“Unarmed Black Teenager” in Wisconsin Shooting Was Robbery Convict Who Violently Attacked Officer


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Here we go again.

Just as they did with Ferguson, Missouri, the mainstream media is taking yet another involving a young Black man attacking a White police officer who then uses lethal force — and turning it into a “controversy” about “racism.”

A black Wisconsin teenager–who turned out to be convicted of armed robbery–violently attacked a police officer, leaving the officer no choice but to use an armed response.

Is that the story mainstream media reported?

Not exactly, as you’ve no doubt already heard, from newspaper headlines to your nightly news…

From Legal Insurrection:

Let’s take a look at  how NBC covered this shooting in a post headlined: Black Teen Tony Robinson Shot Dead by Cop in Madison, Wisconsin, Was Unarmed. First, their lede:

The 19-year-old black man who was shot dead Friday during a confrontation with a police officer in Madison, Wisconsin, was unarmed, police said Saturday.

A “confrontation,” eh? How wonderfully passive.  Zero indication of whether this confrontation might have been the responsibility of the black man or the police, except for the observation that the black man was unarmed–so, right in the first sentence they’ve established the ” cop shoots unarmed black teenager” narrative with which we’ve grown so tiresomely familiar.

And the pattern repeated itself once again. Just a few hours after the incident, the family had an official spokesman, a media trumpeting their “story” and of course — as in Ferguson — protests and sit-ins at the City Hall in Madison.

NBC then dutifully tries to undermine the credibility of the officer involved,  Matt Kenny, telling their audience how Kenny once shot and killed a man in what was later to be determined to be a “suicide-by-cop” situation.

Kenny had been totally cleared of any wrongdoing in that matter, so why bring it up? Because this is how America’s “enemedia” sels you Progressive, race-baiting propaganda: they craft a narrative painting the cop as an dangerous homicidal racist.

Utterly disgraceful, of course. But they weren’t even done.

NBC then breathlessly promoted quotes from the family to paint Tony Robinson as a sweet little angel incapable of doing wrong. Think Gentle Giant, Part 2

Sharon Irwin, Robins’s grandmother:   “He was a beautiful, beautiful soul and everybody that knew him knew that.”

Robinson’s aunt, Lorien Carter: “This is the type of child that you wanted to have in your life because he made it better.”

Um, not exactly. Unless you want a “child” who is a violent criminal “in your life.”

NBC completely left out critical details that would have provided context for viewers for Officer Kenny’s decision to use lethal force against Robinson.

Firstly, Robinson wasn’t the choir boy portrayed by the family and their drooling PR agents at NBC.

In fact, he was a convicted armed robber.

So, what do we find in The Smoking Gun post that was left absent from the NBC piece?  As we did with the NBC piece, let’s start with the lede:

The unarmed Wisconsin teenager who was shot to death last night during a confrontation with a Madison cop pleaded guilty last year to armed robbery and recently began serving a three-year probation term for that felony conviction, court records show.

Oh and the other minor detail NBC did not see fit to report: Robinson bashed Kenny in the head, knocking him to the ground, and engaging in a struggle.

According to police, an officer responded Friday to a 911 call about a man who had assaulted a victim and was dodging cars in traffic. The cop followed the suspect into a nearby apartment, where the man allegedly struck the officer in the head, knocking him to the ground. During an ensuing struggle, patrolman Matt Kenny fatally shot the suspect.

This is hardcore proof that the mainstream media simply cannot be trusted to report critical, easily available facts about controversial incidents — particularly ones that involve race.

They are merely acting as propagandists for the Obama/Holder “racism is worse than ever” mantra to divide Americans and skew elections.

It’s unprofessional, and un-American. And after we see what their reporting did in the riots, fires and destruction of Ferguson, I think it’s no stretch to call it what it really is: evil.

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