Video: Woman Hijacks Mic at ‘Texas Muslim Capitol Day’ Event, Decries ‘False Prophet Mohammad’

Screenshot 2015-01-29 at 11.20.44 PM

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

The 11th annual “Texas Muslim Capitol Day” in Austin was held today, and many protesters turned out against it, in particular due to the fact that the radical, terror-linked group Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) had organized it.

One woman interrupted a press conference, grabbed the microphone and decried the “false prophet” Mohammad and the religion of Islam.

“The false prophet Muhammad!” the woman is heard screaming. “Islam will never dominate the United States and by the grace of God it will not dominate Texas.”

After shouting her message, the woman then walked away.

Protesters were also enraged by the fact that CAIR is trying to kill a bill in the Texas legislature to ban Sharia Law from being accepted in any form in the Texas court system.

As TRN reported yesterday, a Sharia Law “tribunal”, complete with self-described “judges” to adjudicate family and business disputes, has been setup in Texas, stunning people across political boundaries. One of the principal beliefs of devout Muslims is that the Quran-based religious law of “Sharia” must dominate over the laws of the nation or state Muslims inhabit.

In addition, many Texans recall that, in the Holy Land Foundation trial — the largest such prosecution in U.S. history, 5 Texas Muslims were convicted of funneling $12 million to terrorists. In that trial, CAIR was named an “unindicted co-conspirator” with those convicted of terror support.

The FBI cut ties with CAIR after it was named as terrorism supporters. Yet that same group was free to carry out its “Texas Muslim Capitol Day” in Austin today.





  • husky1

    Great Job Girl !

  • Ragman69

    Can ya feel it? lol It’s coming. Just a few 100,000 more like this American Patriot lady and it’ll all be over. At least here in the states.

    • adobong_paksiw

      the problem is that the 100K are scattered all over the US, and maybe some of its territories. maybe chapters in each state can hopefully quantify and solidify the numbers into an entity to be dealt with ?


        Well, I have no doubt there are easily 100,000 right there in Texas ready to answer the call. They’re just waiting for the right time. CAIR is happy that this woman did this because they use it to gain sympathy. They’ve been doing this for a very long time and they’re good at it. If anything, they’ll breed us out. In the next two generations there will be way more Muslims in the US, than Americans. The odds are, your childrentoday WILL BE Muslims in the next 20 years.

        • birdbrain2

          They will not be breeding with my grandchildren. They may breed with my grandchildren’s camels but not my grandchildren.

        • Miki Paulo

          Islamists supporting Sharia law will gain political & judicial appointments over the next 10-20 years. Then American law will be changed to allow Sharia law…under the guise of the almighty “tolerance movement.”. Just wait & see!

        • John Coffee

          You maybe right SO WE in this generation NEED to make sure we have teachers that will teach OUR CHILDREN, AND OUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN, what happened in Texas and the battle of Alamo, also to teach them about OUR Constitution, and 1776, About the men and women that have fought and died for this country, From the Days of Washington to what’s happening in today’s world (2015) ONLY then will they have a change to hopefully grow up with the freedoms YOU AND I have enjoyed. with the help of God and good teachers this might be happen.

    • Lyric Thompson

      That woman is nowhere near a patriot.. What she is , is rude and ignorant..

      • Kimberly Jones

        How is she rude and ignorant? She sounded very wise to me and if ANY are rude and ignorant that would be you and ALL Muslims and those who believe Islam to be a religion of peace, Muhammad is Satan himself, and my GOD is bigger and more powerful than IT could ever be. TRUST me when I say “I AM THE INFIDEL YOUR CORRUPT KORAN WARNED YOU ABOUT”

      • Keith Lacey

        and you’re a sheep that will end up with it’s head on it’s back…. MORON

        • Lou Stew

          Amen to that

      • Robert Mack

        Shush little sheep!!

        • Nancy

          You are part of the PC crowd that would rather die than say anything that might “offend”. The hell with telling the truth!

          • Robert Mack

            Hey B1TCH, who’s side are you on? If you don’t like it, move to the Middle East @SSHOLE where you can go live with the scummy muslims!!

      • Rizzan

        Sorry Lyric, I tried to defend your right to speak, but mods won’t allow it.

      • Rodney John Shaha

        Be quite and be a good little victim.

      • Lily Darcey

        Lyric, go drink your ovomit kool aid you village idiot.

