U.S. Marine Dad BANNED from Daughter’s School After Protesting This Assignment on ISLAM (Video)


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

“Not again!” Parents concerned about the seeming spread of Islamic “education” in our nation’s schools may well say after reading the headline above.

In just the past few months we’ve reported on: a Nation of Islam pamphlet telling 3rd graders America’s Founding Fathers were racists.  A high school girl forced to produce propaganda promoting Islam to younger students. A Boston-area father pulling his son out of class after he was subjected to Islamic indoctrination without even being notified.


And now a  Maryland Marine dad has been banned from his daughter’s school after getting into an argument with the faculty over an infuriating homework assignment.

Local affiliate KDFW reported that Kevin Wood received a no trespassing order on Tuesday after he objected to a Charles County high school’s assignment teaching the benefits of Islam to students .

Wood, a a former corporal and eight-year combat veteran in the U.S. Marine Corps, could not believe what La Plata High School was teaching his daughter: making her memorize and recite the “Five Pillars of Islam” – the core of Islamic faith, along with a highly-sanitized biography of Islam’s “prophet” Mohammed.

Wood and wife Melissa said they thought religion was not supposed to be taught in schools, and they pointed out the outrageous hypocrisy that only Islam is being taught – Christianity and Judaism aren’t anywhere in the curriculum.

“We cannot discuss our Ten Commandments in school, but they can discuss Islam’s Five Pillars?” said Melissa.

And as we have come to expect from such disturbing “lessons,” the school secretly gave the assignment without even considering that some parents might be upset over it — and of course did not bother informing them of it beforehand.

None of us parents knew about this and they didn’t tell anybody,” Kevin said.

So Kevin confronted the vice principal over the content of the assignment, and an argument allegedly ensued.

A school district spokeswoman, Katie O’Malley-Simpson, said Wood threatened to cause problems at the school during his conversation with the vice-principal, but provided no specific information about any “threats” the former Marine had made.

Wood denies making any threats, and said “multiple witnesses” support his account. Kevin said he explained in no uncertain terms that he does “not believe in” Islam and wants his daughter removed from class while other students study the Muslim religion. The school refused, and later handed Kevin a “no tresspassing” order, forbidding him from stepping foot on school grounds.

For the family, the worst part of this has been seeing Kevin, who bravely fought to defend our rights, being made out as some sort of hater by the school. “They’re making him sound like he’s some bad person,” Melissa said. “He’s not a bad person. He fought for your country.”

Of course he’s not, and it is disgraceful that she would even be made to feel that way.

WATCH video coverage for more details on this incident:

I can’t tell you how many emails and social media comments Top Right News has received in the past weeks from parents concerned about the spread of Islam  in their children’s schools — almost always in the complete absence of balance of other religions. “It is indoctrination, plain and simple,” one upset Mom wrote to me, reflecting many others.

If your child’s school presents an unbalanced view of Islam, let me know at: Tips@TopRightNews.com.

If you want to give La Plata High School a piece of your mind, you can do so here: Phone 301-932-6610, EMAIL, or better yet their boss the Board of Ed. Chair Roberta S. Wise (rswise@ccboe.com).

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    something needs to be done about this.

  • CHinOhio

    That vice principal needs to be fired. They should also now give equal time to any other religion that is represented within that student body.

    • avengeflipper

      In Ohio, all religions are taught in sixth grade…… I never had a problem with it because I want my children to know what the beliefs are. In fact, my son learned about other religions in Catholic School. Look at state standards. Don’t go all crazy about Common Core teaching this. It’s been around longer than Common Core.

      • CHinOhio

        Maybe in your Catholic school. I am also in Ohio. It might be different if other religions were taught, and they should also make “World Religions” a class if they are going to do this, which parents could opt their child out of. And there are so many other reason to think Common Core stinks, all valid.

        • QUEENjbarnes

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      • donna

        But… they are beheading Americans, and Christians as we are posting. They are nothing but monsters.

      • Let’s get serious

        I am glad that they are doing this. It is a real service to the country. We need only to look at Donna’s comment to understand the impact of ignorance and right now this country has too many Donna’s who are willing to lump all Muslims together as extremists (which is itself an extremist view). Extremists breed extremists. Hate breeds hate. Ignorance fuels the fire. Education is one of the most effective ways to put it out.

        • shelly

          That’s all well and good fool, if Islam is not hateful and a peaceful religion then why is it that the Islamic churches are not standing up and shooting that’s not what Islam is about? Why are the leaders of Islam not standing up and saying these groups don’t not represent our religion, why are they allowing extremest to take over representing their faith? Don’t talk to us about how this is good for our children. I would rather have one hundred Donna’s than for wolves in sheeps clothing!

          • Let’s get serious

            Except that they are speaking up. I would respectfully suggest that you look around and investigate things before you condemn and stereotype an entire group of people. Just because you have not heard it or seen it does not mean it does not exist. And this is not a matter of faith, like belief in God, but it can be quickly investigated using Google. This is just one example when I typed in “Muslims speaking out against terrorism”. (Always look at the sources because there is a lot of garbage out there.)

            We have a problem here with radical Christians here. For a long time (too long in my opinion), moderate Christians also stood by and did not speak up. Finally, the extremist nature of the radical’s views and intolerance expressed towards others, conflicted with the Christian teachings of the moderates too much and they have finally begun to speak up to demonstrate that the radicals do not speak for all Christians. These more moderate voices are hard to hear over the preaching and screeching of the radicals though.

            (We also need to remember that Christianity has historically had a rough track record. Even less historically, religion was and sometimes still is used) to justify racism. What did the Bible say about casting the first stone?)


          • Joe Breaux

            @lets get serious-media matters is a left wing, libtard, hate filled source, at best. I hope your head is not cut off by a misunderstood “extremist”, but if it were you could get better use of it as a toilet. Go vote for Oblamo again.

          • kellyb804

            As opposed to the right wing, erudite, intelligent, love-filled commentary we find here….

          • reggie98ud

            You lose all credibility when you cite mediamaters.org as your source.

          • Silence Dogood

            Read the Koran before spouting off, its obvious you have not read it. The Koran teaches hate pure and simple, people who say its a peaceful religion are full of it. They want nothing mote then to institute Sharia law in this country – “There is no place in the Quran where Muhammad commands Muslims to love people of other religions. By contrast there are at least three dozen verses that tell Muslims to fight against non-Muslims and about 500 that speak of their place in Hell. They are from each period in Muhammad’s life, scattered across 87 of the Quran’s 114 chapters.

            To put this in perspective, nearly one out of twelve verses in the Quran says that Allah hates non-Muslims to the extent that he will torment them for eternity in horrible ways. The Suras that make reference to this comprise about 95% of the Quran’s total volume. If Allah creates infidels merely to fuel the fires of Hell, then there is little reason for Muslims to believe that such lives are of any worth in this world either”

          • Mojave

            How dare you point out all those truths about the Quran?…….Non-Muslim infidels are not supposed to challenge Islamic beliefs and practices…….You will suffer for eternity at the mercy of the peaceful religion.

          • kellyb804

            Have you taken a look at the Old Testament in your own Bible? It’s not filled with messages of love and tolerance….

          • Laticia

            Which is why I have accepted the New Testament. I have accepted Jesus as the Messiah. The Old Testament could only take you so far…which is why it is so violent…and filled with hatred. The new testament fulfilled the law.

          • Betty Clouse

            Your words I completed ignore because they are idiotic!!

          • mattvorwald

            They do and have stood up and said that. People like you just refuse to acknowledge it.

          • common-sense-needed

            WorkPlace Violence.. covered… check…

          • David Jones

            Problem there is that their religion allows them to lie to further their cause.

          • Kevin Pearson

            Actually, even the Ayatollahs in Iran have spoken up against the Islamic State, but that is because they are Shiite and the Islamic State is Sunni.

            They have declared the Islamic State to be a caliphate and the Ayatolloahs and others have stated that they do not have the right to declare a caliphate

        • Sandy Rieser

          Yes, it’s so important to be fair and share only a sanitized version of only one religion. Maybe you have some teenage girls you’d like to buy plane tickets for after they’ve been indoctrinated in our public schools.. I mean, after all, you want to point out what begets what, let’s make sure we keep track of the girls raped, beaten, and used and see what that begets in the children that are produced from it. I mean really, who ties your shoes for you? Geesh!

        • Betty Clouse

          Yeah lets get serious jiahd muslims that are living in Americas want to rule us and if you don’t think that, you are one crazy idiot moron muslin. Can’t be a stupid American ….ohhh maybe so!!

      • how

        Whatever happened to common sense, it seems common core has replaced it and todays children(they are not kids by the way) come out of school and a large percentage of them cant read or write proper English or do simple arithmatic.

        • Mojave

          While I do agree with what you say, you seem to have proven your own point…….It’s “arithmetic”, not “arithmatic”.

      • Kevin Pearson

        I looked at the assignment and I didn’t find anything offensive about it. It just looked like a typical worksheet from a typical history lesson. Mohamed was a historical figure. Period. What is so offensive about knowing historical facts about historical figures?

        You can’t just ignore the Franco-Prussian just because you don’t like the Germans and preferred that France had won.

        It could just as easily had been similar questions on a chapter on the campaigns of Gengis Khan or Caesar.

        • Crazed Monk

          In the marines because he is not a pussy in the Chairforce.

          • EQ4ALL

            And you served where???

          • gary allen

            MILITARY FLAG’S AND CAMP OUT AT THIS SCHOOL…. I wish I had the
            money! I would have already been there! YOU ROCK1 CRAZED MONK!
            Cindy A.

        • Ken

          I think the problem is they aren’t being taught anything about Christianity and if they are it is either watered down or biased.

          • avengeflipper

            In this lesson they aren’t being taught anything about Christianity. That doesn’t mean they aren’t taught it in other lessons. Most world history curriculum (that goes back to ancient times) hits all of the major world religions.

            Personally, I think the dad is being played by a kid who doesn’t like their teacher.

          • kellyb804

            How do you know it’s being watered down or biased? The state social studies standards address all religions.

          • Laticia

            There is always a bias. Neutrality connotates a vacuum. Natural law is much like spiritual law…a vacuum cannot exist. You are fooling yourself. I prefer to know what the bias is upfront. Which is what this father was trying to do.

        • gary allen

          You are a pathetic pos…. Why don’t you go find your man…. You do
          not even to waste your time on this discussion! Yes! You had better be
          DGW that he is a Marine;because, I have never saw the Air Force go in
          on foot and do all the dirty work! You are “P” and a “COWARD”! Cindy A.

        • Tex

          You’d get smacked in the mouth talking like that, boy.

        • Betty Clouse

          You just shut up you are the most ignorant mouthy person ever!! You are clueless and probably are chicken to fight any wars of any kind. Just shut up I do not want my kids taught anything about the nasty evil jihad muslims period got it thats my Right! Don’t bad mouth the Marine you dumbass.

        • Betty Clouse

          NO ONE wants to hear your stupid words…

      • JohnConnorTM

        That is your right, then however you should send your children to a private school, religion, neither xtianity, judaism, mohammedanism, darwinism nor any other religion must not be taught in public schools, that is taking away the rights of the parents to choose the religion the child should learn.

        Since you chose to send your child to a catholic school that of course is ok, but here we are talking about a public school.

        • avengeflipper

          So, when teaching history, you would leave out religion? Motivation for actions often comes from religion. For example, how would you explain what is happening in Iraq without explaining Islam and why it is divided between Sunni and Shia factions? How would you explain where Pakistan originated from without an understanding of why Hindus and Muslims wanted their own countries when British occupation was ended? How would you explain the caste system of India?

  • Puddleglum

    Are we there yet O’vomit?

  • Raised in the D

    If prayer is not allowed, the Pledge of Allegiance can’t be recited because it includes “God” and pictures of Jesus and the 10 Commandments can’t be displayed, Islam can’t be taught. There is no exception. Unless they include ALL religions and Atheism, this is a violation of the separation of church and state rule. If I were any of these parents who discovered this crap is being shoved down their kids throats, I would immediately file a civil rights suit!

    • Tex

      Oh yes it can, and it will. Until we slap the schit out of these pathetic liberal animals.

    • Ian G

      Learning about religion from a textbook (in the context of learning about another region’s culture) and being forced to personally salute “god” are utterly different things. This is most likely just one lesson of one class.

      • Vicki Martz

        And you are one naive idiot. I will bet a million dollars that other religions are not being taught as a balance and they are NOT supposed to be taught in public schools…get it?

        • mary
          • terfull

            Girl, you better check some Snopes background!

          • Jack Savage

            Snopes is your resource? Really? Good lord you do not know how to research.

            Ill take this Marine’s word over a bunch of idiots who CLAIM to debunk stuff, but have no idea how to notate their citations, nor do they have any credibility whatsoever. They have never had credibility, all the way back to the USENET days of some of the alt.sites (when citation WAS required to post or your IRC would be banned).

            If this school wanted to make their case and wanted to be so transparent. They could have shown the curriculum, and the case would be closed. And so they prevented him from trespassing? Because he may make a disruption. WTF? Where in the hell does the school get off suppressing his First amendment rights to protest?

            But at least if you are going to cite a site that debunks something, please, do not use Google and snopes. It makes one look lazy.

          • CHinOhio

            Another Snopesian analysis. Gawd, get a clue.

          • Let’s get serious

            Mary, this is new to me, but it seems like “some” have gotten burned by snopes so they do not consider it credible. I have come across bias with them and they seem to document things well but I suspect that it is biased, not because it is untrue or factual, but because it contradicts what they want to believe.

            No one can be so blind as a seeing man who refused to open his eyes.


        • kellyb804

          Yes, many world religions are taught. Look at the state standards. That is what has to be taught in social studies.

