Unbelievable! Mizzou Protesters Are Furious the Paris Terror Attacks Are ‘Stealing the Spotlight’


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

The world stands with Paris tonight, watching in horror at the horrific toll Islamic terrorism inflicted upon that great city.

But not everyone is sympathetic to the victims tonight. In fact the actions of some are beyond disgusting.

The crybullies protesting the non-existent racism at Mizzou are furious that the media is taking 2 minutes away from their breathless coverage of their race-baiting and Marxist demands.

So they took to social media and unleashed some truly reprehensible Tweets:

From TheRightScoop/DailyCaller:




Wow. Speechless.


“@SleazeMontana”  deleted his tweet:




Des it get any more despicable than this?

People are being killed by suicide bombers and AK-47s across the pond, but the liberal fanatics at Mizzou want you to focus on the race hoax that is taking place at their school.

What a time to be alive.

Also, the KKK hoax has already been debunked.

  • MisterScary

    In Missouri, nobody died. In Paris, 153+ people died. What these losers don’t realize is that these killers would have killed them indiscriminately as they did the victims in Paris.

    • msjoeshmoe

      Still wouldn’t be news worthy.

    • jhk

      This answered a very big question for me… yeppers.. they are nothing but attention whores! If they cannot show compassion for someone else, especially when those people have gone through hell in a hand basket tonight, then they truly are narcissistic little shits that everyone has been saying they are. There is no KKK there, they are attention mongering!

      • jhk

        Oh, yea…. what happened to y’all shoving the media around.. thought you WANTED privacy? SMDH

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        • Albert Schmitlap.

          You can’t organize a Terrorist attack of White People if your Target knows about it. that is why they also ran the White Supporters OUT. The College did a terrible job handling this,,and THEY are the IDIOTS teaching OUR kids,,,disturbing, huh

          • Alex

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          • Maureen Walker

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          • Albert Schmitlap.

            Still pimping yourself huh…how sad,,when will you get a REAL JOB,,one that doesn’t require you Lying you azz off to people?

          • The placement of this comment is ironic. It could apply to the Missouri protests or the comment directly above it. Well played.

          • Albert Schmitlap.

            Don’t tell me I can’t multi-task…LOL

          • Elizabeth Laster

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        • Ruby Clay

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    • DiskusSux

      Mizzou is made up BS. Totally fictional.

      • Carol

        crybabies – should be ashamed of themselves

        • DiskusSux

          They SHOULD be rounded up and execute or exiled as communist enemies of all free peoples.

        • TedStyle

          Crybullies not crybabies.

    • lspanker

      Are black students REALLY being singled out for mistreatment on American college campuses by racist white folks, or is something else going on here?

      I submit that the greatest motivation behind the paranoid and hysterical claims of “microaggression” and “institutional racism” are simply manifestations of the insecurities and rage of AA/diversity admittees who find themselves over their heads intellectually and academically. They don’t really belong in college based on their demonstrable performance to date, and deep down they recognize it but are too defensive to admit it, for fear of shame and guilt if they have to drop out and go home. I’m sure it’s quite distressing for parents, family members and friends to have to deal with the fact that a loved one, someone they looked up to as going places and breaking out of the L7, so to speak, didn’t really have what it takes to make it through college in the first place.

      This is the REAL tragedy of AA/diversity and political correctness: do-gooder white liberals, stuck in their constipated race/class/gender model for how the real world works, REFUSE to deal with the REAL reasons why young black people are under-represented in college (single motherhood, lack of respect for education, chaos/incompetence in the public schools, destructive cultural values), and think they can magically change things by putting these kids into positions where the odds are SO stacked against them that they can only fail. It’s basically the “sink-or-swim” approach, except these kids have been lied into thinking they will perform like Olympians when they can barely dogpaddle…

      • Carl Holzinger

        Well put.

