Under Siege: Fear on the Border in Fort Hancock, Texas (MUST SEE)

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against INVASION….”

U.S. Constitution, Article 4, Section 4.

In Ft. Hancock, Texas, as with much of our Southern border, this Constitutional mandate is totally ignored by the Federal government.

For this is a town under siege by the Mexican cartels. And the Sheriff and people are left to fight it out for themselves, by themselves, as this video report shows.

The border is NOT secure. And not a single “immigration reform” bill should even be considered in the U.S. House until the people of Ft. Hancock and every border town can sleep safe at night.

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  • canucksam

    I wish we could send Obama and Holder down to the border and leave them there, alone and unarmed, in the desert. Make them stay there for 2 weeks then I wonder if they’d change their minds – after they changed their shorts a few times or even made it out alive.

    • Kevin Mathews

      They wouldn’t be alive after 48 hours(especially since they are black,we ALL know how much Latinos love black people!

      • canucksam

        If Sharpton or Chris Matthews read your reply they’ll blow a gasket! 😉

        • Porphyry

          We can hope…

  • Rory Murray

    Shame on Janet Napalitano for ignoring our border.
    As Arizona’s Governor, she begged Bush to secure it.
    Now, she would rather commit treason than defend it.

    • Grizzled_Gringo

      She never begged for anything, It was all an act. When AZ LEOs wanted in on the Joint program with ICE she always made sure there was little to no funding..just like when She sued the Govt. for the cost of illegals. She put it on hold (but never admitted it) basically just filed it. But she always brought up She was suing the Feds over the cost. She also vetoed many laws against illegals.She was useless as homeland Secretary and now in the CA UC system has come up with 500 million dollars to assist illegals who want to go to college.

      • Oldud

        And George Bush wouldn’t have done anything anyway. He sided with Mexico more often than not.

        • Grizzled_Gringo

          GB hasn’t been President for 5 years now. And WTF does this have to do with Nappy?

  • Josh Hopkins

    Drop me a line Sheriff I’ll come down with a few former pipe hitters and help you out.

    • Nick Mauro

      I’ll quit my job right now to be on his team. Former Explosive Ordnance Disposal operator. (Bomb Squad)

      • Clint Mahan

        Scout Sniper, at your disposal.

    • Olderbuttwiser

      If they’d pay my gas, provide 2hots and a cot…..plus ammo (I’ll bring my own guns and as much ammo as I have) I’ve been out of work since that socialist bee in office so I don’t have much money reserve….I e medical training and been shooting for over 40 years….I can help out

  • ron44

    under funded, under protected by this lousy government of border crossing initiators, sold out by this administration trying to destroy America as we know it Bush didn’t help either.

  • nancyj1922

    I agree. If Obama had to spend one night there, we would have a secure border and the second amendment would be secure. But he doesn’t have the balls to do that!

    • djtejas

      Obviously you have not been paying attention to the fact that this administration has deported more illegals than the last one….

      • nancyj1922

        Nice try. Obama has played with what he calls a deportation. If someone is stopped wading across the rio grande and turned around…Obama calls that a deportation. That is stopping another illegal. Deportations are supposed to be people that have been arrested for being in the country illegally, and they are sent back to their home country. This number has dropped a lot. Why? Obama ORDERED ICE to stop deporting. I live in. Arizona and the. Number of illegals is WAY UP! How do I know this? I see them walking down my street with their packs, I see them at my door looking for food and water and they tell us where they are from. Within 8 miles of my house there are signs that warn that you are not safe because of illegal traffic and that is 100 MILES north of the Mexican border in Arizona…this is because of it being a rural area that is frequented by drug and human smugglers! So sorry, you chose the wrong person to argue this with! Obama lies all the time. He also has refused invitations to come to border communities and see for himself BECAUSE HE KNOWS HE IS NOT SAFE! But, he thinks that is ok for the citizens of states that border Mexico. Secure our borders!

  • justbarry60

    Okay now we want big govt. to protect us. Arizona, Texas, When do you
    you think you will come back into the real world.

    • David Neely

      protecting the border happens to be one of the few jobs that the government has any business doing, it is mandated by the constitution.

      • nancyj1922

        I so agree! Wouldn’t it be nice if they only did what they were supposed to? I would love to see a senate ONLY work to reduce the budget, get rid of absurd laws and stop foolish spending!

    • American1959

      THAT is big govt.’s job!

  • justbarry60

    By The way, You think food prices are expensive now. The so called illegals are the only ones doing the jobs your kids dont’ want to do.

