U.S. Embassy Removes July 4th Celebration Out of ‘Respect’ for ISLAM


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

This is one you have to read to believe.

At the US embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, U.S. delegates celebrated the American Independence Day holiday one month early “out of respect” for the Muslim Ramadan month, which began on June 5th and lasts for one month.

Um, what?

From American Thinker (via Jason Stevens):

In a mind-boggling gesture of official US Government dhimmitude, the US Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia celebrated our sacred Independence Day holiday on June 4, so as to avoid any conflict with the month-long Ramadan celebration.

If you think any Islamic countries – there are 57 of them (not counting ISIS) that count themselves officially Islamic – will move their DC embassy’s celebration of Ramadan to accommodate our Independence holiday, I have some bridges to sell you. …

Officially, embassies are the national territory of the country being represented, not of the host country. So there is no need to accommodate local sensibilities in celebrating our most sacred national holiday. …

This is a moment of national dhimmitude and deep shame.


There’s more on the story from Jakarta Post via Pamela Geller and Jihad Watch:

The United States Embassy enjoyed its annual 4th of July celebration on Thursday, June 4, one month early, in order to respect the upcoming Ramadhan month, which will begin on June 17 and last for one month.

US Ambassador to Indonesia Robert O. Blake and US Ambassador to ASEAN Nina Hachigian presided over the festivities, which involved brass band renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner and the Indonesian national anthem, Indonesia Raya.

Blake explained that the theme of the event leaned toward “green” development, which supported the US’ focus on building and promoting a green economy and more environmentally sustainable development.

He also praised Indonesia’s performance as a fully functioning democracy, aiming for further collaboration between the two countries in the years to come.

“The US will continue to support Indonesia in the future through its democratic achievements. Democracy is an American value which we have championed since [the country’s birth in] 1776,” Blake told the crowd during the festivities at his residence near Taman Suropati, Central Jakarta, on Thursday.

He added that moving the 4th of July celebrations to June 4 was one done out of respect for the upcoming Ramadhan month, which will last from June 17 to July 17. …

Would Islamic countries ever return the favor by changing their calendar to accommodate U.S. or western traditions? Not on your life. In fact, in the U.S. Muslim immigrants are forever making demands for us to accommodate their special needs, whether putting Islamic prayer rooms in schools, foot washing stations in airports, or Halal-compliant food bank grub.

Of course, we are fools if we kowtow to such demands.

But for the Obama Administration to censor our own national Independence Day because it might offend a Muslim nation is beneath contempt.

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  • Pat Fox

    will we will soon all be bowing the Islam leaders?? sure makes me wonder !!! a lot !!!!

    • Bobinms

      Are we going to do this every year?

      • Peter S. Jennings

        I just hope Obama doesn’t give millions to Islamic Countries after Ramadan again. that money went to ISIS last time, Indirectly of course.

      • msjoeshmoe

        Not after 2016!

      • Joy Beum

        No…only until we get RID of the muslim-in-chief once and for all.

        • TruePatriot


          • Joy Beum

            Go to bed now troll.

          • ATOMICKRAKIN

            Phucking commie piece of shite~

          • mark

            No true patriot supports Obama or Hillary…

    • Ferrari fan

      Obama did that already on his inaugural “Apology Tour”, where he bowed to every foreign leader out there.

      • TruePatriot

        Well someone had to apologize to the world for Bush.



    • Peggi Watkins

      Pat Fox: That would be a big, fat “NO!”

      • Terry Melvin

        Obama already has, several times.

        • Peggi Watkins

          True cuz he’s 1 of them. ‘Americans’ will not bow to them.

    • mark

      NEVER will I ever Bow to any Islamist leader.. NEVER

  • grit

    Well remember Obama visited all 57 states….

    • jon

      I think a lot of people DIDNT get that one when he said it. I wasn’t shocked!

    • Shane Michaels

      keep your balance increase with toprightnews … kEEP READING

    • But he thinks there are 60 STATES.
      He “had visited 57,” had ONE TO GO, and had not been allowed to go to AK and HI.

      • Not Anonymous

        This guy is an idiot.

        • Timothy D. Lee

          I what really gets me aside from him not knowing how many states we have but how was he not allowed to visit a state on which he states that he was born in.