      • Ken

        In the pledge we are not “saluting God” In then NO religion can be taught. You cannot have it both ways. I might tolerate a basic understanding of another religion but having to memorize the main part of Islam is over the top!

      • Randy Foxworthy

        Really and where is the lesson on the Christian faith? Not to mention the outright lies about Muhammad forgiving the people of Medina when in fact he had them slaughtered. Ian you are an imbecile.

        • Nelson

          “Really and where is the lesson on the Christian faith?”

          Church on any given Sunday? I expect that the only ones complaining about this already had more Christian lessons than this one segment on Islam.

          • terfull

            Snopes? HA!

          • Jack Savage

            Snopes is your resource? Are you kidding me?

            Ill take this Marine’s word over a bunch of idiots who CLAIM to debunk stuff, but have no idea how to notate their citations, nor do they have any credibility whatsoever. They have never had credibility, all the way back to the USENET days of some of the alt.sites (when citation WAS required to post or your IRC would be banned).

            If this school wanted to make their case and wanted to be so transparent. They could have shown the curriculum, and the case would be closed. And so they prevented him from trespassing? Because he may make a disruption. WTF? Where in the hell does the school get off suppressing his First amendment rights to protest?

            But at least if you are going to cite a site that debunks something, please, do not use Google and snopes. It makes one look lazy.

          • Nelson
          • Jack Savage

            Thanks for the link!

          • Ian G

            “Ill take this Marine’s word over a bunch of idiots who CLAIM to debunk stuff, but have no idea how to notate their citations..”

            You seem to take pride in your irrational thinking and blind patriotism. You are exactly the type of American whom the world makes fun of.

          • Jack Savage

            No, we are just people who HAVE seen the others side, and know that it can be not quite as simplistic as people like YOU want to paint it. Lovely that your response was of the normal blind patriotism blah blah blah blather. You serve, you have a tendency to take the word of someone who has served over socialist that havent. (Yes they were once registered members of the California Socialist Party). Did this Marine plan to protest, good for him, protesting is part of what makes this country great, but the school does not want him to protest, oh so we will get a no trespass order. Oops, sorry school you screwed up.

            Sorry, the two people that run SNOPES have been repeatedly debunked since LONG before they even started SNOPES. Its not blind patriotism. That is just blatant fact. They call themselves journalists one day, scholars the next and yet show no signs of neither. Nelson, on the other hand, showed intelligence and wherewithal to look up a bit more than even the Snoops at Snopes, and provided a good linked and cited article that did show what the class was.

            Now, that said. Learning about a religion, should in no way require the wrote memorization of any tenets of the religion, be it the Ten Commandments, the Five Pillars of Islam, or the Ish of the Dalai Lama (and yes I am sure I screwed the spelling on that one up). If the assignment is memorization of any tenets of a religion, it needs to be better thought out.

          • avengeflipper

            What about memorizing for a test? There are certain things and beliefs in religion I want my student to know, not because I want them to follow those religions, but because we should know what motivates the people around us.

          • CHinOhio

            They ought to learn the Constitution as well as they do the Five Pillars of Islam. My goodness – you are a teacher? No wonder you are spouting about Common Core. Funny – here in Ohio, which is where I believe you are, all sorts of stories are surfacing about how the teachers despise it.

          • avengeflipper

            I’ve been teaching for quite a while. The standards teaching different religions have been around much longer than the Common Core. Incidentally, Common Core Social Studies and Ohio State Standards for Social Studies are not the same thing. Ohio State Standards have been dictating this be taught for years. Social Studies teachers follow both.

            I am not happy with Common Core either, but this standard is not Common Core in Ohio.

          • avengeflipper

            OH, and I just want to state that I completely agree that they should learn the Constitution in fact they should learn it better than the Five Pillars of Islam. It’s funny how everyone who disagrees with me believes that I think these things. I would never vote for Obama, the Clintons, or any of those people. I’m a member of the NRA and Tea Party, I’m a proud supporter of the constitution, wife of a former Army serviceman and mother to two Army servicemen. I teach for a non union school (they exist in Ohio) because I don’t believe in teacher’s unions. Please don’t peg me as someone “spouting about the common core” when I’m stating facts.

            There are differences between curriculum and the common core. There are countless ways to meet each Social Studies standard depending on what curriculum you choose. Incidentally, Social Studies standards are created by the State Of Ohio. Common Core within Social Studies is not the same as the state standards.

          • Common Core is a set of standards not a curriculum. Only the school district can set the curriculum for what is taught in your local schools. Common Core simply provides the benchmark that allows a student to move from one grade to the next. It’s very difficult to take you people seriously when you don’t understand the basic definition of words, much less what your school district is teaching. Maybe you folks should get off your ass and go to a school board meeting.

          • CHinOhio

            In our local district (which we have removed our kids from at great added expense), they have a say in roughly 15% of the cirriculum. Kids do not learn to read or write cursive. Our 1st grader knows cursive now after less than a year out of the old district, and had an easier time learning it than our now 6th grader. Maybe YOU should pull your head out – we went to plenty of school board meetings (joke overall). We also helped spearhead a levy being defeated last election, 1st time EVER in that district. We are very involved up to the state level to defeat Common Core, and are making headway. Teachers are getting disgusted with the sheer number of hours required to teach to the hours of testing (and data mining) coming, and it is only projected to get worse. So, Carla Akins – maybe you shouldn’t make ASSumptions.

          • Uh, school districts do set 100% of the curriculum in public schools. Common Core is a set of standards, not a curriculum – I have no simpler way to offer an explanation. You’re fighting the wrong fight. You can wipe Common Core off the face of the earth and it will have no effect on what your child is taught. I made no statement regarding teachers or testing, only that you do not understand the issue you are wasting so much time trying to defeat.

          • Kevin Pearson

            Cursive is not really necessary anymore just as there is no longer any reason to learn to use a slide rule. No one actually writes a letter any more. Only someone who has very limited life experience would think that removing cursive is a “lowering of standards”.

            The Germans used to use script lettering. Then they changed to a Latinized alphabet. Pick up a German book written before the end of World War II and you wouldn’t be able to read many of the characters.

            And the “cursive” scripts that have been taught in German schools have changed over the years as well, because they modernized with the alphabet.

            There is nothing wrong with modernizing the curriculum and phasing out cursive. Only someone who didn’t perform well in the substantive subjects would be so concerned about out dated style lessons.

          • CHinOhio

            I see. You wouldn’t want today’s kids to be able to read and interpret our founding documents. They should just listen to people like you interpret for them, correct? smh…..

          • Jack Savage

            Ehhhh… that is a touchy one. Not real sure. When does too much become too much. When do we go from teaching to proseltyizing? Catch 22 I am sure. Hard area and that is on a case by case basis I am sure.

          • Bart Hawkins

            Learn to write, Ian. You seem to take abundant pride in butchering the English language.

          • Rita Privette

            Please don’t speak for the “world”

          • Right, because a story that’s been passed along by word of mouth by hundreds of people is a reliable source. Religion, all religions are taught as a part of history – no one is attempting to convert these children, simply present religion in the context of history. The father was banned from school for acting an ass, regardless of the topic as any parent should be. This fueling fear over a non-issue is why people think the right is uneducated and ridiculous.

          • mattvorwald

            The quote is directly from the school. The message doesn’t get more unfiltered.

          • Jack Savage

            Thank you mister late to the game. Already covered. And just to bring this about, where on the Snopes site does there exist a citation? Where? NOWHERE! That is where the issues lie. They can write whatever they want, without a secondary source that says it is directly attributable.

            Nelson, however, provided a source further down here. People, just because it is “posted on Snopes” . How about checking the schools website, (which had nothing about this incident on it…. as stated by Snopes), or checking the local news. Snopes is not a valid reference source (just try using it in college, I dare you).

          • kellyb804

            Look at the state social studies standards. They address the role of world religions, including Christianity, in history.

          • avengeflipper

            As a teacher, I’ve been trying to explain this to parents for years! Because of the grade level I teach (6th), we teach Hinduism first, then Buddhism. But, the complaints never get into full swing until i hit the Islam stuff. Even though prior to that we teach Judaism and Christianity. They have to be taught because of the impact they had on history.

          • CHinOhio

            My kids are in a Christian school, and they have Bible class. The people that slap together the school cirriculum have no right to dictate anything else, and NO right in public schools. This can be easily learned OUTSIDE of school. It is NOT your job to create more little Obamabots, saying we should accept everything, if it goes against ones basic beliefs. Tolerance is one BIG reason this country is a mess, along with teachers who just roll with whatever they are thrown to “teach” and are afraid to speak their minds about this trash.

          • avengeflipper

            I despise Obama and everything he stands for. It’s highly unlikely anyone will ever be able to accuse me of creating Obamabots. I encourage critical thinking in the hopes that children do not become Obamabots. My kids went to Catholic School, our closest Christian School was miles away. In Catholic School they also learned state standards which included learning about all major religions and their impact on the world. As a Christian parent, my job is to teach my children why they should be Christians. I don’t endorse any religion to my students. But, I do have to teach the basic tenets of each one. This is in the state standards. Personally, I’d rather my children know basic facts of what they are against.
            Professionally, I do my job which is to teach the standards adopted by the legislators who were voted into office.

          • CHinOhio

            That is good to hear, avenge. There may be disadvantages to not being in the unionized environment – but man, it must be easier to sleep at night sometimes.

          • Bart Hawkins

            Then, Aveneflipper, why not SHOW the parents the curriculum? You know, what we used to call a “syllabus,” when I was both in school as student and teaching as professor (Chemistry, USC)?

            Your parents get upset because they know not what YOU do, for one thing; next, only Islam and the LDS teach that ritual murder in the course of proselytization is not only acceptable but Godly.

          • avengeflipper

            I actually do show them the syllabus, Bart. The syllabus isn’t always the curriculum though. It’s an outline of what is taught in order in the class. They just refuse to listen. They set their mind one way and will not be swayed.

            However, a quick look at the standards takes five minutes. I share links with that to the parents. The problem is too many people just see the word Islam and freak out.

            However, a quick look at the standards takes five minutes. I share links with that to the parents. The problem is too many people just see the word Islam and freak out. The funny thing is, I teach Hinduism first and I never get that reaction.
            The funny thing is, I teach Hinduism first and I never get that reaction.
            my opinion) such as math goals for students who are not yet abstract thinkers. However, we get bogged down in arguments about

            I teach online :). Parents see the curriculum when they CHOSE to look at it.

          • Let’s get serious

            For those doubting that parents freak out, I think that they only need to read the comments here to understand what you are dealing with. It is unfortunate because, based on the reactions here, the need for education is quite great.

            Kudos to you for dealing with it.

          • CHinOhio

            The schools have no business doing this – period. Parents have an OPTION when it comes to whether they choose to take their children to any house of worship. They do NOT have an option on whether they send their kids to school.

          • Nelson

            The things they are learning won’t hurt them and will only help them. Everyone should know the basics about different cultures. If the father really cared about his daughter’s education he would encourage her to do the work instead of protesting it.

          • shelly

            FYI snopes.com is a liberal justification site and can be edited by anyone but nice try on that..”cough, Cough” fact finding adventure!!!

          • Nelson

            Where is your proof that anything I quoted is wrong?

          • Let’s get serious
        • mattvorwald
      • Raised in the D

        If you pay attention to the alternative news, you will see that this isn’t a one time thing or an isolated incident. No religion should be covered unless they all are. Until this school and every other that is instructing on Islam includes a lesson on Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and every other religion, parents have every right to object to this!

    • Chris Powers

      Why is this “Separation of church and state” idea always being brought up like it is actually a law… Nowhere on any document that is officially used by the Legislative, Judicial, or Executive branches to pass, or legitimize LAW does it say… there must be a separation of church and state.

      The idea has been around since Socrates but only truly expressed in America in a letter from Jefferson in the early 1800’s wrote (referenced by USCONSTITUTION>NET/jeffwall>Html) Replace > with period for actual site.

      “Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between Man & his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, & not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church and State”

      Can we PLEASE stop using something that bears no relevance to what needs to be done and what is done.

      I agree with you 99.999% all but that statement…
      The belief that this is law is a complete misnomer

      Now on topic here… The switch in this country’s religious preference and defense seemed to have happened when Mr Oshitter decided to take up government housing and benefits.
      Come on… The man lives in D.C. The whole place is The Projects.
      He doesn’t pay for food, we do, and the man doesn’t work to support his family.
      Typical American family in these day and ages.

      But the reality is, we have never seen this in America, we only heard of it in Germany when teachers indoctrinated the students to believe in antisemitism. Now the student/child informed the parent of this information and now he is banned from the establishment.

      Seriously people… Keep an eye out for Cattle cars next. Those aren’t just FEMA camps out there. They are Human Cattle Ranches.

      The hippy’s of the 60’s were 100% right about government… Heck even Hyde on That 70’s Show said a lot of valid things regarding Government control and domination as well as Big Companies owning the world.

      Gear up people…. I give it a short time before we choose which side is shooting who… The loyalists, or the rebels….

      True love can not be achieved until the power of love becomes more important than the love of power.

      • Raised in the D

        If you were paying attention, you would have read where I said separation of church and state RULE. I never represented it as law.

    • CHinOhio

      Separation of church and state is to prevent the government from establishing a national religion. It has nothing to do with school cirriculum. That is why you go after the fool administrators that allow this into the cirriculum in the first place – at the LOCAL level.

      • kellyb804

        This isn’t local–state social studies standards (which you can find online) address teaching about many world religions, including Christianity. This is because people need to have some understanding of what people of other religions believe in order to understand many world events (and maybe even have some empathy for others…though that might be too much to hope for).

