WHOA…THIS is What Happened When Ahmed’s ‘Clock Invention’ was Reverse Engineered…


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

One of the most controversial stories of the week was the insane levels of hype and outrage over a Muslim boy who made a digital clock and then was arrested because his teacher thought it might be a bomb.

Within hours of the story, until liberals turned it into their latest pet cause,  — accusing the school administrators, and anyone who agreed with their cautious actions, as “Islamophobes.”

Obama, as he did with the Trayon Martin case, immediately made the story explode by inviting Ahmed to the White House in a Tweet that the media hyped worldwide. Invitations and internship offers for the “boy genius inventor” soon came in from places such as Facebook, Twitter and MIT.

But to skeptics, something about the story stunk from the start — and the evidence is now mounting that the entire incident may have been a setup or hoax after all.

First there is the fact that the place it occurred, Irving, TX, was recently in the news as the first city in America to bar Muslim Sharia Law (among all international law structures) from use, after Muslim “scholars” announced a “Sharia Tribunal” in January — sparking outrage among Americans.

The Irving, TX anti-Sharia vote infuriated Muslims worldwide, making it perhaps a target for a setup.

Then Breitbart revealed that Ahmed’s father Mohamed ElHassan Mohamed, is a well-known Muslim activist and rabble-rouser, taking on Koran-burner Terry Jones, and debating radical Islam-critic Robert Spencer — neither of which has been reported by the media.

This would tend to support the contention that the Ahmed clock incident was a “setup” or “lawsuit bait” — one backed up by this Tweet put out by Mohammed:

Then there was the bizarre behavior of Ahmed himself when he brought his “invention” to school. After he showed it to his engineering teacher…the teacher said it resembled a bomb, and asked him not to show it to any other teachers. But Ahmed then brought it into his English class, plugged it in, set an alarm to go off, and did not mention to the teacher who felt “threatened” by it that he already showed it to the engineering teacher, and to ask him about it…which could have easily resolved the security concerns.

Police described Ahmed as being “passive aggressive” in his answers to their questions, and didn’t have a “reasonable answer” as to what he was doing with the case. Was his behavior consistent with wanting to provoke a response by Irving authorities?

Now an engineer’s blog post on Artvoice may have exposed the entire incident as a setup or hoax once and for all.

The engineer asserts that the “boy genius” Ahmed didn’t “invent” anything at all. He merely took apart an existing clock from the 1970s, and inexplicably transplanted its guts into the large pencil case he picked up off Amazon.

This individual has an engineering degree and a love for all things electronics and thought it would be cool to reverse engineer the clock built by Ahmed, because well, he’s the kind of guy who gets a kick out of doing such things.

According to him and his research, that’s when he made the discovery about Ahmed’s “invention.”

From Artvoice:

I found the highest resolution photograph of the clock I could. Instantly, I was disappointed. Somewhere in all of this – there has indeed been a hoax. Ahmed Mohamed didn’t invent his own alarm clock. He didn’t even build a clock. Now, before I go on and get accused of attacking a 14 year old kid who’s already been through enough, let me explain my purpose. I don’t want to just dissect the clock. I want to dissect our reaction as a society to the situation. Part of that is the knee-jerk responses we’re all so quick to make without facts. So, before you scroll down and leave me angry comments, please continue to the end (or not – prove my point, and miss the point, entirely!)

For starters, one glance at the printed circuit board in the photo, and I knew we were looking at mid-to-late 1970s vintage electronics. Surely you’ve seen a modern circuit board, with metallic traces leading all over to the various components like an electronic spider’s web. You’ll notice right away the highly accurate spacing, straightness of the lines, consistency of the patterns. That’s because we design things on computers nowadays, and computers assist in routing these lines. Take a look at the board in Ahmed’s clock. It almost looks hand-drawn, right? That’s because it probably was. Computer aided design was in its infancy in the 70s. This is how simple, low cost items (like an alarm clock) were designed. Today, even a budding beginner is going to get some computer aided assistance – in fact they’ll probably start there, learning by simulating designs before building them. You can even simulate or lay out a board with free apps on your phone or tablet. A modern hobbyist usually wouldn’t be bothered with the outdated design techniques. There’s also silk screening on the board. An “M” logo, “C-94” (probably, a part number – C might even stand for “clock”), and what looks like an American flag. More about that in a minute. Point for now being, a hobbyist wouldn’t silk screen logos and part numbers on their home made creation. It’s pretty safe to say already we’re looking at ’70s tech, mass produced in a factory.

So I turned to eBay, searching for vintage alarm clocks. It only took a minute to locate Ahmed’s clock. See this eBay listing, up at the time of this writing. Amhed’s clock was invented, and built, by Micronta, a Radio Shack subsidary. Catalog number 63 756.


The shape and design is a dead give away. The large screen. The buttons on the front laid out horizontally would have been on a separate board – a large snooze button, four control buttons, and two switches to turn the alarm on and off, and choose two brightness levels. A second board inside would have contained the actual “brains” of the unit. The clock features a 9v battery back-up, and a switch on the rear allows the owner to choose between 12 and 24 hour time. (Features like a battery back-up, and a 24 hour time selection seems awful superfluous for a hobby project, don’t you think?) Oh, and about that “M” logo on the circuit board mentioned above? Micronta.



For one last bit of confirmation, I located the pencil box Ahmed used for his project. During this video interview he again claims it was his “invention” and that he “made” the device – but the important thing at the moment, at 1:13, we see him showing the pencil box on his computer screen. Here it is on Amazon, where it’s clearly labeled as being 8.25 inches wide. Our eBay seller also conveniently took a photo of the clock next to a ruler to show it’s scale – about 8 inches wide. The dimensions all line up perfectly.

So there you have it folks, Ahmed Mohamad did not invent, nor build a clock. He took apart an existing clock, and transplanted the guts into a pencil box, and claimed it was his own creation. It all seems really fishy to me.

If we accept the story about “inventing” an alarm clock is made up, as I think I’ve made a pretty good case for, it’s fair to wonder what other parts of the story might be made up, not reported factually by the media, or at least, exaggerated.

The engineer goes on to ask a few good questions that aren’t aimed at picking on Ahmed, but are focused on how we as a society seem to be itching for some new cause to take up, how we’re ready to turn any and every perceived slight into an opportunity to spout off about some major social cause, taking to Facebook and Twitter to blast the web will all sorts of memes and other over emotional blubbering.

Another great point brought up by this guy centers on why Ahmed was worried about the clock “looking suspicious” which is a claim he makes in an interview with the media. He specifically says he chose to close up the box with cord so it wouldn’t “look suspicious.”If this was truly just about showing off his love for electronics — a perfectly acceptable and healthy hobby — why this specific concern?

Another good question posed by the engineer is why in the world he would choose a pencil case as the housing for his clock, seeing as how it had to be closed up, making it super difficult to actually see the number display. Also, the open case poses a safety risk as there’s a transformer near the snooze button, which could produce an electric shock.

He goes on to suggest the possibility that maybe, just maybe, this whole thing really was a hoax bomb after all.

This afternoon, some Redditors also claimed that Ahmed’s claimed USB hub “invention” pictured in the video still above is simply a Best Buy USB hub with its plastic cover removed, with no modifications made to it. NOT an “invention” of any kind.

Regardless of Ahmed’s intentions, the truth of the matter is that the fury and rage over the incident says far more about us as a culture than it does about the boy who is now the center of attention, the new spokesman for equality being used by CAIR to push forward their agenda.

Instead of just immediately blabbing about this “poor, poor child,” and emoting online, perhaps we as a society should’ve applied some sound logic and research to the whole situation before immediately jumping to conclusions, assuming this was all about race or religion.

Definitely something to ponder.

  • Wiggle D

    Hello, deception is okay for Muslims as long as they deceive ‘infidels’. Wake up, America!

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    • Shlomo S

      Doesn’t the Bible say that rape victims should marry their rapist or be put to death? If we’re going to judge Muslims by the content of their holy book we should do the same for Christians.

      • Wiggle D

        The difference between Muzzies and Christians is that Muslims actually do this sh!t. Syria and Egypt is proof enough.

        • Paul Smith

          Uhm, apparently you’ve never heard of the Branch Dividians? Or what Mormons advocate? How’s about the fact that every single terrorist attack on America besides 9/11 was committed by white Christians.
          Sounds to me like RELIGION is the problem, not a specific one.

          • A J Jackson Gum

            Falsely identifying as Christian and blowing shit up BECAUSE of religion are two vastly different things.

          • Jeffrey Young

            You claim to be a rational thinker, and then commit a no true Scotsman fallacy. Interesting.

          • John Phelps

            I wasn’t aware the Fort Hood Massacre was committed by a white Christian…or the recruiting center attacks in Tennessee and Arkansas…or the beheading in Ohio…or the first World Trade Center bombing…

          • Steve Brandon

            What a moronic statement. You need to go back to licking the windows on the short bus.

          • Diana Kerr

            Branch Davidians are a cult, not Christian. Mormonism is a cult, not Christian.

          • Jim

            You realize this is how Muslims feel about extremist as well right ? Or does this logic only work when it’s “Christians” doing the evils? Because I doubt the tens of millions of Muslims in Indonesia the Philippines and Africa relate to the Middle Eastern extremist in anyway.

          • Animesh Ray

            Are they Muslim cults?

          • paul cuzz

            Christianity itself started as a “cult” Since Mormon’s accept Jesus as the LORD they are in fact Christians. Branch Davidian’s are an offshoot of 7th Day Adventists which are Christians.

          • Celestar

            ugh.. did you ever hear of the world trade center bombing prior to 9/11. The Boston Bomber, The shoe bomber, the Times square bomber – all Muslim. There’s even a muslim link to the OKC bombing that was covered up.

          • Richard Dewar

            Another incredibly unaware, and poorly informed individual who would have us all believe that every religion is to blame. Branch Dividians, Mormons, etc. are not indicative of true Christianity. Fundamentalist Islam demands its followers to deceive, and convert, or kill the infidel, at every turn. Christianity had its reformation, centuries ago. Islam, has not, and seemingly will not. Moderate Islam, is by definition, a ruse, and a Taqiyya deception strategy. Enough of this “lumping all religions together”, by people who have no real understanding, or interest in religious beliefs.

          • Chakso

            “How’s about the fact that every single terrorist attack on America besides 9/11 was committed by white Christians.”

            I didnt realize the Tsarnaev brothers were white Christians.

            Also there’s a whole lot more world out there than just the US.
            I could claim that Islamic terrorism is no problem at all since here in NZ there have never been any Islamic terrorists.
            Only French government agents.

            So clearly the bigger problem are the French! 😀

            “Sounds to me like RELIGION is the problem, not a specific one.”

            I agree with you here 🙂

      • A J Jackson Gum

        No, it certainly does not say anything of the sort.

        • Shay

          Did your dad write that bible? Find the original bible and good luck trying to find it

          • Simon Mark George

            Yes, the Bible does instruct a rape victim to marry her rapist, provided she was a virgin. Deuteronomy 22:28-29
            If a man meets a virgin who is not betrothed, and seizes her and lies with her, and they are found, then the man who lay with her shall give to the father of the young woman fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife, because he has violated her. He may not divorce her all his days.

          • Julie Plank

            Sorry but if you read this the way it is written it does NOT say she must marry him! It says he must marry her! In that time a woman who had had sex with a man she was not married to would have had no chance of getting married regardless of the fact she did not consent. This was protection for the woman because to remain unmarried would have condemned her to a life of poverty and disgrace. By the way muslims still practice honor killing for rape victims unless of course they have four male witnesses to confirm she was raped. LOL

          • Ceadda March

            “it does NOT say she must marry him! It says he must marry her!” Oh. Well that makes it perfectly ok then.


