Uh, Oh… Looks Like The Muslim ‘Clock Boy’ And His Family Could Face HUGE Legal Trouble…


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

How to be an instant celebrity – be one of liberals’ favored minority victim classes. Put the guts of an old digital clock in a case that looks like one Jack Bauer would be rushing to diffuse. Take it to a public school and freak everybody out with it. Wear a face like you’re a kicked puppy when you get in trouble for it. And BOOM – you have your own hashtag, free scholarship money from unwitting donors, and a personal invite to the White House.

But now that engineering experts have literally taken Ahmed Mohamed’s “homemade” clock story to pieces, and evidence of his father’s complicity with radical Muslim pressure group CAIR, and Ahmed’s own confession that he knew beforehand that his phony “clock” would be viewed as a bomb, it is becoming more clear by the day that this entire incident may well have been an elaborately-planned fraud.

And, as Judge Andrew Napolitano says here, he and his family could be in BIG TIME trouble for this…

Looks like the Mohamed clan will be needing that lawyer, real soon…

  • Timothy Thompson

    IF you didn’t know all this instantly share 😉

  • donna

    Oh what a fool believes ….
    Obama ….Is in charge of our nation ?

    • Hibernia86

      Better than Bush

      • donna

        Not saying much ..

        • Hibernia86

          Okay, good point. What I meant was that Obama has done as well at being president as anyone could have done. Anyone expecting better would have been disappointed by anyone in office.

          • Bill Reardon

            Obama has been a national disaster.

      • Burgess Krell

        How much national debt did each run up & how many welfare recipients did each create?

    • Dirk Jones

      I miss the late 70s but even more than that, I miss the Michael McDonald-fronted Doobie Brothers.

  • because i can

    here’s a way to keep you and your family out of prison ………… get the hell out of the USA. we don’t want nor need your towel heads here. stop living high on the HOG from our money. get the f—k out

    • Hibernia86

      Well America is based on freedom of religion, so if you hate Muslims then you obviously don’t belong here. Go create a Christian Fundamentalist country on a frozen Arctic island.

      • ServosT

        And if you believe that Islam is just a religion then you are probably an Obama supporter.

        • Donavan Fishel

          Nailed it!

      • wrestler79

        Islam is a cult not a religion, it promotes hate, death to infidels and the total elimination of Israel, keep up that rhetoric and see where that gets you.

      • DrSique

        Trollin’, trollin’, trollin’. Actually, in a free country, one is allowed to dislike anyone that they want as long as they don’t violate the rights of that person. Last I checked, disliking someone was not a crime nor a civil rights violation. Funny though, how you feign support for the First Amendment and then immediately attack Christianity. Liberal hypocracy, I suppose.

        • putthehammerdown

          Check out ‘it’s’ posting history. First one up is to ‘Essence’ Magazine.

          Might as well have ‘a discussion’ with a carved pumpkin.

      • donnawheelerzipeto

        We despise troublemaking Moslems, like these and others who are trying to fundamentally change America into a Sharia Compliant country. Don’t you?

        • Windy Wilson

          I despise troublemakers of all religions, creeds and stripes, they are all anti-liberty statist thugs. It just so happens that the murderous subset of Muslims are the most active troublemakers right now.

    • Joy Beum

      Too late! They pushed it a little too far.

  • Jazz

    They should press charges. Plain and simple. When CAIR comes running press charges on them also. Just to keep their lawyers busy.

    • Jani Cox

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  • dawn

    Everyone EXCEPT the liberals and obozo knew it was a bunch of BS. We knew that it was all about a false liberal narrative and profitable stunt for these azzholes

    • Alex

      More Dangerous than Edward Snowden? *warning: do not view in public

      For more than 10 years they have kept the lid on this…


      But now this independent documentary reveals the dark conspiracy that may wipe out 281 Million Americans in the next 6 months.

      Its director was the only one brave enough to expose this…

      While mainstream media is too busy with Kim Kardashian to show you the real news…

      But at this very moment, the final part of this sinister agenda is being carried out……and this will bring God’s Judgment onto America.

      Church Leaders pray you never see this

      Stay safe. Stay prepared.
      P..S.: More than 129,342 Americans have watched the video.

      It, will not be long before the NSA discover that this information has been leaked and send their hackers to take down the site.

      See It before The Video Is Taken Down…,.

    • Yvette

      This was just a test. The next time it would have been a real bomb and hundreds of children and teachers would have been killed. Obama was probably behind the whole thing. Good job on the part of the educators who called out and stopped this kid. They are the ones to be praised. When Obama gets out of office, watch out, he will be their new leader and with our secret service protecting him !!! Obama will be the “new Osama”. Beware America!

      • Robert LaRochelle

        No way!

        • Hibernia86

          Yeah, I hate Conservative Religious people too.

          • Andrew P.