    • asia

      Thank heavens my son does say Pledge of Allegiance and teacher simply has a minute of silence right after this. those who do pray can do it right then those who dont simply stand in silence

  • Molōn Labe

    I doubt this will last much longer. Eventually Americans will force a change, bloody perhaps, but welcomed.

  • billpayor

    OK, which school was it. I’m sure there are some American citizens who would love to speak to them. http://www2.ccboe.com/schoolscenters/viewschoollist_hs.cfm

    • CHinOhio

      From above comments:

      Mary Noonan•15 hours ago

      The vice principal’s name is Shannon Morris and her email is: smmorris@ccboe.com. The Principal’s name is: Evelyn Arnold and the school’s address is: 6035 Radio Station Rd., La Plata, Md. 20646 and the school’ s number is 301-934-1100.

  • Tex

    WTF are we doing Americans? Are we really just letting these snakes slither into and take control of our society? Jesus America, STAND THE PHUCK UP ALREADY.

    • Lee

      The beheadings have started.. it won’t be long before they start on our kids. And we allowed it to happen. YES.. WTF!

      • Tex

        Sadly, I think you’re probably correct.

      • charlesbigtruck

        And today there was another beheading on Long Island, NY

      • asia

        on one hand yes on another kids need to learn about religions of the world. it will only empower them.

        • 19mad74

          Public schools are not to be teaching ANY RELIGION! Remember when they outlawed prayers in schools? Of course that was for Christian praying. And the only empowerment students need is learning math, reading , science, geography, English and history. Is it any wonder school scores keep dropping. The P.C. indoctrination needs to STOP!!!

          • Allen Michael

            You are exactly right! If prayer and chritstianity are not allowed in school! NO RELIGION should be allowed then! Liberals and their logic!

          • mattvorwald

            You do know that Christianity and its rule in history is covered in every history textbook in the USA, too… don’t you? Nevermind, you probably didn’t read yours.

          • common-sense-needed

            Not in any history class I took, but we also said the
            Pledge of Allegiance.
            Covering a religion and its place in history is one thing but it sure wasn’t learning the Pillars of xxxx.
            Call me crazy..

          • kellyb804

            I am a public school teacher, and having taught in several schools, I have never yet seen one where the Pledge is not still recited every morning. I don’t know when or where you took history, but if you look in your state social studies standards, you are likely to find that the study of religions (including Christianity) is mentioned several times. It’s mentioned in the NY standards six times (“Religions and other belief systems (animism, ancestor worship, Confucianism, Hinduism,Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam) have both united and divided the peoples of
            the Eastern Hemisphere,” “Role of religions (Puritans, Quakers, Catholics, Others)” in colonial society, etc. Please check it for yourself.

          • common-sense-needed

            I went to public schools in the 60’s, and thank you for the informative reply.

          • RJ K

            The mention of religion, and teaching the tenets of religion, are two entirely different and distinct things.

          • Marianne Sandy


          • Kelly

            I was a history buff in high school. please don’t just spout your opinion without facts to back it up. I never read in any of my history books about Jesus Christ and his life or its affect on the history of the world today. please prove me wrong but I would doubt that you can.

          • avengeflipper

            I can’t prove what you didn’t learn in high school. I can prove what is taught and in what context. In the State of Ohio (where i live) all major religions and their impacts on society are required to be taught in sixth grade. A simple glance at the history standards for the state will show you that.

          • RSK

            I seriously doubt that the specifics of the religious beliefs, as in memorizing the ten commandments for testing, is part of the reinforcement of curriculum.

          • Diana Pillion

            I have 2 Grandsons in Ohio schools, they do not learn religion

          • avengeflipper

            If they are in sixth grade, they do. Check the Ohio State standards. Trust me, if the religion weren’t in there, I wouldn’t teach it. I have to deal with parents every year who get upset that i’m teaching what the state requires me to teach.

          • Marianne Sandy

            Really, do they teach them the beatitudes, the ten commandments, the lords prayer? Hardly!

          • EQ4ALL

            Thank you so much for standing up.

          • troop2011

            PDF of a 2007 7th Grade History Textbook that was used in LA. Go ahead and ctrl+f and type in Christianity just for funsies!


          • Ulrike Weber

            Haha, I did: Over 80 hits for Christian!

          • RSK

            Only two for Jesus and more than twenty for Muhammad.

          • John Payne

            Can’t ever know what was in the books you read, but any world history will contain references to Christianity as well as Judaism and Islam Hinduism and paganism as well as many other “isms”..US history books were and are heavily edited to portray only brief glimpses of the world ouside the USA and that is why the US knows little about how the world really works Point to qualification for graduating high school in Virginia…only required subject was “History of Virginia” which up until about 1875 was in fact about all the history of the US there was. This is a fact…I lived in Virginia from 1970 to 74

          • android

            I don’t know what school you went to, but I was taught about all religions in a public school. Christian, Buddhism, Daoism, etc. Religion is one of the main motivators in any society, and if you weren’t taught that, your education was sorely lacking.

          • RJ K

            Not too bigoted, huh?

          • Nancy Robbins

            In public schools I never read about religion, ever. In catholic high school I read about religiion, but then, my parents sent me to a parochial school for a reason., but never, ever in public school did I encounter a relgiion class or a history class regarding religion.

          • Marianne Sandy

            Such a lie. We never studied the impact that Jesus had on the world, what he believed in, or what the scriptures taught. That was left up to religious education by the church!

          • James

            You do realize textbooks don’t discuss Christian beliefs though when discussing their role in history…don’t you? Never mind, you probably didn’t read yours.

          • kellyb804

            I am a public school teacher, at both a high school and a university. Schools regularly teach about all different religions, Christianity included. This is generally part of the social studies curriculum, helping students understand more about the world they live in and the motivations and beliefs of others. Schools most certainly can teach about religions. What they cannot do, according to the First Amendment, is establish a state religion. Organizing prayers within public schools is something that has been viewed as violating the establishment clause. But teaching students about religion does not violate that, and many public schools offer courses in which the Bible is studied as literature. If you look up the state social studies standards for your state, you’ll probably find that all religions are addressed (including Christianity, and multiple divisions within Christianity) multiple times throughout the sequence.

          • 19mad74

            They never used to. But, with the Third World invasion I guess the P.C. police have decided that valuable class time so be spent on Islam. You must teach in Mexifornia.

          • kellyb804

            “Never used to” when? I learned about world religions in high school several decades ago. It’s very difficult to understand world history without having some idea of the beliefs and motivations of conflicting groups.

          • 19mad74

            I graduated in 1974 from public school in California and during history class religion was never discussed except for religious freedom in America. On a college level I’m sure these topics are brought up. But, we’re talking about grammar school here. So, get over yourself !!!

          • kellyb804

            That was about a decade before I graduated, but by the 80’s, some study of world religions had been added to the social studies curriculum. No matter how you feel about religions other than your own, any historian will tell you it’s difficult to understand history without knowing anything about the beliefs and motivations of the people acting. That’s why it’s been added to the curriculum.

          • 19mad74

            Just keep living in LA LA land. And FYI I have studied religions other than my own. And Muslims do not belong in Western countries whose values they basically hate. So, you keep telling yourself what a great religion and culture these medieval maniacs come from all you like it won’t change the facts. Did you watch 60 Minutes tonight and what the Muslims are trying to do in the U.K.? They’re pushing for Sharia law and are openly stating that they want to take over the country. And idiots like you help them push their poison and give it validation.

          • kellyb804

            Where did I tell myself (or anyone else) “what a great religion” anyone came from? I’m just stating a fact, a fact that anyone can confirm for themselves with 10 minutes of online research: the state standards for social studies require the teaching of world religions at several points in the K-12 curriculum. This isn’t a very recent development–take a look at when the state curriculum was last significantly revised. Find out when the world religion part was added (if it wasn’t always part of the curriculum). This isn’t part of an evil plot, this was put in the state curricula by the state education department, because it’s relevant to the understanding of history.Teachers who teach the basic beliefs of Islam, and many other religions, including Christianity, are following their state curriculum, which is a required part of their jobs. If you do the research, find facts, but still can’t believe it’s not part of an evil plot, remove your children from school and home school them, and take up the state curriculum requirements with the state education department (but don’t be offended if they don’t listen—they generally don’t!)

          • 19mad74

            Kelly, you’ve obviously got your shorts in a knot dear over this issue. You must live in California, get over yourself !!! Teachers like you are precisely why if I had children, I would never send them to public school. Because I would want my children to have an education, not an indoctrination.

          • RSK

            A quick look at the link to the textbook supplied by the person above shows a heavy bias toward details of Islam.

          • xmrax

            I graduated in 1960, and I don’t remember it either.

          • Sara Sue Schmidt

            I looked at some of the middle school history books used in Illinois and found definite slanting toward Islam as opposed the other religions, e.g. 19 pages on Islam vs. 2 pages on other religions. Islam beliefs were stated as fact while in Christianity it was “Christians believe….”.

          • Marianne Sandy

            Learned about them and why they did what they did. Never ever did we study the core tenants if faith! no reading of theholyy books, or rules if the religion. That was left up to the church!

          • RSK

            standards do not dictate individual lesson content, only the level of testing. locally lessons can construe much more than they should.

          • Steve Cooper

            For a teacher you are pretty dumb. I don’t believe it for a second. Get lost troll.

          • leadarrows

            islam is not a religion it is a cult.

          • Sam Draper

            You are so right.

          • John Payne

            You are incorrect…Public funding of religious practices is banned but the study of religions is not banned

        • peoplectr

          That is for the parents to decide what they want their kids to be exposed to other religions NOT THE GOVERNMENT

          • how

            I agreed . I object to teaching religion in schools unless you are going to Catholic school or other religious based schools. Seeing that Islam can lead to intolerance of other religions and jihadists murdering innocent people and Christians I certainly dont want this buttered over and taught to my children unless its to caution them of Islamists.

          • troop2011

            So… basically… erase extremely important historical information because you don’t want your child exposed to the truth? Got it. Might as well not let your child ever touch a history book. There’s no way in teaching history if you exclude that information. It is too involved in the events. Also, fear mongering also does your child no good. ” its to caution them of Islamists.” Heh.

          • Betty Clouse

            Will be pulling my kids out and home schooling them. Is anyone on here going to try and stop me. I don’t want them taught anything about the evil nasty jihad muslins in School. Don’t even try idiots!!

          • kellyb804

            Why the chip on your shoulder? No one’s trying to stop you from home schooling your child.

          • Betty Clouse

            Why are you a smartass!

          • kellyb804

            Not a smartass–just honestly puzzled as to why you’re so defensive about it, when it’s your right and no one in your school district would have a problem with it.

          • Betty Clouse

            Obama right now is trying to stop all home schooling if you don’t know this than you nothing just like I figured!! Another liberal idiot. My husband decided our kids will be going into a private school. Just like the ones Obama has his kids in and the other moron and jackasses that started this common core. I gurantee they are not studying under this common core lies and stupid crap. I’ve been able to obtain lots of the papers they have on his mess in classrooms thank you and its the most ludicrous bunch of crap! Anyone saying different needs to just shut up and close their mouth. You a school teacher yeah right and I’m a tooth fairy. They don’t want the kids to bring home books for parents to go through either and they want them to only work on computers in class so the parents will not see they are teaching them.

          • kellyb804

            I’m reluctant to post my teaching certification and share my name and address with people who seem so angry–I’m sure you’d understand. But it doesn’t matter at all whether you believe I’m a teacher or not. All of these things are things you can check yourself. How is Obama preventing you from home schooling? It may vary a little from state to state, but I live in one that requires more documentation than most (to prevent parents from just removing their children from school using them as free babysitters–a situation, sadly, that I’ve seen before), and even here, a parent just has to go to their local school and fill out a paper stating their intention to home school. If you’ve asked your children’s teachers to send home or show you text books and they’ve refused, I’d talk to the principal. That’s a normal and reasonable request that I’ve had many times, and never had any problem accommodating.

          • reggie98ud

            I have to disagree to some extent. Too much of world history is involved/based on religion. I’m not condoning indoctrination like this school is doing, but a basic explanation of the religion so students can understand its impact on world events. You’ve got almost 800 years of recorded history where the Roman Catholic Church (mostly through the Holy Roman Empire) was the dominant power in the civilized world, fighting 3 crusades against Muslims for control of what is/was/now Israel. Current world events are rooted in these conflicts from almost a millennium ago. There is an old saying, those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it.

          • tcabill

            Look at the paper, that is no history lesson.

          • reggie98ud

            I agree, that’s why I said “to some extent.” The curriculum in this article is what I described above as indoctrination. The paper in this article is nothing like what I was advocating.

          • Kelly

            your statement is in error. it is those who do not LEARN from history are doomed to repeat it.

          • reggie98ud

            Symantics, it still means basically the same thing. Religion is part of history, most of it very violent and very bloody, if students don’t learn about it, then they will repeat it.

          • getyourfactsright

            The Crusades were not for control of Israel. The Crusades were about Christians trying to reclaim the lands that Muslims and invaded and terrorized for 400 years. The Crusades were a response/escalation of a conflict started by Muslims.

            And that, is why HISTORY needs to be taught in schools, not a whitewashed version to brainwash people into believing Islam is a good thing.

          • reggie98ud

            The rallying cry was taking back the Holy Land. Israel/Jerusalem was the target, they obviously had to take back the lands in between but Jerusalem was seen as the ultimate prize, that is why the Knights Templar were based there while the Church held the city.

            Again, I said that History too often involves religion to completely ignore it. To understand why things happened, one must understand why each side believed what they did. By teaching students about what Hitler did and how he though, do you really think schools are indoctrinating fascism into students? Or is it more of showing why things happened? Same idea for what I am advocating.