      • Heylottylotty

        Excellent insight. Another area our government has let an important area of our citizens down is the pushing all people to get “a college education” as the only road to success. Remember the vocational schools that taught skills? Remember “shop” class in high school? Many humans have a built in aptitude for college. Many more of us “get” hands on and skills for work outside academics. These are the jobs that are suffering, and people have lost the pride of how important those jobs are to our nation. Building homes, providing cable and communication products, installing and maintaining cellular towers and equipment, welding, cabinet makers, etc. None of these require a 4 year degree. Yet another dumbing down by over educating. Who goes to get their car repaired and asks for a mechanic with a college degree? REALLY?

      • jsteele98

        They can’t be over their head intellectually and academically, these Jackasses are all “studying” meaning garbage like gender and race studies and similar useless BS.

      • Could not have put this better myself. And the sink or swim model is perfect, except most of them have a weight tied to their feet in the form their own insecurities.

    • TedStyle

      Don’t forget, yes 153+ people died. 350+ injured.

  • Golfer1113

    The true racists are the ones in this article. It is used to cover their unwilling to do what is right and do for themselves.

  • Secretsquid

    How many people were killed at Mizzou?

    • msjoeshmoe

      Not enough.

      • Ed Ferrugiari

        NONE is the correct answer.

    • Reese

      same number of KKK members that were on campus, the same number of black students ‘running for their lives’ and locking themselves in the room and the same number of poop swastikas found….answer? ZERO

      • Brigadon

        There’s only one racial group known for a prediliction for disposing of their fecal matter inappropriately. And it ain’t the KKK

        • Secretsquid

          There was a black women where I worked at that smeared Shiite in the bathroom stalls.

    • lspanker

      None – most of those BLM protesters were already brain-dead when they got there…

  • Phoenix

    Oh cry us a friggin river you whiney @$$ freeloaders. And yes, you ARE freeloaders when you are not paying for YOUR college education yourselves. Nobody owes you sh!t!

  • Tina

    Disgusting racist pieces of shit! People are being killed in Paris. Your issues don’t compare!
    They crack me up…they don’t want people there reporting on them, but don’t want people reporting on important things! I think we need to drop the Mizzou people out of the news. STOP giving them any attention AT ALL!!

  • Calypso

    Wah, flippin’ wah.

  • Wicked93

    Fuck Mizzou

  • fx-tech

    Can we PLEASE get rid of these spoiled freakin college babies? These idiots are obsessed with themselves. This is what happens when your fifteen minutes of fame isn’t enough. These liberal ashwipes are NOT Americans. They are a plague on our nation and our country will NEVER be whole again as long as people cave in to their insanity..

    • Heylottylotty

      What we are seeing now are the babies of the “post military draft” era. When there was a required duty for our country there was very little such disrespect by young Americans. AS some other more patriotic nations found, their citizens needed and wanted to serve for the right to be born and live there. It doesn’t have to be war only but to serve our country in peaceful positions. Still, learn a trade, earn college support, grow up as an American instead of spoon fed, government raised anarchists. Privilege comes from duty and hard work and honor. Restore the draft.

      • fx-tech

        I agree, however, that also plays into indoctrination by the government. This generation of slackers are still being indoctrinated but it’s to be anti-government, not pro-USA. I honestly see another civil war in our country’s near future. Thankfully, I’m on the pro-gun side so I’m not worried… 🙂

        • Heylottylotty

          When much younger, I served over 4 years with over a hundred military men and women. None of them were “brainwashed” or over indoctrinated by the government. For many decades since then I have worked (in the civilian world) with many veterans finding them all with free will yet having a better grasp on life and patriotism toward our nation than most. As for not being worried, I own a slingshot. A fellow with a bow is better armed. Some people have a pistol and/or a rifle. A fellow with a drone is better armed. I live alone. When the government comes for you (us), they will come in armor, over armed, and as a large group. Yes, protect our homes, family, and rights however necessary. Yet, NOW is still a good time to take our Nation back by getting involved in grassroots groups (power in numbers). Push our tax dollar paid “leaders” to actually lead by our needs, not theirs. Learn what is actually in our Constitution (there are seminars for it) and use that as our sword. Our Republic is worth saving.

    • sgb1

      We need to ignore them.