            Argo (f**k yourself). Let’s talk next time US conservatives commit an act of mass terrorism.

          • donnawheelerzipeto

            There hasn’t been a first time yet.

        • ServosT

          Makes me think of the movie “They.”

      • Hibernia86

        I think your tin foil hat is poisoning your brain.

        • Burgess Krell

          I think your tertiary syphilis has finally rotted your brain… such as it is.

        • Donavan Fishel

          I smell a libtard.

    • No! Bankrupt them with legitimate lawsuits, then deport them!

    • rwhawk

      Are you sure Obozo, or his WH minions, wasn’t manufacturing the crisis ala The Alinsky?

  • Sharon

    To heck with the clock and the kid. Reading some of the comments just boggles my mind as to the amount of hateful people in this country. Dear Lord there are a lot of you that really should be asking God for forgiveness. You might also give some serious thought to pulling your head out of your ass.

    • silly girl

      really,? and who died and elected YOU god?

    • Cedric Ian Anthony

      well what you have said is mostly true, I honestly have to say that if we have muslims overrun America like they want to, you wont be able to share your beliefs much after that.

      If you have a better plan for dealing with that than we do, put words to it. or just accept that we are going do hate America turning into Mecca. and hate the people who strive to do it.

      • Hibernia86

        The plan is to integrate Muslims into American society. It isn’t perfect (Christians have lived in America since it was founded and we still have 30% crazy Evangelicals who haven’t integrated into America), but Democracy and the internet does decrease the power of Fundamentalism. It worked for Christianity, surely it can work for Islam too.

    • Donald Young


      • Joy Beum

        Is this pig’s name ‘Clock Boy’?

    • Billy Bong

      We didn’t do anything wrong, that family is trying to defraud America because they hate us and we pointed it out. We are hateful?

    • 2doggz

      people like you really get my goat you are a christian nothing wrong with your beliefs but you sit back in your rainbow life and judge everybody but do absolutely nothing about it you just say turn the other cheek while your rights and freedom are taken away then it will be to late you will be beheaded for that belief everyone in America needs to grow some balls and kick these people out before we cant!

      • Hibernia86

        Why don’t you focus on kicking out Christian Conservatives? They do far more damage to America than a kid with a clock. Come on, people.

    • DixieAngel_76

      Shut up, and go away.

    • Jeff Allen

      maybe you should pull your head out of your ass. you think its ok to build a fake bomb and scare a lot of people and probably ruin a few careers along the way? your actually part of the problem as to why this kind of thing happens

    • JimboCombo

      Please Sharon. Aside from the comments of others you are concerned with, saying in one sentence people need to ask God for forgiveness and in the very next sentence tell people to pull their heads out of their asses is not the reaction a forgiving God would use at all. At all. Reproof in love. Treading on one’s opinion to promote your own does not create useful conversation.

      Shared In love.

    • aussieguy64

      “To heck with the clock and the kid.”

      => So basically, you’re telling all of us that you support lying, dishonesty, and fraud.

      What does the Bible say about lying?

      This whole thing is a sham. His father set this whole thing up. Because the family has done it before with the sister! She was suspended for the bomb hoax. (Which she recently confirmed herself!)

      They’re doing it again to get free stuff. And they got free stuff.

      This is outright fraud and YOU support it. You accuse others of hate because you want to help cover fraudulent behaviour.

      Seriously, who side are you on? Certainly not on the side of integrity, honesty, and character!

    • Steve

      Sharon it’s people like you that let this happen. Wake the f*ck up!

    • DJ

      I think you Sharon are the one with your head up your ass. I hope you don’t feel the blast there when the bombs go off!

    • mjl61

      Interesting that you invoke God’s name and then use vulgar language in the same post. BTW, since you are mentioning God, perhaps the Bible has some value and credibility with you. So, here’s Malachi 1:1-5 (“Esau was Jacob’s older brother and is the “father” of the Arabic peoples):

      This is a divine revelation. The Lord spoke his word to Israel through Malachi. “I loved you,” says the Lord. “But you ask, ‘How did you love us?’

      “Wasn’t Esau Jacob’s brother?” declares the Lord. “I loved Jacob, but Esau I hated. I turned his mountains into a wasteland and left his inheritance to the jackals in the desert.

      “The descendants of Esau may say, ‘We have been beaten down, but we will rebuild the ruins.’

      “Yet, this is what the Lord of Armies says: They may rebuild, but I will tear it down. They will be called ‘the Wicked Land’ and ‘the people with whom the Lordis always angry.’ You will see these things with your own eyes and say, ‘Even outside the borders of Israel the Lord is great.’

    • Joy Beum

      Sharon…’hateful people’? Is a test run with a dummy bomb ahead of the real thing what you would call ‘loving or peaceful’? We are really hateful for not wanting to have our children blown up in their classrooms, aren’t we? Do you want your children in class with this terrorist in training? You want to bring God into this? Whose god? The Christian God? He told us to love our neighbor, not to allow him to blow us up!

