College Football Player Celebrates Too Early, And It Costs His Team Dearly


by Scott Aberdeen | Top Right News

Oh no, he didn’t.

Yes he did.  At 14:34 of the second quarter of the Utah-Oregon NCAA football game on Saturday night, Utah wide receiver Kaelin Clay beat the coverage for a big time touchdown. Clay released the ball in celebration. He rejoiced. His team celebrated.

Then Oregon picked up the ball. And scored a touchdown.

What? Two touchdowns on one play?

Yep, because Clay had dropped the ball well short of the goal line — a fumble. There was a period of time in which both teams were celebrating, 100 yards apart. Fans and announcers tried to figure out what had happened.

The replays showed quite clearly what a huge blunder Clay made.

OUCH! Touchdown Oregon. Utah would have gone up 14-0 on the No. 5 Ducks with the stunning play. Instead it was tied 7-7, and a devastated Utah ended up getting blown out 51-27.

Many people immediately thought of DeShawn Jackson, who did this — more than once — during his time with the NFL’s Eagles…

Turns out the similarities are closer then we thought:

[h/t Bleacher Report]

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