It Takes this Teacher 56 Seconds to Explain 9+6=15 Using Common Core


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

This is supposed to HELP?

The Common Core system has utterly confused and angered both students and their parents — and even many teachers. One poll showed that 40% of teachers say they oppose the program – up from just 12% in 2013. And test scores everywhere have tanked.

But the Feds, with their leftist allies like La Raza, and the Gates Foundation, have pumped billions into this debacle, and can’t allow it to fail now.

NBC has also shamelessly promoted Common Core. In the videos below, a local Buffalo NBC affiliate “teamed up” with an elementary school to provide “Homework Helper” videos to purportedly show how to do arithmetic with Common Core “principles”. The results are mind-blowingly crazy.

Here, the teacher demonstrates a “method” of adding 9+6 that will cause most parents to grit their teeth:

Here she dumbs down — yet makes ridiculously long — the process of subtraction:

Heaven help us.

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  • DJack Klingler III

    Wow this system is utterly pathetic.

    • Distributive property of addition. They’re teaching 9th grade math in first grade is what they’re doing.

  • jhk

    Is this off of the assumption that children are more stupid now than they were say 20 years ago? Or even 10 years ago? How about 5 years ago? All I know is my children were smarter than this and so are my grandchildren!

    • HarryTheCat

      I’m afraid they are. The gene pool in this country has been watered down over the last few decades. Add to that the way that our educational system has de-emphasized the courses that we used to call “solids” to make room for a lot of politically correct junk subjects. Kids can’t do basic math, but they can tell you that polar bears are drowning and it’s all the fault of bankers and oil companies. They sing songs about Obama (“Mmm, mmm, mmm”), but have no clue as to who Benjamin Franklin was. They can tell you that Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for civil rights, but they have no idea who we fought in the Revolutionary War. And somewhere down there, Karl Marx is smiling.

      • Bob Edwards

        The gene pool isnt watered down the govt unfortunately wants everyone stipid with no common sense or critical thinking fhey want lemmings …alot of teachers are lazy and dont care…..parents are lazy and dont care

        • John Herren

          Think about it. The lower I Q population is expanding by having more kids per family than the high IQ. It lowers the overall. Add in the medical advances allowing survival of medically handicapped and it drives the overall even lower. Humanity is gradually being downgraded. What to do?

          • ahanova

            HAHAHAHA! That reminds me of a movie called “Idiocracy”. Your theory is exactly one presented as a fact of history in this comedy.

          • Rhgates

            Sadly it’s pretty spot on

          • John Best

            Sadly, it’s not funny

          • Jadeina

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          • Jim Gorman

            Your uncle Ryan rapes goats. And I keyed his benz

          • Susan Lindsley

            Marvelously put, John. I have been thinking the same thing for several years . You get it. Natural selection has been eliminated. Even fifty years ago intelligent, educated people commonly had families with 6 to 10 children. Now that is really an unusual circumstance. Unfortunately I don’t have the answer.

          • John Herren

            There seems to be a lot of Indian and Chinese, Japanese that have high IQ and/or educational skills. I wonder if that has to do with arranged marriages? Plus a lot of studying.

          • hughsbayou

            they learn math using the abacus

          • Bob Cannell

            How bout we stop subsidizing stupid. Educating kids takes time, effort and LOTS OF MONEY. If you do do not have those why should you be allowed to reproduce your dependency.

          • joxertheboxer

            It wouldn’t cost a lot of money if you removed the unions and government from our kids education. Costs will go down

          • Chris Ballenger

            So does building bombs.

          • Jon Goff

            except we know there is a much smaller correlation between genes and intelligence than you’re suggesting. What we do know is that stimulating the brain increases the number of dendrites on each axon, resulting in a greater number of synaptic connections, and there is a direct correlation between synapses and intelligence.

          • John Best

            I’ve unfortunately seen the genes at work. Characteristics ( usually the bad ones) creep up even with the best of environments.

          • John Best

            It’s sad, but true. A case of reverse eugenics. Educated couples have fewer children and ghetto baby factories crap out a kid every year. Kids that really don’t look too much alike. One ho with six baby daddies is a sure sign on a dying society.

          • Catherine Wood

            Are the highest IQ persons marrying the lowest IQ persons, procreating, and thus lowering the overall IQ of mankind? I doubt it. Since when has a “medical handicap” prevented anyone from achieving their mental potential? Medically handicapped is NOT mentally handicapped. You’re entire argument shows that you are already near the lowest percentile. Please don’t procreate.I fear for your progeny.

        • Victor Duffany

          its not about just teaching math in the long run. its about learning to see in detail you own reasoning and be able to communicate them in a detailed and concise way

          • Steve V

            Then teach a “learning to see in detail you own reasoning and be able to communicate them in a detailed and concise way” class. Leave the math alone…

          • John Best


          • Joe Tokoph

            your an idiot.

        • valerie

          when people are confused they are easily controled.

        • Steve V

          You’re both right…

        • John Best

          Parents! Teach your children well.

      • Rhgates

        The lower IQ population will continue their irresponsible reproductive activities, then when they are the majority they will scream for “equality” and try to take what intelligent people worked for.

        • Donald Guier

          Don’t they do that already?

      • toobored54

        What do you need that information for anyway when you have a Masters degree in Lesbian Poetry??

      • John Best

        Smiling from the lowest level of Hell, maybe.

      • Brian Sprouse

        My kid is 8 and is already doing percentages and complex equations. It’s not that the kids are dumber. It’s that the teachers are lazier and methods and priorities are completely idiotic.

    • Ray Mincher

      Blame this on the crack head generation …………

      • Karl M. Kettelhut

        No blame the Liberals pushing the system.
        And look at what they are trying to do with history.
        No, the war for independence is not important.

        “The Common Core identifies three texts—and only three texts—that every American student must read: the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution (Preamble and Bill of Rights), and Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address,” Ross Wiener, a vice president at the liberal Aspen Institute, gushes further in The Atlantic.

        He lauds the “commitment in the Common Core to the democratic mission of public schools.” When liberals are suddenly super-excited about teaching the Constitution, it’s time to raise the suspicious flag, especially from someone who doesn’t seem to realize that it deliberately restrains our country from operating as a democracy. (For the record, Wiener describes the United States as a democracy 12 times and never anything else. He must have never read about ancient Athens—and neither will kids at Common Core’s behest.)

        • BIll

          problem is we are not a Representative democracy (also indirect democracy)

          • Charles Batchelor

            WE’re a Republic

        • Steve V

          Aren’t they teaching an liberal “Edited” version of the Bill of Rights?

          • John Best

            Ask a kid what the second amendment is and you’ll have your answer.

          • Charles Batchelor


        • Charles Batchelor

          Except we’re not a Democracy, we’re a Republic.

    • kevin Golike

      so if they are stupider ,why are they making it more complicated?

  • Dewy

    It’s called “simple math” for a reason people. This whole concept of “isolated math facts” is some crack pot teachers attempt to trump up their self worth by making “contributions” to a math system that doesn’t need improvements. You cannot simplify simple math. It should stay 2 + 2 = 4, not 2 + 2 = 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4. You are not advancing your students’ knowledge by constantly taking them back to grade 1 math every new problem they have.

    • you chose a bad example, it’s more like saying obviously 6+6=12, you don’t need to say “okay 6+4 = 10, and 10+2=12”, which is what the common core is apparently teaching.

      • thekevbo

        Exactly. Because why would we expect them to know what 6+4 is if they can’t likewise know what 6+6 is?