        • Timothy D. Lee

          Also to an extent I can sort of understand this situation with the Embassy doing what they are doing. Here in the US we throw a fit about the Mexicans celebrating Cinco de Mayo in our country because this is an event that happened in Mexico and needs to be celebrated in Mexico (the way I feel) and with our troops in a foreign land one thing that we are to do is to respect the customs and courtesies of that land. It goes back to the old line of “Treat others as you would like to be treated” or as it says in the Bible, “Do unto other as you would have them do unto you.” If you want other nations to respect our flag, our celebrations, our customs that we have here in the US then do the same for them. When you travel the world you always want someone to speak English and yet a good portion of the world does but when you go to these other lands do you even try to speak their language? I mean come on now let’s be real about this situation.

          • msLou

            Instead of blind hatred and misinformation, we have Sanity! Thank you.

          • ATOMICKRAKIN

            The embassy can celebrate the fourth of July since the dirt it sit on is U.S. Soil. Jakarta does not have any U.S. stationed there other than in the embassy. Cinco De Mayo is celebrated with open arms here in the states,where you get that we as a collective HATE it is a misstatement.
            Also,English is taught in primary schools throughout the world as a second language.

          • Timothy D. Lee

            I will admit I was unaware of how the embassies were set up. I am aware now and I want to apologize about my information that I have stated above. I thought that these embassies were set up similar to our military camps. I did not realize that in order to have an embassy build that we had to be invited by the country to set up our democracy in their country and that they granted us permission about the celebrations of our nation. Knowing that the embassy is actually built on US soil and is considered that by that nations government I feel that the President is in the wrong for moving the celebration of July 4th back just because of an Islamic Practice. If he does it there then what is he going to do here?

            In reference to the Cinco de Mayo thing I never said anything about hate. I simply stated that people here in the US throw a fit about the date. I see on the news, in newspapers, on the internet the amount of people that complain about this date. To be honest I am just tired of hearing about it. What I was talking about was how our children that attend schools in California are being sent home and/or suspended all because they wore a picture of the American Flag on a t-shirt to school. I really don’t care if they celebrate the holiday or not and could really care less. Would I rather then celebrate it in Mexico, yes but that is my opinion. Can I stop them or will I stop them from celebrating the day, No because they have that right. That is why this nation was built. But don’t tell us that we can’t have our own children wear a flag t-shirt to school. This is OUR country I am proud of the country that I live in. Another example I will use is the Bible. We are not allowed to have the Bible in schools much less even talked about, but our children, I know in California, are taught the Quran. They want to pass it off as history but my daughter received a “F” on her paper when she was told to write about something or someone that she loved. Her paper was about God and the wonderful things that God and Jesus have done in her life. Not blind, I do have feelings, and I don’t hate anyone. If anything I try to make peace with just about everyone I meet because I am that type of a person. I do not judge people for that is not my place nor my job. What I don’t like is other people that are not even citizens of this country telling me how we need to live our life because it offends them. I don’t go to their country and demand them to live like us and I will be darned if they come over here and try to have us live like them. This is all I am saying.

          • ATOMICKRAKIN

            OK I see where you are coming with the celebration and I misspoke by using the word hate, yet we do celebrate St Patrick’s day ha ha~ As far as speaking different languages, if I lived in another country I would learn the language as I am sure many others would also and I know it can be frustrating when people intentionally do not learn it and make statements that they do not have to. I speak Japanese, English and Spanish so I am in agreement with you on that point.

            Now the teaching of the Qur’an in any school other than a theological course or as a major, is ludicrous and shouldn’t be even mentioned. Taking the pledge of allegiance out is also ludicrous. I would be one pissed off parent if my children received an F because they wrote a paper about god…………………..Gotta just look at who is in the WH and who that communist surrounds himself with.

          • ATOMICKRAKIN

            The Tee shirt issue, which shouldn’t even be an issue I have seen first hand. Here in Florida it is OK to wear a shirt with another countries flag on it yet wear a Confederate flag or American flag and you are deemed a racist and yes sent home or suspended. I do not know where these administrators are found but they are friggen crazy~

          • jon

            You might hate cinco de Mayo but that don’t mean I do. Besides in America were still celebrate EVERY holiday whether liked or not. So tell me more. I’m amused.

          • Peggi Watkins

            Not Anonymous: Agreed

          • Peggi Watkins

            Timothy D. Lee: That Mexican celebration isn’t ‘bumped’ to accommodate anything the US does. Therein lies the difference.