          • A J Jackson Gum

            No, but he was a Bible scholar who read it in Greek and Hebrew. This admonishon was for the woman’s protection, not her harm. The onus in this circumstance is on the rapist to be accountable for his actions.

          • JTDraper

            Ha! Yah, no. Being ‘accountable’ doesn’t mean ‘marry.’ But good try. The bible ‘protects’ women by making them marry their rapist? Christians will say literally anything to defend their sick religion.

          • sandwyrm

            It did represent accountability back then, but our culture is quite different now. Stop being pedantic and use your brain.

            The Bible isn’t a book where you can just open it to any page and take what you read as a holy commandment. It’s a STORY with a beginning, middle, and end. Its subject is how God failed to find a way to get humans, even his specially chosen ones, to follow his rules. So in the end he gave us the gift of grace and offered salvation to anyone, chosen or not, who simply asks for it.

            The parts every bible-hater likes to quote are from the “abject failure” part of the story. They are not rules to follow, they’re a lesson on what DIDN’T WORK!

          • Chakso

            “It did represent accountability back then, but our culture is quite different now. Stop being pedantic and use your brain.”

            Ahhh…Christians are the ones claiming the bible is a guide book (Often a rule book despite what you’re saying) that must be followed and obeyed. The rest of us are well aware that its a flawed bronze age moral system that is no longer relevant.

            “Its subject is how God failed to find a way to get humans, even his specially chosen ones, to follow his rules”

            For an all powerful all seeing being he’s pretty useless huh?
            I’m pretty sure if I had the power to DO ANYTHING and see all time, then I could find a way to get people to follow my rules of their own volition.

            The bible is a good bit of fantasy literature and a piece of history that we should preserve, Same as the Quran.
            But they’re both full of holes and you’re crazy to try and follow any of what they say.

          • NJH

            The Old Testament was written for the Israelites at that time. As the New Testament says, “Unless the whole letter of the law can be kept, it is of no effect.” When Christ came, he fulfilled the law because no one was able to keep the law in it’s entirety. That’s why these things are no longer practiced.

          • sandwyrm

            From a strictly functional perspective, all holy books and traditions are the result of thousands of years of trial and error. Those traditions that made groups of humans more organized and focused caused them to displace/dominate those whose traditions made them weaker. Over time, those stronger traditions became ritualized into religions.

            As such, even God-haters should realize that those traditions are essentially a collection of “what works” that accumulated over time, and that their accumulated wisdom should be respected, studied, and re-evaluated rationally, rather than ignored or attacked just because you don’t like the silly-sounding stories that hold them together. Because otherwise you’re advocating the societal equivalent of re-inventing the wheel.

          • Chakso

            Yes it would be much safer for her to live forever with the man who assaulted and raped her.
            Good thinking God!

            Also was it not in Gods power to stop the rape in the first place? What kind of demented sick individual stands by and watches a women get raped when they could intervene?
            “So I’m going to watch you rape this girl, But you’re going to be in so much trouble when you die several decades from now, Unless of course you repent, In which case I’ll forgive you on the victims behalf, screw what she thinks”

            Immoral as hell.

      • Centurion13

        Do you have proof that it did? Or are you just another clever troll on the internet?

      • JTDraper

        In fact, it does. It also says you can sell your daughters into sex slavery. Because nothing perverts human decency like religion.

    • JTDraper

      Same with Christians. Wake up, America. Take a look at the fucking bible.

      • Wiggle D

        When was the last time a Christian killed in the name of their faith?

  • Dan Snow

    If true, I’m not the least bit surprised. The liberal agenda is in full song.

    • Ophelia5338

      They yelp about this crap but never come to the defense of children who have been suspended and even had police called on them for having pop tart shaped guns, making gun hand gestures, wearing NRA t shirts, wearing the American flag on their shirts, displaying the flag on their vehicles. And one emergency services High school kid was even arrested for having his gear in the trunk of his car so he could go to work from school and the gear had scissors and a blade to cut seat belts inside of it….

      • Marilyn Johnson

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      • Songwriting

        Interestingly, the ACLU has been one of the most powerful critics of zero-tolerance policies calling it a “school-to-prison pipeline” by criminalizing childish or adolescent behavior. It’s not far-fetched to see how expulsion for simple play in elementary school can set a child on a track to criminalization instead of success.

        – See more at: http://www.iwf.org/blog/2793119/Pop-Tart-Gun-Bill-Restores-Kids'-Futures#sthash.OsuQeNbO.dpuf

        • Walter Edvalson

          I’m sorry my friend, but you are not an idiot you just say … no wait, you are an idiot. Oh and I am using my real name.

          • Songwriting

            Great rebuttal

      • Joshua Edward Straschewski

        What’s wrong with displaying the American flag in America?

        • Tagdogs

          Liberal/progressives say it offends our illegal immigrants (Illegal Aliens). I say send their asses back to where they came from, because I’m offended that they are here at all–thanks to our HNIC–sometimes referred to as our president.

        • Roch Yang

          It is immoral to show pride in being an European-American – and don’t you forget it!

          • Mm

            ”It is immoral to show pride in being an European-American – and don’t you forget it!”

            but the American flag doesn’t just represent European-Americans

          • Roch Yang

            Thanks for making this vitally-important point. I do not have Permanent Residency; I possess only a Student Visa. Still, I love USA more than my own incredibly corrupted nation of China. I’d love USA even more if American Constitution were not under constant attack by the USA Far Left. They’re just like the Maoist elements in my country like Bo Xi Lai, Zemin, et-al. They make me sad and angry.

            Thank you for your reply to my post, and good luck to you in future.

            Roch Yang
            Changchun City, China

    • Tittums McSprinkles

      I wonder how many liberals died in 9/11, I guess they will not see muslims as a threat until they attack us again.

      • Heretic

        They won’t see Muslims as a threat even then. They will deny it was the fault of Muslims and blame it on US aggression.

        • TXFlyboy

          It’s George Bush’s fault!

          • nlllllovollllln

            Has George Bush yet taken responsibility for any of the stuff that WAS his fault?

          • TXFlyboy

            Wow…really? Live in the past much?

          • nlllllovollllln

            Just still waiting for it. It’s the main reason the republican party is in the state its in today.

          • TXFlyboy

            No, not really…apathy of the church and American people is why the Republican party is in the shape it is in today. We get the leaders we deserve and that is backed up in the Bible. Bush was a far cry better than what we have today I would add though.

            Try reading 2 Chronicles 7:1-14.

          • nlllllovollllln

            ROFLMAO! First of all, this thing you call apathy of the church is pure and simple nonsense. There are scores of individuals that consider themselves religious, yet don’t subscribe to the ideologies of the republican clown party who, to put it in plain terms, don’t have the lock on god or morality they like to think they do.
            Second, the bibble isn’t the American system of government, and actually isn’t a system of government at all, though you could no doubt read one into it if you were so inclined and I have no doubt that you are. While you’re at it, try reading into it a moral justification of slave ownership or subjugation of women and remember all of those unfortunate and misguided people before you that tread that same dark path.
            Third, Bush was a disaster, and you’re living in denial which is why the only way you can reconcile your belief system with reality is to say its reality that’s in the wrong, which is quite frankly pathetic.
            Fourth and lastly, try picking up a copy of Scientific American, or a text book and try to get some grasp on what actually constitutes facts and objective reality.

          • TXFlyboy

            Boy…you are lost. I am sorry you are so mad at life. You know, God really does love you too. Please read the Bible…all the answers to life really can be found in it’s pages.

            Be Blessed and let go of the anger.

          • nlllllovollllln

            That thing you are mistaking for anger is called a sense of realism. That sense of smug bliss you have is ignorance. I’m living a very satisfying life which is grounded in well supported facts. Thanks for your concern.

          • rswallick

            hahaha, you guys are funny – bush and obummer are both clowns and dong the exact same thing their handlers want them too.

          • watcher

            Bush will never take the blame, instead retards excuse him by using Obama as the scapegoat…

          • Lolly

            You DO realize that President Obama HAS actually done some wrong things, yeah?
            and just because someone disagrees with you, it does not make them a “retard”. get real.

        • Of course: After 9-11, they called for more gun control.

          • ProtocolX

            Yes, because if people in the World Trade Center had guns, they could have shot back at the planes.

          • Alexandre Saccol

            Perhaps if the US had stricter airplane control… :^)

        • Union Lacktivist

          There is no question at all that most liberals view conservatives as their enemy, not radical Islam, not countries that wish “death to America”, not countries like North Korea, or any other real threat….

          I tell people all the time it is time to treat liberals the same way you would treat the people they constantly defend…. mostly criminals and people who hate the USA.

      • Rhonda Wilkinson

        Apparently not enough libs died in 911…………………….

        • Manny Borges

          How many of the pilots were 12 year old american citizens?

          • Shannon Callahan

            all terrorists were once 12 years old. I bet they all had Muslim extremists fathers just like this kid did

          • Manny Borges

            That’s not valid Shannon and you have to know that. Children are not held to the same standards as adults for many reasons.
            By your logic someone could shoot your child in the head , because, hey, all serial killers were 5 once.

          • Lets keep in mind that this kid probably didn’t make the fake bomb himself. Kids tend to respond to their peer group. He probably was coached by his father.

          • birdbrained2000

            This kid is 14 and in high school. He knew better than to bring in something that resembled a bomb. If you can get ousted from school for drawing a gun or making gun fingers, then protocol and logic would dictate you must act the same when someone brings in what looks like a suitcase bomb. The kid with the pop tart and gun fingers were in elementary school. They were expelled but not arrested. This kid is almost an adult. It’s illegal to call in a bomb threat. You should be punished for bringing a bomb replica which is exactly what this is. But that’s not the way in liberal America. They want fair for minorities only.this kid were white he would have been expelled and not only arrested but thrown in jail and that’s the truth if the matter. Liberals have a problem with white America.

          • Naja Post

            And had they been black male Americans, the cops would have shot them after arresting them…

          • If they had been black male Americans, they would be more likely to be shot by other black males.

          • JTDraper

            If they had been white, they would be more likely to be shot by other whites.

          • birdbrained2000

            That’s a load of bull and you know it. Blacks shoot other blacks with astounding frequency. Cops shooting blacks is minuscule. I think cops should just quit patrolling your hate filled neighborhoods where they shout kill the cops and see what happens. You’ll be begging them to come back. I hope you need a cop one day and they don’t show up. It would serve you right.

          • JTDraper

            Not even a fraction of how often whites shoot other whites. With ‘astounding’ frequency. But good try.

          • Lolly

            not even a fraction? bwahahahaha. why don’t you go look up some statistics. The actual numbers are fairly evenly matched, even with the population percentage disparity. good try.

          • Naja Post

            Well, since my neighborhood is very low crime area and the police station is a block away, I have nothing to worry about then.

          • Gma Kate

            This isn’t a race issue. It’s a zero tolerance policy issue actually. And the students who have run afoul of the zero tolerance policy have been of diverse skin colors and ages.

          • Theo

            Before arresting him

          • Lolly

            oh, shut it.

          • pattie

            You can get ousted from a commercial flight for even saying the word “bomb.” Everyone jumps on the Offended Bandwagon these days. Well, I’m offended that this country has even gotten to this point, where kids can’t even play a classic playground game of cops & robbers without getting suspended.

          • paul cuzz

            The only people who said the word “Bomb” where the adults.

          • paul cuzz

            True but you could have gone through the airport with this clock with no problem.