          • Kevin Pearson

            Have you even looked at the picture? This is simply a history assignment not a religion assignment. No different than if they were reading a chapter on Fredrick the Great.

          • kellyb804

            There is a difference between teaching ABOUT religions, and promoting a religion. Teaching ABOUT religions is required by all state social studies standards of which I am aware (it’s easy to find your own state’s standards online), so if you don’t want your child to learn anything about other religions, you’ll need to stop taking advantage of the public schooling and home school. Also, it’s going to be difficult to explain many events in world history without exposing your child to any other religion (Protestant Reformation, the Crusades, the Inquisition, colonization of America, ancient Greece, the Roman Empire)…but you may be able to find a home school curriculum that skips all that.

        • shelly

          Are you kidding me. I don’t want that hateful religion in our schools. I don’t want our schools teaching any religion. This is how government turns the heads of the people!!!

          • mattvorwald

            You are speaking from a position of ignorance. Public school curriculum does not preach any religion. It teaches of their existence, the substance of them, and their context to the development of the world over history.

        • reggie98ud

          Then teach ALL of them not just the one that worships a violent, sadistic, sociopathic, mysogenistic pedofile!

          • mattvorwald

            They do.

          • reggie98ud

            That is not the case in most public indoctrination centers (aka schools). Most will condemn anything to do with Judeo-Christian values.

          • mattvorwald

            False, even when applied to this specific school. They cover Christianity in the chapters where historically significant.

          • Mohammed’s pink swastika

            Do the cover the life of the LORD Jesus Christ? In the same way they cover the “PROPHET” Mohammad?

          • Byron Shutt

            Show me were the 10 commandments were taught in their historic content at that school….or any school. While you’re at it show me the assignment where Jesus was part of it.

          • mattvorwald

            Read the direct reply from the school which speaks of Christianity being covered. Better yet, read the analysis of several common world history textbooks from a Christian theologian: http://www.tfn.org/site/DocServer/FINAL_Brockman_WH.pdf?docID=4623

          • Byron Shutt

            Your reading skills like your comprehension abilities need a little tune up. I said show me where THIS school taught the historic importance of the 10 commandments? Is it part of THAT schools current curriculum? But you just assume it is. Show me the text that THEY are teaching that shows the historic significance of Jesus.

          • Byron Shutt

            By the way you showed a link to the TEXAS state religious studies PROPOSED studies. This school was in Maryland.

          • mattvorwald

            I guess you’ll have to wait til some blowhard posts a pic of that chapter. Or graduate from school yourself. http://www.somdnews.com/storyimage/PN/20141029/NEWS/141029042/AR/0/AR-141029042.jpg&maxw=800

          • Byron Shutt

            So you answer the question….well part of it, and you think your superiority in facts trumps someone who has a kid he objects to being taught about Islam? Right…..and still haven’t seen the section taught about Christianity and it’s promotion like that offered to Islam. And your guidelines do not translate into what happens in the classroom.

          • mattvorwald

            See if you can read:

            Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) social studies curriculum adheres to the Maryland World History curricular standards that are a requirement for all counties in the state. These standards include an analysis of the elements of culture such as art, music, religion, government, social structure, education, beliefs and customs in societies throughout history. Regarding the study of history specifically, the standards also state that students should be able to analyze the customs and beliefs of world religions and their expansion, as well as how their establishment has impacted other areas of culture, and in certain times and regions, even caused conflict.

            The particular unit in question at La Plata High School is on the formation of Middle Eastern empires in which students learned the basic concepts of the Islamic faith and how it, along with politics, culture, economics and geography, contributed to the development of the Middle East. Other religions are introduced when they influence or impact a particular historical era or geographic region. For example, when reviewing the Renaissance and Reformation, students study the concepts and role of Christianity. When learning about the development of China and India, students examine Hinduism and Buddhism.

            There is also misinformation about why the school issued a No Trespass Order on a parent. This parent threatened to cause problems that would potentially disrupt La Plata High School this morning. To ensure the safety of students and staff at the school, the school administration placed a No Trespass Order on this parent.

          • Byron Shutt

            You can write all the generalities you like but you have NOT addressed what has really transpired in the classroom. Since when is the 5 pillars of Islam or the half truth life of Muhammad taught in that class necessary to tell the historic place of Islam in history and I repeat for your braindead thick progressive diseased mind just where do they teach the significance of the 10 commandments or who Jesus is to millions…..because they don’t. Let’s just make this lesson short….Jesus; ‘Love thy neighbour’. Sharia Law; ‘Smite the non-believers wherever you find them.’

          • Betty Clouse

            I don’t care what you said you hide the truth from all parents because they are shoving this common core down parents throats whether they want it or not. Let us parents vote on this and I gurantee it will fail big time. You want to say everything is ok with this school its not! You are in some deranged way of reasoning about things that are going on per this evil common core!! Muslims Jihad is NO religion and its a terrorist group of Muslims and should not even be mentioned in schools. Yeah that is what this Common Core is all about taking the parents right away from us and the government thinks they can own our kids like Hitler did. Let me tell you right now that will never ever happen. We parents are starting to ban together to get rid of this filty lieing bunch of common core crap! I hope this Marine pulls their child out and sue the hell out of this nasty evil school!!

          • Laticia

            Did they cover how the Islam faith pretty much destroyed any advancements in Constantinople? Did it cover how much of the historical churches and temples were destroyed?

          • kellyb804

            Look in your state social studies standards. Those of my state address many world religions, including explicit mention of Christianity and its beliefs and tenets. Do some research. If you can’t find it in your state standards, go to your local school and ask a social studies teacher. Don’t just blindly believe inflammatory rhetoric.

          • Laticia

            But they only point out the bad things…they don’t report that most hospitals were founded because of Christians. …Charles Darwin even noted that if you were shipwrecked on a south Pacific island the hope was that you would land on an island that had been reached by Christian missionaries first. That was usually the difference between being invited to eat dinner and being eaten for dinner.

          • kellyb804

            Do you work in a public school? I am a teacher, and I can’t think of any instance of any religion being condemned (as a matter of fact, I spend a lot of time trying to encourage my students to develop what would be considered Judeo-Christian values–and no, I’m not an exception). Do you have children in school? If so, and you really believe this about schools, you should take them out and home school them. But if you have no way of knowing what goes on in schools, I’d encourage you to not just listen to the one-sided hype, and actually go into a school and volunteer.

          • Betty Clouse

            You are no teacher you are another lieing libereral who loves Common Core and wants to turn our children in to kids like Hitler.

          • kellyb804

            I’d post my teaching certificate, but I’m kind of wary of having such angry people know my full name and address. Actually, I (like most teachers) don’t like Common Core at all. I have children of my own, and have no desire for them, or my students, to be anything like Hitler. I spend my days trying to instill values and knowledge in underprivileged teens. But all of that is beside the point. It shouldn’t matter who I am–what I’m saying is that the state social studies standards dictate that students learn something about many world religions, so they can better understand world history. Whether you think I’m a professor or a garbage collector, it doesn’t change the fact that you can check the state social studies standards yourself and know for yourself.

          • xmrax

            no they can’t

        • tim

          you must be an idiot

        • tornadojo

          If they are going to teach about one religion then they need to teach about all religions which makes the task impossible. So either NO religion in schools or we need to completely change our curriculum and our laws. And if we allow that in schools then we’ll need to allow crosses back on the highways, the Ten Commandments everywhere, and all kinds of religious stuff everywhere. Including prayer in schools, before sporting events, public meetings, government meetings, etc, etc, etc.

        • RJ K

          Regardless of your opinion on the matter, public schools are NOT the place for the teaching of religion. Seems to me, some want to have their cake and eat it too.

        • xmrax

          where are the atheists on this one .seems them and aclu jump allover the Christians for less.

        • Marianne Sandy

          No the public schools do not need to be teaching about religion. That is up to the parents and when their own individual spiritual search.

        • bird2550

          That’s why institutions of higher education have classes on World Religion, when students are mature enough to comprehend, and can compare and contrast the facts with the home education they have received and make up their own minds. These discussions do NOT belong in elementary, middle and high schools, and no school board has the right to include this as part of the curriculum. Wake up, America!

    • enchantedrocker
    • Zipnut

      Pretty @#$%ing ignorant to hate someone and not know why you hate them. These kids need to know wtf is going on in the world and use their own brain to make judgments based on whats right for the future of the United states and this world. Banning education will only have these kids grow up oblivious to current events this world is facing. I for one want my children to be educated before they vote. Makes sense that you are from Texas though… Enough said.

      • Tex

        STFU, you retarded maggot. You pathetic little pieces of human trash, make this country weak. Rest assured, your kind will get the irons first, when the ISH hits the fan, punk.

        • Zipnut

          BAN ALL EDUCATION ON WHY WE ARE ON THE BRINK OF WORLD WAR 3! That will do it! You have the same mentality as.. who was it? Hitler? We need to first educate background before we educate why we are in conflict. When your kid ask’s you “Why daddy?” Is your answer BECAUSE KID. WTF? Who does that?

          • Tex

            WTF are you babbling about?

            Jesus, STFU. Have you ever been the Middle East? God Damn, liberals….I swear.

          • Zipnut

            Yes, I was in the military from 2000-2007. What does being there have anything to do with knowing why we are there?

          • Tex

            Shocking. Typically you have to be able to read to enlist.

            Read man, READ! This article clearly states his objection was to the “teaching the benefits of Islam to students.” If you cannot comprehend the issue with that, grow a beard and catch the first flight over.

            We don’t need this smut in our country, regardless of what lefty’s like you think.

          • endersdragon

            http://youtu.be/D3di8Vw15XY I am sure this hero is just a lefty to you, but yea, this is what I think.

          • Tex

            He is, and that is what makes this country a massive target and extremely susceptible to being terrorized. Do you somehow think that every uniform wearing service member has the utmost expertise on everything? I guarantee I can provide you thousands that disagree with this grunt, and you.

            And for the record, I wore the uni (USMC) for the majority of my 20’s. I spent 24 months in the ME. I don’t care who says what about these people, the majority of them are evil and hate every one of us, even the blinded fools like you that think they’re so great. We’re being invaded, taken over and you jerkoffs think it’s some pretty little rainbow of color. I hope you don’t breed.

            People like you that live under this “melting pot” notion, are about as naive and pathetic as it gets. Tell me how and where that theory has proven to be anything of value to our country? Not in the 19th or 20th centuries either, modern times slick. Please, fill me in.

          • Zipnut

            are we now a country where we don’t ask questions and just follow everyone else and everyone else’s orders? I believe that’s how Hitler regime got started. We teach current events and history so we don’t doom ourselves to repeat it.

  • Shadrach

    Schools tell their pupils they cannot bring bibles but they allow Islam in the classroom!?

  • Stephen Atchison

    ERMERGERD! Learning about other cultures and religion! The horror!

    • Shanks

      So if they can teach kids the five pillars of Islam you must be ok with them teaching the 10 commandments, right?

      • Stephen Atchison

        I’ve got no problem with them learning about any religion or culture.

        • Shanks

          I applaud your intellectual honesty. I was following a thread on this same subject this morning and the people who were passionately defending the teaching of Islam in schools lost their minds and did a 180 when the subject of the 10 commandments was brought up.

      • Ian G

        It’s really the context in which you teach it. Islam is being taught in the context of Middle East history, and so should Christianity (also in the context of European history). The problem is when you teach any religion as fact or include it in some kind of ethics class.

        Kids usually don’t learn about Christianity though because they are usually already familiar with it.

        • Shanks

          I agree it’s theoretically ok to teach about religion in a historical context, but bias always creeps in. As my kids went through school I always stayed involved in what they were being taught. One of them had a comparative religion class and the bias was very evident. Christianity was discussed in terms of the Inquisition, the Crusades and multiple European wars. Judaism was discussed mostly in terms of Israel (with no mention of the holocaust!) On the other hand when Islam was discussed it was in benign terms (like those in the kid’s worksheet above) but there was no mention of Islamic terrorism or the endless Sunni/Shia slaughter. While everything was technically true, the bias was glaring.

          • Let’s get serious

            I am not sure what your kids were studying but if it was a history class then those things may not always be covered — we would generally cover things by time period.

      • avengeflipper

        In many schools, students do learn the five pillars of Islam and the 10 commandments. They also learn all about Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism. All have left their mark on the world. You can’t teach history without teaching basic world religions. More in depth stuff is left for college.

    • Ferrari fan

      I don’t mind them learning about Islam, as long as it is factually correct. From what I have seen, kids are being taught a very selective bit that omits quite a bit of Islam’s more objectionable teachings and history.

  • Shanks

    The public school systems have become nothing but progressive indoctrination centers. Idiot factories that produce good little drones that don’t think critically but will reliably vote democrat.

  • Lee

    Why is America putting up with this? It is getting to the point where Americans have no rights any more, and this B/S is allowed. Who’s country is this anyway. It’s almost at the point of no return, because we allowed it to happen. Can you not see what we are leaving for our kids and grandkids?

    • Lee

      Continue voting liberal, and it will just get worse.

  • Vanmarbu

    The founding fathers were racist. Very few of them actually believed that the African slaves should be given their freedom and treated as equals. HOWEVER, their concepts of a Republic form of government, and the checks and balances were spot on. They knew a two party system would destroy the Republic, which it is.

    Let’s not pretend like the Founding fathers were flawless men. They were intelligent, and innovative. They were also racists, and sexists. That most definitely should be taught in school. It’s true.

    No religion should be taught in school. That’s the job of the church. If you want your children to learn about God, Allah, or Joseph Smith go to the proper church and learn it there. They are going to be more accurate anyhow. Let’s not water things down by having the public education system screw it up.