  • RichmondVaCane

    Wow, the punks at Mizzou throwing a tantrum. Typical.

  • Thomas Lee Fugate

    These idiots should be kicked out of college for stupidity. the idiot who lied online about the KKK should be kicked out of school for honor code violations.

    • retired_geek

      Honor code violations? Come on, I don’t think there is such a thing as honor at Mizzou. It would seem that they are doing very well at living DOWN to expectations.

      • Thomas Lee Fugate

        Excellent point. I guess my point of view comes from having gone to a school where even today the honor code matters.

    • alex_a

      But if they’re kicked out of college, we’ll run out of community organizers!

      • John Q

        You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    • Rattschidtt

      The only “code” they honor is “snitches get stitches”

  • Tony

    Fuck Mizzou. Bunch of spoiled entitlement ridden socialist pigs. Son of a millionaire whining about white privilege. Go fuck yourself little pig. Someone needs to go in there with AK’s and show them what they’re missing in Paris….Just a bunch of worthless hood rats.

  • WhatMeWorry

    Fuck Missouri. OPEN SEASON ON NIGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karl A. Innes

    Fuck all the Mizzou porch monkeys! Fuckin cumsucking ghetto thugs!

  • Whats Yours

    Do you idiots not know that you’re actually CREATING more racists with your whining?

  • Harriet

    Protest all the stupid killings in Chicago, then you will have my ear. This racial protest thing you have going on, naaaahhhhhh, not interested.

  • John Nobile

    Nobody died in Mizzou, the KKK was a lie told by the student body president. What tragedy took place at Mizzou?????????

    • An Angry Tax Payer

      Just like the Black “LIES” Matter BS & the mob action that Mike Browns daddy started in St Louis and that black bastard w/Mike Brown who lied & said his hands were up when the shot Brown, Lies, Lies, Lies. Them racist bastards should have been made targets when they started burning the city…

  • Concerned

    The racists in the USA today are black scum, dependent on the gov’t for everything and angry that they are nothing in the scheme of things. Problem is they are causing themselves to be nothing by their stupidity and outrageous obvious hatred for whites and their own abundant racism. Real lowlife human scum and liberal, racist human garbage.

  • JerryE


  • Trumped u

    Everybody knows it was Bush himself that did it.

  • BobM001

    Would it make this SCUM feel “better” if someone went to “Mizzou” and sh0t up a bunch of SELF ABSORBED IGNANT A$$ N!66AS?

    • Jeff Allen

      id feel better

  • Orion

    ;-)))) Funny feeble “educated” (~sarc) sponges, Start a fund me, raise enough money and take a flight to Iraq and meet up with ISIS complaint to them…. stilts.

    • BobM001

      BEST idea I have heard so far. I’ll pony up a “Benjamin” for the ticket!

      • An Angry Tax Payer

        hell I’ll throw 2 in………..

        • And I’ll furnish the bus to drive them over there!

  • gyoung55

    Go away Mizzou protesters. No one really cared about your whining before and they certainly don’t give a crap about you now.

  • overit

    I can’t believe the drivel you guys are talking about. Stupidity at it finest. It’s going to happen on our soil, mark my words. Pay attention to the fuckin’ muslim asswipe in the WH. We have the power to make them a parking lot. But won’t because the asswipe want’s them to prevail. Wake up before it’s too late. Prayers for Paris…

  • Fedup

    Missouri…still drumming up racist drama…get over it already…so self centered…no compassion for others yet expect everyone to have it for you…your little poor me show is getting really old.

  • Al

    Still trying to figure out what happened in Mizzou. Nothing worth the attention that I can see. A bunch of whiny crybabies that want more free shit.

  • CLSt1

    How can they even compare being called a derogatory term (only derogatory if a non-black uses it) with the lives of over 150 people, some of who were likely of African decent also.

  • Brian

    Im offended that NFL teams have an offense.Cant they ,like,call themselves the ball mover guys or something?