      • david

        So umm, teacher, the number 6 is also made up of 3 and 3. How does the student KNOW to use 1 and 5 to break down the 6? Oh I see, the same way they remember what 9 plus 6 is. You take 9 in your head, you take 1 from the 6 in your head, and you have 10 + 5… Rediculous to do it this way. If it was 8 plus 4, you would use 1 and 3 which neither of them added to 8 makes 10… HOW LAME is this common core stuff? Lame!

        • chi-town Grl

          That was my question!!! How do they know to use 1 and 5? LAME is a nice way of putting it!

          • That’s the overwhelming issue. What they’re trying to do is teach algebra at the same time. Splitting numbers and things like this are Algabraic concepts. Mathematically inclined students in the traditional system are students that manage to figure this kind of stuff out on their own. Now, they’re systematically trying to mak sure everyone knows it, which ends up making no one learn it from the way this seems to be manifesting here.

          • hughsbayou

            because it’s a base 10 system is how you know, and once you understand a base 10 system and WHY it works the way it does it’s simple to go to other systems like base 2 which is the binary system used in a computer

        • Felicia

          Not quite… one thing that these ‘Look at the dumb common core problem and rage with us!’ videos conveniently don’t explain are the other standards in fluency and composing/decomposing numbers to make 10. If it was 8+4, the students would know that 8+2 = 10 (because they learn how to ‘make 10’ with numbers 1-9) and then figure out what +2 = 4. We follow the same process when figuring out how much change we should get back when paying with cash for something.

      • This is typical government logic, where 6-1=5, 9+1=10, and 10+5=15 in three steps is much better than a single step of 9+6=15. Why do only one operation then three will suffice? Keeps more people employed that way.

        Imagine the contract for a 15-story government office under this logic: Build a 9-story building, and a 6-story building (using separate contractors), and then hire yet a third contractor to remove one story from the 6-story building and add it to the 9-story building before having the original builder put the 6-story building on top of the 9-story building.

    • Dano

      THX1138 be sure to take your medication and remain compliant.

    • Kathy

      but that’s how I do it in my head! I always subtract from the smaller number (6) whatever I need to arrive at 10 and then figure out what is left. Do you think this is a result of those big plastic math manipulatives that had magnetic fingers that we used in the 60’s?

      • Not everyone gets that, though. I think this kind of stuff has always been what separates mathematically inclined people from those that aren’t mathematically inclined.

    • morph2020

      Part of this corruption is the result of pressure from “research universities” for their faculty to do more “research,” because this brings in grant money from the feds. In the field of education, there is little pedagogical research needed. There are a lot of university students who “need” a dissertation subject, though, and a lot of federal money to be harvested. The result is a lot of wasted money spent inventing new words for old knowledge. This coining of new words for old knowledge passes for “innovation.”

      Richard Nixon, the President most hated by liberals, actually delivered America into their hands. It was Nixon who gave us the EPA, and so-called “federal revenue sharing.” The poor states cannot print money, but money-printing Uncle Sam can print it and give it to them, thus sharing what they do not have. The Nixon heritage was a massive surrender to liberal doctrines and plunged us into non-redeemable debt.

  • ricege

    That system needs to be anchored to the bottom of the waste basket.

    • Justin

      I am embarrassed for the teachers (not of the teachers)

      • ahanova

        …and feel sorry for them. This just insults their intelligence.

  • Kathie Wigger

    Are you kidding me ? This has got to be a joke !!!!!!

  • LarryECollins

    Jeez Louise.. that assumes kids know what “Base 10” is! We learned about Bases in 7th grade, but we knew what 9+6 was in the 1st grade. This is absurd!

    • Death ToTruthers

      Exactly. Can’t you just count it out on your fingers like normal people? Hell, I’m 35 years old, I have a doctorate degree, and I won a math scholarship to college. I still count on my fingers. Because it works.

      • moi2u

        Hahaha, I actually saw a college student take his shoes off so he could get to 20 on his toes!

        …next thing you know, they’ll be passing out pocket abacuses to all the high-school students, haha! I learned to count and add and subtract on a good-sized abacus at home and in kindergarten. Then, I figured out that I had my fingers and didn’t need the big abacus 🙂

        • hartabuna

          And if he had taken his pants off, he could count to 21….

          • John Best

            Unless he was a liberal.

    • moi2u

      The only bases I cared to know about in elementary school were 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Homeplate, 🙂 Learned more from sandlot baseball than most of my elementary and secondary education combined!

      • Dewy

        I didn’t learn about those until my Jr. year of high school….

        • moi2u


      • John Best

        Geometry, trigonometry, physics, logic, reading, basic math, statistics, psychology, social interaction and so much more was learned playing baseball.

  • Bo Treat

    Lets teach it to mexicans. They are the standard now. I doubt they will understand since mexicans dont wite astro physics.

    • Death ToTruthers

      Ok, this was a really racist comment. Here’s what I suggest, Bo Treat. Tell us what your name is and who employs you. Bet you won’t, and the reason is, you’re embarrassed to have your name connected with your comment.

  • Deela

    That’s how I always did it. Worked for me.

  • J D S

    Er, uh, wouldn’t counting on fingers and toes be just as effective? 😉

    • moi2u

      Instead of calculators in high-school, they can just pass out an abacus to everyone! 🙂

      • Missy

        Actually abacuses are very simple but extremely effective for higher level computations. I would way rather teach my kids to do math on an abacus than use some of the tripe that they are trying to teach.

        • Bryan Bell

          The abacus is the reason the kids from China, Japan, Taiwan, etc. blow us away with their math skills. The older kids don’t even have a real abacus in-hand. They simply visualize it in front of them , and are able to solve the most difficult of math problems.
          They seriously must be laughing at us now.

    • ricege


  • Sarah

    I don’t understand why this is so shocking. Yes, she’s using some pretty weird and unfamiliar words that I think are unnecessary here, “anchoring” and such-forth. But there’s nothing wrong with the basic concept. She’s simply pointing out that when you have 9 + 6, you can notice that 9 is close to 10, so you shift a 1 over from the 6 to the 9, making the problem 10 + 5. Sure, at this level, that seems to complicate things unnecessarily. But if you were adding 98 and 72, wouldn’t it be convenient to notice that 98 is really close to 100, so if you shift 2 from the 72 to the 98, you get 100 + 70? It’s what happens in our adult brains when we do most of these math problems, only we aren’t conscious of it anymore.

    Once kids get the idea, they don’t need you to explain this every time. My oldest (homeschooled) is 7, and when she started with a problem like this, yeah, I might use manipulatives like math blocks to show her how she can make the problem easier by seeing it in 5s and 10s. Then when she got a bit older, I might remind her, if she seemed stumped, that 9 is close to 10, or 18 is close to 20, and let her see how to work the problem. But now, at 7, if you asked her what 9 + 6 was, she’d just give you the answer instantly, like an adult would. But that’s because she understands the basis of the concept.

    I think Common Core is lame, I think it attempts to force students to learn at the median level, I think it doesn’t take into account the developmental stages of children. But I think that jumping over every math concept that you don’t remember having learned when you were a kid is a bit ridiculous. Concepts like this (maybe minus the superfluous specialized vocabulary like “anchor”–although thinking of numbers as being “composed” of other numbers is actually a good way to look at them) are taught in Singapore and China and all the other countries that we’re constantly looking at and bemoaning that our students don’t match up to. Consider reading “Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics” for a good example of how American teachers often lack a true understanding of the basic math concepts compared to those in China, and you’ll see how this type of math is actually an attempt to rectify that problem.

    • Skip Horne

      What makes this teacher’s explanation (and Common Core’s theory) so dumb, is that children will STILL have to ‘add’ something together. It’s just as easy to add 9+6 as it is to add 10+5, and it’s a whole lot easier to just add ‘9+6’. Making the numbers different, doesn’t make it easier for them to add…learning to ADD makes it easier.