    Kids still think Columbus was from Spain and that he discovered “America”…we haven’t fixed that screw up yet.

    • Shanks

      What a lot of people don’t realize, especially young people, is that the whole PC thing where everybody is judged by their views on race & gender hasn’t been around long. So you could pretty much say that most every historical figure (including a lot of the women) would probably fall under todays definition of racist & sexist. It would be mind numbingly redundant.

    • Founding fathers were not racist. They recognized slavery as a legal condition, not a permanent moral condition. Slaves were taught jobs, and persons of African heritage were taught to do calculations for tide tables, eclipses, sunrise and sunset. That was the empirical evidence, and established their sufficient intelligence to be free. Blacks were sometimes slaves, sometimes indentured, sometimes free. Based on that, George Washington freed his slaves in his will, thinking that would set a good example to other citizens. After his death, the Virginian legislature (and others) made freeing slaves more difficult. Jefferson made several propositions to ease freeing of slaves, but was voted down, by others, not by the founders. When he died, due to the requirements that each freed slave be given a sum of money so they could leave, and the requirement for them to leave, he was only able to free a very few slaves in his will, all closely related to his wife.

    • Some modern historians have argued that Columbus was not from Genoa, but instead, from Catalonia, Portugal, or Spain. These competing hypotheses have generally been discounted by mainstream scholars. We don’t have any documents written by him in Genoese Italian, which one would expect if he was of Genoese extraction.

    • avengeflipper

      Religion is taught in school because it helps understand different cultures. I would prefer my child have a basic understanding of all religions. It’s my job to teach him which is the right religion to follow. Doesn’t anyone understand the know your enemy philosophy anymore. Understand what the other side believes, because that is how you prove them wrong.

      • CHinOhio

        People understand other cultures by being exposed to them and researching them (ahem, parents – do your job) – not by being taught what the federal Dept. of Education wants to cram down their throats.

  • Molōn Labe

    A thousand pin pricks and we all bleed to death. Stand up to these people, and crush them. Do you all want to be the UK in 50 years. Bowing our heads in shame as our culture is wiped from the Earth. I am not a religious man but I will stand with the Christians, if they ever make a stand.

    • Dylan B

      5 years

      • Ferrari fan

        if we lose in this round of elections, even less time than that.

  • Mary Noonan

    The vice principal’s name is Shannon Morris and her email is: smmorris@ccboe.com. The Principal’s name is: Evelyn Arnold and the school’s address is: 6035 Radio Station Rd., La Plata, Md. 20646 and the school’ s number is 301-934-1100.

    Get in touch with them and voice your opinion.

  • Jon Weiss

    The school is lying through their teeth and should be subject to detailed investigation, and all subject matter regarding religion needs to be stripped from the curriculum, if Christianity is not allowed there then NO RELIGION should be allowed there. This is merely one more case of liberalism run amuck, the faculty also needs to be investigated and if any falsehood has been perpetrated, (I am of the opinion that it was), then all persons involved must be summarily terminated and banned from teaching.

    • kellyb804

      Who says Christianity isn’t allowed? State social studies standards dictate that many world religions, including Christianity, are taught in public schools.

  • Diane

    If we act like
    sheep, we will be treated like sheep

  • Bette Gilbertson Zimmerman

    Get your kids out of these school now. If enough are taken out of school they will have to close them down. How can these teachers sleep at night? Maybe they are being threatened. We need to get rid of obama and permanently. Then we need to deal with his cronies. They all deserve death.

  • Pat_riot_1

    Time for a new principal and vice principal and maybe the school board as well. This cannot be legal and that should actively be impressed upon the parents of the school district!

  • psiEnergos

    They’re teaching history huh? So when are they going to get the assignment on the benefits of Buddhism (WAY older than Islam)? How about Hinduism? I’m betting never.

    • Let’s get serious

      Don’t take the bet. You would be wrong. (People will mostly just freak out about Islam though.)


      • psiEnergos

        ““This is a world history class,” Simpson explained. “We are not teaching
        religion. Part of those world history studies involves the economics of
        a region and part of that is the religion which relates to the economy
        of that part of the world. In the Middle East, Islam is the only
        religion and it contributes greatly to the economics of the region.”

        Sorry, but when you teach the tenets of a religion, you are teaching religion.
        The story loses more credibility when fails to recognize that Islam is not the only religion of the Middle East (if this were so, thousands of Christians would not have been slaughtered over the last several months alone).

        Schools have also repeatedly lied (or simply backtracked) to the press when their misdeeds have been exposed so forgive me if I am slow to believe anything they tell them. Especially in light of another incident that happened in Michigan only a few short weeks ago where the curriculum was written so blatantly to proselytize for the religion that the ACLJ was consulted.

        Here is the schools take on the Michigan incident (and they indicate its a history lesson too, but it’s all a mistake folks, we just left out any wording that would neutralize the text and put it in historical context as intended, that’s all. Nothing to see here…don’t worry, we’ll get right on that.

        And here’s the mother’s perspective (to be fair though, the meeting in question took place after the Fox interview):

        Unfortunately the press, in all stories, have failed to provide any context for any other material, so we have no way to compare the way Islam is being taught to that of Buddhism or Christianity. Honestly that is irrelevant. If Christianity were taught this way in school. Others would be offended. The method is wrong. If it is to be taught as history, then teach it’s history, not it’s tenets AS history.

        • Let’s get serious

          Ok…I am not going to respond to this because my comments were addressing this specific incident and I have to work on other things.

          I thank you though for expressing yourself the way you did (and not resort to name calling) etc. as so many have chosen to do on this thread.

          While there may (or may not) be issues here, it is important that people work to become informed before demanding action, accusing people and name calling. None of these are constructive. Your response was a wonderful example of how a constructive response could be put together and your concerns. If I had more time (and if I do later), I would like to investigate more and respond.

          I hope others read it too…thanks. You give me hope that people can disagree and still remain civil. I personally just hope to see more thoughtful comments. It may not result in more agreement (who knows and who cares) but it will result in a better understanding which can be hugely beneficial as all sides are challenged in their thinking. (Key word here is thinking. Not emotional outbursts, Not tantrums. Thinking.)

          Best wishes to you. Hope I can get back to this.

  • Ian G

    God forbid we try and learn about the history of the places we invade (and yes religion=history in the middle east). Ignorant Americans unwilling to be educated and totally misinterpreting the assignment. This is an embarrassment to our country.

    • Vicki Martz

      The public education system can’t cherry pick which information about religion it imparts…and it is STILL a violation of church and state to teach anyone’s religion in a public educational setting. Who gets to choose which one of the hundred of religions …or all…to teach? If someone wants to learn that they can pay their own money and major in world theology at a university.

      • Rich Vid

        Hundreds of religions did not have impact on history, just the main ones did and you can’t teach about the Crusades,The Dark Ages,Martin Luther, the state of Utah and the Mormons and what they believed in, which happened to be polygamy without talking about religion. Islamic religion and its politics are interwoven (Theocracy) so you have to explain and understand the beliefs to understand the politics.
        No one is pulling out a blanket and telling kids to face Mecca get a grip people it is a small world and our histories are interconnected so kids got to learn it all to get the big picture.

  • Vicki Martz

    Sounds like the dad needs to scrape up enough $$ for an attorney…this is an illegal indoctrination and certainly a violation of the separation of church and state! I consider myself an independent thinker and voter…and I do NOT want Islam taught anywhere in the US. They can go back home where that teaching is welcome..to some.

    • Chris Powers

      Separation of Church and State means nothing. It is not in any formal document making it law. The statement came from Jefferson in 1802 ascribed in a letter based on his personal opinion.

      It is like the people who blindly quote passages from the bible like they are the leading authority of GOD. Like they sat there like a court stenographer.

      church and state is as legitimate as Arnold’s mistress child

      although I believe in the concept it can’t be used as a place of reference in any document America owns that can possibly be used as a legitimate law…

      Oddly enough though, it is written in the constitution that we can’t be shunned or stopped from expressing out religious views, beliefs, or exercises…

      The Free Exercise Clause: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

      • CHinOhio

        Oh my. It is used every time some small liberal minority gets offended.

        • Chris

          Exactly… But like usual, they are misinformed, and completely misguided.

          It is safe to say that I can not choose sides. Repubican, Democrat, Socialism, Communism…

          I believe in Humanism, and Patriotism.

          Most of those who choose a side, can not decide WHY they chose that side, other than what person they preferred in office that election year.

          Have we realized the “election” concept is nothing more than a popularity contest based on mostly lies and false data. We elect based on like, rather than qualification. disturbing system seeing as those who have been in office with no prior experience in Leadership, compassion, or humanity.

          We can never separate Church and State. Because they are both implemented with the exact same concept of controlling the masses, gaining a financial footing, and all promised paradise of sorts with no evidence it could even exist.

          I think Jefferson added something that was more or a parody than anything.

          When he said “Pursuit of Happiness” I think he was on to something. I think he knew that with both church and state in control… All we have to look forward to is Pursuit. Never does any other document tell you how to seek, or ever obtain… Just to keep chasing it because those with motivation and amitions usually pay the most taxes

  • charlesbigtruck

    Either remove these so called educators or pull your child out of the school and get other families to do the same.

    • Rita Privette

      All like minded families in that particular school should pull their kids out at the same time. It may finally start something!

  • Let’s Try Reason


    This story is only half true – check things out before you go off

  • Cris Berwick

    Sue their asses off

  • mary

    According to this http://www.snopes.com/politics/military/laplata.asp The students learn about several religions INCLUDING Christianity and Budism depending on what they are studying.

  • terfull

    They left out the flying horse named Barack that flew mohammed from mecca to medina.

  • Steven Dyszkewicz

    Student leaders that believe in our country and Constitution should organize a protest. Walk out and refuse to re-enter until either all religions are represented in the curriculum or the islamic indoctrination is removed!! This should happen at any and all so called American schools that want to promote islam at the expense of all others. The fact that islam is nothing more than a fascist cult is not relevant in this as they are promoting it as an actual religion!!!! You think a walk out would be dangerous for the students? Ask the administrators how much state and federal revenue would be lost in a mere two or three days of minimal attendance. The schools receive state and federal funding based on attendance!!!!

  • Ashley

    If they’re going to teach about islam, they need to teach the truth. There is enough info on tv daily about what islam does and what they believe. Beheadings of children, torture, intolerance… tell all, or don’t teach anything. Candy coating this “religion” is what upsets everyone. It is vile and evil and that is what should be taught as a warning. If you’re not going to teach the truth, don’t open your mouth. Family should sue for religion being taught in public school. Maybe a class action suit nationally is needed to stop this lunacy!

  • Reality

    Where the he;; is the ACLU. the “champions” of the idea of separation of church and state? I know, I know the constitution does say that but SCotUS rulings support that idea. Just look at the photo of the assignment, there is a clear violation (as ruled by the court) of the constitution. Progressives can’t have it both ways. My child would not step foot in the carp hole of a school again.

  • Strange1

    Where are all the atheists now? They come clamoring out over a prayer on a football field…but shut up when a religions tenants are being taught.

  • Marianne Sandy

    And he will sue the district? It is clearly a violation of the separation of church and state? Will he sue or will he just rant?

    • There is no ‘separation of church and state’ in the constitution. What it says ‘is: ‘Congress shall make no law’.

  • Nancy

    ONE nation under GOD, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all….You can confirm or deny, you can push God out of every public facility, but in the end God will become an intricate part of the end of your life… Of course they’re angry, he just spent years defending our freedom. Our schools have usurped their authority and are acting more like a petulant dictatorship now. Children’s minds are so pliable and soak up what is going on around them and what they are “taught”.

  • So, what are we going to do? Ans.=nothing? The thugs of Reid & Pelosi have two places of loyalty, 1. PC & 2. political power.
    The media? abc,cbs,nbc.cnn,etc.? their loyalty is PC and the Socialist/Communist Party(headed by George Soros & Obama.
    Each of these groups know Obama is slowly but surely tearing our country apart, but the power they hold is simply stronger than any loyalty to America.
    They’ll change and try to do what’s right,,,,,,,,,,after it’s too damn late.

  • mrb

    Home schooling comes to mind.

  • mrb

    School telling students to lie to parents? Part of Hillary agenda before Obama.

  • Bradley Graves

    Where is the ACLU on t his one?

  • scott

    the sad thing is,if these teachers ever would have stepped foot into the mid east to see first hand what a disaster islam really is and how bigoted it is towards women,they may not support it,but because old Barry boy says it is good,it must be good

    • avengeflipper

      What makes you think that teachers who teach Islam, part of the standards I should add, support it in the first place? I can think critically. I can tell you what someone believes without supporting what they believe. When the news comes on and the newscaster speaks Sunni, and Shia, my children understand what they are talking about. My son is currently fighting in Afghanistan. He knew who the Taliban were before joining the military. I am glad I taught him what Islam is. Because he also knows how to intelligently reject what it is.

  • annie

    It’s not a religion – it is a death cult that sacrifices lives to its pagan deity.

  • Bart Hawkins

    I do not have a problem with even a secular school teaching the Five Pillars of Islam…provided that same school is objectively teaching the Judeo-Christian equivalents, along with fundamental precepts of OTHER world religions (Buddhism, Shinto, Hindu, etc. etc.)

    I have EVERY problem with this content being taught to the exclusion of the above, especially while continuing objections are raised, constantly, to such Christian endeavors as prayer before football games, the placement of The Ten Commandments plaques (or, rather, the continued existence of them) on some public properties, and so on.

    To this particular situation – I am certain the parent has the right to instruct the school to remove HIS child from a particular unit of instruction (but, NOT to remove the requirements of it – meaning, the girl has to pass the test or suffer the consequences). The Vice Principal appears to be out of order.