          • Chakso

            “you could have gone through the airport with this clock with no problem.”

            They would have stopped him taken him aside, questioned him, opened it up, inspected it and done that thing where they swab you and your luggage for explosive residue.

            It happens to me every single time I take a backpack full of ordinary computer components through airport security (it happens a lot).
            I dont mind, they’re playing it safe. A lot of other young men have been acting kinda nuts in the last decade so its understandable.

            The fact that they actually arrested the kid was over the top though.
            Stupid stupid.

          • amusl

            So my question here is: In this school system, who else has been detained by the police, and what was the situation? What and how much of that is procedure?

            Note that in many cities police do not have discretion regarding if people are handcuffed when put into a police car. Like many policies, this is borne out of experience of bad things happening with people who are not handcuffed, combined with a desire to seem even-handed.

            People deride procedure, but it is in part designed to avoid favoritism towards certain groups and tougher treatment of other groups; as silly as it seems, having a policy of say any child who brings a toy gun to school is suspended means for example if a white teacher lets a white kid off without reporting him to the principle’s office as procedure requires, that is automatically considered racism and dealt with appropriatly. So you set up the situation to avoid favoritism, even of the unconscious / not ill-intended kind.

          • Animesh Ray

            What does a bomb look like? Do you know?

          • Centurion13

            The kid made a Hollywood bomb. We see them in the movies all the time. Real bombs don’t have digital displays.

          • Animesh Ray

            So a digital display makes a Hollywood bomb. Your microwave is a Hollywood bomb. Your car is a Hollywood bomb
            Your cell phone is a Hollywood bomb. So next time you take out your phone, the cops could shoot you. But of course you don’t look like a Muslim with a name like a Muslim or a perhaps not even a dark skin.

          • Centurion13

            The thing was deliberately designed to look like a homemade Hollywood bomb. Microwaves don’t come in latched boxes with their wires hanging out and the digital display prominent, nor do cars, nor do cell phones. And the people using them don’t play passive-aggressive with the authorities, pretending their box of electronics is part of a ‘science fair project’ without any proof or even a meaningful link to an actual science fair project. NOr do they immediately make for their lawyers with a big smile. Give me a break, Animesh. You’re riding an emotionally-driven agenda and are attempting to control the narrative. You’re wrong.

          • paul cuzz

            Or he put a clock in a pencil box. I never saw a movie with a bomb in a pencil box

          • paul cuzz

            I showed my 13 yr old son a pencil box and asked him what it looked like…he never did say it looked like a bomb.

          • Chakso

            But did you open it up and show him all the wires and the board with the glowing numbers? 😛
            That’s how they are often depicted in media so I can totally understand how some clueless school teacher would think it was a bomb.
            The teachers did the right thing… up until a point when they totally lost the plot and called in the cops to arrest him.

          • paul cuzz

            A shoe? A boombox? Pressure Cooker? Ryder Truck?

          • birdbrained2000

            Look at the pictures of a suitcase bomb and this kids suitcase. They are a lot alike. This kid lied to his teacher and said he made a clock when all he did was disassemble a clock and set it up to look like a bomb. Who makes a clock in a suitcase. You cannot see it. Again, there is a no tolerance rule set up in schools. If it looks remotely like a gun or a bomb it goes to the authorities. You guys see racism everywhere.

          • Animesh Ray

            As someone whose hobby as a 13 year old was electrical gadget making, it is simple for me to see that Ahmed (and Ahmed didn’t ever claim he “invented”, though the media said) simply “made” a clock as part of his engineering class. Just the idea of putting together a mother board integrated circuit, the transformer, connecting the matrix display and the power source….well try it. It ain’t trivial unless one knows what one is doing. When one does make such a gadget it will look nothing like any conventional clock that ticks on your wall or your hand. You’ll have to DELIBERATELY make it look like a conventional clock. Remember the hour-glass? Does it look like a clock that you use? It looks more like a dried up fish tank than a clock. As a 13 year old, I would have been happy to be able to “make” this clock; I tried abortively at that exact same age to make a battery-less radio but failed (probably due to component failure), which I ultimately succeeded together with my daughter when SHE was 13 years old–we all live vicariously, don’t we? That Ahmed didn’t actually “invent” a clock (what is inventing a clock these days, anyway? Unless one is making a clock with quantum gates or biochemical oscillators, no one is able to really “invent” a clock today)–only assembled one from prefabricated component parts through a set of instructions of different sophistication, is no discredit nor is it a mean feat. On my son’s 27th birthday (yes, twenty seventh, this year!), I gave him an electronic “box that doesn’t do anything” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqAUmgE3WyM), which needed to be put together (through soldering electrical components using a direction), and he apparently sweated a whole morning doing it–and this guy was a physics major too. So, the blogger who discredits Ahmed on the basis of the media’s use of the word “invent” should search their soul, or shut up because he/she don’t know what he is talking about. Read this note instead, written on Sept 16, which talks about why a 14 year old should be proud of taking apart things and putting it together, in the context of Ahmed’s clock: http://makezine.com/2015/09/16/this-is-ahmed-mohameds-clock/
            I don’t know if you have read “Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman”. If you did then you’ll know the importance of taking apart and putting things together in the making of a full blooded American genius. This engineer blogger ain’t no genius. Ahmed might be one in the making.

          • walt

            Are you kidding? This kid might be a genius? He took apart an old alarm clock and stupidly mounted the guts inside a case (where the display cannot be seen), to resemble a bomb. And you need to see the interview of the kid – HE DOES CALL IT AN INVENTION! He said he invented things like the USB hub, which also was a mass manufactured device with the cover removed. I have read Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feymann, and I agree kids can learn from disassembling devices. So what? Hell, this kid didn’t even assemble the device – other than watching his father drill a few holes and mount the guts of the clock in the case – most likely. He KNEW what he was doing – he went from class to class, waiting for the response – why did he say he secured the case with a cord so as not to raise too much suspicion? I’d say his dad put him up to this. The smirk on his face as he addresses media, talking about how he is going to MIT, etc., makes me want to slap the little shit. Why is he wearing NASA shirts in so many publicity shots? He is immediately invited to the White House by our president, who is supposed to be smart. I have built things, I have many patents, so I HAVE invented things – and I have had problems transporting electrical inventions and devices – especially through airports – this “clock” would have gotten him in trouble at any airport. And I don’t see why people have to see race as having anything to do with this – although maybe they should since Muslims are the only ones who blow up stuff with IED’s and homemade, suitcase bombs, etc. Many, many white kids have gotten into trouble and have been suspended, etc., for much sillier things – like the pop tart that was chewed into what the kid was trying to make resemble a mountain – but the teacher thought it resembled a gun? Really? But, a bunch of electronics in a closed case? Come on, man, have some common sense.

          • Gma Kate

            Nerf bullets, nerf guns, toy soldiers, imaginary grenades and pencils held in a gun type manner are much more scary… aren’t they?
            These are the same public schools where students get suspended for actually disarming a fellow student with a REAL gun pointed at the head of another student.
            I fear I’ve fallen into a parallel universe that looks like the one I came from but has been saturated in stupid.

          • birdbrained2000


          • paul cuzz

            Do you find it disturbing that the first teacher didnt take this ominous looking device away and told him to keep it concealed? Maybe a white kid would have been treated the same maybe but the fact that the cops detained a teen and interrogated him without parent/guardian disturbs me and those cops should be fired. There was no evidence of a crime so even a white kid wouldnt have been charged.

          • Gma Kate
          • birdbrained2000

            Yes, I t does disturb me that the first teacher told him to conceal it. He probably knew he would be called a racist by the liberal media and drug thru the mud. If you look at the pictures of a suitcase bomb and this kids suitcase, they look very similar. There is a no tolerance policy in most schools. Kids have been expelled for drawing pics of a gun and eating a pop tart into somewhat of a gun shape. You cannot bring anything that resembles a bomb or a gun. You can’t say bomb in an airport without consequences. This kid posted a pic on Twitter showing his family all giving the victory sign and the caption read off to see our lawyer. This was a set up from the get go to make whites look racist and sue the school for money.

          • Lolly

            they were following procedure–aka doing their jobs. No. they shouldn’t be fired.

          • paul cuzz

            Following procedure by denying the kid his rights and making a false arrest? Why would you even think that? I am betting you dont even know what the procedure for handling a minor is.

        • HokieHI

          That’s a pretty effed up thing to say. I identify as a liberal and believe this whole situation REEKS of schennanigans. Don’t lump us all together, as I do my best not to lump all y’all conservatives together. 😛

          • A J Jackson Gum

            Thank you. I am confused, though, on WHY you are a Liberal, when you seem to be a thinking person.

          • Hibernia86

            I think people are liberal for moral reasons (such as decreasing poverty and allowing same sex marriages) and for practical reasons (decreasing pollution). Being a Conservative might help you if you are rich, but I don’t think anyone with a conscience can be one, at least not if they actually think about their votes.

          • A J Jackson Gum

            Liberal for “moral” reasons?! The BEST way to decrease poverty is to stop taxing at such a high rate and allow workers to keep more of what they earn. Another way is through education. Why should anyone be FORCED to subsidize those who are unwilling to educate themselves in order to earn their own way? BYW, I am certainly not rich – most Conservatives aren’t.
            “Same-sex marriage? ” No such thing – MARRIAGE is a union of a man and a woman, designed by God for the purpose of procreation and protection.
            Reduce pollution? Not ONE “green company” has lived of to it’s Liberal hype! They have only been a drain on tax-payer money.
            Liberalism is an ideology based on feelings, devoid of solid facts. Conservatism is founded on facts with feeling.
            Do a little more “homework.”

          • Lolly

            You know, I generally think the same thing about liberals–I don’t think any thinking person with a conscience can be a liberal.

          • rswallick

            divide and conquer, that is how you control society. we get to vote every 4 years on who are next dictator is, both parties are backed by the same few people. government= govern or control and ment means mind. wake up, it is not left or right, we want the same things

          • A J Jackson Gum

            I am not even close to rich.

          • birdbrained2000

            Then you’re not a true liberal. Because in a liberals eyes you are are being Islamaphobic. It’s ok to be liberal in some things and conservative in others. I’m strictly conservative in political matters but I think pot should be legal. I hate my entire government – repubs and Dems alike because they are an elite class all to themselves and don’t give a shit about us. I hate big corporations. Etc.

          • Rod Breeden

            My hat is off to you birdbrained2000!! Your ideologies are that of an independent thinker. Someone who refuses to be categorized by a political party or particular concept. The average person does not run for elected office and does not have to kowtow to being politically correct in any regard.

          • birdbrained2000

            Thanks, man.

          • metsänhoitaja

            So a Libertarian in another words

          • birdbrained2000


          • Libertarian Ray

            The right is no better than the left with these sort of “check boxing” comments about Libertarians and another reason why I will NOT vote for any Repuglican ever again. Of course I won’t vote for liberals (a given too) but the GOP has been attacking other conservative minded people all too often anymore including Tea Party and Libertarians. I really see absolutely no difference between a Demorat or Repuglican anymore. Sad thing for Repuglicans is they do not even know how to stick together. They play the same label, divide and conquer games as the Dems do, only Repuglicans are so stupid they do it within their own ranks and will keep getting exactly what they deserve for it. SMH

          • Chakso

            “Because in a liberals eyes you are are being Islamaphobic.”
            No, thats the extreme left, Those who see racism everywhere even where there is none.
            And the extreme right on the other hand often does act racist and xenophobic.
            Both sides feed off each other.

            Left or Right most people are knee jerk band wagon retards.