      • Sarah

        But we use a base-10 system. Adding 10+5 *is* easier than adding 9+6. It’s not so much that you’re changing the problem as that you are looking at it a different, simpler way. Which does, admittedly, seem ridiculous when you are looking at 9+6, but makes a lot more sense when you realize that you’re learning the technique at that level in order to be able to apply it to problems like 392+47 (move an 8 from the 47 to the 392, letting you see that it’s 400 + 39, 439). Yes, if you actually had a piece of paper and a pencil, you’d do the math the typical way, adding 2 + 7, 9 + 4, carrying the 1, etc., and that’s what they teach. But the idea here is for kids to learn how to do math in their heads when necessary, so that they aren’t stuck *needing* to write the problem down to solve it. Isn’t it convenient when you’re outside working on building a shed and you need to add 72 1/2 + 98 1/4 and you can do it easily in your head, without making a mistake or losing your place? That’s the kind of math that they’re trying to teach. It’s not even Common Core, it’s the same technique taught in Singapore Math and countless other math programs that have been around for 20 years or more, mostly based on Chinese/Singapore math techniques that really work.

        • Andrew

          Why cant we just teach them to break it down which is still similar to this but is slightly different. For your problem of 392+ 47 I take out the single digit until the end which makes it 390 + 40. That is easy to get 430 then you have 7 + 2 = 9 so total is 439. Again that all happens in your head just the same just as fast but you break it down a little different making it the closes 10 mark instead of for the big numbers the closest 100 mark.

          • Sarah

            They teach them that way as well (they might break it down to 300 + 90 + 40 + 2 + 7 or something). Teaching different techniques helps kids have lots of tools to decide what’s the quickest and easiest for a given problem, based on what numbers are involved and how it’s presented, etc.

            I guess part of the reason that I’m defensive of this is just that it keeps being presented as “Common Core,” and it’s simply not. This is exactly the kind of thing taught in the *homeschool* math programs as well, like the one we use, Singapore Math, which is highly respected in the homeschool world and a solid, not faddish, program.

            My daughter today tried to challenge me by saying, “Mommy, what’s 98 + 98?” I told her it was 196 almost instantly, and she was astounded. So I taught her the trick (98 is 2 short of 100, so 100 + 100 – 4), and then asked her what 99 + 99 was. She got it, no problem. I can’t imagine that teaching her 90 + 90 + 8 + 8 or whatever would be that much simpler or sensible.

  • bigsurprise

    well…no one taught me core….and I did not memorize 9+6 =15 ….though that was how we were supposed to do it….In truth , I am 63, and when I LOOK at 9+6…my mind logically does the same thing she is explaining….I just take one from the 6 to make the 9 a 10 and see that leaves 5 from what was the 6.. and 15 comes to my mind faster this way , than I could recall from memorizing…Maybe the problem lies in explanations and breaking it all apart with arrows and such…Just tell them what I said ….

    • pagostoy .

      Maybe you’re an idiot. This has no place in our elementary schools. I’m an “Old Guy” too and I am embarrassed by your comment.

      • bigsurprise

        Maybe you are the idiot who cannot reason for yourself, or do without using a check list…This concept is sound…the way it is explained to kids it the important part..In fact, I am embarrassed for YOU

        • Kieth Weinberger

          There is nothing wrong with arming the students with more ways to tackle a problem. Failing students who choose not to use common core, because they better identify with another method to solve their math problems is wrong. Not everyone goes through the same thought process and they shouldn’t be penalized for it.

          • bigsurprise


          • SweetnessesMom

            Unless their method is cheating…lol…I think that may be the reason that showing the work is starting to be required.

      • bigsurprise

        I would be interested to know what your IQ tests at…..mine was tested when i was 30 and I scored 154 ….that is genius level…… so …maybe it is you who do not know what you are talking about. I was an underachiever in school, because I never did my homework until I got to school and still was usually on the honor roll. I understood things quickly and easily

        • Gert

          My brain has always calculated the same way. Failed at old style math the minuet I hit a show your work teacher.

          • Skip Horne

            It quite appears you have failed at much more than math…lol

          • Gert

            Does being snide to people you don’t know make you feel better about how pathetic you feel deep down inside? Does it gloss over what a loser you feel like you are inside? I hope so. Grow up little boy. This is an adult conversation.

          • Skip Horne

            hahaha…when dealing with a smart aleck like you, yes it does. You are the one that act’s like a little kid. You want to see a loser? Go look in the mirror, you don’t even know how to carry on an adult conversation…

          • Gert

            Did you honestly read what you wrote before you hit ‘post as’ and think it sounded mature, thought out, or in the slightest bit useful?

            I’m going with no, you didn’t read it OR think. Again. Grow up. Repeatedly attacking someone that isn’t attacking you back makes you look like a spoiled child who doesn’t get the attention they want so they act bad to be paid attention to.

          • Skip Horne

            About as mature as your posts, ms hypocrite. The problem with tools like you, is you THINK you are interesting, but you are simply boring. Get a life…

          • Gert

            Do you need a Whambulance kid? Nice projection there about the boring thing… if you were ‘bored’ you wouldn’t have followed me to another comment to get my attention after I ignored you on your own.

            Think about that…. smh…

          • Skip Horne

            Bwahahaha…what a nut job you are, I’m sure your family is real proud of you…

          • Gert

            *facepalm* kid, you really are proof that you can’t fix stupid.

            Oh.. and just for the record.. yah, they actually are. I’m sorry if this is the only attention you get Perhaps a pet would help?

          • Skip Horne

            Gee, you really know how to hurt a guy…NOT…hahaha
            Get a life you hypocritical troll, sheesh…and by the way, get a dictionary and learn to spell…it’s ‘yeah’…loser…

          • John Best

            I used to not show my work to piss them off. They said we had to to prove we actually did I it. Pissed me off that they were calling us liars and cheats. I said I’ll do any problem you put on the board. I then promptly did it. The teacher was pissed off, but the principal was cool about it. After that, I did waste my time and showed my work, but the point was made. Now they let kids use calculators. So cheating IS OK.

        • Yeah you know people who come onto forums and tout their “genius level” IQ’s, well they’re usually not really that high. Now are they?

          • bigsurprise

            Assuming you have aimed that comment at me….I only replied to a man who called me an idiot…and told me he was embarrased by my saying that I was not taught core…but even as a child, I thought in those same logical terms….and he seemed not to be able to consider what…if you will read a few threads…others who have also said what I did ….SO…but you believe whatever you will…..

          • John Best

            Don’t debate goose, he/she might drag your IQ down towards you’re. Remember what Mark Twain said.

          • Rhgates

            They need an IQ test for common sense. I’m guessing most liberals would score in the “challenged” bracket.

      • Rhgates

        I’m the same way. Regardless of the negative comments on here, it’s quick and effective.

    • Russell Trimble

      And your a putz!