    Now, let’s talk about motivation:

    Are there REALLY hordes of Islamic adherents driving these incidents? Is this part of Common Core? Are the teachers & administrators being called out, Nationwide, part of some conspiracy or are they literally under threat of their jobs?

    To be blunt, even in more conservative times, during my tenure in public school (which DID include the Pledge of Allegiance each day, and, depending on teacher, either a moment of silence or informal prayer), NEVER was anything OTHER than a brief unit on world religion taught – and THAT in the context of the principal religions of a given nation-state (i.e., we learned Shinto is a very important religion in Japan, celebrating x,y,z, but frankly relatively little about it).

    Again, WHY is this happening, WHY are other religious viewpoints being excluded from the dialogue, and WHY are the administrators so violently protecting this “instruction?”

    • Let’s get serious

      This is part of a history class…you are asking all the right questions. You just did not look hard enough for the truth. When something really does not seem right, I have found further investigation is helpful. Kudos for not jumping on the bandwagon and acting like an idiot. Your thoughtful “asking questions out loud” approach seems rather rare here.


  • Rita Privette

    Its time to pull your kids out of that school. My granddaughter recievde a failure because she refused to say something about Obahma that SHE felt was not true.
    Of course she was expressing what she heard from others, but in other words the freedom to think for themselves are being taken away from our children. I told her I was very proud of her.

  • Asia

    I actually think it is wise to teach our children about other religions. we live in a very multicultural society and who knows she might be able to use her knowledge wisely one day. It prevents ignorance and fear or what we dont know and promotes tolerance. I’d expect a bit more form a US Marine. I’d love for my children to know more about other cultures and religions including their origins etc.

  • Kit miss

    who is behind this mandating our schools to allow this? Once we figure that out we can stop it. Notice the Superintendebnt in one story, principle and teachers are not standing iPad against it Why?

  • donna

    would be considered nothing but a child molester “if” he were in
    America! THIS IS AMERICA . So STOP bringing his name to our schools
    and our kids!

  • Kenton

    It’s almost ironic as this is the exactly what Christians want as they keep complaining about the Bible not being taught in schools.

  • David

    How come the school boards didnt say anything about it? somethings fishy here

  • Anne McCormack

    this is religion get it out of the books..

  • 19mad74

    This is precisely why we need school vouchers! I thought the public school system had a separation of state and religion. But, I guess when it comes to Islam it is a cultural sensitivity fest at taxpayer expense. Our public schools are becoming institutions of indoctrination instead of education. If he can he should send his child to a private school and he should file a lawsuit against the school district.

  • Mark Muylaert

    This crap has already taking hold in Great Britain……..


    And at least one city in Michigan, Dearborn……


  • Carl Tim

    Marylanders or MORONS…see Marty OweMalley.

  • A_Sound_Bite

    Totally bizarre how we keep bending over backwards to avoid offending Muslims! We are being dangerously stupid with all this Islam crap. DANGEROUSLY stupid. We’re actually bending over FORWARDS–and waiting for Muslims to do whatever they want to us with a sword or some other pain-inducing object.

  • compguy83

    Predictably, you are all falling for this “news” story, just like they want you too.

    Anything to get the anger riled up.


  • Dan Packer

    All Muslims are terrorists. ALL OF THEM.

  • Clyde Taylor

    Remove her from the school

  • Gigetta

    They are taking cursive out of schools, giving kids laptops and having them do math on calculators. Unfortunately todays society is more computerized, but also they are less brain thinkers. How many kids today can think and do math, I have met very few. America, wake up, the next generation really is going to be a group of followers and non thinkers. Scary where we are headed. No, no religion should be “taught” in a public school. Children should not be banned from saying a prayer at their lunch table, to themselves, if they wish either, that is up to them if they so choose. This not hurting someones feelings crap has gone way overboard, when do you travel to France and everyone speaks English so as to not hurt your feelings, or and cross over into Mexico and I bet they all run to you screaming in English as well as hand out free medical and welfare to you also, wait fly to Iraq or Afghanistan and I bet they are going to speak English to you as well as no care that Women, yes Women, vote and do things here like work and speak out of turn, you bet, people wake the heck up. Take back our country, vote all these idiots out of office, does not matter what party they belong to, take big business out of the government, not what government was meant for, and bring it back to what it was originally meant for, BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE.

  • IFGA

    Yes, Islam has had a historical effect on the formation of the U S. There is eve a song about it that that Marine is aware of, something about the “Shores of Tripoli.” It went along with another problem that the marines solved at the “Halls of Montezuma.” which they should revisit.

  • Carolyn Buck

    there is only one God that is Jesus Christ who Gave His Life for you and me, how many of the other so call gods of you people has Died on the CROSS, no one and you can’t prove one of them either only Jesus.

  • justmeeveryone

    NOT GOOD. How can they teach about mohammed and islam but not Jesus and Christianity. We need to get the true God back into the schools!!!!

  • Sandra Lemley

    Time to home school it is the only safe way!!

  • Let’s get serious

    This is being taught in the context of history and other religions will be covered later.

    “The particular unit in question at La Plata High School is on the formation of Middle Eastern empires in which students learned the basic concepts of the Islamic faith and how it, along with politics, culture, economics and geography, contributed to the development of the Middle East. Other religions are introduced when they influence or impact a particular historical era or geographic region. For example, when reviewing the Renaissance and Reformation, students study the concepts and role of Christianity. When learning about the development of China and India, students examine Hinduism and Buddhism.”

    Read more at http://www.snopes.com/politics/military/laplata.asp#FXOKMd5gsL1TZSfQ.99

  • My blood pressure right now is about 220 over 115…

  • AFreeMan

    But unless he broke some law (which he obviously did not), they cannot ban him from the school. Remember, public schools are PUBLIC property — not private property. And he is one of the people, giving him the right to be there! Who do these “public servants” think they are?!!!

    • Let’s get serious

      OK…just remember this statement and that PUBLIC property gives people the right to be there when there is another school incident.

      Schools and school administrators would be negligent to not take action when he (obviously upset) threaten to disrupt the school. Disrupt can have many different meanings and, from a school point of view, they are not welcome (even if he was bring cupcakes). Schools are also responsible to keep kids protected and safe – something they take quite seriously.

      Stop for a moment and put yourself in another parents shoes. You know what an upset parent as threatened to “disrupt” the school over a disagreement. You drop your son or daughter off every day and entrust the school with your child’s safety. Now if you heard this had happened and the school had done nothing, what would you think? And, what if he later followed up on his promise and disrupted the school? What would you say? Would you still say that he had a right to be there? That it is public property so too bad for the other kids involved?

  • mattvorwald

    Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) social studies curriculum adheres to the Maryland World History curricular standards that are a requirement for all counties in the state. These standards include an analysis of the elements of culture such as art, music, religion, government, social structure, education, beliefs and customs in societies throughout history. Regarding the study of history specifically, the standards also state that students should be able to analyze the customs and beliefs of world religions and their expansion, as well as how their establishment has impacted other areas of culture, and in certain times and regions, even caused conflict.

    The particular unit in question at La Plata High School is on the formation of Middle Eastern empires in which students learned the basic concepts of the Islamic faith and how it, along with politics, culture, economics and geography, contributed to the development of the Middle East. Other religions are introduced when they influence or impact a particular historical era or geographic region. For example, when reviewing the Renaissance and Reformation, students study the concepts and role of Christianity. When learning about the development of China and India, students examine Hinduism and Buddhism.

    There is also misinformation about why the school issued a No Trespass Order on a parent. This parent threatened to cause problems that would potentially disrupt La Plata High School this morning. To ensure the safety of students and staff at the school, the school administration placed a No Trespass Order on this parent.

    • Let’s get serious

      Thanks for your attempt to inject facts with some calm and reasoning.

      Reading these comments is very discouraging. We have become a country where people who have studied and have expertise in a subject area are called “intellectual elites” in such a way that it has a bad connotation. So what is the response? “No I am not an intellectual elite — I am a bumbling idiot?” (like that is somehow better but the implication seems to be that it is.)

      It seems many can not distinguish between fact and opinion. (I have asked people for facts to understand why they think what they did. The response? More opinion complete with name calling. Not one fact or anything close to it.)

      How people feel about an issue is more important than what they think about it. Reacting emotionally is no longer considered a sign of weakness and immaturity but has replaced thoughtful, respectful and reasonable discourse.

      And the bad part? This comes at a time when we are living in an increasing complex world. We have a global economy — actions and reactions can have far reaching unexpected consequences. Solutions are difficult and need to be thought through — at a time when many in the country are unable to deal with, get the facts around, and respond responsibly to a relatively simple situation like this.

    • CHinOhio

      Change does not happen without some form of “disruption”. Nowhere did I see that he threatened any physical violence toward anyone. As it is said, “Well-behaved people rarely make history”, especially in dealing with government ignorance.

  • wileythruster

    Libs will go to any length to prove they are more “tolerant” than anyone. Even if it means destroying our culture and putting everyone at risk.

  • Dana Lind

    If the parents can, I would pull your students out of classes at that school. The state and Federal Government pays a certain amount per student and if the student is not there, they lose money, the more students out the less money the school has. Home School or parochial schools are always a viable solution and also Charter schools. You don’t have to take it. Also I would go to the school boards enmass and let the know what you are doing and why. I think that if Christianity or Judaism can’t be taught to our students then neither should Islam or Buddhism. I wonder where the FFRD is on this? It’s a “religion” (read cult) and as such should be barred from being taught in school.

  • Where are the Freedom From Religion folks when you need them? Hmmm. They must be too busy tearing down crosses…

  • AtLeastIKnowTheFacts

    You people have got to be insane. Absolutely insane. How on earth is educating someone about a religion wrong? They are not trying to convert the students nor force them to believe anything. It’s just like the evolution talk. You must be a terrible parent if you think your child is naive enough to become an Islamic extremist just by studying a religion. The majority of the people who practice this religion aren’t even violent. Get out of your narrow mind and realize that it is time to grow up and accept that Christianity isn’t the only religion and it definitely is not the most peaceful. Also, are you really going to trust such a biased new source? This just so happens to be in my hometown and the facts of the actual story are so twisted in this article that I can hardly catch my breath. There are religious classes in high school and they study many religions, including Christianity. I know, hard to believe, right? Maybe it’s time you stop listening and forming your beliefs off of every biased Facebook article you read.

  • reggie98ud

    Show up in force and stand on the sidewalk outside of the school with the 10 commandments, Crosses, Stars of David, etc. Let’s see what happens then! Its a simple 1st Amendment protest. Even better if he shows up in his dress uniform, won’t looks so good trying to arrest him then!

  • Tim Francis

    There is an easy solution to this. Teach about Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Jacob, David, Solomon and Jesus. They are all historical figures who impacted the world in a positive context.

  • Mohammed’s pink swastika

    The leftist have adopted the ancient Sun Tzu doctrine of:
    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”
    The Christian God and the values that are based from His word are being completely removed from public schools, while your children are being indoctrinated and proselytized into a religion that is historically the ancient enemy of Western civilization. The left will use Islam, as Islam uses the left. Both have their own totalitarian ideals and are using the other to advance them. What the left fails to see, through its short sightedness, hatred of the right and ignorance of what Islam actually stands for… Is that Islam is going to win the culture war. Islam will dominate the world.
    Putting the political ramifications of this aside for a moment, the real reason that the left embraces Islam, is because Islam openly states that Christ is not God. The leftists true enemy.
    The rebellious, antichrist nature of the left, falls directly into line with the goals of the jihadist’s who have always been in a state of open warfare against Christians and Christ. I read today that there has been another beheading in America. Persecution in America is not coming… Persecution is here.

    Body of Christ. Do not be afraid.
    This persecution is God’s judgment on a nation that has rejected Him. It is also God’s method of sifting his church, those who are not strong in the faith will fall away to apostasy when persecution comes to them personally.
    If you believe that God is sovereign, then you must understand that persecution is the method of our sanctification. It is how God will refine his bride to reflect the image of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

    John 15:18-19
    “If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.

    • Good post. Be on the lookout for “mattvorwald”, “Let’s get serious” and “AtLeastIKnowTheFacts”. Big time liberals. And they love to argue. lol

  • JP

    teach your religious beliefs in you place of worship not in our public school separation of church in schools and government thank you JOE

  • Rose Blankenship

    Actually this could go all the way to the supreme court. No religion is to be taught in our schools according to our government and this is a violation……NOW my fellow Americans, are we going to continue to allow this or finally stand up and defend our rights.

  • BubblySoup

    time to take his daughter out of that crappy school !! No religion in school is no religion in school, period.

  • Larry Lynn

    Teaching religion in a government school? Where is that separation of church and state that liberals love to shove down our throats? Where is the ACLU (All Criminals Love Us)? Where are the parents who should be protesting outside these schools? Or should we start calling them indoctrination centers? Every parent should withdrawn their kids from that school and home-school them. With no students, let the school fail. I say sue the school board.

  • AirFrank

    Home school people. It’s the only way for your kiddo to get a quality education.

  • FloridaNana

    They have stopped us from prayer in the schools,and stopped us from saying the pledge to our flag because the word God is in it. I think that we are losing most of our rights as Americans..I’m with that father 100%, He should have the right to pull his daughter out of that class.

  • EvColorado

    Religion is such a key aspect to history. They are not educating these kids on the basis of them choosing a religion but to better understand what happened in ancient history and why. Religion plays such a big role in historical motives. I’m sure that there were other chapters in their book which included Christianity and Judaism. Why is it such a big deal for them to be educated upon religion?