      • CsfhVwrbi

        Well bless your little heart. Aren’t you so special. I’m sure they have a burka just your size and even in your favorite color too! Then we won’t ever have to look at your sweet face again, thank God.

      • byebyebigred

        She stands for all patriots. The Muslims don’t even condemn the terrorists.

    • Mike Mike

      “Political correctness” is a sham. It’s meant to stifle people until their neighborhoods are sieged and their throats are to the block.

  • If you don’t stand up and fight, you are part of the problem! Wtg Lady!

    • Lyric Thompson

      Who are you fighting ? American Muslims?

      • NeoBlaise

        It’s called the fascist ideology of Islam.

      • Robert Mack

        Just morons like you peabrain!

      • Mike Mike

        American Muslims wouldn’t advocate for Sharia Law, they would stand with the US Constitution and our governing laws.

        • NeoBlaise

          You obviously don’t know anything about American Muslims or the ideology they value the most, which completely undermines the U.S. Constitution.

      • Guest

        For all those who won’t stand with the American flag.

      • dfballou

        There is nothing American,About Islam or Muslims,,

      • Bob Edwards

        guess you dont mibd living under sharia law since when can a “religion” have laws that supercede our countries state and federal laws guess you cant comprehend that or about what sharia law is

  • Rob Pitman

    Good for her. She is my hero!!!

    • Lyric Thompson

      What being rude to your fellow Americans who hold different beliefs makes her a hero? No wonder the rest of the world thinks Americans are assholes.. You are.

      • Almost Senior Citizen

        Aw – go put on your burka lady and get out of our country

      • Keith Lacey


      • johnwad

        Your the ass hole go back to where you belong in a cesspool

      • Bert

        She is just a pathetic Troll. She just disagrees with anything & everything to get attention. She is not worth the strokes on the keyboard.

      • Rob

        God damn right we are! The meek will inherit 6 feet of earth!

      • Mil

        They are not just holding different beliefs, they are trying to impose them on people who don’t follow their beliefs. Being rude is imposing your religious laws on those who don’t believe in them. They can practice their beliefs in their homes and religious buildings but don’t try to force me or any American to obey their fake laws. Their laws are barbaric and archaic and if they defy the laws of this country those who break our laws should and will be punished according to the law of the land. I see Muslims wanting what they want and screw the rest of us as the assholes in this world. I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks of us, they have their countries and we have ours. As long as they keep to themselves and leave us alone let them think what they want and just remember not to ask us assholes for help when your invaded or a disaster hits. So tired of worrying about the rest of the thinks, we have a poor president now but hopefully that will be taken care of in the next election.

      • Shod Pell

        So tell me how much does this job pay? Is it really hard to come up with these disruptive answers and questions on these comment sites? Do you need a direct deposit bank account or does your employer send checks and if so is the pay weekly or biweekly? Are there many openings for what you do, is there any must have qualifications for this type of work? Are you assigned to certain sites or can you pick them yourself? If you can pick your own, how do you keep from stepping on a coworkers work and do you get paid for your work if you do? I find this type of thing interesting and really wonder how screwed up in the head you have to be to do that kind of work day in and day out.

  • punkin89

    You go,,Ms Texas! Hooray for you! Always stand up to bullies…

  • Steven DeJong

    They must not have seen the “Don’t Mess With Texas” signs.

    • Rob

      It’s just a slogan, means nothing. All those badass texans allowed this, and Black Panthers marching around armed. It should be taken off the welcome to Texas signs.

  • Randy Huggins

    I called and email both Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz about this very thing and their boot camp here in Texas. How many of you have done the same ?

  • Dan

    You Texans pass that ban for shariah law. Nothing about benefits your society.

  • Not Anonymous

    He is a false Prophet. Warring factions of the Arab-Persian empire created the character Muhammad to control the people. And if he did exist. He would have been a murderous pedophile by their own verbiage.

    • Henry

      I’m peering into hell. These people are truly the anti-everything. They must go!

  • Howard

    If Sharia law MUST dominate wherever they live , they’re free to return to Camel Land.


      They can’t dominate what they’ve already taken. They aren’t going anywhere without a fight. It’s what they do and Americans don’t really fight. They Facebook.