          • Ellen Anderson

            Timothy – thank you. At least one other voice of reason and respect here. These stupid over-reactive click bait stories and memes can be so annoying.

          • Terry Melvin

            and I bet you keep coming back for more!

          • Walter Hughey

            I can almost agree, except Cinco de mayo is only celebrated in a very small part of mexico. People in the US CONSTANTLY think is is Mexican independence day ( it isn’t) Cinco de Mayo—or the fifth of May—commemorates the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867). A relatively minor holiday in Mexico.

          • mark

            Nobody in the U.S. complains about Cinco de Mayo hell everyone joins in.But a problem that has happened in Cali is kids got sent home for wearing U.S. flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo day.They were sent home because the U.S. flag shirts would offend the illegal immigrants.And when U.S. citizens travel around the world they bring translation books with them..U.S. citizens bend over backwards for immigrants in our country.You are full of shit to think we don’t.

      • frofer

        You are losing the point. There are 57 states to the Islam ideology.

      • Wendell Baine

        Ouch. I would rather go and chat with my pretty ladies here!

  • Georgia H Williams

    Too many men and women in our MILITARY have fought and DIED for our RED – WHITE – AND BLUE – FLAG of FREEDOM ….
    The AMERICAN FLAG is hoisted above all other flags the world over. because we are AMERICA , a Symbol of FREEDOM for all nations to aspire to be like!
    THIS IS AMERICA, they will,l just have to deal with these facts !!!

    • TruePatriot

      That’s only in America buddy, to any other country America is just another country that has fallen behind the times. Wake up

      • mark

        Fallen behind the times of what?

        • Reliquary

          Trolls only make accusations…they can’t support them because they have simply pulled the stuff out of their butts… TruePatriot is really a True Atheist and anarchist he has no facts …just likes to hear himself talk .

      • Terry Melvin

        Actually, fallen into disrepair and corruption at the highest levels. Our allies no longer trust us, nor can they count on us. We worship immoral behavior, so we adore and worship corrupt political candidates. I’m not speaking in religious terms, because you don’t have to be any one particular religion to be moral, or immoral for that matter.

  • msjoeshmoe


    • TruePatriot

      They did in Vietnam

      • Hugh Jass

        in Viet Nam you sucked a lot of yellow dick.



      • mark

        Our government did because of the pussie protesters back here in the U.S… We won ever battle but lost the war because of politicians tying our hands behind our backs like obamas doing to our military now..

        • Terry Melvin

          You can thank the collectivist “Republican” ( the original establishment Republican) Nixon for handing victory to North Vietnam.

  • chaloner

    FU OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter S. Jennings

    With the use of Brass bands playing the anthems of both countries that could have possibly invaded on the peace of the Islamic holiday, and Indonesia’s government is on good terms with the United States (as of this posting.) I hope that the Diplomats at the Embassy have their own private Fourth of July on the fourth (just without all the fanfare) that normally would accompany it on the Fourth of July.

  • Randy Lefebvre

    I think the United States needs to start doing things out of respect for us…..The American People!
    God Bless

    • k.b . mcdan

      Now that is sanity. Refreshing, thankyou

  • donna

    And why can’t they celebrate their holiday and we celebrate ours at the same time? Total BS!

    • Joy Beum

      Donna: Yes, it is! But with all the muslims in OUR White House, all we can do is make sure everyone in the world hears OUR celebration. Herr obama can’t stop that.

      • msLou

        How many Muslims in the White House? And names please.

        • TruePatriot

          And how many filthy christians are in the white house trying to spread their disease to more people?

          • usaok59

            Apparently not enough!

          • Hugh Jass

            after we wipe out the muzzy trash we need to start with the nigtards like you .eat a dick thugger.

          • ATOMICKRAKIN

            Hey False Patriot!

          • mark

            What did any Christian do to you??

          • Reliquary

            Please name all the “filthy Christians” in the white house…the Specific disease they are spreading and what they have done that goes against the Constitution?

        • Joy Beum

          Lou: Start with obama, then add his boss/handler valerie jarrett…or should it be the other way around. If you want more names than that, do some simple research on the internet. It is really easy to find.


          Ass loads how’s that smart ass…………………………..

        • mark

          Your joking right??? Most of his cabinet are Muslim.Vallary Jarred and others just can’t think of names right at this sec..

  • Oscar C Salinas

    Well, out of respect for our country remove the embassy from Jakarta!