      • Stephanie Brubaker

        ^ you’re

      • Guest

        really Russell…. maybe you are a lemming

      • bigsurprise

        really Russell??..maybe you’re a lemming who cannot reason on your own, outside a check list

    • Raymond Bruns

      I am with you. I thought my mind was the only one that thought like this without explanation. My mind already logically thinks about everything in 10s which makes it so much faster to add in my head without the use of some computational device. It’s obvious anyone can quickly memorize 9 + 6, but what most people fail to see is that, using base 10 or whatever they want to call it, allows the mind to quickly add larger sums in ones head versus using a calculator. I can add and multiply sums in my head that the average person can’t, because they
      don’t want to take the time to learn a new approach. This goes back to people just being set in their ways and being too lazy to think. As another person put it, this really isn’t for the simplest problems like 9 + 6, rather bigger numbers where students can then do the math in their head and not rely on a calculator or a piece of paper, which takes time to write out. Many math teachers I am sure hate this for the sole reason that they were taught just to memorize and thus their minds don’t immediately think of math in base of ten. Like I said, my mind just naturally gravitates to that, because it is much simpler in the long run. That being said, what are we teaching our kids here by complaining about this system? That if something is difficult in the short-term they should just complain and give up, instead of trying and pushing through to learn something new and succeed when faced with a difficult challenge. What a joke some parents are, where I am sure they preach to their kids about meeting challenges head on, but then when faced with a challenge themselves they immediately give up. I agree to an extent that teaching this in the lower level grades, when the kids have shorter attention spans, that teaching this is a little crazy, but by like 3rd or 4th grade kids should be able to comprehend base 10. The real joke here is our school systems in general, in the past, have used the method of memorization to teach, because it requires less thinking and seems easier, but in the end your left with a dumbed down society that then asks why, when they should be allowed to ask why as a kid and get a full explanation, rather than a “just because that’s the way it is” response.

      • bigsurprise

        Exactly !! The concept is sound..I think the way it is explained is the crux of it

      • Ted Mooney

        If the concept is sound, please tell me how much is 8 times 7 — with no memorization please.

    • Ms. Lynelle

      Glad to see I am not alone, Bigsurprise. This is how I do math in my head ALL THE TIME. And thanks for posting your IQ…makes me feel all the more justified. 🙂

    • AbsurdProdigy

      I too thought math out in the common core method as a child. What I think you aren’t understanding is that they don’t want kids to use that method of graphing out simple math every time, they’re just training kids to think that way.

  • Ron Schaber

    I’m so glad these libtards came along to tell us we’ve been doing math wrong for the past 6000 years.

    • JM Campbell

      You mean 40 years.
      In the late 60s / early 70s parents and teachers revolted because they changed they way they did math to a newer, more complicated system.
      Tom Lehrer even wrote a song about it, New Math.
      So our math used to be new math but we adapted to it and now consider it the preferred method.
      Shame we never learn from history.

  • Jeremy Waugh


    • HarryTheCat

      It gets even worse when you try to subtract 2475 from 1254. Picture the “road map” you need to deal with negative numbers!

    • 1254-4=1250, 2475-4=2471,2471-1250 ={2400-1200)+(71-50)=1200+21=1221

  • Jeremy Waugh

    OR SAY 11937 FROM 60462

  • Jeremy Waugh


  • Jeremy Waugh


  • Jeremy Waugh


    • Dano


  • Jan Thore Hellum

    common core i call it darn stupid

  • Behning Brad

    I’ll bet written on papyrus, this method was part of some forgotten ancient civilization that collapsed because it’s kids were taught to be stupid like we are doing now to our kids.

  • Abby Ellington

    Whats the base 10 explanation for 9+7? Or 8+4? U have to know basic math to get to the “base 10” why make it more confusing? Just another example of how education is failing students… dont get me wrong parents aren’t generally holding their children nearly as accountable as they used to, but REALLY?

    • pagostoy .

      Well put Abby.

    • SohnMan

      9+7 would be 6+1, carry over the 1 to the 9 = 10 + 6 = 16 no? 8 + 4 would be 2+2 + 8 = 10 + 2 = 12. I agree it is stupid. I think they are going by abacus rules.

      • bigsurprise

        You simply look at the difference between 9 and 10 and remove that
        number (1) from the 7..and get16…..the difference between 8 and 10 ,
        remove the 2 from the 4 and get 12 ….It IS EASIER and FASTER….HOW
        they are going about explaining it is the problem

    • Guest

      You simple look at the difference between 0 and 10 and remove that number from the 7..and get 17…..the difference between 8 and 10 , remove the 2 from the 4 and get 12 ….It IS EASIER and FASTER….HOW it they are going about explaining it is the problem

    • bigsurprise

      You simplly look at the difference between 9 and 10 and remove that
      number ( 1) from the 7..and get 16…..the difference between 8 and 10 ,
      remove the 2 from the 4 and get 12 ….It IS EASIER and FASTER….HOW it
      they are going about explaining it is the problem

      • smokymtnwudcarvr

        you are exactly correct .

    • Kathy

      We are also trying to give children a visual in their heads at a young age. This is how it is taught in Asia and with the abacus and that’s why they have a better grasp of “math”. Simply memorizing does not give the same understanding in the long run!

  • pagostoy .

    These idiots are assuming that children are not comfortable with 9+6, so they make it harder to make them more comfortable? Get rid of this trash, we have been taught simple math simply since our country was founded. Another lib ploy as far as I’m concerned, to change the country and get them thinking their way.

    • Gert

      Yah and China is simply passing us by. Hope you like Dim Sum and rice noodles.

      • Skip Horne

        lol…you can’t even spell the word ‘yeah’…who wants to listen to your tripe…

  • pagostoy .

    So why doesn’t Jerry just count his phucking baseball cards at the end of the day?

    • HarryTheCat

      They didn’t teach that in kindergarten because they were too busy teaching that it was OK to have two mommies.

  • Dano

    You all voted yourselves into this Idiocracy. Now we all have to live in it. Thank you, Sheeple. Keep on believing in those D’s and R’s.

  • Earthgal

    Why not just give them an ABACUS???? That’s how I learned!! All this crap is just going to be confusing and time consuming.

    • Earthgal

      LOL After I posted this I read down the page. Seems like we all agree that it would be just as effective to use one than go this route. lol

  • Dano

    This is clearly a system to create a gap in thinking between generations. Am I wrong? The little ones get to tell the grandparents how stupid they are and teach them to use their smartphones and how “math and logic are performed nowadays”

  • SohnMan

    These concepts are based on the abacus; however, they are teaching it in a way that is more confusing than using an abacus.

  • GAIL


  • Skip Horne

    So, if ‘they’ want to break it down to explain ‘why’ 9+6 equals 15 (since children are so ‘dumb’), how are ‘they’ going to explain to our poor dumb children ‘why’ 9+1 equals 10, or ‘why’ 10+5 equals 15? This is such absurdity. 9+6 equals 15, that’s as simple as it gets…and you can march forward from there…Einstein did it over 100 years ago, it worked for him and it worked for me 50 years ago, and it worked for my children 25 years ago…stop the non-sense! Sheesh!!

    • bigsurprise

      WHY do they need to explain why ….the why is the same as it always just look at it from a different perspective ….no need to do the , If Amy had 9 apples and John

      had 6 ..and out them in the same basket, how many would their be….just skip that BS and help them see the logic in the easy of thinking in 10’s and simply removing 1 from the 6 , leaving it a 5 , and giving it to the 9 and making that a 10

    • Gert

      Einstein actually did it very much like the teacher and failed at primary school for this an an inability to read. Next time you want to throw around the name of a famous mathematician, you MIGHT want to actually know something about that person first… you know… so you don’t look… foolish….

      • Skip Horne

        How in God’s green earth would you know how Einstein did his math?? For your information, ms know-it-all, I have always been a big fan and follower of Einstein. He didn’t fail his primary school, he actually received advanced primary and secondary schooling at a Catholic school. It wasn’t until he was 16 (and attending the Luitpold Gymnasium) that he failed at all other subjects but mathematics and physics. This video happens to be talking about 2nd graders…not that facts mean anything to you. Next time you want to try to make yourself look ‘smart’, you MIGHT want to actually know something about what you are talking about first…you know…so you don’t look…foolish…

        • Gert

          It’s called a biography. You might want to look up what that word means before you comment again. I also suggest you READ said biography before commenting again.