            This whole thing is a non story. Kid should have been taken to the principals office and had it explained to him that why he cant carry around a suitcase full of wires. If he bought it to school again they should have confiscated it and given him a detention.
            Police were over the top and they should apologize to his family.
            And while its always possible the teachers were being racist, I see no evidence that they were, especially given the large number of non-Muslim kids who have also been arrested or expelled for similar reasons.

          • Joel Wexler

            Thank you. People on both sides assume no one on the other has an independent thought. What’s ironic is, those people are most likely that.

            At first, I felt for the poor kid. But then I detected a little stink. Then the engineer above really let the stench out of the bag. Some whiz kid inventor. And embarrassing that he hoodwinked the White House crack staff.

            You can tell I’m still left of center, as I didn’t use a stupid name for Obama.

          • amusl

            Yeah after seeing that, being part of a conspiracy would actually reflect better on his intelligence. Think about it. He spent 20 minutes with a screwdriver to throw the guts of a clock into a case. He’s in High School. So choices:

            (a) He actually believed that this 20 minutes of time would somehow impress teachers. How low an opinion of teachers must he have? Frankly the Physics teacher’s “that’s nice, now don’t show it to anyone” sounds like a teacher saying things to diffuse a situation (e.g. this kid is bizarrely showing me something that only shows he can use a small screwdriver, but best not call him out on it because I like him and the thing might get him in big trouble by accident, and avoiding that is what’s important here.)

            (b) He was personally planning to plant a hoax bomb. In which case it was kinda silly of him to show it to a bunch of people first.

            (c) His father told him what to do in order to get caught with the hoax bomb; he was never intending to plant it.

            Frankly the only one that seems personally favorable to Ahmed from an intelligence point of view seems to be the conspiracy option. If it’s that, he is executing brilliantly.

            Of course doesn’t mean it is, but I have no understanding of why option (a) seems to make sense to so many people. Except maybe that a lot of people don’t understand electronics at all. So here is a translation to a domain people understand better: art.

            Go and buy a print of a small piece of art in a really nice, ornate frame. The frame happens to overlap the art a lot around the edges. Something by a known artist. Take the art out of the frame, and stick it in a nondescript white frame; the easy-to-use kind where you just pop off the back to put something in. Show to your art teacher your new creation, without giving attribution, expecting praise.

          • Walter Edvalson

            It is too bad we cannot lump all you liberals together and get this kid to show you his clock.

        • pen44


      • birdbrained2000

        Liberals think we are at fault for 911. I know this because of my super liberal cousin (who I just want to pinch within an inch of his life for being so effing stupid). So really the U.S. Killed all those people. We are such a horrible nation with horrible policies that we MADE Muslims kill all those people. Just like a liberal- no one is responsible for their own actions.

      • paul cuzz

        How many 14 yr old Muslims attacked?

        • Tittums McSprinkles

          Wrong question, how many will grow up to be radicalized by this dangerous religion of “peace”?

      • ProtocolX

        As a New Yorker whose friends and family were affected by WTC attacks on 9/11, I would like to say that you, sir, are an idiot.

        Do you know that most people who died during 9/11 were from NYC? So I would say it’s a safe bet that most people who died were Liberal.

        Yes, we don’t see muslims as a threat (considering there are over 1.6 BILLION of them), but we do see extremist among them to be a threat. But, personally, I think idiots are more of a threat to our democracy.

      • Hibernia86

        Yes the scary Muslim with a clock! Wooooo! Be afraid!

      • Lorelle Hatcher

        Chances are, not many. It was building full of people hard at work contributing to our society and economy.

    • Equinsu Ocha

      It’s not. Cant stand liberals, but we screwed the pooch this time. If we could just admit it and move on, it’d be great.

  • formercanuck

    I know that I can get better gear at Frys. He could have at least went and purchased a Raspberry PI2 and wired up an LCD/LED to it (they sell them there)… there is a Frys in Texas.

    This may be more of a ‘how can I get to meet the president’ or ‘lets see how we can make news’

    • silly girl

      Or it could be just another of barrys putting somebody up to shit things. I think Barry masterminded the school house slaughter in connecticut

      • Manny Borges

        Yes..the president of the united states baited some bigots..That makes absolutely no sense and you need to stop drinking.

  • Jolly Roger

    Like father, like son. Muslim agitators.

    • Jesse Cooper

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  • O.T

    would he be allowed on a plane with his “clock”?….

    • Eric Wardowski

      Maybe, with the right invite, he could get on Air Force One with it. 🙁

    • Tony Dettra

      Allowed on a Plane ? O.T. ? At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if the President sent Air Force One to pick “Him, his Clock, His Troublemaking Father” for a Sit down dinner at the White House in His Honor.. 😀

    • Manny Borges

      Was he trying to get on a plane? Or did he just try and show a science teacher the cool thing he made?
      Your point is pointless.
      And of course it can get it on a plane. You can bring all kinds of things on planes, provided they are packed and declared correctly.
      But I bet you already knew that.

  • Ghost

    There is no point to his actions except to create fear and that is what he has done fear is power his father is radical and the fruit does not fall far from the tree I would expect more from the radicals and the easiest way to deal with them is deport.

    • Manny Borges

      You don’t see the point because you aren’t a tinkerer. A kit clock or a crystal radio is like one the first electronic projects any tinkerer usually tackles. He then ran to show his an engineering teacher.
      That’s how kids are.
      Cognitive dissonance , deception, ulterior motives, and thinly veiled hatred is more what adults, like you, do.

      • Shay

        There really no point arguing with incestous uneducated hillbillies Manny.

  • formercanuck

    Radio Shack/Micronta should go after him for improper use of their alarm clock, and branding of their product as his invention.

    • John Hillman

      Except for the fact that Radio Shack is bankrupt and out of business.

      • 2doggz

        really i have a radio shack right down the street they look fine to me?

      • peaceman2244

        Radio shack is still in business what the heck are you talking about lol

      • Xyzdreamz

        We still have radio shack in utah

      • Lance Corvette

        A little off topic, but even a bankrupt or closed down business retains its rights in its intellectual property, copyright and trademark; and can still sue someone for infringement. Sort of like how a deceased person’s estate can sue for a debt owed to the dead person.

        Often times in bankruptcy though these rights are assigned to creditors, as they may have some residual value.

        • marque2

          Kind of. It is the people who purchase the rights to Radio Shack and that can be split many ways. Some will purchase rights to names others rights to products others rights to the storefront leases, etc. But yes, the rights stay even though the company is bankrupt. However, the patents have long expired for a 1970’s clock.

        • silly girl

          we have a brand new radio shack downtown Marysville, ca. it is fully open for business

      • Lance Corvette
      • D.R. Lindsay

        There is a Radio Shack just down the road from me.

      • paul cuzz

        Strange..wonder if the 2 RS here in my town are aware of that?

        • John Hillman

          The local Radio Shack is now a Sprint store.

  • CMSgt (Ret.)

    Never mind about the truth. The Left media and O-bam pushed the narrative, and the media lap dog salivates.

    • Brian Schreck

      Becuase we look at the narrative the other side is pushing and decide to run to the other end of the spectrum in sheer terror.

    • Manny Borges

      Please tell me what your truth here is. A 12 year old made a kit clock and went to show his engineering teacher, who he looked up to, the cool thing he did.
      He was brown and muslim, so the teacher, correctly guaging how bigoted his colleagues were, told him to keep it in his bag. He didn’t plug it in, it ran on batteries, and the alarm went off.
      So, what narrative here seems more truthful?
      What seems more reasonable?

  • Center for Security Policy’s Secure Freedom Radio Show:
    Civilization Jihad on Display in Irving, Texas https://goo.gl/U5blxt


    Little Turd would never get that Contraption through an airport or the White House Doors .

    • Ophelia5338

      That was the exact point I made. If you or I showed up in any Federal building with such a device, guns would be pulled.
      If this kid does go to the WH with such a device, you better believe the Secret Service will take it apart and put it back together gain before it comes anywhere near the POTUS, as it should be.
      Our children deserve the same protection and scrutiny of suspicious items as the POTUS receives.

      • Carolyn Burton

        Obama actually Invited him to bring his clock invention to the white house suspiciously quickly. I’m in the same county as Irving and saw it on the midday news – With obama already congratulating him – sounds like a setup to me – obama made it an issue. With all the school shootings in the past decade the school reacted appropriately. If Anybody of Any color or religion brought the device to school the outcome would have been Much different. In the news, the kid said the only reason he got in trouble was because his skin’s dark and he’s muslim – got the whole racial thing going.

        • AmericanUnderGod

          And think further about that – Obama invited the kid to take the “clock” to the White House to show him…

          If, and I say, IF the kid was doing a dry run with this “clock”, it worked! The backlash, etc. from this crap is over the roof! Now, “they” won’t question this kid..with this clock..at the White House. This kid’s trip to the White House could very well be a t*e*r*r*o*r*i*s*t*s’ plan to begin with, and could very well be his “martyred death”, which would make Obama’s haste in inviting this kid to the White House a very un-thought-out (stupid) idea. Let’s just all hope that the Vice President isn’t at the WH at the time. Because if Biden is there, the next-in-line to be president is…KILLERY CLINTON!

          Just something to think about!

          • Dan

            No, Orrin Hatch, the President pro tempore is next. Then the Speaker of the house…

          • Joy Eileen Infante

            Hillary is nowhere in the progression. Speaker of the House (Boehner) is next, then President pro tem of the Senate (Hatch), then Sec of State (Kerry). Clinton hasn’t been Sec of State for a long time. .

          • Asphalt_Ranger

            Hillary is not next in line, she’s not even in the government anymore…what are you smoking..?!!!

          • Asphalt_Ranger

            The Constitution provides that if neither the President nor Vice President can serve, the Congress shall provide law stating who is next in line. Currently that law exists as 3 USC 19, a section of the U.S. Code. This law was established as part of the Presidential Succession Act of 1947. There, the following line of succession is provided:

            Speaker of the House of Representatives
            President Pro Tempore of the Senate
            Secretary of State
            Secretary of the Treasury
            Secretary of Defense
            Attorney General
            Secretary of the Interior
            Secretary of Agriculture
            Secretary of Commerce
            Secretary of Labor
            Secretary of Health and Human Services
            Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
            Secretary of Transportation
            Secretary of Energy
            Secretary of Education
            Secretary of Veterans Affairs
            Secretary of Homeland Security


          • Richard Winchester

            It’s time to fill the top 2 spots as the job isn’t getting done.

          • Redmond Ron

            Wouldn’t it be Boehner?

          • Don Erickson

            AmericanUnderGod – you are an uninformed person, mouthing off!

          • Danny Molloy

            it’s not a dry run…it’s his “kardashian sex tape” to great schools and free tuition

          • Larry Burrow

            Actually the next in line is John Boehner, speaker of the house, almost as bad as Killery.

          • castlebrook

            lol, we cant get that lucky

        • Murphy’s Mom

          The appeaser at work again. Appeasing blacks, appeasing Muslims. Failing the rest of America.

          • Shay

            Here we go. The true American. The KKK whore

          • birdbrained2000

            You’re an a$$ hole troll, aren’t you. A KKK whore. Do you know that Murphys Mom was affiliated with the KKK or are you just spewing hate because that’s the kind if dickless pos you are.

        • Jerd Nerd

          And 9/11 looks pretty set up too.

        • Danny Molloy

          of course he’s gonna say that. it’s his golden ticket to the best schools. it’s exactly what caitlyn jenner is doing. you use your gender or religion or whatever whenever it suits you, and the media trips all over themselves giving you things…and you use the legal system when you want something that what you just threw a fit about being can’t have. like bruce jenner signing up for the country club, because legally that’s who she is. or the kids in at that uc school who say the american flag makes them uneasy and it’s a symbol of hate, yet they fight to stay here because of the opportunities and education instead of kicking rocks off to some other part of the world. they’re not stupid, they’ve grown up with social media and understand the access it affords.