    • Jeff Allen

      because mover might suggest slavery in their tiny minds and we dont want that

  • Kathleen

    When was the last time you saw the KKK armed with AK 47′ storming theaters and shooting people at random in the streets? Get over it mizzous or whatever you’re calling yourselves. Pull up your big girl/boy pants and stop playing the bloody victim. Your main speaker comes from a wealthy family and played all of the media as a poor black chile’ . Give me a fucking break and grow up.

  • Lisa b

    Some of the Mizzou demonstrators behave like the KKK and seem to have a common attitude about people. Some have threatened bloodshed, uh huh. So here’s the KKK. Let’s just keep ignoring all of them.

  • Devlin

    Well we can tell by a great deal from the comments that people stick with media and feed off each other without actually knowing a great deal about whats going on in the world. Majority of Americans truly live in glass bubbles.

  • freedomseaker1 .

    What do you expect from a bunch of low life gutter trash?!

  • WGerP226

    These despicable cretins are the product of progressivism. In the liberal village filled with racist idiots, these are the standouts, the “A” students if you will. Only a simple minded, brainwashed minion would give their “crying wolf” any credence at all.

  • Daniel Norman

    Black lives don’t matter. Just ask any black person. Hell in Chicago they kill each other all day long and all Night long as well. Quit blaming white people for your ignorance and cultural related problems. I didn’t ask you to go on welfare. I didn’t asked you to smoke crack. And I’ve never owned a slave. Fuck you very much

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    WOW,This is what we now have on our College Campuses???? Uncaring, Cold Hearted little NOBODIES that only care about themselves and to hell with the rest of the world. ONE idiot LIES about the KLAN ( just like hands up don’t shoot) and the rest follow like little Drones and NEVER researched the accusation,,,and they wonder why people have little faith in what they say or do…OR Trust them.,,,Van Jones’ plans are working well,,as are Obama and his mentors. How Disturbing.

  • Tyrone Jackson

    These children are such entitled jackasses. We should ship them all to the South Pole and leave them.

  • Tony Perseo

    Hard to believe their prospective is so far gone that they’re comparing and even blaming the Paris attacks for taking the spotlight from their race-baiting …

  • Jason Kulisek

    The worst part is that we subsidize fools like these with our tax money.

  • SanClementeX2

    F them. #blacklivesdontmatter

  • Jeff Allen

    like i said before, self centered whiney assholes

  • Jeff Allen

    scary thing is this is the mind set that will be leading our government and society in the not so distant future

  • Reese

    that university needs just be shutdown, the students there are just too stupid. you want a great argument against college debt relief? look at mizzou, you would really have taxpayers to pay for these fools to be turn into people like this? no thanks

  • Heylottylotty

    Other than unsubstantiated reports of verbal “abuse” (sticks and stones may break my bones but words can’t harm me): rumors of events with no proof, in the day of camera phones everywhere: nothing but seeing a photographer being BULLIED by college staff and students. Where and what has (provably) caused the poor impoverished black privileged students to be so afraid of what appears to be shadows in the dark? Elitist college students living it up while others pay their way being too bored to do classwork dream up media attention then abuse those who attend the faux rage party. You might get more sympathy for something if it was real and the rest of us are having to work so you can party your privileged lifestyle in college (so many Americans can’t afford to be there at all).. More proof that our “young” people have been filled with the “me and not me” attitude by our leftist socialist government shills.

  • Cyclops

    I find the KKK disgusting. But, seriously, the Black Lives Matter group has caused far more damage in the last few years in this country. Furthermore, the KKK has been looked down on for years by people with an education and common sense. Whereas college professors are endorsing these idiots. People aren’t running around endorsing killing black people. Numerically speaking more black people are killing black people in higher numbers than the KKK could ever have hoped to obtain. There are some major issues out there, but the KKK isn’t one of them. No one takes them seriously anymore. Unlike BLM, they don’t burn cities, riot in the streets, and kill cops. – And really, comparing them with ISIS gives them a whole lot more credit than they deserve.

