainUnrepentantKolokotronis

        We can start by cleaning out the White House in 2016. Need I say more?

        • mts3779


        • kenny desee

          Not only the white house, but the house and Senate also.
          We need a clean sweep!

    • Ruth Simmons

      Contempt for law ?what about contempt for other humans especially women?!!!!

      • Sharon Theves Vierling

        there is no contempt on women

  • Mark Allen

    Well that black life doesn’t matter anymore

    • Ianspa

      Nor should it!

  • Ruth Anne Gragert

    this smart mouth punk n*gger got what he deserved. I don’t feel sorry for his blk STUPID arse one bit. There are hookers out here he could have gone to see to release his sexual build up. There was NO excuse for raping that poor woman for hrs. That goes to show you he had no raising from anyone in his family.

    • Theresa

      Rape is not a crime about sex, it’s a crime about power.

  • disqus_wIqWV4Obgi

    This can’t be his first offense. I may be wrong but by the look in his eyes he is just another sociopath that will get mental health treatment and live out his life in the penal system

  • Cliff Gridley

    He wouldn’t even be in court if he raped my wife

    • matteroffact

      @Deadeye01:disqus : Then obviously it would be you there. I’d do the same partner.

      • I’m A Ninja

        that’s what jury nullification is for

      • NorCalOffspring

        No he wouldn’t be there because I’d volunteer to be his alibi to account for his where abouts while he’s taking out the trash

      • Steve Zero

        hah they wouldn’t even be able to find the body.

      • Wayne Smith

        As a police officer, if this was home invasion or burglary, if you were present at the time and he was holding you while armed…you would have every right to off this piece of crap by what ever means you had. This is part of the CASTLE doctrine to defend life and property. Not to mention the wife being raped repeatedly….felonies being committed…is more than enough. This POS needs to stop breathing our same air.

        • captbob123

          but the gun grabers dont want you to defend yourself

          • Wayne Smith

            with all due respect to their point of view….screw them. I proceed under color and code of law. Would rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6. Know what I mean?

          • Cliff Gridley

            Gun grabbers will change their point of view as soon as they are victims if they live..

          • Albert Schmitlap.

            Yeah, while they hind behind the people that have Arms, and Defend THEM.

        • Cliff Gridley

          By god your right sir, I have alot of friends that are cops and I can’t think of one that would look for his sorry ass if he disappeared, I have a permit I carry and teach CWP classes, there are alot of women in class that have never fired a gun, more and more every month..Learn to defend yourself this is not a game its your life..

          • Sharon Theves Vierling

            I have my CCW

        • Michael Gerzen

          Your not a cop or your a moron

          • Albert Schmitlap.

            Spoken like a True Liberal PIG who knows NOTHING about the REAL world. Disturbing.

          • Scooter McHeadshot

            It’s “you’re”, not “your”. MORON.

          • Michael Gerzen

            Thank you, you are right but my point is the same. No police officer would publicly make that statement

          • H. Zayre

            Do you speak English, Einstein???

      • Cliff Gridley

        I was on a jury back in the 90s of a father killing his daughters killer, first vote we let him go, 15 minutes..

    • BUZZ


    • Ruth Simmons

      No ,you would be!

    • scott

      no body,no crime,feed him to the hogs

      • Wes

        Smells too bad, hogs won’t touch em.

    • H. Zayre

      I know a lotta white folks wish instead of jail he was sent on down to the Farm. Oooowee!

      • Jay

        To me it doesn’t matter what race he claims, nor anyone else for that matter. You come at my family like that, you won’t have to worry about jail or “the farm”. When they find your pieces they can throw them away in a ziplock bag. This coming from one who dates asians, hispanics, “blacks”, and sometimes “whites”, and who has a “mixed” (mixed?? Humans are humans, no matter the tint of their skin) grandson I’d kill for.

  • Golfer1113

    Finally. A real Judge. Thank you Judge for holding someone accountable for heir actions and upholding the law. Gd bless you Judge Dempsey and keep up the great work.

  • Guest

    Start your top right tour….



  • MACook

    i’m glad it was a black judge so there aren’t race riots.

    • Robert Brumley

      I’m not scared of race riots. Bring them on. We out number their punk a$$e$.

      • Albert Schmitlap.

        that’s what the people in Ferguson and Baltimore said too. Only thing is, How are you going to hold down a Job while defending your home for people who live off of YOUR taxes?

        • H. Zayre

          You don’t worry bout ya job. What profit is a job if your life is ruined or stomped out? Grow a set! We have to deal with these punks EVERY MINUTE of EVERY DAY, and ya’ll chickensh-t liberal types is why makes it so bad on ALL US!

        • steve west


        • Steve

          Easy don’t hold the job just leave and let them live in their ghetto how many businesses have left Ferguson and look at that s*** part of town now. Do a google map search and look for yourself.

      • Roch Yang

        And many, many Asian-Americans are on Whitey’s side if and when a race war breaks out! We’ve had it up to our eyeballs with the double standards for Blacks and everybody else.

        • DLWilson

          Blacks are tired of the double standards, too, because they end up on the short end of them. Or are you wanting to start a race war over affirmative action?

          There’s too much hate in the air these days. This article is about a bad guy who got what he deserved in front of a tough judge, period. There’s nothing in it that warrants generalizing to a lot of racial prejudice against any race.