    • gary allen

      It is a big deal! I just called this school…. I asked the idiot that answered, were they
      teaching the ten commandments and The Lord’s Prayer? This was the reply I got, “Religion is separate from state”. I just hung up on the idiot! CIndy Allen

  • MatthewScheller

    This story Can’t be true. I know we are sinking fast but we can’t be this far gone. Can we?

    • CHinOhio

      Do you really believe this can’t be true? If so, use this as a first step to doing some research and welcome to the ones who are awake and aware of what is happening under the guise of “tolerance and diversity”, “equality” and “fairness”. (Who in the heck ever lied to anyone and said life was “fair” should be sent to a socialst or communist nation to live.)

  • Stand Your Ground

    Core subjects in public schools are English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies/history/economics. Religion (supposedly) is not to be taught. If the administration defends it as World History, then the Islamic faith and the five pillars as well as the torah, the bible, the ten commandments should be taught as well. Not to mention Mormonism, Christianity, Judaism, Rastafani, Hinduism, Confuciasm and many others should also be part of the curriculum. Many schools do not recite the Pledge of Alligeiance because it contains the phrase “one nation under God”…..oh please, what a bunch of hypocrites. I, as a parent stand by the Woods Family. Religion and faith are family responsibilities. Tell the school faculty to mind their business… which is to keep our children safe while at school, teach core classes (as deemed by the School Board/PTA/PTO and PTSA) and follow those guidelines as school administrators. Stand your ground Wood’s family.

  • razerback001

    Once we rid the White House of it’s islamist terrorist we can rebuild our education system. No liberal should be allowed within 100 feet of a child under the age of 12.

  • Ann Frederick-Owens


  • rdrodd1

    F these people. We need to take our Country back from these liberal idiots.

    • gary allen

      Right-on! Tell is like it is! Cindy A.

  • Harry

    Im a Christian I have no issue with them teaching the history of Islam as long as they also teach the history of other faiths. All religions have effected the worlds view. Everything from Atheism to Zarathustraism.

  • Bryce Henderson

    Dude shouldn’t have been banned, but in that light should take his kid out of public schools if he doesn’t feel that a balanced education in all of the cultures that constitute the american people shouldn’t be included in a PUBLICLY FUNDED education. Yes, our public schools in america are funded by property taxes throughout various municipalities, and therefore are government funded institutions and should reflect what should be learned about the people

  • Eric M Grant

    #10 is wrong. When he returned to Mecca, he returned with an army and slaughtered everybody that had persecuted him.

    But that is beside the point. I think we need to have an open discussion about all religions. Its part of Philosophy, and an unbiased education of all religions would help bring some sanity to the world. Just because you study a religion doesn’t mean you practice it. But it does mean that you can make educated decisions about the people, practices, and events. When we prevent education and speach, we limit our abilities, our freedoms, and we create a divide that the tyrannical government will use against us to grow and maintain the power of the political class.

    • gary allen

      You need to go and join ISIS! You are a crazy liberal or a OBK! Cindy A.

  • Ken

    If it were me I’d be withdrawing my child from that school.

    • gary allen

      Yes! If you are not approved by the state to keep your child at home…I can tell you how
      to solve the problem immediately! Put a pillowcase around your head,wrap-up in a
      sheet,get you a koran…they will pay you whatever it takes to keep your child at home and you will be allowed to teach your child at home without giving them your teaching plans….

  • Raguel A’septem

    America is dead!

    • gary allen

      Your comment is the truth! This is the best and shortest way to describe our once great
      America,our American Constitution…thank you! Cindy A.

  • tchaser36

    We all have a right to our own religion.. However the school system has no right to force other religions on our children. Since parent’s are fast learning that our government is behind these methods of learning of which citizens have no control over.. They should have their children home schooled or placed in a private school.. Funny how Florida’s Barron Collier High School canceled a music program because of one parent complaining that they did not want their child singing in a church. While teaching islomic religion to their students

    • gary allen

      Why don’t these terrorists keep their children at home,go back to their own country! No! they have an agenda to over power America! Obama is helping them in every way he
      can! Next, we will have ISIS crap being added to our American history…. The idiot that
      answered the phone at this school stated, “This is world history…six other counties are
      teaching this….” Cindy Allen

  • Jeffery Rightmire

    This is WRONG, if they cannot study christianity-,then they surely cannot study this spew, from the devil himself

    • gary allen


  • Wyatt Connolly

    Origins: On 26 October
    2014, a claim began to circulate online which stated a Marine was
    banned from his daughter’s school for objecting to a lesson about Islam.
    The parent in question was identified in the post as Kevin Wood, father
    of a female student at La Plata High School in Maryland.

    According to Wood, he learned of his daughter’s assignment despite an attempt on her part to conceal it from him:

    When Kevin Wood stopped by his daughter’s room and asked how she was
    doing with her homework, she seemed to be hiding it from him. He took
    the papers and looked at them, but what he found made him livid.

    Her world history class talked about Muhammad and the tenets of Islamic
    religion … comparing it to Christianity, but without allowing
    Christians to be heard. It indoctrinated the students with false ideas
    of Islam, and did not give them a true picture. History is literally
    being re-written.

    Wood stated he was initially told his daughter would be given an alternate assignment, but the school rescinded the offer:

    But later, the Vice Principal of the school, “Miss Morris” told them
    that if their daughter did not complete that original assignment, she
    would receive a zero or an “F.” Outraged, Mr. Wood told the
    school that he would be bringing the media in to the issue. The Vice
    Principal then contacted the court and filed a restraining order against
    Mr. Wood, effectively banning him from coming to the school his daughter attends.

    After Wood’s claims circulated heavily on social sites like Facebook, La
    Plata High School officials commented to a local news outlet about the
    situation. According to the school, Wood was not banned over his
    objection to the assignment.

    On 23 October 2014, the school’s principal filed for a no-trespass order against Wood. A representative for La Plata
    High School said the move was unusual and the parent had allegedly
    threatened to “cause a disruption” in remarks made to a vice principal:

    La Plata High School Principal Evelyn Arnold filed for a no-trespass order against Kevin Wood of La Plata Thursday, Oct. 23.

    “The assignment has been given for years,” said Katie O’Malley-Simpson. “This particular parent had a problem with the assignment last Thursday.

    “It is unusual [to ban a parent from a school],” she added. “We don’t
    file no trespassing charges lightly. We would only do that when we feel
    someone has threatened the safety of staff and students.”

    Charles County Public Schools, the district in which La Plata High School is located, released a statement to parents about the situation:

    Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) social studies curriculum adheres
    to the Maryland World History curricular standards that are a
    requirement for all counties in the state. These standards include an
    analysis of the elements of culture such as art, music, religion,
    government, social structure, education, beliefs and customs in
    societies throughout history. Regarding the study of history
    specifically, the standards also state that students should be able to
    analyze the customs and beliefs of world religions and their expansion,
    as well as how their establishment has impacted other areas of culture,
    and in certain times and regions, even caused conflict.

    The particular unit in question at La Plata High School is on the
    formation of Middle Eastern empires in which students learned the basic
    concepts of the Islamic faith and how it, along with politics, culture,
    economics and geography, contributed to the development of the Middle
    East. Other religions are introduced when they influence or impact a
    particular historical era or geographic region. For example, when
    reviewing the Renaissance and Reformation, students study the concepts
    and role of Christianity. When learning about the development of China
    and India, students examine Hinduism and Buddhism.

    There is also misinformation about why the school issued a No Trespass
    Order on a parent. This parent threatened to cause problems that would
    potentially disrupt La Plata High School this morning. To
    ensure the safety of students and staff at the school, the school
    administration placed a No Trespass Order on this parent.

    A representative for the school stated none of the materials in question
    are religiously indoctrinating in nature and the lesson is a part of a
    larger world history curriculum.

    Read more at http://www.snopes.com/politics/military/laplata.asp#IMpucQF8zgl5Vs6R.99

    • gary allen

      They have you by the “balls”! They are going to push their agenda no matter what! This
      is why they had a “no trespassing order”…they are not going to be interrupted when
      it comes to their liberal agenda…. I called the school and asked: Do you teach the
      Ten Commandments or the Lord’s Prayer? I never got a yes or no… I wonder why
      just a simple yes or no can not be comprehended…lying is always best for liberals!
      Cindy A.

    • CHinOhio

      Nice propaganda reply from the school – and just because something has been done the same way, for some time, does NOT mean it is correct or appropriate. If that was the case, blacks (and probably numerous others) would still be enslaved and women would not be allowed to vote today.

  • Mike Anderson

    I think the hard thing to swallow here is that our childrens grades and therefore possible future could suffer if they failed to learn about the very religion that opposes them growing up as Americans. School Administrators are so busy trying to be “politically correct that they cannot see the forest for the trees.

    • gary allen

      Good comment! Cindy A.

  • troop2011

    People in this thread don’t really understand what indoctrination is. If you’d really like to get into indoctrination you only have to look at the world’s list of genocides to realize the true definition. (Rwanda, The Holocaust, Pol Pot, etc.) If you truly believe your child is going to grow up and become an extremist ISIS informant then you should probably get some counseling. One assignment does not correlate to indoctrination. Remember that wonderful quote that goes,”Correlation does not prove causation”? It applies here. Nothing in the assignment points to indoctrination. Does it renounce any other faith in the text? Does it incite hate towards another group? Are the students forced to obey the practices? No. No. And No. Teaching requires an unbiased approach so people can develop proper critical thinking. So please, shed some light for me on this indoctrination?

  • Frank Damiani

    teach the real history this history .http://youtu.be/t_Qpy0mXg8Y

  • samwoody31

    just want to make sure i get this right, ….islamists are embellezing and/or extorting our tax dollars..and we can’t say anything about it?

  • Hiding Behind Keyboard

    Time to sue the district.. You cannot prohibit a parent from coming to school to discuss their education with the educators.

  • Betty Clouse

    This is one disgraceful school and the higher ups alll need to be fired. I hope the dad sues this school and pulls his daughter out of this disgusting perverted school!!

    • gary allen

      Betty! Thank you for commenting the truth…they should all be sent to Iran…they would
      make good liberal teachers for the Iranians…. Let them go and try to push Christian
      beliefs…they will hang…maybe they will get stoned or their head’s may roll….
      This behavior is what you get when you do not obey the rules…. Cindy A.

  • Harvey Wallbanger

    I didn’t know the concept of separation of church and state was no longer valid.
    I imagine I didn’t know because it is still in effect.
    10 seconds with a search rewarded me with:

    McCollum v. Board of Education Dist. 71, 333 U.S. 203 (1948)
    Court finds religious instruction in public schools a violation of the establishment clause and therefore unconstitutional.

    • gary allen

      Thank you Sir, for telling the truth and giving some of these ignorant commenters
      the facts to back-up your comment! God bless you…thank you for being a “true American”…. Cindy A.

  • JohnConnorTM

    Religion should not have any place in public schools, neither xtianity, judaism, mohammedanism, darwinism nor any other religion. Religious education is the responsibility of the parents, not the state. Now in private schools, the parents themselves elect for their child, this of course is something else, there religious education is ok, given of course the school prefixes itself with the religion it teaches.

    To subjugate a child to a religion other than the one his or her parents have is an act of terrorism, the teachers and the principal of that school should be arrested.

  • ed

    what a nut job. I went to a catholic grade school and they taught this stuff when covering middle eastern countries. this was in the 80s/90s.

    • gary allen

      Ed! so what? I do not care when and where you went to school…. Were you ever
      made to have sex with your priest? I guess this is “OK” for a catholic…. This is
      not about you…. Read again or have someone help you…realize that this is about
      an eleventh grader and her family…it is their “DIVINE” right to protest these so called
      teachers and principal…. Cindy A.

  • bob

    Notice who the snakes are? The teachers! As stated this is only “world history”. If you think it is CAIR who are doing this look who is teaching and condoning it. The teachers. I have heard the same stuff here in TN, which has a semester long course for Government Educated Inductees, your children.

  • joe

    publish the addresses of these cronies so we can send them letters saying how we disapprove, no violence just letters shaming them


    OMG. has no one any backbone? This is how they start. Twist the minds of the young. Are these other parents asleep at the wheel,? WAKE UP JERKO

  • charlesbigtruck
  • RJ K

    Snopes.com is trying to claim that this is a mixture of true and false. It is not. It is exactly true.

    Given the information, and the question and answers regarding this topic, they were blatantly teaching Islamic religion, and it is improper. And the “threat of disruption” that they claim the parent made, was exercising his right to freedom of speech, by notifying the media. That is abuse of power on her part, and an abuse of the court system.

  • RJ K

    As someone who is very often accused of being a liberal, I say that every liberal in this country should speak out against this.

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  • Julie Hogan

    As a former teacher, I have taught about the five major religions in World History class; Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. It is impossible to teach about the ancient world without including the effects of religion. But, I never promoted any of these religions. I just informed the students about the origins, basic beliefs, areas of influence, and effects on history. I have had parents question me on this and I was very open with my purpose. Any parent who strongly objected was told that I could give alternative assignment to their child.

  • muffy_nutbuster

    the father needs to get the ACLU to start a cease and desist order and use the ‘separation of church and state’ argument the ACLU uses regarding christianity or judiasim since there is not equal time given to ALL other religions out there

  • Chris Leaver

    Getting tired of correcting this…

    A high school girl forced to produce propaganda promoting Islam to younger students.

    NO, this is not true. The pamphlet was to be written at a 3rd grade reading level. It was NOT written to indoctrinate 3rd graders. It was never intended to be nor distributed to 3rd graders. I totally understand and agree it was a BS assignment. What is even worse, though, is incorrectly reporting on it. Details matter, people. If we’re going to be better than the lamestream media then we have to have impeccable reporting. This does not pass muster.