    • ServosT

      In the name of tolerance and diversity people like you would allow unlimited immigration into this country by muslims who, if they become even a small minority, would fundementally transform this country into something you would no doubt hate.

      Islam, and those moslems who are serious about following the words of the warlord prophet mohammed make the Westboro Baptist Church look like the cast of Glee.

  • silly girl

    his daddy pulled them out of school because somebody was going to give the whole family a lesson in whoop ass

    • Hibernia86

      Probably. You know how Texas hicks are.

  • formercanuck

    You forgot that his sister supposedly was suspended for the same act a few years back.

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    I should just start out all my posts with a signature that says “fuck CAIR” and then I dont have to keep typing it. as to the kid having legal problems now? Good.

  • jc w

    give him a bunch of parts, a let him build another one 😉

  • mountainman6727

    How many more of these “stunts” have been instigated by this President?

  • Matt

    Why does it matter that he is muslim? Why would you put that in the title? I mean I know you’re all racist but his religion does NOT matter here. Stop labeling people in order to get more people to read your ridiculous “news.”

    • calypsodancler

      Appropriately named MATT, and he loves to come in here and get all of us to wipe our shoes on him.

    • Truther

      Well seeing as this was all a part of Obamas agenda to hilight Sufi Muslims and paint them as poor misunderstood heros Id have to disagree with you.

    • Joy Beum

      Why is it important and relevant? What religion/political group blows up people for the fun of it? Aha! Muslims.

  • eastedie33510

    Multiculturalism does not work. I agree with Trump – move them out.

    • Hibernia86

      By them, you mean Muslim hating Rednecks, right? I’d agree with you there.

      • donnawheelerzipeto

        Anyone not willing to assimilate needs to go and Moslems are the ones least willing to do that. Do you did Sharia Law or what?

      • donnawheelerzipeto

        I guess you’d like to see all the women covered from head to foot is big black sheets…NOT!

      • donnawheelerzipeto

        How old are you, 12?

      • Adrian Bell

        Muslims believe in a child raping pedophiling war monger . who in their right minds would believe in some fake ass god like that, any one who supports muslims is a pedo..if you allow rape of 5yo girls. you are one…

  • beingstill

    Wow! It appears this incident was as innocently planned as the whole Rosa Parks incident. (The “real” “Rosa Parks” incident happened months prior in Georgia (I think it was in Georgia?!?). Anyway, they RE-did the event in Alabama with Rosa Parks, and she was the lightning rod for all-things pro-black “civil rights.” Gee, I suppose I’m just surprised that it took them THIS LONG to be able to figure out how to do a similar idea. After all, Muslims have NEVER contributed to society, but have ONLY copied others (hell, they have to copy the Irish in their terrorist activities!). Oy!!!

    • Hibernia86

      Rosa Parks correctly pointed out that the bus system was racist. This kid with the clock correctly pointed out that the school system and police were bigoted. That is a good thing. People don’t learn unless you point out what they are doing wrong.

      • beingstill

        Unfortunately, if what you say the point was actually true, then the media REALLY hasn’t gotten the memo on that point! 🙂 So, no, I don’t think that was the point; the point of this kid’s stunt proves that Muslims are all-things-loved by those with the microphones and tv cameras, and those that would question in ANY way that which the media reports are personae non grata! (Read: Christians and REAL Americans!)

  • Called it..

  • RedMeatState

    this was a planned provocation and all musloids need to be purged from America. North, Central, South, All of America!! They intend us great harm and are playing a provocation game!!

    • Hibernia86

      Can we purge the Christian Fundamentalists first? They do far more damage in America than the small number of Muslims ever could.

      • RedMeatState

        you’re obviously an idiot and have no clue as to the historical founding of this nation.
        You fools seem to think that everything is equal. It’s not. Never will be. Big difference, HUGE DIFFERENCE, between the two.
        And you’re still an idiot. g’night!

      • Burgess Krell

        How many planes have christians flown into skyscrapers?

      • Christine Barney red2blonde

        Prove your statement. (I am not a fundamentalist) Didn’t you say it must be fun to make s**t up? Exactly what you are doing. You must be a college sheep, er student.

      • Windy Wilson

        Uhhh, be careful there, Christian Fundamentalists have been merely scolding those who disagree with them, and talking.

  • releggneh

    Throw the whole stinking moslem family in jail. They want to play games,game on.

  • John Russelman

    FollowPresident ObamaVerified account‏@POTUS
    Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.

    (The police had not shown a picture of Muhamhed’s timing device when this muslime sympathizer made this tweet.) Now’s your chance Muhamhed, blow this dumb-ass to the moon!