          • Skip Horne

            Hmmm…I looked up the word ‘moron’, just to see what you looked like…lol

        • Gert

          also all you proved is that you can quote a Wikipedia page. *cough* because THOSE are universally accurate of course….

      • TruthDetector

        “Einstein actually did it very much like the teacher and failed at primary school for this an an [sic] inability to read. Next time you want to throw around the name of a famous mathematician, you MIGHT want to actually know something about that person first… you know… so you don’t look… foolish….

        Ladies and gentlemen: Before you is a hypocrite who is entirely oblivious to her own ignorance. Others understand that she is likely illiterate, so in an effort to disprove them she posts illiterate comments in order to remove all their doubt.

        Gert serves up delicious irony.

        We feast upon it.

        Carry on, Gert.

        Do our bidding.

  • lglnurse

    This has to be the most idiotic thing I have ever seen. Thank God my son is learning math the “regular” way in his private school. There are just not words……not to mention that teacher would put me to sleep in under 56 seconds…..zzzzzzz…..

  • Bob Edwards

    So in 10 + 6 you need to decompose the 6 to 5 +1 you still need to know your math facts by memory and know that 5+1=6 this is so retatded bill gates is supposed to be a genius which shows you he and the govt have an alternative motive to dumb kids down up their sleeves typical libs

  • I do see where this can go… I often use math this way. Example, what is 98*4? well, 98+2 =100, 100*4 = 400, 2*4 =8, 400-8=392!

    easier than doing it long hand and I can do it in my head faster than most people can do it long hand on paper.

  • Anne Mills

    The further dumbing down of America.

  • nancyetanner52@

    Adding from memory stimulates the mind. It helps the mind grow. I guess people with a photographic memory are screwed. Isn’t the world nowadays complex enough for our children. Tank COMMONCORE.

  • Chad Edmonds

    You know what is worse than Common Core? Partisan sheep who amount to nothing more than fear mongering labelers. These types of people will buy anything MSM shoves down their throats. Get off the Governement media tit peoples.

    • Josh Stetson


  • Alan

    These are a simplified yet extended version of what I was taught many years ago. All though when I was shown this example of math I was in pre-school not second grade. And with this sort of explaining how we thought of numbers to be represented in number form we were multiplying and dividing by FIRST GRADE WELL ABOVE THESE LEVELS. Don’t hold the children back by trying to make learning centered on the longest, lowest common denominator.

  • hardtruth00

    It’s called Democrat math. Take something simple and make it outrageously idiotic.

  • Jennifer Yorgan

    Does no one remember the pictures of apples, oranges, bananas, etc? You take 3 bananas + 3 oranges = 6 total fruit, it was the counting method, which worked just fine. We weren’t memorizing problems, were learning to count the parts of the problem. This is no longer “simple math”, this is convoluted mess, making a simple equation tortuous. The educational system keeps getting messed with, to the point where it’s not educating anyone.

    • Josh Stetson

      Replace those dots on the left with 10 fruits and the ones on the right with single fruit and you have the same exact concept except you don’t have to draw 37 fruits.

  • Dave B in AZ

    Tying numbers to the radix, in this case ten, can help a person do math off paper in working memory. Not a bad idea.

    • Curt Pangracs

      Some of us can do it because we learned it our own way, and it works. We have had astronomical leaps in math, engineering, and science WITHOUT this crap. It is a new business model for textbook publishers, teachers, and testmakers to fleece the taxpayer of more money. i would also posit that, because we have machines and software that can do calculations in an instant, math teachers are REALLY loving this, because it keeps them in a job…

  • Ray Mincher

    so now the teachers are forced to dumb down the education so the students that dont study or do their homework can still try and sneak through city wide testing and still fall into the lower percentage?

    So in reality we are dumbing down the students that actually work and preform well ,so that the (less bright) can somehow float right below the passing level.

    So my question is whom does this help?

  • rangerbanger

    “Friendly, Comfortable???” These parrots are “teaching” children in this manner? They’re turning them into zombies! Perhaps that is the rationale–break down their inherited patterns, suggest (stupidly) that EVERYONE should learn in ONE manner–Right–This is total idiocy and ideological

  • Romana

    I think,that this method is not COMFORTABLE for a first time learner.Simply because,they are learning this for the first time!

  • Rob Strecker

    How do you teach that 6 is 1 and 5? Do you have to break down the 5? Heaven help us if this makes it all the way up to calculus cuz that’s bad enough as it is.

  • Javasport

    At the end of the summer, your child will finally have figured out the problem.

  • Stan47

    Just how drugged, or hypnotized, is this “Mrs. Ryan,” that she can sit there with a straight face and spout this nonsense?

  • Janice O’Neil Field

    Common core is the most idiotic thing I have ever seen. How much simpler can it be to add two numbers together? God help us:(

  • Arthur M.

    This over-explaining of a simple math equation is going to turn the kids off to learning math. This is a disaster in the making, if they aren’t already teaching them in this horribly mind-numbing manner.

  • dan

    I use base 10 quite often. For me 9 x 9 is easier to solve if I look at it as 9 x 10 – 9. This may seem more difficult but when I get to larger numbers knowing how to break the numbers down makes it easy. Everyone’s mind works differently and each person needs to find what works for them and refine it.

  • Larry Faehling

    It’s no wonder that Democraps are fiscally illiterate.

  • Dave Wukusick

    Any teacher who believes this is a better system, to dumb down, thinking, must have smoked way too much pot in the Eighties and Nineties!!!!!!!

  • Deacon Davis

    The fact is that common core does not get our children ready for life it makes them less likely to be able to compete in the world after school. It is asinine and ridiculous.

  • Jeff Gerstenkorn

    And if they don’t educate the Parents on this Friendly “10” system they will confuse the poor child and no one will learn!

  • Glenda Lee

    I watched the video again. The woman is talking about challenging the second grader. But there’s no kids there. I want to see the kids as they figure this problem out. And not the kid who always gets it. I want to see the Average (C) or the not so good kid (D or lower) work on this.

  • Seeking Uno

    Common core question 2: How do you put gas in your car? Step one – fabricate the parts to build your engine. Step two – Negotiate a labor contract with a union, so their members can assemble your engine for you …….

  • Bruce Beckwith

    Comfortable? Oh well as long as the child is “comfortable”. I put in mind of To Lehrer’s explanation of the “New Math” of the 1960s. ” Idea is to know what you’re doing rather than to get the right answer.”

  • Wendy Lee

    Common core was designed so that students that did not want to challenge themselves by actually using their brain could still pass. It is just retarded.

  • Illumenatum

    The Romans came up with “base 10” two millennia ago—its not a new concept.

  • sdevil84

    So how do they add 6 + 3 the is no 10….Dumb ass teachers

  • Victor Duffany

    first time i have seen what they are doing. they are trying to get people to realize and verbalize what they are doing in a thoughtful concise way. is it a good way to teach? who knows. we wont know for about 10 years or so when those who have been being taught will begin to show any evolution of thought

  • Badenuff

    The idea is to have new techniques that parents can’t explain so the kids are dependent on the school system. Common Core is the shoehorn to push kids into education camps.

    • Akira Bear

      The idea is to have parents so disgruntled with the school system that they take their kids out of school and place them in schools-for-profit, where this nonsense isn’t being done. Ask yourself why Arne Duncan demands this for public schools, yet doesn’t demand it for the private schools his kids attend. Ask yourself why Bill Gates has jumped on this movement and is paying media outlets to push it. His kids go to a private school and he is not demanding that it be done there. Schools-for-profit are a lucrative investment opportunity for the elite oligarchs. And they don’t care if your child and mine suffer as a result. Theirs won’t and they’ll make money. For them, that’s enough of a reason to destroy public schools.