      • Redmond Ron

        Obama would probably leave orders not to do anything to clock, to just pass it, and watch, it really will be a bomb.

      • Manny Borges

        But he didn’t. He went to school. And ran to show an engineering teacher.

      • birdbrained2000

        If a white kid showed up with this they would have been expelled and thrown in jail. If you’re Muslim you can get away with just about anything right now. I’m sure a judge will reward this family hundreds of thousands of dollars where if it were a white kid- well we all know that whites cannot be discriminated against in today’s world

    • Manny Borges

      You just called a 12 year old child a turd. I think you need to re-evaluate somethings.

      • HokieHI

        The kid is 14.

        Have you raised a 14 year old lately? They can be very turd-like at times. LOL

        • Manny Borges

          My mistake, he is 14. And still a minor. And Someone elses kid.
          I dare you to go up to someone in a supermarket or on the street and call their kid a turd to their face and see what happens.
          I have zero stomach for internet cowards who hide behind fake names and spew bile and ignorance.

    • paul cuzz

      Airport would be ok, probably not the white house

  • Dace Tapley

    Remember when terrorist would do a two stage attack. the first attack was to attract first responders to identify response time and get them in the vicinity and the second attack was to cause mass casualties. This type of activity seems to have the same vibe to it. Lets provoke Americans to get a reaction on something false then desensitize them for the real thing because everybody will be to worried about offending or labeling someone to take action.. then BOOM…
    Too late. Sorry parents we regret to inform you that your children are dead because we were scared to offend someone by taking proper precautions… I’m sure you’ll understand.. NOT.

    • Asphalt_Ranger

      Exactly right…

  • kevin boarder

    Let me get this straight. Here we have a 13yr old who obviously has a liking for building things and applying electronics into it. So my question is, with all the things he could have built, why did he build something that closely resembles a bomb in a case?

    • Manny Borges

      Because a kit clock or a crystal radio is like one the first electronic projects any tinkerer usually tackles.

  • Tittums McSprinkles

    He should have got detention for plagiarizing an alarm clock, instead he got arrested and now we have one more thing that is not news posing as news.

  • Bill Harrison

    Muslims are the scum of the earth

    • Danny Molloy

      it’s comments like this that allowed these people to get away with this caitlin jenner move.

    • Shay

      Your mum

    • JTDraper

      Said the Christian.

  • mattigr

    This is a test run and the sheeple are falling right in step!

    • Manny Borges

      For what about what?

  • Larry C Mason

    With a little more of this and that .. Then you could slip a bomb into a school and who would think otherwise ? OBAMA, naw… he would give the kid a get out of jail free card…. They say he is Christian… Then why did he allow Bergdahl’s parents in the whitehouse.. (they were muslim as was their son), Now he allows a Muslim kid , whose father IS A WELL KNOWN MUSLIM ACTIVIST.. NEED WE SAY MORE.

    • Brian Schreck

      Muslim isn’t a terrorist group, its a religion. So yes, you do need to say more because you haven’t made a point yet.

    • Manny Borges

      So…other people do stuff so it’s Obamas fault? And the stuff they do is…have a religion you don’t?

  • Malakie

    another little point to this… if he invented it, why would he add a requirement that it needed to be plugged into a wall outlet? 12vdc would have allowed the use of a simple battery powered clock, no wires… unless you want to build something that requires power that will not run out of juice at the most inopportune time of course… like a bomb that has to sit for a few days before detonation perhaps?!

    • Because he’s a little fraud who really didn’t build anything, just transferred the guts of an old clock, one that needed a plug, into a suitcase. Taqiyya.

      • Shlomo S

        Taqiyya is a doctrine in Shia Islam that allows Muslims to hide their faith in times of persecution. Traditionally, it’s been used at times when Shia Muslims lived under harsh Sunni rule. How is that at relevant here? Ahmed is not a Shia Muslim nor is he claiming that he isn’t a Muslim.

  • The Truth

    Frag his ass!

  • No Guilt

    It sure doesn’t look like they are upset in any way in the tweet. They are all just thinking how much money they will get just to make them go away. If they do, shame!

  • Golfer1113

    Figures. They have to invent ways to get publicity to claim bigotry, racism, etc. I would not doubt the muslim commander in chief knew this was being done. Oh and for those not believing he is muslim, take your blinders off. Why did he change his given name to a muslim name?

    • Manny Borges

      How was it not bigotry? Was this a bomb? Was it ever presented as a bomb? Was it treated like a bomb by anyone involved?

      • Gma Kate

        Like the pop-tart “gun”?

        • Manny Borges

          Not really related, since it was presented as a gun. Which makes it it a different set of circumstances. And equally foolish.
          You can’t excuse one set of bad behavior by pointing at an equally foolish event as justification.
          Especially when they have no casual effect on each other. NONE of the players are shared from either set of events.

      • Golfer1113

        How was it bigotry? One can tell you have no security background. If you don’t think that looks like a bomb, you are a fool and I am certainly glad you don’t work for TSA. Does it look like a clock? If you can’t tell he was sent to school to provoke this type of thing by his father, you are way out of touch with reality. Read the entire story not just the parts a liberal brain would tell you to pay attention to. I would have reported this myself if in that situation. Would you? If not, then one day you may have to take part of the blame when you did nothing to stop someone with a bomb that killed many people

        • Manny Borges

          Golfer, this was a school, not an air port.
          No one thought it read a bomb, the police even admitted that.
          He never said it was a bomb.
          He always said it was a clock.
          I don’t think of my brain as a liberal brain, just as a working brain.
          Read some other articles and worry less about telling me about my background and more about backing up your point with logic and facts.

          • Golfer1113

            Logic went pout the window when you did not read the article. He was told not to show it around as it resembled a bomb. Not only did he take it to another class but plugged it in and set an alarm and did not inform the teacher. He could have diffused the situation up front but purposely chose not to. I guess if someone did bring a bomb to school you would be fine with nobody checking it out and kids being killed. Oh they could say it was a clock too. In today’s world you better be sure. Would you just say OK its not a bomb? I hope you never have to face that as this teacher and police had to.

          • Manny Borges

            LOL.. so they called the bombsquad right? Evacuated the school? NO ONE THOUGHT IT WAS A BOMB .

        • Manny Borges

          Since you are going to keep just digging your heels rather than answer a few sensible questions this is a pointless discussion. This one article isn’t factually accurate, it isn’t reasonable in its conclusions, and here is the kicker, the kid never said it was a bomb and not one official treated it like a bomb. No evacuation, no bomb squad.

          • Golfer1113

            I answered the questions. So since you cannot see what is in plain view you are correct it is a pointless discussion.

  • Tick Tock

  • James Matthew

    jesus fuck, you simpletons are a waste of fucking oxygen.

    • olddog

      From an Obagger (D)rone cum guzzling (D)ung eating (D)erelict..Now (d)at bes RICH..HO..

  • OhioMike45

    Figures. Little punk-ass bitch.

    • Manny Borges

      Why do you thin it’s ok to call a child names? Re-casing an electronic device is a good first timers project. Usually its done with a clock or a radio by a novice tinkerer.
      Is your life so pointless you think it is ok to act like this?

      • OhioMike45

        I created more at 10 than he has so far. He is disingenuous at best and a liar at the worst, and his father had a hand pimping it as well. He created nothing but a cheap story. Next.

  • Emmett C

    If he was put up to this by his father Child Protective Services needs to investigate.

    • Manny Borges

      Your first assumption is he did something wrong.
      Exactly when did this kid do anything other than try and show the cool thing he made to a teacher? When did he ever claim it was a bomb?
      Your second assumption is as weak as your basis.

      • slaveofchrist

        Because he didn’t “make” it, dumbass. Read the article.

        • Manny Borges

          First , unless you are willing to use your real name, keep the name calling to yourself you witless internet coward.
          Second, he made it. Just because you are too stupid to appreciate the effort that re-casing a device takes doesn’t mean it was an artless endevour you tripe breathed crap stain.

  • B

    If everyone was scared of this “bomb” why didn’t they evacuate the school…

    • hurricanepaul

      Did they “evacuate the school” when they arrested the kid with the pop tart?

    • silly girl

      because they took it downtown and the kid too

    • Manny Borges

      They never thought it was a bomb, and it was never represented as such.
      This was an opportunity for the locals to taunt the skinny little muslim kid.

  • Harry Schultz

    First off, I’m a liberal. That being said, if this was for a school project, being graded for his science class, I’d say that his moving the internal workings from a clock to a pencil box and claiming to have “invented” the device would constitute cheating of the first degree. I’d fail him if I were his teacher. But, someone getting caught cheating and getting an F for a grade is hardly newsworthy.

    • Manny Borges

      He never claimed he invented it. It’s a standard kit clock. Making one is an exercise in soldering, organization, reading schematics and often higher math.
      Second, it wasn’t an assignment. It was built for the sheer joy of creating.
      Maybe you need to go make something you are proud of and want to share.

      • YogaSex Master

        It’s not built from a Clock Kit, Dumbass. He unscrewed the “guts” out of an old clock, and screwed it into a metal pencil case. He didnt invent or make anything.

        • Manny Borges

          First , unless you are willing to use your real name, keep the name calling to yourself you witless internet coward.
          Second, he made it. Just because you are too stupid to appreciate the effort that re-casing a device takes doesn’t mean it was an artless endevour you tripe breathed crap stain.

  • hurricanepaul

    I remember the government – OBAMA’S GOVERNMENT – placing ads on TV, saying, “If you see something, SAY something”
    Anyone remember those ads?
    Paid for by TAX PAYERS.
    And look what happens when “someone sees something” and then “says something”?
    They are RIPPED to shreds by Caliph Abu Barakr al-Husseini al-Obama and his comrades in the Liberal Media.


    Ahmed should apologize to his teachers and the police.

    • silly girl

      somebody should whip his little bitch faggot ass

  • Robert Soaft

    How can you blame someone for supposing it was true after all the crap the police have pulled over the years? And not only them but the hysterical antics of our government leaders.

    • silly girl

      how can anybody trust a muslim when they are beheading christians by the hundreds and how can we trust blacks when they are burning down towns and joining isis at an alarming rate. We are glad we sttill have a government with the communist in the presidency.

      • Shlomo S

        How can anyone trust white people when they keep shooting up schools? How can anyone trust Christians when their holy book says that rape victims should be put to death and that slavery is acceptable?

  • Richard Dean Anderson

    Good to know they don’t restrict their false flag ops to mass murders…

  • Murry AZ

    as to your last line, Nah we’re a nation of whiny intuitive feelers that values logic less than adult behavior.

  • Ben Kuyt

    Anyone who thinks this looks like a bomb has probably never opened their computer, much less seen what a printed circuit board with wires coming out of it looks like.

    You’re all idiots. This is what happens when teachers don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

    • silly girl

      Oh stop it, the fucker tried to simulate the look of a bomb . face it thats what they are using these days. it looks just like a fucking bomb

      • Wesley Lysander

        Our country’s fucked up.

  • melissalliott

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  • silly girl

    somebody needs to give that kid a good solid ass whooping he is black

  • Joy Beum

    And obama invites him to OUR White House. If he had a son…………………………..
    How much do you think they will get????