      • Kimberly Jones

        When shall we start? I will be right there with you

      • Lily Darcey

        Hey Rot Soldier, not all Americans will sit back like spineless cowards and not fight, so do not say Americans do not fight. The spineless cowards who do not fight are the obamanite socialist progressives and rhinos.

  • Rick Smith

    The Patriots should have brought their guns and started shooting.

  • Ron G

    Will they put a hit out on her since the spoke bad about their profit? Sure it pissed them off, more flags to burn now. All I can say is that America needs to wake up, stand up, and be brave like that lady. Way to go!

  • Just my opinion

    How can Americans allow this to be happening here in our Country? How can the Government back stab it’s own people. Get these Sharia believers out of our Country! This is crazy!

    • John C Jones

      Because we are a Constitutional Republic, with freedom for all. We can not be overly selective, or we all lose. Even the KKK has a voice, the decision is on the people as to whether they listen or not.

      • Rachel John Son

        They need to melt into the melting pot, today they want to throw out the constitution and murder Athiests, LGBT, Christians, anyone who does not submit including their own women and children to prove their love for Allah and Mohammad who is the douche who wrote how to lie cheat steal and confuse your enemy to create a world of ISLAM which means submission and SHARIA means law and they make fun of us who say Sharia Law because to them it looks like we are saying law law like idiots but I shut one guy up saying that we use descriptives and using law to describe the same word works in this case but in short hun, they are making arguments and doing the celebrate being muslem dates and invading schools and making all of us afraid to celebrate our own holidays! In MARYLAND this year the school had to cancel holidays to shut these POS up. NOW they are offended by EASTER. They argue about HALAL food not being available to welfare recipiants but they give them a card and even walmart carries HALAL food, so thier bitch is invalid and a total LIE if you cant see it then you and whomever else turns a blind eye deserve what is coming for you, and believe me they ARE coming to your door if we keep letting it go trying to be nice to people who want us dead.

        • Mike Mike

          I read that story about the school holidays being cancelled because they wanted their own holiday.

    • John C Jones

      The use of the Constitution of the United States, to destroy the same Constitution.

  • xprocowboy

    Nothing more dangerous than a riled up Texas female

  • tbonpc

    America, Stand your Ground and Fight Islam by all means necessary. islam is a perverted cult and not a religion, no religion teaches hate and death the way islam does. No Religion has a prophet who marries a 6 year old girl (child) and consummates the marriage when the girl is 9 years old. That is called being a pedophile any where.

  • Bobby Austin

    See moon god Allah on you tube. Wake up.

  • Bobby Austin

    See the black stone of mecca .wake up . Islam is a pagan moon god worshipping cult of death .

  • vaquerobob

    GOD bless these brave women PATRIOTS!!! WHERE are the MEN!!!???

  • Lisa

    I love the South no one from California would ever do that,,

    • Lou Stew

      Not many would do it in liberal ass ny n nj either, wtg texas patriot

  • william C

    If CAIR has been named a supporter of terrorism, why is it still allowed to function in the US?

    • John Smith

      because we have a piece of s*#; president

  • John Smith

    this is america we have our own laws they have no right to come here and bring their laws with them. how do these people qualify for citizenship? the other thing is most people leave their native country because of an overbearing government including its laws that control them so its obvious to me that they only came here to take over that should be enough to deport the lot of them. and by the way alla was a pedophile

  • Ryan Boller

    Soooo… religious law trumps federal and local law? I just feel the mere mention of Sharia Law constitutes immediate deportation!

    This used to be the United States of America, where the law of the land was the only law. Separation of church and state, NO religion has the right to supercede US law.

    When the hell are the States or Washington going to do something about this? I feel the exact same way about the “no-go” zones.

    Hey look, a no-go zone… send everyone we have and educate them on how America governs her people, not some stupid religion!

    • linedancer2

      This is what you get when you either don’t vote, or allow the black panthers to intimidate the poor, bo’s democrates bribing the poor to vote and buss in all the ghetto’s/slums, that brings in a lot of votes….hey, it’s easy to win if you forget the rules…

  • gingerpal

    I’m so proud of her and the protesters.