    • madalon baum

      Out of respect for our country, remove Obama from it!!!

      • James Graham

        And remove all aid of any kind to them also.

      • Joy Beum

        Best quote I’ve read!

      • qwdcvghc

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      • Wouldn’t it be great if the people most opposed to anything that Obama says or does, would just go ahead and admit that they really don’t like him because he’s black? All of the people questioning his citizenship and calling him a Muslim…why not just be honest and say that you don’t like the idea of a black president?

  • DJack Klingler III

    PC IS BS. We need someone who can come in and does not care about what people say and just does what needs to be done. Someone who doesn’t mince words and does what he says and say what he does.

  • Saralee Norris

    Why must we always respect other religions, when they have no respect for ours?

    • Joy Beum

      We DON’T!

  • gatekeeper96740

    By all means display the Dhimmitude

    • Hugh Jass

      Gerry Brown checking to see how much water you are using.

    • Joy Beum

      Aren’t those obama’s panties. mooch thought he left them at the bathhouse.

  • Concerned Granny

    WTF ?

  • Hugh Jass

    cleanse America of Islam today or be ruled by it tomorrow

    • James Graham

      Too many other countries learned this lesson the hard way, and now are paying for it.

    • Joy Beum

      Deport, deport, deport.BTW…when is obama going to be arrested for treason?

      • Hugh Jass

        Joy I am afraid this country has become a country of fools at least 51% they elected Obama twice and will probably elect Hillary Clinton that might be it for us.

    • TruePatriot

      Why stop there? Let’s cleanse America of ALL religion. We’ve allowed their asinine dribble to pollute our civility long enough. The only thing christianity is good for any more is to help rationalize and spread the acceptance of pedophilia.

      • countryboy

        No it doesn’t. The priests that are pedophiles are not right in the head. Not every priest is like that. The vast majority look down on pedophilia.

        • Leslie Martinez

          So, every one from any other belief is bad if one person is, but Christians are the exception???

          • mark

            Nobody has ever said that… But trust me radicle Islamists want to kill you.

          • Leslie Martinez

            You need to open your eyes, not all say that, but there are those that do.

        • k.b . mcdan

          We are in a huge battle in the world now. God has seen enough and is Coming back to take the earth from Satan. Satan knows his time is short, so he is doing everthing to remove God’s influence from the world. He wants everyone of us to burn in hell with him. Jesus is trying to reach out to every one of us. He will not force Himself on us, but will come to guide and help us, if we ask! Satan has taken over our government. We have a current president and the past two, who are illuminati! Globalist who have turned to Satan for power and wealth! This group are the globalist
          of the world. They are based on the Greatest news, Great Brit has rejected the NWO. Trump has declared he will not embrace it. If you vote foe him for no otherreason, that should be why people! Hillary and Obama must be having a very bad day!Luciferian concept. OR SATANIST! The goal is to destroy all countries and rule over all people. No borders, no laws of protection, just tyrants who will keep a majority of us alive to be their slaves!

          • Terry Melvin

            And Hillary is the Whore Of Satan, By God!

      • The Optimist

        Islam is full of pedophiles. They think it’s normal to have sex with an under age child because “their cult leader” married an 8 year old!!
        The world is like it is today because people aren’t following Christian values and morals and allowing the PC brigade get out of control!!

        • Draconiuos

          In the time their prophet lived while that was a young if a female had had their first period they were considered a women, and ready to be married. The idea that 18 years old is when adulthood starts is actually a new concept in human society. Even Christians use to marry women that were as young as 12 years old in the time that Mohammad lived.


        Are you a communist?

      • Josh

        It’s also good for salvation for your human, selfish, sinning nature. You might try reading what it’s really about. Stick to the words in Red from The Bible. It’s a good read. You’ll learn something.