        • Roch Yang

          Calls for a war have been publicly made by some Black icons and the standards I’ve adhered to in your nation are often not followed by Blacks (and Latins/Natives and Asians for that matter). As a non-citizen, I do not qualify for handouts from the governments in USA like wealthy Blacks and other minorities. Aff. Action is not fair. Let’s get rid of it.

    • Robert Ronald Wynn

      The judge wasn’t black

      • Craig

        he is black you idiot

      • Craig
        • H. Zayre

          Thank you. I ain’t even tryna show him no pictures because if a fool can’t distinguish one race from the other he oughta just STHU!

      • JimmiJames

        Hey stupid…. what color was he then you idiot !!! I suppose he was a smoked Irish Judge. Get some glasses you stupid idiot.

      • H. Zayre

        Say what? IS you being a party boy or are you so sheltered from black folks you do not know a black man when he right in front of you? If you not playin, you best head on up to Eye Center and get you an examination, boss.

        • United_States_Marine

          Yep I agree with H. The judge is black!

      • kazoober

        What in tarnation is wrong wit you boy?

      • 81643

        Judge Dempsey is a light skin negro and he is most definitely not racist!

        Great guy, I wish I could say that about ALL judges!

      • MACook

        yes, he is. proudly so.

    • Greg Stickley

      But not black enough!! Time to riot!!!!!!!!

      • H. Zayre

        You wannna go jail? Cuz making threats online sure nough get you locked down.

        • 81643

          H Zayre you are very smart too bad you are in the minority!

        • ZO DEE

          come to burien wa ill shoot ya its a promise not a threat

        • Ogrrre

          H., I believe Greg was being maximally sarcastic in his post.

        • Noel Wenrich

          H. Zaire why worry? Apparently publicly screaming “Burn this Bitch down” in front of TV cameras is not enough to get you locked up if you are Black! They are right there are tow sets of laws in this country. One that will not see them arrested for inciting a riot or charged with a Hate crime “The crime was reported also to have “racial overtones”, but Grogan was not charged with a hate crime.”

    • H. Zayre

      Your very expression of that FEAR is what promotes these fools out here to riot. Do you know know these suckas out here is cowards of the HIGHEST degree? STOP THE FEAR!

      • amdatme

        If they riot near my home, they had better bring some body bags. I’m too old to give a shit.

    • CrushAllDems

      Oh, the scumbag SJW crowd will still find this “WAAAAAAAAAAACIST” because it is no longer the color of ones’ skin to be black. It’s now an ideology…

  • Twila Diddily Do Flanders

    execute so we don’t have to house and feed this horrible being.

    • leslymill

      No…God would strike him dead if his soul was gone….cheaper to lock him up for good and make him listen to sermons.

      • Mella Yella

        You are mistaken. It is cheaper to execute than it is to house in a jail for the rest of his life. God can have his soul, lets send it to him.

        • mel

          No at this point, unless he repents…. and asks for forgiveness.. GOD will NEVER want his soul. He will be lost to Satan forever. That is Scripture! Read it.

          • Aaron Speary

            What if you’re wrong (very likely) and god doesn’t exist…. Then he just rotted in a cell for 40+ years and that was it.

          • Gerald

            If God doesn’t exist, whether he sits in jail or not has no relevance. All of the court systems would be pointless, along with laws, any moral objection for that matter. Without a higher, moral objector there exists no way to define what is right or wrong, truth or false. Hitler’s opinion and morality is just as valid or invalid as the Popes–if there is no God.

          • kenny desee

            You need to listen to your own words. The third world turds that are invading America with the help of the Obama administration have not a care for morals, values, laws, etc.

          • H. Zayre

            Fine with me. But why you say “very likely” God doesn’t exist. Show me the proof that makes you so sure.

          • H. Zayre

            His soul may belong to Satan, very soon, and I hope it gets BIG HEADLINES, his sorry once tight Azz gone belong to Jose and them! Mark it! Listen to it from a man who knows:

      • Twila Diddily Do Flanders

        Unfortunately, God doesn’t strike anyone dead that deserves it. That’s old testament.

  • Americal1970

    Speculation this week that the first person to live one thousand years may be alive today. I hope it’s this guy.

  • roxymcd

    That’s all.

  • DA

    He and his entire family are playing into the typical black stereotype.

    • leslymill

      fake rage and injustice…just like his lawyer…

    • PorshaJo

      If he wasn’t the stereotypical black he wouldn’t be facing 7 life sentences. Something seriously wrong with those people.

      • Cory Braun

        I don’t know if I read that the wrong way but are you saying that he got that sentence cause he was black? He got that sentence cause what he did was horrible, plz don’t try to make this a race thing.

        • Rick Prohaska

          Your Insane

          • Log on a Frog

            Lower your IQ more please (proper way to use ‘your’)

      • Keith Rollman

        One life sentence would have been fine.

    • Rick Prohaska

      That is the problem , it isnt a stereotype they are ignorant, mouthy, lAZY, ungrateful and highly dangerous. when thye commit a crime dey din do nuffin, they are homicidal morons at best

      • Log on a Frog

        You’re* an idiot. Also the most ignorant person I’ve seen in quite a while. Maybe read a book before you try to preach hate. I know it’s hard for an inbred like you to do, but please just try for the world’s sake.