  • linedancer2

    As long as
    bo and mo are in office, and allow their race

  • Sigfredo Mendez

    Oh religion… root of all evil

  • linedancer2

    to remain fatherless, not clean up the ghetto’s/slums, single moms at 14-15 allowed to remain on welfare and food stamps as a career, there will always be racisim….I know ophra says it’s the white people that are racists, but if they are it is because the blacks will not let it go…

  • linedancer2

    It’s sad that our leaders are soooo evil toward us instead of the thugs, so interested in hating us with a jealousy that is overwhelming, they can’t see both sides of an issue…until it’s too late…it’s bo’s way or no way at this time….when I thought he was working for WE THE PEOPLE???? bo and mo seem to forget the welfare of the nation should come first…he will soon have the Keys to the Kingdom

  • linedancer2

    taken away from him, he and his Poison Veto Pen will lose as far as history is concerned…you see we all don’t forget…WE REMEMBER HITLER…and we will remember you in the same vain…

  • ken


  • Kenneth John Cole

    All i saw was resonate x 1000000 ………….((((((((((((((((((freedom))))))))))))))))

  • Dan Smith

    look at the countries controlled by muzlims.. They are all crap.. so what do they do.. move to America, because they have ruined their own country.. Hard times are coming…

  • Howard Letzkus

    The puppet mohammid was engaged too a 9 year old girl and is worshipped by 1.6 billion people , I walk into a bar with a 12 year old and everybody freaks out ! What gives ?

  • Al Morris

    Jesus would have pissed in her face

  • lulu

    Why are these people here if they love the religion & laws of their parent country. Why don’t they go back from where ever they came from!! This is America not Iraq!!! Take off your head dress & act like Americans!!!

  • Beedogz

    Why don’t these freakin Muslims move to a Islamic nation? Get the hell out!

  • Susan

    Was she arrested for disorderly conduct? I can believe it if she was.

  • Brenda Golden

    Don’t kid yourselves, there are hundreds of thousands ready to protect their country. That is why BO and his minions want to disarm the people.

  • Miki Paulo

    Wish I lived there. I would have been out in protest as well. Live by American laws or move to a country where your Sharia law is the law of the land. Period!!

  • Michael Van Meter

    Why wait until January of 2017? Every day it’s something else. Emperor Obozo has all ready destroyed America. January of 2017 will be too late to save this country from all the harm the Obozos will cause.

  • SamMarlowe

    Ever notice how much Muslims hate the West, yet they keep coming here and to Europe. Trust me, they’re not coming here to escape radical Islamic terrorism!

  • Bert Nelson

    Time for another CRUSADE!

  • Edward Althouse

    islam is the devil’s religion. you muslims are worshiping the devil you just don’t know it yet!

  • Rebecca Clark

    If they want sharia law guess where they can have it?! In their home country!!! Not here! This is America and they can’t have my country!!!

  • Marge Fox

    Makes me want to throw up. I’m sick of the hole mess,by the way how the hell did we get this deep into all these Muslins anyway?

  • dodgergirl88

    Right on lady. Good for her.



  • Sherwood Vaughan

    You can’t be American and muslin the two are not compatible.

  • crsopha

    So many of you are right and don’t even know it. The sad, sad truth is that with our corrupt government now and the remainder of Tyrant king Obama’s term in office. It will be much sooner than you think. Before he is finally out of office he will enact a law through executive authority that will be nothing short of treason. The ugly truth of this act will be he will getaway with it and never be tried for this. This act will be passing the law o sharia. There by forceing on the american people further frustraition anger and more race problems. If any two people that have torn down and jeprodized race relations it is Obama and sharpton. How long will we stomach the crap they are forceing down our throats ?

  • Disk Wood

    Muslims are all dirty camel riding pigs.

  • Trevor Ware


  • dohfugwimee

    allah is Satan

  • Janice

    This has to be stoped!!

  • Red Fox


  • LR

    It’s about damn time someone stood up for America!!!

  • ted reichelt

    vote for real conservatives who won’t stand for all this political correctness crap. Politicians, with a heart and spine is what we need.

  • James Spears

    The time is now!

  • Michael

    A lot of people are saying that it can’t happen in America . Well , it is happening in parts of this country where you would never think . The media and high government officials are brain- washing the youth and people in this county to except such political bondage of the backwards Islam system . This is a life- style of the Islamic religious bondage of fear and war .

  • Jamie Tegtmeyer

    name is who I am……I take no one defining attribute in this world
    as the only possibility………I hold the strings to many cultures and
    religions in my blood…….i am German, American Indian, Irish, and
    Dutch……..should I chose one and abandon the rest ………..should
    we not be pacifist as all religion screams……….live and let live……..


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