      • k.b . mcdan

        That is so NOT TRUE! We are in this mess, because liberals have demanded to throw God’s word out of our country. Like it or not, God has blessed our country. Until the twin trade towers, we had Never been attacked on our soil. God blessed us to be the largest FREE NATION IN THE WORLD. With that comes great responsibility. We have helped other countries for a couple hundred years. If there is a disaster, America is there. Her citizens go and help. We rescue, feed,care for many in the world. America has been a power to reckon with. Other countries have been under our protection for generations.
        who we elect to run our country. DC has become so corrupt, we have allowed
        our elected people to stay in DC far to
        long. They gain to much personal power, start taking money for their votes, becoming dirty politicians. Until we rid DC of the ones who have stayed for 10,20,30 years, nothing will change!
        WE NEED TO HAVE STRICT,LAWS THAT NO COUNTRIES CAN PAY OUR POLITICIANS ONE DIME! We have our enemies funding elected officials war cheats for re-election. Why? To do their bidding. That is why Hillary cannot be elected. She is dirty. Taking money from our enemies speaks loudly of where her loyalties are! Muslims! She is owned by the saudis, and other middle eastern countries. Why do you think
        we have the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR,
        and other muslim groups trying to destroy our coulture? GREED! They are destroying our country. The Kingpin Muslim, communist has given them our country. Along with hillary, kerry, Biden.
        They are Tratiors! Religion is Not the problem, it is leaders who do,not have honor or a love for this country. We need God, He does NOT NEED,US!

        • Terry Melvin

          Government is a reflection of its people. Voltaire wrote, “people get the government they deserve”. If the people become corrupt, so will the government. Remember when Slick Willy was being serviced by Monica, the media was telling us that morals don’t matter in the White House, and the public bought it hook line and sinker. Now look at the dumpster fires that our so-called “representative” government, from the crooks in D.C. to the local politician mobsters, has become. Morality matters? Yes, to those who practice it and insist on it being upheld.

          • Peggi Watkins

            Never liked slick willy; never voted for him. Told my young sons way back then that while he may be a somewhat effective president, he will be the dirtiest [until now]. My opinion; also my belief that I called it.

      • mark


      • Reliquary

        Interesting…..False but interesting…see its the Muslims who support pedophilia. Freedom is Pure Christianity Freedom Comes from God and with out God you would not be able to speak your dishonest bitter lies agaisnt Him 🙂 America was founded on principals directly from the bible… Now i am sure that is hard for you to handle but you must know your facts and stick to them please…If your intent is to spread anarchy and chaos you would do much better in the Muslim population …they tend to be as illiterate and ignorant as your ideas…You are not likely to meet with much success or acceptance here 🙂 God bless


      Ha no Sharia law here!

    • LivingDeadGirl15

      This country needs to wake up.

  • meme

    This is not in America. Our embassys reside on foreign soil. When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do. They were respecting the customs and beliefs of the country they are IN!! Now, had this happened in our country, in AMERICA, on OUR SOIL, yes I’d have been furious!! Geez, some people make trouble just because they can. Just use common sense people. Embassys are also about peace keeping and this made sense to me. Yes, It rubs me the worng way a little bit, but I can see the Embassy’s side too. Now, if we decided to elimiate it or move the date to celebrate here in our own land, NO WAY!!

    • Ferrari fan

      Sorry but you are wrong, the soil the embassy is on belongs to the nation it represents. The US Embassy is on US soil, no matter what country it is in. And as the article pointed out, no other country will move their holidays to accommodate ours, so why should we do it?


        Some people skipped school one to many times hahahahaha~

    • Bobinms

      All US Embassy’s are on American Soil. When someone seeks refuge in an American embassy, the host country cannot come in and get them. This is true for all countries, not just the US.

    • Psst…a little secret about this article… it left out a few points. #1- they moved the festivities to june for Indonesians working in the embassy. This way they can enjoy the festivities and still adhere to their religious tenets for Ramadan. #2- The 4th of July the embassies close ANYWAY, so the Americans working there can STILL celebrate the 4th. Basically they get to celebrate it twice. it’s not like they were forced. Celebrations in other embassies haven’t changed. So they decided to be inclusive…..oh the horror….


        Thank u.

      • Dom

        I was a bit riled when I read the article, but this makes a little more sense to me.


      You are another misinformed troll!

    • mark

      That foreign soil under our embassy is ours.Just like foreign embassies on our soil is considered theres..

  • Dawn

    ▬▬▬▬★★★★ that’s a full enjoy with toprightnews —— ▬▬▬▬▬☛ Continue Reading

  • Mark Muylaert

    God, I hate political correctness, and it permeates this administration.

    • Joy Beum

      Mark: PC died on January 1, 2015. Of course the obama administration is not up with the times…as usual.

  • Golfer1113

    So they can celebrate their heritage and culture but we can’t? Sounds like too many libs in charge. OUR rights count too dammit.