  • Bill Jones Sr.

    next they’ll be burnin down their town and college and looting their stores for the media attention, be so clad when we get a pres with some balls

  • JimWinchester

    All white donors need to wake tha hell up.

  • sgb1

    Just why do they believe they are trapped in their rooms? Mass hallucinations?

  • TN

    The people at Mizzou are a bunch of babies. Get over yourselves!

  • marylamb72

    There was no KKK on that campus. Someone lied and others picked it up without checking for truth. At least ONE had the integrity to apologize for it.


    What the hell is going to happen when these fragile children with paper mache spines are forced to encounter the real world, where there is NO ONE who gives a sh!t about their hurt feelings, damaged psyches or completely baseless fears. Where there is no such thing as a “safe space”, where your boss will probably fire you if you start crying about ‘trigger words’ or ‘micro aggressions’. There is no way these imbeciles, professional victims, will be able to survive. Bring on the Darwinism.

  • John Ward

    Whinny little bitches!!!

  • Deborah Horvath Rowden

    Selfish, self-centered hateful speech. Completely insensitive to the pain of others. And they think we have the problem?? People are dying, their boycotting football because of a remark. How ridiculous can it get! The world has gone mad.
    We have a plague of narcissism.

  • truthsayer

    I want to offer the poor students free airfare to Liberia, or any other African country they would rather live. They will have to surrender their passport, renounce citizenship and sign a contract to never return.

    • Airfare? Hell, send ’em over on a bus. It’s cheaper than airfare & we all win!

  • james

    Time to see what a band of blacks can do to for us?? Wish I had the money or a job to have went when I was young!! had to go to serve you all so you can have a chance to get drunk or high??

  • tmg13

    Right Wicked 93 close the school down seems they do not learn anything anyway

  • Jack Hammer

    According to the SPLC, there are only 3000-5000 Klan in the entire country. There star has long since descended.They’re nothing more than a bunch of old men stomping around the woods with pillowcases on their heads. ” Eat your vegetables DaQuan or the KKK will get you!!”

  • ValleyCounty

    Mizzou only exist in the minds of the niggers, black/brown/white, that are trying to help Obama destroy America. They are fast alienating their cause and their imagined plight with their actions.

  • christophers mom

    No one cares about you punk ass thugs

  • David Johnson

    Has one of these spoiled little college babies even had a broken fingernail from the imaginary kkk attacks????

  • Gayle Hammen

    Maybe we can get the Missouri students to go to Paris and fight the battle for free speech which they use so freely and deny to others. They should fight the fight.

  • Gayle Hammen

    I hope the state of Missouri shuts down the school!!! This is public property that is being misused by thugs.

  • Robert Saunders

    If Black children on college campuses had a history of standing up for the RIGHTS of Others as the French have done since the revolution then others would be inclined to stand up for the rights of the Black children at Mizzou. So far the Black children have shown themselves to be nothing but self-centered spoiled brats.

  • tina

    really? are you people so small minded and self centered only thinking about your goddamn black issues? We get it your hundred old ancestors WERE slaves, not YOU. WTF is a mizzo any way,, what another name for a black person,,? really who f’n cares, and the only ones that keep bringing this bullshit issue up is black people. Paris was under siege lastnight, those lives lost and their family is way more important than you all wanting to whine yet again,, about being black,, go back to where you all came from and start your own colony,, sorry if this sounds lack of caring, I do care, about the victims and their families who lost loved ones. Maybe you all should moved to the middle east. Try whinning there,, and see where it gets you. Now get your selfish heads out of your asses and help your fellow man,, ancestors who let you live in our country.

  • nadinemccarthy

    They talk white privilege when one of the main protestor’s father is a millionaire and the student is a liar stating a car hit him when video shows he ran into the car. In addition, I didn’t see any of these protestors locked in their room scared. I saw them out there in the open screaming and harassing journalist and other people as well as inciting violence. Doesn’t look like they were scared of anything except NOT getting news coverage. What they don’t realize is that without freedom of speech, they would likely all be kicked out of school.

  • wheelie2xw

    Now everyone go home and work on getting your GPA to 2.0! If you are students at all.