    • Oldud

      I’ll take higher food prices. Beats excessive car insurance, ad valorem taxes state sales tax, local taxes all to pay for the cost of illegals. We’d come out waaaaay ahead.

    • Jonathan

      That argument works at 4% unemployment. Not at 20%. The kids who “don’t want to do” the job aren’t allowed to work under most of the stupid labor laws. “To protect the children” we’ve made them useless.

    • mommeme

      We will invent something to do it, don’t worry. And we’ll have plenty of extra money once we stop the illegals from stealing benefits, school slots and jobs.

    • cpt g

      when I was a teen I picked fruit, mowed lawns, and weeded mint fields to make money to support my first car…….now that is forbidden by our all knowing government, so kids sell drugs or ??? to get money OR.. they are supported by mommy and daddy until the federal government can take over and support them. then, when they are old enough, they vote for the welfare party.

    • dan3333333333

      Idiots like you are still pushing that croc of mexican-she-it!
      As a white American teenager I did that work, it was easy! However now I wouldn’t do it if you paid me twice today’s minimum wage! Why? For the same reason young Americans everywhere today wont, because no one wants to work with a bunch of people in their own country who don’t speak English!

  • Mauricio Carvallan

    Death to Invaders, Death to those who invites them over!!!!!!

  • byrongcoker

    I know a way to stop them coming over our border,just start shooting them.They will stop in a hurry.

    • American1959

      Agreed! To hell with stopping them for a chat and checking for papers – just start shooting and send them either back over the border or to their maker!

    • djtejas

      How about shooting the “Americans” that keep hiring them too? They are creating the problem by giving them jobs…

      • nancyj1922

        Again wrong. It would not be a problem if the border was closed. Employers couldn’t hire people not here! What you are saying is that you should close stores so people don’t steal…not punish the thief!

        • djtejas

          Typical response from someone that does not think. They come here because Americans are giving them jobs. American business owners are not paying them to steal; they are paying them for jobs. The two are nothing alike…maybe to you, but you obviously can’t think past the point that so-called Americans in our country are creating this problem. ANYONE that hires illegals, rents housing, sells cars, etc to them is part of the problem and should be prosecuted. This will never stop until businesses stop hiring them.

          • nancyj1922

            Typical response from a person that doesn’t see that if Obama did what they were supposed to do two DECADES ago and seal the border, illegals would not be here to hire. Nice try.

          • Tyler Feldmann

            “Obama did what they were supposed to do two DECADES ago” do you know what a decade is? lol

          • nancyj1922

            Really, Tyler? So the southern border is secure from CA to TX? Gee, I live in AZ, the fence must be invisible. The last time a bunch of illegals were admitted the border was supposed yo be secured. CA ended up with a partial fence the rest of us got screwed and stuck with a ton more people to support, not to mention those dealing drugs, and humans.

          • Tyler Feldmann

            So I take it you don’t know what a decade is? :c

          • Tyler Feldmann

            “1922” goes to show people in there 90’s really should be euthanized by hospitals

          • nancyj1922

            Tyler so the only numbers people ever use are birth years, huh. You are an idiot. You also better watch out for wishing euthanasia, someone may pick you as a target! As for time, YOU DONT UNDERSTAND A FEW DECADES OR MORE IMPORTANT HISTORY. You might check out the immigration reform and control act of 1986, when 3 million Mexican nationals were granted amnesty and the American people were promised border security, a national language of English, etc. 1986 is just shy of 2 decades. You see the difference between you and I is that I actually know what I am talking about, unlike you. I’m done with this absurd conversation with a person that makes his day spewing endless foolish words.

        • djtejas

          Obviously you do not even realize it is a CRIME to hire an illegal….

          • nancyj1922

            Last, if they are not here they cannot be hired! Border was supposed to be sealed in 1986 with the immigration reform act when we did this all before. I’m done with your nonsense.

          • Tyler Feldmann

            why are you so mad tho? what is it about mexicans specifically that gets you so heated?