  • Leonard Crimando

    Screw islam and the goat humpers

  • Thom Catlett

    Im telling you Islam the cult is the modern day cancer and will do what all cancers and cults do and that is to destroy everything it comes in contact with.

  • Robert Kelley


  • Not Anonymous

    find out who voted in favor of this, and remember it the next election.

  • Diane

    Why change our world things for them if they do not or like tell them we did not ask for them to come to our country. Leave that would be the best for all

    • Draconiuos

      Do yourself a favor read the article and look up what an embassy is before commenting. You are just making yourself look uneducated.

  • chiefpontiac

    Then it’s time to close the embassy. If they are offended by American culture, then they can get by without American money and support.

    • Joy Beum

      Righ tyou are chief! BRAVO!

  • WanderingStray

    Wondering if celebration was truly moved “out of respect” and not out of fear of terrorist reaction to the embassy. We cannot let terrorist dictate our actions.

  • Jay

    My response:

  • Ken De Luca

    Celebrate Allah the pig and have A Ramitin saleabration.

  • independent_az

    Just a false headline to rile up the sheep. I’m not surprised. Unfortunately the comments posted by the right-wingers here are just as disgusting as I expected. The celebration was MOVED, not re-moved. It’s called respect and diplomacy. You’re on the Internet so try to learn what they mean.

    • Fast Eddy

      Put on your burka to show your respect.

  • Joy Beum

    What do they mean “out of respect for islam”???? I don’t know anyone who respects islam…certainly not me! islam is violence against EVERYONE for NO reason to calm down a pedophile prophet who is long dead and in reverence for a ‘god’ called by the wrong name. allah = satan. Get off that train before the wreck!!

    • Demogorgon

      Allah does not = Satan. The name Allah was taken from a pagan god. During Mohamed’s early days in Mecca there where a few pagan religions and he stole the name from one of them. So Allah = Nothing. Yes, Mohamed was a violent conquerer.

      • Joy Beum

        Dem: There are two powerful forces and one is satan. The ultimate evil. Since islam is the ultimate evil, it follows that those practicing islam are under the control of satan. I stand with my statement.

      • mark

        And Allahs followers today are killing and raping in Allahs name… Just F’KN EVIL

  • Laural Sallee

    Why is it we have to change everything because of a particular race of people. Last time I checked this is still the United States of America and July 4th is an important American holiday!!!! If this is an American embassy they should be able to celebrate July the 4th on the actual date.

    • Eric

      Last time I checked, American people often will cite the word “respect”, and because I know how to read, the article itself states “the US Embassy did this out of respect.”

      No where in this article does it even state that Indonesia even ASKED if the US Embassy would celebrate early.

      • Bobinms

        So we are groveling.

        • Eric

          You may want to look up the word “groveling” before trying to use it in a sentence.

          • Bobinms

            Thanks, Eric. I love you English Nazi’s.

          • Eric

            Knowing the actual definition of a word before you use it is defined as being an “English Nazi” now? Wow. So I suppose you don’t know what “cat” means either before you use it?

          • Bobinms

            Try this out Mr. Know It All.

            lie or move abjectly on the ground with one’s face downward.”she was groveling on the floor in fear”
            synonyms:prostrate oneself, lie, kneel, cringe
            “George groveled at his feet, begging for mercy”
            act in an obsequious manner in order to obtain someone’s forgiveness or favor.”everyone expected me to grovel with gratitude”synonyms:be obsequious to, fawn on, kowtow to, bow and scrape to, toady to, truckle to, abase oneself to, humble oneself to;

          • Eric

            Try what out exactly? Reading the definition of a word I already knew?

          • Bobinms

            Then apply it. By not celebrating our own holiday and replacing it with an Islamic Holiday is To fawn, kowtow, bow, scrape, toady, etc. It’s right up there with Obama bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia.

          • Eric

            Except, y’know, it’s not.

            You do not what the word “respect” means, yes?

            Never mind the fact that the US Embassy still celebrated the 4th of July, they simply celebrated it a month early. Or did you miss that picture of them with the cake?

      • Fast Eddy

        The problem is in America liberals care more about not offending Muslims than they care about freedom. I know this is Indonesia, Obama’s homeland.

        • Eric

          Okay… first, as if Conservatives haven’t tossed freedom aside ever to be “not offensive” to a group of people.