  • MJ

    Awesome judge. 7 life terms plus 265 years on top of that. Hysterical. Loved it. He can be a tough guy in his cell. I see his family won’t be far behind him in prison either. Morons.

  • misterwhoopie

    Typical ghetto animals!

  • william rose


    • Herman Vogel

      This is also why I have an “early warning system” in the form of two Australian Cattle Dogs that have the mindset of ” If it runs it dies” (rabbits, squirrels, etc,,and people will also get and unexpected “Hello,,,want to have some fun” lol. Guns alone won’t work if you are asleep at the time.

      • william rose

        I also have a 73 pound staffy for when we are sleeping

        • Herman Vogel

          Yes Sir,,,nothing like a four legged Mouth with teeth to let you sleep well at night. 😉

      • HarryTheCat

        LOL…we have the same system. A hound and an Aussie Shepherd who don’t take kindly to anyone or anything coming onto our property at night. We call ’em our “redneck burglar alarm”.

  • RC

    More trash off the street

  • Larry Lynn

    That mouth will get used alot in prison

  • misterwhoopie

    My off duty Mossberg is waiting with six loads of 12 ga. buckshot……….bring it!

  • Nick Miller

    It’s only too bad that we will be paying for him to stay confined for his life, would have been better if swat had just used a bullet on him.

    • Kalli

      Yeah, it sucks that he’ll be rotting in prison on taxpayers’ dime, but the thugs inside will either make him their bitch, or he’ll be shanked in the shower. Either way, he just got a heavy dose of Karma.

  • ratso4747

    What in the hell is wrong with black people?

    • leslymill

      The judge did fine, him being black…so…nothing…This man and his family have abused God’s mercy long enough…. is all.

  • Jen

    I can’t imagine how his family and friends can find any reason to continue to support him! Just unbelievable! What a low-life piece of crap! I seriously hope he gets what’s coming to him in prison!

    • PorshaJo

      Because they are as low as him!

  • Frank Gilbert

    I say toss ropes over street lamps and let’s get busy! I would enjoy the smell as long as I knew why.

  • Jim Van Riper

    I’ve found that there are thee people that you don;t want to piss off….1) the judge 2) your surgeon, and 3) a police officer… They ALL can screw you over for the rest of your life…

    • James

      Don’t forget the person cooking your food…

    • Herman Vogel

      Or your wife if she’s had enough of your crap too. lol

  • fanciladi

    He got his just desserts and he will be ‘enjoying’ his desserts for a long, long, long, time……

    • Herman Vogel

      Too bad the Prison System isn’t like we see on “Cool Hand Luke”. Now THAT would be justice for this POC that never worked a day in his life.

  • Shaniquadeeppus

    Black lives don’t count. Lol life sentences 270 years a monkey caged

  • of course, the obama regime will commute the sentence to time served in jail because this is the kid of kid that obama would have wanted to have as a son…

    • pandapal

      That is just one LARGE pile of BS. I for one am weary of reading about how our President gets blamed for everything. Why is it so hard for you right-wingers to admit that things in the US are greatly improved under Obama’s tenure. The published list of these accomplishments is quite long because citations proving the accuracy of the statements are included. I’m sure you could find it on the web IF you cared about the truth enough to look or it. Based on your post above, you don’t.

      • Rick Prohaska

        hey imbecile, call the health care clinic in Powers Michigan. Gee dont answer ? number disconnected, this is just one of the things Obama fixed, call the Pharmacy in Powers Michigan Gee , No answer? This is something this dickhead wrecked.I

        wanted your mouthy ass to start a fund to pay the elderly and disabled the cola increase in social security this guy stole for 2 years straight.

      • Sharon Theves Vierling

        well I hope you feel this way when ISIS comes to take us out or Russia nukes us thanks to wonderful OBASTARD,you liberal retard

      • kenny desee

        Better under Obama? You have got to be kidding me. 94 MILLION unemployed Yet not counted because their benefits ran out. This is the worst economy ever. Flooded by illegals, trashing the rule of law, the list goes on. Put the pipe down, it is clouding your judgement…

  • Tesla Rawks

    I am so glad I don’t live there anymore.. Stupidity took over.

  • Michael J. Simmons

    Good move by the Judge.

  • rail1078

    A black raping a white woman??? Really? I thought whites raped black women…thats what I always heard.

  • Ted Fiorito

    Start killing these roaches and their supporters. End Of Story!

  • Jay

    I wonder what the original sentence was, before he mouthed off to the judge?

  • David Ford

    Great, let him rot in prison.

  • Rick Thomas

    din du nuffin supporters… they should be arrested

  • Rose

    What a blessing to see such a Judge standing for the Constitution! Praise the Lord.
    May such Justice come to the rest of this thug’s family SOON!

  • Steve Zero

    no no no that’s bullshit, execute the motherfucker i don’t want to pay for this scumbag to live.

  • Ednar

    He will now have to lie in the bed he made.
    Sowing what you reap.

    • Ruth Simmons


      • Tracie Holladay

        Huh? “Sow” is correct. What are you on about?

  • LaFlare1017

    The most bizarre thing about this story is his “supporters” angry about the sentence, just disturbing.

    • PorshaJo

      They ought to lock those animals up as well and clean up the rest of the trash.

