It Takes this Teacher 56 Seconds to Explain 9+6=15 Using Common Core


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

This is supposed to HELP?

The Common Core system has utterly confused and angered both students and their parents — and even many teachers. One poll showed that 40% of teachers say they oppose the program – up from just 12% in 2013. And test scores everywhere have tanked.

But the Feds, with their leftist allies like La Raza, and the Gates Foundation, have pumped billions into this debacle, and can’t allow it to fail now.

NBC has also shamelessly promoted Common Core. In the videos below, a local Buffalo NBC affiliate “teamed up” with an elementary school to provide “Homework Helper” videos to purportedly show how to do arithmetic with Common Core “principles”. The results are mind-blowingly crazy.

Here, the teacher demonstrates a “method” of adding 9+6 that will cause most parents to grit their teeth:

Here she dumbs down — yet makes ridiculously long — the process of subtraction:

Heaven help us.

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