          Second, “birthers” stopped being relevant like… 5 years ago. Dear Lord.

  • Ed McDowell

    We have Muslims living in the United States so maybe we should just quash the whole 4th of July thing it’s so non – inclusive and all.

  • mrb

    Is the great union of UNITED STATES disappearing to another state? If so what will be our new name?

  • Trade Martin

    God bless them in Indonesia…., I don’t care what they do there…., I say criminalize Islam in America. The Islamic set have to go a long, long way to prove to me that Islam is a legitimate religion with all its hideous practices, threats towards others to convert and murderous ways against other sects.

  • Lisa

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  • Kurlikew

    This is just sick! This is AMERICA, people! Accept our culture and practices or get the f*** out! How DARE you expect us to cater to your preferences?!

    • Draconiuos

      Maybe you should read the article, or learn what an embassy is. This happened in another country not America, and therefore we should accept their culture or leave. The world doesn’t have to kiss our ass, and we shouldn’t expect it to.

  • Draconiuos

    The fact is this is part of the Diplomatic process, and the Embassy is on land loaned to the US by they host country. I love my country, but don’t feel this was wrong in any way. July 4th is not a religious holiday and it isn’t like they said no to a celebration at all. Now if someone tried to force this to happen in America I would be the first to tell them to feel free to leave the country. The fact is there was nothing wrong with this and it probably strengthened our ties with the host country. We always talk about how anyone that comes to America should respect our traditions, well it works both ways. America needs to respect the traditions of other countries as long as no one is having their human rights violated.

  • Bill Kohler

    Got to shake my head in disgust at those RETARDS.

  • George Murrey

    Screw their religion. It’s our embassy. So in disrespect to them, fly our flag.

  • Ben Love

    Take that damn flag down and bring them sons a bitches home!

  • Leslie Martinez

    So, when they have native staff that participated in their celebration of American freedom, we should either ask them to ignore our celebration or ignore their beliefs??? This is called a respectful compromise, something our political leaders and sheep have no idea how to do anymore, just want want want in selfish greedy control.

  • DownriverDem

    Gee, this is what bothers you? Get a new news source.

  • Beth Booth-Pillsbury

    Out of Respect and Honor for My country I WILL always celebrate on the day it is due. Forget there Ramadan ( no offense really ment here) but in this country OUR national Holidays come first.God Bless America Land that I love.

    • Draconiuos

      Good thing the Embassy isn’t in this country. I mean really do they teach nothing anymore in school. An embassy is a building in a foreign country used for diplomatic purposes. Therefore by your logic the embassy was right in doing what they did, because they followed the traditions of the country they were in.

      • Beth Booth-Pillsbury

        I am very sorry you miss understood what I said. I mean they were WRONG TO DO THIS. WE SHOULD NOT CATER TO THE MUSLIMS AT ALL AND IF ANY ONE TRIES TO SAY I HAVE TOO THEN THEY CAN KISS MY HIND END. oh and by they way I have been out of school for over a decade and learned more then you, if you want to throw comments. thanks, and God bless.

        • Terry Melvin

          You tell ’em, sweetheart.

      • mark

        your wrong because our embassy in there county is on our soil…

      • Reliquary

        Ummmm An Embassy ..the buildings the land they are on is OWNED by the Hosted Country…Just to correct your stupidity 🙂 God bless

        • Terry Melvin

          But an embassy is treated as if it was part of the country it belongs to, with full diplomatic insulation. For instance, the German embassy is run exactly by German law within its walls. Shillary has already allowed the U.S. to be attacked, through its embassy in Libya.

  • You people are making a mountain out of an anthill. There’s a couple things this article ISN’T telling you. #1- Embassies hire locals for running the office affairs. Very low clearance stuff. This isn’t about kowtowing, its about letting your office companions enjoy festivities with you! It’s about making some cohesion at the workplace. #2- Even if the festivities in the office get moved to June, the embassy is still closed on July 4th. That doesn’t change. So guess what? The Americans can STILL celebrate the 4th on the 4th and enjoy their beer and BBQing. Honestly, this flipping out over trivial matters….you’re what’s wrong with this country.

    • Michael M

      Unless things have changed, the expression is – making a mountain out of a molehill. Before you posted, you might have seen the statement about celebrating 1 month early out of respect for Ramadan. This is not the same as you suggest about simply celebrating on the 4th etc. This was an official edict telling them to do it 1 month early. What don’t you understand?