  • Akira Bear

    I do not believe that 40% of teachers disapprove of Common Core. I believe that number is closer to 100%.

  • robertl30

    Um, I don’t know about common core much, but what she showed was just basic arithmetic. What I didn’t understand was her statement about “we used to memorize addition… we memorized 9+6 is 15..” um no we didn’t. We did memorize multiplication tables, not addition tables. I can’t imagine how else you’d add 9+6 in your head. In my head anyway it goes like this, 9 is one less than 10, 10 plus 6 is 16, take away one is 15. That’s pretty close to what she showed on her board. There’s obviously more than one way to think about it.

  • Jim Mokarem

    I feel dumber for just watching that video.

  • Damien Cross

    WTF is this crap.

    What happened to the K.I.S.S. principle?
    Keep It Simple Stupid!

    This is why we are now one of the shittiest countries on earth.
    Common Core HAS to be BANNED in the US.

  • Blade_Runner_1776

    If this so called “math system” would have been forced on Bill Gates as a kid, Microsoft would have never come into existence.

  • What I love is how Top Right News tries to spin this. “It Takes This Teacher 56 Seconds to Explain 9+6=15 Using Common Core”. I bet if we go back and ask the reporter, she might say she asked the teacher to take it slow. Jack Rabbits. You know, I am not a fan of Common Core, but what I dislike more is misleading news from either the RIGHT or the LEFT trying to crap on the other and you wonder why our country is in the toilet.

    • Curt Pangracs

      The real problem here is that she says “We KNOW that 6 is made up of two parts, 1+5”. Really? Last I checked, I can get to 6 with 2+4 and 3+3, or even 9-3, or 89347-89341. She didn’t even take the time to explain the base 10 system, which is required to “know” how she went with the 1+5 to make the problem work. It’s just making simple math more difficult, and it’s infuriating. So glad my kids missed CC implementation – oh, and they are both “A” students, one in HS and one in college.

  • Mike

    Totally ASININE in addition to being INSANE!

  • Blade_Runner_1776

    Talk about retrograding intelligence. Reminiscent of the caveman inventing differential calculus but decided to stay with stick and stones.

  • Skinnythia

    The addition problem might be common core, but the subtraction problem is not. It is old school subtraction- the manner it has been taught for years. What is being taught for subtraction in common core is more frustrating and time consuming. It may be a matter of the fact it comes into play with wording. But common core increases the time spent on subtraction and that is something that is important on standardized testing, SATS and GRE, MAT and such. Formulas have to be followed in certain manners that using common core would increase the time and computations to increasing amounts of work, more training of proverbial ‘red tape’ writers in the making.

  • Bradley Marema

    OMG that is so retarded. Why are we trying to simplify already simple math??

  • Janet Woodcock

    This perfectly demonstrates the adage that change is not the same as progress!

  • laetoli1

    I do agree with the premise of this article. I too am an educator with 32 yrs. experience. What could POSSIBLY go worng here?! However, no one “on the left” that I know of (and I know many) thinks
    that Bill Gates is a leftist. He stands to make a lot of money. That’s all he’s about. Huge capitalist.

  • Jens

    That is Dumber than Dirt

  • Bang Stick

    How is changing one math problem into another supposed to be helpful? That is like answering a question with another question.

    Over complicating the problem is all you are doing.

  • MW

    This is what I call dumb and confusing and complicating something that should be simple.

  • Blake

    It’s not supposed to be comfortable. Learning is supposed to be difficult… That’s why there are people who fail out of college math classes. Because they give up. And then they raise their children to think that giving up is normal. And that’s why we have to make 1st graders “comfortable” with math.

    • Curt Pangracs

      BS. Learning does NOT have to be “difficult”. Learning should be something a person WANTS to do and have practical application. Not everyone likes to be “challenged” every minute of every day. Why should we stress kids out about base 10 math when they can know, in less than a second, that 9+6=15 if they memorize and learn the way WE learned it? Instead of just answering the question, a simple “problem” becomes a pain in the ass, and not anything I would ever want to do, and I like challenges in the sense that the answer actually MEANS something. Hell, I’d rather my kids learn the basic addition and multiplication tables, THEN start on using EXCEL properly to develop more complicated calculations. At least I’d know they were preparing for the real world.

  • kevin Golike

    and second graders can follow this crap? lol,i was pissed off and bored after 20 seconds of this insane crap.

  • jccorn

    And we wonder why the Chinese are passing us up in everything. Do kids memorize their phone numbers, birthdays, or addresses any more or do they need to break it down using base 10 math?

  • Richard Sanchez

    WTF!! Seems to me that this commom core crap assumes that our children are idiots.

  • Curt Pangracs

    What if I break down the six into “3+3” or “2+4”? Seriously, ten is NOT your friend…

    • Josh Stetson

      9+1=10 is the more important part. The teacher is kind of a nit wit, but 10 really is your friend when you can use it.

  • Rhgates

    Students are more “comfortable”…

    Learning isn’t supposed to be comfortable. It’s supposed to be challenging. As is life.

  • john

    I don’t understand what the hoopla is about. What this teacher is describing is a trick to “reason” out the answer. I would rather have my child learn how to figure out the answer in their head, than to memorize a grid with numbers on it. Remember the adage, “Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.”

  • Eric Saperstein

    WTF didI just watch?!?! … Anchor my ass, that convoluted BS is nothing more than a narcissistic fabrication of irrational disconnected logic threads laced into a fictitious justification for an unrealistically complicated mathematical debacle employing a sophisticated unnatural methodology for an unfathomably failing educational system that is imparting a suffocating burden on the economic infrastructure of society. … Oh wait, I just did the same thing she did, let me translate. … She just explained why the moron whom invented common core should be fired!

    • FrankHarting5555

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    • FrankHarting5555

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  • WeimMom

    If parents do not rebel by pulling their children out of school, their kids are screwed!

  • Taijiguy

    I can do it in one second…9 + 6 = 15.

  • toobored54

    And these kids are going to compete for engineering and science jobs with foreign students who come here and actually KNOW math???

  • Michelle

    In the first video, the teacher states that it’s “more comfortable” for students to view the math problem with common core. Since when do we need to make everything “comfortable”? Not to mention, who cares about how comfortable it is to look at? It’s still more comfortable to memorize it and be done with it! Common core is just a long way around just KNOWING the facts.

  • mb

    common core is a hairball system to deny our youth a productive education. remember new math? time to get back to reading, writing and arithmetic.

  • Joan Steele

    Common core is making math a much bigger problem then what it needs to be. How do you multiply divide? I think this was something that wasn’t needed & you teachers had better speak up before we have children that can’t do any math. What a bunch of crap & how did teachers & parents get swayed??????

  • Jose Elizabeth Allen Hawkins

    I thought fingers and toes were for counting…

  • Jose Elizabeth Allen Hawkins

    Can we really imagine Stephen Hawking was taught mathematics with this giberish?

  • Dan Brady

    John has 27 apples. His friend Sally comes along and steals 4 of the apples. Now John knows he started with 27 apples and he has to figure out how many apples Sally left him with. So John writes down on a piece of paper the number 27. Under that he writes the number 4 under the 7. John counts on his fingers starting at 4 untill he gets to the number above, which is 7, and finds that it’s 3. He writes down the numbe 3. Now John looks at the number 2 above. He sees that nothing was stolen from that number so he just brings that number, which is 2, and places it beside the number 3. Now John knows that Sally ripped him off leaving him with only 23 apples. John now files a police report charging Sally with the theft of the 3 apples. Easy !