  • George

    If Obama had a son…..

    • Susan McCormick

      Good thing Obama didn’t have any sons.

    • Tracie Holladay

      That’s what I say every time I see something like this.

    • Tara Simpson

      It would be you.

      Seriously though, this phrase is played out and ignorant. I’d say if Bush had a son, you know, since the Bush daughters have a record and the the Obama daughters don’t.

      • George

        So you are replying to a 9 month old post now? Maybe you should keep up with current events. Then you would realize your false prophet Obama is a race bating divider.
        Played out and ignorant? His words, not mine. Just like “the police acted stupidly” without having the facts.
        ” Like your plan, like your Doctor, keep them.”
        ” Bergdahl served with distinction and honor. ”
        ” A red line in the sand.”
        ” ISIS is a JV team.”
        Now go stick your head back up the DNC’s ars and regurgitate their new talking points.

  • Dutra

    Was this black on black justice?

  • Herman Vogel

    HE HAD SUPPORTERS!!!!????? What kind of a Cesspool raised him and the people that supported him??? He thought he was still on the Street while talking to the Judge,,,found out that wasn’t so real fast. But then there are MORE outside the courthouse JUST LIKE HIM…sad, and disgusting at the SAME time.

    • PorshaJo

      Supporters? Yeah, probably a few million pieces of black filth.

  • Susan McCormick

    I love a happy ending, don’t you? Kudos to that judge!

  • The_Irish_Samurai

    He put the honor back in to ‘your Honor’. Nicely done, sir. Its time to stop pandering to these self entitled sociopaths who blame everybody but themselves. Family is garbage as well. Seems teh trash doesnt fall far from the bag.

  • Buzz

    We need more Judges like Dempsey,don’t take any kind crap like that/

  • Joe Tokoph

    more more more there are plenty out there just like him. ghetto thugs. lock em all up.

  • texashorseman

    Blame it on someone else. Same old story…..Attorney blamed his behavior on his deceased Mother. What a leach.

    • Jim Moore

      Sometimes it would be good if the judge sentenced the LAWYER (LIAR) to 250 years! Can I hear an “AMEN” to this?

      • Gib74

        Along with most other lawyers in the country.

  • Les K

    Another piece of thug trash off the streets for good.
    No respect for life. No respect for authority. No respect for anything.
    Probably be the next poster child for the protest movement.

  • obamagonian

    Put im to death, there is no real reason to keep the punk alive.

  • Disposal mind

    Dumb nig*er.

  • Oingo Boingo

    Calling him an animal is uncalled for but I support his sentencing, except that he should have sentenced him to that initially, doing that after he showed disrespect lessens the validity showing the judge is unable to deal with a disrespectful defendant. Sentencing should be about the crime not about if the judge is pissed off.

    • calypsodancler

      So he’s no animal but a pillar of the community?

      • Oingo Boingo

        I did not comment on the charged I commented on the judges professionalism or lack of it.

  • Jim Moore

    In the immortal words of my wife’s step-dad:(concerning the family of this perp’s act-out in the courtroom). “If I was a bailiff or a cop in that room, I’d whup everyone of them like a TIED DOG!”

    • Kalli

      If I’d been that judge, I’d have had cops arrest the protesters for disorderly conduct at the very least. And for the ones who threw punches: charges for assault and battery.

  • another_engineer

    It will be appealed and due to “racism” he’ll be given probation.

  • Jason Kulisek

    I wonder what the original sentence was going to be. I’d say life in prison is already justified. I guess with that many compounded sentences it means they can’t all be reduced or commuted.

  • terry

    Niggers acting like niggers……..thank god for mcdonalds!! lol

  • Scotty P

    What a bunch of fine, upstanding pillars of the community. I hope they find him shanked to death in a prison shower.

    • Kalli

      At the very least, the *real* thugs on the inside will probably make him their bitch. I, for one, hope they give him everything they’ve got.

      Watch your back, little boy. 😀

  • Kiki

    So what would the ruling be if he was respectful to the judge? Is that “harsh” ruling being handed to him because of rape, armed robbery, kidnapping, and attempted murder or because he mouthed-off to a judge? If that’s how worthless, malignant, piece of maggot sh**, spawn of satan, collection of toxic cells, human waste trash thugs are put away for life, then I would advise all of them to be disrespectful.

  • frankie

    just more black-on-white crime. how much can our country/people take? i am sure his deceased momma is so proud of her little darling

  • Pamela Wilson

    very happy that the judge handed down a sentence that fit that particular crime. there should be more judges like this one…he is an example that EVERY lawyer hoping to end up as a judge should aspire to. i’m sure as that judge knows, if they’re cussing you out then you’ve done a good job!

  • USN Veteran

    Wow! Finally a judge with a pair. A judge that realizes that an animal like this if only given 7 years would just get out & do the same thing again. A good ending to a terrible crime.

  • Denise S. Gallagher

    Well….clearly the disrespect for authority isn’t just limited to white law officials in this case! Given the heinous nature of this idiot’s crime, it’s doubtful any real leniency would’ve been granted, but his mouth certainly sealed the deal in making sure he totally rots in jail. Glad it was a Judge of color who handed down the sentence or all his “supporters” might have tried to turn this into a Race issue. Where the Hell were all of his so-called family and friends when he was supposedly suffering from the demons associated with his mother’s death? Kudos to Judge Dempsey!!