  • John

    I’d like slap every last one of them. Oh wait… I’m white. Was that racist?

  • Bobinms

    Selfish!! Selfish!! Shelfish!! The spoiled “me” generation. Lets just hope that someday they don’t have to endure a “real” problem.

  • Brandon Lemmon

    I am in no means for racism, but to be honest, I almost (emphasis: ALMOST) want to join the KKK in #Missou just to teach these heartless people a lesson. As MisterScary said, no one has died in Missouri, but over 150 people died in Paris in a well-coordinated terrorist attack. God help France, and everyone, please #PrayForParis

  • Lee Weber

    And a president and chancellor resigned because of these animals? Pres/chancellor – it’s your fault as educators that you created these morons, but did you really have to capitulate to those who lack reason, brains, civility, and morals?

  • Gigity Gigity

    Terrorist are color blind.. The kill anyone that is present regardless of race, gender, or religion.

  • DiskusSux

    Talk about your WAAAAAH!

    The crap happening in Mizzou is made up whiny nonsense designed to get the blacks agitated as part of the Marxist plan to overthrow the US. Follow the money.

    Paris is OUR FUTURE. We have moslem throwbacks being dumped in our country, we have a full on Mexitrash invasion. We can expect plenty of violence from both groups of savages.

    Our future goes dark if we allow the savages to invade. If we do not fight for what is ours, it will not long be ours. You white people back this can expect to be destroyed too; don’t delude yourself. We will be a repeat of South Africa, and you will be ‘punished’ for your ‘racist’ ways, EVEN IF YOU ARE ON THEIR SIDE.

  • tim

    They were throwing the media out the other day. If I was their professor they would be failing for missing their classes and tests!!!! Bunch of whiney little bastards that have no feelings for people being slaughterd!!!! If ISIS came to their gun free campus you would see them all crying and smoke coming out of their ass running for their safe zone! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carleyrow

    The difference here is troubles at Mizzou are based on yet another pack of lies from BLAX. Its more of the same “hands up don’t shoot” bull$hit. There is no KKK at Mizzou, no one is being terrorized. Meanwhile – Paris actually happened. Let’s send some of these black crybaby BLAX at Mizzou and on Twitter to Syria.

  • akjim99

    The Missouri garbage is a good thing. There’s been plenty of stupidity recently revolving around “black lives matter,” but they have finally found the spotlight to show who they really are – fear mongering racists demanding the world give them everything. The are brainless liberal morons that are showing the true image of liberalism: demand from everyone else everything you want so you don’t have to earn it on your own. Liberals are now the laughing stock of the world. Demanding to be heard over the slaughter of innocents by Muslim terrorists was is the last straw.

    Here you are, American, the poor, downtrodden college student.

    One final note: these are today’s college students. How fucked up are the kids that didn’t get into college?

    • EPGAH

      Some got passed over by Affirmative Action. You give them cheats, you expect them to be honorable?

  • Truth Speaker

    I suggest that all these poor oppressed idiots go to France where they consider it to be much safer, because #yourlivesdontmatter to me.

    • olddog

      #BlacklibSPLATTER..Set up a “Safe Zone” in Syria..won’t hear ANY naughty, macro-offensive word “thingys” there..as for Gunshots??..Well ..MAYBE???

  • olddog

    I wonder just how much (D)umb-@zz can fit in a (Safe “CRAP FULL of STUPID” Zone)???

  • racerboy221

    Cry baby losers who feel someone has taken away their tambourine!! Mizzou does not matter. Black lives do not matter Your only concern is for yourself and for no one else what so ever. You are selfish, pathetic entitlement queens who deserve nothing. Study, make something of yourself and then get out on the real world and do something substantial. Until then Shut The Fuck UP!!!

  • Ger San

    The stupid…. it burns….

  • Dennis van Rooy

    Sorry to say but, mizzou how ever bad is somrthing that stays in the borders of your “good old US of F*cking A”….

