U.S. House of Representatives Bows to Allah as Muslim Imam Delivers ‘Prayer’


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Friday was Muslim day in Washington D.C. We have no idea why or how, but Muslim Imams and prayers were everywhere, invading the Christian National Cathedral and the floor of Congress.

In the morning, an unheard of sacrilege occurred in the National Cathedral, which allowed Muslims to hold an Islamic prayer service within its dwelling. No mosque in the world would even even consider Christians to do the same.

One woman stood up to denounce the gathering and to remind all that this was a Cathedral to Christ, not a mosque — of which there are dozens within a few miles of the site.

But the most stunning event occurred just after lunch, when Speaker of the House John Boehner permitted a Muslim Brotherhood-linked Imam with suspected ties to a terrorist to give the invocation — opening prayer to the day of business in the House.

Imam for the Islamic Center of Central Jersey (mosque) Hamad Chebli delivered an Islamic prayer praising Allah from the House floor.

And worse yet, Boehner and others actually BOWED as he read his Muslim “prayer.”

Watch as the House leadership and staff bow while this radical Imam Chebli declares that America recognizes Allah as our god, saying “Thee do WE worship.”


And although CAIR and the Obama Administration describes Chebli as a “moderate”, peaceful Muslim, he is anything but.

Shoebat.com reveals Imam Chebli’s very disturbing background as well as his relationship to terrorist and mass murderer Hassan Khaled:

Chebli’s mentor, Khaled, who was the Mufti of Lebanon was “martyred” after a suicide bomb which killed him and others. His father went the same way – “martyred” by a bombing. 

Prior to Khaled’s fallout with the PLO’s Yasser Arafat, he was a champion and supporter of Palestinian terrorism against Israel to sending terrorist recruits from Lebanon.

Khaled, the man’s mentor is even featured prominently on the official Muslim Brotherhood website.

And in the same footsteps as Khaled, Chelbi also traveled to Egypt to study at Al-Azhar University, the world’s oldest university and center for Muslim Brotherhood jurisprudence. It was during this time that Chelbi’s mentor Khaled was chosen as the nation’s foremost Islamic legal scholar in the Sunni Muslim sect.

It is stunning that the Republican House leadership would allow a Muslim Imam to give an invocation in the People’s House — even worse from someone with even a hint of terrorist ties, let alone the major concerns people have about Chelbi.

As blogger Dom the Conservative put it:

Allowing an Imam to claim America for Islam in the very building in which federal laws are written is an abomination. Housing the most dangerous enemy of Christianity and Western civilization in the archetype of our nation’s faith is unforgivable. Not only are we harboring the enemy, we are exalting and admiring them on a pedestal.


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