      As for hiring locals, that is irrelevant. I am sure that certain holidays in those regions or anywhere else (different than ours) are in general carried on as usual. You point has no point other than they may not be at work. Then again, you can have Americans working there that are of that faith and similar would happen.

      For me, inside the Embassy they should do as they want in terms of celebration and on the outside, raise old glory high where it belongs (like any other embassy).

  • Maureen Mizuno

    Close the embassy and take them home. Let them get another job.

  • SoniaFern

    Fucken joke!! Always bending over to make illegals and terrorists happy..

  • Theres

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  • SerenaDBayer

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  • Anhioyo

    “whether putting Islamic prayer rooms in schools, foot washing stations in airports, or Halal-compliant food bank grub.”

    They pray, wash their feet, and eat meat slaughtered to Old Testament rules. They’re also the descendants of all the people from the actual Old Testament.

    Why do we hate them again? Who do you think Jesus is gonna side with when he returns? He’ll take one look at us speaking the weird Indo-European language with our odd dress and shockingly immoral customs and then these people who are virtually indistinguishable from his own culture and the decision will be easy.

    • Philip Dich

      You really do have a barbarian fetish.

  • Kelly J. Nguyen

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  • This is completely INSANE!

  • Robert Chambers

    This is BS. The embassy is U.S. soil and does not belong to a foreign country.

  • Ellen Anderson

    When in Rome ….. how can this not be understood? This embassy is in Indonesia and the Americans at our embassy there chose to celebrate a month early on June 4th out of respect. It would be great if respect was something that we understand here in our own country, too.

  • frofer

    Out of respect for the USA muslims in the USA should have rescheduled Ramadan, here.

  • John Magee

    The Muslim Indonesians should be tolerant and respectful and ask us to celebrate as we are accustomed to in the American Embassy because the embassy is United States of America soil. Of course tolerance is a one way street with Islam. Always in their direction.

    • Terry Melvin

      Tolerance..Just like liberals.

  • Melanie Schielder

    really? so because “Ramadan is an entire month America and Americans have to tip toe around muslims and forget OUR tradition? and Muslims wonder why there is so much animosity towards them

  • olddog

    Then reschedule these MORONS retirement pay until they’re 100 years old..

  • kat747

    Let’s see, Jakarta is the country that Barry Soetoro grew up in after his stepfather adopted him as a islamic/muslem so he could attend an islamic/muslem school in that country. That was the last time he had official papers with a legal name. Any;one care to find his legal name change papers to BHO ?

  • Greg

    “But for the Obama Administration to censor our own national Independence
    Day because it might offend a Muslim nation is beneath contempt.”

  • gjm11653


  • Clinton Kendall Cole

    Probably did it so as to not incite another Benghazi style attack with no life saving from the Obama administration.

  • steveiD

    The whole stinking state department needs to be purged.

  • Mic

    Vile and conteptibe, cowardly and despicable

  • Mannie

    It was a public ceremony on a day the public would not attend. But at the Embassy 4th of July party, be assured there will be pork and beer.

  • Nick Angel

    Is not their prophet a pedophile,,,rapist and more ?

  • Kypat

    This could happen only under Muslim-in-Chief Obama’s reign.

  • For crying out loud, the Ramadam fast is from dawn till dusk, Muslims themselves eat and celebrate after dusk, so what’s the big deal? Have the celebration later or have a celebration just for Americans behind embassy walls. This is Obama’s doing, he has selected ambassadors that are neither patriotic nor practical.

  • Stephen Semore

    For the sake of their safety and not getting another embassy attacked. I get it. I don’t like it but I understand. The title made me think that it was actually DC doing it not an embassy in Islamic land full of people who hate US and want to kill US.

    Can these ubber conservatives use some common sense instead of being part of the problem making us want to get out our guns and cleanse our country of Muslims. If we want to “kill them all” we the same as the terrorist.

  • WOW such hypocrisy, you rail about them respecting our traditions in our country yet get upset over the same from our own government in their country….


  • George Murrey

    Not only is this disingenuous, so is having our women having to wear some kind of covering while in a muslim country. Any muslim that comes here is not told to take off their burka or their headdress in respect to ours. Another double standard all started by this admin.

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    hey we dont celebrate july 4. every country has that. we celebrate the United States of America’s Independence Day!! GTFO if ya dont like it. we wont miss you.


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