          • nancyj1922

            Ok Tyler, one more comment. You sucked me in. I have NOTHING that gets me upset about Mexican’s specifically. NOTHING. That is not the issue. It is also not a race issue, which you would know if you knew me, where I live, where I worked, family, home, etc. It is a country issue. There is NO other country in the world that leaves its borders open so that you can just wonder around. Seriously, I live in AZ, you try to cross into MEXICO and you are chased down and disappear into the night! Go North into Canada and they won’t think kindly of it. No think Russia, Iran, Iraq, anywhere in Europe, Africa, Asia….borders open? Nope. Why, because of a number of reasons and one of them is protection of the people here. I know you are just out to argue this cause and that is why I am trying to SHARE with you: In the link I am posting below I got this quote: ”

            WSB-TV 2 published a population breakdown from an Immigration and Customs Enforcement staging facility in Florence, Ariz., dated April 15, 2010, which includes detainees from as far away as Afghanistan, Armenia, Bosnia, Egypt, Ghana, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Morocco, Pakistan, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Botswana, Turkey and many other countries.
            Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2010/05/156441/#TKQlrxptf6qfEJTb.99

            This should scare the snot out of everyone. This isn’t an issue of the poor little farmer coming to work because they can actually apply for and get, rather easily a work Visa to come into America. There are many, many of these people (I live in an area where this is very much the case) come work, and move from place to place where the work permits. My problem is not the people that come LEGALLY. It is the ones that don’t. In this same area there are people who sneak into our country. There is a HUGE difference. First the over all danger of trying to take on the AZ desert in the summertime is nuts, then add in the over all threats from coyotes looking to make fast money. Add this into the drug cartels that wander our mountains and traffic not only DRUGS but PEOPLE…that one was even a shock to me. People that live HERE have to deal with this every day. There is a great article http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/06/30/jan-brewer-ad-blasts-obam_n_631431.html
            where you can see the signs posted 8 miles from my home warning me that I shouldn’t walk in MY desert because of the dangers of drug and human smugglers. I really don’t remember being told that when I purchased the land year ago and I do remember when I COULD hike these mountains, travel the desert without concern. I have illegals coming to my home all the time asking for food and water…many which get aggressive is you say no and demanding even if you do. I come home late at night and drive through LINES of people walking down the roads, FEET from my home. would you want your wife, daughter, mom alone in the dark with people who think NOTHING of our laws and choose instead to just do what they want. Then going back to the list of the people that cross INTO our country that are from foreign countries that hate us….did it ever dawn on you how some of the people got here that were a part of 9-11? Or the fact that others in that same group were people who ILLEGALLY overstayed their visas and were not deported? I know, you are all righteous about One World Order and everyone all being equal, but the truth of the matter is that is NOT the way the world is and if you listen to your, obvious savior, Obama, you heard him say that he is only concerned about the people in the TOP 2% of the income…..well Tyler, for your knowledge, EVERY SINGLE MAN< WOMAN< AND CHILD in AMERICA is in the top 2% of the world income!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was quite a wake up to me. Given that and the favoring of Obama to aid the terrorists around the world, it sure makes you think about the plans he has for you. Well, I hope that you actually read this far. Sadly, the majority of people that rant like you won't. They don't want to be educated or to learn about how someone else has to live. They don't want to know what it is like to LIVE in the area where the illegal trafficking is a problem. They just want to kick back, pop a cold one and rant on issues that they think they are politically aware of when in fact they know very little. If you REALLY want to be so bold with all your comments instead hold them until YOU travel the Arizona border, Until you see the damage to our deserts, until you see the MOUNTAINS of trash left behind by the smugglers/illegals, until you see the prayer blankets of those from the countries that hate us discarded under a bush, until YOU have to limit what you can do in YOUR COUNTRY, with in 10miles of your house because of the dangers, BIG DANGERS and then also think, that not only is Obama not acting on the bill from 1986 that insured us closed borders (and either did any of the Presidents in between then and now) but Obamas new big twist is that he wants to UNARM the population so that we can't even protect ourselves when the whole thing turns bad….and it will. So enjoy your couch and your cold one, but in the meantime I am more concerned about the fact that I want this country to be a place my kids and my grandkids and their kids can grow up safe. I want it to be a place where the flag of THIS country flies proud, our military is respected, our schools are strong and where WE have enough business and industry to support AMERICAN CITIZENS. I want to bring back the strength and exceptionalism of THIS country and to remove our dependence from all the countries around and honestly, I want to have someone sitting in the White House that when they draw a line in the sand….with the lives of our Military men and women, that they aren't doing it with a red crayon and talking out their ass. Hope you enjoyed my comments. Please LEARN something, READ about this WORLD, FIND OUT what you are talking about before you just assume that you know all….because trust me on this topic, you don't have a clue and you ARE talking to someone that lives right smack in the center of the issue and people like you spend your days screwing with MY RIGHTS and MY FREEDOM with your whining.