  • B.A. MOFO

    Hello Mothafunkaaaaas. First off I just wanna say fuck the racist murdering Caucasians Neanderthal looking mothafukkas and the racist ignorant children who will soon to be racist who will join the police force or join the Army because there too fucking ignorant to see the truth that politicians and corporations dont give a shit about them. And Fuck these house niggers who love the white cock. and last of all Fuck these CIA Al quida ISIS MOTHAFUKKAS. AND FUKK THIS WEBSITE AND THE NSA DEA ATF FUKKN KKK FUCKERS IN UNIFORM!!!!

  • Tony

    Obviously there is something wrong if the White House is looking for 14 year olds to bring to visit without checking things out thoroughly.

  • Loman Ray Carroll

    First off and foremost,this kid is not stupid,he knew exactly what he was doing,only a moron would not look at this if it laying somewhere and not think it look suspicious at a school with all that has happen in the schools lately mass killings bomb threats.He should have been expelled.

  • Danny Molloy

    people don’t realize how well versed in the long game people on the other side of the atlantic really are. i don’t think it’s some plot to take down any one. i think his father, being intelligent and apparently versed in politics, ripped a page right out of the kardashian playbook and went with his move to give his son and himself opportunities they may never have otherwise had to get ahead. it doesn’t take long for any immigrant with intellect and ambition to realize the pot of gold that’s available right now. the cops were the only liability, but it being texas and a school, the probability of a national story was high. i’m not mad at the kid. i’m frustrated with the lack of adult logic with the charges. they had to know this wasn’t going to go their way. you play the hand you’re dealt; the kid was holding aces. i tip my cap and say well played, but that move only works once.

  • Marlin Johnson

    I hope he blows up Obama!

  • richard
    • Shlomo S

      You’re even dumber than your hair makes you out to be, Richard.

      • richard

        Well Shmuckmo S, feel free to kiss my dumb hair ass.

      • richard

        Well, Schmuckmo S, feel free to kiss my dumb hair ass.

  • Manny Borges

    So… an adult engineer with an agenda picked out all the problems with a device a 12 year old made ( not invented)? Ya…..
    Lets ignore the factual inaccuracies presented here too on how the events unfolded.

    • Gma Kate

      Oops, you made a factual inaccuracy in stating that the boy is 12. He’s fourteen, a freshman in high school.

      • Manny Borges

        You are correct, my mistake. I have amended my comment.

  • Shlomo S

    If Ahmed were a white Christian child you’d be defending him. Don’t pretend otherwise. Hell, a white dude could shoot up a mosque and you’d find a way to make him out to be a hero.

    Republicans have ostracized and demonized just about every minority there is and have spent the better part of the last twenty years exclusively catered to elderly racists. The next couple of presidents will definitely be Democrats and you people only have yourselves to blame.

  • Bill Jones Sr.

    once again obama backs the wrong horse lol…will he ever get it right

  • Paul Smith

    You’re right they totally thought it was a bomb, of course they did! He’s not white after all and never has there been a terrorist attack on American Soil by a white gu- oh wait..right…nearly every single one besides 9/11 was done by white Americans who identified as christian..shit uh…
    Well they followed proper procedure! They evacuated the school, called in the bomb squad…oh wait…no they didn’t. They sent him to the principle’s office, allowing him to keep the thing they claim they thought was a bomb until regular old police showed up, took the bomb into their car and arrested the kid.
    Soooo either Texans are immensely stupid or you people can’t figure it out due to your two party brainwashing.
    And no I ain’t a “lib” I have a brain and realize shit ain’t black and white. Fun fact, in case no one gets the concept, I’m sure as hell no “conservative” either.

  • bwark

    The tweet, including the photo of the kid and his family, saying they are off to see the lawyer. Notice what we would call a peace sign? That’s what we would think, but anywhere other than the US, that is meant to signify victory.

  • A. Panda Grapes

    But you’re thinking like an adult. Not the thinking of an extremely nerdy 14-year-old. A 14-year-old trying to get attention? That NEVER happens!

    Still not a reason to ARREST him. The school should have gone with a stern talking-to and if they had, this whole thing wouldn’t have made the national news.

    • Steve Brandon

      The only reason this did make the national news is because it fits the hard done by liberals agenda. If the kid had been black, there would have been riots and looting over his detainment. If he had been white, he’d probably already be at San Quentin.

  • Adil

    Amazing that when something happens to Muslim people abroad we have papers full of their plight and how the infedils are abusing them. That particular Ahmed has most of America supporting him including the President of America. Same with another teenager named Malala. If we had an iota of sense and fair play, we would worry more about the millions of young Ahmeds and their siblings in Pakistan instead, who have little in life and even less of a future. They are so desparate in their lives that that they would probably give an arm and a leg (figurativley) to be that Ahmed in America who has been invited to the White House after the injustice at his school. When a little girl in Pakistan placed a dot wrongly on the word naat in her class and was beaten up by the teachers, she wasn’t invited to the Prime Minster’s house, but had to flee abroad because there were hundreds wanting to kill her and her family for the misspelling. How many little children are abused physically and mentally in our schools every single day. And they are supposed to be the lucky ones, as around ten million dont even see the inside of a school. They are either on the roads, the workshops, or working as domestic servants. They are serving time, not making clocks. Please don’t worry for whome the bell tolls, because for millions of Ahmeds in Pakistan, even the school bell doesn’t toll for them.

  • Christine Cuneo

    Sounds like a copy rite issue to me. Mud oops I mean Muslim kid steeling someone else’s invention.

  • Naro narosky

    Another Obama example of Islamic ingenuity and invention that made the world much better.

  • JBOO

    After reading some of the post below, the difference between radical conservatives and radical muslims is skin color, attire, geographic location and book author. Leave the remaining population out of your juvenile behavior. History has provided us a snapshot of the results your behavior.

  • Naro narosky

    He could have ELECTOCUTED his fellow students with the unsafe metalic pencil boc. For that alone he should have been picked up and suspended. You can’t bring dangerous electrical machinary to school.

  • Bob

    Only a fool would trust or believe a Muslim. Their Quran instructs them to lie to none believers. Now do you really think Obama is not a Muslim?

  • Equinsu Ocha

    Engineer in question needs to get up to date on clock kits. Quit trying to attack this kid. It’s getting old and makes you look bitter.

  • Murica

    Looking at the clock it looks like a cheap movie bomb that the hero disarms at the nick of time. An alarm has to be set also, so he obviously set the alarm for that time. It’s more of the kids fault for his lack of common sense than the teacher’s cautiousness for her students.

  • Whaddya want me to do?

    I’ve been in the electronics mfg industry a very, very long time and a cursory glance at that pc board tells me there’s 40 years of oxidization on the solder and the board itself is obviously old and factory made. His parents are serial muslim lawsuit activists, his city was the first to put an anti-Sharia Law statute on the books. The fact he was sent to school with a NASA shirt to garner sympathy for an apparent “geek”. The fact he went to the trouble to plug his clock into an AC outlet so it would go off in class. All this seems to point to one thing:
    Say hello to your first “Behavioral Insights Team” operation since Obama issued his Executive Order. A pretty sloppy job, I must say.

  • Nan Jean

    Just makes me mad that Obama treated this kid as something “special” so quickly, when there are other kids more worthy – – and I’m NOT a US citizen. Thank goodness for that.

    • Naro narosky

      Obama is evil and stupid. He is a muslim above all.

  • bpanelli

    This is so lame! There were no explosives, no detonators. Had this been a real bomb, it would have been a cellphone, a detonator, and a large, dense mass of explosive. Moreover, there would be no point in a “dry run”– they would just do it.

    This entire incident shows the stupidity and gullibility of the teachers, administrators, AND cops. Sure, an English teacher is not a bomb expert and neither am I, but a modicum of common sense would tell anyone with a multi-digit IQ that AT WORST, this could have been configured as a timer, but absent the detonator and explosives, it is no different than a microwave oven, a cellphone, a kitchen timer, or any electronic clock. Seriously. Think about it– demonstrate that you have at least 100 IQ or better.

    • Gma Kate

      Anybody knows you just use the transformer off a toy electric train if you’re going to make a real bomb!

  • Songwriting

    Oh what total BS.

    So the argument here is a 14 year old kid took something he pieced together from an existing product / products to show his teachers (which may very well be the truth – but if you took apart something and put it back together at that age you would call it your “invention” as well. So let’s say that much speculation is true – just for the sake of argument – but THEN you think this 14 year old kid EXPECTED the school to over-react and then EXPECTED them call the police…

    And then, this 14 year-old genius at predicting future events – PLANNED to have the police to react like idiots and he EXPECTED to be arrested. Through all of this he somehow maintained his composure by insisting the device was a clock (but doing so “passive-aggressively” to continue to escalate the situation) …

    And the evidence is he flashed a peace sigh on his way to talk to his lawyer… Good Lord these people have absolutely no connection to reality…

    • Naro narosky

      It was planned. He created a hoax meant to elicit a lawsuit.

      • Songwriting

        I see – so this 14 year old kid planned to be arrested, KNEW the school would call the police, and that the cops would arrest him….

        Then he is a genius, and the idiots at the school and police department were played by a 14 year old kid. I hope he gets millions.

        Seriously… And you base your keen insight into this event with what evidence?

        • Gma Kate

          You DO realize that there are 6, 7 and 8 year old children who know students aren’t allowed to take anything of any sort to school that might remotely resemble anything like a gun or bomb–to include using one’s hand to make a “finger gun”? Yes, they know that at least by first grade. Do you actually interact with any children of school age? They’re not as ignorant as you portray them. A lot of the rules these days may be really stupid, but I’ve found that the children are well versed in what is and isn’t allowed and are aware of possible consequences.
          At 14 a smart child would not normally call something taken out of its case and put back together in a pencil box an “invention”. They might claim they “made” it, but I don’t know of any that age who actually would say that was their own “invention”. Maybe taking those bits with the bits of something else and making a different thing out of that, but not just reassembling a clock.

          • Manny Borges

            you DO realize that children , aka people under the age of 18, are held to very different standards and levels of punishment than adults don’t you? Why is that, do you think?
            And re-casing, is a lot harder than you seem to think. I would challenge you try it, but we both know you won’t get up off your ass and challenge yourself.

          • Gma Kate

            Not all of those you refer to as children are held to “very different” standards and levels of punishment”. In criminal law, some states draw the line between juvenile (child) and adult at either the 16th, 17th or 18th birthday. And all states have transfer laws that can bring what you consider a child into the adult criminal justice system. You didn’t know that?
            Are you being silly about taking the bits of a digital clock out of their case and putting them into a pencil box? No, it’s not that difficult and doesn’t even require a person to “get up off” one’s ass, provided that a work table is handy.

          • Manny Borges

            So you are agreeing with me that there is a defined difference between adults and children , and started differing qualifications, all of which this kid falls under.
            Sure, there are exceptions. Not for something like this though, ever.
            That is intended for violent crime or reappear offenders. But you knew that.
            And my original comment still stands and you even proved me right by simply starting that of course it was easy but you still won’t do it.
            We both know it is because you can’t. Go get a clock you already own. Go get a casing you already own and some tools and make one.

          • Gma Kate

            Of course there are differences between adults and children, but that doesn’t mean that children are necessarily a bunch of little dimwits, or innocent angelic little beings either.
            It’s interesting how you think you know what I do or don’t do and can or can’t do. Even the kid said it only took him 20 minutes to put his “invention” together.
            I didn’t prove you right on anything or say that I wouldn’t disassemble & reassemble a clock. Check your reading comprehension. I asked if you were being silly (joking) about it being such a difficult thing because it’s absolutely not. In another post YOU actually proved my point saying, “Re-casing an electronic device is a good first timers project. Usually its done with a clock or a radio by a novice tinkerer.” Like I said, it’s NOT that difficult.