  • calypsodancler

    This kid is too young to realize he was used by his father to further HIS agenda. Apparently, he has studied the AL SHARPTON method of “Shakedown”

    • Rob B012

      No he’s not, he’s 14. He knows what time it is….

  • Frank Loftice

    A bunch of jail time and a few million in fines should fix his ass.

  • Justice

    Deport the whole family.

  • Slahser

    fuck them for that provocation, its unbelievable. muzzies cannot be trusted

    • Hibernia86

      I’m learning all sorts of weird nick names from Muslim hating bigots on this thread. Who knew hatred could be so cute?

      • Slahser

        youre welcome

      • dindu man

        Shut up faggot!

      • ServosT

        The muslims will come for you, too. As soon as you are no longer their useful idiot.

        Which muslim dominant country would you like to live in?

      • Ed Duffy

        Oh no! He called us bigots! LOLOL, Another liberal faggot opens his cock sucker. Hows welfare and living on the public dime treating you?

      • Politically Incorrect

        You know muslims hate gays right?, so I’d keep my mouth shut if I were you. BTW, I hate muslims too. Especially the one in the white house

      • Burgess Krell

        Who knew hatred could be so cute?

        Your hatred even has a name… it’s called “Ku Klux Klanism”

  • Vic Colicci Jr

    He only confirmed what most rational people already knew. The administration and the media are gullible racebaiters

  • Kypat

    Deport them

    • Hibernia86

      Even if they are citizens? Or do you think non-white people can be kicked out on a whim?

    • Joy Beum

      …along with a few million of their relatives!

  • nnss

    Another aspect is that this boy, and his activist family, lives in the town were the mayor “outlawed” sharia law.

    Time to press charges. This was nothing more than a provocative, terroristic act. And Obama of course rewarded it.

    • Hibernia86

      Building a clock is a terroristic act? Have we gotten that soft?

      • ServosT

        He didn’t build a clock, he took a clock someone else made and made it worse then passed it off as his own.

        He then received praise for taking someone else’s work and making it worse.

        And then his family used the whole incident to further their political agenda.

  • Joy Beum

    We need to make an example of these people by prosecuting on every charge possible and to the fullest extent. Time to get serious with muslims.

  • Daryle

    fuck as far as i am concerned he is a terrorist in the making therefore has no rights therefore no lawyer should be willing to help

  • Sam Adams

    Screw these muslim scumbags all the way back to the crap hole they originally came from.

    And send Obama with them.

    • Sum Fuka

      Jew piece of shit

      • Noislam

        Wow, you’re braindead and bigoted. We all hate mooseslums, atheists, jews, christians and whoever is non mooseslum. We realise the criminal ideology that is islam and it needs to be purged from western societies. allah and moohoomood are bullshit – piss beer upon them.

        • Sum Fuka

          piece of shit jew

        • Sum Fuka

          shut the fuck up jewish faggot

  • SchmierrNippel

    Muslims make me sick..despicable people

  • archie7699

    There probably will be criminal charges here. Father an Islamic activist and political figure in Sudan. Sister suspended from a middle school in the same district for threatening to blow up the school. Clock wouldn’t even get honorable mention in a science contest-it was bought on Ebay, taken out of its casing and connected to a pencil box. The picture of Ahmed in handcuffs was posed and taken by Ahmed’s father. The police had removed Ahmed’s handcuffs, Ahmed’s father had them put them back on for the picture. The police stupidly complied for some reason. The father obviously orchestrated this thing. The best tip-off is that Ahmed was showing it to at least three teachers, deliberately trying to get a reaction. He got none, so he took it to his fourth class, English, and set the alarm to go off during class. When that teacher opened the case when the electronic alarm went off, she freaked out and called the police.

  • Burgess Krell

    It is clear this kid is a tool, the father a punk, and CAIR a nest bed of boy loving terrorists.

  • DrSique

    Looks like he may have to spend all of that scholarship money on a legal defense. Since he and his family actually committed an act of terrorism, maybe a nice room in Gitmo is in order. Send all of those cair goons along with them.

  • Patriot Girl

    He is a muslim. He brought a fake bomb to school in order to SCARE people. TERROR. FEAR. Terror, murder, and rape are the very foundations of islam, according to the koran. I hope everyone possible sues the shit out of this disgusting family of terrorists. In fact, they should be deported and sent to a muslim country.

  • Mike Pope

    The entire family should be deported the old man & clock boy are trouble makers that have one objective create chaos & use the race card. Go back to the Desert & take that publicity whore in Kentucky with you.

  • ThomasThePaine

    Press charges and deport them. . . Then, for good measure nuke Mecca!

  • BruceWilliams

    Yea, the majority of you can think rationally.

  • Sum Fuka

    a lot of jews here, hehe fuck all kikes, and burn in hell

  • Windy Wilson

    That’s “witless donors”, not “unwitting donors.”


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