  • nobodycan

    Could of been Obamas son. I am Proud of this Judge

  • Makayla Davis

    Dat. wzup good for his azz

  • AntiObama

    Have fun rotting in prison you singular sack of human excrement.

  • woogum

    am i the only one that is more concerned about those paramilitary swat snipers.. thats who will disarm the american people if it ever happens.


    The American Savage in action

  • Lee Weber


  • Guest

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  • Theoline Isaacson

    My kind of judge! Wish there were more like him.

  • 19mad74

    And young Black men complain about the way they are perceived?

  • rockinout4ever

    “He’s a good kid”

    • UnknownUzer

      ” He was turning his life around”

      • Mark Yarbrough

        “Yea, he just made a mistake. Everybody makes mistakes.”

        MY ARSE!!!

  • Vera Rami


  • Jdoe

    You guys have got to start editing your pieces better. Really. It’s awful. Almost every blurb you guys put out now is fraught with grammatical issues. “Where were they to counsel Grogan” and so on make i hard to show these blurbs to anyone that’s really educated. That and the terrible ads at the bottom of the page. Want to be taken more seriously, get it together folks.

    • mos7734

      “and so on make i hard to show……..” you should check your own.

      • mos7734

        you should always be careful when you criticize others grammar, try “and so on, make ‘IT’ hard to………. blah, blah, blah”

  • Frank Loftice

    Another one bites the dusk

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    He will have time to think about it now. Maybe he will curse the wrong one in the slammer.

  • Kathy

    Yes finally a judge that will set examples and perhaps put an end to disrepect of these young punks…black white red or yellow…a punk is a punk, a thug is a thug


    Execute it immediately. No need for long term detention. I volunteer to choke the life out of it so no need even for drugs.

  • Joliet jake

    Black lives matter lol complete savages!!

  • jamest1148

    Weird that CNN is on the receiving end of these threats. It probably left them confused.

  • Believer_of_facts

    Good for this judge, not like the black judge who blamed a three year old girl for being racist when he gave a black thug a light sentence for house invasion,robbing, holding hostage, and beating, that was as low as a judge could get. and all the girl did was say she was scared of black people now because of all this, it would be like a little black girl saying the same about white people after the same situation, it would be understandable for a child to feel that way, and does not excuse the acts of the thug,

  • Wil Massey

    Judge is obviously a racist.

  • Mr Poitier

    If Obama had a Son

    • Tara Simpson

      It would be you.

      • Mr Poitier

        Wouldn’t be me chubby girl

        • Tara Simpson

          Lmfao. Your words meaning nothing lol

          • Mr Poitier

            Lmao you are an idiot

  • Zero

    And did his ghetto friends and family get arrested and charged for their outbursts and assaults? Ghetto is as ghetto does.

  • John T. Castle

    Hopefully his scum brood got thrown in the lockup for their monkeyshines as well.

  • noneya

    How can this NOT be a hate crime ? Oh wait, it cant be because it was black on white. Stupid me. Typical “entitled” thinking family. smh

  • Ron Cre

    Thugs be like.
    OBama’s in office, we can do what we want..

    Wong fools

  • IRemainUnrepentantKolokotronis

    Build more prisons and get these black thugs off the street. You can’t rehabilitate them because they’re intellectually not capable-just jam them into the prisons.

  • police state

    Great decision by judge we need a lot more like him

  • Mike

    What perpetuates the black racism? Some of the harshest racism that ever existed in this country was on the Chinese and Irish. They were treated and looked upon as less than a vagrant dog. Somewhere in time, we as a country and society were able to work through that. Education was the primary of earning respect and proving self worth. With any nationality or origin, self worth plays a vital role. This is integrated in their upbringing. I’m not saying this is easy or happens overnight, but it doesn’t happen without a beginning. First, stop playing “you’re owed,” none of us are owned anything. I don’t have the same advantages as the 1, but I don’t sit and complain about it. I give my kids the best advice on how to succeed. I don’t teach money as real success. I teach value, do you have a value to others. Do you contribute to society or are you a drain to society? That’s the question on your self worth. When this happens, you’ll realize that racism isn’t something you dwell on. It’s not the forefront of your thoughts.

  • Bill Grant

    Using the term thug probably only because he’s black. Yes, that is racist. Just say criminal. Stop making all Republicans look like racist a–holes.

    • Curmudgeon

      Don’t be such a dupe. “Thug” was a word of east indian origin.

  • RJD

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  • Jim Mathis

    proud to see a judge with some real balls .go judge

  • captbob123

    in the cage

  • Nadiam57

    Thug and criminal supporters…aren’t they just great…

  • allieusa

    I salute the Judge. That flapping jaw should have stayed shut, The Judge deserved respect and is getting it from us. Thank you

  • jeradl

    Grogan’s supporters outside? How can anyone possibly support such a low life doing what he did? It is apparent some people are so blinded by racial hatred that they can support scum like this despite what he did simply because of his race. They are so full of hate that in their twisted minds they still see him as the victim. This world just keeps getting worse.

  • Coswoth Bogtrokle

    Rot n jail , lol !

  • jimq

    the only cries of racism will be against the white judge because obviously he hates the black race, that’s liberal logic for you.