          • Songwriting

            It was a CLOCK – not a bomb, or a gun, or anything other than a CLOCK.

            Is there a rule against bringing a CLOCK to school? No. Never was. And I am sorry if your knowledge of vocabulary does not allow for a 14 year old to juxtapose the words “made” and “invented” (or if indeed he even used that exact wording)

            Let’s be honest here – something obviously you and many people here have trouble with – if your 14 year old kid took a CLOCK to school and ended up being arrested you would be SCREAMING at the top of your lungs about governmental overreach. Be honest – Cliven Bundy, Kim Davis – did you support either of those folks because they actually broke the law and conservatives cheered them on – now I wonder why when a 14 year old kid DOESN’T break any law (he never claimed he had a bomb – he INSISTED it was a CLOCK he made) was arrested all of a sudden you are all about how reasonable it was to arrest him.

            You guys are bigots, and racists and simply stupid beyond belief.

          • Gma Kate

            First, the boy wasn’t arrested, he was detained and questioned. Big difference there. Many other students who have run afoul of the zero tolerance policies have gone through the same thing–or worse.
            I didn’t address whether I thought detaining (not arresting) the boy was reasonable or not. You are making an assumption there.
            You are correct about government overreach–which is just one reason why I home schooled my children rather than send them to US public schools.

          • Songwriting


            He was “arrested”. He ultimately was not charged.

            You are right – I am wrong – I did make the assumption that you were in favor of him being arrested (not detained – they took him into police custody which can only happen if you are being arrested. You can be “detained” at the location police are questioning you, but when they handcuff you and read you your rights – you have been arrested)

            Like you – I also homeschooled my children – so we have that in common.

            why? I am no fan of public schools either – Schools do stupid things – and this was certainly one of them.

            No Bomb squad was called – they KNEW it wasn’t a bomb. The kid never said it was a bomb. The police KNEW it wasn’t a bomb – they didn’t evacuate the building and they admitted they knew it wasn’t a bomb – so what we have have is a huge amount of “adults” acting like idiots..

            Whether it was because the kid was Muslim or not – I have no idea… but it was a kid, and they knew immediately they were not dealing with a terrorist or someone calling in a bomb hoax. They over-reacted. Period.

            To then turn around – as many here have done – and say that the kid (or his parents PLANNED all of this to happen, is simply ridiculous. That is my point. That is based on their race / religion because had a white kid done the same thing and been arrested – people would be up in arms about it… and to answer the next post in advance – No. I am sure had the kid been white / upper-middle class I doubt Obama would have tweeted him, or there would be this much outpouring of support.

            This highlights a problem in our society – and that is that people ARE racially profiled and still treated differently because of their race / religion. THAT is why it has gone viral and made the news, but that still does not mean that the school / police acted properly – or that this was some sort of “masterplan” by the parents to spend years involved in a lawsuit which will accomplish nothing – because they will be looking to get “damages” where there are none in front of a TEXAS jury. They have a better chance of winning the lottery than a lawsuit against a public school / police department.

    • Nice try at being absurd to deflect the obvious truth. Of course a 14-year old didn’t concoct this scheme. His Muslim activist father did, in conjunction with CAIR. Follow the article links to discover what his father has done.

      And then see how many hate-crime hoaxes CAIR has been involved with, in just 2014 alone:

      • Manny Borges

        So lets say hid father authored it.
        Explain how when this was never presented as anything other than a clock, even he science teacher who understood what he did told him to hide it or people would get the wrong idea?
        What idea would people get from a kid saying “Look I built a clock!” Or in this instance recased one. Which, for what its worth, is an act of ingenuity and creation.
        How could it be taken as anything bad unless there was already a toxic culture of racism present?

      • Songwriting

        I see – so his father KNEW that the school would see this CLOCK as a bomb.. He coached his son to bring it to school KNOWING that the school would over-react to a CLOCK.

        His father KNEW that the police would deny his son his CONSTITUTIONAL rights and violate state and federal laws – over a CLOCK.

        And to what end? So they could file a lawsuit and spend years fighting a battle in court in front of a jury of TEXANS and maybe, just maybe, get a settlement?

        CAIR couldn’t find any other examples to sue people over Islamaphobia so they had to concoct this elaborate plan – the (excuse the expression) “Hail Mary” of bogus lawsuits….

        All based on your knowledge of this case…

        And here I thought you GOP people were insane – I was wrong – you are just stupid beyond belief.

      • Songwriting

        “Nice try at being absurd to deflect the obvious truth.”

        Let’s look at truth and absurdity for just a second here. The truth is that you have no clue what this kid did or didn’t make. You’ve based your assumptions on a supposed “reverse engineering” made from a photograph. Which is in itself absurd.

        You then made the amazing logical leap to claim that his father – because he is a Muslim and a member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations – that this was a “set-up” based on this article you posted about in which 5 – that’s right – FIVE examples existed in 2014 where crimes were reported and mistakenly believed to be hate crimes but were instead committed by crazy people – out of the – what ? – Billion PLUS Muslims in the world ?

        That is your evidence, and your conclusions. If you honestly want to see absurdity – look at yourself.

        The truth is, John – You are a bigot and a racist. Just own it, son. You can hate people without having to make such a mental gymnastic program. My guess is that you are a fundamentalist Christian who has no concepts of evolution, or any type of scientific / rational thought.

  • Naro narosky

    TWIN TOWERS TRANSPORTATION CORPORATION. I wonder what that means? registered to his uncle in Texas. Aldean Mohamed

  • Benjamin Gearhart

    This needs to go viral, this stupid little shit and his father are liars

  • Argos Wolf

    – Buy a commercially made clock

    – Take it out of its housing/case

    – Put it in a briefcase

    – Take it to school on the anniversary of 9/11

    – Get arrested and questioned for being a smart ass

    – Pull the discrimination card

    – Try to show off your rip off/fraud job saying that you “invented it, and took you 20 min”

    – Enjoy the wave of political correctness

    – Get invited to the White House

    – Give your dad the propaganda he needs to once again run for president of Sudan

  • Platinum Sphere

    Here is the picture of the “clock” that Ahmed allegedly “invented” :


    The clock he supposedly made (more like assembled out of another existing clock with machine soldering) by putting it in a mini suitcase – resembled too much like a Suitcase Bomb prop usually used in movies, see below :


    He (or more likely his father) took extra pain to make the clock look like a SUITCASE BOMB. Then his parents very gleefully use the “Islamophobia” card very soon & talk about fighting Islamophobia (usually the excuse used to silence critics of Islam) worldwide.

    This entire episode is extremely fishy – I am not buying it !!!

  • sdfrt

    I clicked many link and found myself onthe page:) I am not a american, and writing now in else country. My advice to you is that do not marginalize anyone because then everything becomes more crap. I know from my country.

  • Observer

    Lawsuit bait, that’s it is first of all…..and then convenient sob story for the apologist left.

  • Shadrach

    Imagine if this was a White Christian teen.

  • retdeltee

    Ever hear of the term “probing?” Enemy forces do it to see how far they can infiltrate into your perimeter. Probably, under the tutelage of his radical old man, he was seeing just how much he could get away with. Upon being caught, he raises the Islamaphobe flag!

    “Ne unum crede”

    • AmericanUnderGod


  • Kypat

    I thought and still do, that anyone bringing sometime to any public place but especially a school that could even “possibly” be a threat should be examined thoroughly. If the authorities did not do anything or did not check this device then they would be guilty of endangering our children and the school personnel. No one should bring anything to school that even remotely resembles a weapon without expecting to be checked, questioned and possibly arrested. The fact that this person was a Muslim makes it even more imperative that we check it out completely. I do not think anyone owes him or his family any apology as he should have and I am sure he did know better. Whether you like it or not, the vast majority of terrorists are Muslim. Profiling many times will save our lives.

  • navymom08

    what would they have said if it had been a bomb, poor little Muslim going to kill someone next time.

  • Animesh Ray

    we are supposed to fall for the media hype too. As someone whose hobby
    as a 13 year old was electrical gadget making, it is simple to see that
    Ahmed (and Ahmed didn’t ever claim he “invented”, though the media said)
    simply “made” a clock as part of his
    engineering class. Just the idea of putting together the mother board
    integrated circuit, the transformer, connecting the matrix display and
    the power source….well try it. It ain’t trivial unless one knows what
    one is doing. As a 13 year old, I would have been happy to be able to
    “make” this clock; I tried abortively at that exact same age to make a
    battery-less radio but failed (probably due to component failure), which
    I ultimately succeeded together with my daughter when SHE was 13 years
    old–we all live vicariously, don’t we? That Ahmed didn’t actually
    “invent” a clock (what is inventing a clock these days, anyway? Unless
    one is making a clock with quantum gates or biochemical oscillators, no
    one is able to really “invent” a clock today)–only assembled one from
    prefabricated component parts through a set of instructions of different
    sophistication, is no discredit nor is it a mean feat. On my son’s 27th
    birthday (yes, twenty seventh, this year!), I gave him an electronic
    “box that doesn’t do anything”, which needed to be put together (through
    soldering electrical components using a direction), and he apparently
    sweated a whole morning doing it–and this guy was a physics major too.
    So, those who discredit Ahmed on the basis of the media’s use of the
    word “invent” should search their soul, or shut up because they don’t
    know what they are talking about. In particular, the author of this blog, as he knows what he is talking about, should do the former–search his own soul.

  • Rod Breeden

    Imagine the catastrophic consequences, had this been a real bomb and it exploded in this school!! Personally…I commend the school and its administration for leaning on the side of caution and contacting proper authorities in the matter. The entire incident seems scripted and probably not by a 14 year old kid!! The materials used in constructing this so-called invention are an obvious replica of a very old “Hollywood” movie-style explosive device. He should be expelled and reprimanded for trying to fool his teacher into thinking he actually used some intellect in his project, on top of being arrested. There is not one ounce of creativity in his work and he was trying to get the accolades for several other inventor’s ingenuity. It is so typical of our liberal media and uninformed /unaware D.C. government to jump on a bandwagon of plagiarized lyrics. Let the colleges, corporations and POTUS embarrass themselves as they praise this kid and admonish the school and Texas authorities. Hell…we’ll probably see a rerun movie come out of all of this for that matter. Like the article shows…the family is contact with a lawyer!! LOL Take it to court, clog our legal system and make millions off of our hard working backs!! If this is truly a ruse of sorts…prosecute the parents to the fullest extent of the law and expel the family from the country!! This kind of hoax/joke/extortion has become all too common in today’s political/social media environment. Where did the time go where the media actually did some investigative reporting? I will admit…I am taking for granted that “Top Right News” has done their homework in this reporting!! As far as I know or anyone else responding to this article, we only know what the author of the article is informing us on. We take so much as truth without clear facts!!

    • Manny Borges

      They knew it wasn’t a bomb. No evacuation, bomb squad ect.
      Now ….what were you saying?

  • Centurion13

    Here is the thing I find most interesting … I believe this was an attempt to create a Hollywood bomb to provoke a response leading to a lawsuit. No question in my mind. This was a hoax. The clock was ripped off, for sure, and no science project I have ever heard of (or been through, with my own son) would have used something like this , in this condition, for any reason. Notice no one has mentioned what the science fair project was, or trotted out any part of the rest of it (display board, etc). He left the transformer attached simply because it was heavy and added to the ‘complicated’ appearance of his ‘bomb’. And yes, this isn’t the first thing he claims to have ‘invented’. Obama gets the guests he’s earned, I suppose.