  • Eric Perez

    I would BANKRUPT the schools here the lawsuits would be so numerous. I would not tolerate it for one second.

  • Nancy Robbins

    this is how children and teenagers were indoctriniated by Hitler…..are we going to allow this garbage here? pull students out of school. and refuse tohave them taught by teachers that are promoting a religion.

  • Marianne Sandy

    Look parents stop the bullshit complaining in social media and file a lawsuit against the district for them violating the church and state clause. They are promoting a state run religion, a theocracy, which removes all rights for women. File a class action lawsuit and pull your kids out of public school. Just imagine if all parents did that! No more public school, no more aid, no more power!

  • Keith Lacey

    What do you expect in the Socialist Republik of Mary-Land ….?

  • Sheila Ray

    this man did the right thing…he and most parents are apposed to ANY RELIGION BEING TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS…IF YOU TEACH ONE….TEACH THEM ALL….BUT…i am not interested in anything that has to do with these ppl who cut the heads off of innocent ppl….they will take over our country if we dont do something…WE NEED TO STAND UP AND MAKE THEM LISTEN….WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK

  • Cat2727

    The schools now believe they have the authority to usurp the rights and judgment of the parents. Shame on the administrators for taking such a shameless action!

  • arnie

    Leave it to these worthless bastard, socialist scum to ruin our Country…yes and sit back and do nothing!

  • tiny

    if they want to teach islam in our schools then have it after reg classes.

    • Miki Paulo

      Even that isn’t appropriate…unless all religions are offered the same option.

      Better off to have no religions taught at school.. At least that prevents religions from being presented in distorted & debased manner…as Christianity & Judaism now are!

  • Tim G

    why are some posts on here 3 months old for a story published today?

  • rdc101

    This is another example of Muslim’s infiltrating one of the corner stones of our society—the educational systems of our nation. STAND UP AMERICA AND STOP THIS MADNESS!!! Maryland is one of the “Hot Spots” for liberalism and progressive Bulls$%# and the spread of this offensive PC material must be removed from our society and they must quit trying to indoctrinate our kids in the public school system. AMERICA WE MUST TAKE AN ACTIVE STAND OR WE WILL FIND OUR NATION DESTROYED NOT BY BOMBS BUT WITHIN OUR OWN BORDERS BY PSEUDO-INTELLECTS GAINING THE MINDS OF OUR CHILDREN. STOP IT NOW BEFORE IT IS TO LATE!!!!

  • Mark Muylaert


  • Miki Paulo

    This resurgence of Islamic curriculum is directly related to Obama’s recent call for it!!

    ALL RELIGIONS or NO RELIGIONS! You school doesn’t own your child! You have the right to remove your child from classes you object to. If the school won’t comply…call the ACLJ (American Center for Law & Justice). They will take cases nation wide to protect you parents & religious right!!

    I used to believe all religions should be taught, as is offered in college courses. However, I now know three college graduates who had their Christian faith mocked, debased, & confronted in their colleges. Including in the World Religion’s class, by professors!

    I have changed my position on religion being allowed in school. Unless you want your child’s religion challenged or distorted, teach them at home & church! Do not allow any religion to be taught in school!! Pull your children out of any classes that try to teach any religion…even your own!

  • Rick E

    Ok. This story is BS! First, the article talks about a MARYLAND Dad receiving a no trespassing order, and how it was reported on KDFW. For those who don’t know, the K and W at the beginning of radio and TV stations denote where the station is East or West of the Mississippi (W= East; K=West). Since Maryland is in the East, why is a station in the west reporting? Second, Islam and other religions have always been taught in schools. It would be nearly impossible to teach history without religion. Third, Dad’s demeanor is probably what got him banned. If Dad went looking for a fight and irate, that is what got him banned–not some doomsday prepper’s ill-conceived conspiracy theory.

    • Wiggle D

      It’s possible. Just don’t go into lengthy specifics

      • Rick E

        …but even in that way, you’re still addressing it. Social studies classes teach overviews of religions because it is one of a multitude of reasons that people move from one area to another (which is a social studies standard).

    • GatorDog

      What religion is taught in what public school? not Christianity. Also, What does it matter where the Radio station is located. If the story is true it’s true. What their teaching is a lie. Read the Koran there is nothing peaceful about it. ISIL quoted ‘correctly’ the Koran as they burnt the Jordanian pilot to death last week, chapter and verse right from the Koran. Not to mention all the other crap they do like killing infidels or selling captives into slavery. It’s all in the peaceful Koran. ISLE’s interpretation of the Koran is the correct version of Islam as it’s written. Their not mad men, their true believers. Context and truth are what our kids need to be taught, not this version of bs. It’s crap.

      • Rick E

        They all are, but not in the context of “you should join this one.” They are taught in the context of why people move from one area to another which is a social studies standard. They are–and have been since at least the 80’s–given a brief overview of the religion and then talk about how it may or may not have been popular in a given area. Then, how people moved to escape religious persecution. Where the location of the station casts doubt over the legitimacy of this story is that it happened in Maryland, and–with all the respected, legitimate news outlets in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and NYC (all within a few hours drive)–one can honestly believe that all of these outlets ignored this story and a Dallas-Fort Worth area station picked it up? That probability is likely in the less than 0.20% range.

  • TGM103

    Close the school get rid of the teachers period.

  • American Peshmerga

    If beheadings are all they understand,……. Just sayin!

  • Everett Almond

    This NOTHING but a Cult , Plane and simple. Get a Bunch of People that are EMPTY Headed and Teach them Dribble that anyone that is Craving Direction and you can even get them to Drink Cool-aid laced with Poison ! —second If these are PUBLIC Schools what the ( fill in the blank ) are Teachers teaching this stuff and getting Away with it ! —Where are the Regulators / PTA Etc. Who is dropping the ball ? —-Get your Heads out of where the Light of day Never Reaches ! ——-

  • Wendell Boardman-Davis

    What kind of sh– is this? Good for this father!!

  • Danny Fossati

    Funny how they neglect the controversial parts of Islam…. JIHAD! That comes later when the kids are ready to embrace it…

  • GatorDog

    All propagandists know it’s much easier to start with children to obtain their desired results. Hitler is a fine example with his youth groups. They always go after the children, it’s their long term strategy. Take a mind full of mush and mold it. Way to go nanny state. We wonder why our kids know hardly nothing about our history or struggles but can quote Karl Marx or the great humanitarian/baby raper Mohammed.

  • allen

    So no one is curious what the course was? It very well could have been middle east history, in which case Islam would be a huge part of it.

  • Anonymous

    Former student of the aforementioned high school here. Having taken the class, I’d like to point out a few things wrong with this article:
    1. Islam is discussed in a purely objective light. At no point did the school attempt to make us believe it was positive or negative, we merely learned its place in world history.
    2. Christianity and Judaism ARE part of the curriculum. Numerous events, from the Crusades to the formation of Israel, were discussed in a purely historical manner.
    3. Kevin Wood is quoted as having told a teacher at the school that she could take the assignment given and “shove it up your white *expletive*.” This is why he was banned from the school.
    People, please stop overreacting to Islam. Whether you like it or not, it is a major world religion with a great deal of historical context. That is why it is discussed in a world history class. No one is being indoctrinated, teachers are doing what they have been doing for centuries: teaching.

    • ippon

      Interesting, I noticed you mentioned you were taught about the crusades. In the study of Islam were you taught about honor killings, stoning of women, conversion or die, or pay a tax to islam, the complete lack of rights to women…etc.

  • ks

    Arizona social studies classes include a religion section that covers 5 major religions(only 5 for time sake). Christianity Judaism Islam Buddhism and Mormon. The kids are free to practice their own religious beliefs throughout the day and our Christmas plays also include stories of other faiths. If ass backwards Az can be tolerant and remember that every person of faith or not has their right to religous and educational freedom. Now if we could just get a real sex ed class for the kids… that is more important to me.

  • God Loving Christian

    I think slithering from Tex says it well considering that allah is satan. and islam is a satanic religion. It isn’t unimaginable that common core is teaching this crap to our God loving children. This is what he wants…open eyes people and look up the references to the satanic verses that corellate to the quran….God bless us all and our futuew.

  • Chewable Germ

    Why not teach the religion of peace?

  • readabook

    but it’s not indoctrination when you’re teaching them about the origins of Christianity, Roman mythology, etc?

    Totally, got it, thanks guys.

  • Sheila Shoemaker Mintz

    If Christianity is not allowed to be taught in public school, then the same should apply to all religions. Personally, if I found out that this was an assignment in my childs class, they would either be forced to remove my child during the lesson (since this violates MY religious beliefs) or my child would be home schooled. I hope they consult an attorney about this. Public schools are getting more and more out of hand “dictating” how our children live. These are OUR children! Without our kids they don’t have a school, much less get their government funding.

  • reb

    Time to file law suite. Separation of church and state. If you can’t teach the 10 commandments and Christian beliefs then no muslin crap.

  • android

    We don’t know what class this is. Religion? Humanities? History? What percentage of the class was made up of teaching about Islam compared to the teaching of other religions? Since when has learning about other religions become a crime? Did the father threaten teachers or staff in order to be banned from the school? Too many questions to take this article seriously. Be sceptical and do your research before posting decidedly one-sided articles as truth.

  • Jaymes Johnson

    What is this country coming to.

  • Josh Podliska

    Your all scared of Islam it’s so sad, this was all taught to me in 7th grade so we won’t be bigots like all of you speaking out against this, this isn’t trying to convert your kids or us, this is telling us that Islam is more than just what you think “ISIS” or “terrorist” but a religion just like Christianity based on one God and a prophet, just because they don’t believe that Jesus might have been the sun of God doesn’t make them horrible, just sick it up and take as this is all your fault for making Islam appear scary so we have to teach what it really is

  • Robert C Schmidt

    I might have had to violate the no trespassing order the shove it up the VPs ass.

  • Anyone but Obama

    Home school. We can’t let these moron teachers brainwash our children. Take your kid out of school until we are rid of Obama.

  • Golfer1113

    I am not big on law suits but I hope this Father takes this school system, teachers and principal to the cleaners. And by the way, where is the ACLU is all of this? They would be all over it if this was a Manger scene at Christmas. Or was this their plan all along?

  • LA Teach

    I am a history teacher in Louisiana, and in world geography we look at the major religious practices within people groups. I also am an associate contemporary worship pastor at a Baptist church. When I get to discussions on religion in the classroom, I cannot force my beliefs onto the children, nor will I deter them from any religion of their choice. Do I pray for them to be saved according to my faith? Absolutely! But i can not force my own religion. I teach the major middle eastern religions equally, factually distinguishing by who believes what, and taking it no further than fact and historical relationships between each religion.

  • Harriet

    No religion in “PUBLIC SCHOOLS”. What’s to understand an why do the school officials work around this. I am a taxpayer. They are answerable to me.

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  • calypsodancler

    Thats it! Im joining my local militia!

  • Kathi Youngblood

    I guess separation of church and state only refers to Christianity.

  • Guest

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  • Terry Melvin

    It’s nothing to lose your head over.

  • Terry Melvin

    Hopefully Kevin did the right thing and took his daughter out of that school. Parents have the right and responsibility to get the best education, not indoctrination, for their kids.

  • Dell

    If I was a teacher and was told I had to teach this
    crap to our children I’m afraid I would be finding a new. job.

  • bluestarmom

    OH HELL to the NO!

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  • religionprofessor

    After reading the news article and the noted the use of the word “propaganda'” to describe the assignment, I realized how incredibly misinformed the public is regarding the job of academics.
    Teaching religion on the college level It is apparent that students enter the classes thinking it is some kind of ‘Sunday school’. It is not. One of the ways we prevent the incursion of destructive ideologies is to study them, understand them and make ourselves aware of the dangers that are inherent! The Nazis and the era of the Third Reich are commonly studied in the public schools. They also killed millions of innocent people. Is this reason to ban the study of the Nazi ideologies?

    I teach Islamic Studies. I developed the course for my University because I felt that we needed to educated our students about the history, culture and tendencies of religion to go astray and become what sects of Islamic Fundamentalism have become in the 21st century. I remind us as well that the “inquisition” carried out by the Roman Catholic Church, the Crusades and other Christian based “witch hunts” more common to the early history of the US were perpetrated in the name of Jesus Christ. We should study these historic events, know them and work to prevent the return of like actions.

    My admonition is this: WAKE UP AMERICA !!! Stop depending on the news media to educate you. Most of the people who report the news of the Middle East and Islamic Fundamentalism have no clue as to the history of the region or religion. Hell, they can’t even pronounce the words correctly !! Like Christianity or Judaism, Islam is not going away. For parents who are interested in the education of their children, you sure as hell better see that they understand ISLAM because it is IN OUR FACE ! The phase the religion is going through now is a repeated phase as this kind of aggression has been documented in the 1600 + years of Islamic history. Yet, America sits by quietly and most want to say, “Jesus will fix it and all we need do is pray for peace.” You better educate yourselves!

    This is not an apology for Islam, nor is it an apology for Christianity or Judaism or any other religious faith group. It is a call to action suggesting that complacency will not solve the issues facing the world. The girl receiving the failing grade got what she deserved! Her father, God Bless him for his service to this country, got what he deserved in being banned from the school. He of all people should understand that educating himself is the best deterrent to failure. Educating yourself about Islam and its history is no different than taking a course in Western Christianity. WAKE UP for sure, America !! Understand our surroundings and only then will you be able to separate the sheep from the goats!

  • Sam

    A hater fighting for a country is no hero of mine, just a hater in uniform, same as some white racist dude in police uniform. Extremists are never heroes… whatever they may be called.. Osama or Kevin.

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