  • Richard StJohn

    You have to wonder if those nice folks are actually shooting the illegals coming through. I doubt the sheriff would do a thing if they did. Just another example of honest everyday Americans caught up in the midst of political crap. The liberals see future voters and the ticket to a socialist utopia. Republicans are sponsored by corporations wanting cheap labor. So the flow of illegals never stops. It would be no surprise to learn a nation like Iran has hundreds or thousands of individuals who have come across for the sole purpose of waging war against us. The situation at our borders is the single greatest risk to our national security.

  • TheFlashingScotsman

    The federal government has NOT lost control of the border. They have walked away from their responsibility. Purposely.

    • jtangren

      You have to wonder who’s all pockets the billions in drug money is ending up in?

      • you might ask the Clintons

      • was*thisjustin

        Every politician and DEA agent you can think of, as well as the banks. That is why we need to legalize drugs.

      • was*thisjustin

        Every politician and DEA agent you can think of, as well as the banks. That is why we need to legalize drugs.

  • Porphyry

    There’s another front where guerilla tactics could prove useful–including IEDs & other Talibandit-style tricks.

  • Earl Turner

    This is the Diversityâ„¢ that the Khazars want unleashed all across America against white people. Stand up and fight back!

  • buffsrtoo

    Border security: Impose a fine of $100,000.00 on employers for every undocumented worker they hire. Legalize marijuana. There. It’s done.

    • jtangren

      Too late, as the marijuana trade becomes legalized realize first it’s only because it’s in the interest of the cartels and the politicians whose pockets they have been lining, and second the cartels already have organization in place to control the production and distribution. America is what’s done.

      • cpt g

        What you don’t understand is that legal pot is grown on licensed and inspected farms…..sold In state regulated stores, and, the profit of cartels becomes the tax to that state. Along with the fact that maybe 40% of people will grow their own, the future of illegal marijuana is bleak. Cartels will just shift their focus to something else, but their cash crop will dry up. How many moonshiners are operating today?

        • dan3333333333

          There is a lot of moonshiners operating today!

    • Oldud

      You obviously have no idea how the EEOC and all the alphabet soup organizations work. The first time you turn down a worker with a Spanish surname because you think he is a mojado and he isn’t, you wont have a company left to hire anyone.

      • djtejas

        buffsrtoo is correct…t0 fix this problem we should be going after the source. The people that hire illegals; even homeowners that hire them for house work and yard work. Anyone that hires an illegal for anything is helping to create the problem. They come here because Americans will hire them. If there were no jobs for them, they would not be here. Same for people that rent them housing or sell them cars. They are all just as guilty as the illegals themselves…but no one wants to address that problem. The crime should be even worse for the “Americans” that hire them….

  • Babylonandon

    Campers, you to understand three basic ideologies here.

    The Republican Leadership is controlled by the Chamber of Commerce and they want their cheap labor and to change the Social landscape into one dominated by more submissive people (a Plantation).

    The Democratic Leadership is dominated by two ideas:

    One is to get a dominating voting block of “victims” who will grant them the power to create “Utopia” – which is basically a more “benevolent” Plantation that is good for the Earth (population control).

    And the other is a racial domination that can get revenge on Whites for the past and remove them from the continent they’ve “stolen”.

  • DocHollywood_2

    Peace and security through superior firepower

  • djtejas

    People, the source of the problem is “Americans” that give them jobs…STOP hiring them! Same for people that rent them housing and sell them cars. STOP!

  • Enubus

    No border for those two, Death Valley is the place for them to contemplate. Yes they must contemplate their evil ways before the end that will come green eggs and ham!

  • Michael Lyons

    & fill the levy up with crocs!!

  • brandon

    I’m a out of work vet. I need of work I been to Iraq I been to Afghanistan I have a combat mos I have medical training tccc and cls

    • Barefoot in MN

      thank you for your service! I struggle myself… but want to ask, have you applied to an ambulance service? even a “volunteer” service can bring leads to a paid position… good luck, God bless & keep you

  • Nico

    To the Sheriff of Fort Hancock. All I require is food, water, shelter and ammunition. I will help. Retired Law Enforcement.

  • Pat Jones

    Need deputies?

  • F. De Moraes

    Too bad we cannot put together some three man sniper teams augmented by some aerial surveillance from those DHS drones to suppress the invading foreign drug cartels and their traffickers. A well placed 338 Lapua Magnum or .50 BMG round makes for a helluva deterrent.

  • Robo

    Doesn’t sound melodramatic at all. He should deputize the entire town.

  • Robo

    It’s time to start arming the good people in Mexico.

  • Stop the Magnet


  • luchia

    Bury some land mines, that should scare ’em.

  • Tread7

    Lock and Load !!!

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  • was*thisjustin

    You know, if we just legalized drugs, this problem would go away.

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