  • J. Neville Groff

    BUSTED! OUTED! PWNED! You dont get a muslim peasant pass into the select club of hobbyist engineers without some gravitas you little muslim poseur ponk.

  • sameolbs

    The young man has learned to lie. Perhaps his parents taught him.

  • paul cuzz

    While interesting to say the least none of it is relevant in that the cops shouldnt have detained and interrogated a teen of any color or religion without his parent/guardian present. So the kid likes to claim he invents something when all he does it take it apart. Maybe he is a little touched?

  • Humayun Niaz

    So why is the author of this piece so upset about Ahmed becoming a celebrity overnight. He deserves it every bit. Is he jealous, because he is below average? Or is he a racist too?

  • Marcus Teague

    The problem is that too many people who think with their emotional feelings are being allowed to wave their heads around about issues. They think with their feelings, not with logic.

    Raw logic is cold and calculating and only looks for as much truth as possible. But it filters out biased opinions generated by the poor judgement of emotion. But in a society where people aren’t taught how to think for themselves, that’s what happens.

  • JTDraper

    Ha! What a joke. Nobody thought it was a bomb, ever. At no time did they evacuate the school, at no time did they isolate the device. In fact, they threw the clock in the police car with the kid when they arrested him.

    He simply transplanted the guts from an existing clock? Yah, so what? Can you do that? He’s a 14-year-old child, not a terrorist. The fact that you people are so afraid and hateful of brown people that you think even their children are terrorists, that’s the real tragedy here.

  • Aaron Waide

    Are there no laws in the US about fixing 110v appliances. In Australia and New Zealand you have to have a license. The story said he plugged it in! and the picture shows a bare transformer.

    He could have killed or seriously injured himself or another person at the school.

    It should have been confiscated by the engineering teacher. I think the teacher should get a written warning and Ahmed should get an after school detention for actually plugging it in.

  • WonderBoy2

    Maybe this is another “Dry Run” as I think I smell a big Rat as in DemonRat.

  • Michael Richardson

    I saw a story by the Engineer that said if you’re building a clock, why would it countdown?

  • neocontoo

    I’m with the Trump questioner: When can we ship these neanderthals back to the sand box?

  • Jannet555

    Wow, so many racist fucktards here, how about you damn Americans just admit you idiots actually made a mistake this time instead of living up to your world famous streotypes of being racist bigoted fat moronic retards.

  • okjb1168

    how do you reverse engineer something you have no access to? Just asking. Also, his engineering teacher did not say it looked like a bomb… read the original articles…

  • Jane Goodwin

    And in addition to all of this, we are now moved ever so slightly away from feeling comfortable about seeing something suspicious and reporting it to someone. And so we slither deeper into the black hole that once was America.

  • Ahmed Mohammed
  • Mike Garber

    I have little interest and no agenda in this matter, but a quick glance reveals that this is a factory made object and any battery powered alarm çlock can be used as a detonator by anyone who can change a light bulb.

  • huckjam

    Soon as i saw the picture of his “invention” I was like what the hell is going on here this is a clock taken out of its case crudely screwed into a metal case why is this being called an invention like this kid created something amazing. He didn’t make it cool looking or anything I could see if he re-purposed the clock into like a badass hand built something or other but he didnt he literally broke open an old clock took out the electronics and then screwed them into a metal box without even centering the screen or even giving any thought at hiding the wires. Not to mention he put it in a box that looked like every bomb in every Hollywood movie in the past 30 years. I took everything apart when I was a kid to even took parts of things apart and reused them in other devices but i never opened up something took the guts out and then claimed it was my own invention that wouldve just been retarded.

  • Ramblin Dave Madden

    Riddle me this, assholes: if the school and the police thought it was actually a bomb, why was the bomb squad not called? Why was the clock taken to the office with Ahmed? Why was the school not evacuated? Why? Because they knew it wasn’t a bomb. They thought it would be amusing to humiliate a Muslim boy. And you all are assholes playing your favorite game of blaming the victim and the “liberal media”, which doesn’t exist. You people are ignorant, out of touch, self-consumed Neanderthals who wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in the face. I hope you’re proud to be part of the lowest common denominator of human existence. Get a life and a brain!

  • akatom3565

    Another day another lie to perpetuate an agenda!

  • Smith Jones

    Here’s my latest project, wonder if I’ll get an invite to the White House…

  • Just Sayin’

    In Islam, there are two forms of lying to non-believers that are
    permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman.
    These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause Islam – in some
    cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their
    vulnerability and defeat them. See http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/quran/011-taqiyya.htm

  • JoeWhite

    The FACT about this device it is Extremely Dangerous in its current form and could kill Anyone.
    If this device was plugged in and you touched the circuit board or the transformer you would have 120v going thru your body. I anyone doesn’t believe me or think i am overreacting PLEASE try it for yourself by taking a wire hanger and stick it into an outlet. Let us all know how that goes, if you are up to it.

    This story has me so crazy right now. It will be main stream very soon that it was a hoax.

    Cant wait to some creditable electronic expert points out the 2 wires that look like they are tied in a knot. If you follow those wire they go back into the case and in to the transformer so it can be turned on by a trigger switch.

    • amusl

      THANK YOU. I also noticed this immediately. I can’t believe this isn’t mentioned in any reports I’ve read.

      It pretty much means he didn’t know anything about electronics – wall outlet power is dangerous – which isn’t even really electronics, just a normal thing to know – or he had an extremely reckless personality. Everything about the “project” screams “dumbass”.


  • So the kid took apart an old cheap digital clock and brought the mess to school in a cheap pencil box; he has a big enough ego to claim he invented it. Sounds like a typical nerd at a new school.

  • Рон Джамин

    This kid needs vitamin lead.

  • Richard Karkkainen

    So, is the plan for the next time that he attach an explosive and no one will dare question him?

  • jason

    Why not ask the kid to rebuild another clock in front of everyone? That should settle and confirm this hoax

  • Mark O. Hammontree

    This reminds me of the machinations of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. back in the 1960’s….
    Deliberately provocative actions to provoke extremists into exposing their true violent natures for all the world to see. One group violently persecuting another group. And it worked like a charm. The chumps took the bait, hook line and sinker, and SHOWED the entire world how cruel and unfairly they treated others.

    Somebody set up 9/11 to provoke having the USA go destroy half of the middle east for free, and we fell for THAT, hook line and sinker.

    Now comes THIS ingenious plot, if it IS a plot.

    My life here in the USA is more bizarre than the 1999 movie Arlington Road!

  • I’m White

    foi graduated from high scool in 2000… A few years before that I was suspended for “violent imagery” I did a painting of a monster using all red paint in art class. Its called ZERO TOLERANCE for a reason. I never got invited to the white house… Apparently the US doesnt care about artists. Or white kids.

  • Crackerhead

    Little raghead was set up by his violent Islam parents. Islam is violent!

  • William Douglas Yarnell

    taqqiya and kitman…

    That’s all this ever was.

  • Sawyer Rice

    Hahahah Obama looking a fool now. Not just him though, the entire media. Check out my full story even before the latest development http://sawyerrice.wix.com/creativecontent#!ahmed-clockbomb/c1tmh

  • old_redneck

    You imbecile. Yes, it’s a 1970’s vintage digital clock made of discrete integrated circuits instead of a state-of-the-art monolithic IC (not that you are smart enough to understand the difference.)

    And why use 1970’s-vintage TTL circuits? As an entry-level project to learn how digital devices function.

    You clearly don’t know shit about electronics.

    If you’d like to build a clock like Ahmed’s, here’s a kit:

  • Theo

    Someone needs to buy the clock, take it apart, then take a picture of it to put side-by-side with the “hoax bomb” and blast it on the internet.

  • gomentmule

    After viewing those close up photos he is correct. I actually took electronics in the early 1980’s and indeed built clocks, radio’s and even TV’s all printed boards were very unlike they are today. Today’s boards are not like this one pictured, I still work on printed boards today. IF he created it himself he would have had to buy a board and it would not look like the one pictured. I agree this all looks to be a setup. I even have some of my old boards and again the battery backup that’s a little much BUT not out of the question. I am just saying that being around electronics for as long as I have been 40 years, while it’s not out of the question I am skeptical of this device’s origin. First off if you look closer at the soldering points you’ll notice they are very clean, if he built this you would see more flux resin left on the board.

  • bobswims

    I carefully read this article, and I thought it brought up some important and credible questions. Questions that needed to be answered. But then I read the comments section and the paranoid racists, and political attacks convinced me that if I wanted to find the truth, this website is not where I’ll find it.


    This was a setup which is why Obama invited him to the WH. It would be idiotic to think if the WH did not know who the boy’s Father was being such a prominent radical.

  • craigvan

    Can we all agree as a country to stop the pity party for Ahmed, among constant scholarship offers he got 250,000 from Bitcoin. All this for taking a Radio Shack alarm clock out of its case and putting it in a pencil box.

    A young Saudi man, Ali Mohammed Al-Nimr, lost his last appeal and now will be crucified and beheaded for protesting the government.

    To the people who say we should pity Ahmed for getting a White House invitation and 250 grand for taking apart a Radio Shack clock, please kill yourselves.

  • Geoffry K

    I built a digital clock way back in 1977 from ICs. I designed the circuitry, laid out the positives with circuit tape and made film negatives, photosensitized the copper clad boards, exposed them, developed and etched and drilled them. Assembled it and actually used it for awhile before being sent to Japan serving the A.F. Wrote an article about it and it is in the archives of 73 Magazine.

  • JamesF

    Watching that interview is infuriating to me. It is so clear he knows nothing about engineering.

    “For example, this type of stuff”… ” Obvious he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
    “I made a clock. It was really easy”…. Lies. He did not *make* anything.

    invent: create or design (something that has not existed before)
    The only thing this kid invented was his story of discrimination.

    Infuriating how the mainstream media makes no mention of the fact that he set the alarm to go off because he wasn’t getting a reaction, and how his sister was previously suspended for school for making a bomb threat.

  • Djimd

    Ahmed has hurt the liberal cause in the long run by being an asshole fraud, along with his father.

  • Animesh Ray

    “Muslims are the only ones who blow things up”– do you remember Unabomber? Do you remember Tim McVeigh?

  • Gene Forest Sturlin

    When clock boy came to the WH with his clock the first thing the Secret Service did was take possession of it and make damn sure it was not in fact a bomb after all before Obama got anywhere close to it… Does that make Obama an islamophobe too?

  • spric

    President Obama set the standards for Muslim inventors

  • Any minute I expect the “#BlackLivesMatter” crowd to start a riot.

  • Boyd Timothy Babcock

    Liberals are so desperate to suck Muslim genitals that they will hold up a kid who tore apart a clock as some sort of physicist prodigy. If that is the case 99 percent of America is a Stephen Hawking. This is such a load of crap its sickening. Suck up to a Muslim because he is a Muslim. We need Muslim and Mexican control in this country. Liberals need to hang themselfs.

  • Jerry Mael

    Most of ya’ll are funny. Arguing about liberal this conservative that. Label everything and continue?
    Meanwhile everything you own is being devalued by the FedRes and the US Treasury.
    I’d say the government has most everyone on this thread right where they want them.
    The more we divide the less we advance.
    The US either has religious freedom… or it does not.
    The kid is a tinkerer/refabricator. Not an inventor.

  • Brian

    I bet if I tried to take this invention onto a domestic flight from podunk wherever to anywheres USA Id be given some special attention and put on a no fly list….

  • planet8788

    He moved to Qatar… This story is probably true.

  • Roch Yang

    His daddy’ s criminal Moslem set in Qatar got punked by this punk, no?


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