  • excoandcop….

    To bad..guess he will need lots of lotion for those long romantic evening with his new girl friend…Gary who is in that special redneck gang…….butter up smart ass…

  • Ron Bannister

    AMEN to the judge! Prick got what was coming… But, always somebody else’s fault…

  • Vita Moore

    Well about time a judge up held the Law

  • RHaav

    He is going to find out how painfull rape can be in prison.

  • Cheryl Jenkins Taylor

    I did not realize the judge was a black man either, until somebody mentioned it. I went back and watched the video again and sure enough he is. Just thought I would bring that up for the people that were saying he was white. That being said, I understand the frustration of this being ignored as a hate/racist crime. I support the same battle of the belief that racism only goes one way. And that if the colors had been reversed, it would have been all over the news as a racist act. But, i think we should start taking the higher road in these situations. It is one thing to raise awareness or speak out about the misconception that racism only goes one way, but we shouldn’t lower ourselves to their level by calling names and lumping every black person in that category. I want to win this fight, and I believe that this kind of behavior is only going to hurt us, not help us. You can’t honestly believe that only black men engage in this kind of criminal, sick behavior. And if you do believe that all black people are like thi then you need to realize that your wrong. It may be slow, but more and more black people are speaking out about this kind of behavior (like the supporters of this guy). And unfortunately they are being rejected by the ones that refuse to change their way of thinking and their behavior. Like someone else stated, a thug is a thug, it doesn’t matter what color they are. Quite frankly if black people want to claim that word just for them, then that is just beyond pathetic. But by using some of the words and terms used in some of these comments, you are also making it harder for the black people that are trying hard to make a change in a positive way. I too am feed up with pc, the one sided racism, the riots, etc…it’s one thing to not worry about the pc bs, but it’s another thing to be out and out mean and lump every black person in with this piece of crap and his supporters. Our goal should be to get ALL the trash off the street. Trash comes in all kinds of colors. Something to think about.

  • Daniel Mc

    He and his supporters are exactly what is wrong with this world, it’s time to call a savage a savage!!!!!!

  • Kevin MacDougall

    Child of the Era of Obama

  • Tom Simmons

    Thanks Judge, now put him in general population, and lets see how long he lasts.

  • Jim Kress

    If 0bama had a son, Grogan is how he would behave.

  • NaiveCanadian2centsDollar

    add 2 more years

  • R.M. 4 sure

    To blame his criminal actions on his mother dying, is an insult to everyone whose mother has died and yet managed to live their lives without breaking the law. It is a shame though that this guy had to disrespect the judge in order to receive this maximum sentence, he should have received that same sentence regardless of what he said to the judge. Just saying, what he did to those other people is much worse than anything he did to the judge.

  • Vaun Yung L’z Mayes

    Who tf wrote this racist garbage? Animal? White couple? Not defending or supporting the accused but wtf kind of reporting is this? Somebody needs to take Billy Bobs computer cause this kinda language makes him no better than the “animal” he’s reporting on

  • Guest

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  • Larry Notton

    And why no charges for the hellacious rape, from this Black sadistic animal? Would love to take a 2×4 to the crown of his vegetable head!

  • Kenny Daddy

    Yes is great and all, but look at it more closely. You mean to tell me that his sentence for all those crimes was influenced by what he said 30 seconds before he was sentenced?

  • Steve

    Like a bunch of wild apes in the zoo this family was just venting their “all in the family” blood-is-thicker-than whitey attitudes!

  • BuckTard

    Have a nice day douchebag

  • Heather Atkinson

    In today’s society ‘remorse’ is practically a get-out-of-jail-free card. If this idiot doesn’t even have the presence of mind or basic empathy for another human being to be just tiniest bit sorry ( or even fake it! ) for his actions, the sentence handed down, though excessive, is fitting.

    • Jay

      He is absolutely unscrupulous and shameless. A lobotomy wouldn’t cure him.

  • Melissa Jasper

    “Monsters killed my mother so I became a monster and raped someone who could be someone’s mother.” There is no excuse. The kid was sick and twisted. How can ANYONE support a monster like this?

  • Robert Chambers

    That is one that should of been shot and killed instead of bringing him in and it would of saved a lot of money

  • Gail

    Kudos to that judge. This piece of garbage has never been held accountable. Now he will have to deal with Bubba in the pen. I guess he might get a taste of what a violent crime rape is.

  • Marce Diebold

    Good for you judge! I think the judge should sentence his “supporters” for their actions too!! Low lives is a nice term for all of them!

  • Robert Brumley

    Arrest all his punk A$$ friends to and put them away.

  • Stesta Rawks

    The death sentence is what is needed in his case.

  • Jay

    I hope the couple, particularly the woman, recover from this. If I were king, I would have decapitated that scumbag. I’m glad he was caught and prosecuted.

  • Jim Hull

    i’m glad he stuck to his guns. he can hold on to that memory for the next 300 years.

  • Willie

    What was the reason for such a small sentence. Each time the dick went in should be another life sentence, I was expecting 270 life sentences and to be followed by 7 years

    • Curmudgeon

      “muh dik”, as they say….

  • Melanie Schielder

    typical, praise a thug/criminal over respecting the law and life

  • silly girl

    they should have cut his pecker off too

  • Willie Wonka

    Where was Jesse and Al?



