VIDEO: Muslim Fast Food Worker Threatens Customer Who Wanted Bacon on Sandwich


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

What kind of rage must exist among some Muslims in Australia to cause them to plot a mass jihad to behead innocent civilians, or carry out a hostage incident at a Lindt chocolate store tonight?

Well we get a hint of that rage in this very disturbing video from a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Sydney, Australia.

A customer comes in, not realizing that at this particular location, KFC has insanely appeased the local Muslims and allows them to not serve bacon.

So the customer orders bacon on her sandwich, as millions of people do in KFC, McDonalds and others all over the world every day.

The video picks up after a worker has angrily told her she can’t have bacon, and she dares to question why. The manager starts “explaining” about the absurd Sharia Law restriction against bacon, when the same worker literally loses his mind with rage at the infidel who dared to mention the evil B-word.

WATCH: [Language Warning]

The employee was eventually suspended for this disgusting, threatening tirade, but it still doesn’t make up for the fact that KFC and Australia have bowed down to Sharia Law. Will today’s beheading plot be the wake up call that ends this madness?

And if you think “this can’t happen in America”, you are wrong. There are at least 2 KFCs in Dearborn, MI that are “halal” (meat slaughtered along with Islamic prayers and a ban on pork products). Is one of these scenes in our future as well?

UPDATE: The parallels with tonight’s ISIS terrorist hostage drama in Sydney are dramatic: reports are that the Lindt chocolate store recently refused to cave to Sharia Law and make their store Halal-certified. At this hour, there is no indication whether that was why the Lindt store was chosen by terrorists.


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