  • LR

    If it ain’t freakin broke don’t waste time fixin it ! I would not let this teacher … uh educator share her idea of addition … sorry coupling numbers with my kid ! let alone any other students …Oops , Learners ! This new age BS is treating Americas children like they are incapable of learning how to simply add two numbers! My stern belief is that our nations teachers are dumbing down our kids rather that teaching them to be able to function is society, how many kids of years past have grown to adults that can’t read , calculate change in their heads or really have a firm grasp of current events, the direction of our Country or the concept of responsible voting ? And some have the Audacity to call this garbage progress !

  • John Best

    She should take a long walk of a short pier.

  • Melinda Sue Cochrun

    So what if I take the 6 in the 9+6 problem and change it to 3 and 3 instead of 1 and 5..? Is a kid more comfortable with 12+3..? Seriously folks..?

  • David Dunn

    I am going to sue top right news quran pig page

  • Tiredofsickos

    This world is in so much trouble.

  • Arizona Patriot

    Communist Core must be stopped!

  • mercedmann2013

    So how is this going to apply to multiplication and division? You still need to know what 2×2 is or 4/2 is. Don’t you still have to memorize the multiplication tables?

  • charlie

    I see it with my step grand kids . They don’t know anything as far as basic knowledge . Its a sad future as I see it.

  • Joe Tokoph

    Our education system has just now turned into idiots. The answer is immediate in my brain but to a kid they have made it way to complicated. FIRE THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION!! All part of the grand scheme of the Obama administration. When are white people going to picket and riot? Its definitely getting closer.

  • Jill Peters

    Who cares about feeling comfortable…

  • Brysail

    Ok so to add 9 plus 6 you have to divide 6 by 1 and you get six ones then add the 1 to the 9 and you get 10 then add the 10 to the 5 and you get 15

  • The folks in higher education are dreading the arrival of Common Core students into their colleges and universities.

  • ALilLogicPlease

    Were we not adding 9 to 6? Changing the number in any form does not add 9 to 6. It added 10 to 5 which may have the same answer but is not the original equation. Education should always be clear and concise, not assuming and the apparent victim of osmosis. Math is absolute. Common core is absolutely nonsense.

    • Because you have to add 6 to 9, because 6 is the oppressed minority.

  • Bryan Bell

    Bring back the ABACUS!!!!!

  • JenniferD

    so now it’s about making students “comfortable” in seeing “10”… are you kidding me?? how many times did she say “comfortable” in that video? take 9 and count up 6 numbers… you can even use your fingers if you’re that stupid… 10 (1) 11 (2) 12 (3) 13 (4) 14 (5) 15 (6)…. look — 9+6=15 idiots.. it took her 56 seconds and it only took me 3 seconds…

    • Making kids feel “comfortable” is one of the foundations of Common Core.

  • Reminds me of the number “Keleven” from “The Office”.

  • jharrison

    I have never gotten over the fact that 2+2 DOES NOT equal 22, really, it makes more sense than (uncommon) core..

  • elscotem

    Explains why Obama and the democrats are have so much trouble getting the economy, debt and deficits in check, they’re still trying to figure out the math, hopefully in 2016, when they figure out their work in the country tanked they’ll notice the country is over run by illegals and terrorists and , naw, who am I kidding, they’ll never figure it out.

  • Brian Sprouse

    That is the dumbest crap I have ever seen. They claim is so the kids don’t have to use the old ways of just adding 9+6=15. Yet to do what they want you have to use the old ways any way. When you say 9+1=10 and 6-1 = 5 and 10+5=15. F*cking Stupid.

  • ohmyohmyohmy

    Huh? She had the 9 + 6 =, and she had the deconstructed 10 + 5 =. From what I see, she had exactly the same conundrum here. The student needed to add the two numbers together with the “old” system and using CC, the student STILL needed to add the two numbers together. Where’s the benefit?

  • eyeball1946

    Some parents today think their kids today are smarter than they really are. The millennium generation is a perfect example of how they cannot answer basic questions on the street. This example is easy in it’s simplicity, but get into huge numbers and it would be way too time consuming to use this technique. The dumbing down of America by the government is alive and well it seems, and a lot of liberals seem willing to go along with it.

  • jacksmind

    9999+ 999 = ?

  • peeksta

    but the question was 9+6 not 10+5

  • Mggie

    Even this confuses me. 🙁 Why not leave Math alone? That”s the way all adults were taught & that”s why we can help & teach our children. The govt needs to step back & leave well enough alone. 🙁

  • Mggie

    This is called “The Dumbing Down of America”.

  • Mel

    This is math? …Comfortable? Decompose? Partner? Anchor? For basic addition. I think my head would explode doing multiplication.

  • Cassidy

    I feel so sorry for my 3 1/2 year old grandson.

  • Why does the 6 have to be broken down into 1 & 5 when it can be broken down into 2 & 4 or 3 & 3? Either way you do it, the answer will always be the same. The problem is that she says you need to split the 6 but does not show you the common core standard of subtraction to get there and expects the kids to already know it, just as they would 9+6=15. That is why common core is useless and pointless!

  • Andy Ward

    Would not an “abacus” be simpler ?

  • Troy

    Let me explain it for all of you that apparently are stupid. The purpose is to learn how to do this so it can later be applied to bigger numbers. This is actually how my mind works, and I am in the top 1% in the country in mathematics. Also, my IQ is above the level for genius.


      If you were above genius, you wouldn’t be stupid enough to call others stupid in public.

  • William Stearns

    Our children are not dumber than we were or our parents were. They are however being turned into mindless lemmings that have no free thought. The educational system has been corrupted to encourage the idea that free thought is not good. If I were to describe common core in its fundamental purpose it is to create a society that was described by Pink Floyd in The Wall. I for one am ready to storm the gates of “higher learning” and demand my children recieve the education they are entitled to not the one that the government thinks they deserve because of where they live.

  • gracecc5249

    The stupid ones are the adults that are complaining about this! I am 66 years old and believe it or not this was the way math was taught when I went to school before the new math came in. Its just a base ten math. I can add a row of numbers in my head quicker than most kids now who learned the “new math.” Most people my age should know this. The reason it takes so long to explain is because she is showing what goes on in your brain eventually. Kids today are terrible at math and don’t try to argue that point. I have worked in the retail business with them and without a computer, they can’t give out change. Whether you want to believe it or not, when I went to school we were one if the top ranked countries in education! Now the average IQ is 98 and we are ranked 19th!!! That is bad and it tells me our children need to go back to a base 10 math and take regular (not politically correct) courses like history, reading, geography… Go back to basics and start over again.

  • simonqx

    Wait! Don’t you have to know that 1+5=6 before you can “decompose” 6 so you can make the 9 a 10 to add them up to 15? How do I use the common core to get 5+1=6 so I can know that I need to do that to group the 1 and the 9? And don’t I have to know that 1+9=10 before I can pair them? So how do I use the “10 group” to do the 5+1=6? I’m confused. If the 9 can be paired with the 1 from the 6 to make 10 and leave the 5 to add to the 10 to make 15… didn’t I just do 3 math questions to answer ONE?

  • John Brady

    As I point out to my daughters who were able to do that silly memorization without a problem, as sad as the outcome for kids learning under common core will be, they are your competition in the job market.

  • justtheusa

    You could go to the edge of the universe and live from day one until the end of time and never see anything this damn stupid. Unless it’s the election of Obama and obiden,,,twice.

  • lraivala

    Let me get this straight. Are they assuming that a child knows that taking 1 away from 6 equals 5? What a freaking moron way of teaching math, Thank god, I was fortunate enough to have learned it the old fashion way.

