U.S. General Exposes the New York Times for TREASON…

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

With President Trump finally unleashing the U.S. military against ISIS, one U.S. General is declaring the Islamic State “dismantled” and on the run in Syria and Iraq.

But that same General also revealed that the tide could have been turned against ISIS much sooner — if not for one sick move by the New York Times. And the revelation of this move has Trump going on the attack against the traitorous left-wing newspaper.

General Tony Thomas speaking at the Aspen Forum on Friday revealed the Times ran a story from leaked intelligence that foiled the capture of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi after a daring raid had yielded his position:

In a wide-ranging interview moderated by Fox News’ Catherine Herridge, Thomas, who leads the Special Operations Command, said his team was “particularly close” to Baghdadi after the 2015 raid that killed ISIS oil minister Abu Sayyaf. That raid also netted his wife, who provided a wealth of actionable information.

“That was a very good lead. Unfortunately, it was leaked in a prominent national newspaper about a week later and that lead went dead,” Thomas said.

FoxNews has confirmed that the New York Times was that “prominent” newspaper which insanely leaked information that essentially saved the life of the leader of ISIS — thus prolonging the conflict and costing countless lives in the process.

Truly unbelievable. WATCH:

Trump immediately attacked the Times for its traitorous move:

And given that Obama was still president at the time of the “leaked intelligence,” one wonders who inside his administration did the deed…Susan Rice? Samantha Power? John Brennan? A nest of vipers to choose from, but no one forced the Times to publish it — protecting the monstrous savage leader of ISIS in the process.

Where the hell is Robert Mueller’s investigation of this disastrous leak? Or is he too busy doing the bidding of the Democrat party to take down Trump to be bothered with actual traitors harming our national security?

FoxNews has more:

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