    But if this shit like Paris keeps happening it might result in a new World War cause now they’ve shown they can strike at the very heart of europe without “raising flags” at both EU and US targets, this group doesn’t give a shit about your skincolor or believes they want you dead because they are paranoid people that think everyone is the enemy and are willing to mow them down or blow them up

  • blue_persuasion

    Mizzou — another boil on the butt of humanity.

  • Jerry Fleming

    Paris is real, Mizzu is manufactured bull shit…

  • Hawkeye1948

    The interesting part is the campus protesters don’t realize that America WILL BE PARIS if the introduction of Syrian fighters (aka; refugees) isn’t stopped. 10K arrived in Louisiana yesterday thanks to obama and his anti-American minions (aka; muslim brotherhood)

  • Bonnie Domina

    These idiots in MO want everything handed to them on a silver platter so they don’t have to work for what the rest of us work for. Sorry I don’t work to support my family and your sorry asses too. Do what your ancestors did and get the hell up off your butts and work for what you want and quit blaming everyone YOU perceive to be white for your own shortcomings. If you are a human being then act like one, if you want to act like an ignorant person then you will be treated as such. BTW there was an American student who lost her life in Paris but oh yeah that’s right she was African-American so she doesn’t matter to you. What about the little boy who was shot in Chicago because of his father’s gang ties. Why doesn’t he matter to you??? Oh yeah that’s right because it wasn’t a white person that ended his life, it was his own “race” that took his precious life so it doesn’t matter. It only matters when you are trying to cause civil strife within a country that was doing well until people like you came into existence. I think you all should dig a real big hole, climb in and bury yourselves and leave the rest of us people that can look past color a fair chance at making this a better place to live.

  • Mike

    The Board of Regents in Missouri needs to take control of the situation and reign in this crap.
    Students do not tell universities who to hire and who to fire. These adam henrys are a disruption of the educational process and they need to be booted out of the university. I for me I don’t give a flying fig about black lives because they have lost all self-respect for themselves. If not then nuke the whole place.

  • Jens

    Kids to stupid to think. When they do think what comes up are Lies. Now lets talk about apearence?? If you realy want someone to take you serious then do not see how off the wall you can make yourself look befor you go out to say your Lies. One more thing Stop the Lies

  • Dar

    Weren’t these the same brats that didn’t want the school paper or any other media there? I say let us not plug their false crap any longer really so tired of these freaks. And yes the KKK thing was a hoax by a liberal progressive.

  • Bo_Kassa

    How come it is that the only racists I know are all black?????

  • Bo_Kassa

    How come it is that the only racist I know are all black people?

  • Maureen Walker

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  • Skip

    F*** those punks! Worthless, f***’n WORTHLESS.

  • Kristin Keilman

    I have news for all of these people at Mizzou. This act of terrorism IS racism, ISIS is a terrorist group and it’s done as a hate crime and racism. It may be labeled as terrorism, which is it, but terrorism essentially happens because of racism.

  • Steve Bonning

    Reverse-racist, entitled attention whores. Too stupid to know just how ignorant and narcissistic they are.

  • Bibliophilist

    Petulant children. They need a good spanking.

  • Rusty.Not

    They want free education?

  • Wolfie69

    Hate to say it like this, but to these sorts of people, another white mental case going on a racial murder spree would be a prayer answered. The attention would be worth a few innocents lives lost in their minds. Appalling and disturbing.

    Hate comes in many forms, not just racism. What happened in Paris is an example of cultural and religious hatred, not just threats but actual death and destruction.

    These collage youths need to REALLY get over themselves and (Oh I’m really going to enjoy saying this) check their AMERICAN privilege and know they have it made! If they were anywhere else they would be either killed on site, sentenced to hard labor in gulag, beaten, locked up, mutilated and so on.
    All this just for the act of freedom of expression which is considered a capital crime in some places still.

    Not forgetting acts of disturbing the peace and rioting.

    What happened in Paris isn’t some simple as a Collage patron looking the other way towards none PC activities, it could be the beginning of another world war.

  • John Lemnon

    The whole claims of racism were false so Fuck Mizzou.


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