  • Popeye

    Lovely article, I hope he is in good shape and picks up the soap endlessly…after all nobody cares about his rat a$$

  • Anja J

    too bad, so sad for the fugly punk. He will be the object of some good times in prison, no doubt

  • J.r. Radcliffe

    Wis actions were not a result of a mistake, or some youthful indiscretion. Calling him an animal is too kind. Animals operate upon instinct, their behavior can be excused at some level due to their predatory nature as a means of survival. When humans lack such predatory nature and a clear lack of concern, empathy, or conscience they are called “Violent Psychopaths”

  • Tuco

    “Grogan supporters” = a pack of lowlife niggas.

  • Joy Beum

    There goes another poor misguided young man….THROW AWAY THE KEY! Raping the woman he held hostage…he will meet his new cellmate soon and see what that’s like!

  • alilrebelchick

    hahahhahaha love it!

  • chuck

    justice is served…..

  • David Weeks

    Ghetto blacks behaving badly, as usual. I wonder if Obama will commute the sentence of this poor black boy who obviously was a victim of discrimination and white privilege running rampant.

  • Ray Watson


  • Ray Watson


  • Albert Schmitlap.

    THIS POS had SUPPORTERS???????? WOW, I guess it’s true, You CAN’T Fix Stupid.

  • Steve Baker

    I agree 100% with the judge! Got what his disrespectful punk ass deserved…no he has a whole lot of time to think about what he did and what he said! Kuddo’s Judge!!

  • Kerry Hamilton

    lol. Good job judge. We need more like you, and delite in the prospects for this POS thug gaining a whole new perspective on the brutal nature of rape.

  • Joshua Dyal

    The worst part of it is that even though it’s clearly a hate crime, nobody ever thinks that you can charge people with hate crimes if white people are the victims. The blatant racism inherent in the system BUILT BY WHITE PEOPLE against their own kind is staggering.

  • William Stearns

    If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime!!!!! his whole family will be caught eventually for something. It sounds as if his thuggish ways are a product of his friends and family. The only reason he didn’t get more years is that the law wouldn’t allow it.

  • Jazz

    I love it. Unfortunately our messed up penal system will have this POS winning an appeal and back on the streets in less than 10 years just to see him commit another heinous crime.

  • Frank Loftice


  • kittykat

    This kid with the ever-present cocky grin on his face is very cute, which is unfortunate for him. Since he enjoys raping so much, he should really enjoy his time in prison as Bubba’s woman.

  • smittychap

    Even the sentence the judge imposed was probably too lenient — if the liberal Supreme Court had not held that the death penalty for rape was unconstitutional under the Eighth Amendment in Coker v. Ga. decades ago, this monster could and should have been sentenced to death and executed. It was an aggravated, especially vicious rape of the kind that could warrant the dp. But the judge did the best he could under the legal limitations.

  • FAAQ2

    This POS need to in prison forever ! too bad so sad !

  • Jfe3

    He can be a thug with his new roommate, for years…. Haha. Good news

  • Scooter McHeadshot

    another bunch of “Dindoos”. Everyone else’s fault but their own.

  • Loman Ray Carroll

    to bad he did not get the death sentence.

  • Janet Dillon

    Maybe this kind of sentencing will make other think twice…

  • Scott Myers Smith

    7 life sentences plus 230 years, not long enough….excellent

  • sandyaz

    And Liberals want these animals to have the right to vote. Lost that privilege the moment he committed those crimes.

  • mts3779

    I say feed him to the pigs.

  • H. Zayre

    Tyler Grogran is about to find out WHAT LIFE IS! Life is when Miguel and Estephan decide Grogran is they wife and she better know Luke Skywalker and Two Live Crew because these illegals from South America is making blacks they bi$ches, Face Down Azz Up!!!! I am in Atlanta my own self and I am hearing this from several friends and family around the nation who are in prison or know someone in prison. It’s like the damn KKK called these illegals in JUST to rape black men and I am telling you, some of the b boyz was 6 foot 5 275lbs and able to fight like Tyson, yet they getting throwed down and rode hard! Best advice to a brother is AVOID CRIME AT ALL COST, LESS YOU DON’T MIND THAT AZZ GET LOST! Cuz they sure nuff taking it!

  • Dean Hair

    if obama had a son yep he has them believing they are gods



  • kazoober

    You see his lawyer? I think he mistook the brillo pad for his wig that day.

  • Nancy Robbins

    appropriate sentence for horrible criminal acts. wow, we are safer with this horrible person off the streets., sounds as if the friends and family members could use some time themselves behind bars. a parent’s death does not cause one to be so hateful as to go out and harm others. 270 years, that’s great….no parole. make him serve it all.

  • Kevin Hoyes

    Typical racist BEHAVIOR from the black KKK called the “black lives matters” group !

  • David William Reid

    Oh poor baby, he sure looked so remorseful with those demons smirks.
    Bye bye scumbag!

  • dynarider

    This scumbag Grogan has supporters? I guess they think it’s ok to rape and hold people hostage. They must be high up in the black lives matter group who supports scum like this because they certainly cant support a job.

  • United_States_Marine

    Go after our judges and police like animals and we’ll go after you and your first born!