  • Alison

    I think it’s good that they are giving children the opportunity to not just memorize addition/subtraction, but to understand what it really means. As long as this is only the base for subtraction and they don’t expect children to always think of subtraction in this manner. If this is focused on for more than 1 week in 1st grade, it’s too long.

  • Larry C Mason

    Why don’t they USE THE REALITY of ITEMS SUCH AS Pennies, Nickles, Dimes and Quarters…. That’s how I taught my Children and Grandchildren to COUNT USING MONEY… OOOPS That’s RIGHT they don’t need that because now they use Calculators in Grade 4… Where and when do they learn the basics… Time to get children OUT of THE CLASS ROOMS and Start HOME SCHOOLING… Common Core this: 3 to the 3rd power times X + the square root of 27 divided by 13 ….

  • Umpscous

    This reminds me of an abacus.

  • Lovinglife101

    Ok, so they know what 10 + 5 is but they still don’t know what 9 + 6 is 🙂

  • spinwizard

    Designed to create wrong answers, for a perpetual testing result.

  • onesoldiersmom

    I’d like to see an anchor dropped on her head.

  • Boxerbabe

    This is the reason that young cashiers are not even able to count out the change to a customer on a 20 dollar bill. Leave along speak in a matter that a customer can understand if one is lucky as time again the sales clerk be talking to another employee.

  • kasia62

    Okay..this is Math and for some learners, especially when facts such as these are begun in primary grades (1-2), the idea of ‘chunking’ has been tried in different ways, especially for special needs students. Memorizing math facts have been discouraged for many years, but the ‘brain training’ with all the popular technology has also affected the growth of those areas in the brain that develop concentration for the skill of memory. I question a few areas that concern readiness in the development process and also reinforcing this brain pattern because even through this strategy of teaching, if there is no real attention to memory, then this information will also be lost. It has already been proven that watching too much TV; playing video games over long periods of time interfere with the processing of information because the brain is being trained to jump around without staying attentive to any one or two main concepts, and the interaction with software offers little room for clarification and discussion. What worries me most is the paradox with the teaching and development along these strategies and then the demands for sustained attention to testing. I would not consider those tests reliable because the environment for ‘learning’ is alien to the environment for ‘testing’. Standardized tests have
    ALWAYS created results for general competencies and used for curriculum guidance, but not thought to be valid for actual measurements for learning. Tests based upon the material taught towards mastery are much better indicators of learning and also excellent tools for modifying lessons according to levels of understanding. Within the Common Core Curriculum, it is already assumed with specifics areas of learning to incorporate repetition; however, it is so generalized that it negatively affects those who excel with it and does not really move the students from their point of knowledge onto successful challenges. The other subject areas have great downfalls as well.

  • Miles

    This is pretty sad. Here we are pouring tons of money into a program that is basically the blind leading the blind, I mean come on people, this is basic addition. What is our nation coming to if we have to explain one addition problem with another addition problem. Why are we constantly catering to people for their comfort levels. Sometimes you need to get out of the comfort zone and induce a little bit of an emotion called stress to become more than just a bump on a log in our society. Why do we need to pour millions into a program where people have had the common sense to do this on their own the last 100+ years? People need to learn to adapt and become a bit more adamant about their own education and seek a little extra help if they struggle with the subject, not have our government cater to every single aspect of our lives. This is part of the reason our nation is the way it is today.

  • felix72

    Next April take you taxes to your accountant and demand he use the “Common Core” Base 10 system of math. You’ll see your return the following April providing suicide attempts aren’t made

  • Jaye Leslie Gries Sarbry

    what bull sh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    In a country that has 50 States, and you visit all but one of them, how many States have you visited?

  • Troy Sparticus

    It’s actually not ridiculous. I have A.D.D. That’s the way I and many others do addition.

    To better understand multiplication, division, and remainders actually makes it easier to add or subtract. Especially with the larger problems.

    Memorizing is a bunch of garbage. 9+6=15, but why. Not just because I memorized it. However to convert all numbers to a common number like 5, or 10, actually makes it easier to get an answer.

    9+7 would go to 10+5+1=16. The common numbers are 10 & 5. The remainder is 1. By adding as much as you can, and then taking the remainder to add to your first answer, makes total sense.

    The lower, single digit values make it look ridiculous, yet that is where it can be taught for higher numbers.

    It’s not dumbed down. It’s just another way to get the answer. I do agree, it should not be taught until later, unless a child has A.D.D. or another ‘sister’ condition.

    Those with A.D.D. or the likeness are in an incredible disadvantage when it comes to memorization. To have his as a backup for those with A.D.D. would actually clear a great deal of frustration.

  • tjb1408

    This is awesome!! what a great way to dumb down america even more!!! I mean really? The teachers think this is a good idea? hopefully painting by numbers will come back next to teach kids how to paint…. Any teacher who teaches this way deserves to be instantly fired

  • Joe Jones

    dots with tens and ones is a graphic representation of expanded notation, a concept that will
    be necessary to do algebra. There is much more that can spring from
    this. They will go from there to (3 x 10) + 1, and from there to 3X + 1 where X represents 10. Building up to an understanding of advanced math. I had my second and third graders using expanded notation to do
    basic math; it helped with their understanding
    of place value and the functionality of our number system. It is a
    step in the right direction for those children who will be going on to
    advanced math in their junior high years and beyond. That being said, a
    basic fault with our educational system its failure to teach to each
    individual student’s skill level. I didn’t say intelligence level, I
    said, and meant, skill level. Currently, second graders are expected to do second
    grade work, whether they have yet to achieve the skills necessary for
    that or have already mastered them and are ready for third, or even
    fourth, grade skills. Second graders who have not mastered first grade
    skills need to do so first. Second graders who have mastered third
    grade skills need to move on to fourth. Until this happens, attempts at
    educating our children will be marginally successful at best, and our
    standing with relation to other nations will continue to fall.

  • John Doe

    What a MORON she is.

  • Roscoe Parks

    Ya’ll Just hate stuff… for no reason. She did math just like most people do math when they’re doing something in their head that’s a bit more difficult than 9+6.
    All she did was change the problem, and made it
    X=800 btw.

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  • Monica Wood


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  • Frank Rinchich

    Anyone know who the numb nuts was that came up with this nonsense ? Just hope someone else has the sense to throw it out. I can’t believe how many teachers like common core, maybe it gives them a chance to draw little dots and boxes that they couldn’t do before. teachers can use little dots and boxes and don’t have to memorize the multiplication table.

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  • Pyra

    The United States is now behind in math compared to other modern countries. The base 10 method of learning math has been used in other countries for a long time. Students in those other countries are surpassing Americans in math because they have a deeper understanding of the relationship between the numbers. Before calculators were common, having facts memorized was enough of an understanding of math facts for most jobs. However, now almost everyone has access to a calculator so being able to compute math facts is not that as impressive as it used to be. What is needed in the job market is people who can manipulate numbers, which requires a greater understanding of the relationship between the numbers. Americans are not less smart than 20 years ago; technology (mainly calculators) has shifted the skills needed.

  • Molly

    What a crock of crap. They aren’t fooling anyone, this sucks. Bill Gates should be ashamed and since when does la Raza get to input rubbish into the school curriculum?

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  • hughsbayou

    Try using an Abacus and all is clear! What is clear using an abacus is hard to do drawing a series of pictures. Look it up and you’ll see what I mean. Just google “Abacus” The common core method is based on place holders (1,10.100.1000) in the base 10 system and so is the Abacus. It is a very old system and easy to master.

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  • Chris Ballenger

    Anyone else feel that they needed to dumb themselves down in order to follow this demonstration? That is exactly what it’s designed to do.

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