  • William 1


  • Dutch550

    I wonder how long his supporters will visit him in prison and put money on his books for commissary? Not long, I bet.

  • MasonJarBlues

    Should be put to death. I hate scums like this low life. I see these types on the streets all the time, saying they are going to rob, rape, murder. Typical black monsters.

  • Mike Mack

    George Bush & Cheney should get the same sentence

  • SnugglesOfSarcasm


  • Phylsingleton Phylsingleton

    Too bad the Judge couldn’t order castration also.

  • Shuckk_N_Jive

    Primitive savages with no earthly business in civilized Western society.

  • sammy

    He was to easy on the punk

  • Rich Johnson

    I’m glad he got the 7 life sentences, he deserved it. We got to stop the white vs. black stuff though. This fits into the media / Obama plan to divide the country. He loves unrest to keep the country from noticing how he is destroying this country.

  • Bob Kahn


  • Jeffery Crawford

    His supporters? Who would support this?

  • Lee Vandenberg

    His sister/brother/father/whatever living relatives would be recieving his head in a box if he touched me or my woman.

    • Chuckz Morales

      I fucked your mom and your sister what are you gonna do about it pussy boy?

  • Tyrone Williams

    Curious…why is the man in the story referred to as thug and not by his name?

    • Janice Nunley Erickson

      cause thats what he is?

  • Brian

    Thats whats up….but the poor little snowflakes family seemed none to thrilled about it..frowny face emoji

  • Britney Smears


  • cory raskel

    another dindunuffin self destructs. fantastic.

  • Bob Galgano

    And this pretty boy will have a great time as Bubba’s Bitch.

  • Steve Christy

    Fine and dandy except for the fact that normal people are going to have to pay for this thug to live his normal life out in jail through our tax dollars. The right solution would have been to give him a death sentence using a.357 to the head. Cheapest way to rid us of losers like him. Maybe his family and supporters need some of this action too. This is not being racist. This is being tired of loud mouth, I can do anything I want attitude, M-F’ers wasting my money.

  • Proud US vet/American

    AMEN! Finally! Some real justice for the BLM crowd-even though it wasn’t what they expected, it was a “JUST” punishment. This pos will get what is really coming to him in Prison! Does the term “Yo my Bitch now boy!”, ring any bells? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  • Elizabeth Gardner

    Thank god for judges like this all facts no perhaps or maybe or listen to the ridiculous argument from the defence that he was upset at his mothers death. Someone send that Judge to Australia please our justice system is sadly lacking in balls and spine.

  • kenny desee

    I like this judge. We need more like him.
    America needs to grow a set and start taking these thugs out of commission.

    All it takes for evil to succeed, is for good men to do NOTHING!

  • charles_1

    He will get out on parole. The lefties never give up and eventually some lefty judge or parole officer will let him out.

  • Nigga, please.

  • Fed Flintstone

    Awesome Judge.. Enjoy Prison Scum Bag…

  • troytown

    too bad we are not able to really punish the criminals. with serious reprecussions we would have far less crime & far less criminals in fashionable prisons.

  • james

    All this race baiting is for unintelligent morons whom lack self-respect and proper home training.

  • Jay Dillon

    If a life sentence was a life sentence, this over sentencing would not be necessary. Or if a life sentence was a death sentence.

  • Pablo

    Fuck these racist ass bastards thinking they can do what they want to white people. Biggaz is waking a sleeping giant

  • Roch Yang

    Thank Heavens the judge was a Black male because if the judge had been an Asian or a European-descended one, the Blacks would have killed every living non-Black in sight! By the way, isn’t it just great that Blacks automatically get all-Black juries and Black judges after they be rapin’ and shootin’ and axin’ others fo’ they money or they die? Special is dem Blacks.

  • RalphCramden

    Just more out of control black people with no moral anchor. They just like to murder and rape and when they get caught it’s everyone else’s fault.

  • Boris Badinuff

    May I suggest. Surgical removal of his pecker and gonads would assure no more violent rapes. And barbecuing his tallywhacker and forcing him to eat it is an eminent suggestion.

  • Boris Badinuff

    A good american black judge in action. Congratulations.

  • cardmaster1

    Great!! A judge with some good, common sense!! What the perp did deserved the Death penalty, butSeven Consecutive LIFE terms will do nicely! Need a Lot more judges like this!!!

  • Maurice Stapler

    You can take the “Boy” outta the jungle, but you can’t get the jungle outta the “Boy”. And yet people wonder why their crime rates are higher, their test scores and graduation rates are lower, joblessness is up, and incarceration rates are higher. The problem is not racism. It is their culture. A culture that recognizes being a “gangsta” as better than being an academic. Better to be MVP than VALADICTORIAN. A culture recognizes neither individual nor parental responsibility.

  • Tara Simpson

    I’m getting quite irritated by the ‘feel sorry for me, my childhood was horrible and that’s why I did those terrible things’ bullsh@t. These idiot criminals need to take responsibility for their own actions and stop making excuses. YOU raped that woman, YOU held them hostage, YOU shot at police and YOU are dismissed from the free world. I hope you get what is coming to you in prison and I hope its more painful than anything you’ve ever experienced in your life. And those clowns that support you? Lmfao they’ll join you soon enough I’m sure.

  • Wolfman

    where is Al Sharpton ?

  • Quantcast

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